Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Time To Designate Putin As A War Criminal

It is time to designate Vladimir Putin, the butcher of Moscow as a War Criminal.  In doing so, it would be great if he were captured and prosecuted for his crimes or even taken out by his own Generals.  What Putin is doing in Ukraine is no different than what Hitler did all over Europe.  The irony is that 20 million Russians died in World War II because of Hitler.  Just imagine if assassination attempts against Hitler had succeeded early on in his reign of terror.  Millions of lives would have been saved.  With Putin's attack on Ukraine, we appear to be repeating the history of World War I and II.  If Putin is not removed, thousands of innocent people will die in Ukraine in the weeks ahead and in all likelihood it won't stop there if Putin is allowed to succeed.  The lessons of history must be our teacher.  We have seen this story before.  

The good news is that the world sees what is happening and most countries understand that Vladimir Putin is the same evil as Hitler, Stalin and Mao.  It will not be enough to bring down the economy of Russia.  The world needs to eliminate Vladimir Putin one way or another.   Hopefully, the people of Russia will eliminate Putin; but if not them others must act to stop this War Criminal from killing more innocent people.  Let's not forget Putin is sitting on about 5,000 nuclear weapons with hyper sonic missiles.  If he fires those missiles the United States and its allies will respond in kind and millions of people will die.  We can't let that happen.  

The rest of the world should put Putin on trial at the World Court in the Hague for his crimes.  This is no different than the trials that occurred after World War II to bring War Criminals in Germany and Japan to justice.  Once found guilty, Putin must be arrested and executed for the murders he has caused.  It is better to take down one lunatic than risk millions dying in a third World War.  Just maybe the people of Russia will deal with Putin; but if not he must be removed from power one way or another.  A cruise missile could do it.   For good of Russia and the world, Putin, this evil dictator has to go.  

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