Saturday, June 26, 2021

Harris Finally Goes To The Wrong Border City For Her Photo Opp

Since President Trump announced he will be visiting the border, the Biden Administration ordered Vice President Kamela Harris to get her butt down there for her photo op.  Only problem is that Harris went to El Paso, Texas, which in NOT the place where most illegal aliens are entering our country.  To see that she needed to go to the Rio Grande Valley and McAllen, Texas where thousands have invaded our country since Joe Biden took office.  El Paso was a waste of time. 

Hell, Harris might just as well have gone to old town in San Diego where she was likely to see just as many illegal aliens working or visiting there.   While we have always had illegal aliens entering our country for decades, the invasion we are seeing today particularly related to unaccompanied minors makes us wonder if members of the Biden Administration are being paid off by the Cartels for their open border policy, which is allowing the Cartels to profit in the millions of dollars every day for human and drug trafficking.  Somebody must be getting bribes for allowing this to happen.  What other explanation could there be?

It is estimated that about $133 billion taxpayer dollars a year are spent to support existing illegal aliens in our country.  This is to pay for education, medical services, law enforcement, the courts, the jails etc.  In states like California, illegal aliens are on the dole as well.  Biden was elected to protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Allowing an invasion at our Border is a violation of his Constitutional oath of office.  Biden should be impeached for his failure to secure our border.  

The border was never more secure than when Trump was President.  450 miles of border wall were built while Trump was President.  The rest of the wall needs to be finished.  Trump's stay in Mexico Policy for asylum seekers discouraged people from making the dangerous trek from Central America.  Biden stopped all the common sense Trump Policies and we now see the crisis at our border.  Biden suffers from dementia; but in addition he is just a big dope.  The crisis at our border is Biden made.  The photo op implemented by Kamela Harris was a meaningless waste of time and taxpayer dollars.  Harris was right, why bother!  

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Identity Politics Is Destroying Our Nation

It is hard not to turn on the TV and hear a story predicated on race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.  Instead of one America, the National Socialists, Fake News, Deep State bureaucracies and the 100 largest global companies in the US, including Big Tech, are attempting to divide our country into our people's components.  In the process, they are dividing us like never before since the Civil War and in many ways worse.  

The Civil War was North against the South, Free against Slave States and that was pretty much it.  Today, it is men versus women, Whites versus all peoples of color,  rich versus poor, heterosexuals versus homosexuals of numerous variations, citizens versus illegal aliens,  red versus blue states and the list goes on and on.  Frankly, I am sick of it.  

We need to go back to the melting pot concept that made America great.  Peoples of all races, religions, national origins and sexual orientations came together to build the greatest nation in human history.  We did it together not be dividing our nation, but by uniting our peoples.  Was everything perfect?  Of course not.  Aside from dealing with the Civil War to free the slaves, we suffered 100 years of Jim Crow that resulted in terrible discrimination against Blacks and even murder both at the hands of the Democrat Party in the South.  Various immigrant groups experienced terrible discrimination. Native Americans had their lands stolen from them.  All of these things were horrible and yet we came together to defeat Fascism and Communism.  

We should teach children the Great, Good, Bad and Ugly about American and World History.  No chapter should be left out of the story as long as we also teach the Great and the Good.  The emphasis today seems to be about national hatred on the basis of identity politics that is destroying our nation.  It has to stop because it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  We can't let that happen.  Too many lives have been sacrificed defending our freedoms.  We can't give up on our country.  And, we can't let the radical left destroy our nation.    

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

National Socialist Election Fraud Bill Stopped

Thankfully, not one Republican in the Senate voted to allow for debate of the National Socialist Election Fraud bill so it died a timely death.  This bill would codified all of the fraud we saw in the 2020 election including No Voter ID, Unsolicited Mail In Ballots, No cleaning out of dead people and others no longer living in the state on the voter rolls, ballot harvesting, counting votes well after the election to see what was needed in fraudulent votes to win the election.  There is not a doubt in my mind that this last election was stolen from President Trump.  The real "Big Lie" is that Biden actually won.  

The National Socialists have no problem with rigged elections even allowing illegal aliens to vote.  But this bill went even further.  It provided for campaigns financed by the taxpayer.  It took away states rights to control elections as required by the Constitution.  The National Socialists claim voter suppression even though more people voted in 2020 than ever in American history.   It is their usual BS.  

We must have election integrity or our Country is over.  If we don't have election integrity, it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  Many will call for succession once again.  As it is, the radical left is trying desperately to cancel the half the country that voted for Trump.  At every turn, we are under attack by the National Socialists, Deep State, Fake News, Government bureaucracies including the educational establishment and big Woke companies including Big Tech etc.  The good news is that the silent majority is silent no more. 

People are showing up at school board meetings and raising hell.  Fake News ratings are in the toilet.  There are even boycotts of woke companies.  The 2022 and 2024 elections are critical.  We must take back our country to stop all of the radical Socialist Left Wing attacks on our freedoms.  We can do it.  We will do it. People are more energized than ever.  

Monday, June 21, 2021

Traditional Families Matter - Fathers Matter

Many children today are born to single mothers out of wedlock.  While choosing life is preferable to abortion, the fact is that most of these children; 7 out of 10 Black babies, 5 out of 10 Hispanic babies and 4 out of 10 White Babies born to single mothers, with no fathers in the home are born into poverty.  And,  while life is not always perfect because there are many dysfunctional families. Studies show that children born in traditional families with a Dad and a Mom involved in child rearing are better off emotionally, educationally and financially throughout their lives.  

Clearly, it is hard enough to raise children in an intact two parent family let alone as a single mom.  Somewhere along the way, the notion of illegitimate birth, which used to carry with it a negative social stigma disappeared.  Perhaps as part of the feminist movement when some women decided they did not need men to have or raise children.  And, what a mistake it was.  Nothing in all of this denies women the ability to be strong professionals in their own right.  And nothing says that men and women should not be equal; matter of fact, they should share in is raising children.  

Fathers Matter.  Both sons and daughters need a positive father figure role model in order to grow into mentally healthy people.  Problem is we have a lot of alcoholism and drug addiction in our country that often gets in the way.  If Dad is a drunk or junkie, all bets are off.  Kids can rise above dysfunction; but there is usually some baggage that is unavoidable.  Those are the times when Mom might conclude that she is better off divorced than living with an abusive man and she could be right.  When that occurs, somebody needs to fill in for Dad, a grandfather, an uncle, brother, cousin, or even someone from Big Brothers and Big Sisters to fill the gap.  

The perfect family probably does not exist; but both Traditional families and Dads do matter related to raising healthy, well adjusted children.    

Sunday, June 20, 2021

All Lives Matter - BLM Is A Radical Terrorist Organization

As best I can tell, the Black Lives Matter movement is a radical Marxist Terrorist Organization, out to destroy our country, extorting billions of dollars from major corporations that are dumb enough to fund them.   If they really cared about Black lives they would be focused on Black on Black crime, which kills far more Blacks each year than are killed by cops in the line of duty and abortions that have killed millions of Black babies since Roe V Wade.  

The fact is that All Lives Matter including innocent people of all colors killed by cops.  Notice I said innocent people. Out of 1,021 people killed by cops in the line of duty in 2020, only 55 were unarmed.  There were more Whites than Blacks killed.  Clearly, the 55 killed that were unarmed should be investigated because all deaths are tragic.  However, if someone is carrying a gun, knife, axe or any other weapon, if they don't drop it when ordered to do so, the cops must do what is necessary to stop someone from harming a cop, or anyone else in the line of fire.  That is their job.    

Antifa and BLM have spent the last year rioting, looting and burning down cities.  They have destroyed businesses and many buildings in the process to the tune of $2 billion in property damage.  Most arrested in Blue states and cities have not been prosecuted for their crimes, which is crazy.  We see criminals in California and some other states just walking into stores and taking whatever they want with no arrest, or criminal prosecution.  Law and order is breaking down.  We are seeing the end to civil society, which is probably why gun sales are going through the roof.  People obviously feel the need to protect themselves because they don't know for sure if calling 911 will result in any cops showing up with guns. 

This is nirvana with National Socialists in charge.  We are reaching very dangerous times in our country.  People will take the law into their own hands if they don't feel protected by government.  That is not a good thing.  

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Catholic Bishops Should Deny Communion To Politicians That Support Abortion

The National Socialist Party, including many who claim to be Catholics, support abortion right up until birth and even after.  That includes Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durban, Tim Kane, John Kerry and many other high profile Socialist politicians.  There is only one big problem.  The Catholic Church does not support abortion and is vehemently pro life.  So the Bishops are considering denying Communion to these politicians.  What many do not understand is that the Catholic Church teaches that the Holy Eucharist is the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ once consecrated during the mass.  This is different than other Christian denominations, which hold that the Eucharist is just symbolic so no big deal. 

So allowing "Catholics" that do not adhere to the teachings of the Church is the equivalent of serving Communion to the devil.  It is just not possible without diminishing the nature of the Eucharist.  Ideally, these Fake Catholics should simply not attempt to receive Communion during mass.  Those in a state of evil, can walk up to the Priest during Communion with arms crossed and just ask for a blessing.  It is done all the time by people who know they are not eligible for receive Communion.  

Of course, there are Fake Catholics in Congress threatening the Bishops for daring to adhere to their faith and the teachings of the Church, which also does not allow for same sex marriages.  These Fake Catholics, including Biden and Pelosi, are demanding Communion even though they are not in communion with the Church.  Clearly, Fake Catholics can go to other Christian churches that allow for abortion.  Or, they can ask Communist Pope Francis for special dispensation.  Don't be surprised if Francis does not give them a pass.  Francis loves Joe Biden.  The Bishop of Washington DC has already said he will not deny Biden Communion.  What should happen is that Catholics that see Biden go up for Communion should stand between him and the priest to stop it.  They will probably be arrested by the Secret Service; but it is the thing to do to stop this evil from happening.  


Friday, June 18, 2021

Homeland Security Is Run By A Clown

Homeland Security, a crucial department of our government is being run by a clown.  Big Mouth Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas uses a lot of words to say NOTHING.  Most important, he and all the other Bidenistas refuse to admit that there is an invasion of illegal aliens happening and crisis at our border like nothing we have seen in decades.  Biden opened the flood gates when he told illegal aliens to come on in.  Biden stopped the building of the border wall, which was about as dumb as it gets.  Biden did away with Trump's executive orders one of which required those seeking asylum to stay in Mexico until their court dates came up, which discouraged people from coming.  

And now, we are back to catch and release.  That other clown Kamela Harris went to Guatemala and told people, "Don't Come" because they will be turned back.  Really!   Thousands are being admitted to the United States because they don't have any place to put them.  They are being bused or flown to cities all over the country.   

The situation is so bad that the Governors of Texas and Arizona are stepping into the breach.  Governor Abbott of Texas has announced that Texas will continue building the wall.  They have opened a website to take donations from all over the country to get this done.  I suspect Arizona will be next.  Other states are sending their national guard troops to help with border enforcement.   Just wait, Bidenistas will go to court to stop states from enforcing our laws. 

Idiot Mayokas and other Bidenistas and Deep State Swamp Lizards have proclaimed Domestic Terrorism by White Supremists as the biggest threat to our country along with Climate Change.  We have experienced cyber terrorism bad enough to shut down our entire economy.  China and Russia both can destroy our country with nuclear weapons.  Biden is bankrupting our country as we approach a $30 trillion National Debt.  And, of course, we face an invasion of our country at our Southern border.  Domestic Terrorism is certainly not our biggest problem.  Our biggest problem are the Bidenistas running our government who are clueless.   

Thursday, June 17, 2021

National Socialist Fascism - Cancel Culture

What we are seeing in our country is reminiscent of Nazi Germany in 1933 and the Cultural Revolution in China in 1963 when Adolf Hitler and Mao Zedong attempted to stifle any dissent in their countries.  These dictators "cancelled" sometimes by murder anyone who did not follow the party line.  The same thing is now happening in the United States as National Socialist Fascists, Fake News and the Deep State including local, state and federal government bureaucracies and the educational establishment and the 100 Largest global companies in our country including Big Tech and Media are attempting to "cancel" half the country presumably those of us that voted for President Trump.  They are really out to cancel Trump's America First - Make America Great Agenda because it threatens their ability to continue feeding at the trough.    

The result is an attack on our freedoms like nothing we have ever seen before.  So those of us that support American patriotism and our flag, traditional families, faith in God, the sanctity of life, gun ownership, law enforcement and the military, secure borders and fair trade deals are not allowed to express our opinions for fear of physical attack or losing jobs or businesses etc.  The schools are attempting to indoctrinate children with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project Socialist, Marxist Fake History to create Socialist voters opposed to all the things half the country supports.  

Clearly, the country has never been more divided since the Civil War.  We have irreconcilable differences on every key issue.  We cannot compromise with Fascists attempting to limit our freedoms.  Though there are no guarantees, we must use the courts to fight for our freedoms knowing that the courts are also part of the Deep State.  And, we must defeat those in power attempting to impose their will on half the country.  We are in a cultural war like never before in our history.   We must fight like hell at every level of government to preserve our freedoms.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Juneteenth Federal Holiday Coming - The Wrong Day

It looks like Congress is about to enact June 19, known as Juneteenth as a federal holiday to commemorate the end of slavery.  This was the day in 1865 that slaves in Texas were told they were free.  That is all fine and dandy; but as a  historian I would prefer that if we are going to celebrate the end of slavery, that it actually happen on a day that is more significant like the day Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation became effective on January 1, 1863.  Or the day the 13th Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on December 6, 1865,  which officially ended slavery.   

It is bad enough that we are dealing with Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project racist Socialist Marxist revisionist Fake History; but now we are adding a federal holiday on the wrong day.  I guess we all need a day off in June to start the summer; but in most cases kids are out of school on June 19th so no one will be around to signify the day for kids.  What is the point if it is not also a learning experience.  

And, then I suppose we really should close schools for Cinco de Mayo.  And how about holidays for various other groups.  It could get crazy if we go down this road.  There is talk of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, which as Italian, I would oppose.  They can have another day that may make more sense to them.  Ending slavery was a significant occurrence so a holiday to commemorate it is good; but why not recognize the right day.  Just sayin.   December 6th would be the most logical day since it took the 13th Amendment to the Constitution to actually end slavery by law. 

Monday, June 14, 2021

Leaders Of Other Countries Love Joe Biden

Joe Biden has completed his meeting with the G-7 and NATO allies and they clearly LOVE Biden as a member of the global "club" because Biden is an America Last Deep State Swamp Lizard who will sell out the American people.  They clearly hated President Donald Trump because he demanded that they pay for their own defense and negotiate fair trade deal to protect American jobs.  Since Biden will do neither, our allies know they can play Biden for the sucker that he is.  Socialist and Republican Presidents for decades have screwed the American people.  Which is why 70,000 factories closed in the US and 5 million jobs were shipped overseas.  There is a reason the Midwest is called the Rust Belt.  There are factories all over the Midwest and to other parts of the country with shattered, factories that are falling apart.  Trump was bringing those jobs back to our country; but not now with Biden in office.  

Everything Biden has done since taking office will benefit countries overseas and especially China at the expense of the American people.  We are seeing prices go through the roof.  We will see gasoline at $5 a gallon by year end.  Biden continues to bring great harm to our country to benefit other countries because he needs to be loved.  

Even more dangerous, our enemies love Joe Biden too.  China, Russia, Iran and North Korea are thrilled that feeble Joe Biden is President.  They certainly do not fear him and they know he will not take forceful action to protect the American people.   Biden's weakness may cause one of these countries to miscalculate the same way Khrushchev did after he met Kennedy in Vienna in 1961.  The end result was the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 that almost led to nuclear Armageddon.  

Joe Biden is loved by our friends and enemies alike.  They see him as weak.  They know that he will do what is best for them and not what is best for America.  Oh well, just a few more years until Donald Trump is President again and assuming our nation is still in one piece, then Trump will clean up the messes Biden - Harris leave behind, the same way he dealt with all the messes created by Obama.  

Sunday, June 13, 2021

The Truth About The Cops - Not Socialist Fake News - BLM Propaganda

As some cities seek to defund the police, they ignore the facts.  In 2020, the Police fatally shot 1,021 people.  Of those 983 were male, 38 were female, 457 were White, 243 were Black, 170 were Hispanic, 151 were classified as other.  Of the 1,021 killed in the line of duty, only 55 of the total were unarmed, 24 being White, 18 Black, 8 were Hispanic and 5 were classified as other.   The reality is that many more Blacks are killed as result of Black on Black crime in the country every year than are killed by the police.  Keep in mind, these numbers come out of millions of interactions with cops every year.  Most important, most of the people killed by cops of all colors were ARMED.  

If this is "systematic racism", the numbers just don't support the claim.  All Lives Matter and every death is tragic.  What we are seeing today is cops standing down rather than doing their jobs for fear of crucifixion.  The end result is that crime and murder rates are going through the roof all over the country.  This hurts minorities most since poorer areas tend to have the highest crime rates.  Cops have a split second to decide on a course of action.  Clearly, if faced with an armed person, after yelling, "drop it", if the person fails to follow instructions, they are subject to being killed to protect the lives of cops, or others that could be in the line of fire.  Those killed of all colors who were unarmed warrant investigation to determine justification; but again this was 55 out of 1,021.  

The BLM and Antifa riots we are seeing on our streets against the Cops ignore the facts.  Without a doubt, Cops are in business to save lives.  It is hard to imagine a civil society without the Cops protecting ALL of us.  And, when we call 911, we need a Cop with a gun coming to the call not a Social Worker.  Social Workers are fine once someone is apprehended; but not until then.  

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Case For School Choice - Now More Than Ever

There has always been a case for School Choice especially related to inner city kids trapped in failing public schools; but now the case is even more critical.  We see school districts all over the country attempting to indoctrinate children in Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project, which are predicated on racist Socialist Marxist ideology and revisionist Fake History.  This is not education, it is indoctrination and harmful malpractice.  

The teacher unions oppose school choice because forcing kids to attend public schools is their gravy train.  Teacher union even oppose public charter schools that they can't control and because charter schools give parents more decision making power.  Look, teacher unions are in business to protect the financial interests of teachers, not the interests of children.  Anybody who believes otherwise is delusional.  But now it is going further than just teacher pensions, or class size.  The goal of left wing teachers, National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State is to turn out little Socialist woke voters who support all their left wing schemes.  So they are pushing anti-traditional family, pro-LGBTQIA, pro-abortion, anti-gun, free college tuition, anti-military and cops, single payer health care, Green New Deal that will destroy our economy, guaranteed income and the list goes on and on.  The real goal is to indoctrinate children to make them Woke.   And, they are succeeding.  

While parents across the country are fighting back and many battles will be won, the long term prospects of getting rid of all these crazy schemes is uncertain, which is why we MUST have School Choice in our country to allow poor and middle class parents to put their kids in private schools.  The rich already have this option, which they exercise regularly.   Aside from fleeing radical political ideology, it is about getting kids a quality education based on truth and traditional American values.  

While left wing radicals in public education focus on indoctrination, many children in our country cannot read, write or do math at grade level.  Kids are being passed along in public schools, presumably graduating from high school without marketable job skills, which results in a life of poverty and dependency on government programs.  The National Socialists want to keep people on the dole and plantation so to speak because dependency results in votes for them.  It is an intentional and tragic Socialist Scheme, now even predicated on election fraud.  Socialists feed on the poverty and misery of people to stay in power feeding at the trough.  They could care less about educating children and ending poverty no matter what they say because they benefit from it.  Poorly educated Americans and illegal aliens, drugged up on legalized pot guarantees Socialists their place in government, which is the real goal in order to enrich themselves.  It is very sad; but it is the truth.   

Friday, June 11, 2021

Kamela Harris Is Not Ready To Be President

Let's just hope that a demented Joe Biden hangs on as long as possible because Kamela Harris is just not ready to be President.  Her recent trip to Guatemala was a disaster.  She told illegal aliens, Don't Come, because they will be turned away.  Really!  Biden put out the welcome mat.  The President of Guatemala blamed the Biden Administration for the recent surge of illegal aliens at our border.  Harris, who is supposed to be in charge of the mess at our border, refuses to go there to see the invasion happening. 

Kamela Harris is a light weight not because she is a woman of color; but because she just does not have the experience to be President.  I am not sure she has the temperament either.  When she gets pushed into a corner, we hear that hyena laugh because she just does not know what to say.  Imagine if she had to deal with the Presidents of Russia or China.  It is a pretty scary thought.  The woman is in way over her head.  

Please Joe, hang in there.  I have said many times that Joe Biden will not finish his first term.  They will either push him out using the 25th Amendment because of his dementia, he will be forced to resign because of Biden crime family corruption, or he will die a natural death.  Now I am starting to pray that none of these things happen because that thought of a President Harris is terrifying.  

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Crime & Murders In Atlanta, Georgia

The crime and murder rate in Atlanta is going through the roof as Socialists running the city are attempting to defund the police.  The people of Buckhead, the Beverly Hills of Atlanta have had it.  They want to break away and form their own police department to protect their residents.  This is the beginning of what happens in places like Brazil and other countries with very high crime rates.  What I saw in the wealthy parts of cities in Brazil was private protection.  Literally, in addition to homes being behind 20 foot high electrified stone walls with guard houses to enter the property, there were gun turrets at the end of each block with guards with AK - 47 assault rifles.   Brazil also has a problem with car jackings so people there drive around with armed guards.  

This crazy notion of defunding the police is leading to the highest murder rates in our country in decades.  The end result will be people living in gated communities with private security.  It is already happening.  This will leave the poor and middle class to fend for themselves.  This could be the reason gun sales continue to explode.  People know that calling 911 might not give them the protection they need from criminals prowling our streets.  

Defaming and attacking cops as part of the BLM movement is resulting in many retirements.  And cities cannot replace the cops that are quitting.  This will even get worse if the Socialists remove qualified immunity that protects cops from lawsuits, which will then happen with every arrest.  Who in their right might mind would want a job for $60,000 year risking their lives everyday only to be crucified if something goes wrong.  Today, for every Black person killed by cop in the line of duty, 3 White people are killed.  While all lives matter and every death is tragic, a cop has a split second to decide on the proper course of action.  Could some deaths be prevented; for sure.  But some deaths are unavoidable because cops are often dealing with armed, drugged out criminals in many cases.  

So what we see happening in Atlanta is no surprise.  We will see many areas hiring private security to protect their neighborhoods.  This will become a major HOA expense that people will gladly pay to feel safe in their own homes and neighborhoods.  


Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Making America Great Again - Putting America First

Joe Biden has been in office for a short time and already we are seeing what it means for an American President to put America Last.  Let me count the ways.  Biden is insuring that the United States will be dependent on other countries for our energy once again when we could be energy independent.  Biden has opened our border to an invasion of Illegal Aliens, which will cost American taxpayers billions of dollars every year to support them.  Drug are flowing across our border, which will KILL Americans.  We have already experienced two serious acts of cyber terrorism believed to have emanated from Russia.   This has occurred because Putin does not fear a feeble Joe Biden.  

Jobs are moving overseas again as they have done during both Socialist and Republican Presidents.  Obama saved GM with a bail out that cost American taxpayers $12 billion.  GM then laid off 30,000 employees in the US and shipped those jobs to China.  Today, GM has far more employees in China than in the US and to add insult to injury, GM is now shipping cars from China to the US.  And so it continues, China is loving Joe Biden because they own him.  The Executive Orders Biden has signed will benefit China.  We lost 70,000 factories and 5 million jobs at the hands of incompetent Socialist and Republican Presidents.  And so the job loss just continues under Joe Biden.  Instead of protecting American jobs by stopping the pipeline from Russia to Germany, Biden approved it, while canceling the Keystone Pipeline in the United States, which will cost 48,000 good paying often union jobs in the US. 

Joe Biden has made a mess of our foreign policy.  Israel just experienced more than 4,000 rockets on their cities financed by Iran.  Biden has reopened talks Iran, the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism.  Biden plans to give Iran billions of dollars to get them to the table so that they can eventually produce nuclear weapons targeted on Israel and American cities.    

Joe Biden may go down as the most incompetent President in American History after Jimmy Carter.  Those that voted for Biden will rue the day.  President Trump where are you when we need you.  I know running for President again in 2024.  Let's just hope we can wait that long to put America First again.  

The Cost Of Illegal Immigration - Chaos At The Border

It is estimated that Illegal Immigrants cost the taxpayers of the United States $132 billion a year.  If this is the true number it would include things like the cost of education, medical care, law enforcement, jails, border enforcement etc.  Of course, this may not include the cost of illegal drugs coming across our border at the same time, which is a whole different story.  So now, Vice President Kamela Harris goes to Guatemala and tells the people there,  Don't Come because you will be sent back.  Really!  Joe Biden put out the welcome mat during the campaign in 2020 and now we have chaos at our border. 

Even Bidenistas are starting to realize that we are being invaded by an overwhelming number of people.  And, it is laughable to say that the border is secure.  The human traffickers have free run of our border smuggling children and adults, as well as, drugs into our country.  The notion that the border is secure is a joke.  Bidenistas are starting to recognize that they have unleashed an uncontrollable fiasco; yet Biden continues to rescind Trump's executive orders that provided our country the most secure border in decades.  Poor Joe, he just does not know what the hell he is doing.  

It is time to put the Trump executive orders back in place.  Anyone seeking asylum in our country should be forced to remain in Mexico until their cases comes up.  Anyone else should be stopped from entering our country.  Unaccompanied Children that come into our country illegally should be sent right back to the countries they came from.  What we see happening is utter chaos on the border.  Greg Abbott, the Governor of Texas is saying Enough as he seeks to close down illegal alien holding tanks.  Biden is threatening to sue the state of Texas.  Go for it.  Hopefully, the courts will side with Texas.  In the mean time, Bidenistas are in a panic.  They just do not know what to do to stop the chaos that they have caused.  Biden needs to call President Trump for advice.  

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Flip Flopper Fauci Covering For China

Dr. Fauci, the notorious flip flopper has been outed by 5,000 emails released as a result of the Freedom of Information Act.  Turns out Fauci told others that masks that we buy at drug store are of little value.  Yet for more than a year, Fauci who basically shut down our economy, destroyed millions of jobs and businesses has insisted that we all wear masks.  Some states are still in shut down mode and some stores and restaurants even in states that are open are still demanding that we wear masks as are the airlines.  We have had it with the masks particularly those of us that have been vaccinated. 

Next, from the beginning Fauci insisted that Covid was transmitted from Bats from the wet markets in China, where bats are sold to people for food.  They eat everything in China.   The saying goes, "if the back sees the sun, it is food".  Fauci attempted to cover for the Scientists who work for the Chinese Communist government in the Wuhan lab where Covid was probably created for military purposes.  Fauci committed perjury when he testified before Congress that he never funded this research with American money.  We know now that monies were provided to the Wuhan Lab that most likely did fund this research one way or another.   

Fauci has been busy writing his book to make money off of Covid.  This Flip Flopper has become a Fake News Super Star going around promoting his book.  Joe Biden will not FIRE Fauci; though that is what should happen.  Since Fauci is the highest paid person in government making over $400,000 a year just like the President, he won't quit because the gravy train is too good.  He may retire if members of Congress turn up the the heat making it so intense that Fauci will decide it is time to go.  

President Trump has called for $10 Trillion in reparations from China as a result of the economic chaos they have caused the world.  At a minimum, China should forgive all foreign debt they hold from all countries in the world.  The Chinese Communists will never allow outside investigation of Wuhan because they fear this liability, which could be actionable in the World Court in the Hague.  If China does not pay up, the United States should impose 100% tariffs on their goods coming into the United States.  This would both bring back jobs to the United States and punish China for the economic devastation and deaths they have caused.   

President Trump - Back On The Campaign Trail

President Trump is officially back on the campaign trail.  He gave a great speech at the North Carolina Republican Party Conference as their key note speaker.  First Trump looked great; tanned and rested.  This is a stark contrast to Joe Biden who looks old and feeble because he is old and feeble.  Trump spoke for about an hour detailing all the great accomplishments of the Trump administration and highlighting the messes Biden has created in just a few months in office.  

This speech gave us all the reasons to miss Trump in office.  Clearly, if he is healthy and he wants the Republican nomination in 2024, he will have it.  No other Republican can command the stage the way Trump does.  I suspect that Trump will choose Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida as his Vice President.  Since Trump will be in his late 70's in 2024, he will have to choose a Vice President who can take over immediately.  For many reason, DeSantis would be perfect; though there could be others just as good.  Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri or Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota would also be great contenders.  Former Vice President Mike Pence will not be selected, for sure.  

Most important, Trump's America First and Make America Great Agenda will be more important than ever in 2022 and 2024.  That is why any Republican running for office wants and needs Trump's endorsement.  RINOS need not apply.  They will be primaried and many of them will be gone because they voted for Trump's Impeachment and do not represent the base of the Republican Party.  They have to go and the sooner the better.  

President Trump is a political phenomena.  Anyone who doubts it just does not understand what is happening in our country.  The reason the National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State keep pushing for a January 6th Commission related to the riot that happened that day is that they fear Trump's reemergence on the public scene.  They really want to use that bogus "investigation" as another Impeachment trial in the hopes of destroying Trump once and for all.  There will be some kind of hearing; but we will learn nothing we don't already know.  The fact is that of about 450 arrested very few were "White Supremists".  90% of them were just ordinary mainstream Americans caught up in the moment trying to stop a fraudulent election.  They will be punished for the crimes.  There is it.  Those are the the facts.  

Donald Trump is not going away anytime soon.  Whether he runs or not in 2024, Trump owns the new Republican Party.  RINOS are gone with the wind.  Only Trump endorsed candidates stand any chance of winning re-election or election.  It is what it is.  

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Hunter Biden - Imagine If This Was One Of The Trump's

Hunter Biden has been implicated again in another pay to play scheme, this time involving Ukraine and access to the Clinton's during the 2016 campaign.  Since everybody knows the Clinton's have been for sale to the highest bidder for years, this story is not a surprise.   In emails received through the Freedom of Information process, it is clear that various Obamanistas have their finger prints all over this deal.  Hunter Biden is under federal investigation for various crooked deals.  This one just adds to the list.  But don't expect much to come of it because the Deep State takes care of their own.  There are too many implicated in corruption.  

Problem is that the "big guy" his father, Joe Biden was getting 10% of whatever Hunter raked in so Joe Biden as head of the crime family is implicated.  I have said for months that Joe Biden will never finish out his first term.  He will either be removed using the 25th Amendment as a result of his dementia, be forced to resign for corruption, or die a natural death because of his dementia and age.  This story is a thousand times bigger than Watergate; but of course other National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State are protecting Joe Biden at least for now.  Eventually, they will be forced to turn on him; it is just a matter of time. 

But just imagine if all these crooked deals had been implemented by one of the Trump kids.  OMG.  The National Socialists, Fake News and Deep State swamp lizards would all be going crazy.  There would be investigations in the House and Senate non stop on CSPAN.  There would have been another impeachment of President Trump for corruption.   We know the story.  

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Biden Proclaims White Supremacy Biggest Threat To Our Country

Joe Biden has proclaimed White Supremacy as the biggest threat to our country.  Really!  That is about the dumbest comment that has ever come out of a President's mouth and we all know there have been many dumb comments in the past.   Poor Joe!  Biden lives in a world clouded by his dementia.  Let me count the real threats to our country.  Let's start with Islamic Fascist Terrorism, Al Qaeda that brought down the World Trade Center, crashed into the Pentagon and caused a third jet to crash killing about 3,000 people.  It was the biggest attack on our country since Pearl Harbor.  And, then there is ISIS that has killed thousands of people and still exists in various countries in the world.  

So then we have Russia that is implementing cyber terrorism to destroy our country and has Nukes equal to ours.  Let's not forget China that is building a military that could over pass ours if we don't invest sufficiently in our defense.  China seeks to be the dominant world power in the next ten years.  Of course, since Biden is China's Butt Boy as a result of his crime family crooked deals, he can't acknowledge the threat.  There is always North Korea that has nuclear weapons and Iran that will soon have them.  Iran is the largest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world and was behind the recent rocket attacks on Israel. 

We can't forget to mention BLM and Antifa terrorists that have spent the last year rioting, looting, burning down cities including government buildings, destroying businesses and injuring people.  It is estimated that BLM and Antifa have caused $2 billion in property damage in many cities around the country.  Yet, Biden and the National Socialists do not condemn their actions.  

Despite of all of this, Biden thinks White Supremists are the biggest threat to our country.  This premise is idiotic.  We know now that there were only a small number of radical extremists involved in the January 6 riot at the Capitol.  Most of the 450 people arrested were just mainstream Americans contrary to National Socialists, Fake New and Deep State Swamp Lizard assertions.  No doubt, there are a small number of White Supremists in our country some of whom may be violent; but they are hardly a threat compared to all the other real threats we face.  Poor Joe.  Biden just does not see the world as it is, which is dangerous to our National Security.  The poor guy can't see the forest for the trees.  Maybe he needs glasses or cataract surgery.  

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Critical Economic Theory - The Real Story

Throughout history in every country in the world, the children of upper middle class and rich parents have been privileged.  Call it Critical Economic Theory.  Critical Race Theory that speaks of White Privilege is just Socialist Marxist revisionist history based on racial hatred and bogus ideology. The fact is that there are more White People in the US on Welfare and Food Stamps in real numbers than there are Black people.  For every Black person killed by a cop in the line of duty three White people are killed.  While tragic in either case, these are the facts.  50% of people living in the United States of all colors do not have $1,000 in the bank to cover an emergency.  

My blue collar White parents struggled most of their lives just to get by.  And, to be sure whatever my brother and I have came through years of hard work and sacrifice not White Privilege.  And, this story is the same for millions of Americans.  Matter of fact when I worked in education, I experienced reverse discrimination. So, if the eggheads had come up with Critical Economic Theory as the basis for their Social Justice Curriculum, as a former history teacher, I would be all in.  The Obama's children  obviously have benefited from their parent's wealth.   They have enjoyed Economic Privilege like the children of other rich people of all colors. The same is true for the children of all upper middle class, or rich parents all over the world regardless of race, ethnic origins, religion, or sexual orientation.  To claim otherwise is ridiculous. 

The real issue in the United States and other countries is income inequality.  100 global companies headquartered in the US control about 50% of our GDP.  That is too much power and wealth in too few hands.  Those companies should be broken up to create more competition, which would actually bring down prices.  Local, State and the Federal Governments combined control the next 40% of our GDP, again too much power in too few hands.  All of this leads to income inequality.  Since most poor children in the United States go to failing public schools, they often "graduate" with no marketable job skills and reading and math abilities way below grade level.  That is a big problem related to moving up the economic ladder.  It is the reason that School Choice should be the law of the land so that poor parents of any race would have the same schooling options that upper middle class and rich people have when they send their children to private schools.  A great education and an intact two parent family are the best ways to break the poverty cycle.  But, this is not a racial issue.  It is a social and economic issue.  

Critical Economic Theory is the real story.  It could be the basis for the left and right joining hands to teach history based on the facts, not bogus Socialist Marxist identity politics.  We could work together to get this right if we just stick to the facts.  

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Ten Million Americans and Election Integrity

A recent study conducted by a Professor at the University of Chicago who focuses on extremism in America determined that ten million Americans who believe the election in 2020 was stolen from President Trump would turn to violence to redress their grievances.  He also determined that most of the people arrested for rioting at the Capitol on January 6th were mainstream Americans in their 40's and 50's from 44 states.  A small percentage were from the Proud Boys or Oath Keepers, radical right wing groups.  The majority of these people went there to stop what they believed was a stolen election.  We don't need a January 6th Commission.  These are the facts you will never hear from the National Socialists, Deep State Swamp Lizards or Fake News because it is not their narrative.  They want you to believe that the riot at the Capitol was implemented by right wing White Supremists, which is just not true.  

National Socialists, Fake News and the Deep State better heed these numbers.  The fact that ten million Americans would turn to violence to stop what they believe was a corrupt election is very dangerous.  However, this is not just about Donald Trump; but rather his America First - Make America Great Again agenda.  Trump supporters, about half the country, many of whom believe that Biden won by election fraud are opposed to just above everything Joe Biden has done since his first day in office.  

Millions of Trump voters would never turn to violence; but the fact that ten million of them said they would turn to violence to oppose the National Socialist radical agenda is ominous.  This is not about White Supremacy.  It would be a HUGE mistake to assume that.  This is about making our country a Socialist nation by corrupt elections.  There are many that would not stand by and allow that to happen.  

HR 1 being pushed by the National Socialists in the Congress would codify all of the things that happened in some of the key states that cost Trump the election.  The National Socialists want No voter ID, mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots, ballot harvesting, counting ballots for days after the election, no required cleansing of voter rolls to get rid of the dead and those not living in the state anymore etc. etc. etc. required in all states.  If this were to happen, we would never have election integrity in our country again.  

This will grow the ten million Americans ready to turn to violence into many more.  We can't allow that to happen.  Politicians of both parties better come together to insure election integrity.  Without it our democracy is dead and then all bets are off.