Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Middle East Is Exploding

Egypt is falling apart.   Israel recently felt compelled to attack Syria to prevent weapons from going to Terrorist groups in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.  Iran is inching toward nuclear weapons.  North Africa is become a Terrorist haven.   After the Arab Spring that was supposed to bring democracy to this part of the world,  things are worse today that ever.   So much for Socialist President Obama's leadership and foreign policy. 

Remember, it was Obama that went on this apology tour, right after being elected in 2008, to the Middle East blaming America for all the world's problems.   We see now that America has nothing to do with the problems in the Middle East.  Arab countries have been ruled by corrupt dictators for centuries.   The religious fanatics that appeal to many Muslims in various  Arab countries and Iran is a response to years of corrupt dictators that have raped their countries keeping their peoples living in poverty, while they pad their Swiss bank accounts with our money.  

The United States has given billions of dollars in aide to various countries in the Middle East, yet the people live in poverty.   Most of this money has gone to the military to subjugate their people and to their leaders to pad their bank accounts.   It all has to stop.  Those free Jet Fighters and Tanks from the United States that are supposed to go to Egypt should not be going there.   Well dah!!   The money going to Pakistan to bribe their leaders and military should end.   The Middle East is indeed a mess.   The last thing the United States should be doing is sending our hard earned tax dollars to these crooks and Terrorists that hate us.   It is time for some common sense.    

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

US Sluggish Growth - The New Normal

The US Commerce Department reported that GDP growth shrunk in the last quarter of 2012 for the first time since 2009.   It was the result of  cuts in Defense Spending and sluggish growth of company inventory stockpiles.   But, is should be no surprise and it will likely get worse in 2013.   The Fiscal Cliff Deal and ObamaCare contain huge tax increases in them that are hitting right now.   And, the Payroll Tax Holiday ended as of January 1st, which raised taxes on all working Americans.   Raising taxes on anyone in a weak economy is fiscal insanity. 

It is probably the reason the UCLA Anderson School of Business has projected unemployment back up at 8% in 2013 with dismal GDP Growth averaging just 1.7% for the year.   We need GDP Growth of 3% or more to see any real dent in unemployment.   23 million Americans are either unemployed, under employed working part time, or they have just given up looking for work altogether.   This is Obama's Socialist economy.   Obama's New Normal will result in sluggish growth, if any, for years to come, falling incomes and a lower standard of living for all Americans.   This is the New Normal in the United States.

None of this is necessary.   The Reagan tax cuts created 20 million new jobs and even more into the Clinton Presidency before Clinton raised taxes.   There was GDP growth of 6 or 7% during the Reagan years.   We need Reaganomics again, not Obamanomics that is a job killer.   Higher taxes on the "rich", taxes in ObamaCare and EPA Gestapo tactics that are destroying our economy are causing dismal economic performance.   Get used to it because as long as Obama is President, we will have more of the same.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Border Security & Immigration Reform

A Bi-Partisan group of Senators is working together to craft a Comprehensive Immigration Reform Plan.   At the top of the list is enhanced border security as a pre-condition to implementing any Immigration Reform Plan.   It is only common sense.   Giving any kind of legal status to the 12 million illegal aliens already in the United States only makes sense if we are able to stop more illegal aliens, drugs and potential Terrorists from coming into our country.   Otherwise, what is the point. 

Of course, Socialist President Obama apparently is opposed to conditioning Immigration Reform on enhanced border security.   The reason is obvious.  Obama wants more illegal aliens in the United States, presumably becoming citizens and voters on the dole, to establish a permanent Socialist majority in our country.   If Republicans in Congress allow this to happen, perhaps we should have them deported to Outer Mongolia.  

Always remember, Socialist like Obama and his pals in Congress will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.   Making illegal aliens American citizens as quickly as possible, eligible for all the benefits of citizenship, like Welfare, Medicaid and Food Stamps is part of their game plan to secure more Socialist voters.   We can't let that happen. 

While it is time for common sense Comprehensive Immigration Reform, those illegal aliens, that came to America when they were older than 18 years old, that should be given legal status after paying a fine, should never be given citizenship.   Why reward law breakers. 

A Blue Card would allow Illegal Aliens legal status.   Their kids under 18 years old could be given a path to citizenship.   However, none of these things should happen unless we secure our border.   First things first.   It is just common sense. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Detroit Filing For Bankruptcy - Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise, Detroit City is about to file Chapter 9 Bankruptcy.   This is the purest example of a failed city, run into the ground, by corrupt Socialists politicians feeding at the trough for years.   In fact, Detroit was a disaster area full of run down crack houses when this Blogger was there in 1968.  It is hard to imagine what it must be like today.  Detroit has 18% unemployment.   The murder rate in Detroit is 1 per 1719 residents, which is 11 times higher than New York City's rate. 

Detroit is a union city.   There are 48 different union bargaining units that the city must deal with that are bankrupting the city.   Since the city is 83% African American, the City Council wants the nation's first Black President to provide a Bail Out.   Where have we heard that story before.   Of course, it is not going to happen because there would be 100 other cities and states in line requesting a Bail Out.   The best that will happen is that the State of Michigan will take over the city and in doing so depose the existing city government.

Detroit is a mess.   It is a classic example of incompetent Socialist government gone wrong.   It is what we will face as a nation if Socialist President Obama is allowed to continue his annual trillion dollar deficits.   Sadly, Detroit will die a timely death.   Much of the city should be bull dozed.   The good news is that there may be gas or oil shale below Detroit.   Detroit could end up being a gold mine; that is if Obama allows drilling to occur.   This may be the highest and best use of Detroit.   Let's get it done. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Common Sense Immigration Reform

It is time for common sense Comprehensive Immigration Reform that goes far beyond dealing with 12 million illegal aliens in the United States.   Let's really secure our border as a first priority to prevent Illegal Aliens, drugs and Terrorists from entering our country.   Illegal Aliens currently in our country illegally should be fined and given a Blue Card that provides permanent residence.  

Their children that came to America illegally under the age of 18 should be given a path to citizenship, which means the right to vote, eventually.  Any illegal alien convicted of a crime in our country should be deported after serving time in prison, with a guarantee that if they return and are caught, they go to prison for life.   Sold American.   Let's get passed this issue once and for all.

In addition, we need a guest worker program that would allow Mexicans, in particular, to come to the United States for work. legally.   Ideally, these should be people without children so that they don't negatively impact our schools and medical system.   We could provide them a three year work permit, renewable provided they work and don't commit any crimes. 

Almost more important, let's welcome people from foreign countries with university degrees in the fields we need, medicine, engineering, sciences, math, languages and perhaps others, with a Green Card and path to citizenship.   And, those foreigners that graduate from our universities should be given permanent residency status and a path to citizenship.   Why send them home to grow the economies of other countries, rather than the economy of the United States.   That is just plain dumb. 

We need common sense Immigration Reform that works for our country.   The is no reason this issue should continue to be a political football.   Republicans should get out front in advocating a Comprehensive Immigration Plan that recognizes reality.  There is absolutely no reason why Latinos should not be included in the Republican Tent.   

Roe V. Wade - 40 Year Shameful Anniversary

40 years ago in 1973,  the Supreme Court ruled that abortions were legal in the United States in the Roe V. Wade case.   Pro Life groups and several thousand Americans recently marched on Washington to acknowledge this "anniversary" and day of shame for our nation.  Since 1973 more than 55 million abortions, destroying human life, have been performed in the name of a woman's right to choose.   Just think of the lost potential for our nation. 

About 1.2 million abortions happen every year.   In New York City in 2009, there were 719 abortions for every 1,000 live births.   Planned Parenthood, that receives over $500 million a year in federal government support, is the nation's largest abortion mill performing more than 350,000 abortions a year.   So much for making abortions safe, legal and rare as proclaimed by Bill Clinton.   Why is it that Socialists, including President Obama and his pals in government, are so intent on murdering innocent babies just to get votes from radical feminists.  What is wrong with America? 

We all feel the pain of the senseless murder of innocent elementary school children in Newtown, Connecticut; yet somehow more than a million unborn babies are murdered every year and we hear nothing from left wing Socialist politicians and the lame stream media concerning this crime against humanity.   It is just astounding, particularly since the technology today demonstrates clearly that it is a baby in the womb, often with visible fingers and toes, that is being destroyed, not just some random blob of tissue.   Minors that cannot be given an aspirin at school without parental permission, can be referred to an abortion mill by a school without notifying parents.   There is something very wrong with this picture. 

We decry the violence in our society that causes these senseless mass murders.    Yet, every abortion is an act of violence and we hear nothing from President Obama, who is beholden to radical feminists, that see abortion as their right under any and all circumstances.   While abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is really in danger may be reconcilable, it is still murder.   Abortion as birth control, the primary practice and partial birth abortion, in particular, are heinous crimes against humanity that should be outlawed.   And certainly, abortion for  minors should require parental approval. 

Irresponsible men and women, particularly those that have casual sex, forfeit their choices when they don't use contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.   Notice I have said Men and Women since it takes two to make a baby.  Murdering a living human being should not be as easy as buying a set of tires.   40 years after Roe V. Wade, basically unrestricted access to abortion murder, is still the law of the land.   What a sad day for America. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Obama Appointments Unconstitutional

The Court of Appeals of the District of Columbia recently ruled that Socialist President Obama's Recess appointment of his left wing stooges to the National Labor Relocation Board was unconstitutional.   The reason is that the US Senate was not technically in Recess, as contended by Obamanistas, when the appointments took place.  As such, the President acted without the advice and consent of the Senate, which is required by the Constitution for these appointments.   This ruling also calls into question the appointment of Richard Cordray, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, appointed by Obama on the same day.    Most likely, that appointment will now be challenged in court, as well. 

If this ruling is upheld by the Supreme Court, which seems likely, it means that hundreds of National Labor Relations Board rulings will be invalid.   Further, it will leave the National Labor Relations Board in shambles with not enough members to function, which is a good thing.   This is a major victory for Republicans and embarrassment for the Obama Administration.  It is also a proper rebuke for a President that constantly disregards the Constitution.  

This may also be the end of the story for many of Obama's Executive Orders that go well beyond his Constitutional authority.   Obama, the Man Child, needs a good slap in the face every once in a while to help him understand that our Founders created the separation of powers and the three branches of government to limit Executive power and for good reason.   We don't elect a dictator in this country even though Obama often acts like we do.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Union Membership Declines In The US

Union Membership in the United has fallen by 400,000 members from 2011 to 2012.   In terms of the entire labor force, the percentage of union members has fallen from 11.8% to 11.3%, primarily because state governments have laid off employees.   This is significant because union membership in the private sector is only 6.6% of the labor force, down from 6.9%.   The reality is, why should anyone living in a right to work state pay dues to a union when most of the issues that caused the formation of unions, more than 100 years ago, have all been codified into law.  

And now with ObamaCare, ironically eventually unions members too will have to conform to a lower level of health care benefits, regulated by law, rather than the Cadillac Plans they now have, at little or no costs; otherwise, they will be taxed on the higher level plans.   Most union growth has been in the Public Sector, with Teachers in particular, being among the largest labor unions in the country.   While this Blogger has no problem with unions in the private sector because they are self regulating in that if demands for higher wages and benefits are too extreme, the jobs go away, one way or another.   Public Sector Unions, however, are contributing to the bankruptcy of the United States and therefore collective bargaining in the Public Sector is not consistent with the national interests and should be ended. 

Even Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt opposed the notion of collective bargaining for Public Sector employees knowing that it would lead to the electoral corruption we now have with Public Sector Unions supporting Socialist candidates to allow them all to continue feeding at the trough.   It is a vicious circle of corruption. 

Unions in the private sector are in a panic because their numbers keep falling.  As a result, they are trying desperately to unionize Wal Mart, the nation's largest employer, which would be very bad for our economy.  It is the poor and Middle Class, Obama is always talking about, that rely most on Wal Mart's low prices.   If unions were to succeed in their demands for higher wages and benefits for Wal Mart employees, thereby driving up Wal Mart's prices, it will be at the expense of the poor and Middle Class.   Wal Mart line employee are generally under educated with little or no job skills.   They are being paid commensurate with their capabilities.   While it may seem heartless, to pay them more, which would drive up prices, represents a market distortion that makes no sense. 

Unions were once essential to gain worker rights that over the years have been codified by law.   For the most part today, at least in the United States, there is little need for unions; hence the reason they are declining in size, except in the Public Sector where they can still exert corrupt influence on our elections.   This has to change if we are ever going to end Obama's Trillion dollar plus annual deficit spending and pay off our National Debt.  Otherwise, we will face the economic collapse of the United States and the calamity that will follow.   We can't let that happen. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Al Qaeda Is Alive And Well

Osama Bin Laden is dead giving Obama/Biden some bragging rights; but his organization, Al Qaeda, is alive and well in North Africa, Yemen, Pakistan and other countries.  In that sense, Bin Laden succeeded at succession planning.   We have seen in Libya, with the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans and the Terrorist Attack in Algeria and the murder of more Americans and others, that Al Queda is fully capable of launching attacks against the United States and other Western countries, at will.   And, during recent testimony by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it is pretty obvious that we are still ill prepared to deal with these Terrorist attacks, despite all the crowing by Obama/Biden during the last Presidential Campaign.  In fact, the screws ups related to the Terrorist attack in Benghazi are monumental.   Those responsible should be FIRED, not just transferred to another cushy government job, as occurred. 

To his credit, Socialist President Obama has been using drones to go after Terrorists anywhere in the world, crossing borders, when necessary to do so; but Obama's unwillingness to call Terrorists the Islamic Fascists that they are is absurd.   These evil characters want to create a nuclear armed Caliphate throughout North Africa, the Middle East, Afghanistan and Pakistan predicated on fanatic Islam and Sharia Law, destroying Israel in the process.   While these Islamic fanatics are clearly our enemies, they are also out to kill Islamic moderates attempting to bring their countries into the family of nations in the 21st Century.  

It is what it is.  Obama needs to demonstrate that he recognizes the reality that we face in order to properly deal with this Terrorist threat.   We are in for a very long struggle and the potential for more military action to deal with Iran, in particular, that not only is attempting to become a nuclear power; but is also funding these Terrorists around the world.  A nuclear armed Iran is as bad as any enemy we have ever faced because the Mullah's that control Iran are crazy fanatics. 

If we are not resolute in our willingness to go after these Terrorists, any where in the world, we are likely to see another horrible attack on the American mainland.  All points lead to Iran and other Islamic Fascists that are funding these Terrorists.   The fish rots from the head down.   And, giving more foreign aide to Egypt, led by Morsi, a Member of the Moslem Brotherhood, a Terrorist organization, is pretty darn stupid.  If we don't stop the money from flowing to these Al Qaeda Terrorists around the world, it is impossible to end Terrorism.   It really is pretty simple. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Obama's Radical Socialist Inaugural Address

In perhaps the most radical, partisan Inaugural Address in American history, Obama showed his Socialist colors that were always there.   Obama the "moderate" never really existed; though the left wing lame stream media participated in the big lie to get their guy elected twice.   There is no doubt today that we have a Socialist President and as such, noone, particularly in the Republican Party, should be afraid to call him what he is; a Socialist and maybe even a Communist.  In proclaiming his left wing ideology, Obama has repudiated 30 years of Reaganomics that gave us years of growth, prosperity and millions of new jobs.  What a dope!!   In the process, Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party. 

Obama supports the growth of government, even if it bankrupts our country, destroying the private sector in the process, causing low or no economic growth and high unemployment, which will result in a lower standard of living for the American people.   It is already happening.  Obama is putting our country on a death spiral.  Even though Obama just got a huge tax increase on the "rich" and in particular small business job creators, Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are calling for even higher taxes on the Makers in our society, the 50% of Americans that pay all the income taxes in our country to benefit Obama's PEEP's, those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, public employee union members, illegal aliens, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists.   These are the people that elected Obama, many of whom are feeding at the trough.

Obama made it very clear in his Inaugural Address that he is the President of his PEEP's, not the President of the entire United States.   Surprise, Surprise.  We should take him at his word.   The Makers in our country must recognize that Obama is our enemy, out to confiscate as much of our hard earned money as possible.   It is what it is.   What else can we conclude. 

In the process, Obama is willing to kill the goose that laid the golden egg; namely those of us that work hard and are productive Makers paying taxes.    History is our teacher and that is exactly what has happened in every Socialist country in the world that has pursued Obama's Socialist Schemes.   Obama intends to use Executive Orders to "transform" our country into a Socialist nation even if it means that all Americans will be poorer for it.   Further, Obama could care less if the United States experiences economic collapse, with the resultant crisis that will come from it, because it would be mean that Obama could declare Marshall Law to take over the entire economy in order to confiscate private wealth.   This is the end of the story if Obama is allowed to continue deficit spending more than a Trillion Dollars every year. 

By the end of Obama's Presidency, four years from now, which can't come too soon, our National Debt will grow to more than $20 Trillion.   We will see additional downgrades of the US Credit rating.   The dollar will be worthless.   Interest rates and inflation will rise dramatically.   All of this will be used as an excuse by Obama to increase the size of government for the sake of "The People" and in the process we will lose our freedom.   The day is coming, just wait and see.   ObamaCare was just the beginning. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

GAO - Government Books Are A Mess

The non-partisan US Government Accountability Office could not complete its audit of the government's 2011-12 Consolidated Financial Statements because the government's books are such a mess.   In fact, if the government was a major publicly traded corporation, someone would be going to jail for fraud because this level of incompetence is illegal in the real world.   In addition, the GAO reported on the Federal Government's Long Term Fiscal Outlook by saying that Obama's current spending that is adding to our $16.4 Trillion National Debt is simply unsustainable.  Don't forget, we also have at least $100 Trillion in unfunded liability sitting out there for Social Security, Medicare and government pensions and no way to pay for it.   We are sitting on a time bomb worse than any Terrorist attack. 

Surprise, Surprise.   This Blogger has been sounding alarms bells throughout Obama's Presidency as this Socialist President has added $6 Trillion to our National Debt, more than any President in American history, with no end in sight.   Further, while the Republican led House of Representatives has enacted two common sense budgets in the last two years that cut spending by $5 Trillion over the next ten years, still not enough; but better than nothing, the US Senate led by Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada has not enacted a budget in four years, even though it is a Constitutional requirement. 

Why are these characters, including the President, still getting a monthly pay check if they refuse to do the job.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are bankrupting our country because they refuse to cut spending, or reform Entitlements.   They want to raise taxes further, which will be a job killer.   We don't have a revenue problem.  We have a spending problem.   If all the wealth in the country was confiscated, which the Socialists would just love to do, it still would not be enough to fund their Socialist Schemes.   WE MUST CUT SPENDING DRAMATICALLY AND REFORM ENTITLEMENTS NOW TO GET OUR FISCAL HOUSE IN ORDER.   THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama For America - The Campaign Goes On

Socialist President Obama is a much better campaigner than President.   That may be the reason the President's Campaign Staff is now being transformed into another organization called Obama For America, a so called advocacy group supporting Obama's Socialist Schemes.   To be clear, Obama is for Obama, not America.   This means, that unlike other Presidents that focus on governing after being elected, we will experience four more years of Obama's campaign on steroids.   This American can't take much more of the constant partisanship. 

Look, it is obvious that Obama is the President of his PEEP's, those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes all, illegal aliens, public employee union members, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers, Hollywood glitterati and Crony Capitalists.   These are the people that elected him and these are the people that own Obama lock, stock and barrel.   Obama is not the President of the United States; but rather the President of his PEEP's.  I get it.

Obama is the Divider and Chief above all else since Obama is the most divisive President in American history.   Let's face it, Americans either love him, or hate him.   There is no in between.   Pending a resignation, impeachment or death, none of which is likely to occur, we are stuck with this Socialist President for the next four years.   About the only thing we can do as Conservatives is elect more Conservatives (not RINO's) to Congress in 2014 and encourage current Republicans in Congress to stop Obama from "transforming" our country into a Socialist nation any way they can.   WE WANT GRIDLOCK and no compromise with this President that would continue the 100 years of Socialist Creep.   I hope Republicans understand their role.   If Republicans act as RINO's, they are gone with the wind. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Obama's Second Term - More Misery

Unless we see a resignation, impeachment, or death, all of which are unlikely, we are stuck with Socialist President Obama and all his shenanigans for four more LONG years.   Ironically, though Vice President Joe Biden is a buffoon, if he ever had to replace Obama, Biden is more moderate and experienced and more likely to act in the country's interests.  But, since that is not going to happen, let me provide a future glimpse of the next four years.   Do print this Blog Posting and refer to it often. 

Drama Obama will cause crisis after crisis and use each occasion to grab more power to advance his Socialist Schemes.   This will cause uncertainty and instability and in some cases court challenges, which will lead to slow, or little economic growth and job creation.   The stock market will do OK, because major companies have laid off thousands of employees during the Recession, so they are lean and mean, which drives profits; though there could still be up's and down's with every market shock.  Small and Mid Sized companies, many of which are impacted by recent tax increases and ObamaCare will not do as well. 

If the Republicans in Congress stand tough, we will have GRID LOCK, which in this case is a good thing, rather than allow Obama to advance any more of his Socialist Schemes, higher taxes and more regulations.   As a result, Obama will continue to use Executive Orders to the degree he can to "transform" our country into a Socialist nation.   The good news is that Executive Orders are not the law of the land, only Obama's laws while he is in office.   The next Republican President, with one stroke of the pen, can end all of Obama's Executive Orders.   So, while we may endure four more years of Obama tyranny, to some degree it can be mitigated by electing more Conservatives to Congress in 2014 and a future Republican President.

The bad news is that we will see Trillions more added to the current $16.4  Trillion National Debt.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress will never agree to cut spending, or real Entitlement Reform.    That probably means that the National Debt will grow to $20 Trillion or more in the next four years.   This will result in a further downgrade of the US credit rating.   This will require the Federal Reserve to print even more money destroying the value of the dollar.  It is already happening.  So, we will begin to see very high inflation and interest rates.   In addition, we will see a number of foreign policy fiascos because Obama is not up to the task.  Buy Gold, Silver, guns and real estate to protect your assets.   The next four years under Drama Obama will be very rocky indeed. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Reason To Fear Government - History

As we focus on the Gun Control issue in the United States,  it is critical that all Americans recognize that we have good reason to fear government.   In the last hundred years, Fascists, Communists and Socialists have murdered millions of their own citizens.   Though I could do so, I don't need to go further back than the 20th Century to demonstrate that governments run by evil dictators have done horrendous things.   Of course, there is always focus on the Holocaust and the NAZI murder of six million Jews, but this is just one example of many involving mass murder by government.  

The Soviet Communists murdered millions under Josef Stalin.   The Communist Chinese murdered millions under Mao Tse Tung after their revolution.   Communist/Socialists in North Korea, Cambodia, Burma and Laos have murdered millions of their own people.    The Turks killed several hundred thousand Armenians.   The carnage that has gone on in Africa in Rwanda, the Sudan and other countries, that is still happening, is horrible.   The Taliban murdered thousands in Afghanistan.   Thousands were murdered in the old Yugoslavia when that country fell apart.   The Syrian government is even now murdering its own people.

This Blogger and former student and teacher of history could go back much further to make my point.   It is clear that our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights of our Constitution, guaranteeing our right to bear arms, because they too were learned and feared government tyranny.   Their frame of reference was various European governments and Kings that readily murdered their own people.   Our Founding Fathers could never have imagined the carnage that took place in the 20th Century at the hands of Fascist, Communist and Socialist governments all in the name of The People.  

We need to protect our Second Amendment rights at all cost.   The day may come with the economic collapse of the United States, that will surely happen if Obama is allowed to continue his spending trajectory, when our country evolves into a Dictatorship, whether under Obama, or some future President.   We may have to fight for our freedom once again as occurred during our Revolutionary War.   For that reason, we must never give up our guns, or allow them to be confiscated.   Never forget the lessons of history.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Repubican Party - Now What?

With the reelection of Socialist President Obama, the Republican Party must decide its course of action.   It is very clear to this Blogger.   Republicans that control the House of Representatives should keep enacting common sense budgets and laws that cut taxes and limit the growth of government in keeping with Republican ideals, whether they go anywhere or not.   Republicans in the Senate should use whatever tactics they can, including the filibuster, to stop Obama's deficit spending and Socialist Schemes.  

If this results in grid lock, Good.    Republicans need to roll back 100 years of Socialist Creep; not do anything to help it along.   We need to see meaningful spending cuts, even if it means a government shut down.   We need Entitlement Reform to save Social Security and Medicare for future generations.   Republicans should propose comprehensive Immigration Reform to demonstrate that Latinos have a place in the Republican Party.   Republicans should do what they can to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill and stop the EPA from destroying our economy.  Finally, Republicans should do everything they can to protect the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms. 

If Republicans turn into RINO's, it will be the end of the Republican Party.  The Conservative Base of the Republican Party is sick and tired of compromise that advances Socialist Schemes.   The Fiscal Cliff Deal will not only raise taxes on job creators, it will add $4 Trillion to the National Debt.  Republicans should never have voted for the Fiscal Cliff Deal.   They should have gone over the Cliff to get a better deal.

This Blogger will not donate another dime to any Republican candidate as long as John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are still in leadership.  These dinosaurs have to go.   The Young Guns and members of the Tea Party in Congress must take over the Republican Party if it is to have any future.   We don't need RINO's and Socialists Light in the Republican Party.  

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama's Gun Control Executive Orders

Socialist President Obama has issued 23, mostly feel good, Executive Orders to deal with gun violence in the United States.   Like always, Drama Obama never misses a good crisis to show boat an issue.  Speaking with children behind him and the parents of Newtown shooting victims in front of him, Obama desperately wants to appear that he is doing something, really anything at this point to solve the problem.   This Blogger did not see anything too extreme in Obama's Executive Orders, probably because Obama's powers are very limited in reference to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which guarantees Americans the right to own guns. 

One Obama provision allowing Doctors, treating a patient, to ask if the patient has guns at home is absurd.   If I was asked that question, by my Doctor, I would respond with NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS; but that may just be me.   This Blogger has no problem with requiring an expanded background check to buy a gun as long as it is not combined with any kind of federal government registry.  When speaking of the Weapons Act of Nazi Germany in 1935, Adolf Hitler said the following, "This year will go down in history.  For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration.   Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future".   It was just a few years later that Hitler murdered six million Jews.   So much for gun registration.  

Look, we should not allow criminals, anyone convicted of a felony, or anyone being treated for any kind of mental disorder to buy guns.  Hello, that is just common sense.  However, Obama is asking Congress to ban Assault Rifles and any gun that has a magazine, or clip that contains more than 10 bullets.   This Blogger would be opposed to such ban because assuming someone buying a gun is eligible to do so legally as a result of the expanded background check, why should there be any limit on Second Amendment rights.  And, if there was a robber in my home, I would want to ability to protect my family by being able to fire as many bullets as possible to Kill Him Dead, rather than allow anyone to harm to my family.  It would be shoot and ask questions later. 

Finally, gun ownership as a right and necessity is in our Constitution to protect us against tyrannical government.   Anyone that has learned the lessons of history knows that governments have murdered their own citizens.   It is happening right now in Syria.  The United States is spiraling toward economic collapse as a result of Obama's reckless spending.   We don't know what the future holds; but given historical precedence, it does not look good.  WE THE PEOPLE may have to take up arms one day to defends ourselves from our own government.   Don't think it can't happen in the US because it has happened in history. 

Our Founding Fathers learned the lessons of history well.  The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights as a means of dealing with tyranny.   One day, we could face a Dictator in our country.  i.e Socialist Obama on steroids.  If and when that day comes, we could be fighting for our freedom.   If the tyrant has guns and we don't, we will lose whatever freedom we have left.  It is as simple as that.  We have seen this story over and over again throughout the world.   There is reason to fear government; particularly governments led by Fascists, Communists, or Socialists. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Something Stinks At The Environmental Protection Agency

It was recently discovered that former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson, an Obama appointee, created a fake email address under the name Richard Windsor, presumably to evade federal reporting requirements under the Freedom of Information Act.  Jackson suddenly resigned in December, 2012 when this story came to light.  Further, apparently this practice has been common at the EPA for years.   The Justice Department is defending Jackson in court.   The court has ordered that as many as 12,000 of these emails be made public.   The EPA is dragging its feet delaying release.   Go figure.

The question is why?  It is no secret that the EPA, under Jackson's direction, declared war on the oil and coal industries.   Could it be that Jackson is tied to various radical environmental groups.   That certainly wouldn't be surprising given the Gestapo tactics of the Environmental Protection Agency.   Socialist President Obama promised us the most transparent Administration in American history; yet in department after department, there have been cover up's and using Executive Privilege to deny the public information that may prove to be criminal. 

The Environmental Protection Agency has taken the law into its own hands by interpreting the Clean Air Act in a way that would allow this Gestapo Agency the right to regulate all aspects of daily life and our economy.   Now we find out that there are shenanigans going on at the EPA.  Something really stinks at the EPA.   Surprise, Surprise. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Shut The Federal Government Down

The next big "crisis" facing our country involves raising the National Debt Ceiling, which must be done in the next 60 days, since we have already hit the $16.4 Trillion Debt Ceiling.    Obama will not be able to continue borrowing 46 cents for every dollar the federal government spends unless the Debt Ceiling is raised again.   But this time, in contrast to the Fiscal Cliff deal, Republicans in both the US Senate and the House of Representatives control some cards and have some leverage.   Unless the President and Socialists in Congress agree to meaningful spending cuts and Entitlement Reform,  Republicans should shut the government down.  Of course, if they do so, don't be surprised of Dictator Obama does not use an Executive Order to eliminate the National Debt Ceiling altogether.  Socialists in Congress are encouraging Obama to do just that.  

A government shut down would mean that roughly 40% of spending would be put on hold, or immediately eliminated.   The federal government has enough revenues, coming in the door every month to pay the interest on our existing Debt, so there would be no default.   This is precisely what happened when Bill Clinton was President and Newt Gingrich and the Republicans controlled the House of Representatives.   Shutting the government down for a short period of time, which resulted in government employees not getting paid was exactly what was needed for Clinton and Gingrich to reach a deal that resulted in balanced budgets for three years in a row.  

Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress will never agree to meaningful spending cuts and Entitlement Reform without this Drama.   We don't call him Drama Obama for nothing.   The left wing lame stream media blames Republicans for everything anyway, so why not go over this cliff.   Obama has created a spending trajectory that will result in Trillion dollar plus deficits, every year, for years to come.   This President is intentionally determined to bankrupt our country in order to "transform" our nation into a Socialist, or Communist country.   We can't let that happen. 

Republicans must stand up and just say NO to more government spending.   If they don't and soon, the Republican Party will be no more.  The Fiscal Cliff deal will add $4 Trillion to our National Debt.  Enough is enough.   It is time for the adults in Washington to take control; that is if there are any adults in Washington.  

Governor Jerry Brown - California Dreaming

Retread Socialist Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown has announced that California will have a balanced budget and even a surplus in the coming year.   Ha. Ha.  74 year old Brown is dealing with Prostrate Cancer, so maybe the Governor is on medical marijuana, which is legal in California.   In any case, this is delusional California Dreaming.   Even the best case scenario by independent analyst show California will need to borrow another $2 billion to pay its bills in 2013, this is in addition to billions of dollars of outstanding debt on the books.  It will probably be much worse. 

Here are the facts.  Unemployment in California is still above 10%; higher than the national average.   Home are selling, as result of record low interest rates; but at prices that are 30% or more lower than at the peak of the market in 2006.   People and companies are still voting with their feet to avoid California's high taxes, high utility rates, that are the result of wacko environmental laws and employment practice and other regulations that make doing business in California difficult, if not impossible.  There are 20 million people, out of 35 million, that are either on a government payroll, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Welfare, Food Stamps, Disability, or other government program.   Not all of these people are Takers, but a lot of them are, as Makers keep leaving the state.   This is a classic failed, Socialist state, what Obama is trying to do to the United States.  

The telling tale is that 30 years ago, when this Blogger was in Sales, California had about 250 major companies with 5,000 employees or more, headquartered in the state, when Texas had 80.   Today, California has about 106, while Texas, with a much more favorable business climate, has 220.   And, what is worse, though there may be about 106 major companies still headquartered in California, nearly all have moved existing or new operations out of California to other states, or outside the country.   It is no coincidence that though Apple is headquartered in California, all those I-Phones and I-Pads in every one's hands are made in China.   The same story could be told for most major companies in California.   The fact is that it is impossible to cost effectively manufacture anything in California.

Even this CEO Blogger, who owns a smaller global company, originally founded in California and still technically headquartered there, personally left the state years ago and I have also moved 90% of my company to Texas, or India to avoid crazy California taxes and regulations.  

These Socialists, owned lock, stock and barrel by the public employee unions, that run California, don't get any of this.   They keep raising taxes and adding more regulations to continue feeding at the trough.   Socialist Governor Jerry Brown has added new taxes into his calculations to announce that California will finally have a balanced budget.   NOT.   The fact is that recently enacted higher taxes will cause even more people and companies to move.   Further, retiring Baby Boomers, even former government employees, will retire to other states to avoid California income taxes, the highest in the nation, on their pensions and 401K distributions.   So, while Governor Jerry Brown may think California will finally have a balanced budget because of minimal spending cuts, it is just California Dreaming. 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Socialists Urge Obama To Ignore The Constitution

Socialists in Congress, including the Majority Leader of the US Senate, Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada and the Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, along with other Socialists in Congress are urging Socialist President Obama to ignore the Constitution, which clearly requires the Congress to approve raising the National Debt Ceiling.   These Socialist leaders of Congress are hanging their hats on a few words in the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which states that the "validity of the public Debt of the United States shall not be questioned".  

How these few words would allow the President to issue an Executive Order, eliminating the National Debt Ceiling, or raising it, is a mystery when there are other words in the Constitution, far more meaningful, that clearly state that this responsibility rests with the Congress.  At this point, even Obamanistas in the White House are saying that the President does not have this authority to do this; but don't hold you breath.  Obama is using more than 6,000 Executive Orders, that are just now coming out, to get around the Congress right and mostly left that will impact all aspects of daily life. 

Socialists, including the President, have made it very clear that they want to continue raising taxes on families and small businesses earning more than $250,000 a year, even though they just got a big tax increase in the Fiscal Cliff Deal and 21 new taxes in ObamaCare that will begin hitting in 2013, as a condition for cutting any spending, or badly needed Entitlement Reform.   Republicans cannot vote for any more tax measures,  unless they are part of tax reform that is revenue neutral, if they have any hope of maintaining their political base. 

As a result, we are headed toward another fiscal crisis in the next few months because we have already reached the $16.4 Trillion National Debt Ceiling.   Obama is borrowing 46 cents for every dollar he spends.   Obama has already added $6 Trillion to the National Debt, with no end in sight.  Republicans will rightly demand spending cuts to raise the National Debt Ceiling further.   It is easy to see a stalemate coming that could result in closing down the government, as occurred when Clinton was President. 

It is at that precise moment of crisis that Socialists in Congress will demand that Obama use an Executive Order to eliminate the Debt Ceiling altogether.   This could be an impeachable offense, since it is a clear violation of the Constitution.  At a minimum, we will experience a Constitutional Crisis that will end up in the Supreme Court.   Oh what a tangled web Socialists weave, when they lie, cheat and steal, to continue feeding at the trough.   Here we go again.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

US Income Tax - 100 Year Anniversary

The income tax as we know it today is the result of enactment of the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution in 1913, giving the federal government the right to confiscate our money as taxes on all sorts of personal and corporate income.  It should be no surprise that this occurred when Socialist President Woodrow Wilson was in office.  Before 1913, there were short periods of time when a small income tax was imposed; but eventually this kind of taxation was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, which ultimately resulted in the Constitutional Amendment to allow for a permanent income tax. 

Originally, the income tax was made law, as a replacement because at the same time certain tariffs, or sales taxes, were eliminated on various goods.    This was done to stimulate a degree of free trade, since prior to the income tax, the federal government's primary source of income until 1913 were tariffs (sales taxes) on foreign goods to protect US industries.   Once the US became an industrial power house in the late 1800's and 1900's, these tariffs were deemed harmful because they were always reciprocal and retarded free trade.  Of course, we have gone back and forth on this issue for years. 

In any case, when the income tax was imposed in 1913, it was primarily a millionaire's tax as rates began at 1% and were capped at 7% on income above $11 million in today's dollars.  That did not last long and by 1917 during World War I, rates went from 2% to 67% on incomes of $35 million in today's dollars.   Rates came down a bit during Republican Presidencies in the 1920's; but then when Socialist President Roosevelt was elected in 1932, by 1944 the lowest rate was 23% and the highest rate was 94% levied on income of about $2.5 million in today's dollars.   Rates have always been high during Socialist Presidencies as Socialist always argue that the "rich" can and should pay more even though it retards economic growth and job creation.  Roosevelt's New Deal and high taxes actually prolonged the Great Depression as unemployment was between 12% and 20% from 1932 until 1939, when war production began. 

The latest story is Obama's Fiscal Cliff Deal, which gives us federal rates of 10% - 39.6% and even more at the higher levels as a result of ObamaCare taxes.   What started out as a millionaires tax at 1% now impacts 50% of all Americans that on average are paying about 25% of their income in federal taxes, plus state income taxes, plus an assortment of property taxes and other fees, fines etc.   So much so, that the typical Middle Class family is probably paying about 35% of income in taxes of various sorts.   Those families and small businesses that are "rich", earning $250,000 or more, could be paying well over 55% of their income depending on the state they live in.   

Think about it.    For the 50% of us that are Makers, Middle Class families are working about about 4 months a year to feed the beast at all levels of government.   On average, The "rich" are working 6 months a year to provide for Obama's PEEP's, those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, public employee union members, illegal aliens, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists that support Socialists because they are all feeding at the trough.  

The real question is when is enough enough.   Obama just got his tax increases in the Fiscal Cliff deal and ObamaCare and then immediately started talking about even higher taxes on the Makers in our Society.  Some Socialists are now talking about imposing a Value Added Sales Tax like the 20% - 25% taxes that exist in Europe.    That tax causes Europeans to come to the United States on business, or vacations, with empty suit cases to buy clothing and other household items in the US at a third the price in Europe. 

The reality is that for Socialists, what ever hard working people are paying in taxes, is never enough.  How is this different than Communism, where everything belongs to the state.   The truth is, there is no difference because today in addition to the taxes we pay, government intrudes into all aspect of daily life.   And, it all started with the income tax in 1913.  Happy Anniversary America. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The American President Is Becoming A Dictator

Our Founding Fathers created three co-equal branches of government in our Constitution; the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary to provide for checks and balances to prevent an abuse of power.   The problem is that since the very beginning of our country, successive Presidents have taken powers never given to them by the Constitution, using the Commander and Chief rationale to pretty much do anything they want.   When this happens, Presidents basically dare the other branches of government to challenge them.

Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, during the Civil War, as written in our Constitution, that guarantees that anyone arrested must be brought before a court of law, even though the Supreme Court declared his action unconstitutional.  Lincoln simply ignored the Supreme Court ruling, which should have been an impeachable offense.   When Theodore Roosevelt decided to send the Navy on a world tour, the Congress would not appropriate the monies to make it happen.  Roosevelt did it anyway by saying I got them there to Congress, now you get them back.  Franklin Roosevelt attempted to pack the Supreme Court with additional Justices because the Court kept striking down his New Deal programs.  Fortunately, it did not happen; but the threat was so onerous that the Court fell in line to support years of Socialist creep. 

Socialist President Obama is doing everything he can to continue the  Presidential power grab that has been happening for years.   Obama is about to issue as many as 6,000 Executive Orders to circumvent the Congress and virtually impact all aspects of daily life.   These Executive Orders, when combined with hundreds, if not thousands, of new regulations coming out of the Obama Administration represent a power grab on an unprecedented scale.   Obama is evolving into a Dictator.

Obama may soon issue an Executive Order to get around Congress related to raising the National Debt Ceiling.  Obamanistas are now talking about getting around the Second Amendment, guaranteeing Americans the right to own guns, by Executive Order.  Obama basically provided the children of illegal aliens Amnesty by Executive Order.  Obama is a Socialist, or maybe even a Communist, out to transform our country into a Socialist, or Communist nation.   It is becoming clearer by the day, that Obama, like all Socialists, will lie, cheat or steal to advance his Socialist Schemes, in this case by Executive Order. 

All of this is very scary, particularly when combined with the Supreme Court ObamaCare ruling, which now allows the government to force Americans to do just about anything against their will.   Our freedom is under attack.  America is headed toward Dictatorship, under Obama.   Remember, Adoph Hitler was elected and then took Dictatorial power.   The same happened with Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  Socialist President Obama is moving in the same direction to become an American Dictator.   Every American should fear what is happening. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Obama Signs Marshall Law Executive Order

Socialist President Obama has signed the National Defense Preparedness Executive Order, which would give the President near unlimited power over US citizens and our property.  If the President determines that there is any threat to National Security, apparently as determined by him and him alone, the President would be able to take control of food resources, livestock resources, distribution of farm equipment, commercial fertilizer and all forms of energy, health resources, transportation and even water resources by declaring Marshal Law. 

In other words, by declaring a National Security threat, Obama could shred the Constitution and take control of the entire economy of the United States and all property owned by the people of the United States.  In fairness, similar Executive Orders were signed by Presidents Eisenhower and Clinton.   However, this goes way beyond anything Lincoln did during the Civil War in 1862 when he declared Marshall Law and suspended the right of habeus corpus, requiring that anyone arrested be brought before a court of law to determine if the arrest was warranted and legal.  

What makes this particular Executive Order scary is the fact that the Congress enacted HR 347, signed by Obama in 2011, which prohibits Trespass or Protest any where near a government building, or employee protected by the Secret Service eliminating First Amendment freedom of speech and assembly rights.   And finally, now the Socialists are talking about banning all sorts of guns, in violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution.  

Look,  Socialists in particular; but all career politicians, including Republicans, feeding at the trough for years, fear the American people.    It was recently reported that the federal government has been stock piling ammunition.   The question is why?  This is all happening because if Obama's current multi Trillion dollar deficit spending trajectory continues, it will cause the bankruptcy of the United States, the resultant collapse of our economy, a loss of our national sovereignty and likely civil strife on our streets.

The nation has never been more divided since the Civil War thanks to Drama Obama.  Obama is a Socialist and he may even be a Communist determined to "transform" our country into a Socialist/Communist nation by confiscation of wealth and redistribution of income in the name of social justice.   Of course, all of this will lead to chaos as has happened throughout the world whenever Socialism has been tried.   We will see civil strife on our streets unless Obama is stopped.   None of these actions are an accident. 

Politicians are scared to death, since 150 million Americans own guns that would certainly be used for protection in the event the American government becomes a murderous dictatorship.   This was after all the reason our Founders included the Second Amendment in our Constitution fearing a tyrannical, murderous government.  Let us hope we never see it; but history teaches us we must fear government, particularly when Socialists, Communists, or Fascists are in charge.  We have seen this story before and it never has a happy ending. 

Obama - "We Don't Have A Spending Problem"

In his negotiations with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner to deal with the Fiscal Cliff, Socialist President Obama is reported to have said, " We Don't Have A Spending Problem".   What planet does this President live on.  This is coming from a President that has added $6 Trillion to our National Debt in the last four years, more than any other President in American history, with no end in sight.  Either Obama is completely delusional and out of touch with reality, or the man just does not understand numbers; maybe it is both.   The fact is that our current $16.4 Trillion National Debt now exceeds our annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is very dangerous.   As a result, another credit down grade is coming and soon. 

Obama is now borrowing and spending about 46 cents for every dollar spent by the federal government, or about $4 Billion every day because he refuses to cut spending.  That is about $120 Billion a month, or about $1.4 Trillion a year more than the federal government takes in.   This is fifth grade math.  Obama really believes that the solution to his deficit spending is even higher taxes than he just got through the Fiscal Cliff deal.   The reality is that if all the wealth in the country were confiscated, which Obama and his Socialists pals in Congress would just love to accomplish, it would be impossible to continue funding Obama's annual Trillion dollar plus deficits in addition to the $100 Trillion in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and ObamaCare. 

President Obama lives in a dream world based on redistribution of income in the name of "social justice".   Obama wants to take from the Makers in society, the 50% of us that work hard and play by the rules and give to Obama's PEEP's, those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, public employee union members, illegal aliens, radical feminist and environmentalists, trial lawyers, and crony Capitalists.   The problem is that it just does not add up.

The United States is headed toward bankruptcy and a loss of our national sovereignty.   We can't tax our way out of it.   We must cut spending to restore economic growth and job creation again in the private sector.   It will not happen any other way.  This Blogger is convinced that Obama is intentionally out to bankrupt our country in order to "transform" our nation into a Socialist, or Communist country.  What other explanation can there be.   WE MOST CERTAINLY DO HAVE A SPENDING PROBLEM.    

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Gun Control - Common Sense Ideas

There are hundreds, if not thousands of laws already on the books in the United States dealing with gun control.   None of those laws has prevented the mass killing tragedies we have experienced in our country.   And, the gang killings that are usually drug related in cities like Chicago, that already has strict gun laws, occur using illegal guns, not legally purchased weapons.   Obviously, millions of Americans, this Blogger included, own guns legally without incident.   The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, upheld by the Supreme Court, guarantees our right own guns.  And, our Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment, not to guarantee hunting rights; but in recognition that history teaches us government is to be feared. 

The over reach of the federal government into all aspect of daily life and the confiscation of personal property and monies through eminent domain and taxation proves that we must be weary of our federal government.   This Blogger owns guns, not because I fear criminals so much, though they are out there; but because as a former history teacher, I can point to many examples in history, when government has murdered its own citizens.  As such, I fear government for good reason, particularly when Socialists, like Obama, are in power. 

In any case, in the state of Nevada where I live, a background check was required before I could buy my guns.  I had no problem with that process.   I would have a problem if I had to register my guns with the state, or federal government because of what just happened in New York when a local newspaper published the names and addresses of legal gun owners.   Of course, there was uproar in some cases by those that don't own guns, since criminals are now more likely to rob their houses.  Ironically, this will probably cause those people to go out and buy guns. 

Can you even imagine if the names and addresses of Americans with HIV, as a transmittable disease, were published in a local newspaper.  It would be an incredible invasion of privacy causing uproar by the all and the same should be the case related to legal gun owners. 

We do need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental disorders.   As such, as part of any background check that is required, there should be a national registry of those that have committed a felony and those that have been convicted of any drunk driving, drug arrest, or act of violence.   In addition,  we should add to that national registry any American that has been treated for any mental disorder and particularly those people that are on mind altering drugs. 

It is only common sense that we should keep guns out of the hands of all these people.   Of course, Socialists will likely never agree to any of this.  However, even if these things were in place, this will not solve the problem of illegally acquired guns that can be purchased on our streets as contraband.   Perhaps, a penalty of ten or more years in jail for selling guns illegally should be automatic if caught. 

Most important, isolated tragic events of mass murder, no matter how heinous, should not be the basis for denying Americans their rights to legally own guns, provided they have no criminal or mental disorder history.   Obviously, guns should be locked away from children, or anyone in a household with mental issues.   This is another case where common sense should prevail; but that never happens when Socialists and the lame, stream left wing media attack all gun owners. 

Millions of Americans that own guns legally are not the problem.   Sadly, given the violence that exists in the media and throughout America, we may need armed guards at schools and other public places.   The work place should be made secure by employers to help guarantee that anyone carrying a weapon is not allowed in the building.   Common sense gun control laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those with mental disorders makes sense.   Preventing, or limiting other Americans from owning guns would be a violation of the Second Amendment and is therefore not acceptable. 

The National Debt Ceiling - The Next Crisis

The United States has already hit our $16.4 Trillion National Debt Ceiling as a result of Socialist President Obama's reckless spending.   We are borrowing 46 cents for every dollar that we spend.   Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner stated that he can play games with money to the tune of about $200 Billion to get us through the next few months; but then unless the Debt Ceiling is increased again, the United States will not be able to continue borrowing to fund Obama's deficit spending.  Keep in mind that Obama has added about $6 Trillion to the National Debt in his first four years in office; more than any other President in American history, with no end in sight. 

Despite what you hear from Socialists, or even Republican politicians, there have been no meaningful cuts in spending during Obama's Presidency.   The Trillion dollars that was supposed to be cut as part of the Fiscal Cliff deal has been put off for another two months, if it ever happens at all.   And, unless we see spending cuts of $4 - $5 Trillion in the next ten years and tax reform to spur economic growth, any amounts below are just chump change and will do nothing to deal with our National Debt and road to insolvency.  

Obama got his tax increases in ObamaCare and the Fiscal Cliff deal; though naturally as a Socialist he wants more as part of any "balanced" approach to dealing with deficit spending.   That is all BS.   The reality is that Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are two thirds of the budget.    It is virtually impossible to deal with Obama's deficit spending and the National Debt problem without Entitlement Reform.   This does not have to be another crisis; but like always Drama Obama will cause another crisis by refusing to consider any common sense reform to save these programs. 

Every one knows that the Social Security age for full retirement benefits must continue to go up for people under 55 so that perhaps 30 year olds would not be able to access full benefits for Social Security until they are 70.   There is no need to means test Social Security since this Entitlement is already taxed.   So the "rich" only get a percentage of what they have earned anyway.   Everyone knows that Medicare must be means tested, even though only "rich" people have actually paid for their benefits through payroll contributions.   This must be done to protect the poor; but let's at least be honest about it. 

The cost of Medicaid is more problematic, especially since ObamaCare has added even more people to the roles.   Medicaid is a bottomless pit that can only be controlled by block grants to the states, based on what is affordable, not an endless amount of money that will be required to fund this program for the poor, as it is currently configured.  

This is all just common sense; but then Socialists, like Obama, suffer from Dream World Syndrome.   That is, they live in a Dream World related to spending.   They got their tax increases that are a job killer; yet Obama wants more that in the end will result in less government revenue because of slower economic growth that always comes from higher taxes.   This is just Economics 101; but Socialists never took that course.  So now, we will see the next crisis as Congress deals with the National Debt Ceiling. 

I have a $100 bottle of wine bet because I believe Obama will attempt to eliminate the Debt Ceiling altogether by Executive Order.   If Obama tries to do it, we will have a Constitutional Crisis that will end up in the Supreme Court; but Drama Obama is the King of Crisis so don't be surprised if it happens.   Here we go again. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Obama's Rabid Supporters & Propaganda

Socialist President Obama is the most divisive President in American history and it is dangerous.   Obama skillfully portrays the "rich" and successful in the private sector, that he defines as any married couple, or small business owner earning more than $250,000 a year as greedy, uncaring and evil.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   However, Obama uses the "rich" as a scapegoat for all of America's problems, much the same way Hitler used the Jews as a scapegoat and we know the end of that horrible story.   The problem is that Obama's PEEP's are often uneducated, or incredibly misinformed and as a result they are very susceptible to this propaganda.   If Obama says a lie enough times, his PEEP's will believe it and that is exactly what is happening. 

Obama, always in campaign mode, continues to demonize the "rich", which is giving his PEEP's license to verbally attack the "rich", that they often know nothing about, in ways this Blogger has never seen before.   The fact is that the "rich" give billions of dollars each year to charities, various other worthy causes and to support the arts, even though they cannot deduct the total donation because of phase outs that exist in the tax code.   The "rich" often also give their time by serving on charitable organization and other boards that do great work helping the poor, or supporting other causes.   Further, other than government workers and poverty pimps, that live off the misery of the poor, I have never gotten a job in my life from a poor American. 

If not for the "rich", these do good organizations would not exist; yet Obama's PEEP's, influenced by Obama's hate speech and the lame stream, left wing media, all playing the Class Warfare game, voice hostility toward the "rich" and successful, rather than look to themselves for their problems.   Once again, the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.   The poor are poor because they have been poorly educated in our public schools and because they lack job skills anyone wants to buy in a global economy. 

Clearly, we have spent trillions of dollars since the New Deal trying to alleviate poverty; yet poverty is higher today under Obama, than when Bush II was President.  Of course, making people more dependent on government is Obama's intent to buy votes so that Socialists can stay in power feeding at the trough.  It is what it is. 

Obama has unleashed the forces of hatred and jealousy, much the same as was done by other Fascist and Communist dictators.  It is shameful.  Instead of being the President of the United States, Obama is the President of his PEEP's, those on the dole, the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, illegal aliens, public employee union members, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial attorneys and crony Capitalists.   For the other 50% of us, Obama is not our President.  To say that we dislike Obama is an understatement, particularly when he told business owners during the campaign, "that you did not build that".   This President like all Socialists will lie, cheat, or steal to stay in office; but he is also the greatest divider we have every experienced.  As Lincoln once said, "A nation divided against itself cannot stand."  

Obama has divided our nation like never before.  It has ended friendships and even worse, it is a clear and present danger to our country.  Clearly, rabid Obama supporters are not welcome in my home any more.   Those of us that are being viciously attacked by Obama's rabid supporters, at the instigation of the President, are not going to take any crap from these hate filled people; that's for sure.   

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief - Borrowed Money

Shortly, Congress will approve as much as $60 Billion for Hurricane Sandy Relief to help the people of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut rebuild their homes.   That particular bill came over from the Senate to the House filled with pork that had nothing to do with Hurricane Sandy.   Senators of both parties always use a good crisis to bring home more bacon to their particular state.   Supposedly, the lard/pork will be cut out of the House version of the bill.   We will see; but don't count on it. 

More important,  Republican Tea Party Members in the House of Representatives, the only adults in Washington DC, demanded that they find spending cuts to fund this Relief money.   Of course, both Republicans, including Governor Chris Christie, who is often a big, big wind bag, and Socialists were outraged by this demand.   Does common sense ever prevail in Washington DC, apparently not.   It seems that disaster relief is always funded with borrowed money, even though we now have a $16.4 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight. 

What is important about this $60 Billion is that it is roughly equivalent to the tax increase money that will come in during 2013 from the Fiscal Cliff deal.   So that new tax money is already gone with the wind so to speak.   Republicans are often just as bad as Socialists when it comes to spending.   These politicians are addicted to spending just like crack cocaine addicts.   Why not find the money by cutting other spending to pay for Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief.  

There is so much waste in federal government spending that it would not take much looking to find $60 Billion in redundant programs, agencies, commissions, or departments that could be eliminated tomorrow and they would not be missed one bit.    Of course, with the exception of responsible Tea Party Members,  other Republicans and Socialists can't see the forest for the trees. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Boehner & McConnell Have To Go

Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner and Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, both dinosaurs, have to go for their failed leadership related to the Fiscal Cliff deal.   In addition to the 21 tax increases that are in ObamaCare that will hit the American people effective, January 1, 2013,  Boehner and McConnell were complicit in raising taxes by nearly $700 Billion, most of which will hit about a million small businesses, without getting any meaningful spending cuts in return.  Boehner and McConnell were rolled once again by the Socialists proving that they are just not strong enough to represent Republican values. 

If the Republican Party does not fight for limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations, it has no reason for being.   Obama is out to destroy the Republican Party and he may just succeed in doing it.   But what will emerge is a much more conservative American Constitution Party, purged of RINO's, that have been in office for years voting for the the Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country. 

Certainly, Boehner and McConnell, among many others that have been in Congress for years are the poster children demonstrating why we need Term Limits for members of Congress.   We also need a Balanced Budget Amendment because both political parties have proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted to protect the interest of the American people. 

Borrowing and Spending under Obama are completely out of control with no end in sight.  Shortly, we will see the rating agencies issue another US credit down grade that will be very bad for our country.  Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress could care less because they are out to destroy our nation.   However, Republicans need to care if they are going to remain relevant at all.   In the meantime, Boehner and McConnell have to go.  Both are incapable of representing Conservative values and ideology.   In agreeing to the Fiscal Cliff deal with no spending cuts; but Boehner and McConnell have done a great disservice to our country. 

The Fiscal Cliff Deal - A Job Killer

Raising taxes on a million small businesses, as just occurred in the Fiscal Cliff deal, without getting any spending cuts in exchange, is a real job killer.   The tax increases in this deal, particularly when combined with the 21 new taxes in ObamaCare that take effect on January 1, 2013, will probably result in a million people losing their jobs in 2013.   As a result of these tax incresases, Small businesses, that employ 70% of Americans will not hire new people, or make new investments, which will have a trickle down effect on the overall economy.   It is only common sense, something Socialists just do not understand since most of them, including Drama Obama, have never worked in the private sector. 

Obviously, if a small businessman or woman has more of his or her hard earned money confiscated by the federal government, he or she will have less to spend on new employees, or investing in equipment, or company growth.    Well dah!   Small businesses, demonized for their success as being "rich", are the job engine of our country.   Hurt them as just occurred in the Fiscal Cliff deal and you hurt the entire country.  

Republicans probably did the best they could to put this deal together given Socialist control of the Presidency and the US Senate; but now if they don't demand spending cuts every day in office, to stop Obama from borrowing 46 cents for every dollar spent by the federal government, adding to our $16.4 Trillion National Debt, the Republican Party will go the way of the Whig Party.  

If Republicans don't stand for limited Constitutional government, LOWER taxes and less regulations,  they have no reason for being that makes any sense.  As such, if Republicans don't strenuously fight Obama tooth and nail at every turn to stop more years of Socialist Creep, it is bye bye for the Republican Party.