Friday, May 31, 2013

Federal Government Unions Gaming The System

You may have heard that as a result of the Sequester cutting just $85 billion out of the $3.7 Trillion the federal government will spend this year, that certain federal employees may have to be furloughed 5 or 10 days this year to save money, so presumably they would lose some pay.  This was supposed to happen one day at a time so government functions are not impacted. 

But public employee unions, representing these government workers are negotiating with the federal government to combine these days so that these workers will be eligible for unemployment insurance and additional paid vacation.  Naturally,  Socialist President Obama, owned, lock, stock and barrel by public employee unions will no doubt do all he can to make this happen; just wait and see. 

So any savings that were supposed to happen as a result of the Sequester, as required by law, will be offset by the additional unemployment benefits that will be paid out to government workers.   These public employee unions and Obamanistas that would agree to this are gaming the system and the American taxpayer.   

Once again the Takers in society, public employee union members that often earn 40% more in total compensation and benefits that are common in the private sector are taking advantage of the Makers that have taken pay and benefits cuts in the last five years as a result of the Obama Recession.   Government workers are feeding at the trough; but it should be no surprise.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress have absolutely no intention of cutting federal spending, or paying off our $17 Trillion National Debt.  

These Socialists and the public employee unions that support them are bankrupting our country.  They just don't care as long as they continue getting everything they can from hard working tax payers.   This is all about redistribution of income from the Makers in society to the Takers. It is what it is.      

Socialists Running Scared - In Trouble

Has anyone seen Socialist Vice President Crazy Joe Biden, or many of his pals in government out defending President Obama lately.  Obviously NOT.   Of course, Biden is lying low because he plans to run for President in 2016.  The last thing he wants is to be connected to all the Obama Scandals.   And, Socialist members of Congress, including various Senators, in particular, that represent Red states and Socialist Congressmen and Women do not really want to be tied to closely to Obama as the Scandal S--t hits the fan because they are worried about reelection in 2014. 

Let's face it.  The cover up related to Benghazi and the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandals are indefensible and getting worse by the day.   Messing with the Press with the Holder Justice Department seizure of Reporter's Records does not sit well with Socialists because normally they count on the lame stream, left wing media for support.  So it would appear that Socialists are up S---S Creek without a paddle.  What a shame.

However, as Conservatives face the elections of 2014 and 2016, we can't rely on the Obama Scandals to win elections; though they don't hurt.   We have to field great candidates with good ideas to deal with saving Social Security and Medicare, attracting Latino voters, bringing down and paying off our National Debt, tax and regulatory reform to grow the economy to create jobs and attracting more smart women to our side. We can't rest on Socialist Scandals to win elections to take back our country.   We have to make it happen because we are the better alternative to more Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country.   

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Obama - The Campaigner and Chief

About the only thing incompetent Socialist President Obama does well is campaign for office and raise money.   The notion of actually governing as President of the United States is just a little nuisance Obama must deal with occasionally.  Once again on the campaign trail in Chicago, Obama spoke at a $1,000 per person fundraiser, followed by a dinner with tickets prices ranging from $10,000 to $32,400, the legal limit.  I assume if a donor paid the $32,400 he got to sit with the President for a seven course meal with foi gra (chopped liver for us common folks), instead of McNuggets for the $10,000.

In the mean time, Obama faces three serious Scandals, the Middle East is exploding as Iran moves closer to having nuclear weapons, our National Debt is nearing $17 Trillion with no end in sight, the ObamaCare train wreck is rolling down the track toward all of us, the Chinese are stealing our technology through cyber theft and we still have 20 million Americans either unemployed, underemployed working part time that want full time work, or they have just given up looking for work altogether.   Oh well being President of the United States is a lot harder than actually running for the office just to get the big house and big jet to go off and play golf, or take lots of vacations at our expense. 

Obama is now focused on the 2014 election in an attempt to take back the House of Representatives and retain the Senate to stop all those nasty investigations that keep coming his way.  And, since Obama's real goal is to bankrupt our country to cause economic crisis to transform America into a European style Socialist nation, he knows he can't do it without more Socialists in Congress and certainly not if the Republicans continue to control the House of Representatives. 

So forget about governing for the next two years as we all have to deal with the drip, drip, drip of Obama Scandals, Obama is totally focused on the 2014 election because he knows that his Presidency is effectively over unless he gains complete Socialist control of Congress.  Of course, we have to do everything possible to stop that from happening by electing Conservatives to prevent Obama from achieving his goals.  In that sense, all of us are part of the "vast right wing conspiracy" that supports limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations, economic freedom and free market Capitalism in our goal to stop Obama at all costs and roll back 100 years of Socialist Creep, including President Pinocchio Obama, the fellow in the White House. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Attorney General Eric Holder Has To Go

Republicans and now even some Socialists and members of the lame stream left wing media are calling for Attorney General Eric holder to resign, or be FIRED by the President.   Socialist President Obama is standing by Holder, his lackey, incompetent friend for now; but the pressure may become unbearable as Holder becomes a political liability.  Remember, Fast and Furious, when Holder refused to provide information to Congress concerning selling guns to drug lords that were used to kill both an American border guard and Mexicans across the border.  That fiasco earned Holder an unprecedented Contempt of Congress citation. 

And now, Holder apparently lied to Congress, under oath, when he said he knew nothing (a common Holder response), nor had anything to do with ordering the seizure of Reporter's phone records, when in fact Holder signed the order to make it happen.  In fact, Holder had to go judge shopping to get it done as two judges initially said NO.  It was only a third judge that would agree to the search warrant allowing the government to seize a Fox News Reporter's phone records.  Either Holder is suffering from dementia along with incompetence, or he is just a liar.  Since Holder is not that old, this Blogger must assume that Eric Holder is just an incompetent liar in way over his head. 

Since Obama takes personal responsibility for nothing negative, Obama really needs to clean house at the IRS, Treasury, the White House and the Justice Department to rid himself of these political liabilities.   It is time for heads to roll and the sooner the better to prevent Obama's death by a thousand cuts in the months ahead as more information comes to light about all these Scandals.  

Monday, May 27, 2013

Socialists - Guilty Liars As Charged

This Blogger has been saying for years that Socialists, Communists and Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   We now see as a result of various Scandals that Socialist President Obama, his pals in government, the lame stream left wing media and many of Obama's PEEP's are guilty as charged.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive. 

No one, repeat no one should be surprised by the IRS Dirty Tricks and targeting of Tea Party, Conservative and Christian groups.   Socialist members of Congress wrote letters to the IRS demanding that these Conservative groups be targeted.    Further, since Obama was elected, he and his PEEP's have used "hate speech" demonizing all Conservatives to win reelection to stay in power.  Obamanistas have called Tea Party Members Terrorists and Racists even though all we advocate is limited Constitutional government, economic freedom, Free Market Capitalism and a balanced budget.  Go figure!

Socialist President Obama has divided our nation like no President since Franklin Roosevelt is his continuous Class Warfare arguments pitting hard working Makers against Takers, Obama's PEEP's.  The "rich", the job creators in our country, have been portrayed as greedy, evil UN-American, horrible people.  Look what Obamanistas did to Mitt Romney, an honorable, successful American in their quest to retain the Presidency.   And, it is quite obvious that Socialists and many of Obama's PEEP's hate Christians because many are opposed to Gay Marriage and Abortion.

Whether Obama ordered it or not, IRS Dirty Tricks just reflect the culture of hatred created by Obama, his pals in government, the lame stream left wing media and many of Obama's PEEP's.   Government employees, that tend to be Socialists, at the IRS and other agencies were just following Obama's lead.  And, to shut them up, Whistle Blowers related to Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks and the seizure of Reporters phone records have been threatened with job loss, or jail time by Obama and his Hench Men, if they tell the truth, as Obamanistas attempt to lie their way out of these Scandals.  

Obamanistas practice the Chicago dirty politics of personal destruction.  Remember, it was Obama who said if your opponent brings a knife to a fight,  you bring a gun.  Obamanistas have been talking about an "enemies list" for the past several years.  Again this should be no surprise to anyone; since Obama is a Chicago guy.   It is time for a Special Counsel to deal with the IRS Dirty Tricks.  

It is impossible for these Socialists to police themselves; as ordered by Obama with a wink and a nod, since Obama, his pals in government and many of his PEEP's, are all proven liars.   They don't keep getting all those Pinocchio's for telling the truth; that's for sure.   Obama is incompetent Jimmy Carter and devious Richard Nixon all in one.   When Obama was elected, we got a twofer.  JM


Saturday, May 25, 2013

Labor Unions Turn On ObamaCare

Labor Union Leaders apparently finally figured out that ObamaCare will screw their members, since most have Cadillac Plans with little or no premium payments, deductibles, or co-payments and that will all change under ObamaCare.   Remember, Socialist former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, from San Francisco, said they needed to enact ObamaCare, which Socialist members of Congress did not even read, to know what was in it.  It is important to note that not one Republican voted for ObamaCare and that the House of Representatives has voted 38 times to repeal it. 

So now, Labor Leaders are seeing that ObamaCare will result in higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays for their union members and they are not happy.   Employers will do away with these Cadillac Plans because otherwise they face penalties and higher taxes.  In addition, many Americans, including union members, are going to see their hours cut to less than 30 hours a week to avoid the need to provide any health insurance at all.   Labor Union Leaders are panicking because they see all the health insurance gains they have fought for in the last 50 years going away as a result of ObamaCare.   Now they have to join the real world.  What a shame for them. 

Of course, these are the same people that supported Socialist President Obama and in many ways are responsible for his election.  These are Obama's PEEP's and he screwed them.  Certainly, Republicans in Congress, that get no union support, are not likely to come to the rescue any time soon when their goal is to repeal and replace ObamaCare altogether.  Big unions are being forced into the real world along with the rest of us.   They should either support the repeal of ObamaCare, or get over it. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Obama's Problem Employees - Lerner and Holder

Hard to believe, but Lois Lerner the IRS Director in charge of the unit that targeted the Tea Party and other Conservative and Christian Groups is on administrative leave, still on the payroll, because she refused to resign when asked.  Now it turns out that Lerner actually signed the letters to these groups asking for all sorts of inappropriate information as a condition for getting their non-profit status.  

Why on earth hasn't Lois Lerner been FIRED for refusing to answer questions, taking the Fifth, concerning her role in these IRS Dirty Tricks.  Oh wait a minute, Obama promoted Lerners's boss, Sarah Ingram to be in charge of the unit that will now enforce ObamaCare.   Maybe Obama is planning to promote Lois Lerner.   Nothing would be surprising in this Administration.  Obamanistas protect their own.  Go figure!!

And, then there is Socialist President Obama's buddy, Attorney General Eric Holder, who apparently lied to Congress, when he said he had nothing to do with ordering the seizure of Reporters phone records.  In fact, Holder said it would be inappropriate for him to be involved in this action.   Now we find out that Holder signed the orders to go after Fox.  This one is so bad that Obama has order Holder to investigate himself and report back by mid-July.  How can the Attorney General investigate himself.  We have reached ridiculous!!

The Benghazi Cover-Up, IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal and the seizure of Reporters phone records in violation of their First Amendment Rights and Freedom of the Press, which Obama claims he does not support, is becoming death by a thousand cuts for Obamanistas.  As much as Obama tries to change the subject by going back on the road, campaign style, giving graduation speeches, appearing at factories and giving a major speech, throwing in the towel on the War on Terror; none of it is working.  Instead, everyday brings new revelations concerning these Scandals like water dripping on Obama's head.  It is a slow, painful death. 

Heads need to roll at the IRS, Treasury and the White House and the sooner the better to lessen the pain.   Obama also needs to FIRE Attorney General Eric Holder who is clearly incompetent and a political liability.  Obama should find some fall guys and FIRE them even though if he put on his big boy pants he would admit that the buck stops with the President.   That will never happen because Obama will not take responsibility for any of his Administration's foibles.  Oh well, maybe in 2016 the American people will elect an adult again as President of the United States, instead of a star struck Man/Child.   

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Obama & Radical Islam

Socialist President Obama has proclaimed an end to a "boundless War on Terror" in a recent national security speech.  That would be fine if only Radical Islamists agreed to a cease fire.   The fact is that a very high percentage, know one knows for sure how many, of Muslims in the world are Radical Islamists that hate Western Values, Freedom and the United States, in particular, that they regard as the "Great Satan".   These are their words not mine.  Given the opportunity to use nuclear, or biological weapons in a major US city, they would kill millions of our people.

Socialist President Obama is really conflicted on the War on Terror.  Obama will not even use the words Radical Islam when these are the Terrorists we face.   It is even difficult for Obama to use the word Terrorists.  Though Obama is hesitant to use the word Terrorist, Obama has an Enemies List in the United States that includes Tea Party and other Conservatives and Christian Groups and we see the Dirty Tricks used against them, don't we.  Obamanistas are more concerned about those of us that cling to our guns and religion than Radical Islamists that have declared war on the United States.  Go figure.

Yet, though Obama opposes water boarding to get information out of Terrorists, he will order drone strikes to kill them, including killing Terrorists that were American citizens, without due process.  Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay and send 166 Terrorists housed there to Yemen, where no doubt they will escape prison, or be let out, as happened before and we will face them once again somewhere in the world killing Americans.  How on earth does that make any sense.

And, what purpose does closing Guantanamo serve to put these Terrorists in some prison in the United States so they can preach their hatred to Americans and illegal aliens in these prisons.  Obama wants to try Terrorists in civilian US courts when in fact they are enemy combatants that should not be afforded all the rights of an American citizen.  Terrorists should be tried by Military Tribunals and given the death penalty if they have murdered Americans.  This Blogger just doesn't get Obama's logic because there is no logic in his thinking on Terrorism.

Obama wants to go back to the old thinking that resulted in 9/11 and that is that these acts of Terrorism are isolated incidents that should be treated as unlawful actions.  Nothing can be further from the truth.   Terrorism today happens as a result of Radical Islam through a loosely coordinated organization that exists around the world funded by Moslem's that hate the United States.  Sorry, but it is what it is.  These acts of Terror are not isolated incidents.  The murder of our Ambassador and three others in Benghazi was not a spontaneous demonstration as originally proclaimed by Obamanistas; but rather was coordinated by a branch of Al Queda.   The bombings in Boston happened as a result of training provided in Russia by Radical Islamists. 

In order to destroy those that would murder us, our enemies, we must at least understand who they are.   Western countries are fighting Radical Islam around the world.  Sorry, Mr. President, you need to get with the program to properly protect the American people and our allies.   Obama's failure to acknowledge the truth does not make it any less true.     

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IRS Lois Lerner Takes The Fifth

After making a statement to the House Committee investigating the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal telling us she is not guilty, Lois Lerner, the Director in charge of the IRS Division, that targeted Tea Party and other Conservative and Christian groups, invoked the Fifth Amendment to avoid self incrimination.   The only problem is that this woman has a history of targeting Conservative groups.  In fact, when Lerner was in charge of the Federal Election Commission, she sued the Christian Coalition and lost in court.  It is pretty obvious that Lerner not only lied to Congress in prior testimony concerning this IRS Dirty Tricks Scheme, she has a record of targeting Conservatives.  

But this Scandal goes much further into the IRS, Treasury and the White House.  Douglas Shulman, the former Commissioner of the IRS, knew about targeting Conservative groups in 2012 and perhaps before and lied to Congress when he said there was no such targeting in prior testimony.   White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough and others working at the White House were aware of this IRS Dirty Tricks audit/investigation as early as 2011, yet supposedly never told Socialist President Obama.  That is just not believable; but if it is true, all these characters should be FIRED by the President for withholding this critical information. 

It is time for a Special Prosecutor.   This IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal is far worse than Watergate.  Clearly, Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama's lackey cannot be trusted to investigate this criminal activity.  Further, Obama is protecting the 100,000 member Treasury Department Union and their members led by union President Colleen Kelley.  Kelley was a regular visitor to the White House during the 2010 - 2012.  The question is why?  What pay off's were involved for union support of Obama during the 2012 election.  This all stinks to the high heavens.  Corruption, Corruption, Corruption.

The IRS Gestapo is out of control.  What is really frightening is that the IRS led by Sarah Ingram, the very same woman that Lois Lerner reported to at the IRS, was promoted and will lead the new IRS unit enforcing ObamaCare.   The IRS has already requested millions of Americans health records.  Big Brother is watching us and everything we do, own, eat etc. etc.  

WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say HELL NO to Obama and his big government schemes.  Our freedom is at stake.  We see it very clearly in the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  Heads need to roll at the IRS, Treasury and the White House.  Many of these characters should be FIRED and some of them should go to JAIL. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oklahoma Tornado - An Obama Life Saver

The horrible tornado in Oklahoma that resulted in death and destruction has been a life saver for Socialist President Obama.  Obamanistas would much rather be talking about helping people in Oklahoma, than dealing with the unfolding Benghazi Scandal, IRS Dirty Tricks and the over reach of the federal government is seizing the phone records of reporters and executives at the Associated Press and Fox News in violation of their First Amendment rights.  Who could blame them?  As former Obama Chief of Staff Raum Emmanuel always said, "never let a good crisis go to waste". 

But unfortunately, these Scandals are not going away any time soon, particularly as IRS management is dragged before Congress to testify.  We learned today that Lois Lerner the woman who was directly in charge of the particular division of the IRS that targeted Tea Party and other Conservative groups and Christian organizations took the 5th Amendment, rather than answer questions fearing self incrimination.  Lerner is lawyered up.  Gosh, wonder why?   What does that tell the American people.   There is something rotten at the IRS; though that should be no surprise. 

Anyone who believes that someone high up in the Obama Administration and maybe even the President himself did not give the order to have the IRS target their so called political "enemies" is smoking medical marijuana.   Members of Obama's team in the White House knew about all of this in 2011; but supposedly did not tell the President.  If that is true, how convenient!!  Of course, this is with a wink and a nod because they have to provide the President the ability to deny any knowledge of illegal activity.  But these Obamanistas were just following the Obama/Biden play book as they continue to wage Class Warfare against the Makers in our country.  The IRS is Obama's Gestapo, which will only become worse at the IRS controls our health care system beginning in 2014. 

Those in the White House, at Treasury and the IRS were just doing Obama's dirty work.  And, the Treasury Department left wing union may have been involved in the Scheme as we know now that Colleen Kelly, President of the Treasury Department Union, was having meetings at the White House in March, 2011.   With who and to discuss what?   Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive.   Always remember, Socialists like President Obama and his pals in government, will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   The cover up concerning all these Scandals is just beginning. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Brings Home The Bacon

Thank you so much America.  Every time I drive around my home town of Reno, Nevada, I realize that Senator Dirty Harry Reid, my Senator and the Socialist leader of the US Senate brings home the bacon.   Though we welcome lots of tourists each year, Nevada is a small state with only about 2.8 million people, so Dirty Harry has to find "creative" ways to spend your money in our state.   So even though we have rush 5 minutes in Reno, rather than rush hour, around 6 pm when a small line of cars converge at US 80 and US 395,  Dirty Harry brought home federal highway dollars to widen our freeways and off ramps.   But since Senator Reid could only give away so much of your money to his PEEP's in Welfare and Food Stamps, he needed to spend even more of Obama's SwindleUS money in our state.  So our freeways are now beautifully adored with metal sculptures.   We are up to our car bumpers in art.  Actually, it is a distraction. 

And, then Dirty Harry found another $100 million or more to build 6 miles of freeway on a hillside connecting Reno and Carson City, our state capitol.   The reason it cost so much is because some bridges needed to be built that are an engineering marvel.  So now instead of driving the 20 miles to Carson City on the four lane highway that worked perfectly fine, we only have to drive 14 miles on that same highway when we do it maybe 5 times a year.   Gosh, we may be saving an hour of driving time each year.   Of course, there is an unintended consequence.   The six miles of the four lane highway we can now avoid had a number of businesses that will probably go out of business.  Oh well, that's progress.

For the few hundred people a day who take the bus down Virginia Street, our main boulevard in Reno that stretches perhaps 15 miles, Dirty Harry found the money for high tech automated bus stops.  I am told those bus stops cost about a million dollars each; but whose counting.   At least now, those that take the bus will know that the next bus is coming in 7 minutes.   As a result, bus riders can better their day.

Though many airlines have stopped doing non-stop flights into and out of Reno International Airport,  we now have a beautifully renovated airport, with new restaurants and shops, presumably thanks to Dirty Harry.   Senator Reid also used some of Obama's SwindleUS monies to build the new fire station down the road from our home.   It would be just great so that when I have my heart attack, 911 response time should be quicker except for the fact that the city of Reno and Washoe County don't have the money to properly staff the new fire station; just a minor detail. 

This Blogger must assume that all these improvements in our city have happened because Senator Dirty Harry Reid has been bringing home the bacon for more than 36 years in office to win elections.  As a result of the Obama Recession, Nevada suffered a major downturn and very high unemployment and foreclosures.  As such, the city of Reno, various counties in Nevada and the state certainly did not have the money to fund these improvements, so Dirty Harry came to the rescue to buy votes in the last election, as usual.  This is probably the reason the Republican Mayors of both Reno and nearby Sparks endorsed Dirty Harry in the last election.  Our Mayors just love pork. 

The only problem with all of this is our $17 Trillion National Debt and federal deficit spending with no end in sight.  You see, Dirty Harry had to borrow the money for all the bacon he brings home, often to fund goofy projects, from the Chinese and others adding to our National Debt.   And, you can bet, we could probably tell this same story about many members of Congress; both Socialists and Republicans that bring home the bacon to win reelection.   But thanks again America for improving my quality of life in Reno.  Assuming this Blogger does not have a car accident looking at all the metal fish, deer, trees, mustangs and rock mosaics on our freeways, I will be forever grateful.


Obama - Incompetence Is Not A Defense

Obamanistas are all over TV, including Socialist President Obama,  basically claiming incompetence as their defense related to the Benghazi debacle, IRS Dirty Tricks, and the seizure of Associated Press Reporters' phone records.  This Blogger has been saying for years that Obama did not have the experience to be President of the United States, which seems to be confirmed by Obama himself in his proclamations.  This President is the Campaigner & Chief, not the Commander & Chief, since Obama has spent time nearly every week in office raising millions of dollars for an on-going, never ending campaign, rather than actually doing the job of President.  All the recent Scandals are just an indication of Obama's incompetence and dereliction of duty. 

So now what to do.  Republicans should not waste any more time on Benghazi.   We all know Obamanistas lied about the Terrorist attack in Benghazi that resulted in the death of our Ambassador and three other Americans.   While this is a tragic story; there is nothing that can be done to bring back these Americans.   The State Department failed to provide requested security and the President failed to send in help to save these Americans.  If Hillary Clinton were still Secretary of State, she should have been forced to resign over Benghazi; but she is gone anyway.  It is what it is.   This story is old news. 

And, specific to the government over reach related to the Associated Press issue,  Republicans should let the left wing lame stream media fend for themselves.  Yes, it was a violation of First Amendment rights related to Freedom of the Press; but the media can get deal with  the President as they so choose, which undoubtedly will happen. 

Republicans instead should focus on the IRS Dirty Tricks because this abuse of power and criminal activity is dangerous to our freedom.   Republicans should demand that a Special Prosecutor be appointed because Attorney General Eric Holder, an Obama lackey, cannot be trusted to conduct a "criminal investigation" to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal.   Heads not only need to roll at the IRS, the Treasury Department and the White House.  The culprits that ordered the targeting of Tea Party and other Conservative groups, as well as, Christians, along with the IRS goons that actually implemented the policy need TO GO TO JAIL to send the right message that this sort of action and threat to our freedom will not be tolerated.   This tyranny cannot be allowed to stand.  And, if it is determined that Obama gave the order to target these Conservative groups, in violation of the law, the President should be impeached from office. 

Republicans should also sponsor legislation that requires the federal government to reimburse any monies a taxpayer must spend to defend against actions and audits by the IRS when the IRS acts inappropriately, or loses an audit case.   Since we pay for the IRS with our tax dollars, it is outrageous that taxpayers must often pay thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to accountants and attorneys to fight off the IRS, the Gestapo, when they are ruled wrong.   It is time for action now to reign in the IRS before they take control of our health care system under ObamaCare.   

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Obamanistas - Liars, Liars, Liars

In the old TV show, Hogan's Heroes, there was a very funny German Prison Guard, Sargent Schultz and when ever he was asked a question of any kind, with his English/German accent, he would always respond, "I know nothing".   Watching various Obamanistas commenting on the recent scandals in the news, including Obama's Spin Miesters on TV, Press Secretary Jay Carney, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder, retiring IRS Commissioner Steven Miller and of course, Socialist President Obama, all of have claimed to know absolutely nothing about these scandals.

One of the Washington newspapers keeps giving out Pinocchio's as a result of all the lies coming from Obamanistas, including the President.   Obama's nose is so long from all his lies, he needs a wheel barrel to carry it around. Keep in mind, the Benghazi murders, the IRS Dirty Tricks and the unprecedented seizure of the Associated Press Reporters' phone records all involve actions taken, or in the case of Benghazi, not taken, by members of the Executive Branch, under Obama's direction, yet none of his lackeys knows anything about those actions.   Go figure. 

So why the hell are we paying them a salary, bonuses and all their special perks, with tax payer hard earned money if none of them has a clue about the things happening right under their noses.  If it was true, it would make all these characters incompetent.  But it is not true.  Naturally, it is all B---S--- lies and just a big cover up.   The only real question is how high do these scandals go into the White House.   What did Obama really know and when did he know it?  If Obama had any part in ordering the IRS Dirty Tricks, which were illegal, it is an impeachable offense. 

Obama has been hiding the truth about Benghazi since the day it happened.  IRS Dirty Tricks were known as early as March, 2012, several months before the election; but just revealed now.   The Associated Press Scandal is just to punished the reporters that wrote the story because the Obama Campaign was planning to release this information about a foiled bomb plot to bolster Obama's election narrative; but the Associated Press beat them to the punch.   

Obamanistas are all Liars, Liars, Liars; but acting in accordance with all Socialists that will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, or as history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   So, like Sargent Shultz in Hogan's Heroes, they know nothing until there is a threat of jail time and then they will squeal like fat rats jumping off a sinking ship.     

Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS Liars & Thugs - Heads Need To Roll

Out going IRS Commissar (Communist word for Commissioner) Steven Miller recently testified before a Committee of the House of Representatives concerning IRS Dirty Tricks.  Miller, who should be in jail, both lied through his teeth and apparently suffers from dementia because this government bureaucrat effectively could not even remember the names of the people who report to him.  However, in one chilling exchange, Miller said that the IRS has the right to target Americans as they choose.  In this case, the IRS targeted Tea Party and other Conservative and Christian groups along with their donors, in violation of the law, for additional scrutiny and audit. 

It is becoming very clear that this is just Chicago style dirty politics, orchestrated by the IRS, at the direction of Obamanistas.   Don't forget, it was Socialist President Obama who said if your opponent brings a knife to fight, you bring a gun.  These Socialists in government all all liars and thugs including their Gestapo Big Brother agents in the IRS.   The only way to get to the bottom of all of this is by appointing a Special Prosecutor.  Of course, Socialist Obama has said he will turn this over to his lackey, Attorney General Eric Holder to conduct a "criminal investigation".  Does anyone with a brain, excluding Obama voters since they are IQ challenged, really think there will be a serious investigation conducted by Holder.  This will all just be another Obama white wash. 

Republicans in Congress must paralyze government functions until a Special Prosecutor is appointed.  There is no other way.  Always remember, Socialists, Communists and Fascists, like Obama and his pals in government, will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, or history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Best of all, the woman in charge of the unit that violated the law in targeting Conservative groups, Sarah Hall Ingram, has been promoted after getting a bonus of more than $100,000 in the last year.

Guess what, Sarah Hall Ingram is now in charge of the IRS unit that will enforce ObamaCare.  Big Brother, the IRS has already secured millions of health records of American citizens in preparation for their jack boot on our necks.  This is tyrannical government completely out of control.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say NO MORE.   The Makers in our country have had it.   We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more.   Heads need to roll at the IRS, the Treasury Department and the White House.   These culprits should be FIRED and if found guilty of a crime put in JAIL.  Call your Congressman and Senators and demand action.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

IRS - Big Brother Is Watching

Socialist President Obama demanded the resignation of Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller as a result of the IRS illegally targeting Tea Party and Other Conservative groups and their donors.  Big deal.  Miller was leaving office anyway in June.  Obama is hoping that this will end the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal.  NOT!!!  Obama claims to know nothing about this Scandal.   Obama is either a liar, or incompetent; either way, this President is clueless. 

We need to know who in the change of command ordered this illegal activity and how high up the chain in the White House, or the Treasury Department this all went; particularly since we know now that Obamanistas have an "Enemies List" that were singled out for IRS scrutiny.  Of course, it should be no surprise that this IRS Scheme happened since Obama has demonized the Tea Party and some of his Socialist pals in Congress sent a letter to the IRS demanding that they do exactly what they did to target Conservative Groups.  

This is Nixon all over again and just Chicago style dirty politics.  It has been reported that the IRS illegally leaked Mitt Romney's tax returns to the Obama Campaign in the last election.   Now we know they are going after various Conservatives that support free market Capitalism and limited government.  The characters at the IRS, the Treasury Department and in the Obama Campaign and at the White House that are involved in these IRS Dirty Tricks need to GO TO JAIL.   A Special Prosecutor must be appointed to identify the culprits in this IRS Scandal.  It will not happen if left to Obama's lackey, Attorney General Eric Holder.

Let there by no doubt, the IRS has become the Gestapo of the Obama Administration.   The IRS is Big Brother watching everything we do.  In fact, it was recently reported that the IRS plans to implement Data Mining to track our digital footprint.  That means tracking Americans on Facebook and other social media, along with all credit card and phone bills.   In addition, apparently the IRS has gotten access to millions of people's medical records.   Remember, the IRS is the Enforcer of ObamaCare as though it is not bad enough that the IRS is already involved in all aspects of daily life.

Always remember, history teaches us that Socialists, Communists and Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The IRS has become a tool of the Socialist Obama Administration.   Contrary to Obama's recent assertion, we are facing tyranny and a threat to our freedom.   The IRS is fast become nothing more than a bunch of jack boot thugs with pointy heads and wire rim glasses.  Let there be no doubt that the IRS can make your life miserable, no different than the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, or the old KGB in the Soviet Union.    WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say NO to this IRS tyranny.  

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Secretary Sebelius Extorting Insurance Companies

This Blogger requested that Secretary of Health and Human Services Sibelius come to our offices to explain ObamaCare because the regulations coming out from her office are incomprehensible.  Of course, I received a call from her Scheduler declining my invitation.   And no wonder, Sibelius is too busy extorting the very insurance companies she is supposed to regulate for big dollars to publicize the "benefits" of ObamaCare in violation of the law; nothing new for Obamanistas. 

The reason Sibelius is doing this is that Congress has refused to authorize any additional monies to support ObamaCare.  In fact, the House of Representatives will shortly vote once again to REPEAL ObamaCare.  Obamanistas and various other Socialists in government, including retiring Senator Max Baucus and Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the majority leader of the US Senate, have acknowledged that a "train wreck" is coming next fall and in January when ObamaCare is supposed to go live.  

This is happening because 25 states have declined to set up the Exchanges required in ObamaCare, making it necessary for the federal government to do it.  Just imagine, we will have the same management that runs the bankrupt Post Office and Amtrak and the corrupt IRS and EPA running the health care system of the United States.  Better start praying to God now that you and your family members do not get sick. 

So, one more Obama scandal is brewing.   What Secretary Sebelius is attempting to do in extorting insurance companies for money is ILLEGAL and being challenged by members of Congress.   Watch the news in the next few weeks and you will see this Obama Scandal added to a long list.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Obama's Scandal Trifecta

This Blogger cannot recall a Trifecta of Scandals occurring in any one week for any President; but Socialist President Obama is exceptional indeed.   This week Obamanistas had to deal with BenghaziGate, IRS Dirty Tricks and the Justice Department assault on the Associated Press.  Of course, Obama claims to know nothing about any of these Scandals.   So, either the President is a liar, or just completely incompetent because the buck always stops with the President. 

First, Benghazi.   Obamanistas claimed that the attack on our Consulate in Benghazi, which resulted in the murder of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans was perpetrated by a mob of demonstrators infuriated about a video depicting Mohammad in a bad light.  They held to the Socialist party line for several days, even though they knew very well that this was a Terrorist attack by a group tied to Al Queda.   Remember, Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive; Obama's narrative during the election.  It is clear that a Terrorist attack by radical Islamists did not fit that narrative. 

Obama is not comfortable even using the word Terrorist unless he is absolutely forced to do so by the facts.  Oh wait a minute, always remember Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow or in some cases even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  We are seeing it all in action during the Obama Presidency. 

Next, IRS Dirty Tricks.   We found out this week that the IRS has been targeting Tea Party and other Conservative Groups and their donors for audit since 2010 even though they previously denied that it was happening.   The IRS even leaked Conservative Group applications for non profit status to Pro Publico, a left wing media outlet.  This was not an isolated occurrence as apparently several IRS offices were involved in this crime and Yes it is a crime. 

Once again, Obamanistas at the White House, including the President, claim they knew nothing of these shenanigans.  Does anyone really believe this was going on with high level approval.   If Obama gave the order to implement these IRS Dirty Tricks, it is far worse than anything that happened during Watergate and it would be an impeachable offense.   The IRS has become Obama's Gestapo and it will get worse as the IRS is charged with enforcing ObamaCare. 

Finally, we discovered this week that Obama's Justice Department seized phone records of Associated Press Reporters with no notice.   This attack on the free press is unprecedented.  Obama's lackey, Attorney General Eric Holder claims it was done for National Security reasons to identify a leak concerning a Terrorist threat, while at the same time Obama's National Security Advisor was briefing the press on this very subject.  This assault on the free press was designed to send a chilling message to all of them.  Play ball with Obama, or get investigated. 

In his Commencement Address at Ohio State, Obama warned his audience about those of us that continue to ring alarm bells about developing Tyranny in our country under Obama.   Given the events of this week and Obama's Scandal Trifecta, Obama's words were nothing more than Socialist propaganda and B---S---.  History teaches us that we need to fear government when Socialists, Fascists or Communists are in power.   Obama is a Socialist and a clear and present danger to our freedom.   Just ask anyone in our country that has experienced Obama's jack boot.  It is real. 

Abortion Murder On Trial In Philadephia

In a horrific court case in Philadelphia, Dr. Kermitt Gosnell was found guilty of three counts of first degree murder and many other charges for murdering babies, born from botched abortions, by cutting their spinal cords with scissors.  Gosnell has been performing late term abortions on women pregnant for more than 24 weeks, which in and of itself is against the law in Pennsylvania.   This baby butcher will either get life in prison, or preferably the death penalty, for these heinous crimes. 

It was not just Gosnell on trial; but rather the infanticide that has been going in the United States since Roe V Wade in 1973, that made abortion murder the law of the land, as 50 million innocent babies have been destroyed in the name of a woman's right to choose.  And, with new technology, we see clearly that it is babies being murdered not just a blob of tissue being disposed of by an abortion doctor.   This Gosnell case is sickening.  Even many Pro-Abortion supporters are repelled and disgusted by the details of the Gosnell case.   How could anyone be otherwise. 

Yet, Socialist President Obama and many of his pals in government still support a women's unlimited right to abortion, including late term and even partial birth abortion.  If it is murder as determined by a jury in a Philadelphia court room to kill a baby, still alive, outside the womb, how is it not murder to kill a viable baby within the womb.   Surely, it is time for a serious discussion to limit abortion when there is no doubt that a viable baby is being murdered.  Allowing abortion up to 24 weeks, or certainly beyond, when babies born prematurely at that time can be saved in any good hospital in the country, is murder plain and simple. 

Allowing minors to get abortions without any parental involvement is crazy.   Allowing minors to buy the morning after abortion pill, over the counter without both parental involvement and a prescription from a doctor is also crazy.  It is time for reasonable people to come together on the abortion issue.  While this Blogger is ardently Pro-Life, though it is still awful, I can understand the need for abortion in cases where the mother's life is really in danger, or if pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.  Abortion used as birth control should be outlawed in the name of personal responsibility.  

And, abortion longer than 12 weeks after conception probably should also be outlawed.  Further, parents should be involved in any abortion decision related to minors.   We are talking about destroying human life.  Certainly, it is time for common sense restrictions.  The Gosnell case in Philadelphia, which is abortion gone wild, demonstrates clearly that our nation has gone too far in permitting this heinous crime against humanity.  

Monday, May 13, 2013

IRS Dirty Tricks - Time For Heads To Roll & Jail Time

We have learned that the IRS targeting of Conservative groups was even more widespread then previously reported.   Of course, we are not hearing any of this from the truth challenged, lame stream, left wing media.   Surprise, Surprise.   The IRS was really up to old Nixon Style Dirty Tricks.  The question is what did Socialist President Obama know and when did he know it.   Targeting of any groups by the IRS is a violation of the law, far worse than anything that happened during Watergate.   So, presumably if this leads to the President's office, this could be an impeachable offense. 

It is hard to believe that this violation of our rights was perpetrated by some low level IRS staff member on his own, as contended by the IRS, without direction from someone higher up in the Executive Branch.   So who was the Dirty Rat that ordered the IRS to go after Conservative groups.   Oh what a tangled web they weave when the practice to deceive.  The IRS is fast becoming Obama's Gestapo as the IRS will be charged with enforcing ObamaCare.   We now see that Obamanistas are using the IRS for political purposes. 

Speaker of the House John Boehner needs to appoint a special committee to investigate the IRS.   It may even be time for a Special Prosecutor since obviously Obama's Justice Department, under Attorney General Eric Holder, will do nothing to bring light to darkness.   The thugs at the IRS who are responsible not only need to be FIRED, they need to go to jail for what they have done.   Under Obama, the IRS is becoming the Gestapo similar to the old KGB in the Soviet Union.   The IRS is a clear and present danger to our freedom.   It is time to FIRE the culprits at the IRS and in the Executive Branch that committed this crime and the ring leaders need to go to jail. 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Socialists & Mother's Day

It is ironic that after an act of Congress on May 8, 1914, it was Socialist President Woodrow Wilson that issued the proclamation declaring the second Sunday in May to be Mother's Day each year.  It was particularly interesting since women did not even gain the right to vote until 1920.  The day was actually supposed to honor Mom's, with flags flown, that had lost a son in war.  Boy have we come a long way from the original intention of Mother's Day, which was commercialized in a big way by 1948.   Most important, secular Socialists declared war on traditional Mom's when female Baby Boomers burned their bras in the sixties in the name of Women's Liberation.  Family life has never been the same since. 

Since then, traditional Mom's have often been portrayed by Socialists and the left wing lame stream media as somehow stupid for deciding to stay home to raise children, rather than work and farm their kids out to day care, often at government expense.   Government has caused the need for a two income family by imposing all sorts of taxes that often make it impossible for Mom to stay home and care for the kids.  And, the notion of traditional marriage is often portrayed as an antiquated concept, as 7 out of 10 Black babies and 4 out of 10 White babies are born out of wedlock, many times into poverty requiring care by Big Brother, the federal government.   This is all by Socialist design. 

And, then there is abortion.  For some bizarre reason, Socialists, like President Obama and his pals in Congress, defend a woman's right to choose abortion often right up until birth, including partial birth abortion, which is down right infanticide and a crime against humanity.   Since Roe V Wade in 1973, there have been 50 million abortions, usually performed by government funded Planned Parenthood, which is nothing more than an abortion mill.   What has our nation come to when killing babies is accepted as the norm. 

Mother's Day should be a day to celebrate life, instead of death, sadness and dysfunction.   We should honor our Mom's, especially those that have stayed home to care for children.   There is no more sacred duty than raising a loving, healthy family in a two parent home with a Mom and a Dad.  I know, I know Ozzie and Harriet are long dead; but those really were Happy Days as opposed to what we have today, which is very often dysfunctional families in crisis.   

Friday, May 10, 2013

IRS Targets Tea Party & Other Conservative Groups

We recently learned that the IRS, one of Obama's Gestapo agencies, targeted about 300 Tea Party and Other Conservative groups for additional scrutiny during the election of 2012.   Apparently, no left wing groups that supported Socialist President Obama were targeted at the same time.  Gosh, what a surprise!!   The IRS admitted to their Gestapo tactics and issued an apology.   The real question is who gave the order to do this.   No doubt, there is a smoking gun. 

Could it be that all of this leads to the White House, or to the Obama campaign.  Always remember, history teaches us that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and in many cases murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   It should be no surprise to anyone that Obamanistas and the bureaucrats that support them, would go after those of us who oppose them.   You can bet, there will be another Obama cover up just like the one happening right now concerning the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi.   The obvious question, what did you know and when did you know it applies to all of these scandals. 

The Republican controlled House of Representatives should immediately investigate the IRS to determine who is responsible for this travesty and violation of our rights.   An apology is not enough.   Heads need to roll.  For once, government employees that do wrong must be FIRED for real, not put on furlough, or "disciplined".   Who at the IRS will be FIRED.   If there is a White House connection, we need to know.   But don't hold your breath.   Socialist President Obama and his minions will never come clean.   Obamanistas stone wall every scandal with the support of the left wing, worthless, lame stream media.   It is what it is and what we should all come to expect as long as Obama remains in office. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Growth Of Government - The Loss Of Freedom

There is a direct correlation between the growth of government in the United States and a loss of our freedom.   Let's face it, local, state and the federal government today intrude into every aspect of daily life.  In addition, everything we buy, do, eat or own is taxed and often multiple times by various levels of government.  And, then when we die, our heirs can face the Death Tax on our hard earned labor.   Certainly, this was not the vision of our Founding Fathers that were committed to limited government as a result of their fight against British tyranny.

Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the Declaration of Independence declared that our rights came from God, not from government.   The US Constitution was designed to limit the role of government, not expand it.   The federal government was to focus on our National Defense, a common currency and things like the Post Office and roads that connected the first 13 states.   The 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights was clear in stating that anything not mentioned in the Constitution was a state power and or reserved to THE PEOPLE.   We have come so far from this intent that it is unbelievable. 

The Civil War ushered in the all powerful federal government destroying States rights in the process.   The Transcontinental Railroad extended the reach of the federal government as well.   Teddy Roosevelt began the era of regulation of business.   Socialist President Woodrow Wilson enacted the 16th Amendment of the Constitution to usher in the federal income tax as a means of confiscating our money and the redistribution of our wealth.  Franklin Roosevelt began the nanny welfare state that is today out of control.   Lyndon Johnson added the icing to the cake with more social welfare programs that are bankrupting our country. 

The final threat to our freedom came when the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare.   When turn coat Supreme Court Justice John Roberts, supposedly a Conservative, sided with the Socialists on the court to make ObamaCare the law of the land, he made it entirely feasible for the federal government to use the Commerce Clause in the Constitution to force just about anything on the American people.  This one act by Roberts was a complete repudiation of our Constitution as originally conceived by our Founding Fathers.

Our freedoms, listed in the Bill of Right, are in jeopardy.   The federal government, as managed by Socialist President Obama, is completely out of control and dangerous.  We are fast becoming a Socialist, or maybe even a Communist country.   Unless this trend is reversed and soon, the United States will slide into tyranny and eventual civil strife on our streets.  Our country is quickly dividing into Makers and Takers.   This can't last for long.  Our nation will not survive as a free nation if we keep moving down this road. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ObamaCare - As Good As It Gets

Socialist President Obama lives in a dream world, a place inhabited by left wing college professors and community organizers.   Recently, the President said ObamaCare "is as good as it gets".   Obama went on to say that 85% - 90% of Americans, that already have health insurance, presumably funded by their companies are somehow better off.   Obama is delusional.  All large and small American companies are deciding how they will approach ObamaCare.   Some will just pay the $2,000 fine and walk away from providing any health insurance benefits for their employees.  

Since premiums are going up dramatically under ObamaCare as a result of the "free" mandates, some companies will choose to provide insurance only for their employees, as required by law, in lieu of paying a fine and cease providing coverage for families.   Or, the percentage paid by companies could be altered.  Or, companies may opt for much higher deductibles in an effort to control cost.   Or, companies may designate employees, previously working full time as part time, to avoid any exposure to medical premiums for those employees.  Anyone, including the President, who believes that things are not going to change for the 85% - 90% of those that currently have health insurance, funded by their companies, is smoking medical marijuana.  What ever happens, these Americans are going to pay more than they are paying today. 

The fact is that ObamaCare only exacerabateses the problem of sky rocketing medical insurance.   Nothing in ObamaCare actually controls costs.   Mandates actually raise cost.  Soon, it will cost $20,000 to insure a family of four.  American business is at a tipping point.   To say that ObamaCare is "as good as it gets" is just more Obama B---S---.   American business just can't deal with the 20,000 pages of regulations imposed by ObamaCare.   As a company owner, I can say, WE CAN'T AFFORD IT. 

Just wait, when ObamaCare kicks in on January 1, 2014, employees will pay more and so will the 22 million Senior Citizens that are losing their Medicare Advantage Programs as a result of the $700 Billion cut to Medicare to pay for medical insurance for Obama's PEEP's.   This is the largest redistribution of income Scheme, coming out of Washington, since the Progressive Income Tax.   Once again the Makers in society, will pay for medical insurance for the Takers.  So what's new. 

When voters go to the polls in November, 2014, Republicans need to remind the American people who did this to them, since not one Republican voted for ObamaCare.   The buck stops with President Obama and his Socialist pals in the Congress.   As such, they should be thrown out of office in 2014 and 2016.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Benghazi - Oh What A Tangled Web They Weave

The truth about Benghazi continues to come out as Whistle Blowers, previously prevented from testifying by Obamanistas, are now coming forward.   Oh what a tangled web they weave when Socialists practice to deceive.  But always remembers, Socialist will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, or in the extreme even murder, to stay in office feeding at the trough.   We are beginning to hear the words "Cover Up" as it is becoming clearer by the day that Socialist President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton knew very well that our Consulate in Benghazi was under a Terrorist attack, not some spontaneous demonstration as previously portended by Obama and his minions.  

They all lied plain and simple because Obama and Biden kept telling us during the election that Bin Laden is dead and GM is alive.  They could not have a Terrorist attack, with Al Queda roots, so close to the election because it did not fit their narrative. 

The fact is that murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens repeatedly asked for more security and it was never provided.   Further, if Obama had acted quickly during the Terrorist attack, which lasted several hours, it is possible that the Ambassador and the three other Americans killed at our Consulate would be alive today.  Shame on Obama for putting the election and politics first at the expense of four American lives.   This is what happens when the President of the United States "leads from behind".   Americans are dead because of Obama's indecision and weakness. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

George W & Laura Bush - The Last Adults In The White House

This Blogger recently visited the newly opened George W Bush Presidential Library Center in Dallas, Texas.   As I walked through the exhibits, it became clear to me that Bush II was the last adult President living and working in the White House.  Socialist President Obama is a Man/Child that clearly lacks both the experience and the wisdom to be President.   Aside from being around government his whole life, Bush II had not only worked in business; but he had also served as Governor of Texas, one of our nation's largest states, before becoming President.   In addition, Laura Bush was an elegant and poised First Lady, as opposed to Woman/Child Michelle Obama, who when asked who she would like to be if she could choose someone else, responded with Beyonce.   Pretty dumb; kind of like a valley girl. 

Experience matters.  One can only wonder how Obama would have reacted had 9/11 happened under his watch.   Bush II declared War on Terror after 9/11 recognizing that we were are war with Radical Islam.  Obama won't even use the same words.   Bush II inherited a Recession as a result of the Clinton tax increases, made worse by 9/11; but this Blogger does not ever remember Bush II blaming Clinton the way Man/Child Obama still blames Bush II for the lousy economy Obama made worse after being elected.  Instead, Bush II took action by pushing through a tax cut that created economic growth and 8 million new jobs. 

And, Bush II sounded the alarm bells related to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and the mortgage mess that was soon to come a few years before we experienced the financial calamity in 2008.   Socialists in Congress like Barnie Frank, Chuckie Schumer and Chris Dodd, all crooks and some Republicans, all of whom should have been in jail, not in Congress, would hear nothing of it because they were all on the take getting millions of dollars in campaign contributions from Fannie, Freddie and the big banks.  

When the financial calamity did come in 2008, it was Bush II that properly bailed out the banks to prevent complete global financial collapse.  I know, I was there dealing with the mess in my business.   By the time Obama became President, the worst was over; yet Obama made things much worse by adopting anti-growth policies that prolonged the Recession. 

Based on the polls, George W Bush is starting to look pretty good by comparison with Man/Child Obama who daily seeks to divide our country by Class Warfare in order to play to the Takers in our society, Obama's PEEP's.   This Maker is sick of it. Obama, the Man/Child is the great Divider and Chief.   Unfortunately, depending on who wins in 2016, we will not have an adult in the White House again for four more years.  Oh well, we must hold the House of Representatives and take back the US Senate in 2014 to at least keep Obama, this Man/Child in check and hope for better days ahead.   In the meantime, expect more childish behaviors from Man/Child Obama and his Hollywood Glitterati, silly valley girl wife. 

Gays & The Republican Party

It was big news this week when Jason Collins, an NBA Basketball Player, announced he was Gay.   Who care?   No doubt, there are Gays in every profession and perhaps even on Welfare, the same as other Americans; but in fact Gays tend to make more money than the average American because they are often better educated.   Gays tend to be liberal and many are radical left wing supporters of Socialists, not just as a result of the marriage issue; but because they support other left wing issues, as well.  So, even if Republicans finally approve of Civil Unions, as advocated by this Blogger, as an alternative to marriage between a man and a woman, Republicans are not likely to attract the majority of Gay voters.

However, Conservatives don't need to attract the majority of Gay voters to win elections.   We do need to attract another 5 - 6% of the electorate to add to our base to create a coalition of Conservative voters to take back our country.   Supporting Civil Unions, that provide all the rights of marriage, for Gays would help do that.   Certainly, there is a percentage of well educated, fiscally sane Conservative Gays, in our population that support limited government, less regulations and balancing the federal budget.   These are probably older professional Gays, some of whom may own businesses.  By supporting Civil Unions, they can be attracted to the Republican tent.   Republicans will never attract left wing wackos, whether Gay or Straight, so forgettaboutem. 

To be clear, in supporting Civil Unions, this Blogger is not using the word marriage, the sacred institution between a man and a woman.  Nor will this Blogger ever use the words husband and wife, except to refer to a married man and woman because to do otherwise is ridiculous.   If nothing else, I am just arguing for the English language and 5,000 years of history.   If Gays are happy with using the logical words Spouse or Partner, that works for me. 

And further, no religion should be forced to preside over Gay Civil Unions, or in any way to alter their actions, if it violates their religious tenets.   The First Amendment still guarantees Freedom of Religion, the last time I read it.  That means Gays must stop attacking the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations and religions that simply do not recognize Gay unions of any kind.  Those Gays that meet us half way, will find many in the Republican Party welcoming them with open arms.    

Friday, May 3, 2013

Plan B - The Morning After Abortion Pill

Goofy US District Federal Judge Edward Korman agreed with Planned Parenthood, ordering the Federal Drug Administration to allow young girls of any age to buy the Plan B Morning After Abortion Pill without a prescription.  Korman should be impeached since obviously his judgement is impaired.  Obamanistas in the Justice Department have filed an appeal to restrict purchase of the abortion pill, without a prescription, or presumably parental notification, to girls over the age of 15.   Since most states do not allow driving licenses until the age of 16, how does a girl prove she is 15, unless she must produce a birth certificate and other proof to buy the pill.  Well dah! 

Is there anyone in the Obama Administration considering the implications of this Morning After Abortion Pill.  First, kids under the age of 18 cannot legally buy cigarettes.  Kids under the age of 21 cannot legally buy liquor.   Yet, Obama supports children over the age of 15 being able to buy an abortion pill, without any parental notification, or a prescription.   If young kids do not need to worry about potential pregnancy, this will lead to more unprotected sex and the transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases, including AIDS.  In addition, all drugs have side effects.  Just suppose the young girl has other medical issues that could be impacted by this drug.  Serious illness, or even death could result from taking this pill.  

Further, to be clear, once conception has occurred, this pill is NOT a contraceptive as positioned by Planned Parenthood.   Plan B is an ABORTION pill designed to kill a fetus, in this case growing in a minor child, without parental notification, or involvement.   Planned Parenthood and their Secular Socialist supporters believe that parents have no rights, related to their own children and they are at the root of this evil.  Why are these Socialists so intent on promoting sex out of marriage and destroying innocent babies by abortion.   It is another sad day in America. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

29% Of Americans Belief Armed Revolution Necessary

In a recent survey by Fairleigh Dickinson University, 29% of Americans stated that they believe an armed revolution might be necessary in the next few years to protect liberty.   This is a direct response to Socialist President Obama's drive to "transform" our nation into a European style Socialist country.   Many in the United States fear tyranny, which given the lessons of history is justified.   This is also the reason gun sales are going through the roof.  

All of this is very scary and sad.   It is the end result of 100 years of Socialist creep that continues to erode our freedoms.   The Bill of Rights  does not seem to matter much anymore as government continues to intrude into all aspects of daily life.   Many Americans see taxes and regulations out of control, often by Obama's Executive Orders, that are a threat to our freedom.  More important, many fear civil strife that will result if deficit spending continues to add to our National Debt.   We are clearly heading toward the bankruptcy of the United States if Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress continue their current spending trajectory.

The fact that nearly a third of Americans believe a revolution is coming is ominous.   This is also probably the reason the Department of Homeland Security is stock piling assault rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition.   Socialist Politicians fear armed revolt.  This Blogger would never have anticipated this possibility; but we are headed toward economic collapse.   Let us hope that our elected representatives change course to get our country back on track.  However, nothing happening today would indicate that fiscal sanity is coming any time soon.   

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time To Build The Keystone Pipeline

New studies show that North Dakota and Montana have even more oil and gas reserves that originally thought.   When combined with other new found sources of energy, natural gas, oil and gas shale and nuclear, the United States could be energy independent within 10 years.  If only Socialist President Obama and his Gestapo EPA would get out of the way.  It is clearly time for Obama to approve the Keystone Pipeline, not only to get Canadian oil to refineries on the Gulf Coast; but to get American oil there, as well. 

This is a National Security and an Energy Independence issue.  We are within reach of telling countries in the Middle East, that hate us, to go pound sand, since we have sufficient carbon and nuclear based energy sources in the US to power our country for 200 or more years.   Just switching to more natural gas and nuclear energy would do more to address global warming than anything happening today with renewable energy sources because the technology is just not yet there.    And, if we are permitted to use our own energy, the billions of dollars we ship overseas every year to buy oil would stay in our own country.   The US government too would generate billions in new taxes and royalties from more energy production in the US.    

We need to make energy cheaper, cleaner, safer and more readily available in the US to foster economic growth and job creation, while we work on next generation renewables.   We need to turn the Environmental Protection Agency into the Environmental Solutions Agency focused on making current energy sources cleaner and safer to bring down the price.   If energy cost less, more manufacturing will return to America.   This is all about creating millions of badly needed jobs in the US.   It really is time for President Obama to get with the program.  It is time to approve the Keystone Pipeline as a first step.