Thursday, April 30, 2015

California Death Spiral - Forget About Jobs

California Governor Jerry Moon Beam Brown just issued an Executive Order requiring that carbon emissions be reduced in the state by 40% below 1990 levels by 2030.   The RINO Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger, before Brown, had already issued an Executive order requiring an 80% reduction by 2050.   Presumably, this means using wind, solar and other technologies, yet to be developed, to power a state currently with about 40 million people.  It is impossible, based on the technologies we have today, without utilization of carbon and nuclear based energy. 

This continues the environmental wacko death spiral for California that has caused the current drought and the loss of millions of jobs.  Significantly higher utility cost that will be the end result of Brown and Schwarzenegger's Executive Orders will push what little manufacturing there is left in California out of the state and probably out of the country because Brown is just following Obama's lead.  These Socialists are all job killers. 

California will be left with the very rich that can afford to have second, or third homes along the coast, while maintaining a principle residence in lower tax states to avoid California personal income taxes and the very poor that will be on the dole; paid for by federal tax dollars, what little tax base that will remain in California and borrowing that will bankrupt both the state and federal government.  Since big companies continue to move out of California, this will hit small businesses, that remain in the state hardest and result in higher personal income taxes.  There is no other way.  Further, the higher cost of energy for everyone that lives in California is a tax by another name. 

The Middle Class is disappearing in California as is happening in the United States.  Good paying jobs are being shipped overseas because of high taxes, impossible and stifling EPA and other regulations and a variety of Socialist Schemes that are killing the Middle Class.  So, when Socialist speak of income inequality that is real, it is they who are causing the problem purposely to put more people on the dole to buy votes for Socialist candidates.  In general, Americans can look forward to a lower standard of living because of these misguided policies and Socialist and RINO Schemes.   It is what it is. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Inner City Black America In Crisis

More than 50 years after President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society and after spending trillions of dollars on the "war on poverty",  inner city Black America is in crisis and worse off today than then.  Expanded Welfare and Food Stamps and other Socialist Schemes have destroyed the Black family, as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty.  The federal government has created a permanent under class of people that do not have the English language reading, writing or speaking skills to participate in our economy.  Further, many of these people are simply incapable of holding a job because the concept of work and personal responsibility is so foreign to them. 

Sadly, while a good percentage of Blacks have escaped poverty in the last 50 years, the poverty rate overall is higher today than three decades ago.  And while in real numbers there are more Whites on Welfare than Blacks, as a percentage of the population, Blacks on the dole are much higher.  The protests and riots we are seeing in inner city Black communities, concerning their treatment by the police, masks the bigger problem of Black on Black crime, which results in thousands of murders every year.  And, while any senseless killing of a Black man, or woman by a police officer is wrong, the fact is that mother's in the Black community should be far more concerned about their children being killed by a Black member of the Hood than by a police officer.  Matter of fact, if the police did not administer tough love related to searches, there would be even more murders and crime in inner city Black America. 

Yet, the Socialists continue to push spending even more money on failed programs without any recognition of the facts on the ground.  Fact One:  The federal government cannot substitute for Dad's in the home.  The break down of the Black family is at the core of poverty.  Fact Two: Inner city public schools, controlled by teacher unions, have failed these Black children.  Fact Three:  Continuing the preach to politics of victimization and racism, rather than advocating personal responsibility provides an excuse for failed government programs.   Fact Four:  Failure to teach right from wrong and moral values makes it impossible for these young people to succeed.  Unless and until, elected representatives and Black leaders in America in particular, deal with all these issues, the crisis in inner city Black America will continue and get worse.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Riots In Baltimore - Where Is Obama

During the Obama Presidency, we have seen Black riots in many US cities reminiscent of the riots that occurred in the 1960's.  The latest  riots have happened in Baltimore, Maryland, over the death of a 25 year old Black man, Freddie Gray, who died, not as a result of a cop's gun; but in the process of being arrested through a spinal injury.   The fact is that we really don't know what caused Gray's death at this point.  However, Black thugs, many of whom are gang members have gone beyond protesting, which is their right, to looting and burning down buildings and cars.  To this point, The Cops, on orders from the Black Mayor of Baltimore, a young woman, have stood by and watched. 

There are big differences between the 1960's and today.  The Civil Rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King, who used peaceful protests to gain support, was successful in getting many Civil Right Laws enacted to protect all Americans from discrimination.   And, American taxpayers have spent Trillions of Tax Payer Dollars on the "war on poverty", that has been money down a rat hole.  As a result of failed Socialist Schemes, the poverty rate today is higher than it was three decades ago.  Welfare has destroyed the Black family, which is at the root of many of the problems in our inner cities.  Even so, there are many Black politicians in office all over the country, which was rare in the 1960's.  We even have our first Black President of the United States.  Matter of fact, Baltimore, in particular, is a city controlled by Blacks. 

The Black riots we see today have been fanned by poverty pimps and Obama, the President of the United States by their preaching of Class Warfare, victimization, police racism and actually causing more Black unemployment to get more people on the dole to gain votes for Socialists.  Instead, what Obama should be preaching as the leader of our country, particularly in the Black community, is the politics of personal responsibility, staying in school, the virtues of marriage instead of having children out of wedlock,  getting people off the dole rather than on to it, stopping the inner city deaths that come from Black on Black crime and dealing with drug sales and substance abuse in our inner cities.  

However, the truth and tough love don't play well in the Black community.  Nor will the truth win votes.   The fact is that Black mothers should be much more fearful of losing a son to Black on Black crime than being killed, or injured by a police officer.  And, the reality is that without the Cops in our inner cities, there would be complete anarchy.  Are police, including Black cops, too quick to pull out their guns in our violent inner cities?   Maybe.   Are Blacks profiled in our inner cities.  Maybe.   But, this does not represent racism.   It is reflection of the high crime rate that exists in our inner cities and the Black on Black crime that is prevalent. 

What we are seeing in Baltimore and other cities where we have seen riots during the Obama Presidency is a failure of leadership at all levels, local, state and federal to tell the truth about the problems that exist in the Black community.  A fish rots from the head down.   In this case, Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama is responsible for the mayhem we see in Baltimore and the other cities where there have been riots during his Presidency.   Obama's words are leading to ugly actions.  It is what it is.  As old Abe Lincoln once said, "Anarchy leads to more Anarchy." 

Monday, April 27, 2015

GW Bush Criticizes Obama On Foreign Policy

President George W Bush, who has been constantly attacked by Obamanistas, including Pinocchio Obama himself for the past 6 years, while he remained silent, has finally come out and criticized Obama's Middle East Policy and the deal with Iran to prevent them from developing nuclear weapons, in a closed door meeting with a Jewish Group in Las Vegas.  This is significant because GW Bush has gone out of his way not to criticize Obama; but the Middle East is such a mess today and the deal with Iran so bad that Bush finally broke his silence. 

This Blogger has been saying for several years that Obama is a clear and present danger to our people and nation as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  While I have fallen short of calling Obama a traitor, the fact is that Obama is clearly naive and incompetent, not only in relation to his economic policies; but particularly in his dealing with our enemies and other countries.  The Obama deal with Iran is actually a 10 year path to them having not only nuclear weapons; but the inter continental missile delivery system that would allow them to attack Israel, Western Europe and even the United States. 

In a De Ja Vue moment on the TV show Madam Secretary, emulating real life, the fictitious President of the United States has the dictator President of Iran to the White House to sign the nuclear arms deal on the same day the Iranians are executing a Gay Iranian citizen by stoning.   There is a clear struggle in discussions at the State Department about doing business with Iran, a Terrorist nation that can't be trusted.  There is even a rogue CIA agent involved in a plot to kill the Iranian President, while he is in Washington that is foiled by the FBI.  The episode ends with Madam Secretary, the fictitious Secretary of State wondering if the agreement with Iran was a good idea.  Clearly, Iran will have nuclear weapons as a result of the Obama/Kerry deal with Iran.  Then what??

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton Is Not A Sure Thing - The Long Knives Are Out To Get Her

Socialists are starting to get very nervice about Hillary Clinton as a result of the most recent Clinton Foundation Scandal.  It appears that the Clinton's used Hilly's position at the State Department to sell influence.  As if the Benghazi fiasco wasn't bad enough, it sure looks like the Clinton's took bribes in the form of exorbitant speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation, which clearly allowed the Clinton's, all of them, including daughter Chelsea, to live high on the hog maintaining the Presidential life style.   And, it is pretty clear now, in connecting the dots, that Hillary Clinton destroyed thousands of emails and her at home hard drive to cover up these crooked business dealings.  What other conclusion can there be? 

Hilly Clinton, who wants to be the "champion" of the poor and middle class, is filthy rich as a result of all their Shenanigans after leaving the White House.  The Clinton's may have been "dead broke" at the end of the Clinton Presidency, as a result of all the legal fees they owed because of Bubba's sexual peccadilloes, but today the Clinton's are estimated to be worth more than $100 million.  To say that they traded on their name and global contacts is an understatement.  As Bubba once said in an interview, once he left office, he had to go out and support his family by hook, or by crook.

Clearly, the Clinton's who never owned a home until they left the White House, were determined never to be poor again.  It is like the scene in Gone With The Wind, when a starving Scarlett O'Hara, scratching for food in the ground, swore that she would do anything she had to do to "never be hungry again".   But now, even the liberal press in connecting the dots.   Bubba gave a one hour speech, paid for by a Russian company, with ties to Vladamir Putin, for $500,000.  And shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved a sale to the same Russian company for what turns out to be about 25% of the uranium in the United States.  Go figure.  In doing so, Hillary Clinton betrayed our country.  In addition, Bubba's speaking fees went up dramatically once Hilly became Secretary of State.  The word was out.  It was Pay To Play. 

Of course, avowed Clintonistas that have always come to the defense of the Clinton's for the past 20 or more years, through many Scandals  just attack their accusers, now saying there was no quid pro quo.   Really?  Unfortunately for them, this is not the 90's.   It is much easier to connect the sleazy dots today than it was then.  Since the left of the Socialist Party does not want Hillary Clinton to be their nominee, you can bet that they will work with the lame stream left wing media to destroy her.  Just wait and see.  Hillary Clinton is not a sure thing.   Forget about Republicans and the vast right wing conspiracy, the long knives in the Socialist Party are out to get Hillary Clinton.   

California Drought - Environmental Wackos Gone Wild

California is experiencing a severe drought.  As a result, California Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown has ordered water rationing and other measures to prevent the usage of water.  What we are seeing are Environmental Wackos Gone Wild.  All of this is happening because beginning in the 1980's, Environmental Wackos along with their Socialist elected representatives, that have controlled California for more than 40 years, prevented the building of more dams and reservoirs to store all the fresh water that comes from rain from just draining into the ocean.   So now, California is in big trouble. 

In addition, instead of spending money on water projects, Jerry Brown's is pushing his crazy train for billions of dollars to connect Northern and Southern California, which will never pay for itself and is not needed at all.   What should be happening is that Water Pipelines should be built from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California to get water into the Sacramento Delta.  From there, this water could feed the California Aqueduct system, that probably should be expanded,  to get water into Southern California. 

Since this Blogger lives in Nevada where water is scarce as well, I propose building a Pipeline from Northern California over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to get water into additional reservoirs and the Truckee River, which comes down through Reno, Nevada.  From there, we could get water to the rest of Nevada and even into Arizona to make the desert bloom.   This is an infrastructure project, that would create thousands of good paying jobs and is worth pursuing with Bond Money and even federal government money to make it happen because the return on investment would be sizable. 

Right now most of the rain fall happening in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California just drains into the Pacific Ocean.   Of course, environmental wackos would oppose this plan because it might require cutting down a some trees, or invading some animals natural habitat.  These people are Nuts.   Environmental Wackos are all job killers and in this case they are negatively impacting the lives of millions of people.  It is time for the rest of us with Common Sense to stand up and stop these Wackos from destroying jobs and our standard of living.  Without water, there is no human life.  Well dah!!    

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Higher Taxes & More Spending Will Not Improve Public Education

If higher taxes and more spending on Public Education was the answer to improving Public Education, then California should have the best Public Schools in the world, when in fact most of their Public Schools stink.  The problem is not the need for more money to improve schools, especially since the United States spends more on Public Education than any other industrialized country in the world; yet achieves poorer results.  The issue is the misallocation of the monies already spent and a broken business model. 

We don't need all the levels of the education bureaucracy.  The Federal Department of Education, created when Jimmy Carter was President, as a pay off to the teacher unions, can and should be eliminated.  The Billions of dollars used to pay those bureaucrats could be used to pay Merit Pay to great teachers, among many other uses that would actually impact the classroom.  We have to get rid of all the layers in the education bureaucracy at the Federal, State and Local level to build more classrooms and even lower class size, if that is deemed beneficial.  If the Federal Government wants to support local Public Education, it can be done through Block Grants directly to Schools Districts based on a per student basis, perhaps providing a little more per student for inner city schools.   Local school districts are then in the best position to determine how to spend the money, since they are closest to the classroom.

Further, we must look at total compensation and benefits for teachers.   To pay higher base salaries, other benefits must be adjusted.   Too much is being spent on health and pension benefits at the cost of monthly salaries.  This should be adjusted to attract and retain talent.  A starting teacher in some districts cannot live on $32,000 a year.   To get this starting salary up and all salaries up, less should be paid for other benefits.   This is what happens in business all the time as total compensation and benefits are designed to achieve the most bang for the buck. 

Teacher tenure should be eliminated, or modified to make it easier to fire bad teachers.  It should not take a year or two to fire a teacher.   While fair and proper procedures should be implemented as occurs in business, a Principal should be able to fire a bad teacher in 90 days with proper evaluation and notice.  At the same time, the same Principal should be able to award Merit Pay to really outstanding teachers.  

Finally, School Choice should be the law of the land so that poor parents can get their kids out of failing public schools, the same as occurs with rich parents.  We need more competition to improve Public Schools, particularly in our inner cities.  It will not happen any other way.  Clearly, higher taxes and more spending on Public Education, advocated by Socialists and RINOS, will do little to improve our schools.  Instead, all of these reforms and more are necessary to get the job done. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Socialists Say Hell No To Obama Free Trade Deal

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and the Republicans in Congress are putting together a Trade Deal to increase trade with Asian and other countries.   This is causing a big divide in the Socialist Party.   Most Socialists in Congress due not really support Free Trade thinking that it causes job loss in the United States.  The fact that trade with other countries brings down prices in the United States does not matter to Socialists, they would rather Americans pay higher prices to support jobs in the US, even if it means a lower standard of living for Americans. 

Free Trade is vital to world commerce.   We want to sell American products overseas and to do it we need open markets that are tariff free.  There is no doubt that in all Trade Deals there are winners and losers.  American workers with little or no job skills will always loose out to lower wage countries that can produce products cheaper.  On the other hand, cheaper products, with high quality, mean lower prices for those flat screen TV's everyone now has in their homes; not to mention the price of shoes that in real terms cost three times as more 30 years ago when shoes were made in the United States.

We need more Free Trade Agreements.  Obama is right to side with Republicans to advance Free Trade Agreements to help maintain a higher standard of living in the United States.  For once, Obama has it right. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

US Confrontation With Iran In Yemen

In shades of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States has organized a naval blockade of Yemen to prevent 9 Iranian Ships from supplying the Shia Houthi Rebels, fighting the Sunni Arab government and our allies in Yemen.  The normal procedure is for the US Navy, consisting of 12 ships, including an aircraft carrier, to board and search the Iranian vessels to ascertain what cargo they are carrying.  If the Iranians do not submit to search and probably seizure of arms, then pending Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama's order, the US Navy would either force these ships to turn back, or sink them if challenged.  

This is precisely what occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis when President Kennedy ordered a Naval Blockade of Cuba to prevent the Soviet Union from delivering nuclear loaded missiles to Cuba.   Fortunately, the Russians backed down and their ships turned around, rather than face seizure, or destruction by the US Navy.  Presumably, Iran will do the same; but just imagine if Iran had nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. 

Iran seeks hegemony over the entire Middle East.   The way to get it is to become a nuclear power.  Iran will back down now because they are no match for the United States military today.  However, what happens off the shore of Yemen will only motivate the Iranians further to cheat in order to develop their nuclear weapons as soon as possible no matter what deal they sign.  The lesson Iran will learn is that the only way to confront the United States is to become a nuclear power.   This story will be continued in a way that could be destructive to the whole world, which is the best reason we must prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons at all costs.

Iran To Get $50 Billion Signing Bonus

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is so desperate for a deal with Iran, related to preventing them from developing nuclear weapons, that the State Department is now floating the idea of giving them a $50 Billion Signing Bonus, which would free up much of the monies being held as a result of sanctions.  Obama has absolutely lost his mind.  This would be the biggest transfer of monies to a country that sponsors Terrorism around the world in human history, with no guarantees that Iran will ever live up to the deal.

Everyone in the world, with a brain, knows that Iran cannot be trusted.  They have cheated on every deal they have ever signed.   As a result, the more than $100 Billion that the West is holding of Iran's money should be doled out to them in smaller increments, predicated on them living up to the deal.  Once they have their money, there will be no incentive to honor whatever deal is signed.  Obama and his team get a big fat F in Negotiations 101.   This has got to be the biggest bunch of clowns ever to represent the United States, beginning with Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama himself, who is a clear and present danger to our nation, as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.

At the same time we are offering Iran bribery to sign the deal, we are blockading Yemen to prevent Iranian arms from getting to the Shia rebels there attacking the Sunni government supported by our allies.  Go figure.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Country Music Awards - America At Its Best

This Blogger loves most kinds of music, including Country.  As I watched the Country Music Awards, staged in Dallas, Texas this year at the Cowboy's Stadium, I realized that Country Music really is red, white and blue American.  These artists praise God for their success.  These are the folks, like so many of us that cling to our guns, religion and family values.  Secular Socialists and the left wing lame stream media, on both coasts, are so far removed from real Americans that they might as well be on Mars. 

We will never see disrespect for our military, or nation at the Country Music Awards.  We will never see a left wing agenda displayed at the Country Music Awards, the same way we see it whenever Hollywood, or Rock Druggies get together to honor themselves.  Country Music is all about America and hard working Americans.   Country Music is the story of our people. Country Music often celebrates Patriotism and recognizes that the United States truly is the greatest nation ever conceived in human history. 

Country Musicians are proud to be Americans, unlike many we see in the Socialist Party, the lame stream left media and Hollywood who seem to hate America and everything we stand for.   Clearly, we see the cultural divide in our country as it grows wider.  There really is an US and a Them and the fact is that most Americans have nothing in common with Them, the Socialists, the lame stream left media and Hollywood types who often make fun of good old fashioned American values and the free market capitalism that has made our country great.   As far as this Blogger is concerned, Country Music is about my Country, not theirs.   We need to take our Country back and the sooner the better.        

Republican John Kasich Is Ready To Be President

Republican Governor John Kasich of Ohio is ready to be President of the United States.  Not only has he done a great job in Ohio cleaning up a huge fiscal mess left by his Socialist predecessor, his Congressional and Business Experience make him perfectly suited to be the next President of the United States.  Most important, Kasich who fully understands the federal budget because of his experience while serving in Congress is calling for a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment because Kasich knows it will not happen any other way no matter which party is in power. 

Kasich is a Conservative with a soft edge.  While Kasich says he is not political, the fact is that he is very political carrying all by two counties in Ohio in his reelection as Governor of Ohio in 2014.  Remember, this is the swing state that Pinocchio Obama carried twice.  Kasich is solution oriented related to dealing with the poor and others in need and that is a good thing. 

Kasich won reelection by a substantial majority by reestablishing the old Reagan Coalition, which includes the base of the Republican Party, Blue Collar, Blue Dog Union Democrats,  Independents and enough of the Minority vote to give him a big win in the 2014 election.  This Blogger was born in Youngstown, Ohio.  I still have blue collar relatives that live in small town Ohio and they voted for John Kasich because he is not only a good guy; but he has done a great job in Ohio. 

John Kasich comes from blue collar roots.   He father was a mail man.  His grandfather worked in a coal mine.  If Republicans are going to connect with the American people, which requires putting together the old Reagan Coalition to win the Presidency, someone like John Kasich can make it happen.   And, let's not forget that no Republican has been elected President without carrying the state of Ohio in 100 years.  And, then there is Florida, which is also absolutely essential to a Republican victory in 2016.  This means that the Republican dream team for many reasons must include Marco Rubio.  Rubio also comes from blue collar immigrant roots.  His father was a bar tender and his mother a maid.  

Assuming they do a reasonably good job while in office, a Kasich/Rubio victory could insure 16 years of Conservative rule,  which could be enough time to get our fiscal house in order and turn our country around.    This Blogger can see the forest for the trees.  An Ohio - Florida combination would give us the right candidates at the right time in our country history.  Let's make it happen. 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hillary Evita Peron Clinton & Her Foundation

When Fascist Dictator Juan Peron gained power in the 1950's in Argentina, his actress young wife Evita, who slept her way to the top, established her Foundation to extract "donations" from business and the rich to "help the poor".   Of course, a good chunk of the money that was extorted from donors to gain influence with her husband, El Jefe, the Dictator, went into Evita's diamonds, expensive furs, clothing and cars.  Because after all, a girl has got to live, right. 

We see this story happening all over again with the Clinton's.   As soon as Bubba Clinton left office and began giving 45 minute speeches for $200,000 or more, he established the Clinton Foundation.   This became even more viable when Hilly was elected Senator from New York and then became Secretary of State.   And further, since there has been talk of Hilly running for President during all of this time, Bubba was able to use all of this visibility to extort money from foreign countries and other rich donors and companies to buy influence.

And, it is still continuing while Hilly runs for President.  All should know that a Foundation is a non profit business.  The Clinton's do use some of this money on left wing causes and to help the poor in various countries; however, they do this while using this money to live high on the hog.   In addition to the speeches they have been giving each year for millions of dollars, their Foundation is the family business.  It has been reported that Chelsea Clinton, who is about 35 years old, who is now technically in charge of the Foundation, is being paid $600,000 a year.  There are not too many 35 year old men or women, that have accomplished nothing important, making that kind of money.   In addition, Bubba flies around the world and stays in the most expensive hotels in Presidential Suites at Foundation expense. 

And, even though Hilly is running for President, with the potential of being elected, collecting money for the Clinton Foundation continues.  There has been and is such an incredible conflict of interest in all of this as Hilly tries to tell the American people that She wants to be the "champion" of the poor and the Middle Class.  Really??  How can Hillary Evita Peron Clinton purport to represent the little people when her family has used their positions to gain great wealth.  This Blogger has no problem with the rich, or those that work to get rich.  This Blogger has a big problem with the Clinton's hypocrisy.   Hillary Clinton has not driven a car in more than 18 years.  Hilly has lived like a queen.  The Clinton's want the big house and jet back and they will do anything, or say anything to get it.    

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Republican Party In Nevada - 2016 Primary Election & Recall Battles Coming

Republican Governors and Republican controlled state legislatures all over the country have held true to Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and the right to life by enacting laws that reflect these principles.  However,  Republicans in Nevada, led by RINO Governor Brian Sandoval, now referred to as just BS, are pushing through a newly elected Republican controlled legislature, a $1.2 Billion corporate tax increase and the new spending to match it.  And, while this may be chump change in Washington DC, or California, this job killer corporate tax increase is the highest ever implemented in Nevada history.

And, it is happening after the voters of Nevada overwhelmingly rejected a Corporate Margins Tax last November that was supposedly also opposed by these very same Republicans, including Governor BS.   What is worse, Governor BS promised the people of Nevada that various tax increases that were imposed during the Recession would be Sunseted.  Now Governor BS claims those revenues are "baked" into the budget and can never be eliminated.  We have our own Pinocchio Obama Sandoval in Nevada.   Sad to say that the RINO Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval is a Liar and nothing more than a left wing, tax and spend Harry Reid Socialist liberal.  It is what it is.   

As a result, this Blogger has written Governor Sandoval and suggested that he switch parties, particularly if he plans to run for the US Senate in 2016 because clearly Sandoval is a Dirty Harry Reid Socialist, so why not just come out of the closet and say so.  After all, it was Sandoval that brought ObamaCare into Nevada, accepting the Medicaid expansion that eventually will bankrupt our state.  And, it is Sandoval that was opposed to Nevada joining the lawsuit to fight Obama's Executive Amnesty Order.   And, it is Pro-Choice Sandoval that supports Common Core, the federalization of public education.  Governor BS is simply not a Republican if measured against any of the principles of the Republican Party. 

There are 2016 Primary Election Battles Coming in Nevada that will be the equivalent of a Civil War.  It is inevitable.  Conservatives no doubt will challenge both RINO State Senators and Assemblymen and women in the upcoming Republican primaries in 2016 that vote for this tax increase and additional spending.  There could even be some recall elections of those not up for reelection in 2016 because we Conservatives are MAD AS HELL and we will not tolerate this duplicity and dishonesty.   This Blogger will never, never again, hold my nose and vote for a RINO, no matter who the Socialist opponent may be.  As it is this time around, we voted for the American Independent Party candidates rather than vote for Pro-Choice Sandoval and other RINOS on the ballot last November.  If nothing else aside from fiscal issues, we cannot vote for any candidate that supports unlimited abortion. 

Even so, we elected a Republican Majority in our State Legislature for the first time in decades; yet led by Governor BS, they are voting like Socialists in their attempt to Californianize Nevada.  There is talk of things like education and pension reform and limits on collective bargaining for public employees in exchange for the huge job killing tax increase on the table; but those things will likely never happen. 

The only question now with two Republican tax increase proposals on the table,  is which will be enacted; Governor BS's Margin's Tax, which has been introduced in the State Senate, or the Assembly's tax on employment and higher business license fees; both plans of which will result in the $1.2 Billion tax increase that the Governor is demanding to fund his Socialist Schemes.  It is really just about who Republicans end up screwing at the end of the day; big business and or all business.  Either way, the people of Nevada will be the losers because both plans are job killers.   And specific to the Republican Party, the fight in Nevada for the soul of the party has just begun. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15th - US Income Tax Confiscation Day

April 15th every year is the day the United States government requires American taxpayers to file tax returns.  It is like a day for blood letting. Of course, through out the year, the federal government bleeds us dry through a complex tax code that requires withholding and often even quarterly estimated payments to avoid penalties.  The federal income tax, which when added to the US Constitution in 1913, was only supposed to tax the rich and now taxes 50% of Americans and for some more than 44% of their income.  The other 50%, the Takers in society pay nothing.   

In 2014, as a result of the Obama's tax increases, the US Government took in more than $3 Trillion, a record amount.  Yet, it was not enough.  It is never enough for Socialists and RINOS no matter how much of our blood they take.   Obama borrowed Billions more adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt to fund all his Socialist Schemes.  Those that work in government waste our money and live high on the hog, while millions of Americans can't even find a job and the Middle Class suffers.

Yet, Socialists continue to call for even higher taxes and more of our blood so that they can continue feeding at the trough.  It is just disgusting.  The waste, fraud, corruption, abuse and redundancy in government, at all levels is legend.  We see and hear the stories everyday, yet few are fired and none go to jail for their crimes.

Socialist Hillary Clinton is running for President on the same old, same old Socialist Party Platform of Class Warfare, higher taxes, more regulations, more people on the dole etc. etc. etc.  Socialist perpetuate poverty because it is their ticket to power.  It is time for those of us that pay all the taxes in our country to say HELL NO.   We don't want Obama's third term and we especially don't want to see the Clinton's, crooks that they are, in the White House again. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Drug Cartel Funds Sex Parties For DEA Agents

It was recently revealed that the Drug Cartel in Bogota, Columbia funded numerous Sex Parties with prostitutes for US Drug Enforcement Administration agents stationed there.  And, further that Obamanista, Michelle Leonhart, in charge of the DEA, testified before a House Oversight Committee that she was constrained by Civil Service Laws from firing these agents.   Instead, they were given two week suspensions and more training. 

We have reached unbelievable related to federal government malfeasance and incompetence during the Obama Presidency.  Clearly, no one was held accountable for all the Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, IRS Dirty Tricks, Benghazi, NSA spying on all Americans and now this fiasco at the DEA.  Is anybody minding the store during the Obama Presidency.  It would appear that we have government agencies so poorly managed contributing to all the waste, fraud and redundancy that continues to add to our $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight. 

Heads need to roll. Those working in government who are guilty of stealing from the American taxpayer and other crimes should not only be FIRED, many of them should go to jail.   Socialists always yell and scream about the bankers and those that work on Wall Street and or those that work for oil and coal companies, as though they are criminals rather than legitimate businessmen and women, when in fact there are several hundred thousand crooks, cronies and generally incompetent people working in government that should be FIRED, or even jailed. 

Yet the Socialists keep pushing to raise our taxes and or continue adding to our National Debt to hire even more of these characters to make government even bigger.   Enough is enough.   We need to throw the Socialist and RINO bums out of office that continue singing the same old song of higher taxes and bigger government.  We need to starve the beast to end the corruption and incompetence that we see at every turn.  It is the only way to stop the fiscal insanity.   

Monday, April 13, 2015

Socialists - Same Old - Same Old Failed Ideology

Socialist candidate Hillary Clinton has announced that she is running for President.  The fact is it really doesn't matter who the Socialist candidate is every four years.  Socialist have not had a new idea, since the New Deal.  It is always Class Warfare, higher taxes, more job killing regulations, more people on the dole and adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt.  In the last 20 years, Socialists have added environmental Wacho schemes that have killed entire industries and the Gay-Lesbian and radical Abortion Agenda.   But otherwise, despite all the Socialist Schemes that have failed miserably, they always double down on the same old bad ideas. 

Let's face it, though trillions of dollars have been spent on the war on poverty and to improve public education in last 50 years, the poverty rate has never been higher and many of our public schools stink.   Yet, Socialists, like Hillary Clinton and her pals in Congress,  continue to propose spending even more money on the same old failed initiatives.  Doing the same thing over and over again, achieving the same poor result, is the definition of insanity. 

And, Socialist have never figured out that bigger government paid for by higher taxes and adding to our National Debt retards growth in the private sector where real jobs are created.  The Obama Presidency is classic proof.  Taxes and government spending have gone up dramatically under Obama and we have dismal economic growth.  The real unemployment rate when all are counted is actually around 10%.  Millions of Americans have just given up looking for work altogether because there are no jobs for them.  The Labor Participation Rate, at just about 62% is the lowest it has been in three decades.  Blacks in particular have suffered most under our first Black President unless adding more of them on the dole is an accomplishment. 

Socialist ideology is a road to no where.  The poor and the middle class have suffered most under Obama.  Their standard of living has fallen.  The age old Ronald Reagan question, are you better off today than when Obama was first elected is relevant.  The answer would be NO for most Americans.   Hillary Clinton is running for Obama's third term.   If Hilly is elected, we will see more economic stagnation and foreign affairs in disarray.  Hopefully, the American people will see that a Socialist is a Socialist whether she or he is wearing a dress, woman's pant suit, or a man's suit. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Big Unions Support Obama's Executive Amnesty - Bad For Their Members

The AFL-CIO and the National Education Association have filed friends of the court briefs in support of Obama's Executive Amnesty Order giving 5 million or more illegal aliens legal status.  Once these unskilled workers, willing to take lower wages are presumably given Social Security Cards in accordance with Obama's Executive Order, they will be able to compete for work with Americans.  How is this good for the poor, or lower middle class in the United States that are struggling to find work. 

And specifically, how is this good for Blacks in America that have an unemployment rate that is double the national average.   We have the lowest Labor Participation Rate at just above 62% since Jimmy Carter was President.  If all are counted, the unemployed, the underemployed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether, our real unemployment rate is nearly 10%.  Millions of Americans can't find good paying jobs now.  How does adding more illegal aliens to this picture help the poor and lower middle class in America.

It is very clear that there is a disconnect between cigar champing Labor Leaders that are part of the Socialist Establishment feeding at the trough and their dues paying union members.  This may be one of the reasons union membership continue to decline in the United States.  It is pretty obvious that union fat cats that are paid high salaries to "represent" their members are completely out of touch with their membership.  Union leaders continue to support Socialists that are all job killers, which is bad for their members.

Obamanistas continue to destroy jobs and whole industries.  Obama vetoed the building of the Keystone Pipeline that would have created thousands of high paying union jobs.  Obama's EPA is destroying the lumber and coal industries.  New EPA regulations will raise the cost of electricity, which will hit the poor and middle class worst and lower their standard of living.  Yet, Labor Union Leaders continue to donate millions of dollars to elect Socialist candidates that are screwing their members.  Go figure. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Back To The Future

Hillary Clinton is announcing she is running for President.  What a surprise.  Hilly has been running for President ever since the Clinton's left the White House after Bubba's terms in office.  It is hard to give up the Big House and the Jet and all the money and trappings that come with them.  But somehow, this Blogger feels like we are living through another sequel of Back To The Future, great movies; but a lot more entertaining than watching the Clinton's run for President again and again and again. 

Now we have to relive all the Clinton Scandals including the new ones concerning Benghazi, Email Gate and the Clinton Foundation taking millions of dollars in dirty money so that the Clinton's could continue living a very privileged life style.  It is hard to watch Hilly talk about helping the Middle Class when she is a multi-millionaire.  We hear from Hilly's people that their lawyers will respond to all charges.  Gosh, we have been down that road so many times before and it is a real dead end because as Socialists, the Clinton's will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.

Not only is Hilly looking pretty old, even after she has had work done; but the her story is so old.  Golly Gee, elect me because I am a woman. Forget about my scandals, failures and lack of accomplishments.  There is no doubt that the bloom is off the rose, which could be one reason Hilly is not looking so invincible after all.  Hilly is going to have challengers in the Socialist primaries.  There is a 50/50 chance that Socialist voters may not want to go down this road to no where again.   All of a sudden younger, more vibrant Conservative Republican candidates, with great ideas, are polling better than Hilly.  Is it any wonder.   The last thing the American people want to see again is another Clinton Bush contest.  Obama promised us Hope and Change and we see the end of that story; a lousy economy and wars all over the world. 

As of now, all of us are hoping that we change away from Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush.  We just can't take it anymore.  We need the new and improved version of an American President rather than same old, same old.  For the Conservative base of the Republican Party that means a nominee who is a real Conservative, not a Socialist Party Light Establishment candidate that would give us more of the same.   Most important, we do not want to relive the Clinton years with all the drama sand scandals urrounding the Clinton's.    

Friday, April 10, 2015

Establishment Republicans Fear Senators Paul and Cruz

Establishment Republicans, that clearly support Jeb Bush, are running ads trying to destroy Senator Rand Paul by actually saying that he supports Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama's failed negotiations with Iran.  Obviously, attaching any Republican's name to Obama's is the kiss of death.  However, these ads show how desperate the Bushie's are.  These ads have Karl Rove's fingerprints, a Bush Operative, all over them. 

And of course, Establishment Republicans also fear Senator Ted Cruz because he is brilliant.  Cruz raised $31 million in one week, since announcing that he is running for President.  That kind of money this early scares the hell out of Establishment Republicans.  RINO Establishment Senator John McCain referred to both Paul and Cruz as wacko birds.   The only wacko birds this Blogger sees in the United States Senate are those old dinosaurs, including McCain, of both political parties that have conspired together for 30 or more years to create our $18 Trillion National Debt that continues to grow by a million dollars a minute. 

The fact is that both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are Tea Party anti-Establishment favorites that actually support the tenets of the Republican Party; limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, the right to life, family values, the right to own guns etc. etc.  There is nothing crazy or radical about either Paul or Cruz.  If Republicans have any chance of winning in 2016, the base of the party, primarily Conservatives will have to both support the Candidate and donate money to the Candidate.  Winning cannot happen any other way no matter how much money Fat Cats donate to Jeb Bush. 

Jeb Bush is a good enough guy and fairly Conservative, except for his position on Common Core and Immigration Amnesty, which Conservatives hold against Bush; but we need fresh blood and new thinking in the Republican Party.  One thing is for sure, this Blogger will never again hold my nose and vote for a RINO no matter who the opposition Socialist candidate is because RINO's are nothing more than Socialists Light that have done great damage to our states and country. 

In any case, the dirty ads that are being run by Bush Operatives against Rand Paul just demonstrate how much they fear him and his appeal to the base of the Republican Party.   We can expect to see more dirty pool before this is all over because Establishment Republicans and Socialists, in it together, want to continue feeding at the trough like they have done for years.  As a result, they will do anything and say anything, even lies, to continue sharing power.  It is what it is.   There is nothing new in this story. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gay Leader Tells Churches - Support Homosexuality Or Be Taxed

Jeran Artery, a leader of a Homosexual Rights Group called Wyoming Equality, posted on Face Book that Churches, that have tax exempt status, should either support Homosexuality, or be taxed like a business.  Artery later deleted his post because no doubt someone told him that his radical position was damaging to the Homosexual movement.  However, no one should be surprised by this sentiment.  Radical Homosexuals have been at war with the Catholic Church and other Conservative Christian denominations for years because these denominations do not accept the Gay life style, or Homosexual marriage, preferring instead the teachings in the Bible and the 5,000 year old definition of marriage as between a man and a woman. 

This Blogger can live with Civil Unions for Gays and Lesbians as a marriage contract of sorts, which  by the way is what marriage is anyway.   However,  I cannot use the word marriage, which I also see as between a man and a woman exclusively.  I suppose this is mincing words; but words do matter.  And, though I would not refuse to cater a Gay wedding if I was a caterer because business is business, I fully support a Christian, Jewish or Muslim business owner that out of religious conviction just can't participate in a Gay wedding.  That is not the same as someone who is Gay walking into a bakery, or flower shop open to the public to buy baked goods or flowers.  There is no question that in that case, there can be no discrimination permitted for any reason, even if a known abortionist, that I would consider evil, walked into the store to make a purchase.  Once a business owner opens the doors for business, they must be open to everyone, unless the person walking in the door is committing a crime in the store or business.  

While most Christians have a tolerant live and let live attitude, even related to those they disagree with, the same cannot be said for radical left wing Socialists and in this case Gays who seek to punish those who do not support Gay Marriage by using the power of the state to literally bankrupt Americans that do not want to be personally involved in their ceremonies, or life style.   That is precisely what is happening in Washington state as a Christian woman and flower shop owner, who regularly sold to Gays when they walked in the door of her store; but refused to do a Gay Wedding is experiencing.  The Socialist Washington State Attorney General and the Gay couple involved are seeking to not only put this woman out of business, but to take everything she owns as a result of her religious convictions.   That is just plain wrong. 

This court case may go all the way to the Supreme Court.  However, no matter what happens in Court, unless Gays recognize the need to balance their rights with the religious rights of others, there is likely to be a backlash against them that would be counter productive to their movement.  Once again, this is a case where common sense, tolerance and mutual respect for all concerned should apply.   


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Obama Admits Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapons In The Future

In an NPR interview, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama admitted that Iran is likely to have nuclear weapons 13 years from now because there is nothing in the agreement on the table that would prevent it.  Further, since Iran's nuclear capabilities and infra structure would remain in tact, the likelihood of Iran "breaking out" shortly after the agreement expires in ten years, is pre-determined.   So, just a few days ago when hippy US Energy Secretary Dr. Ernest Moniz, who looks like a 19th century politician who needs a hair cut, said this was a "forever" agreement, he was just plain full of baloney as demonstrated by Obama himself in his recent admission. 

The deal on the table actually provides Iran an unfettered path and the money to have nuclear weapons and the missile system to deliver them.   It is any wonder that Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is jumping up and down, along with many of the leaders of Sunni Arab countries attempting to deny Iran hegemony over the Middle East.  We see the proxy war happening right now in Yemen, which is actually a war between Sunni Arab countries and Iran, no doubt supported by intelligence from Israel and the United States.

All Obama has done in this deal with Iran is kick the can down the road for the next US President, whether Socialist, or Republican to deal with if the goal is to actually prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons.   This Blogger fears that instead, we will go to a Containment Strategy that actually allows Iran to have nuclear weapons.  If that happens, there will be a nuclear arms race in the Middle East as threatening as the arms race between the United States and the old Soviet Union.  Both Israel, that already has nuclear weapons and the systems to deliver them and Sunni Arab countries will develop nuclear capabilities to counter Iran.   It is inevitable.  

The only problem with all of this is that while the US and the Soviet Union adhered to Mad, the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction, which prevented the use of nuclear weapons, the religious fervor and hatred that exists in the Middle East, along with prophetic beliefs may actually make using nuclear weapons acceptable.  The only question is which country would go first.  Obviously, if Israel thought their annihilation was eminent, as constantly called for by Iranian fanatics, they would be the first to strike under the concept of Never Again, Never Again and who could blame them.  The Islamic Fascists that rule Iran threaten Israel in every public speech.  Their words must be taken seriously by any leader of Israel.

Obama has made a real mess in the world because of his weak and ineffective foreign policy.  Hopefully, this deal with Iran will fall apart, or be stopped by the US Congress.  If it does fall apart, very strict sanctions should be imposed immediately to destroy the Iranian economy.  Aside from bombing, it is the only way we can get Iran to really end their nuclear program. 

California Judge Orders Sex Change Operation For Convicted Murderer

US Federal Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco has ordered that Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy, who now goes by the name Michelle - Lael Norsworthy, in prison for life since 1987 for committing murder, be given a sex change operation at taxpayer expense because he/she is a woman trapped in a man's body.  It is estimated to cost $100,000 or more to perform this operation.  California is appealing the decision, the same as occurred in Massachusetts when a similar goofy court decision was struck down.   Again, we have reached Stupid In America. 

While this murderer's rights are being protected, the woman who he murdered is DEAD because of 51 year old Norsworthy, so her rights don't matter in this case.  And further, if the operation is implemented, the question of which prison to put him in becomes the next dilemma.  Once this man becomes a woman, he cannot remain in a men's prison for fear of rape and assault.  And, they are concerned about sending Norsworthy to a woman's prison because of his history of domestic violence against women.  Again, we have reached ridiculous. 

Let's start with recalling this Idiot Judge Jon Tigar from office.  It is very clear that Tigar should not be on the taxpayer's payroll for the rest of his life.  Show him the door and let him get a real job.  Next, why do we care about the sexual identity of a convicted murderer in prison for life.  It is bad enough that we must pay to feed and house this character for the rest of his life.  Adding another $100,000 or more of cost, paid for by California taxpayers, to change his sex is insane. 

This is just another example of left wing ideology gone wild.  It is also one of the reasons our National Debt is now above $18 Trillion and still growing.  Socialist politicians and judges have no regard for the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in the United States to support the other 50% that pay none.  This particular case is not about supporting the poor; but rather a murderer in prison for life.  We should care about the person that was murdered; not the person who committed the murder.  This Blogger along with the majority of Americans could care less about Norsworthy's sexual identity.  This woman/man can pretend to be anybody he wants in his mind, while serving his time.  Otherwise, if Norsworthy is not receiving the Death Penalty, lock him up and throw away the key.        

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Christians Being Murdered Around The World - Where Is Obama

As 2 Billion Christians around the world celebrate Easter to acknowledge the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, after being crucified on the cross, Christians are being martyred for their faith in many countries in the Middle East and Africa by Islamic Fascists.  Yet leaders of Western countries, including Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama do nothing about it.  Obama won't even recognize that it is Christians that are being targeted and murdered for their faith and their faith alone. 

Obama is so conditioned by his Communist, Socialist and Muslim upbringing that though he claims to be a Christian, though his actions prove otherwise, he can never be a defender of the faith for fear of offending Muslims.  Obama refuses to even say that these crimes are being committed by Islamic Fascists seeking to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  Until Obama recognizes the enemy for what it is, it will be impossible to defeat these Islamic fanatics.  Instead, Obama is doing a deal with Iran that will allow them to build and develop nuclear weapons; which is about as dumb as it gets.

In the mean time, Christians are being murdered around the world during Christian Holy Week.  Easter is a time of hope and redemption; yet what we see is despair and murder.  When are Obama and other Western leaders going to say Enough Is Enough.  It is time to send in our military to protect these Christian communities.   And, rather than flying illegal aliens into the United States, we should be flying Christians out of harms way from the Middle East and Africa to Western countries providing them refugee status.  Let us hope that Obama will act to save these Christians from the murder, rape and slavery that they face.   

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Obama Flying Illegal Aliens To America - Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The Obama Administration has announced that it will fly illegal alien children from Central America to meet up with their illegal alien parents, once they are given legal status under Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama's Executive Amnesty Program, for free, so that they don't have to make the trek through Mexico to get to our border.  This is insane.  Of course, the American taxpayer will foot the bill and or Obama will just add the cost to our $18 Trillion National Debt.  What is worse, Obama wants to give these children "refugee status", which will make them eligible for all of our Welfare Programs. 

Until Obama approved the stupid deal on the table with Iran, which will allow Iran a path to nuclear weapons, rather than prevent it, this Blogger has hesitated calling the President an Idiot; but now this latest announcement, the plan to fly illegal aliens into the United States is about as dumb as anything any President has ever done in American history.   Obama truly is either an idiot, or purposely not acting in the interest of the United States.  What other conclusion can be reached.  It is so clear that Obama, brain washed by his Socialist, Communist and Muslim upbringing is not an American, no matter where Obama was born.  Obama is as dangerous to our country as any foreign enemy we have ever faced in our history.   It is as though Obama was put in office by a foreign power and enemy to the United States because no real American President would do the things Obama is doing.   It is like we are living through the movie The Manchurian Candidate. 

Remember, this is the President who told the Russians he could be "more flexible" once he was reelected and we see the end of that story in both Ukraine and in the negotiations with Iran, backed by Russia.  Obama is also the President who will not utter the words Islamic Radicals to describe the Fascists we face around the world who are killing Christians, Jews and even other Muslims that stand in their way.   Obama has also betrayed Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East in his deal with Iran.

This latest Obamanista Plan concerning illegal aliens proves once again that Obama is not acting in the best interest of the American people or nation, or that he is just an Idiot, plain and simple.   Unless Congress, or the Courts step in to stop Obama from ignoring our laws and the Constitution, sadly all we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama will be out of office.  In the mean time, this reckless, stupid President is doing a lot of damage to our nation. 

Fighting For Religious Freedom In the United States

Given the history of the United States, it is hard to believe that we are once again fighting for religious freedom when the First Amendment of the US Constitution guarantees the right of every American to practice their religion as they see fit.  Yet, here we are.  Orthodox Christians, Jews and Muslims are being forced  by the government, under penalty of losing everything they own to provide services to Gays and Lesbians.  This is not about a Gay or Lesbian walking into a bakery or flower shop and buying baked goods or flowers, that right to protection from discrimination is unquestioned; but rather about a Florist, or Baker, or any other business owner being forced to participate in a Gay Wedding that is contrary to their religious beliefs. 

At this moment, a Florist in Washington state, that regularly sold flowers to a Gay couple when they walked in the door; but refused to participate in their wedding ceremony is under threat of losing everything she owns because she practiced her Christian faith.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  This issue is much bigger than just Gay Weddings.  A Pediatrician in Michigan turned away caring for a Gay couple's baby because given her Christian faith, she did not think should could develop a relationship with the Gay couple.  And, there are many doctors and others working in the medical profession, not to mention Catholic hospitals, that will not perform abortions because of their Christian faith. 

Since virtually everyone in the United States, except White Men under 40 years old, are now in one protected class or another, it would be very easy for someone to claim they are being discriminated against if turned away from buying goods or services because of the seller's religious faith.  i.e. this Blogger would not sell to a known Abortionist, Murderer, or Child Molester because of my Christian faith.  If said person happened to be in a protected class; i.e. a Gay Abortionist, a Black Abortionist etc, I could be accused of discrimination and be involved in a lengthy legal battle to preserve my religious freedom and property.  Further, as a company owner that provides and pays for medical insurance for our employees, to the degree possible, I made sure that our company medical insurance plan does not cover elective abortions because of my religious beliefs.   My wife and I are very involved in supporting the Pro Life movement, as a result of our Christian faith, so how on earth could we knowingly participate in paying for abortions.    

This issue is a real test for Republicans.  Religious Freedom is non-negotiable.  The Republican Governor of Indiana, Mike Pence and the Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, just failed the test.  If Pence had any thoughts about running for President, he can forget about it.  They both cowardered to the LGBT community and business interests that are so threatened by left wing radicals, they they will not stand up for religious freedom.  Some other Republicans, though not all, are fighting for our religious liberty.  One thing is for sure, this Conservative Blogger will not vote for any Republican that does not support the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, as written by our Founding Fathers, related to Religious Freedom, in particular.   I am not Anti-Gay and would sell to Gays; but this issue is bigger than just a Gay Wedding; that's for sure.  The rights of all concerned must be balanced, if we are to live in a free and fair country. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Obama's Bad Deal With Iran - Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is about to ink a very bad deal with Iran related to their development of nuclear weapons.  The framework of this deal gives Iran 10 or 15 more years to continue funding Terrorism around the world, continue building their inter continental ballistic missiles to target Sunni Arab Countries, Israel, Western Europe and the United States and to break out, so that in one year, they could have nuclear weapons.   How is this a good deal when the objective was to positively, absolutely guarantee that Iran would NEVER have nuclear weapons. 

What this deal says to Sunni Arab countries and Israel, in particular, if they don't attack Iran sooner to stop Iran's nuclear program from developing, is that they better make sure that they have nuclear weapons as a deterrent to blunt Iranian hegemony in the Middle East and beyond.   The lesson learned from Ukraine, that gave up the nuclear weapons on their territory in exchange for a treaty guaranteeing their sovereignty signed by Russia and Western countries is that none of these countries can be trusted to guarantee a nation's sovereignty.  And, in Israel's case, given Iranian pronouncements, their very existence as a Jewish nation hangs in the balance.

Israel has nuclear weapons and submarines with cruise missiles that can deliver them.  If this deal with Iran goes forward, certainly Israel will add to these capabilities.  Saudi Arabia has already begun talks with Pakistan to buy nuclear technology.  It is highly probable that countries like Kuwait, Qatar and Egypt won't be far behind given the threat they face from Iran and both Sunni and Shite Radical Islam.   The deal Obama is about to strike with Iran, instead of stopping nuclear proliferation in the Middle East will only insure a nuclear arms race unlike anything we have seen since the United States faced the old Soviet Union. 

This Blogger has concluded that Obama simply does not understand the long term implications of his words and deeds.  And or, Obama is intentionally attempting to endanger the United States and our allies.  It is impossible to come to any other conclusion because the deal on the table with Iran is so stupid.  The entire Middle East is a mess today because of Obama's failed foreign policy.   Russia is attempting to take over Ukraine because of Obama's weakness, that was demonstrated when Obama took out the Missile Defense System that was scheduled to be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic, without getting one thing in return from Putin.  Putin saw this as a sign of weakness, not resetting the relationship with Russia and a green light for Putin to do whatever he likes related to the countries surrounding Russia.  As a result, we are entering a new Cold War that actually is pretty darn hot.  Obama has not learned the lessons of history.  Appeasement always leads to greater threat of war.  We see it happening around the world.     

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid Is A Liar - Plain & Simple

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada recently admitted in an interview that he blatantly lied during the 2012 Presidential campaign when he declared on the Senate Floor, as the Senate Majority Leader, that Republican Candidate Mitt Romney had not paid taxes in 12 years, when in fact Romney paid millions of dollars in taxes.  At the time, Reid claimed that he had this information from a reliable source on good authority when no such source existed.  As this Blogger has said many times, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  When Reid was questioned about his dirty little lie, Reid smugly retorted that "Romney lost, didn't he", as justification for his actions. 

Socialists always lie believing the ends justifies the means.   Obama defeated Romney.  If a lie helped make that happen, so be it in Dirty Harry's world.  Dirty Harry Reid is the worst example of American political hacks.  Reid has done more to damage the state of Nevada and the nation, in the last six years, than any other person except Pinocchio Veto Obama.  As a resident of the state of Nevada, I am ashamed to admit that he is our Senator, at least until the end of 2016 because Dirty Harry Reid is a disgrace.     

Dirty Harry Reid should be censured at a minimum by the US Senate and forced to resign now.  Politicians like Dirty Harry Reid are what cause the American people to feel utter disgust for politics and elected officials like him.  It is Liars like Dirty Harry Reid that are undermining our democratic system of government because WE THE PEOPLE just don't believe anything we hear coming out of Washington DC.  There is a good reason I refer to Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama as "Pinocchio" because he too, like other Socialists in office, can't give a speech with out lying to the American people.

We see it now with Hillary Clinton, as well, over this latest Email Scandal.  How can Hilly have any credibility related to anything she says when she destroyed emails that belong to the American people.   And, Hilly did it because of all the money that has been donated to the Clinton Foundation to add to her family's wealth.  Bubba lives a great life on that money flying first class in private jets all over the world.  Chelsea Clinton is reported to be paid $600,000 a year to run the Clinton Foundation; not bad for a 35 year old women, with little business experience.  This is all part of Clinton's Estate Planning.  No doubt, shortly they will put their granddaughter on the payroll. 

Socialist Obama, the Clinton's, Nancy Pelosi and even a so called Republican, who is really a closeted Socialist, Governor Brian BS Sandoval of Nevada all come from the Dirty Harry Reid school of political lies and cover up's.  It is just sickening and the reason why so many Americans just tune out everything that is happening in Washington DC and in our case in Nevada, Carson City.  What we constantly see are a bunch of liars and crooks feeding at the trough.