Friday, April 10, 2015

Establishment Republicans Fear Senators Paul and Cruz

Establishment Republicans, that clearly support Jeb Bush, are running ads trying to destroy Senator Rand Paul by actually saying that he supports Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama's failed negotiations with Iran.  Obviously, attaching any Republican's name to Obama's is the kiss of death.  However, these ads show how desperate the Bushie's are.  These ads have Karl Rove's fingerprints, a Bush Operative, all over them. 

And of course, Establishment Republicans also fear Senator Ted Cruz because he is brilliant.  Cruz raised $31 million in one week, since announcing that he is running for President.  That kind of money this early scares the hell out of Establishment Republicans.  RINO Establishment Senator John McCain referred to both Paul and Cruz as wacko birds.   The only wacko birds this Blogger sees in the United States Senate are those old dinosaurs, including McCain, of both political parties that have conspired together for 30 or more years to create our $18 Trillion National Debt that continues to grow by a million dollars a minute. 

The fact is that both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are Tea Party anti-Establishment favorites that actually support the tenets of the Republican Party; limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, the right to life, family values, the right to own guns etc. etc.  There is nothing crazy or radical about either Paul or Cruz.  If Republicans have any chance of winning in 2016, the base of the party, primarily Conservatives will have to both support the Candidate and donate money to the Candidate.  Winning cannot happen any other way no matter how much money Fat Cats donate to Jeb Bush. 

Jeb Bush is a good enough guy and fairly Conservative, except for his position on Common Core and Immigration Amnesty, which Conservatives hold against Bush; but we need fresh blood and new thinking in the Republican Party.  One thing is for sure, this Blogger will never again hold my nose and vote for a RINO no matter who the opposition Socialist candidate is because RINO's are nothing more than Socialists Light that have done great damage to our states and country. 

In any case, the dirty ads that are being run by Bush Operatives against Rand Paul just demonstrate how much they fear him and his appeal to the base of the Republican Party.   We can expect to see more dirty pool before this is all over because Establishment Republicans and Socialists, in it together, want to continue feeding at the trough like they have done for years.  As a result, they will do anything and say anything, even lies, to continue sharing power.  It is what it is.   There is nothing new in this story. 

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