Sunday, February 27, 2022

The War In Ukraine Could Spiral Out Of Control

In response to the Russian attack on Ukraine, as the United States and it allies around the world tighten the noose on Russia and its leaders with sanctions and other actions that will destroy the economy in Russia, Vladimir Putin is likely to respond with cyber terrorism and more brutality in Ukraine.  Many countries are now shipping more weapons to Ukraine; but they must be going over land from Poland and other surrounding NATO nations because air deliveries are becoming increasingly impossible.  At some point, Russia will move to stop these weapons from getting into Ukraine by destroying convoys before they get to Ukraine.  That would involve air strikes on NATO nations.  

Once that happens all bets are off.   This would force NATO to implement a No Fly Zone over NATO countries, Ukraine, Belarus and parts of Russia.  This would put NATO aircraft in direct combat with Russian aircraft.  In the meantime, Belarus is about to declare war on Ukraine and send troops to join the Russians to fight in Ukraine.  And no doubt, with its back against the wall, Russia will use cyber terrorism against NATO countries.  The US will immediately respond to shut down the Russian Military and other basic functions in Russia.  

Putin in threatening to use nuclear weapons if things spin out of control and he appears crazy enough to do it if he begins to lose in Ukraine.  Russians and citizens of Belarus are protesting against the war in their streets; but they are being arrested as "insurrectionists".    Sound familiar?  Two Russian Billionaires have called for an end to the war.  We will see if they are arrested and perhaps disappear.  

We are seeing a sequence of events much like what occurred in World War I and II that eventually led to catastrophe.  Each day is getting us closer to World War III and it would be nuclear.  Russia must be given a face saving way out of this mess.  Perhaps they would settle for an agreement that Ukraine could be allowed to join the European Union, but not NATO.  If something does not happen pretty quick, the war in Ukraine will spin out of control, which would be a disaster.  China has the most to lose from global disaster.  They need to tell Putin to knock it off.  

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Supreme Court Nominations & Identity Politics

Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) like to say that the Supreme Court needs to "look like America".  Well Great!  If we are going to play Identity Politics related to Supreme Court nominations, or anything else, then let's play the game to make sure that all races, religions and ethnic groups are represented.  Currently, about 61% of Americans are White, 18.5% are Hispanic, not sure if that includes illegal aliens, so if not the number would be much higher, 13% are Black, 6% are Asian and 1.5% are other.  Feckless, Joe Biden is appointing a Black women to the court; but since there is already a Black man on the court,  Biden should probably appoint a Hispanic woman or man because there is only one Hispanic woman on the court. 

Further since Antonin Scalia died, there is no Italian Catholic on the Supreme Court.  It is estimated that there are 26 million Americans of Italian descent in the United States.  We make up about 7% of the population.  We want our court seat back.  While there are other Catholics on the court; none of them are of Italian descent, so they cannot possibly represent an Italian Catholic world view.  

If we are going to play Identity Politics we need quotas related to all elected offices, job hiring, management positions etc.  In all cases, 6 out of 10 positions must go to Whites.  The rest should be divided up based on the percentage of the population that they represent.  So under no circumstances should Blacks represent any more than 13% of any demographic.  

Of course, this crazy.  The Identity Politics practiced by Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) is destroying our nation.  It has to stop!! This is another reason why Critical Race Theory and 1619 Project Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history that sees everything through the lens of Blacks in America and slavery, who only represent 13% of our population is also crazy.  Even though she has a compelling story, the appointment of the Black woman by feckless Joe Biden should be opposed not because she is Black or not smart; but because she is a left wing radical Socialist who will vote for unrestricted abortion, gun limitations and more big government control of our lives.  

Any judicial appointment by a Socialist Fascist President regardless of race no matter how qualified should be opposed by Republicans in the Senate because we know that these judges oppose the values and beliefs of half the country that they represent.  Socialist Fascists do not vote for Justices appointed by Republican Presidents for the same reason and therefore Republicans in the Senate should reciprocate and not vote for any judge appointed by Joe Biden.    

Lessons Of History - World War III Could Be Coming

World War I and II did not start in a day.  Both wars were many years in coming until one day there was a spark that turned Cold War into Hot War.  As a former history teacher, I see the parallels with what is happening prior to the two World Wars with the Russian invasion of Ukraine today.  And, there are definitely two opposing sides that now exist.  The West led by the United States; but also including Israel, Australia, Japan, South Korea and perhaps India would be allied against the evil Axis powers of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.  So for the most part, it is democracies allied against dictatorships all with nuclear weapons.  

It is highly unlikely that the invasion of Ukraine can be contained because of actions both sides are taking today.  Sanctions and Cyber Terrorism are acts of war.  Putin has announced that under no circumstances would Russia tolerate Sweden or Finland joining NATO when in fact both countries especially Finland see what is happening in Ukraine and as a result might very well want to seek the protection of NATO.  China seeing a successful invasion of Ukraine if it turns out well for Russia will be emboldened to attack Taiwan.  It is no coincidence that Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest semiconductor company in the world is investing $35 Billion in five plants in Peoria, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.  They must assume that one day Communist China will invade Taiwan so they are hedging their bets and production outside of Taiwan.  

The sanctions placed on Russia and their leadership will do great damage to the Russian economy.  They will see these sanctions as an act of war.  The Russians are likely to respond with cyber terrorism since they cannot place meaningful sanctions on Western countries.  About the best they can do to hurt the economies of European countries is to redirect their oil and gas to China, which is likely.  Assuming Joe Biden stops being an idiot, which may not be possible, the United States can produce enough oil and gas to replace anything lost from Russia so that move alone would not be very effective.  Instead, the Russians will use cyber terrorism to shut down Western economies in response to our crippling sanctions.  If that happens, the United States will respond in kind.  We can turn off the lights in Moscow and every other city in Russia.  

Cyber terrorism is just as bad as nuclear war; and when it happens it could very well lead to nuclear war.  If Russia invades any NATO country, the US would be forced to use nuclear weapons against Russia because there are not enough troops on the ground in Europe to stop a Russian invasion.  One way or another cruise missiles would have to fly hitting targets in Russia and then all bets are off.  We are seeing a lot of things happening that preceded World War I and II except that now cyber terrorism and nuclear weapons are part of the picture.  History is always the best teacher.  It sure looks like history is being repeated.  Let's just hope that leaders on all sides are smart enough to stop what could be coming.  Unfortunately, bumbling Joe Biden is not the right leader for these times.  If President Trump and his team were still in office, Russia would not have dared to invade Ukraine.  Let's Go Brandon.  

Friday, February 25, 2022

The State Of The Union - Bad To Worse

Normally, when the President of the United States gives the annual State of the Union Address, he likes to start the speech by saying, I am here to tell you that the State of the Union is strong.  Really!  Not in 2022 after just one year since feckless Joe Biden took office.  We have the worst inflation since Jimmy Carter was President more than 40 years ago.  And, while we care about the border of Ukraine, our Southern Border is completely out of control.  2 million illegal aliens that we know about entered our country in the last 12 months and God only knows the amount of killer drugs that have crossed the border.  

There is a real war happening in Europe for the first time since the end of World War II that is the result of Biden's weakness.  Crime in our country is rampant with murder rates up in just about all major cities.  BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses causing billions of dollars in damages and thousands injured or killed.  Many of our public schools are pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and LGBTQIA indoctrination on our children, which has caused turmoil in many school districts.  We know now that Crooked Hillary and the Deep State conspired against President Trump with their Russia Hoax story for five years that resulted in bogus impeachment trials.  

We don't have election integrity in many Blue states as fraud is rampant.  The dead voted in Nevada in 2020 and many other states resulting in the fraudulent election of Joe Biden.  We are watching the third impeachment trial tied to the January 6th House Committee Circus.  Trump voters are being cancelled all over the country by their employers in some cases, Big Companies, Big Tech and Big Government.  Our freedoms are all under attack by Socialist Fascists and their supporters.  

We know now that much of the Covid information that the government used to destroy our economy and thousands of small businesses was bogus.  All the hype about the vaccine was just that.  The vaccine did not end Covid.  At best after spending billions of dollars, which benefited Big Pharma all we have is a another therapeutic drug for Covid not a cure.  

The State of the Union after a year of Joe Biden is not good.  Americans are far worse off today than they were when President Trump was in office.  It is what is.  Biden may try to put lipstick on a pig; but it will still be a pig.  Fake News will paint everything as wonderful; but the American people know better because they have been to the market and a gas station.  

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The US Must Return To Energy Independence NOW

When President Trump was in office the United States was energy independent for the first time in decades.  This happened because Trump eased regulations on carbon energy companies, approved the Keystone Pipeline and approved drilling in Anwar and on other government owned land.  We actually were exporting energy when Trump was President because we had so much.  Gas averaged $1.87 a gallon; though it was around $3.50 in California.  This was all before feckless Joe Biden took office just a year ago who has screwed up everything he has touched.  Biden reversed all of Trump's actions. So now we are importing about 8.5 million barrels of oil a day about half of which is coming from Canada, with the rest coming from OPEC countries including Russia.  Today, gas averages around $4 a gallon and it is more than $5.00 a gallon in California.  Since the cost of energy is baked into everything we eat, buy, do etc. inflation is going through the roof.  

And, now with the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which will impact oil and gas supplies coming from Russia, we are going to see gas at $6 or more a gallon and the cost of everything will go even higher.  Biden tells the American people that we will just have to suck it up because his Green New Deal BS is preventing more oil and gas production in the United States.  Tell Biden, Let's Go Brandon.  Biden is a moron and a clear and present danger to our country and the world with his America Last policies.

This is an election year.  It is time to call your members of Congress particularly if they are Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) and tell them that heads are going to roll this year at election time.  The thing they fear most is losing their jobs because they are all feeding at the trough.  Biden's ratings are in the toilet so most likely they will throw him under the bus if it means keeping their jobs.  Biden needs to get rid of regulations that are preventing oil and gas drilling in the US.  He must approve the Keystone Pipeline and drilling at Anwar in Alaska and on other government lands.  It is time to forget about the Green New Deal and support all energy sources in the US, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro, solar and wind.  The very notion that we once again are importing oil from countries that hate us, including Russia is ridiculous and completely unnecessary.  

We must hold Joe Biden and his pals responsible for this mess.  Republicans must take over the Congress in 22 and the Presidency in 24.  We need President Trump back in office to put America First.  Socialist Fascist clowns are destroying our nation.  Sadly, the people of Ukraine will soon lose their country and their freedoms because Joe Biden is weak and ineffective.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine would never have happened if Trump was still President.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Ukraine - Lessons Learned

In 1994, Ukraine was the third largest nuclear power in the world.  They had 4,000 nuclear weapons based in Ukraine from when they were part of the old Soviet Union.  When the Soviet Union fell apart, we were intent on decommissioning those nuclear weapons.  So, when Bill Clinton was President, we got Ukraine to give up their nuclear weapons in exchange for a Guarantee from the US, the EU and Russia that their sovereignty would be assured if they surrendered their nuclear weapons.  Well guess what.  Here we are today with Russia about to take over Ukraine.  This would not be happening if Ukraine was still a nuclear power. 

So, if you are Saudi Arabia facing threats from Iran, Iran who sees the United States as the great Satan, North Korea who fears both the United States and China, Israel who fears a nuclear Iran, Taiwan, Japan and Australia threatened by China, or Pakistan who fears India, the lesson you are getting from Ukraine is that the only way to guarantee your sovereignty is to be a nuclear power.  What is happening in Ukraine will cause many nations to develop nuclear weapons because they are seeing that guarantees from the US, EU or Russia are not worth much.  

Further, even though the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher the former Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain warned against European dependence on oil and gas from Russia and was ignored, today 35% of Europe's energy and 60% of Germany's energy comes from Russia.  All Russia needs to do is redirect their oil and gas to China, which seems likely given sanctions that will be imposed as a result of Russia invading Ukraine and Europe will come to a stand still.  

The only way to overt economic disaster is for feckless Joe Biden to eliminate restrictions on American carbon energy companies to ramp up oil and natural gas production in the US to supply not only the US market; but Europe.  Biden will not do it because he is held hostage by the environmental wackos in his Socialist Fascist Party ( AKA Democrats ) that would rather our economy collapse than the US and our allies be dependent on carbon energy.  So, we will soon see gas in the US at $6 or more a gallon.  Inflation that is already going through the roof will even get worse.  The poor and the middle class in America will be devastated by Joe Biden's idiotic decisions.  Biden is a moron, which is more evident every day he remains in office.  

There are lots of lessons that will be learned the hard way from the invasion by Russia of Ukraine.  We will see those lessons all unfold in the next year or two.  We could have war in Europe for the third time in 120 years.  We need Donald Trump back in the White House.  None of this would be happening if they had not stolen the election from Trump.  Let's Go Brandon!   

Surrendering Our Freedoms - Inch By Inch

Since 9/11 in the name of the increased need for security, we have been surrendering our freedoms inch by inch.  So now the Deep State in coordination with Big Tech spies on us.  They know everything there is to know about all of us.  It is the biggest intrusion into personal privacy in the history of our country.  We agreed to more security at airports including pat downs to prevent another terrorist attack; but now that security extends to many other aspects of life.

And, then Covid hit and government took much more control over our lives using fake science that seems to change daily.  The Covid Vaccine Card has become a national identity card and travel passport and has even been used as a requirement to go into restaurants, theatres, and other locations in many Blue States.  Many were told get vaccinated or get FIRED.  Imagine!  Big government and Big Business required that we get vaccinated or else face dire consequences and punishments; yet criminals who riot, loot, burn down cities and commit murders walk free.  

The Deep State is at war with Trump Supporters.  They see all of us as insurrectionists or "domestic terrorists".   A small number of those who rioted at the Capitol on January 6th were guilty of serious crimes; yet all who may have been involved have had their lives ruined as the FBI knocked on their doors in the middle of the night like the Gestapo in NAZI Germany.  And, anybody who does not agree with Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) and their supporters, those in the Deep State, Big Business including Big Tech, Fake News and Hollywood must be cancelled or eliminated.  We are simply not allowed to believe that Joe Biden was elected as a result of the fraud that we saw before our very eyes.  They call it the "Big Lie".  We call it the truth. 

And, then there is dictator GQ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Canada who supported BLM and Antifa Protests and Riots; but opposes Truckers saying NO to forced vaccine and mask mandates.  Socialist Fascist Trudeau calls Truckers NAZI's and White Supremists.  Really!   They are not only to be arrested, they are to be destroyed.  The Trucker's bank accounts have been frozen.  Their trucks have been confiscated.  Trudeau intends to ruin their lives because they have dared to challenge him and the Deep State Socialist Fascists in Canada.  

What we are seeing is what happens in Communist or Fascist countries not democracies.  Limiting free speech and attempting to control what people think is Orwell's Big Brother in the book 1984.  There will not be a good ending to this story.  In history when people were persecuted ultimately it resulted first in arrests and murders and then in revolution.  People will not tolerate usurpation of their God given rights.  Eventually, it will result in a boiling point and then all bets are off.  Those in government with sane minds better call off the dogs in the Deep State.  

If they allow the attack on our freedoms to continue, it will only be a matter of time before people say ENOUGH and then they will rebel.  We are seeing it related to our public schools as parents show up at school board meetings to take back our public schools.  It is becoming very clear that the people must take back our government from the crooks and liars feeding at the trough.  It may require a Constitutional Convention to reform our government to put the people back in control.  Our democracy is being threatened by Socialist Fascists in power.  In history, whenever these tyrants have gained power it has led to loss of freedom, misery, poverty and murder.  History is our teacher.  We know the end of this story.  We can't allow it to happen again.  

Monday, February 21, 2022

Honoring American Presidents - The Great & The Good

Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and 1619 Project if given the opportunity would cancel all Presidents; but Barack Obama because they would designate them as White Oppressors.  Certainly, those Presidents that owned slaves; Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Taylor, Polk, Jackson, Harrison, Van Buren, Andrew Johnson and Grant if they had their way would be eliminated from American history no matter what their other accomplishments because Socialists Fascists see everything through the lens of slavery.  

Of course, that is ridiculous.  Many of our first Presidents were founders of our nation.  They established the Constitution including the Bill of Rights to guarantee our freedoms, which eventually also applied to freed slaves.  In order of Great or Good Presidents for a variety of reasons would be Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Polk, Jackson, Lincoln, Grant, McKinley, the two Roosevelts, Wilson, Coolidge, Truman, Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush 1 and Trump.  You will notice that Kennedy is not listed because he accomplished little during his short Presidency.  In addition, Obama's only claim to fame is that he was the first President of mixed race ever elected; but otherwise his Presidency was inconsequential.  Obama was all smoke and mirrors with a great family and smile. 

The other Presidents were either place holders or miserable failures like many in the late 1800's,  Van Buren, Harding, Hoover, Carter and based on his first year in office most likely Biden.  The Presidency has evolved over the years.  Many Presidents have used Executive Orders to push through policies that would never be enacted into law by Congress.  In some cases, this has been good for our country and in other cases like many of Biden's Executive Orders, they have been very bad for our country.  Presidents have gotten us into wars some justified and others disastrous.  There is some thinking that Presidential powers must be curtailed since in combination with Deep State malevolent activities have become dangerous to our democracy.  While this may be true today, there is no doubt that for better or worse Great and Good President have made our nation what is is today.  

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady Was Right

Years ago,  Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain was completely opposed to Western European dependence on Russian Oil and Gas.  She warned that one day Europe could be held hostage by Russia in the event of a conflict.  The Socialists made fun of Thatcher calling her a grocer's daughter the same way they made fun of Ronald Reagan calling him a B-Movie Actor and Cowboy.  The fact is that both Thatcher and Reagan were brilliant global strategists who had a clear understanding of geopolitics.  It was they with the help of Pope John Paul II who brought down the Soviet Union and ended Communism in Europe.  

So here we are today.  Germany gets 60% of its energy from Russia.  In their stupid attempt to go Green going solar in a country that does not have much sun in winter and building windmills, they have closed down their nuclear plants.  Germany does not even have a single Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in any of its ports, which would have allowed the US to ship them all the gas they could possibly need.  German politicians reasoned that if they tied their country to Russia it would bring peace and stability for Europe.  WRONG!  If Russia invades Ukraine, the US will be forced to shut down the natural gas pipeline being built between Russia and Germany.  The only other pipeline that gets Russian energy to Europe goes through Ukraine; but presumably there will be a sanction on all Russian energy if Ukraine is invaded.  This will make for a very cold winter in Germany.  

France at least has been much smarter.  Most of the energy that powers France comes from nuclear energy so they cannot be held hostage by Russia.  Britain has North Sea Oil; but they too have been pushing for Green Energy that cannot power their country.  And, while the US was energy independent when Trump was President for the first time in decades, feckless and stupid Joe Biden ended all that by Executive Orders that has curtailed energy production in the United States.  So, if Russian oil and gas supplies are interrupted,  people in the United States will see the cost of energy go through the roof.  It is already happening as the average price of gallon of gas when Trump was President was $1.87.  It is $4.00 today and in places like California, it is over $5 a gallon.  

Margaret Thatcher is laughing in her grave.  She gets to say I told you so; but of course stupid Socialists in Europe and the United States have long forgotten her warnings because they were derided by them at the time.  The only way to solve the Ukraine problem is to invite Russia to join NATO.  Why not?  Russia is part of Europe and China is our real problem not Russia.  Unfortunately, we don't have any brilliant geopolitical strategists in office these days.  President Trump got it. Hopefully, he will be back in office in 2024 to clean up the messes Biden leaves behind.  

Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Fight For School Choice - A Battle That Must Be Fought

The United States spends more on public education than any other nation in the world; yet half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  This problem is particularly acute in our inner cities where kids are way below grade level in all subjects.  This is the case because most school districts are controlled by Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher unions that oppose all reforms needed to improve the quality of education in our country.  We also just saw teacher union money in action when the Governor of Utah, a Republican who received $75,000 in teacher union donations vetoed a School Choice Bill enacted by the Republican legislature.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing regardless of political party.  Hopefully, Republicans in Utah will remove this Governor from office for his actions and betrayal.   

I experienced the malevolent hand of the teacher union years ago when I taught junior, senior and adult school in inner city Los Angeles.  I was prohibited by the teacher union from submitting more stringent objectives related to my personal evaluation because I was told that the union did not want teachers held to higher performance standards.  Teacher unions are far more powerful today than then.  Teacher unions do not represent the interests of students, parents are taxpayers.  They are only in business to represent the interests of their members to get them higher pay and pensions for doing less work without any accountability.  

And, that would be fine if public school district Board Members and Administrators acted as management to represent the interest of students, parents and taxpayers; but that is not happening.  Reno, Nevada where we live is a prime example.  We have a Woke majority on the Washoe County School Board, led be a Socialist Fascist woman and district administrators owned by the teacher's union that refuse to put a plan in place to improve dismal reading and math scores and the district's horrible Great Schools Ratings.  Instead, they keep pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and the LGBTQIA agenda, which a majority in the community opposes.  The little Gestapa School Board President attempts to curtail free speech during school board meetings.  As such, there is a huge movement to remove these School Board Members from office in 2022 so their day of reckoning is coming.  The current incompetent Superintendent is retiring; but there is little hope that the next one will be any better given the rigged selection process that is in place.  

Nevada ranks 49th in the country related to academic achievement and other factors because both the Washoe County School Board covering Reno and the Clark County School Board covering Las Vegas, the two largest districts in the state refuse to adopt reforms to improve academic achievement in Nevada because of teacher union objections.  It is just plain criminal malpractice and child abuse.  The fact is that the majority of schools in Nevada STINK.  But, this is not unusual.  The same can be said in many other public school districts in our country that are irreparably broken as long as Socialist Fascists and teacher unions are in charge.  

As a result, it has never been more important to fight the battles for School Choice.  The money should follow the child rather than automatically going to public schools that are failing our nation and millions of children.  Poor and middle class parents in particular that can't afford private schools, need the same option to escape failing public schools as the rich.  Since Public School Boards refuse to enact reforms needed to actually improve academic achievement, we must have School Choice so parents can get their kids out of lousy public schools.  

This is the civil rights issue of our era.  All kids have a right to a quality education.  The numbers in states like Nevada and there are many others tell the story.  The lack of metrics and accountability, focus on actually educating rather than indoctrinating, merit pay, the ability to FIRE bad teachers and administrators make it impossible to improve public education.  For these reasons and so many others parents must have the right to School Choice to get their kids out of failing public schools.  This battle must be fought.  It is both a civil rights and national security issue.  

Friday, February 18, 2022

Biden Begging Foreign Countries To Produce More Oil

When Donald Trump was President we achieved energy independence for the first time in decades.  The United States was producing so much oil and natural gas that we became an exporting nation.  The average cost of a gallon of gas was about $1.87 in many parts of the country.  A little more than one year later, after the fraudulent election of Joe Biden, the cost of a gallon of gas averages about $4.00 because Biden's regulations have resulted in significantly less oil and gas production in the US.  Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist Pals in government keep pushing the Green New Deal, which is great for China but horrible for the United States.  Their America Last policies have been a disaster for our country.  

The end result is 7% inflation the highest we have had since Jimmy Carter, another failed Socialist was President because the higher cost of energy is baked into everything we eat, do, buy etc.  Oil is at about $91 a barrel today; but many expect it to go as high as $150 a barrel.  If that happens, we will see the average price of gas at $5 or more a gallon.  It is already that high today in California.  If Russia invades Ukraine, which seems likely, we will see the cost of a barrel of oil go through the roof.  As a result, rather than demanding that American companies pump more oil in the United States, feckless Joe Biden is begging OPEC and other foreign countries to pump more oil.  Joe Biden is a MORON and a clear and present danger to our country worse than any foreign enemy.    

Socialist Fascists and their environmental wacko supporters want the price of gas in our country to go to $6 or more a gallon because they believe it will limit the sale of gasoline and destroy the carbon energy industry.  They are right; but at the same time it will destroy our standard of living in the United States.  The poor and middle class in particular will get killed as energy prices soar and it adds to even more inflation.  The good news is that Republicans will regain control of the Congress in 2022 because the higher price of gas among many other reasons will cause the majority of Americans to vote Republican.  

And, while Republican control will prevent many of Biden's radical plans from going into law, it will not end his Executive Orders that are destroying our energy industry.  The only way to stop that going forward is to elect a Republican President in 2024.  Donald Trump get your dancing shoes ready.  We need you in the White House to get our country back on track.  

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Communist San Francisco Voters Recall Three Woke School Board Members

In a remarkable recall election, the left wing voters of San Francisco recalled from office three very woke Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrat ) School Members by a vote in favor of recall of around 75%.  These were the same idiots on the School Board that wanted to spend millions of dollars renaming 44 schools in San Francisco to cancel them when many of the children there cannot read or do math at grade level.  But the final straw was when these radical School Board Members attempted to exclude Asians from applying to the best high school in San Francisco because to many of them got in at the expense of other people of color.  So rather than base entry on academic achievement, they implemented a lottery system designed to deny Asians entry in the name of "Equity and Social Justice".  This kind of crap is happening all over the country, which is why there are recall elections happening in many school districts including shortly in Reno, Nevada where I live.  

Anybody who has been to San Francisco before it became a no go zone because of drugs on the streets, high crime and homelessness knows that Asians make up a big part of the population and not just in China or Japan Town.  Asians live all over San Francisco.  Pissing off a big voter block was pretty darn stupid.  But it was more than just this issue.  Woke School Boards are implementing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and imposing the LGBTQIA agenda in our public schools.  It is happening in Reno, Nevada; though the School Board President, a Socialist Fascist denies it in a "Big Lie".  Problem is we know it is happening because we see the curriculum and the words.  If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and smells like a stinky duck, it is a duck.  When you hear the words "Equity or Social Justice" Education, those are the code words for CRT.  

To be clear, most Americans support multi-cultural education and teaching the great, good, bad and ugly about both American and world history.  What we don't support is teaching kids to hate other kids or painting all White people as racist, which is BS.  And, while we have no problem with Gay Americans and kids should be taught tolerance for all who may be different, we don't support imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda in our schools.  The notion of teaching kids as young as kindergarten about sexual orientation is totally inappropriate.  Telling little children that they can disregard their biological sex and that they can be any sex they want to be at a very young age is crazy.  

A sleeping giant has been awakened.  We are not only determined to take back our country from these Socialist Fascists and their supporters that are destroying our nation; but we must take back our public schools that are failing our country.  The vote in San Francisco and other places proves that parents, other concerned citizens and taxpayers will be heard and often.  This battle is far from over.   

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Teaching Hatred In Our Universities, Colleges & Public Schools

As someone who grew up in the 50's and 60's, I watched the Civil Right Movement succeed as a result of the work of Dr. Martin Luther King.  And then in the 70's, I taught American History and Government at the junior, senior and adult school levels in the inner city of Los Angeles, which included teaching about the great, good, bad and ugly of our history.  I taught multicultural education to recognize the contributions of all peoples that made America a great country.  The goal was always to bring people together and never to promote hatred.  

In those days, I never thought I would live to see the day when our universities, colleges and public and some private schools would teach Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history that is not only untrue, it is based on hatred and dividing our nation.  Since my grandchildren are all in great Christian private schools where this is not happening, someone in my position could just look the other way and ignore what is happening in our country.  But since I know US and world history, I am fully aware of the end of this story. 

As Lincoln said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  Further, he preached that our downfall would come from within our country and not by a foreign enemy.  These statements were prophetic.  Today, instead of one nation under God, we are a nation traveling on two separate roads moving further away from each other.  We are already experiencing a Cold War within our country as Red States move in different directions than Blue States.  Red State Governors and Attorney General's sue the federal government to stop many unconstitutional actions that threaten our freedoms.  They are often successful; but when they lose in court, it just divides our nation even more.  We have problems with election integrity so that half the country does not trust the results of our elections.  This is the beginning of the end of our democracy and country.  

There is no Democrat Party in the United States any longer.  They have become the Socialist Fascist Party attempting to impose their will on our nation.  They are supported by Fake News, Big global companies including Big Tech and the corrupt and dangerous Deep State in the Washington DC swamp all feeding at the trough.   In our universities, colleges and public schools, they are pushing Critical Race Theory and LGBTQIA indoctrination and teaching hatred while half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  What is happening is criminal malpractice that must stop.  If this continues, half the country will not want to pay taxes to support our schools and will demand School Choice as an alternative to get their kids out of failing public schools that are indoctrinating our children.  

This cabal of left wing radicals attempts daily to cancel the rest of us; the other half the country that does not support their ideology.  We must fight back in every legal way possible to preserve our freedoms.  They conspired together to destroy President Trump from the minute he came down that escalator to announce he was running for President.  In doing so, they are out to destroy the 75 million of us who voted for Trump.  That conspiracy and battle has gone on for more than five years and it is going on to this day.  

If this story continues, it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  That may happen anyway because Socialist Fascists and their supporters are intentionally bankrupting our country with all their Socialist Schemes.  We do need to worry about China; but we need to worry more about the enemies among us that are out to destroy our country.  Abraham Lincoln got it exactly right.  A nation divided against itself will not stand.  Red States will secede from the union with the support of their citizens.  Why stay in a bad marriage with irreconcilable differences.  As we go down two separate roads, we get further apart.  Two separate nations are the inevitable end to this story.  Let's just hope when it comes this time it will happen without another Civil War.  

Texas Land Of The Free & Home Of The Brave

Everytime I go to Texas, I feel like I am in another country.  Though Texas does have a few liberal enclaves like Austin, Dallas and Houston cities, which should be avoided for the most part even at the border, Texas is a firmly Red State controlled by Conservative Republicans.  Most Texans are for Faith, Family and Freedom.  Texas is part of the Bible Belt.  There are many mega Churches in Texas including Catholic Churches that are often huge.  Church parking lots are full on Sunday mornings.  

Republicans have seriously restricted abortion in Texas so that now abortions are only permitted within the first 6 weeks of pregnancy.  This has led to a drop of thousands of abortions in the state of Texas.  Women beyond this point in time are no doubt going to other states, or just maybe saving a life rather than killing a child.  And, then there are guns.  Most people in Texas own guns.  Anyone trying to take their guns away will do so at their own peril.  Even Beto O'Rourke, running for Governor as the Socialist Fascist ( AKA Democrat ) has moved away from gun confiscation saying now that he wants to protect Second Amendment rights.  What a joke! 

Socialist Fascists are hoping that flooding the state with illegal aliens will turn Texas into a Blue State.  AOC from New York City recently declared that it is inevitable that one day soon Texas will become a Blue State.   First, the illegal aliens coming in now are being disbursed all over the country and second Texas will NEVER allow non citizens to vote.  Further, many Hispanics vote Republican because they are also committed to Faith, Family and Freedom.  

Many people are leaving repressive Blue State with high taxes and crime and moving to Texas.  The growth in Texas during the last 20 years in particular has been remarkable and it just does not stop.  With more people moving to Texas home prices are rising; but it is worth it to experience freedom.  Those moving to Texas from Blue States can say free at last, free at last.  

Monday, February 14, 2022

Crooked Hillary Must Go The Jail

As a result of the Durham investigation we now know that it was the Clinton Campaign in 2016 aided by Big Tech that was behind the Russia Hoax and the bugging of Trump Tower.  It is impossible to believe that Crooked Hillary Clinton was unaware of what was happening in her campaign.  Hillary Clinton destroyed 32,000 emails on that illegal server to prevent that information from ever going public.  She is guilty of obstruction of justice.  Bill and Hillary used their Foundation to become multi-millionaires in one of the biggest global scams ever implemented.  And yet, Crooked Hillary still walks the streets and has never been charged with a crime. 

This woman put our country through four years of the Muller investigation as Socialist Fascists      ( AKA Democrats ) attempted to destroy Donald Trump and his supporters.  They implemented two impeachment trials and now a third with the bogus January 6th Commission.  When is the day of reckoning coming for Crooked Hillary and Fake News that has been complicit in these crimes.  That day is probably never going to come because the corruption in the DC Swamp is so deep and so many are involved protecting each other that we will never see justice done. 

Both the Clinton and Biden Crime families have taken hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes one way or another and they should all be in jail.  But there are no hearings and no special prosecutors investigating their crimes.  We can only hope that when the Republicans take back control of the Congress in 2022 and a Republican is elected President in 2024 that just maybe they will pursue justice; but again it seems highly doubtful because political crooks protect their own.  

Not only are we dealing with election integrity issues, this corruption at all levels of government is destroying our democracy.  The American people see it clear as day; but are powerless to do anything about it because the people we elect are implicated in various crimes too.  They steal campaign funds one way or another.  They take bribes from paid lobbyists to get elected.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing.  Our democracy is broken.  What is happening in the United States is not much different than what happens in Russia or China.  Elites feeding at the trough control our country the same as happens in Russia and China.  

Just 100 global companies headquartered in the US control about 50% of our gross domestic product.  Government controls the next 40% of our gross domestic product.  Together they control everything that happens in our country.  To think otherwise, is delusional.  They are bankrupting our country to their mutual advantage.  In the end, it will lead to the dissolution of the United States.  It is only a matter of time.  

Friday, February 11, 2022

Deep State Swamp Lizards & A Crumbling America

As a political junkie I watch CSPAN whenever I am not doing something more important.  I use it to put me to sleep at night.  CSPAN is part of Fake News even though it is supposed to be non partisan.  Whenever a Conservative or Republican calls in, they are cut off immediately. Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) are allowed to spout their Trump hatred all day long.  It gets really old; but it is what it is.  What is really interesting is watching all the Deep State Swamp lizards often on C-Span, the thousands of federal administrators, Secretaries and otherwise clowns feeding at the trough in clear view.  

It is no coincidence that the highest priced home zip codes surround Washington DC, where many of these Swamp Lizards live.  That is because though in the old days government employees used to make less money than employees in the private sector doing the same work, today government employees make a lot more than private sector employees and get much better benefits and pensions at taxpayer expense.  What is infuriating is that the Socialist Fascists with the help of some RINOS recently enacted a $1.2 trillion infrastructure package to help deal with America's crumbling infrastructure.  

Though we have paid trillions of dollars in taxes for the last 30 or more years, much of that money has been wasted on foreign wars and all sorts of entitlements and boondoggles not to mention Deep State Swamp Lizards so much so that roads have not been repaired even though the gas tax is supposed to cover roads, bridges have not be maintained, water systems are corroded etc. etc. etc.  There would have been no need for an Infrastructure Bill today if politicians of both parties and Deep State Swamp Lizards had just done their jobs for the last 30 years and dealt with our crumbling infrastructure.

Just watch a House or Senate Hearing on C-Span.  Members of the House and the Senate talk of $10 Billion for some pet project as though it is 99 cents.  Rather, $10 Billion is chump change in the Washington DC Swamp.  And, while it is not as bad at the state level, there are also Deep State Swamp Lizards working at the local, county, state and school district levels wasting our money and achieving little that matters to the American people.  The best of many examples are public schools that spend more on education than any other country in the world yet half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level.  But, there is also gridlock in many cities since "freeways" or toll roads have not kept up with the population.  California that has a water shortage has not built a new dam since 1985 in spite of the highest taxes in the country.  

Democracy is great; but it is inherently corrupt.  Our hard earned money is regularly stolen or wasted by corrupt politicians and government employees.  This is why they detested Donald Trump so much.  Trump was not one of them.  We really have to assume that half the money they collect from us in taxes will be stolen or wasted one way or another.  Certainly, the trillions of dollars spent on the war on poverty since the New Deal and the Great Society has not eliminated poverty, which is greater today than years ago.  If you happen to run into a Deep State Swamp Lizard, express your dissatisfaction and anger at their incompetence.  These characters are wrecking our country.  Half of them could be FIRED and nobody would know the difference.  In fact, we would all be better off if their jobs were eliminated.  But don't count on it because bureaucracies only get bigger at our expense and even more corrupt.  

Blue States Ending Mask & Vaccine Mandates - All About Political Science

Even though Biden's Center for Disease Control and Dr. Flip Flop Fauci claims that the "science" is requiring that states maintain their Mask and Vaccine Mandates to prevent Covid, Blue State Governors one by one are ending the Mandates because they are running for reelection and now it is all about the Political Science.  Blue State Governors are following Red State Governors that ended the Mandates long ago with no additional detrimental effect.  In other words, the incidence of Covid are no higher in those states that ended the Mandates earlier. 

And, then there was the recent Johns Hopkins University Study that concluded that the Lock-Downs only prevented perhaps 0.2% of Covid Cases.  Politicians of both political parties at the beginning of Covid and Deep State Swamp Lizard Bureaucrats literally destroyed our economy and thousands of businesses, killed millions of jobs and added trillions of dollars to the National Debt and now we know that there was no impact from shutting down the economy.  This was perhaps the dumbest decision by governments in the history of the world.  Instead, these countries should have focused on therapeutics to treat Covid because at best that is all we got with the vaccines after spending billions of dollars on vaccines benefiting Big Pharma.  

So now Blue State Governors seeing Socialist Fascist Poll Ratings that are in toilet have decided that it is time to end the Mask and Vaccine Mandates.  Governor Sisolak of Nevada, where we live basically said why bother anymore because those that have chosen not to get vaccinated will not be persuaded anyway.  Really!  So now in these Blue States wearing a Mask and or getting Vaccinated is optional.  School Districts and Businesses may choose to maintain the Mandates; but the pressure on them will now be intense to end them.  

This is all about Political Science.  The Mandates are intensely unpopular and opposed by the vast majority of Americans.  We want our freedom back.  These Socialist Fascist politicians in Blue States are seeing the Canadian Trucker Convoys and they know that they are coming to the United States.  Most people have just had it.  We want to get back to normal even if it means catching Covid especially since now we see that getting vaccinated is not a cure.  And, many doctors have concluded that wearing masks do not prevent the infection from spreading especially in children.  

Feckless Joe Biden and the Federal Government are being left behind because they have lost the support of the American people.  This is now about elections in 2022 and 2024.  Socialist Fascists fear that a Red Wave is coming.  Covid be damned, their actions to end the Mask and Vaccine Mandates are all about their political survival.  Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) see the train coming and they do not want be run over by it.  Too late because they are going down!  

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Canadian Truckers Fighting For Freedom - Coming To The United States At School Board Meetings

Normally, Canadians are thought of as really nice and somewhat passive people.  Remember, it was Americans who fought a Revolution not the Canadians.  But that has all changed.  Canadian Truckers are fighting for freedom with their Convoys blockading bridges and roads to protest Vaccine and Mask Mandates.  They are sick and tired of their Socialist Fascist Metro Sexual Prime Minister GQ Justin Trudeau, who needs a haircut, who locked down Canada even worse than many other countries.  Trudeau has made a mess of his country about the same as feckless Joe Biden and woke School Board Members regarding public schools.

Canadian Trucker Convoys are impacting the Supply Chain both in Canada and the US.  Critical goods are not being delivered to make their point.  Trudeau has referred to these Truckers as racist NAZI "insurrectionists".  Sound familiar.  Guess what.  Truckers and others in the US are now planning similar protests.  The Department of Homeland Security in the US has already announced that they expect to see similar protest on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of course, the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats)  did nothing to stop BLM and Antifa riots, looting and burning down cities and businesses; but now they are worried about Truckers organizing protests and parents and other concerned citizens protesting at School Board meetings.  Really!!

There is a lesson in all of this.  School Boards across the country and Bidenistas are treating parents and other concerned citizens protesting at School Board meetings as "Domestic Terrorists".  Of course, that is absurd.  School Boards and Bidenistas are attempting to stop free speech during Board Meetings, which is BS.  So, I am proposing a Convoy of parents and other concerned citizens parked outside School Board Meetings, rather than going inside, which is a waste of time anyway to honk their horns together every five minutes for 3 minutes at a time for an entire School Board Meeting.  In addition and otherwise, School Board Members and Administrators should be barraged with emails as a more effective way of communicating with them to get the message across that we are not buying their CRT indoctrination and their LGBTQIA BS agenda and we want the mask mandates to end.  

School Board members are not now listening to parents and other concerned citizens protesting against Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and they insist on imposing their LGBTQIA agenda and mask mandates in our public schools.  So, if they won't listen it is time to make some noise that they will hear during School Board Meetings.  We could even add some drums for more effect. We can also ask Truckers to join in since they have the Big Horns that make a lot of noise.  We will not be silenced.  We will make our voices heard one way or another to stop the BS happening in our public schools.  Let freedom ring out loud and clear.  Honking horns is protected by the First Amendment as another form of free speech.   

Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Quemala Harris Is A Mean Witch That Has To Go

When Joe Biden took office he announced that anyone in his administration that was mean to other staff members would be fired immediately.  One of his appointees had to resign recently because he was mean to his employees.  So what about Quemala Harris?  So far 8 of her staff members have resigned as result of her terrible behaviors toward them.  Nobody wants to work for the Witch, which rhymes with another word starting with a "B".  Let's face it, Harris is just not likeable.  

One way or another Biden has to get rid of Quemala Harris.  Biden could appoint her to the Supreme Court.  But there are more qualified Black Women already on lower courts who would be a better choice.  I don't think a President can actually fire a Vice President.  Harris would have to resign of her own volition.  Feckless Biden could come out and say that he has no confidence in Harris, which would probably force a resignation and incredible backlash from progressive Black Women.  

Clearly, if Joe Biden does not run for reelection, Quemala Harris would be challenged in the primaries if she chose to run for the Presidency.  Given her last performance in the primaries, which was dismal, odds are pretty good that another Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) would beat her.  Crooked Hillary is actually polling better than Joe Biden, which should be no surprise.  Everybody is polling better than Joe Biden, except Harris because his poll ratings are in the toilet.  

One way another Quemala Harris has to go.  The only question is what face saving way can be used to get rid of the Witch.  Appointment to the Supreme Court is the easiest solution; but it probably will not happen.  So short of pushing her out of an airplane door, Biden will have to find another way to get rid of her.  Wait until after the election in 2022 when the Republicans regain control of the Congress.  The Socialist Fascists will come up with a solution.  

Monday, February 7, 2022

Johns Hopkins University Study - Lockdowns Had Little Impact On Reducing Covid - 19 Deaths

Johns Hopkins University, one of the most prestigious in the country conducted an extensive study on the impact of lockdowns on reducing Covid - 19 Deaths.  What they found from their research was that deaths were only reduced by 0.2% and that many more people died in the same time period because they could not get the care they needed.  So of course, Fake News will not report the findings and the Deep State Swamp lizards that insisted on lockdowns, which destroyed our economy, mask mandates and vaccination mandates are silent.      

Flip Flop big mouth Tony Fauci and all his pals in the Medical DC Establishment should be prosecuted for their crimes against society.  They are responsible for the destruction of thousands of small businesses.  They literally wrecked people lives.  President Trump and even President Biden acted on the "science" that they dictated.  These A-Holes were and are clueless.  So now just who will be held accountable.  The answer is probably nobody because government is full of crooks and liars who protect their own.  

The Johns Hopkins study indicated that never again should lockdowns be used to deal with a pandemic.  Well how nice.  The federal government has added trillions of dollars to the national debt when just some of the money should just been spent on developing therapeutic drugs to treat Covid in addition to the vaccine, which is clearly not a cure.  Big Pharma has made billions of dollars off Covid.  Never in the history of our country has government led by idiots been so wrong and that is saying a lot since government really screws up all the time. 

It is time to end all mask and vaccination mandates.  All states and schools need to open up for business.  When the Republicans take back control of the Congress in 2022, they need to hold hearings to identify the DC Swamp Lizards responsible who caused this mess.  At a minimum, heads need to roll and there must be resignations and for some like Flip Flop Fauci, there should be jail time.  We must never allow the Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) to use a crisis to deny Americans our freedoms.  Never again, never again!!  We stand with the truckers around the world who are tooting their horns to say ENOUGH!    


Sunday, February 6, 2022

Where Are People Of Color At Charity Events

We attend various charity events every year to raise money for all sorts of causes from those helping the poor in various ways to those supporting the arts.  And, what is surprising is that it is rare to see people of color at these events.  It is generally older White people middle class and rich doing good things for their communities.  Where are middle class and rich people of color and don't say that there aren't any because that would be ridiculous.  It might be that most people of color are Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) who believe it is government's job to help their less fortunate brothers and sisters.  

While there are more White people in real numbers on Welfare and Food Stamps than people of color, as a percentage of each group, there are more poor people of color that need help.  Their middle class and rich brothers and sisters argue that the rich should pay more in taxes to support the poor.  What they fail to see is that is it middle class and rich Whites both paying taxes and supporting charities helping people in need of all races.  Many of these groups support unwed mothers to avoid abortion.  Of course, most Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) of all races support abortion right up until birth and even after at taxpayer expense so that is their way of helping poor women of color.  Killing Black and Hispanic babies is their answer to helping these poor women.  What a shame!

So, I challenge middle class and rich people of color to support charities in their communities.  They are welcome to attend the luncheons and dinners to raise money for many worthy causes.  I would love to see them sitting right next to us.  All charities welcome broad participation to do good things in their communities.  Government is never the solution.  Government is usually the problem.  We have spent trillions of dollars trying to eliminate poverty in our country since the New Deal and Great Society and yet poverty has never been greater.  In the process, government has destroyed the Black family.  7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock.  5 out of 10 Hispanic babies are born of out of wedlock.  4 out of 10 White babies are born out of wedlock.  In most cases, while life is preferable to abortion, these children are born into poverty.  We have to break this cycle.  

This is happening because of the societal breakdown in our country and the acceptance that babies born out of wedlock is a normal occurrence.  And though it happens everyday, it should not be normalized.  We must encourage marriage and family to stop what is happening; but that is another blog posting.  In the meantime, there are many people in our country that need help.  Middle class and rich people of color need to step up to help those in need.   I would love to see them at the charity events we attend every year.  

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Mike Pence Has No Future In The Republican Party

Former Vice President Mike Pence has no future in the Republican Party because when we needed him most during the counting of the Electoral College Votes on January 6th, 2021,  he let us down and instead acted as a Deep State Swamp Lizard to elect feckless Joe Biden.  Pence had the right to send the electoral slate back to the states where Governors illegally ignored their state's election laws, which resulted in voter fraud.  The reason we know that Pence had the legal right to do it is because RINOS and Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) are in discussions to change the law to stop a Vice President in the future from taking this action.  It will be interesting to see if Socialist Fascists will vote for this change in the law because they would take this action in a minute to steal an election given the chance.   

If Pence did not have the legal right to take this action then why are Deep State Swamp Lizards looking to change the law.  The fact is that Mike Pence would not have been deciding the election had he taken this action.   State Legislatures could have recertified the electoral slate that was sent to the Congress, or they could have pushed it aside sending a new slate, which would have been their right.  State Legislatures, many of which were controlled by Republicans would have exercised their legitimate authority and in all likelihood President Trump would have been re-elected.  In doing so, they would have saved the nation from the current buffoon in the White House, feckless Joe Biden.

The base of the Republican Party will NEVER forgive Mike Pence for failing us and the nation.  His cowardice is a stain on his forehead that will forever be there to remind us that he did not have the courage to save our country from fraudulently electing Joe Biden.  Mike Pence was the last line of defense and he failed to stand tall.  As a result, Mike Pence is OVER.  He can get a job on CNN or MSNBC, or on various woke company Boards.  They will hire him because they Love anyone who worked to remove President Trump from office.    

Teaching Black History As Part Of The American Story

Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist history and 1619 Project that proclaims that America began when the first slaves set foot in Virginia is political indoctrination and not Black History.   Valid Black History is most certainly American history and should be taught as part of the bigger story.  As a former US History and Government teacher at the junior, senior and adult school levels, I know that a lot of material must be taught in a short period of time.  As it is now, many Americans are clueless about American history and the workings of our government because they have not been taught the whole story in our public schools.  Instead, many Socialist history teachers that hate America indoctrinate rather than educate.  That has to stop!   

Black history should be taught in context where valid connections exist, but it cannot infringe on  the time needed to cover Colonization, the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Civil War, Westward Expansion, Industrialization, Immigration of the 1800's and early 1900's, Global Expansion, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the Korean War, the Cold War, The Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, 9/11 and many, many other topics about modern American history and government.  African Americans make up about 14% of our population.  And, while Black history is a compelling story that began with slavery in America and there are many Black heroes that should be part of the American story, slaves did not build the United States as we know it today.  That premise is just not true.

Matter of fact, slavery ended long before the America we know today was constructed by peoples of all races, nationalities and religions.  To say otherwise is a Big Lie that is nothing more than political indoctrination.  It was our Founding Fathers and the Melting Pot from our very beginnings that created one nation under God that made America great.  We need to teach children the Great, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of American history leaving out not one word of the story.  Most important, teachers must tell the whole story and nothing but the truth about our great country.  Anything less is revisionist history malpractice and indoctrination that does great harm to our people and nation.  

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Biden's Affirmative Action Judicial Appointments

Feckless Joe Biden is implementing affirmative action Judicial Appointments.  While all the focus is on the Black woman Biden will soon appoint to the Supreme Court, Biden has appointed very few Whites to the courts even though non-Hispanic Whites make up 60% of the population.   Only 5% of Biden's appointments to the courts have been White Men.  Most of Biden's appointments to the courts have been women of color.  If we are going to practice affirmative action then perhaps it makes sense to make all appointments based on the percentage of the population they represent. 

Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) like to say they are appointing people to high offices that look like America rather than what is in their brain.  I have no problem with that concept; but then let's actually do it.  Blacks make up 14% of Americans so they should get 14% of appointments.  Hispanics make up 20% of the population including illegal aliens so they should get 20% of appointments.  Let's go down the list related to every ethnic or racial group and let's not forget sexual orientation.  

Of course, this is Identity Politics gone berserk; but if that is how the game is going to be played then let's play it demanding proper representation.  And, let's not forget Italian Americans.  We are a very big part of the population.  Since Antonin Scalia died, Italians now have no representation on the Supreme Court to defend Christopher Columbus from attack.  Better yet, how about if we make appointments based on who pays taxes since half the country pays no taxes at all. 

This kind of crazy thinking is the result of Identity Politics in the extreme; but we dealing with radical Socialist Fascist ideology.  We can play their game if that is where this is all going.  We can measure any President based on the appointments that he or she makes.  We must demand that quotas be established and met otherwise we have to raise holy hell.  This is America today.  This is the world we live in.  

America First - National Security & Jobs

In the last 20 years, instead of building new factories in the US, companies closed about 70,000 and shipped more than 5 million jobs overseas primarily to China.  In the process, China got rich and many little mill towns in the US were devastated.  When I was a "free trader" I supporter this move because I believed it would lead to much lower prices, which in the end would even benefit those who lost their jobs in the US.  I assumed that China and other countries would buy goods and services from the US so that we would have a trade balance creating other jobs for those who were displaced.  

But, that is not what happened.  Companies did not lower prices instead just gaining more profits.  And, China has turned into an industrial powerhouse and both an economic and military threat to the United States at our expense.  China got rich while we have had to borrow trillions of dollars often from them to fund government spending.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  Politicians of both political parties have really screwed this up for years.  

Equally important is that China now controls the supply chain for goods that are critical to our economy and people.  So, for example about 80% of drugs are made in China just as Baby Boomers are retiring at the rate of 10,000 a day for the next 15 - 20 years.  Most solar equipment and wind turbines are made in China as the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats ) in our country push for the Green New Deal, which will make lots of jobs in China; but very few in the US.  And, rather than take advantage of energy in the US to make our country energy independent as happened when Trump was President, feckless Biden signed Executive Orders, which has forced him to beg OPEC and Russia for oil.  Further, China is not cutting back on carbon emissions, which makes anything we do in the US to cut emissions meaningless job killers.  China also controls critical minerals needed for batteries so more jobs joining to them.  

What we have learned from all of this is that many industries should be designated as critical to our National Security and therefore products coming from other countries for those items must carry very high tariffs to force companies to make those products in the United States.  We need Fair Trade not Free Trade.  We must never again be held hostage by China or any other country related to products that are are vital to our country.  We must practice America First to protect our country from economic blackmail.  President Trump got it right when he preached America First.  We must get our country back on track to protect the interest of the United States and our people.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Black Lives Matter Is A Communist Domestic Terrorist Organization

It is absolutely astounding that many public school districts across America are implementing Black Lives Matter Week of Action, which is nothing more than Communist indoctrination.  BLM is a Communist Domestic Terrorist Organization that has rioted, looted and burned down businesses and cites causing more than $2 billion in damages and injuring hundreds of people some of whom died during their riots.    BLM is not a legitimate Civil Rights organization.  

Public School Board Members, Administrators and Teachers pushing BLM indoctrination must be removed from office and or FIRED.  Exposing children to this evil organization is child abuse, malpractice and malfeasance.  Parents and other concerned citizens in public school districts where they are pushing BLM and Critical Race Theory indoctrination must rise up and raise holy hell.   Ignorant Members of BLM obviously do not understand the evils of Communism.   Socialism, Communism and Fascism wherever they have been practiced has always led to misery and murder.  History is our teacher.  These morons are probably products of our public schools, which is why they don't know history.

BLM is out to destroy our country and the nuclear family in favor of some collective Communist ideology.  No thanks.  We know the end of this story.  What is really outrageous is that some of the largest companies in the US have given BLM millions of dollars.  Where are the Boards of these publicly traded companies.  Senior Managers that have done this should be FIRED.  

Black Lives Matter should be on the Domestic Terrorist list; but don't count on it related to Biden's Justice Department run by the Socialist Party Hack Merrick Garland.  What an idiot!  BLM is rarely prosecuted for their crimes.  Quemala Harris was even raising money to pay bail to get BLM criminals out of jail in the rare event they were arrested.  We have reached crazy in America.  Many public school districts are supporting these criminals.  Just unbelievable!