Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Quemala Harris Is A Mean Witch That Has To Go

When Joe Biden took office he announced that anyone in his administration that was mean to other staff members would be fired immediately.  One of his appointees had to resign recently because he was mean to his employees.  So what about Quemala Harris?  So far 8 of her staff members have resigned as result of her terrible behaviors toward them.  Nobody wants to work for the Witch, which rhymes with another word starting with a "B".  Let's face it, Harris is just not likeable.  

One way or another Biden has to get rid of Quemala Harris.  Biden could appoint her to the Supreme Court.  But there are more qualified Black Women already on lower courts who would be a better choice.  I don't think a President can actually fire a Vice President.  Harris would have to resign of her own volition.  Feckless Biden could come out and say that he has no confidence in Harris, which would probably force a resignation and incredible backlash from progressive Black Women.  

Clearly, if Joe Biden does not run for reelection, Quemala Harris would be challenged in the primaries if she chose to run for the Presidency.  Given her last performance in the primaries, which was dismal, odds are pretty good that another Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) would beat her.  Crooked Hillary is actually polling better than Joe Biden, which should be no surprise.  Everybody is polling better than Joe Biden, except Harris because his poll ratings are in the toilet.  

One way another Quemala Harris has to go.  The only question is what face saving way can be used to get rid of the Witch.  Appointment to the Supreme Court is the easiest solution; but it probably will not happen.  So short of pushing her out of an airplane door, Biden will have to find another way to get rid of her.  Wait until after the election in 2022 when the Republicans regain control of the Congress.  The Socialist Fascists will come up with a solution.  

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