Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Fixing Our Public Schools & The Battles It Will Take

Half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level.  Inner city kids are way below grade level.  Many kids graduating from high schools are functionally illiterate.  Many kids could not pass a basic United States History and Government test let alone math or science test.  Woke Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) that run public schools will do nothing to improve the quality of education because reforms needed would be opposed by teacher unions that own them, lock, stock and barrel.  Sadly, the only way to improve our public schools is to elect Republicans that support quality education as Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Attorney Generals, State Legislators and School Board Members willing to fight the battles that are necessary to deal with this national crisis.  It will not happen any other way.  

We will continue to see dismal academic achievement unless the following reforms are adopted:

1. We need School Choice for all parents and students so poor and middle class parents can get their kids out of failing public schools, the same as the rich.  Without competition, there will be no improvement in public schools.

2. We need more public Charter Schools controlled by parents and other concerned citizens, rather than Woke Schools Boards, Administrators and teacher unions.  Bidenistas are right now out to destroy Charter Schools opposed by teacher unions.

3. We need to end teacher tenure so bad teachers can more easily be FIRED.

4. We need meaningful metrics and evaluation and regular testing to measure both teacher and administrator performance tied to merit pay and bonus programs to reward them for actually educating children.  

5. We need to eliminate many in the four layers of education bureaucracy; federal, state, county and local so more money ends up at the school site level for Reading and Math Specialists, Counselors, classroom aides etc.  This would also allow for higher teacher pay for those teachers that produce results.  Those teachers that don't produce results should be invited to seek other employment.  

6. We need curriculum design focused on education rather than woke indoctrination.  Obviously, what is happening now is not leading to increased learning.  

7. Teacher unions and collective bargaining must be confined to wages, benefits, pensions and working conditions as is the case for other unions.  They should have no say as to what is taught in our schools.  

All of these things would be vigorously opposed by the Woke Education Establishment feeding at the trough.  They actually benefit from failing public schools with no accountability because federal dollars follow failure.  Teacher unions in particular would be vicious in their opposition to these reforms because they are determined to control public schools for the benefit of their members not children.  Teacher unions do not care about kids.  That should be obvious by now.  Remember, it was the teacher unions that insisted on the closure of our schools for two years.  Teachers got paid anyway for not working, so why not.  

Unless the reforms listed are adopted, we will continue to see failing public schools that are actually  harming kids.  It is just that simple.  It will take parents, concerned citizens and presumably Republican politicians pushing for these reforms who are willing to take the heat to fight the battles needed to fix our public schools.  Reforms will not be implemented as long as Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) control our schools.  The longer we wait to get the job done, the more kids we will have with a poor education often living in poverty.  

Monday, May 30, 2022

Radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Support Defunding The Police

At a time when crime is surging in the United States and the murder rate is way up, radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) still support Defunding the Police.  Since most crimes happens in our inner cities and impact people of color worst,  they are actually harming the poor in our country.  The fact is that cops are hesitant to respond to 911 calls in our inner cities because they fear prosecution for doing their jobs.  Who could blame them.  

Black on Black crime is the single biggest reason for murders in our inner cities.  Where is the outcry.  Much of it is drug related at gangs fight for turf and innocent people often get caught in the crossfire.  How many people have to die in Blue states and cities like Chicago where crime and murders are rampant.  Far more people die in Chicago every month than die in the worst mass shooting.  Chicago and other Blue states and cities have the strictest gun laws in the country, which do not stop criminals from illegally buying or stealing guns.  So, clearly more guns laws will not stop the carnage.  

We need Cops doing their jobs to maintain any kind of civil society.  There must be Criminal Profiling to identify those most likely to commit crimes.  Certainly, those with a serious criminal record warrant some kind of surveillance to make sure they are not in possession of illegal weapons.  And, people are dying from drug abuse.  The Pushers run by the Cartels must be arrested and go to jail.  

Radical Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), BLM and Antifa, Communist Terrorist organizations pushing to Defund the Police are responsible for the deaths happening in our inner cities.  They are hurting the very people they purport to represents.  We have to make America Safe Again.  We need more Cops not fewer Cops to get the job done.  Most important, when anyone calls 911, they have a right to expect a Cop to come to their rescue even if it means killing an assailant to save lives.   

Colleges & Universities In The United States

Like many public school districts, most colleges and universities in the US are Woke left wing radical Socialist Fascist bastions of so called learning.  Free speech is actually not tolerated unless it is left wing Socialist or Communist speech.  Sadly, this includes many Catholic universities as well, especially those run by Jesuits.  So Conservative parents working with their children to choose universities need to be very careful about sending their kids to a school that is more of an indoctrination factory than a place committed to truth and higher learning.  

Conservative professors are not tolerated on these campuses.  Unless they remain closeted, the risk of being fired for daring to criticize Socialist and or Communist ideology being taught on campus is real.  What is really bad is that most of these universities receive federal tax dollars one way or another through research grants and or student loans used to pay their rising and exorbitant tuitions.  In other words, taxpayers are paying for this crap.  

What is really dangerous is that we are not educating kids to compete in a modern world.  It starts in our public schools that fail to educate kids.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Then those that do go on to college or university receive a poor education as well.  Many of these kids could not pass a very basic United States History or Government test let alone tests in Science or Math.  This is a national crisis.

Education is an annual trillion dollar industry in the United States.  And, what are we getting for it.  Poorly educated kids that believe that Socialism is the way of the future for the United States.  Since these kids are not being taught history, they just don't know that Socialism, Communism and Fascism has always led to misery, poverty and even murder of millions of people.   We have to save our country and part of the battle is taking back our public schools and universities.  It will be a tough fight because there are entrenched people feeding at the trough at every level of education that will never give up their right to indoctrinate the nation's children.  We must push back and demand accountability and truth in education.  It is the civil rights issue of this era. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Identifying Mass Murderers & Other Criminals - The Role of Public Schools

For years, we heard about racial profiling as Cops attempted to stop crimes before they happened in our inner cities where crime rates are highest.  That has all stopped so now we have rampant crime and murders in our inner cities.  Maybe what we should be doing is Criminal Profiling that has nothing to do with race.   Let's start with Mass Murderers.  We know that most of the Mass Murders committed in our country involve young men who are 16 - 25 years of age growing up in dysfunctional families, often in poverty.  These are usually kids who were bullied in school, loners with very few if any friends.  Teachers and Administrators know these kids.  They see what is happening.  In addition to dealing with these kids, school sites must be hardened with armed guards to stop a would be killer.  And by the way, the same is true related to Malls, churches and all other places where lots of people gather. 

Since 90% of kids in our country go to public schools, they have a huge role to play in helping to identify Mass Murderers early on.  First, it would be great if public schools worked to educate children so that half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  If these kids were better educated, just maybe living in poverty could be averted.  That said, bullying is a real problem in our schools.  As a former teacher, I saw this close up.  Any kid who is different for any reason is often bullied.  Kids that come from strong intact families can overcome bullying; but kids who come from dysfunctional families with a miserable life both at home and at school are most at risk of becoming disaffected.  Add in exposure to violent video games and movies and the impact of social media and we have the making of a Mass Murderer.   

Public Schools need to intervene when they see this picture.  These kids need help to prevent a sick personality from developing.  In addition to serious attempts to stop bullying, perhaps referrals to Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Boys and Girls Clubs, or other organizations can intervene to get a kid back on track.  Most important, something needs to be done to stop this cycle from happening.   

Specific to other criminals.  Again in most cases, poverty is the basis for crime and lack of marketable job skills is a ticket to poverty.  Public Schools have a job to do to make sure kids graduate with marketable job skills so more vocational education is needed  Since most violent crimes happen in our inner cities, there does need to be Criminal Profiling.  Black on Black crime is the single biggest reason for murders in our inners cities and much of it is gang and drug related.  Cops need to go undercover to identify those most likely to commit these murders and make sure they do not have illegal guns.  Those with criminal records are most likely to commit more crimes so more surveillance of them is needed.   Of course, in all cases Constitutional rights must be protected; but without effective intervention, we are likely to see more Mass Shootings and more murders in our inner cities.  

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Owning Guns In America

When adding the Bill of Rights to the US Constitution, James Madison who wrote both included the Second Amendment, the right to own guns.  It is important to recognize how important Madison and the Founding Fathers thought of gun rights making it the Second Amendment right after the First guaranteeing freedom of speech, press and religion.  Our Founding Fathers did not include the Second Amendment in the Constitution to protect the rights of hunters.  It was included because shortly before they had broken the chains of tyranny imposed by Britain in the American Revolution.  Our Founding Fathers saw gun rights as critical to maintaining our freedoms. 

There are about 118 million people in the United States that own nearly 400 million guns and that number is growing because of rampant crime.   Obviously, very few of those guns are ever used in a crime.  In fact, most of the guns used in criminal activity are illegally owned guns often stolen, or bought on the open market in Blue cities and states where guns laws are very strict.  About 50% of gun deaths are by suicide.  Mass shootings, which began about 20 years ago with the demise of the family, however horrific are actually pretty rare.  In fact, most mass shootings are committed by deranged young men between the ages of 16 and 25 who grew up in dysfunctional families and were often bullied while in school.  Most other gun deaths are the result of criminal activity, often Black on Black crime that primarily happens in our inner cities usually related to drug sales and turf wars. 

None of these facts matter because totalitarian Communist, Fascist and Socialist Countries always prohibit gun ownership because they fear an armed populace that could rise up against their tyranny just as our Founding Fathers anticipated.  And so here we are today.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) in the US would eliminate the 2nd Amendment if they could make it happen because they too fear an armed populace that is sick and tired of government overreach.  Covid was the best example of what a tyrannical government can do in the name of a "crisis".  They shut down the entire economy including schools for two years.   Thousands of small businesses closed for good, which only benefited the largest companies in America that support Socialist Fascists in government because together they control all facets of daily life.  

Our Second Amendment rights are critical to maintaining our freedoms.  We can never let the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats ) eliminate the right to own guns in America.  Instead, we need to deal with the societal problems that exist in our country and the evil that comes from family dysfunction that usually results in poverty.    

Friday, May 27, 2022

The Texas School Massacre - A Combination of Failures

While it easy to second guess any event that occurs, it appears that the recent mass shootings at a Texas elementary school was the result of various failures.  First, the school was not prepared for what occurred.  The gunman was on campus for several minutes shooting up the school before entering through an unlocked door.   The School Guard was apparently nowhere to be found while all of this was going on.  And, then when local police showed up several minutes later they were not properly outfitted to deal with the killer.  They had to call in a tactical unit with body armor to enter the school.  How can this be?

It was reported that 48 minutes went by until law enforcement could enter the building, while parents outside were screaming at them to go in and take out the killer.  While this was going on some parents and an off duty Border Patrol officer went in to rescue their family members.  Finally, it was a border patrol unit that took down the shooter to end the carnage.  In the meantime, the gunman had time to kill 21 people.  

If this sequence is true, there is something very wrong with the picture.  The School District did not adequately protect this school from easy intrusion.  The fact that a gunman could come on campus and shoot up the school before entering inside was inexcusable.  Where was the District Guard who should have been on duty?  

And, then when local police did show up, they were ill equipped to deal with this shooter, which is why they did not enter the building.  Clearly, they feared for their own lives, since they were not protected by body armor.  It has also been reported that they did not have long guns with more range that would have allowed them to respond more forcefully.  

It is impossible to know if these lives could have been saved if things had gone differently.  There definitely needs to be an investigation to determine all the facts.  The findings might add to the tragedy; but, it is the only way to determine if things had been done differently if lives could have been saved.  We could learn from Israel that implements a security strategy that works to protect their schools from Terrorist attacks.  The people who lost their loved ones deserve answers.  And, other School Districts and local law enforcement must heed the lessons learned to prevent similar tragedies in their schools. 

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Crime In America - Root Causes

Whenever we have a horrific mass shooting at a school or anywhere else, the Socialist Fascists immediately call for more gun control.  The fact is that blue states and cities have very strict gun control laws and they have the highest murder rates in the country.  So, obviously stricter laws do not end the carnage.  And, as bad as any of these mass shooting are, more people are murdered in Chicago every month than occurs in one of these mass shooting.  

Unless and until we are willing to deal with the root causes of crime in our country, we will never solve the problem.  First, many children of all colors are born to single moms with no dad in the house right into poverty.  And, while this is preferable to abortion, it does start the cycle that often leads to crime.  We must stand up for traditional families and say that having children out of wedlock is wrong.  Our public schools fail to educate millions of children especially in our inner cities.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level, which is a ticket to poverty.  The reforms needed to improve the quality of education are opposed by the teacher unions that own the Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) so of course nothing happens.  Further, bullying in schools leads to disaffected kids who commit these murders.  

Drug and alcohol addiction is rampant.  This often causes dysfunctional families with violence in the home.  Legalization of POT has made matters worse because it is a gateway drug.  We must secure our border to stop the drugs that are coming into our country to help stop this problem.  Joe Biden will do nothing to secure the border so once again, this is a political issue that is a cause for higher crime and more murders.  

We must face up to Black on Black crime.  The issue of Cops killing people of color is bogus.  Most Blacks that die as a result of crime are murdered by other Blacks.  A lot of this is drug related as gangs fight for turf.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and even some Republicans fear stating the obvious truth.  There is tremendous gang related violence in our inner cities.  Now that the Defund the Cop movement is being pushed by Socialist Fascists, this is likely to get worse as Cops don't aggressively police inner city streets for fear of ending up in jail themselves.  

And, then there is all the violence glorified in movies and videos games.  Killing just looks like fun.  Combining that access to violence with many mentally ill people and it is a recipe for murder.  Unless and until we face all of these truths, we will continue to have carnage on our streets.  Mass shootings will continue as deranged young people murder others.  This story is not about more gun control.  It will not solve the problem.   

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

School Shootings in Texas - When Will We Learn

So here we go again.  We had another mass shooting at an elementary school in Texas by a deranged gunman who also killed his grandmother before his rampage at the school.  Of course, instead of bringing our country together in a time of tragedy, Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist pals in government and Fake News immediately call for more gun control, which will do nothing to prevent violence, except insure that law abiding citizens are prevented from owning guns.  The reality is that we live in a dysfunctional society created by left wing permissiveness.  Most children today of all colors are born to single moms with no dads in the home, which is a road to poverty and misery.  This recent gunman was just another example.  

Drugs and alcohol addiction are rampant.  Most of our public schools do not educate children, which leads to increased poverty and dysfunction.  So these mass shootings are a product of our sick society.  What we need to do is make sure that all schools are hardened sites using technology and barriers to insure security.  Nobody should be on a school campus without coming through a locked, manned gate, or front door.  There must be security guards at every school with guns to take down a would be shooter as soon as the threat is evident.  They must shoot to kill to prevent a tragedy.  I certainly would want that if my grandchildren were threatened by a lunatic.  

Volunteer Teachers, that may own guns anyway, who qualify by training should be allowed to have guns locked in classroom cabinets in the event it is necessary to protect students.  Minutes matter so reaction time is critical.  Students need to be under desks in locked rooms if there is a shooter on campus.  Parents can also buy bulletproof book bags that kids can use as shields.   These book bags can be provided to poor kids if their parents cannot afford to buy them.  

Waiting for law enforcement to respond to a 911 call is not good enough.  We waste a tremendous amount of money on four layers of education bureaucracy.  Clearly, some of those positions need to be eliminated to fund school site security.   There is no need for one more tragedy; but it requires federal, state and local action to stop it from happening.  So far, local school boards and various levels of government have failed to protect children.   It is intolerable.   

China Buying Farmland All Over The World

China is buying up millions of acres of farmland all over the world including in the United States.  Since they have more than a billion mouths to feed, no one can blame them for thinking ahead in case there are food shortages that result from the climate change that they are causing because of their carbon emissions.  We are seeing right now what is happening because Ukraine is prevented from shipping wheat out of their country because of the war with Russia.  Ukraine, as one of the largest producers of wheat in the world and is the breadbasket of Europe, so it is causing global shortages.  

So, is it wise for the United States to allow China to buy farmland in our country; maybe not.  If there are food shortages around the world, before we allow the export of any food, we must feed our people first.  I know, I know, I am arguing for America First; but as we are now seeing with the infant formula shortages, it can turn into a crisis.   We certainly don't want to see bread lines in the United States that often happens in Communist countries.  

We need to make food production in the United States better, faster and cheaper.  In other words, we must increase crop yields; but that is pretty tough to do with the cost of fertilizer and diesel fuel going through the roof.  Thank You Joe Biden.  China thinks strategically.  In this case, it is because they fear hungry people could lead to revolution.  President Trump is a strategic thinking.  So while he was in the White House, he pushed an America First agenda.  Our trade deficit with China continues to grow.  The last thing we need is China exporting food from the United States to China, when we have mouths to feed in the United. States.  

Monday, May 23, 2022

Joe Biden Determined To Destroy Charter Schools

Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) are owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher unions, which is why Biden is determined to destroy Charter Schools.  Biden's master, the teacher unions oppose Charter Schools because they can't control them and because they have better academic achievement than regular public schools.   The last thing the Unions want is competition that could threaten their power.  

About a million kids have left public schools since Covid, which scares Educats to death.  Some are being homeschooled, while others are now in private schools.  When kids leave public schools, state money going to public schools leaves too.  And, less money means fewer jobs, perks, pensions etc.  The teacher unions want poor and middle class kids stuck in failing public schools on the plantation run by their slave masters so their teacher union members can continue feeding at the trough.  Public Schools are just a big jobs program with great pensions.  They have nothing to do with educating children now that Socialist Fascist indoctrination is the game plan.  Naturally, left wing woke School Board's composed of union lackeys and incompetent administrators are in on the scam.   

Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level; but nobody in the public education bureaucracy cares.  They will do nothing to improve the quality of education because the reforms needed are totally opposed by teacher unions and better scores could impact federal monies that they receive.  Public Charter Schools mostly attended by poor minority children of color, whose parents cannot afford private schools, are a threat to their gravy train.  So Biden and his cronies at the Department of Education led by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, a former public school Superintendent are imposing new regulations on Charter Schools to destroy them.  They obviously don't care that they are hurting poor minority kids.  Whose Bread They Eat, Whose Song They Sing.  Cardona is the same character who worked with the National School Boards Association to label protesting parents at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" requiring arrest by the FBI and prosecution by the Justice Department.  

Ironically, most Blacks and a smaller percentage of Hispanics vote for Socialist Fascists that are holding inner city kids of color back from getting a great education.  Where are Black and Hispanic leaders who should be supporting School Choice for all kids.  They are missing in action because many of them are poverty pimps who actually benefit from keeping people of color poor.  Well educated people of all colors that achieve success often vote Republican, the last thing Socialist Fascists want to see happen.  Their goal is to keep as many people as possible dependent on government as their ticket to power.  Everybody knows that a poor education is the road to poverty, which is why Biden and his Socialist Fascist Party are out to destroy Charter Schools.    

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Great Teaching Is Not Indoctrination

Years ago when I earned my Standard Secondary Teaching Credential from Cal State that allowed me to teach junior and senior high school in California, we were taught that the teacher's role was to teach critical thinking.  That meant that we were not there to teach kids what to think, but rather how to think.  And, that especially when discussing controversial issues, our job was to present both sides of the argument, without taking a position, so that kids could form their own opinions through critical thinking skills.  That was the very definition of great teaching.

Even though I was a liberal Democrat back then before my conversion to Conservative Republican thinking when Ronald Reagan, my hero came on the scene,  I never pushed my liberal or Conservative ideology on my students.  Sadly, that has all changed today.  Now, many teachers  tend to be left wing Socialists (AKA Democrats) that believe their job is to create more left wing Socialists.  They are atheists, support Critical Race Theory Marxist racist, revisionist fake history and are pro-choice, anti-gun, against secure borders, against traditional families and are advocates of the radical LGBTQIA agenda, all of which they push on kids.  

Socialist Fascist beliefs are protected by our Constitution, however, when these left wing Socialist teachers are in a classroom paid for with taxpayer dollars, they should not be indoctrinating children with their left wing Socialist ideology.  The Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history is indoctrination not education.  Further, openly pushing the radical LGBTQIA agenda in public and even some private schools and many Universities is way over the top.  It is criminal malpractice. 

In the old days, teacher unions focused on wages, benefits, pensions and better working conditions, which is generally the mission of any union.  Today, however, teacher unions support woke Socialist Fascist curriculum that pushes their left wing ideology, including all the culture war issues in the classroom.  The lessons I learned when I got my Standard Secondary Teaching Credential are long lost.  And so we have moved from Great Teaching to Socialist Fascist indoctrination.  

The end result are kids that cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids that are way below grade level because the objective today is not learning; but rather turning out little Socialist Fascist ideologues.  This is a national crisis and the reason we are seeing the battles going on at school board meetings across the country.  Parents and other concerned citizens just want great teaching not indoctrination.  We have to get back to educating kids with a classical liberal arts education to make them well rounded citizens able to think for themselves.   This is a battle that must be fought for the benefit of children and our nation.   It is the Civil Rights issue of this era.  

Friday, May 20, 2022

Joe Biden Processing Illegal Aliens

Bidenistas are focused on efficiently processing all illegal aliens that cross our border not securing the border.   Joe Biden and his idiot Secretary of Homeland InSecurity Alejandro Mayorkas have opened the floodgates telling illegal aliens from all over the world to "come on in".  Their goals is to efficiently process the illegal aliens that turn themselves in seeking "asylum", which is a scam in just a few days to ship them off to cities all over the United States.   

Of course, the criminal illegal aliens entering our country are not turning themselves in.  They are in the thousands of "get aways" every month that escape the border patrol.  They are the Cartel's drug runners that are bringing the illegal drugs coming into our country that are killing thousands of our people every month.  They are also the Terrorists out to destroy our country.  In all, about 2 million illegal aliens have entered our country since Joe Biden took office with no end in sight.  

When the Republicans take back control of the Congress in 2022, they must impeach incompetent, feckless Joe Biden for failing to enforce our immigration laws.  All Presidents swear an oath to protect and preserve our nation.  Joe Biden is doing everything he can to destroy our nation.  If Biden is not forced to resign as a result of his family's corruption, he must be removed from office by either the 25th Amendment for his dementia and or because Biden continues to violate our laws.   We can't take three more years of Joe Biden.  The damage to our country is just too great.   

Socialist Fascists - "The Party of Division and Hate"

Elon Musk, who is no flaming Conservative has called the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) "the party of division and hate", which is why he is voting Republican for the first time in his life.  This statement could not be truer. Socialist Fascists play identity politics to win elections.  Everything is about race, sexual orientation, abortion, taking our guns away, allowing illegal aliens to invade our country and defunding evil Cops trying to maintain a civil society.  Parents who protest at school board meetings are called "domestic terrorists" subject to investigation and prosecution by the FBI and Justice Department.  

In the Socialist Fascist world, there is a White Supremacist around every corner plotting to murder people of color.  Of course, the fact that Black on Black crime is the primary reason more people in our country die of murder than ever before is completely ignored.  The fact that most babies killed by abortion are babies of color is also ignored.  

The Socialist Fascist Party is dividing our nation like never before since the Civil War.  The results are riots, looting and burning down cities and businesses.  Instead of one people and one nation under God, we are hyphen Americans or people,  They now talk of supposed Replacement Theory advanced by White People.  This is a new one.  They claim White people fear being replaced by people of color.  Really!  The funny part about all of this is that Donald Trump got more Black and Hispanic votes than any other Republican Presidential candidate in American history.  And,  more and more people of color are turning Republican than ever before because Joe Biden is such a miserable failure.    

Yes, the Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats) are the party of division of hate.  They are pushing Critical Race Theory, Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history indoctrination in our public schools and universities, which teaches that all White people are racist oppressors.  They are teaching kids to hate other kids and even their White parents.  Socialist Fascist oppose the traditional family as they are trying to take parental rights away from them in many states so that they can own our children.  This is right out of Adolf Hitler's NAZI playbook.  Communists around the world practice the same strategy to indoctrinate children.  

Hate is alive and well in America thanks to the Socialist Fascist Party (AKA Democrats).  Thankfully half the country and now even Elon Musk sees it.  A Red Wave is coming in elections in 2022 and 2024 to stop the hate.  It won't be easy because history teaches us that Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat and murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   They will just get more desperate and dangerous when they lose power.   

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Elon Musk Announced He Is Voting Republican in Upcoming Elections

Out of disgust for feckless Joe Biden and the Socialist Fascist Party, Elon Musk, billionaire, entrepreneur has announced he will be voting Republican in upcoming elections.  Imagine that!   Musk sees all the failures caused by Joe Biden and as a result he decided to go public.  I suspect that there are many people that will follow his lead.  Or, could it be that Musk sees the Red Wave coming and figures why not make friends now.  

The real question is will Musk's checkbook follow his words.  Communist George Soros has already donated $125 million to various Socialist Fascist organizations to help them get elected.  Mark Zuckerberg donated over $400 million dollars in 2020 to pay for ballot harvesting and other activities to fraudulently defeat Donald Trump.  Zuckerberg may have buyer's remorse because he has said he won't do it again and or he fears the Red Wave coming and what Congress might do to regulate his businesses.  

Let's face it, money talks.  Many play both sides to make sure they can buy influence no matter who wins.  After all, we have the best politicians money can buy and everybody knows it.  Elon Musk is a character.  Wait a minute, Donald Trump is a character that was elected President.  Could it be that Elon Musk wants to be President.  Only problem is that Musk was born in Pretoria, South Africa.  Our Constitution requires that the President be born in the United States so unless the Constitution is amended, which is unlikely, Musk will just have to work at being a king maker; but never the king.  It's ok.  Probably more fun anyway.  

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

FBI Investigating Parents Protesting At School Board Meetings

Evidence has come to light that the FBI is investigating parents protesting at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" in an attempt to silence them from opposing Critical Race Theory and the radical LGBTQIA agenda.  The President of the Washoe School Board, in Reno, Nevada where we live is a Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) running for the State of Nevada Assembly.  In her campaign mailer she brags that she beat back the "Trump Mob" while promoting Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and implementation of the radical LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten.  

When presiding over School Board meetings she has not only attempted to silence parents that oppose her agenda; but also the only Conservative on the School Board.  In fact, she attempted to silence him through a censure motion that was the most vicious public attack I have ever seen in 40 years in business.  Clearly, this radical woman has created a hostile work and community environment by her behaviors.  She is a divider not a uniter who expresses her hatred for those who disagree with her ideology.  But she doesn't care because she knows she can provide the FBI her "enemies list" knowing that they will act on it.  

This same Socialist Fascist attack on parents and other concerned citizens is happening all over the country.  Biden rails against MAGA voters and directs his Justice Department to prosecute us and to spy on us through their new Ministry of Information.  We are now living in a Fascist country.  The School Board President in Reno calls us the "Trump Mob".  We have demanded that this woman  resign to run for another office because she cannot serve on the School Board as a rabid partisan.  But her crony pals on the School Board, also owned by the teacher's union, as yet have not demanded her resignation.  They neither care about the quality of education in Washoe County, nor the integrity of the School Board.  We hope to remove them from office in the next election and or by RECALL.  

Feckless Joe Biden promised to bring our country together.  Instead, the country has never been more divided since the Civil War.  Referring to MAGA Voters and parents as "domestic terrorists" or the "Trump Mob" is no way to build bridges.  If anything, all of this is making half the country mad as hell and we are not going away any time soon.  

Supreme Court Justices Need More Security

There are crazy Socialist Fascist fanatics that would murder conservative Supreme Court Justices to give Joe Biden an opportunity to appoint their replacements.  One of them gave out their home addresses and as a result, there are protests happening at their homes since it is very possible that they will overturn Roe V. Wade, the ruling that made abortion the law of the land.  As such, it is very clear that all Supreme Court Justices need increased security no different than what is provided to key members of Congress and the President. 

In the meantime, the Attorney General Merrick Garland, who was once a federal judge, has done nothing to increase security for the Justices because as a Socialist Fascist Lackey, he supports the protests that are happening in front of Justice's homes.  Fortunately, Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Younkin has requested that a security perimeter be put in place by local police for those Justices that live in Virginia.  But that won't be enough. 

Ultimately, the federal government will need to pay for increased fencing around homes and all sorts of security equipment the same as occurred for Barack Obama and his Washington DC home.  When George Bush bought his home in an expensive part of Dallas in a neighborhood that was not gated, the federal government gated his street to make it much harder for anyone to come near his home.  It could be that the same thing will need to happen for Supreme Court Justices and or they need to buy homes in gated secure communities.  

This is serious business.  The federal government must act to provide around the clock bodyguards with guns for the Supreme Court Justices and their families.  If not, we will see a tragedy take place.  We can't allow that to happen if we are to have a Supreme Court that can act without regard to the passions of the mob.  

Monday, May 9, 2022

Baby Formula Shortages - Let's Go Brandon

Parents all over the country are in a panic because they cannot get the baby formula they need to feed their infants.  I don't ever recall a shortage like this happening related to anything in my entire lifetime.  This has nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.   How can it be that multiple companies that produce baby formula all of a sudden can't get it out the door.  What the hell is happening in our country.  

Joe Biden is the Most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.  Let's Go Brandon!   This is a national emergency worse than Covid.  Biden needs to bring all companies that produce baby formula to the White House to fix this problem, or at least explain what the problem is that is causing these shortages.  People are buying baby formula wherever they can find it and shipping it to relatives.  There is hoarding going on.  And, of course the racketeers are now involved selling baby formula to desperate parents at outrageous prices. 

Inflation is killing everybody in America and especially the poor.  It is one thing to buy meat substitutes like chicken if the price of meat becomes impossible to buy; but not being able to buy baby formula when there is no substitute is an impossible situation.  

Joe Biden must RESIGN.  This demented imposter has made mess of our country.  Years ago in 1974, I was in the Soviet Union and I saw the lines of people waiting to buy rationed food.  I never thought I would see this happening in the United States, the land of plenty.  Biden and his Socialist Fascist Pals have to go.  We need President Trump back in office to clean up the messes Biden has created.      

Sunday, May 8, 2022

Nuclear War - What Happened To MAD

Since nuclear weapons were invented, countries with nuclear weapons always operated under the premise of MAD.  In other words, there was a recognition that no country could win a nuclear war because there would be Mutual Assured Destruction if the missiles ever started flying.  So why do we have Russians talking about destroying NATO countries in 30 minutes if they begin a nuclear war as though there would not be immediate retaliation that destroys Russia at the same time.   The answer is Russian History.  

Russia has an inferiority complex that goes back hundreds of years.  It actually started with Tzar Peter the Great.  It is a relatively poor country with an economy the size of France.  If not for oil and gas and military hardware, Russia does not produce much that the world wants to buy.  They sell a little caviar, vodka and maruska dolls.   So they only way Russia has any status in the world is as result of its nuclear weapons.  Let's not forget Russia lost in Afghanistan the same way the United States had to exit that God awful country.  So, it is not as though Russia has never lost a war.   

However, Ukraine is not Afganistan.  Ukraine has been part of Russia on and off for centuries.  Losing in Ukraine will to not be acceptable to Putin.  Given the destruction Putin is already causing, he really does not need to use Chemical or nuclear weapons to destroy the whole country.  As long as the West keeps supplying sophisticated weapons to Ukraine and the Ukrainians are brave enough to keep fighting, Russia will not prevail.  The real question is how long will Putin tolerate those weapons coming into Ukraine.  

The Russians could destroy all the airports, rail lines and truck routes into Ukraine using missiles and bombers to stop weapons from getting to the Ukrainians.  It is really surprising that it has not already happened.  At some point, without weapons the Ukrainians would have to officially surrender.  They could continue a guerilla war, which would be likely; but that will not stop the Russians in the short term from taking over the country and removing the current government to install a puppet.  Of course, this is not in Russia's interest because the sanctions will continue and only get worse wrecking Russia's economy.  

So, we hear talk of nuclear war.  Unless Putin is completely insane, which could be possible, it is highly unlikely that the Russians would dare use nuclear weapons.  Even France has reminded Russia that they have nuclear weapons too as does Britain.  Clearly, nuclear weapons fired by the United States, Britain and France would destroy Russia in 30 minutes so most likely MAD is still operable.  

Education In the United States Is Big Business

While the reported numbers vary greatly, is pretty certain that more than a trillion dollars is spent every year in the United States on all level of education; K - 12 and higher education.  To say that it is big business would be an understatement.  And, what do we get for it.  Half the kids in the United States cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Most kids could not pass a basic American History and Government test.  

The Education Industry is more about jobs, benefits and pensions for those working in the industry rather actually educating children.  Little is being done to actually improve academic achievement because the reforms required are opposed by teacher unions that often own school board members lock, stock and barrel.  And, what we see today at all levels is left wing Marxist woke indoctrination, not actual education and it is inter woven into all subjects.  

The battles we see happening all over the country are because parents and other concerned citizens have finally woken up to what is happening in our schools.  We see taxpayer dollars going out the door and we get mediocre results in return.  The Educrats always argue that we don't spend enough money on education, which is absurd.  The United States spends more money on education than any other industrialized nation in the world.  The problem is four layers of bureaucracy, federal, state, county and local.  Administrators are basically paper pushers making work for each other to justify their jobs.  Not enough of the money we do spend actually gets to the classroom. 

Clearly, we need to get rid of many of these administrators to pay everybody working at the school site level more money.  That means getting rid of many stupid regulations that are only there to justify administrator jobs.  And by the way, student loans have only driven up the cost of tuitions. The Federal Department of Education was added by Jimmy Carter as pay back for teacher support in his reelection campaign when he was challenged by Ted Kennedy in the primaries.  Today, there are thousands of employees working for the Federal Department of Education with no significant purpose that matters.  If the Congress wants to give local districts money they can do it directly with one administrator to dole it out.  

Our public schools are broken.  There is nothing meaningful happening to improve the quality of education because the things that need to be done would not benefit those working in education.  It is that simple.  Education in America is a big bloated business run by those that benefit most from the money we spend.  Kids are just a means to their ends not the ends.  Until parents and other concerned citizens take control of our schools, nothing will change.  

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Socialist Fascist War On People Of Faith

It is nothing new for Communists, Socialists and Fascists to wage war on people of faith.  It has been happening for decades because these people are atheists.  So Socialist Fascists aided by woke corporations, public and some private schools, most colleges and universities, Fake News and Deep State Swamp lizards literally hate Evangelical Christians, Catholics, Muslims and certain Jewish denominations that believe in things like traditional marriage, life from conception until natural death and moral values.  Those that hold to these traditions are opposed to imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda because it violates our faith in God.  That does not mean that people of faith are anti-Gay or that they hate Gay people.  The fact is people of faith don't hate anyone.   It does mean that we don't want to see gender selection happening in our schools and or teaching of the LGBTQIA agenda right down to kindergarten, or inappropriate sex education at any grade level. 

Now that the Supreme Court may strike down Roe V. Wade, which only means that each state will determine the laws in that state concerning abortion, the Socialist Fascists and their comrades are literally going crazy.  We will see riots and violence in the streets.  There are death threats that are real against conservative Supreme Court Justices.  And, since Socialist Fascist leaders, including feckless Joe Biden are encouraging protests and violence, it is likely that one of their crazy supporters is likely to act on their encouragement.  

Just think if they could only murder a few conservative Supreme Court Justices, which the left would cheer on, Biden would get two appointments to change the character of the Court if they can make it happen before the Republicans take control of the Senate in 2022.   So the next few months will be particularly dangerous for Conservatives Supreme Court Justices that should have around the clock security. 

Always remember throughout history, Socialists, Fascists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal and even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough. They have done it before and they will do it again.  So for now we will see Catholic and other churches vandalized and nothing will be done to prosecute the criminals who commit these crimes.  I suspect people will die because of acts of violence that are inevitable given the rhetoric of Socialist Fascist politicians and Fake News.   What they best remember is that MAGA Voters typically have guns and we will shoot first and ask questions later if we are threatened with violence by anyone.  Many churches, temples and mosques now have armed security because they understand the threat.  It is a sad day in America.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Biden Attacks 75 Million MAGA Voters As Terrorists

Feckless and desperate Joe Biden has attacked the 75 million Maga Voters.  It is not bad enough that Bidenistas are attacking parents that protest at school board meetings as "domestic terrorists" under potential investigation by the FBI.  Now Biden is calling all Trump voters deplorable "domestic terrorists".  Where have we heard that before like when Crooked Hillary Clinton referred to Trump Voters as a basket of deplorables.    

Joe Biden's ratings are in the toilet because of all the messes he has created; but what the Socialist Fascists are doing now is dangerous.  By calling out MAGA voters most of whom support restrictions on abortion and the likely overturning of Roe V Wade by the Supreme Court, Biden is putting a target on our backs.  No doubt, the crazies in the Socialist Fascist Party will see it as ok to attack MAGA voters.  They are already attacking the conservative Justices of the Supreme Court by giving out their home addresses.  They are just motivated enough to murder one or more of these conservative judges to give Biden opportunities to put Socialist Fascists on the Supreme Court before the Republicans take over the Senate in 2022.  

Biden and his comrades are throwing gasoline on the fire as a result of their desperation.  Chuckie Schumer is always ranting against the Supreme Court and Trump Voters too.  Socialist Fascists see the Red Wave coming that is likely to be a tsunami in 2022 and 2024 as Republicans take control of the Congress and the Presidency.  They keep trying to destroy President Trump and it is not working.  As a result, they are terrified at what is coming.  

Biden's actions combined with formation of the Ministry of Truth to regulate free speech makes all of this particularly perilous.  Our freedoms are under attack like never before.  The Socialist Fascists will turn violent in the weeks ahead.  We can expect to see riots and even murders condoned by Joe Biden.  Biden will also demand that his Justice Department go after conservatives to stop free speech.  It is coming.  Just wait and see. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Socialist Fascists Running On Killing Innocent Babies & The January 6th Riot

Socialist Fascists see a Red Wave coming because they are facing a perfect storm of increasing inflation, probable recession, rising interest rates, foreign policy disasters, public schools uprisings, crime wave, invasion at our border, their President with dementia etc. etc.  Joe Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched and as a result his ratings are in the toilet.  So, they literally have nothing positive to run on.  The upcoming Supreme Court ruling presumably overturning Roe V Wade is a God Send to the Socialist Fascists.  They are seeing it as their life boat. 

For the next several months running right to the November election all they will scream about is abortion and the January 6th riot to stir up their base of fanatics.  We will see Fake News ranting and raving constantly.  These two stories will be their only message to deflect from all of Biden's messes.  There will be riots in the streets fanned by Socialist Fascists to protest the Supreme Court decision.  The fact that overturning Roe will do nothing to end abortion in America does not matter.  Blue States will go even more radical approving abortion right up until birth and even after if they have not already done so.  Most Red States will probably follow the Texas or Mississippi models restricting abortion as soon as heartbeat is detected at around 6 weeks, or at 15 weeks.  A few Red States will ban abortion.  

Since half of abortions today happen with the abortion pill not surgical procedures, abortionists in Blue States will use telemedicine to get pills to women in restricted states.  Of course, that will be subject to court challenges; but it will go on anyway. 

Always remember, Socialist Fascists and their supporters will lie, cheat and steal to stay in office feeding at the trough.  They are desperate because they see the Red Wave coming and they know it will be a tsunami that will sweep many of them away.  So expect them to pull out all the stops on the abortion issue and the January 6th riot.  It will get very old and by the election in November; most people will know the truth and be sick of it.  You can only cry wolf so many times before people realize there is no wolf.  

President Trump's Endorsements Are Gold

President Trump won big in the primary election in Ohio.  The candidates he endorsed won their races because of his endorsements.  Socialist Fascists and the Deep State have been trying to destroy Trump for years because they are terrified of him and they have failed.  They tried to cancel Trump after the 2020 election, which he did win; but Trump just formed Truth Social to replace Twitter.  The Truth Social App is now the biggest accessed on the Internet.  Trump will take his 80 million followers with him to Truth Social in preparation for the elections in 2022 and 2024.  And, now with Elon Musk buying Twitter to stop all the BS that has been going on there for years to actually promote freedom of speech, Socialist Fascists are in a panic.  They see the Red Wave coming. 

Ironically, RINOS and Establishment Republicans hate Trump as much as Socialist Fascists and Deep State Swamp Lizards.  They too really hoped that the fake loss in 2020 and then the January 6th riot at the Capitol would do Trump in; but they see now with Trump candidates winning elections that they have no choice but to kiss Trump's ring if they want to stay in power.  Trump owns the Republican Party; but even more important, Trump's America First MAGA message is the key to the coalition that brings together Republicans, Independents and Blue Collar Democrats.  Trump even attracts Black and Hispanic voters that other Republican Presidential candidates never did.  

Donald Trump is a phenomena.  Yes he is crass and narcissistic; but that is just the humor in the message that appeals to people.  Many Americans know that they have been screwed by the elites in our country in government and big business.  When Trump preaches Make America Great Again and America First, he is talking to them.  And, Trump has an advantage.  The old Democrat Party is dead.  What we have today is the Socialist Fascist Party that is so far left and out of touch with hard working Americans that they actually make the case for Trump.  

If Donald Trump runs for President in 2024, he will both get the Republican nomination and be elected President to a second term.  Joe Biden has made such a mess of things that we will have a Jimmy Carter back to the future election.  Trump could even win in a landslide the same way Ronald Reagan did in 1980.  The Red Wave is coming.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Supreme Court Set To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Politico has reported that the Supreme Court is set to strike down Roe V. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that made Abortion the law of the land in 1973.  Apparently, someone working at the Court presumably either one of the Socialist judges, or more likely a law clerk leaked the draft opinion written by Samuel Alito that basically says that Roe was predicated on flawed, convoluted logic that used the 14th Amendment right to privacy as the basis for murdering 60 million babies since Roe.  First, who ever that leaker is, no doubt a Socialist Fascist, must be fired and prosecuted for this unprecedented leak.  The Supreme Court cannot function with a leaker in its midsts.  

The fact is that despite all the hysteria that will now come from Socialist Fascists, Fake News, Big companies including Big Tech and various other Deep State Swamp lizards, striking down Roe will not end abortion in America.  It will go back to either the Congress, or the state legislatures to decide abortion laws in their states.  So, Blue States will pass laws if they are not already on the books allowing for unrestricted abortion.  Red States will pass laws if they have not already done so restricting abortions to earlier after conception.  A few very Red states will outlaw abortion altogether.  

Much of this may be moot anyway.  Many abortions today happen using the abortion pill, which presumably can be sent from any state to any state.  Doctors using telemedicine will treat women wanting abortions in states where they are prohibited from doing so by prescribing these pills and having pharmacies send them across state lines.  No doubt, there will be state laws prohibiting this practice and those cases will go all the way to the Supreme Court under our interstate commerce laws.  It is anyone's guess as to the ruling that may come down. 

Socialist Fascist insurrectionists are already calling for burning down the Supreme Court.  So before we start to see riots in the streets, pro-choice abortionists and their supporters will quickly figure out Plan B.  Planned Abortionhood and others who are determined to murder babies will find a way to do it.  Even if Roe is struck down, abortion will still be alive and well in America.  It will be innocent babies that are dead.  

Monday, May 2, 2022

Parents Must Take Control Of Public Schools

Most parents assume they are sending their kids to school to learn how to read, write, study math, history, science etc., but that is not all that is going on today.  Many public schools in particular; but even some private schools are implementing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and 1619 Project indoctrination, in the name of Social Justice.   This ideology teaches that all White people are racist oppressors.  Further, it is a war on Western civilization and the United States.  They are teaching kids to hate White people and our country.  Further many schools are also pushing the radical LGBTQIA agenda beginning right at kindergarten.  Some school districts are implementing surveys asking kids about their sexual orientation and gender screening. 

It is no wonder that half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Their is a failure to focus on Quality Education because many of the reforms needed to improve academic achievement are opposed by teacher unions.  In addition, there is a real incentive to keep kids below grade level because billions of federal dollars are tied to poor academic performance.  It is crazy and it is happening.  

As a result, parents must be vigilant and must get involved like never before to see what is happening in classrooms.  If the things I am describing are happening in the schools your children attend, you must go to school board meetings and raise holy hell.  Be careful though because Socialist Fascists have labeled parents who make trouble as "domestic terrorists" subject to investigation by the Biden FBI and Justice Department.  However, don't be deterred.  You have every right to protect the interests of your children because woke School Board Members and Superintendents who should be removed from office and or FIRED are not acting in the best interests of students, parents and taxpayers.  These woke Socialist Fascists are owned by the teacher unions.  

We see it in Reno Nevada where I live.  The local school board refuses to do anything to improve the quality of education in Washoe County despite dismal reading and math test scores and Nevada ranking 49th in the nation in terms of academic achievement.  They are just now hiring a new Superintendent coming from a school district in Washington that is even worse.  So instead, they are focused on CRT and the LGBTQIA agenda.  Fortunately, parents and other concerned citizens in Reno are on it.  Hopefully, come November the current school board will be removed and the new Superintendent will be FIRED.  Parents across the country need to take control of our schools to stop the BS.  It will not happen any other way.