Thursday, February 3, 2022

Biden's Affirmative Action Judicial Appointments

Feckless Joe Biden is implementing affirmative action Judicial Appointments.  While all the focus is on the Black woman Biden will soon appoint to the Supreme Court, Biden has appointed very few Whites to the courts even though non-Hispanic Whites make up 60% of the population.   Only 5% of Biden's appointments to the courts have been White Men.  Most of Biden's appointments to the courts have been women of color.  If we are going to practice affirmative action then perhaps it makes sense to make all appointments based on the percentage of the population they represent. 

Socialist Fascists ( AKA Democrats ) like to say they are appointing people to high offices that look like America rather than what is in their brain.  I have no problem with that concept; but then let's actually do it.  Blacks make up 14% of Americans so they should get 14% of appointments.  Hispanics make up 20% of the population including illegal aliens so they should get 20% of appointments.  Let's go down the list related to every ethnic or racial group and let's not forget sexual orientation.  

Of course, this is Identity Politics gone berserk; but if that is how the game is going to be played then let's play it demanding proper representation.  And, let's not forget Italian Americans.  We are a very big part of the population.  Since Antonin Scalia died, Italians now have no representation on the Supreme Court to defend Christopher Columbus from attack.  Better yet, how about if we make appointments based on who pays taxes since half the country pays no taxes at all. 

This kind of crazy thinking is the result of Identity Politics in the extreme; but we dealing with radical Socialist Fascist ideology.  We can play their game if that is where this is all going.  We can measure any President based on the appointments that he or she makes.  We must demand that quotas be established and met otherwise we have to raise holy hell.  This is America today.  This is the world we live in.  

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