Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Illegal Aliens In New York City Complain About Housing & Food

It is costing the people of New York City $55,000 a year to house and feed each illegal alien in their city.  Recently, the city attempted to move single men living in a hotel to a Cruise Ship Terminal set up as a shelter to make room for illegal aliens with families in the hotel.  If you can imagine these young men in our country illegally protested the move and refused to go complaining that they "deserved" better housing and food.  We have reached completely stupid in our country.  Any of these illegal alien men who complained should be put on an airplane and sent back to their own countries. 

Feckless Joe Biden has opened our border to millions of illegal aliens with no end in sight.  It is right that some border state Governors like Abbott of Texas and now even Hobbs of Arizona the newly elected Socialist are busing illegal aliens out of their states.  Abbott has also recently appointed a State of Texas Border Czar to deal with the the crisis at the border, since Biden will do nothing to secure the border.  Texas is also completing the border wall at their taxpayer's expense.  

New York City is dealing with about 46,000 out of the 5 million that have crossed the border since Biden took office.  The Mayor of New York City claims that they are overwhelmed.  Tell that to the people that live all along the border in Texas and Arizona that have been dealing with this invasion of our country for years. 

Joe Biden should be impeached for his failure to secure the border and his Crime Family corruption.  It is pretty obvious that Biden has violated his oath of office and that there are grounds for impeachment.  Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas must also be impeached.  This big mouth clown is clearly incompetent and has also violated his oath of office to enforce our immigration laws.  The illegal aliens in New York City complaining about their accommodations and food is the last straw.  The American people have had it.  These criminals must be deported immediately.  

Monday, January 30, 2023

The War In Ukraine - US Running Out of Weapons

Feckless Joe Biden has approved providing Ukraine with American tanks.  Tanks made in Germany  sitting in various countries are also going to Ukraine.  Russia will destroy those tanks by air as soon as they cross the border into Ukraine, guaranteed.  While Russia sees tanks coming into Ukraine as an escalation of the war by the West, they will have little impact on the war.  Tanks are sitting ducks relatively easy to take out from the air or by hand held bazookas.  Ask the Russians that lost hundreds of their tanks in Ukraine.  

Aside from the billions of dollars we are providing Ukraine in weapons and humanitarian aid, the US is running out of weapons since we are using our stockpiles to get them weapons quickly.  There was an approved order that was supposed to go to Taiwan from three years ago that has not yet been delivered.  The Military Industrial Complex cannot keep up with weapons orders not to mention the shortage of computer chips.  It will take five years or more to replace the weapons we and our allies have provided Ukraine.  Even if we wanted to, we certainly are not positioned to defend Taiwan from attack by China.  Hell, we are not prepared to defend our own country other than using nuclear weapons, which might be our only option. 

The fact is that the longer the war goes on in Ukraine, the more likely that the Russians will use tactical nuclear weapons to end the war because they too are running out of weapons.  As of now Ukraine has not advanced much to push the Russians out of Ukraine.  It is estimated that both sides may have lost more than 100,000 soldiers each not to mention civilians in just one year of war  To put this in perspective, we lost 58,000 soldiers during the 8 year war in Vietnam and about 4,000 soldiers during the 20 year war in Afghanistan.  

Russia cannot allow this to go on much longer.  They will use conventional weapons to destroy all of Ukraine.  And, if that does not result in surrender, they will be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons.  If that happens all bets are off.  War hawks in our country are pushing NATO to attack Russia and destroy their navy based in the Black Sea.  This would result in World War III that would not last long because nuclear missiles would start flying.  While we certainly can destroy all of Russia, European capitals would be devastated and so would American cities. Somebody with a sound mind, and that is not Joe Biden, better stop all of this as soon.  

President Trump is urging negotiations with Russia.  It is the only way to stop the insanity.  We should invite Russia to join NATO in exchange for exiting Ukraine.  It is the only way to get peace in the region.  And, it is the best way to counter China, our real enemy.  Of course, the warmongers in the DC Swamp need Russia as an enemy to line their pockets.   So, don't expect any new thinking.  

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cops Commit Brutal Murder In Memphis - Justice Will Be Done

5 Black Cops in Memphis murdered a 29 year old Black man in the course of a wreckless driving pursuit.  Ironically, these Cops were part of an "Elite" group called Scorpion (the acronym for the group) that was formed a few years ago to deal with the high murder rate in Memphis.  The video tells the story.  In their attempt to arrest this man, they basically beat the hell out of him including kicking him in the head, spraying him with pepper spray, tasering him etc.   This happened within 200 yards of his mother's home, where he lived.  The man was heard screaming for his Mom while they were beating him up to death.  

This scene looked like a pack of wolves, street gang mercilessly attacking this poor guy.  Given the video evidence, the Black, female Memphis Chief of Police did not waste a minute.  Regardless of police union restrictions, she immediately fired all five of them and began an investigation of two others that were called to the scene.  They waited 20 minutes before they called 911 to get the man to the hospital where he died of this beating three days later.  This story is heartbreaking.  And, as the insistence of community leaders, the Chief disbanded the Scorpions, the elite group she created just a few years ago to deal with murders in the city, which may or may not prove to be a good idea. 

What occurred is unimaginable.  The Cops are trained not to shoot an unarmed man; but presumably to use other means to restrain someone; but this brutal beating showed 5 Cops completely out of control.  This was a Black on Black crime so at least there is no talk of racism; but the obvious police brutality will lead to more calls to Defund the Police, which is the exact wrong outcome from this horrible incident.  Once again,  all police departments must scrutinize their training so that Cops know how to deal with someone resisting arrest, armed and unarmed. Just maybe Cops should be armed with stun guns, the kind that are often used for animals to put them to sleep so they can be taken away.  It is basically a dart gun filled with a strong sedative.  If that type of gun had been used, the man murdered would be alive today.  

This blatant murder in Memphis should never have happened.   The 5 Cops will be charged with Second Degree murder and are likely to spend most of their lives in jail.  This crime will impact six families, including the family of the man murdered the worst; but also the Cops families.  Unless there is something very wrong with the guys hired to be Cops, they certainly did not wake up that morning with the intent to murder someone, yet that is what happened.  Justice must be done; but it is justice that will impact more than just the five Cops that committed the crime.  Let's just hope protests remain peaceful so even more people don't die or get injured as a result of this horrible murder.  

Friday, January 27, 2023

Republicans Reward Failure - The Republican National Committee & The Turtle

Given Joe Biden's miserable Presidency, 2022 should have been a Red Wave election for Republicans.  Instead, it turned into a Red Trickle with Republicans barely taking over the House.  There are two people to blame for the failure.  RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Mitt Romney's niece and the Turtle Republican forever Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  McDaniel was in charge of the Republican National Committee and did a lousy job dealing with ballot harvesting and making sure that Republican voted early.  And, Deep State Swamp Lizard Mitch McConnell refused to put forth an agenda to attract Republicans and Independent voters.  

Instead these two failures allowed Joe Biden and the other Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) to run on abortion and the January 6th riot.  To their credit, they used these issues to bludgeon MAGA Republicans who had no response to combat their attacks.  McConnell failed to back various MAGA Republicans supported by President Trump, which was intentional.  McConnell hates Trump and the feeling is mutual.  McDaniel failed to adjust to corrupt election laws in many states.  

One would think that both would have been voted down as leaders of the Republican Party.  But oh no!  McConnell was re-elected as Senate Minority Leader by Republicans in the Senate.  And McDaniel was just re-elected as Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.  Why do Republicans keep rewarding failure.  I for one will not give a dime to the RNC, or any PAC headed by McConnell.  The only good news in all of this is that so far pushed by the Freedom Caucus in the House,  Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy hit the ground running and appears to be doing a good job.  Oh well, we can only hope for better days in 2024, but I would not count on it with losers Ronna McDaniel and Mitch McConnell are in leadership.  

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Bidenista Definition Of White People - Racial & Sexual Politics

The Biden Administration as part of its woke agenda is redefining what it means to be a White person as they continue to play divisive Racial and Sexual Politics.  Apparently, only people of European descent can be White.  So there must be new categories for Middle Eastern many of whom are White.  For example is Turkey part of the Middle East or Europe.  There are White people born in lots of countries including Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. besides Europe.  Jews who are a semitic people many of whom lived in the Middle East for centuries are White; though some from Africa may be Black. Sephardic Jews may have olive complexions.  Arabs are also a semitic people and the cousins of Jews who vary in color.  Remember, Abraham is the father of both peoples. 

And, then there are people of mixed race like none other than Barack Obama and Quemala Harris.  Maybe there should be a category that says mixed race to accommodate multiracial people.  It would probably apply to half the people in the world.  As a Sicilian Italian with Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish, Austrian and Jewish roots, what am I.  Biden is claiming that real White people descended from Europe somehow have a different world view and experience than other races and even White people who were long gone from Europe and born in other countries for generations.  And, then there are Mestizos, the mixture of Europeans, Latin American and or North American Indians.  Mestizo in Spanish means mixed race and it the basis for the country named Mexico.  Ironically, Mexicans would probably check the box Hispanic on a federal form, when in fact many of them with darker skins and indian features descend for Aztecs.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) seek to divide our country by race and sexual orientation as they play both Racial and Sexual Politics.  Instead of one people under God, which should be the goal to unite our country, they choose to categorize us by various races and sexual orientations that don't believe in God.  It is this very kind of tribalism that leads to civil wars in other parts of the world.  When asked to check a box related to race or sexual orientation, there should be a box that says, "None of Your Damn Business".  Don't check the box.  When God was asked by Moses on Mount Sinai who he was, Yahweh, the Hebrew word for God said all you need to know is that "I AM".  All government needs to know is that "We Are".  

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Math Declared Racist & Anti LGBTQIA - Stupid

Some woke Professors have now declared the teaching of Math as Racist and Anti LGBTQIA.  We can't make this stuff up because it is just too stupid.  Math education is the foundation of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) programs happening in many high schools around the country.  These programs are our only hope for competing with China and other countries.  Politicizing Math is ridiculous and we must not allow it to happen.  Math is all about correct answers even though the "New Math" seems to have deemphasized the need for accuracy.  In the New Math kids often get credit for wrong answers, which is really dumb.  

Of all the subjects in school, Math properly taught should be completely color blind and have absolutely nothing to do with sexual orientation.  It is true that after about 6th grade for some reason boys tend to do better in Math than girls; but maybe it is just inclination.  Though there are many girls today going to engineering schools for university so this may be changing.  

We have got to stop all this nonsense.  Wokeness in education is out of control.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  It is time to focus, focus, focus on the basics and cut the crap to make sure that kids graduate from high school with reading and math competency and if not going to university a path toward vocational education.  This failure is the best case for School Choice to get kids out of failing public schools.  There is nothing wrong with becoming a plumber, electrician or carpenter said this Blogger as I pay Roto Rooter $476 an hour to clean out my exterior drains. 

Back to Math.  We need kids studying higher level Math to go into science, engineering and technology.  It does not matter if they are boys or girls or some sexual orientation that is different.  It is time for the powers that be to call out the Professors making this case as crazy.  2 plus 2 still equals 4 in the real world.  That is all that matters. 

Mass Murder, All Murders & Mental Illness

California has the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Yet recently, there were mass murders in California committed by Asian senior citizens, hardly the profile we have seen in the past of young White Men.  And, cities run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) typically have the most stringent gun control laws and the highest murder rates in the country because these local politicians are soft on crime.  Clearly, preventing these heinous crimes have nothing to do with gun control laws.   We must deal with mental illness, evil and dysfunction in our society.  We must also deal with failing public schools that keep many in poverty.  Anyone who commits murder and in particular mass murder has serious mental issues.  Further, a society that kill innocent babies by abortion infanticide makes life cheap.  

People in our country need to watch for the signs of mental illness that may result in these tragedies to prevent them.  Would be murderers need treatment.  Some of them should be in mental institutions to protect themselves and others.  And, then there is all the violence depicted in movies, on TV and in video games.  There are many shows on TV showing gruesome murders as a form of entertainment.  Someone who is mentally unbalanced becomes desensitized related to killing people.  They are just playing a part in a video game.  They see themselves in a docudrama.  In some cases, they are looking for the fame and notoriety that it brings as a way to gain the momentary recognition they perhaps never had in their lives.  

More gun regulations and or taking guns away from law abiding citizens will do nothing to stop these murders.  A crazy person can use a car to ram through a street full of people killing just as many as has occurred with a gun.  Or someone with even bigger plans can use a car bomb to kill people.  What we are seeing is the evil that exists in our society.  If there is a devil, we are seeing his hand at work.  And, what is happening is the result of dysfunctional families and or drug or alcohol addiction.  We need to recognize societal issues and deal with the root causes of mental illness and the evil that exists in our society.  It is the only way to stop these murders.  Finally, repeat violent criminals must be locked away and not released to roam the streets to commit even more violent crimes.  

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

LIFE, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness

When Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence to justify the American Revolution to free our country from British tyranny, he spoke of the right to LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Those words surface all over the United States in many inscriptions, speeches etc.  However, recently when Vice President Quemala Harris gave a speech to justify abortion infanticide, she conveniently left out the word LIFE as she cited the passage because Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), support abortion right up until birth and even after if a baby is born after a botched abortion.  That is clearly infanticide murder.  

For the LIFE of me, other than the devil's hands at work, it is hard to understand why Democrats are so determined to kill innocent babies in the name of a women's right to choose.  The technology today is so good that we see LIFE literally about 7 weeks after conception with a beating heart.  By three months, there is a fully formed baby in the womb.  This might be the reason why most countries in Europe ban abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy.  Further, the abortion pill, which is used for the majority of abortions, cannot be used after 11 weeks of pregnancy because the baby is too well formed by that point.  It would seem that instead of continuing this very divisive issue for political reasons that even Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) could agree to ban abortions after 12 weeks except in cases of rape, incest or if the mother's life is really in danger.  A federal law would supercede laws happening in the states that are more restrictive and or liberal.  

Many of us that are ardently pro-life, would still support a reasonable law that permits abortion, but certainly not late term abortions when a baby is viable.  At some point, there must be recognition that there are two lives in this picture and that babies also have a right to LIFE, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

Monday, January 23, 2023

Classified Documents - The Secrets Of The United States

With the Biden Garage Gate Scandal, the whole issue of Classified Documents is once again in the news.  We saw the raid on Trump's Mar A Lago by gun toting members of the FBI Gestapo, which included going through the former First Lady's closet and now we see the kid glove treatment that corrupt Biden is getting.  The Biden case is much worse than the Trump fisco because a sitting President can declassify Classified Documents.  Biden as a former Senator and or Vice President had no such authority.  And, while the documents at Mar a Lago were all in one place and locked up, Biden had documents stored in his garage and home office at his home in Delaware and at the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania funded by the Communist Chinese.  

First, let's deal with Biden's home, which  junkie Hunter Biden claimed as his home on tax returns.  Hunter claims he was paying Papa Big Joe almost $50,000 a month to rent this home.  This would have been taxable income to Joe Biden.  Did it get reported.  But specific to the Classified Documents in this home in unlocked spaces, who has been in this home.  Supposedly, the Secret Service has a log.  We shall see whose names appear on this log.  Next, since the Chinese Communist paid for the Biden Center at the University, did they have access to these documents that were just sitting in a closet.  

All of this aside, more than one million Americans have Security Clearances to see Classified Documents.  Does anyone really believe that our enemies have not had access one way or another to these documents given the number of people that have them.  This is a serious National Security matter.  It is time for the powers that be to lock all this down and to review every single person that has a Security Clearance.  The FBI needs to investigate potential leaks.  My guess is that China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and maybe even our allies have seen these documents.  There are no secrets in the Washington DC swamp.  

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Stop China From Buying America

Communist China is buying America in many ways.  They are donating millions of dollars to universities and presumably other organizations to buy influence in our country.  They are buying farmland often near our military bases perhaps to grow food; but also to spy on our military.  China is investing in American companies to gain control.  China's goal is to surpass the United States in the next 50 years to become the world greatest and largest super power with influence and bases all over the world.  They also want to replace the dollar as the world's currency with Chinese Yuan to gain control over the global economy.  

When President Nixon opened China to world trade, the thinking was that eventually they would become more like a Western Democracy.  That has not happened and in fact, the Chinese Communist government is more authoritarian than ever.  In the meantime, China controls the supply chain related to many critical minerals, pharmaceuticals, technology, electronics and many other manufactured goods.  American companies closed down around 70,000 factories in the US and eliminated five million manufacturing jobs in the process.  Many of those jobs were moved to China to get lower cost of labor, less taxes and less environmental restrictions.   The US government by not acting to stop it was complicit in the hollowing out of our manufacturing base in the name of free trade rather than fair trade.   

Finally, just maybe leaders in both political party are beginning to better understand the threat that China poses.  As a result, everything China is doing in the United States must be scrutinized to determine what is in our best interests.  The good news is that Republican House of Representatives has established a Bipartisan Select Committee to determine China's activities in the United States presumably so that legislation can be enacted to stop China from buying America.  They need to move quickly.  Everyday that passes is a China threat to the United States.  We also must stop the fentanyl coming through Mexico from China that is killing our people.  That issue is about border security, or the lack thereof that must be addressed NOW.  

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Virginia Public Schools Violate Student's Civil Rights

17 public high schools in Fairfax County, Virginia the epicenter of parent's protests against woke education, conspired to violate the civil rights of students. Somebody ordered administrators not to tell more than 1,000 students that they were National Merit Award winners in the name of equity because most likely most of these kids were White or Asian.  These kids were denied the opportunity to list this award on their university applications, which would have positively impacted their chances of being accepted to highly rated universities.  

Heads need to roll.  The Attorney General of Virginia is doing an investigation to determine who gave the order to deny students this information.  The public needs to know if there was school board complicity.  This must have happened at the Superintendent level carried out by the 17 high school principals.  The administrators involved must be FIRED.  In addition, there needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit naming the school district and those responsible to extract a monetary penalty on all concerned.  This is criminal, intentional, malpractice and malfeasance.  

Most important, this is another reason we must have School Choice in America for all parents and students.  The rich can and do put their kids in private schools to escape lousy public schools.  The poor and middle class must also have this option.  The only way to force public schools to understand that parents are in control is to deny them money.  Taxpayer monies must follow the kid.  It is time to starve the beast, which includes teacher unions if there are going to be any improvements in public schools.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level yet public schools continue to focus on woke BS.  We cannot compete with China and other countries as long as millions of children in our country are so poorly educated.  

It is time for the federal government and all states to enact School Choice.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher unions will do everything they can, as is now happening in Arizona that enacted School Choice, to stop it.  The new Socialist Governor there is moving to defund it in her budget as happened in Nevada once a Socialist Governor was elected.  Parents need to rise up and raise holy hell in protests at these Governor's offices and with state legislators.  The Socialists must feel the heat to get the message.  There is no other way.  

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Supreme Court Cover Up

One of just 80 Supreme Court Clerks leaked information concerning the Dobb Case repealing Roe V Wade two months before the actual decision.  This led to protests and attacks on Pro-Life Groups and Women's Pregnancy Centers that have yet to be prosecuted by the Woke Justice Department.  Yet, after an 8 month investigation, Chief Justice John Roberts has not been able to determine who specifically leaked the information.  So now no one has been fired or prosecuted for this intolerable violation of ethics.  I smell a cover up.  

What should have occurred is that every single one of the 80 Clerks should have been put under oath to swear that he or she did not do it.  And, then if someone did not confess to what they did, the case should have been turned over the FBI for further investigation.  

But since we can't count on the Woke corrupt FBI, it appears that a Committee of the Republican House needs to subpoena all 80 of these clerks to ask each of them under oath if they were the culprit.  This is a very serious matter.  The integrity of the Supreme Court is at risk.  If the culprit gets away with this travesty, it will happen again anytime one of these clerts disagrees with a controversial decision.

I blame Chief Justice John Roberts for not having the guts to get to the bottom of this case.  Who is Roberts protecting?  I smell a Rat in the Deep State.  The Republicans in the House need to deal with this travesty.  Somebody's head need needs to roll and the person needs to lose their law license to stop them from practicing law ever again.  There must be consequences to this breach of ethics.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

World Economic Forum At Davos - Global Deep State Swamp Lizards

Every the year, the elite from government and business meet in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.  Even though they are often climate fanatics, they fly in on the their private jets to have Champagne toasts and eat caviar.  They tell each other how smart and important they are all are as they attempt to control the world and all of us.  These characters are Deep State Global Swamp Lizards of the worst kind.  Topping the list is brie eating, kept man, Biden's Climate Tzar, John Kerry.  This guy is married to heiress Teresa (pronounced Terezza) Heinz.  Kerry swept in as soon as her husband former Senator John Heinz of the Catchup fortune died to live the good life on her money. Kerry otherwise had nothing.  But now this hypocrite has a huge carbon footprint living in several homes, with his yacht and the private plane at his disposal.   John Kerry is despicable. 

Kerry claims he must fly private because he is just too important to fly first class in commercial.  Just looking at John Kerry or hearing him speak is enough to cause vomiting.  In Kerry's speech at Davos, he said that the glitterati assembled were like extraterrestrials there to save the world.  He further went on to say that economic growth is bad.  Of course, the only way to deal with global poverty is by economic growth.  John Kerry is one of the biggest idiots ever to be on a government payroll and that is saying a lot because there are so many idiots that work in government.  

Those that meet in Davos each year are all feeding at the trough one way or another.  Many of them are multi millionaires or even billionaires.  Some of them are crooks.  All of them are a threat to our freedoms and way of life.  This gathering is conspiring against the American people in every way possible.  They want to lower our standard of living and redistribute our wealth to the rest of the world.  That is the real goal of these Socialists and Communists that meet at Davos.  We should fear them because they control the world.  This threat to our freedoms is just as bad as any foreign enemy that we have ever faced in American history.  They may even be worse than China because they are wolves in sheeps clothing.  

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Joe Biden - The Beginning Of The End - Garage Door Scandal

Feckless Joe Biden can't get his misguided policy story out because now he is dealing with the Garage Door Scandal.  Biden's defense that he did not know he was in possession of Classified documents for years is not plausible.  However, if it is true, it is even worse.  Hunter Biden was using the Biden home for partying.  Since they kept no log of who came and went, who knows who was there  when Old Joe was not at home.  There were Classified Documents in various locations including the infamous garage with the Corvette. In one picture, it looked like there was a stack of boxes over in the corner.  Could these be the boxes that housed the documents.  

Most important, Biden was Vice President while he was in possession of these documents.  He did not have the authority to declassify them.  Only a sitting President can do that as Trump asserts he did with the Classified Documents he had a Mar A Lago.  I doubt very much that ignorance is a defense in the law.  I suppose Biden can claim Dementia; but that certainly that would not help his reelection campaign.  Further, Biden sending his lawyers to pick up the documents was not kosher.  They did not have security clearances.  

This is just the beginning of the drip, drip, drip of destruction.  Once the Republicans in House begin their investigations of the Biden Crime Family, Justice Department, FBI, IRS, Covid and the border etc.  many more shoes will fall.  It was always 50/50 as to whether Biden would finish out his first term and run for reelection.  With each day that passes, the chances of Biden surviving all the scandals that are coming becomes less.  The Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will soon get the long knives out to get rid of Joe Biden.  We are watching the Beginning of the End.  

Monday, January 16, 2023

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King - American Hero

As we celebrate MLK Day every year, perhaps the most important quote of Dr. Martin Luther King is that people should be judged by the "content of their character and not the color of their skin".  Somehow this concept has been completely lost in today's woke ideology.  In fact, wokesters want to judge people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character.  Everything today seems to be about skin color.  Critical Race Theory being pushed by Socialist Fascists is Marxist, racist, revisionist history that tells young children that they are the victims of systemic racism that can never be overcome.  Really!

These wokesters are out to divide our country along racial fault lines everything Dr. King was trying to stop.   It is hard to imagine if Dr. King's message would be accepted today by the radical left. Ironically, it is Conservatives that most revere Dr. King as an American Hero.   Dr.  King is a clear example of how one man or woman can make a difference and change our country and the world.  As someone who lived through the turbulent times of the 60's and the Civil Rights movement, we are all better for it.  However, given the turmoil we see today with BLM rioting, looting and burning down cities with little consequence, it is a though people of color have no rights in our country that were hard earned by prior generations. 

Instead, the radical left pushes victimization instead of recognizing all the progress that has been made in the last 30 or more years.   We did after all elect our first Black President and there are thousands of elected officials at all levels of government who are people of color and all sexual orientations.  Those that have succeeded are within the system and did it the old fashioned way.  They got great educations and worked hard to achieve success.  It is the epitome of Dr. King's dream.  The problem is that some in the radical left believe that their ticket to power is to perpetuate poverty.  

The radical left refuses to recognize that children born of our wedlock is not a good thing regardless of race. More often than not these children are born into poverty.  And because the radical left is lock step in line with the teacher unions, they do not support School Choice to get these kids out of failing public schools.   I wonder what Dr. King would say today about the state of our nation and the Black community.  I suspect Dr. King would be thrilled with the progress that has been made.  Dr. King might even be a Republican today because the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party is so far to the left that they are completely out of step with most Americans of all colors.   

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Millions From China Going To American Universities

We recently learned that the University of Pennsylvania received more than $50 million from China.  Some of that money was used to set up the Biden Center and pay Joe Biden a million or more dollars.  This is really nothing more than a pass through bribe that went to Joe Biden; but that is nothing new.  The Biden Crime Family used sleazy Hunter Biden as the conduit to accept bribes from China, Russia, Ukraine and perhaps other countries yet to be identified.  The Big Guy, Joe Biden got his 10% and further Hunter was paying for the Biden houses in Delaware.   

But let's get back to American universities accepting monies from China.  China is using these universities to buy influence in the United States and as bases for spying on our country.  As a result of the money that the University of Pennsylvania received from China, they lobbied the Congress and Joe Biden to stop some legislation that would have been detrimental to China.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing, but in this case it is rice they are eating.  

The Congress must pass legislation requiring full disclosure of monies universities, charities or companies are receiving from China.  We need to know what is being done with these monies and in some cases, the United States should stop these bribes from happening.  China is buying farmland in our country near military bases to allow for spying.  This should not be happening,  It must be prohibited by law.  China has already invaded our country.  The are killing our people by shipping illegal drugs into our country through Mexico.   Our government must use our military to destroy the Cartels.  We certainly can't depend on the government in Mexico to stop the Cartels.  Officials in Mexico are owned by the Cartels. Mexico is a narco state whose biggest sources of income are trafficking in people and drugs.  

China is using Mexico as the entry point into the United States to harm our country and kill our people.  The good news is that the Republican House just put a Select Committee in place to better understand China's malicious actions and hopefully to stop them.  Better late than never to stop China's war on the United States.  

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Europe & Russia's Tortured History

Since Roman times and the beginning of the city state and eventually nation states,  Europe and Russia have suffered countless wars over control of the land and resources.  The result has been millions of deaths.  World Wars I and II once again redrew the map of Europe, however, country boundaries have changed for a thousand or more years.  In some sense, what is happening in Ukraine is nothing new, just the latest bloody battle for land and control.  After World War II, Europeans and in particular France and Germany hoped that by creating the European Union just maybe by forging a United States of Europe it would end the constant wars.  Obviously, it has not happened.  

Ironically, in modern times it has taken the United States in essence to keep the peace in Europe.  Europeans do not get along very well because they are different cultures, religions etc. So here we are again with the United States giving Ukraine billions of dollars in weapons to defend against Russia that sees Ukraine historically as part of Russia.  United States taxpayers are funding 80% of Ukraine's defense when this war is at the doorstep of rich European countries.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  Highly doubtful it would have happened in the first place had President Trump still been in office.  

In any case, it is the failure to understand Russian history that has led us to this point.  The notion that NATO now surrounds Russia feeds their understandable paranoia.  This is a country that has suffered numerous invasions for centuries from the West and Asia.  They attempted to create a buffer zone after World War II by controlling Eastern Europe.  When the Soviet Union fell apart it was only natural for these countries to seek NATO membership as a defense against Russia.  And so now Russia is surrounded by NATO countries.  Ukraine was the last straw related to the potential for Ukraine joining NATO.  None of this is a defense of the brutal invasion of Ukraine by Russia; but these are the reasons it has happened.  

Russia will Never accept defeat in Ukraine.  They will destroy Ukraine either by conventional weapons or tactical nuclear weapons to force a surrender.  This whole saga is starting to feel like World War I.  It would be very easy for this local war to turn into a World War.  President George Washington warned of foreign entanglements.  President Eisenhower, the General that defeated the NAZI's in World War II warned of the Military Industrial Complex in the United States that obviously benefits from numerous foreign wars.  Sadly, feckless Joe Biden is not up to dealing with the mess in Ukraine.  

We need new thinking to stop the fighting in Ukraine.  Russia should be invited to join NATO because China is the big threat we must face.  Perhaps if Russia was a member of NATO, we could end this war in Ukraine.  Clearly, something must be done because the direction we are going will not end well.  Europe and Russia's tortured history has reared its ugly head again in this century.  When will we learn the lessons of history.  I guess Never.  

Friday, January 13, 2023

January 6th Riot Congressional Committee Kangaroo Court - Release All The Videos

The partisan Trump hating January 6th Committee investigation of what really happened that day during the riot was a Kangaroo Court run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and a few RINOS all with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Their hatred was so venomous that they were foaming at the mouth. These were the same people pushing the failed Impeachment of President Trump twice.  They hired a Hollywood Producer to produce their propaganda case against Trump and the protesters many of whom languished in jail in squalid conditions for months before even going to trial.  And of course, while many of these protesters have been prosecuted for just being there in some cases receiving long jail terms, those in BLM who rioted, looted and burned down cities, government buildings and business causing billions of dollars in damage walk free. 

Here are the facts.  The only person killed during the Capitol Hill riot by a Capitol Hill cop was Ashlee Babbit, a veteran and unarmed protester.  While some members of the Capitol Police may have been injured none of them died that day.  A few died for health reasons after the riot was long over a few days later.  One may have committed suicide.  We now know that the FBI had informants dressed in Trump garb within the crowd.  Deep State Swamp Lizard FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to answer the question about FBI agents in the crowd that day.   And, we also know that there may have been instigators in the crowd that were never arrested.  Why not?  In some of the videos we have seen Capitol Hill police waving the crowd into the Capitol.  How come?

And, both Socialist Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser turned down the National Guard that was offered by President Trump days before.  Only they had the authority to approve having the National Guard at the Capitol that day.  They did not want the Optics.  Neither was required to testify before the January 6th Committee because under oath if the questioning had been honest, their failures  would have been revealed.  Now that Republicans control the House, they must release all videos including the thousands of hours that may have told a different story and they must subpoena both Pelosi and Bower to testify as to their role in this fiasco.  We need the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning January 6th not just Trump hating propaganda.  Just maybe now that Republican control the House, we will get the whole story, which of course Fake News will not report.  So what's new.  

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Joe Biden & Classified Top Secret Documents - Now The Dance Begins

Feckless Joe Biden said that President Donald Trump was "irresponsible" for having Classified Documents at this home in Mar A Lago, which the FBI raided like they were dealing with a Mafia boss rather than the President of the United States.  This is the first time this has occurred in American history since former Presidents have all had Classified Documents at their homes, or offices after leaving office.  And, we won't even go into the 32,000 emails that Crooked Hillary deleted and the smashed hard drives and phones to destroy evidence.  

So, now we have Poor Joe.  Turns out that Joe Biden had Classified Documents in a closet at the University of Pennsylvania Biden Center for years.   The problem with all of this in addition to the fact that Hunter Biden had access to this facility is that the University of Pennsylvania got $54 million of dollars from China, some of which may have been used to fund the Biden Center.  Further, we know that the University paid Joe Biden a million dollars and maybe more for the privilege of using his name on this center.  This was probably money that came from China; but then that is nothing new for the Biden Crime family that got money directly from China as bribes.   This is just more corruption.  China owns Joe Biden.    

And, then we found out there were boxes of Classified Documents in Biden's home garage where he parks his Corvette in addition to within the house.   There may also be other locations to be determined where Classified Documents show up.  They knew about all of this before the Midterm elections and failed to make it public to protect Joe Biden, like always.  To his credit, Socialist Party Hack Attorney General Merrick Garland had to appoint a Special Prosecutor to deal with all of this because he appointed a Special Prosecutor to persecute President Donald Trump.  This fiasco ensures that Trump will NEVER be indicted for having Classified Documents, which was permitted because he was the President.  Joe Biden did all of this while he was Vice President not authorized to declassify any of these documents.  

Of course, Biden is claiming dementia or maybe amnesia.  Biden claims he has no idea how those documents got there.  Really!!  How did they get there.  Well the dementia defense might be a good one.  Everybody knows Biden's cognitive abilities are shot.  The real question now is what is the Department of Justice going to do about all of this.  They are now investigating both the sitting President and the former President.  What a circus.  

And, you can bet that the Republicans in the House of Representatives will use their subpoena power to get to the bottom of this fiasco.  Oh, what a tangled web they weave when the practice to deceive.  And, those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will now push Biden not to run for reelection.  Quemala Harris must be thrilled because she actually thinks she is next in line.  Laughable!  

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Joe Biden Got Worked In Mexico

Feckless Joe Biden was lectured during his meetings in Mexico by Socialist President Obrador.  This character no doubt owned by the Cartels told Biden in no uncertain terms that the United States had not spent enough money supporting countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Obrador claimed that since President Kennedy spent $10 million on Latin America during his administration that little else had been done.  Obrador challenged Biden for his "forgetfulness" related to Latin America.  Biden to his credit meekly responded that the United States has given billions of dollars to Latin American and Caribbean countries in the last 20 or more years.  Can you even imagine, Obrador talking to the President of the United States this way had President Trump been sitting there.  It would not have happened.

Obrador went on to thank Biden for not building another meter of wall on the Border.  Obrador further demanded admission of illegal aliens into the United States.  It was time for gutless Joe Biden to hit Obrador over the head with a two by four instead of sitting there taking all this BS.  What Biden should have demanded was for Mexico to destroy the Cartels, which we should designate as Terrorists organizations, secure their own Southern Border and to stop the passage of illegal aliens and drugs through their country into the United States.  Biden should further have told Obrador that either he takes these action, or the United States will send in the US Military in to make it happen.  It was time for hard ball not mariachi's.  

Further that the United States will impose a 25% tariff on all goods entering the United States from Mexico if the invasion at our border does not stop.  These are the things President Trump would have done to demonstrate strength in his dealings with Mexico and their President Obrador.  What happened in Mexico was shameful.  Why should Russia, China, Iran or North Korea fear Joe Biden when he can't even stand up to the President of Mexico.  What happened in Mexico was a humiliating disaster for our country.  

Banning Natural Gas Heating & Cooking - HELL NO

Now the environmental wackos want to ban Natural Gas Heating, Stoves and Dryers.  To these idiots, we must say HELL NO.  First, it is estimated that we have a 200 year supply of natural gas in our country.  It is the carbon energy bridge to the future.  It is being used to fuel power plants to avoid coal because it burns much cleaner.  How do they expect to produce enough electricity to power electric cars, manufacturing, stoves, dryers, home heating etc without natural gas.  Radical Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) AOC claims that gas stoves cause brain damage.  No, AOC, smoking pot everyday causes brain damage.  I suspect AOC proves the case.  

NO self respecting chef, male or female would cook with an electric cooktop.  Only natural gas produces the kind of consistent heat needed to properly cook foods in a frying pan or pot.  Electric cooktops are horrible.  If they want me to riot at the Capitol, just take away by gas cooktop, heater, or dryer.   They will take my commercial gas stove out of my cold dead hands.  And, banning gas stoves would Destroy the restaurant industry.  Gas stoves are immediate and the heat is easy to control.  Electric is not immediate and it is not easy to control.   

Next, a when the electricity goes out forced air heat even with natural gas stops.  A few years ago when the grid went down in Texas our son and his family were freezing for a week.  They had to hunt down cords of wood to burn wood in their fireplace in an attempt to keep their children warm.  It turned into the wild west as people frantically had to find wood to burn, which was in short supply.  Matter of fact, what happened makes the case for installing natural gas generators to power an entire home in the event the electricity goes down.  

Finally, natural gas is more cost effective for cooking, to heat a home or to dry clothing in a gas dryer than electricity.  Traditionally, natural gas has always been cheaper than electricity; though the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) have caused so much inflation that in some states like California the cost of natural gas and electricity have both doubled.   So now government has to give the poor subsidies to heat their homes like they do in many European countries to solve the high cost problem that they caused.  

It is time for people with common sense to push back on these environmental wackos that are out to destroy life as we know it.  If they want more riots at the Capitol, just keep it up.  People have had it.  Government and the Deep State are out of control.  We must take back our country from these wackos to save America.  We must stop all the woke crap that is happening in our schools, businesses etc.  We must be energy independent to maintain a high standard of living in our country.  We have to stop the woke lunatics from destroying our country.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Republicans In The House - Off To A Good Start

After we saw the rocky start it took to elect Kevin McCarthy as the Republican Speaker of the House, it appears that the Republican Party has proven the naysayers wrong.  Of course, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and Fake News kept predicting that the Republicans would never be able to govern.  Well guess what, the Republicans hit the ground running.  They immediately enacted the rules to run the 118th Congress demanded by the Freedom Caucus, America First MAGA Republicans.  These rules have actually unified the Republican party behind common sense ideas needed to guarantee elected representation in the House.  If anything, they have made Kevin McCarthy stronger not weaker as predicted by the other side.  

And, then the first order of business was defunding the $80 billion that was in Biden's $1.7 Trillion SwindleUS plan to fund 87,000 additional armed IRS Gestapo agents to harass the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country.  All Republicans in the House supported the legislation, while all Socialists opposed it.  Now the law must go to the Senate.  We will see what RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the turtle does to force a vote on this law.  All Socialists will vote against defunding the IRS agents; but assuming all Republicans vote for it, this is about the election in 2024.  Many of these Socialist Senators will be up for reelection in 2024.  Hanging the IRS, one of the most hated agencies of government around their necks will work just fine to help defeat them.  

The reality is that the $80 billion that would have gone to fund the additional IRS Gestapo agents needs to go to fund more border patrol and ICE agents along with finishing the border wall.  We MUST secure our border to stop the illegal alien invasion and drugs coming across the border.  Feckless Joe Biden will do nothing to shut down the border.  Congress must act to get the job done.  Again, this is about the election in 2024.  If the Socialists refuse to act to secure the border, this is another issue that Republicans can hang around their necks to defeat them in 2024.

So the Republican House of Representatives is off to a good start.  Next, we need to see laws related to securing the border, election integrity, parent's bill of rights and School Choice.  The Socialists will oppose all of these laws; but this is now about 2024.  Republicans need to demonstrate that they can get things done and then they can blame the Socialists for refusing to do what is in the best interest of our country.  If Republicans act, they will gain even more seats in the House, retake the Senate and the Presidency in 2024.  The time is now.  

Monday, January 9, 2023

Joe Biden, The Border & Mexico

Two years after Joe Biden was sworn in as President and 5 million illegal aliens and tons of killer drugs later since Biden took office entering our country, Biden for the first time in his political career, went to the border at El Paso, Texas to see the crisis his administration has until just recently refused to acknowledge. Biden was at the border for just a few hours meeting with a handful of border patrol agents, his Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) supporters and charities getting billions of dollars a year from the federal government to care for illegal aliens in transit to all points in the United States.   

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, was there to welcome Biden to the border.  Since Abbott knew he would be spending little time with Biden so he handed him a letter demanding that Biden secure the border and enforce federal immigration laws already on the books.  When Biden took office, the border was relatively secure under President Trump, which is ironic because Biden now blames Republicans for the chaos at the border that this policies have created.  There is absolutely grounds to impeach Joe Biden for failing to enforce our immigration laws.  Biden took an oath of office to preserve, defend and protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  It is certainly logic to say that the Cartels in Mexico are enemies of the United States.  

So right after Biden's photo op on the border, he was off to meet with Canada's Prime Minister GQ Trudeau and Mexico's President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador.   Since all three of them are Socialists, it should be a love fest; but it really should be a confrontation with Obrador in order to put America First.  Biden should be telling Obrador that either Mexico gets its Southern border and the Cartels under control or the United States will do it for him.  Further, Biden should allow Americans that have lost loved ones to fentanyl overdoses coming through Mexico to sue the Mexican government for failing to stop this drug production and shipment from Mexico.  Mexico should be required to pay billions of dollars for their unwillingness to stop this drug trafficking.

Unfortunately, Mexico is now a narco state run the Cartels.  In addition to bribes no doubt going to many members of the government, police force etc. the Cartels will simply murder anyone who opposes them including the President of Mexico.  This is why Obrador has stopped arresting members of the Cartel.  He fears for his own life and he knows that they will mercilessly murder anyone else who stands in their way.   This is why the United States must take action including sending our military into Mexico to control their Southern border and destroy the Cartels.  

President Trump has said that if he is relectred, he will do just that the same way he destroyed ISIS in Iraq.  Gutless Joe Biden will do no such thing because Biden always puts America Last.  So, while Biden enjoys his Tacos at lunch with Obrador, nothing meaningful is likely to come from his trip to Mexico.  It is time to play hard ball; but since Joe Biden is not up to the job, we will see limp wristed old man pickle ball instead.   

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Habemus Speaker Of The House Of Representatives

When a new Pope is elected they burn straw in a furnace to send up white smoke to tell the people that a new Pope has been selected.  At that point, the people waiting outside do not know who the Pope will be until someone appears at the balcony up above to proclaim, Habemus Papam, which is Latin means, We Have A Pope".  It is only then that the new Pope appears at the balcony window and the name he has chosen is announced.  And, so it is with electing a Republican Speaker of the House.  We had the drama, but not the white smoke.  

After 15 votes and a lot of horse trading with the small minority opposing Republican Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, McCarthy was finally elected Speaker with final help from President Trump.  To hear Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and Fake New tell it, the fact that it took several days and 15 votes to get it done indicated that Republicans simply can't govern.  That remains to be seen.  The reality is that the rule changes that the minority of Republicans extracted from McCarthy will be good for the country.  

And, we saw that the new leadership of the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) party is the obligatory middle aged Black Man, Hispanic Man and White woman.  I don't know if any of them are Gay, or transgender; but usually the Socialists like to cover all the bases.  What was really funny is that the Socialist Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, who was just supposed to introduce the new Speaker as part of the ceremony gave a long winded partisan speech complete with hand jabbing motions that just demonstrated the divide in our country and the battles that lie ahead.  

In any case, given the slight delay, Republicans should be prepared to hit the ground running with various investigations and legislation that is ready to go.  So, we will see investigations of the Biden Crime Family, DOJ and FBI, Big Tech, the border mess, the January 6th riot, election integrity, and the origins of Covid.  Now that Republicans have subpoena power, though no doubt the culprits involved in all of these investigations will drag their feet to fight getting at the truth, eventually the truth will come out on all of these issues.  There should be prosecutions; but that will happen as long as Socialist Party Hack Merrick Garland is in charge of the DOJ.  

Next, we better see legislation to defund the hiring of 87,000 additional IRS agents and instead put that money into border security; more border patrol and ICE agents and finishing the wall etc.   Given the crisis at the border, Republicans will dare the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) to vote against this law.  Our course, Biden will veto the law if enacted; but it will set the stage for the election battle in 2024.  We should see a Parent's Bill of Rights to stop the FBI persecution of parents protesting woke ideology at school board meetings.  And, the House should pass universal School Choice to allow parents to get their kids out of failing public schools.  The money needs to follow the kid.  Again, the Socialists will oppose all these laws.   

There must be a national election integrity law requiring voter ID, absentee ballots for only those who request them and limits on ballot harvesting.  The Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will oppose it all and Biden would veto common sense election laws; but again this is about the election in 2024.  

So Kevin McCarthy who waited 14 years to become Speaker of the House is now Speaker.  He will have to prove that he can manage Republicans to actually govern.  McCarthy showed his metal to get the Speaker's gavel.  Now, McCarthy will have to show that he is tough enough to do the job.  If they do a good job, they will be rewarded in 2024 with more seats including taking over the Senate and the Presidency.  If Republican in Congress fail, they will lose control of the House once more.  The base of the Republican Party wants actions not more words and promises.  

Friday, January 6, 2023

Shutting Down The Keystone Pipeline A National Disaster

As soon as feckless Joe Biden took office, one of the first things he did was to shut down the Keystone Pipeline by Executive Order.  The Biden Administration just issued a report showing that shutting down the Keystone Pipeline was a National Disaster.  No only did it result in the loss of thousands of good paying often union jobs, the loss of oil coming from Canada just added to the higher cost of both gasoline and home heating oil.  And, higher energy cost has resulted in much higher inflation.   

This one of many bad decisions by Joe Biden is among the worst of them all.  Hopefully, the Republican House of Representatives will codify building of the Keystone Pipeline.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will vote against energy independence for our country and no doubt Joe Biden would veto the law if it ever was enacted; but this just sets the stage for the election in 2024.  A vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) is a vote for higher energy prices and dependence on foreign countries.  A vote for Republicans is a vote for lower energy cost, energy independence and lower inflation.  It is just that simple.

For some bizarre reason, Joe Biden wants the United States buying oil from countries in the Middle East, Russia and Venezuela, some of which are our enemies rather than drilling in the US.  It is just plain crazy.  In addition to the job losses in the US, it means shipping US wealth overseas to other countries rather than keeping the revenue and jobs in the United States.  This has to stop.  

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Joe Biden & The Crisis At The Border

Pushed by members of the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Party, both feckless Joe Biden and incompetent DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas have acknowledged that there is a crisis at the border.  I would think 5 million illegal aliens and thousands of pounds of killer drugs entering our country since Biden took office in the last two years would have been a sign before now; but better late than never.  So, Biden has announced that in addition to meeting with the President of Mexico and Prime Minister of Canada to discuss the crisis,  Biden is putting some half measures in place in an attempt to slow border crossings and provide some number of illegal aliens legal status. Biden has further said that he finally is going to the border.  

It is good that Biden is implementing some of Trump's policies requiring that more illegal aliens remain in Mexico awaiting hearings related to asylum.  It is also good that some number of illegal aliens will not be allowed into the United States; but the border is essentially still open unless and until more is done to stop the flow of people and drugs into our country.  We also must close down the cartels by military action if necessary.  That could mean American troops based both at the border and in Mexico.  

Of course, Biden is demanding that Congress enact comprehensive immigration reform as a condition for securing the border, which is Dead On Arrival.   Since Republicans got burned during the Reagan Presidency when they agreed to amnesty for a few million illegal aliens in exchange for border security that never happened. They won't do it again.  This time around the only laws Republicans in the House will approve must involve border security.  Things like finishing the wall, cancelling the 87,000 new IRS agents and putting that money into many more border and ICE agents, codifying the stay in Mexico policy, making asylum harder to achieve and deporting thousands of criminal aliens in our country must all happen first before there can be any other comprehensive immigration reform. 

Most likely, Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) will not agree to any of these things.  All they want is an open border and amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens already in our country including a quick path to citizenship.  Hopefully, Republicans will not allow any of these things to happen unless and until the border is secure.  So here we are.  This will be a campaign issue as always in 2024.  It plays right into Donald Trump's hands because Trump has been pushing the border security issue for years.  Chaos at the border is one of Trump's rallying cries.  At least Joe Biden is going to the border for the first time in his political career.  We will see how that works out.  Eating a few tacos at the border isn't much of a photo op.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Real Threat To Our Democracy

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News, Big Tech and even some big woke companies have bought into the narrative that MAGA America First Republicans are a threat to our democracy.  The Socialist Fascists used the January 6 Riot Committee Circus to push this myth.  This is all BS.  No doubt those that broke into the Capitol and caused harm who should be prosecuted, no more or no less than the BLM Rioters that looted, burned down cities, destroyed businesses and injured many people.  However, we are learning by the day with the Twitter leaks that the real threat to our Democracy is the Deep State seeking to cancel and censor anyone they see as the enemy.  These are the same people out to destroy election integrity to win by voter fraud.   They must be stopped or out nation is lost. 

No matter how odious speech provided violence is not advocated, it is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.  Certainly, parents attending school board meetings to loudly protest against woke indoctrination is protected by the First Amendment.  These people should not be prosecuted and persecuted by the FBI as Domestic Terrorists.  It is the FBI that should be prosecuted for their actions.  Further pro-life Americans have every right to pray outside abortion mills in an effort to convince young women to forgo Abortions as long as there is no violence.  The real violence is happening inside abortion mills as innocent babies are murdered.

What has happened to President Trump and many of his supporters since the very first day he came down that escalator in 2015 to announce his candidacy for the Presidency is not only Un-American, once Trump was elected it was treason.  Whether you like Trump or not, what the Deep State has done to Trump because they can't own him is criminal.   Many should go to jail for their lies and conspiracy against President Trump that continues even today.

As has occurred in history, the threat to democracy comes from Socialist Fascists and Communists.  We have seen this story before in Fascist NAZI Germany, Italy and Japan and today in China, Iran and Russia.  These Fascists and Communists will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  With every Twitter revelation, we see the evil story.  We must assume that Face Book, Google, Apple and others were complicit in their treachery.  We see the real threat to our democracy.  And, it is not coming from MAGA America First Patriots.  

Football Is A Dangerous Sport - Watching The Team Pray For A Team Member

Football is the modern version of the Roman Gladiator games, without the express goal of killing someone.  Nevertheless, Football is a dangerous, violent game.  Though players are outfitted with helmets and all sorts of padding, the fact is that when grown men plow into to each other with the intent of knocking someone down, from time to time there is bound to be a bad injury.  And, so it happened again recently.  24 year old Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills appeared to have suffered a heart attack, to be determined, in the process of tackling another player on the Cincinnati Bengals team.  They were able to use CPR immediately on the field in an attempt to save Hamlin's life.  He was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition.

Of course, it is true that most games go off without serious injuries; but when it does happen, it can be life threatening.  Money drives football.  Top rated players earn a lot of money for their pain and suffering.  Years ago, we used to live across the street from a football athlete, a familiar name on a major team.  He was benched for the season for suffering a brain bruise, which apparently is pretty common in football.  We happened to meet up at a party and I knew of his situation.  I asked him if perhaps God was sending him a message about it being time to quit.  

He asked me what I did for a living.  I told him that I was a Management Consultant who worked with major companies all over the world.  He then went on to say, so you fly in airplanes a lot to do your job.  At that point I had about 3 million air miles so I confirmed his statement.  He then said to me, so if you went down in a plane crash and survived would you quit your job.  To which I responded absolutely Not.  He then said, why would you expect me to quit my job at 30 years old assuming I recover from my injury.  His point was well taken.

We do know today that many football players end up with brain injuries and as such have sued the teams and leagues they worked for.  While they have a claim, they also knew the risk they were taking to make the money they enjoyed.  What I know is that I prefer that my grandchildren play soccer rather than football even though our sons did both.  Why risk a brain injury.

In any case, while many in our country profess that there is no God.  I found it interesting and encouraging to watch the entire Buffalo Bills team on their knees on the field praying for their team mate.  Others always ask for prayer whenever there is a tragedy.  There is a God.  Let's just hope that God shines his light on Damar Hamlin to save his life.  If he lives and survives his injury, Hamlin will have a decision to make.  Does he take this injury as a sign from God, or go back to playing football.  We shall see.  

Monday, January 2, 2023

Republicans Better Get Their Act Together

After lackluster performance in the Midterm elections,  it is very clear that Republicans better get their act together if they have any chance of keeping the base of the party happy.  The first order of business must be electing the Speaker of the House.  Well over 200 of the 218 Republicans needed to elect Kevin McCarthy support him.  McCarthy has made concessions to his opposition that should address their concerns.  If just five call for a vote to remove him, they can now do so under the new rule McCarthy has proposed.  McCarthy also intends to end proxy voting.   It is time for his opposition to get in line and vote for McCarthy as Speaker.  It is true that McCarthy is a Deep State Swamp lizard; but at least he appears to support the things the base of the party is demanding.  

Mitch McConnell, the turtle is a whole different story.  McConnell as the Republican minority leader in the Senate will NEVER have the support of the base of the party, including President Trump.  McConnell is the poster child for term limits.  Not only is McConnell a Deep State Swamp lizard and Trump hater, he is a RINO willing to do anything to stay in power feeding at the trough, including cooperate with Socialists to destroy our country.  McConnell as much as anyone is responsible for not winning the Senate in 2020 because he refused to put forth any Republican plan for governing.  McConnell has to go.  Republicans need a fighter leading them in the Senate and that is not Mitch McConnell.  

Assuming Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the House, Republicans must hit the ground running.  In addition to numerous investigations into the Biden Crime Family, Covid, the Border and the FBI and DOJ, the House must enact legislation demanded by the base of Republican Party as follows:

1. Measures to secure the border including finishing the Wall, eliminating 87,000 new IRS agents and putting that money into 100,000 additional border patrol agents and ICE. 

2. Reigning in Big Tech to stop the Censorship of America First MAGA Conservatives.

3. Enacting a Parent's Bill of Rights to protect parents protesting at School Board meetings against woke ideology in public schools and give parents more rights related to their children's education.  

4. Enacting universal School Choice so that parents of limited means can get their kids out of failing public schools and into private schools.  

5. Enact national election integrity laws that include the need for voter ID, Mail out ballots only to those who request them and limits on ballot harvesting. 

6. Enact laws that will make the US Energy independent again including approval of the Keystone Pipeline and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords.   

None of these laws will advance in the Senate, since Socialists control the Senate and even if they were enacted, they would be VETOED by feckless Joe Biden.  At a minimum, Republicans in the House need to demonstrate that they are listening to the base of the Republican Party.  These laws would form the platform for Republicans to run in 2024.  Without these laws enacted by a Republican controlled House of Representatives, the base of the party will sit on their hands in 2024 and Republicans will lose.   Republicans must prove that they can govern to be rewarded with staying in office.