Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Illegal Aliens In New York City Complain About Housing & Food

It is costing the people of New York City $55,000 a year to house and feed each illegal alien in their city.  Recently, the city attempted to move single men living in a hotel to a Cruise Ship Terminal set up as a shelter to make room for illegal aliens with families in the hotel.  If you can imagine these young men in our country illegally protested the move and refused to go complaining that they "deserved" better housing and food.  We have reached completely stupid in our country.  Any of these illegal alien men who complained should be put on an airplane and sent back to their own countries. 

Feckless Joe Biden has opened our border to millions of illegal aliens with no end in sight.  It is right that some border state Governors like Abbott of Texas and now even Hobbs of Arizona the newly elected Socialist are busing illegal aliens out of their states.  Abbott has also recently appointed a State of Texas Border Czar to deal with the the crisis at the border, since Biden will do nothing to secure the border.  Texas is also completing the border wall at their taxpayer's expense.  

New York City is dealing with about 46,000 out of the 5 million that have crossed the border since Biden took office.  The Mayor of New York City claims that they are overwhelmed.  Tell that to the people that live all along the border in Texas and Arizona that have been dealing with this invasion of our country for years. 

Joe Biden should be impeached for his failure to secure the border and his Crime Family corruption.  It is pretty obvious that Biden has violated his oath of office and that there are grounds for impeachment.  Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas must also be impeached.  This big mouth clown is clearly incompetent and has also violated his oath of office to enforce our immigration laws.  The illegal aliens in New York City complaining about their accommodations and food is the last straw.  The American people have had it.  These criminals must be deported immediately.  

Monday, January 30, 2023

The War In Ukraine - US Running Out of Weapons

Feckless Joe Biden has approved providing Ukraine with American tanks.  Tanks made in Germany  sitting in various countries are also going to Ukraine.  Russia will destroy those tanks by air as soon as they cross the border into Ukraine, guaranteed.  While Russia sees tanks coming into Ukraine as an escalation of the war by the West, they will have little impact on the war.  Tanks are sitting ducks relatively easy to take out from the air or by hand held bazookas.  Ask the Russians that lost hundreds of their tanks in Ukraine.  

Aside from the billions of dollars we are providing Ukraine in weapons and humanitarian aid, the US is running out of weapons since we are using our stockpiles to get them weapons quickly.  There was an approved order that was supposed to go to Taiwan from three years ago that has not yet been delivered.  The Military Industrial Complex cannot keep up with weapons orders not to mention the shortage of computer chips.  It will take five years or more to replace the weapons we and our allies have provided Ukraine.  Even if we wanted to, we certainly are not positioned to defend Taiwan from attack by China.  Hell, we are not prepared to defend our own country other than using nuclear weapons, which might be our only option. 

The fact is that the longer the war goes on in Ukraine, the more likely that the Russians will use tactical nuclear weapons to end the war because they too are running out of weapons.  As of now Ukraine has not advanced much to push the Russians out of Ukraine.  It is estimated that both sides may have lost more than 100,000 soldiers each not to mention civilians in just one year of war  To put this in perspective, we lost 58,000 soldiers during the 8 year war in Vietnam and about 4,000 soldiers during the 20 year war in Afghanistan.  

Russia cannot allow this to go on much longer.  They will use conventional weapons to destroy all of Ukraine.  And, if that does not result in surrender, they will be forced to use tactical nuclear weapons.  If that happens all bets are off.  War hawks in our country are pushing NATO to attack Russia and destroy their navy based in the Black Sea.  This would result in World War III that would not last long because nuclear missiles would start flying.  While we certainly can destroy all of Russia, European capitals would be devastated and so would American cities. Somebody with a sound mind, and that is not Joe Biden, better stop all of this as soon.  

President Trump is urging negotiations with Russia.  It is the only way to stop the insanity.  We should invite Russia to join NATO in exchange for exiting Ukraine.  It is the only way to get peace in the region.  And, it is the best way to counter China, our real enemy.  Of course, the warmongers in the DC Swamp need Russia as an enemy to line their pockets.   So, don't expect any new thinking.  

Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cops Commit Brutal Murder In Memphis - Justice Will Be Done

5 Black Cops in Memphis murdered a 29 year old Black man in the course of a wreckless driving pursuit.  Ironically, these Cops were part of an "Elite" group called Scorpion (the acronym for the group) that was formed a few years ago to deal with the high murder rate in Memphis.  The video tells the story.  In their attempt to arrest this man, they basically beat the hell out of him including kicking him in the head, spraying him with pepper spray, tasering him etc.   This happened within 200 yards of his mother's home, where he lived.  The man was heard screaming for his Mom while they were beating him up to death.  

This scene looked like a pack of wolves, street gang mercilessly attacking this poor guy.  Given the video evidence, the Black, female Memphis Chief of Police did not waste a minute.  Regardless of police union restrictions, she immediately fired all five of them and began an investigation of two others that were called to the scene.  They waited 20 minutes before they called 911 to get the man to the hospital where he died of this beating three days later.  This story is heartbreaking.  And, as the insistence of community leaders, the Chief disbanded the Scorpions, the elite group she created just a few years ago to deal with murders in the city, which may or may not prove to be a good idea. 

What occurred is unimaginable.  The Cops are trained not to shoot an unarmed man; but presumably to use other means to restrain someone; but this brutal beating showed 5 Cops completely out of control.  This was a Black on Black crime so at least there is no talk of racism; but the obvious police brutality will lead to more calls to Defund the Police, which is the exact wrong outcome from this horrible incident.  Once again,  all police departments must scrutinize their training so that Cops know how to deal with someone resisting arrest, armed and unarmed. Just maybe Cops should be armed with stun guns, the kind that are often used for animals to put them to sleep so they can be taken away.  It is basically a dart gun filled with a strong sedative.  If that type of gun had been used, the man murdered would be alive today.  

This blatant murder in Memphis should never have happened.   The 5 Cops will be charged with Second Degree murder and are likely to spend most of their lives in jail.  This crime will impact six families, including the family of the man murdered the worst; but also the Cops families.  Unless there is something very wrong with the guys hired to be Cops, they certainly did not wake up that morning with the intent to murder someone, yet that is what happened.  Justice must be done; but it is justice that will impact more than just the five Cops that committed the crime.  Let's just hope protests remain peaceful so even more people don't die or get injured as a result of this horrible murder.  

Friday, January 27, 2023

Republicans Reward Failure - The Republican National Committee & The Turtle

Given Joe Biden's miserable Presidency, 2022 should have been a Red Wave election for Republicans.  Instead, it turned into a Red Trickle with Republicans barely taking over the House.  There are two people to blame for the failure.  RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Mitt Romney's niece and the Turtle Republican forever Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  McDaniel was in charge of the Republican National Committee and did a lousy job dealing with ballot harvesting and making sure that Republican voted early.  And, Deep State Swamp Lizard Mitch McConnell refused to put forth an agenda to attract Republicans and Independent voters.  

Instead these two failures allowed Joe Biden and the other Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) to run on abortion and the January 6th riot.  To their credit, they used these issues to bludgeon MAGA Republicans who had no response to combat their attacks.  McConnell failed to back various MAGA Republicans supported by President Trump, which was intentional.  McConnell hates Trump and the feeling is mutual.  McDaniel failed to adjust to corrupt election laws in many states.  

One would think that both would have been voted down as leaders of the Republican Party.  But oh no!  McConnell was re-elected as Senate Minority Leader by Republicans in the Senate.  And McDaniel was just re-elected as Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee.  Why do Republicans keep rewarding failure.  I for one will not give a dime to the RNC, or any PAC headed by McConnell.  The only good news in all of this is that so far pushed by the Freedom Caucus in the House,  Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy hit the ground running and appears to be doing a good job.  Oh well, we can only hope for better days in 2024, but I would not count on it with losers Ronna McDaniel and Mitch McConnell are in leadership.  

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Bidenista Definition Of White People - Racial & Sexual Politics

The Biden Administration as part of its woke agenda is redefining what it means to be a White person as they continue to play divisive Racial and Sexual Politics.  Apparently, only people of European descent can be White.  So there must be new categories for Middle Eastern many of whom are White.  For example is Turkey part of the Middle East or Europe.  There are White people born in lots of countries including Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. besides Europe.  Jews who are a semitic people many of whom lived in the Middle East for centuries are White; though some from Africa may be Black. Sephardic Jews may have olive complexions.  Arabs are also a semitic people and the cousins of Jews who vary in color.  Remember, Abraham is the father of both peoples. 

And, then there are people of mixed race like none other than Barack Obama and Quemala Harris.  Maybe there should be a category that says mixed race to accommodate multiracial people.  It would probably apply to half the people in the world.  As a Sicilian Italian with Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish, Austrian and Jewish roots, what am I.  Biden is claiming that real White people descended from Europe somehow have a different world view and experience than other races and even White people who were long gone from Europe and born in other countries for generations.  And, then there are Mestizos, the mixture of Europeans, Latin American and or North American Indians.  Mestizo in Spanish means mixed race and it the basis for the country named Mexico.  Ironically, Mexicans would probably check the box Hispanic on a federal form, when in fact many of them with darker skins and indian features descend for Aztecs.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) seek to divide our country by race and sexual orientation as they play both Racial and Sexual Politics.  Instead of one people under God, which should be the goal to unite our country, they choose to categorize us by various races and sexual orientations that don't believe in God.  It is this very kind of tribalism that leads to civil wars in other parts of the world.  When asked to check a box related to race or sexual orientation, there should be a box that says, "None of Your Damn Business".  Don't check the box.  When God was asked by Moses on Mount Sinai who he was, Yahweh, the Hebrew word for God said all you need to know is that "I AM".  All government needs to know is that "We Are".