Wednesday, September 17, 2014

$22 Trillion Spent On The War On Poverty

The United States has spent $22 Trillion on the War On Poverty, since the war was declared by Socialist President Lyndon Johnson in 1965, to no positive result.  The Poverty Rate in 1967 was 13.3%.  Today, the Poverty Rate is 14.5%.  But that is not the whole story.   Today, there are 109 million Americans getting some kind of government assistance and that does not include Social Security.  Of those, about 48 million are on Welfare and Food Stamps.  About 10 million are collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently, which is contributing to the bankruptcy of Social Security, since this money comes right out of the Social Security Trust Fund.   Our National Debt is now at $17.5 Trillion to fund many of these failed programs with no end in sight.

In the process, the federal government has destroyed the Black family, as 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock often into poverty.    3 out of 10 White and 5 out of 10 Hispanic babies are also born out of wedlock, many into poverty.   We have greater alcohol and drug addiction than years ago.  High School drop out rates are very high in many states and about 25% nationally.    Our public schools, particularly in the inner cities of our country are a national disaster and crime against children.  We have the lowest Labor Participation Rate at about 62% in three decades.  The Middle Class is suffering as they are earning less in real terms than 30 years ago. 

The Socialist experiment has failed miserably demonstrating that government is the problem, not the solution as always stated by President Ronald Reagan.  The only people that have benefited from the War on Poverty are government workers, Poverty Pimps and elected officials living off the misery of the poor.  Yet, Socialists like Obama and his pals in government want to double down with even more money spent on programs that don't work and bigger government that has failed.   What is wrong with this picture. 

We need to end many of these government programs and focus again on limited government, lower taxes and less regulation to create economic growth and jobs as the best way to end poverty.   We need School Choice particularly in our inner cities so that poor parents can get their kids out of failing public schools.   We need to hold men responsible who father children, out of wedlock with multiple women, that they cannot provide support, by giving them jail time.  

Most important, we must change Welfare into Workfare, for the able bodied, by requiring either Community Work, or learning a trade to get government assistance and only for two years,  These are common sense free market capitalism solutions to ending poverty.  Obviously, after 50 years of failure, more Socialism is just more money down a rat hole.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Obama's Plan To Deal With The Ebola Epidemic

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has put forth a plan to deal the Ebola Epidemic in Africa.   Most if it makes sense since the last thing we want is for the Ebola Virus to spread to other parts of the world, including the US.  However, in addition to sending Americans to African nations to care for the sick, Obama is also sending 3,000 American troops, or boots on the ground, to deal with logistics.  No doubt, some of these Americans will come down with the disease no matter how careful they are and be flown back to the US for treatment.  So far, we have seen a few cases successfully treated in the US, however, this Virus continue to change, so who knows what strains may exist in the future and whether they will be treatable.  

In addition, Obama wants to divert at least $500 million from existing Defense Department programs, which have already been cut, to implement his Ebola plan.  This is coming at a time when Obama presumably has declared war on Islamic Fascists in Iraq and Syria.  Obama is requesting $500 million from Congress for that fight.  We are broke.  Our $17.5 Trillion National Debt continues to grow with no end in sight.  Obama is always saying that the "International Community" should be used to deal with global problems.  So where are they? 

Why not ask oil rich countries and China making billions of dollars every day from doing business with the US to foot the bill, not only for the fight against Ebola, but also ISIS.   Clearly, the US is always taken for a sucker.  Yes, it is in our interest to deal with the Ebola Epidemic; but it should be in every country's interest.  Why is it always us borrowing money from China and other countries, adding to our National Debt, to pay for all these initiatives, rather than rich countries that have plenty of our money paying for these things.   We must demand that these countries pay their "fair share", a phrase Obamanistas always use related to American taxpayers.  It is about time other countries pay their fair share to defend their countries from common enemies and diseases.   We can't do it all.   

Monday, September 15, 2014

Where Is The Coalition To Destroy Islamic Fascists

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry are struggling to build a coalition to destroy Islamic Fascists that have taken over much of Iraq and Syria.  Is it any surprise.  Obama's foreign policy changes daily.   We have gone from Obama calling these Islamic Fascists, just last January, the JV Team to now the President calling them a serious threat to the peace of the world.   Obama is late to the game and our allies in particular can't figure out what the hell he is doing. 

Just today Obamanistas declared that we would not only bomb ISIS is Syria; but also Bashir Assad's military units if they try to stop us from bombing ISIS.  Why on earth would Assad care if we bomb ISIS, his mortal enemy.  If anything we would be helping Assad stay in power if we destroy ISIS in Syria.   And of course, Iran and Russia that support Assad must be thoroughly confused; I know I am.   Obama now wants to give weapons to the good guys in Syria that he called doctors and pharmacists just a few months ago incapable of defeating either Assad or ISIS.

This is starting to turn into an old Abbott and Costello routine; you know the one about who is on first.    The reality is that the first thing Obama needs to do is figure out who the enemy really is.   Islamic Fascists in Iraq, Syria, Gaza and other parts of the Middle East and North Africa are not devout Muslims.  They are Islamic Fascist Terrorists, murdering Muslims, Christians, Jews and other peoples in the name of God,  that all must be destroyed to preserve our freedom and way of life. 

Once Obama figures out who the enemy really is, he might be able to get his feckless foreign policy back on track.  No country will be part of a coalition run by our incompetent President.  And, who can blame them.  Obama is like the weather. It and he changes his policy on a daily basis.  The world needs strong leadership if they are to follow our President.   Based on Obama's track record, that leadership is sorely missing and so are our coalition partners.   

Benghazi Cover Up By Clintonistas

We know now that documents were scrubbed concerning the Benghazi Scandal by Clintonistas at the State Department, rather than turning them over to Congress, to protect Hillary Clinton.   Remember, it was Clinton who said "what difference did it make" concerning the phony story that the murder of four Americans, including our Ambassador, were caused by an inflamed crowd over a video portraying Mohammad in a bad light.   That was all B--L S--T.   The attack on our Consulate was well orchestrated by Terrorists having nothing to do with this video. 

Where was both Hillary Clinton and President Pinocchio Obama while Benghazi was happening.   We know that Obama was on a plane to Las Vegas to attend a campaign fundraiser, as usual.  But what did Hillary know and when did she know it while Benghazi was happening over a 13 hour period.  And, who was it at the CIA and or State Department that gave the CIA operatives at the Benghazi Compound the orders to stand down, rather than attempt to save the lives of those who were murdered.  Fortunately, they disobeyed orders otherwise the murders and carnage would have been even greater. 

Obviously, Hillary Clinton is running for President.  The last thing Clintonistas wanted was Hillary Clinton's reputation damaged by her action, or inaction during the attack on our Consultate in Benghazi.  We do know that when the Ambassador requested more security from the State Department, weeks or months before, it was denied by the State Department.  No one has been fired as a result of the Benghazi Scandal; but that is nothing new.   Malfeasance in the federal government often gets rewarded by promotions and more money as pay off's to silence those involved.  Hillary Clinton's hands are not clean related to Benghazi.  Perhaps now the truth will finally be told. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Obama Waiting Until After Elections To Give Amnesty To Illegal Aliens

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is waiting until after the November elections to give Amnesty, by Executive Order, in the form of legal status to millions of illegal aliens.   Though Obama promised Hispanic Activists that he would do it during the summer, the picture for Socialists facing reelection, particularly in Red States, looks so bleak because of Obama's unpopularity that the President doesn't dare issue a blanket Executive Order that would further anger the American people.  Socialist Senate Candidates are hanging on by their finger nails even is some blue states like Iowa,  Michigan and New Hampshire.  At this point, Socialists know they will lose seats in the House and that the Republicans will probably win the 6 seats they need to take over the Senate.  Obama is trying desperately to avoid a wave election that could be even worse for the Socialist Party.   Obamanistas are scared to death that they could face a Veto proof Republican Congress, which would spell disaster for the President and the Socialist Party. 

Specific to Illegal Aliens, while this Blogger supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform, once our border is really secure, legal status should not include any kind of Amnesty for those that entered our country illegally.   They can be given a work permit because deportation is not going to happen; but they should be given no preference related to citizenship.  I am more sympathetic toward children brought to our country illegally under the age of 18.  That does not include recent minors coming into our country unaccompanied by their parents.  Those kids should be sent back to the countries they came from as soon as possible.

We do need to get the Immigration issue behind us once our border is secure.  However, we must secure our border first before any reasonable discussion can take place.   Securing the border is a National Security issue, since we know that Terrorists determined to murder Americans are entering our country illegally.  We also have to stop the illegal drug flow coming into our country that is costing the American people billions of dollars in criminal expense.   Further, we cannot afford to add even more millions of people on the dole, since the United States is facing bankruptcy. 

No one should be surprised that Obama is waiting until after the November elections to issue what is likely to be an unconstitutional Executive Order giving legal status to millions of Illegal Aliens.   When he does it, we will face a Constitutional Crisis that will paralyze our government even worse than the gridlock we face now.  Given the Terrorist Threat that we face, the last thing we need is more dysfunctional government; but that is exactly what is coming.     

Socialists In Trouble In Battleground States

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is so unpopular in battleground states that Republicans appear to be ahead in Senate races by 9 - 18 points in states like Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, South Dakota and West Virginia.  Many of these Senate seats are currently held by Socialists.   Republicans need just 6 Senate seats to take over the Senate.   Given that the House will probably add Republican seats in November, assuming Republicans don't screw things up, which is always possible, this could end up being a wave election in a complete shellacking for Socialists.   And, why not?

Let's review the state of the nation.  Economy Lousy, with Middle Class going backwards.   12 million Americans unemployed, or under employed.  Medical Premiums going up because of ObamaCare.   EPA Gestapo continuing to destroy jobs.   50 million Americans on the dole.  10 million Americans collecting Disability benefits adding to the bankruptcy of Social Security.   National Debt, at $17.5 Trillion, growing with no end in sight.   So many Scandals and cover up's, we have lost count; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, Veterans Affairs, NSA Spying on all Americans, Crony Capitalism.   The world on fire because of Obama's Feckless Foreign Policy.  Terrorist threats on our Homeland. 

In the mean time, Obamanistas cannot figure out if we are at war or not to destroy Islamic Fascists.  It would be nice if they could all get on the same page.  The American people are not stupid.  They see Obama as the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.  There is a very good chance that the voters will repudiate all Socialists in government, including Pinocchio Obama, Dizzy Pelosi and Dirty Harry Reid.   If Republicans take over the entire Congress, for the most part, Obama's Presidency will be over.   Of course, Obama will attempt to use Executive Orders to get his way, but Congress controls the purse strings.  A Republican Congress can and should just say No to any money to fund any of Obama's Shenanigans.  Let's see if they have the guts to do it.        

Friday, September 12, 2014

9/11 Remembered - US Still At War With Islamic Fascists

As we remember 9/11, Socialist President Obama has declared war on Islamic Fascists in Iraq and Syria; but pretty late in the game.   However, there is a disconnect between Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry who says it is  not a war.   Obamanistas need to get on the same page to have any credibility.  Obama called ISIS the JV Team just last January, even though the intelligence community called them a serious threat to our national security long before.   This allowed ISIS to take over a good part of Syria and Iraq.   So now, presumably Obama finally has recognized that we have to get serious about destroying ISIS.  That means using air power to destroy ISIS from the air and providing anyone who will fight them on the ground with arms and materials.   Obama claims we are not putting boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria; but he has increased those boots to about 1,600 soldiers to act as advisers.  Boots are boots.   And, you can bet the CIA is all over this, though those boots are never discussed, or counted. 

Look these Terrorists are NOT orthodox Muslims.   They are Islamic Fascists seeking to establish a caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  To do so, they are more than willing and able to kill Muslims, Christians, Jews and anyone else that stands in their way.   What we are seeing is the same evil we saw with Adolf Hitler and we know the horrible end of that story.  There is no compromise or negotiation possible with these fanatics.  Sadly, the only option is total destruction.  Since they have announced they are at war with us, Obama should asked the Congress for a Declaration of War against these Islamic Fascists, where ever they exist, that kill in the name of God.   We need to put together a coalition of the willing, particularly other Muslim nations in the region, to destroy them.   What other option do we have.   It is either destroy these Islamic Fascists, or allow them to kill our people in shopping malls, which is unacceptable.

Obama seems to be on the right track; but it is hard to know if he will follow through.  It is very difficult for him to call this what it is; Terrorists killing in the name of Islam.  They are not just "extremists" as proclaimed by Obama.   This is a faction of radical Islam that must be destroyed to protect other Muslims, Christians and Jews.  It really is that simple.  Further, we must secure our border and implement strict visa and immigration procedures to prevent these Terrorists from entering, or reentering our country.  This is particularly true for Americans and Europeans, that have been recruited by ISIS, that are free to travel between our countries without visas.  Obama should impose the same strict procedures, David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, is putting in place to prevent entry into their country.   We cannot allow these Terrorists into our country.  This is the most serious threat we have faced to our homeland since World War II.  Let us hope that Obama has the back bone to deal with it first by calling it what it is.   Time will tell.