Thursday, October 23, 2014

Terrorism In Canada & Around The World

A Terrorist in Canada killed a soldier and injured another during a rampage near the Canadian Parliament before he was killed by the police.   This particular Terrorist changed his name to Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, from Michael Hall, when he converted to Islam.  So, it appears he was an Islamic Terrorist.   There will now be an investigation to determine whether this Terrorist was tied to ISIS, or Al Queda and or if others were involved in the plot.    But, it really does not matter whether Zehaf-Bibeau acted as a lone wolf to murder in cold blood in the name of Islam, or was directly tied to some Terrorist Group.  We will now see this happening around the world as copy cat killers murder in the name of Islam. 

The problem is that there are some number of Islamic fanatics in the world, that could number in the millions, including in Western Countries, that are adherents to Islamic Fascism.  They believe that the Koran tells them to murder other Muslims, that don't support their brand of Islam, Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and anyone of another faith that doesn't believe in Radical Islam.   Their goal is to create an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond by murdering those that get in their way.  They see beheading, sanctioned in the Koran, as a particularly gruesome means of death. 

All freedom loving nations must recognize that we are at war with Islamic Fascism.  We need the same determination we had during World War II to defeat NAZI Fascism in order to defeat Islamic Fascism.   Otherwise, we will continue to have these Terrorist Attacks in our cities and while they will not bring down any one nation, they are changing our way of life, which of course is their goal.  Since 9/11, we have not only spent trillions of dollars fighting these Terrorists, we have seen our personal liberties diminished in the name of more security.  Rather than take our freedoms away, we must end the threat by hunting down these radical Terrorists down, including their leaders and financial supporters, where ever they may be and either putting them in prisons, or killing them.  What other option is there?  Most important, we must take this threat seriously because it is real. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Women Turning Against Socialists - Wow

Despite the supposed "War on Women" by Republicans, which of course is baloney, as described by Socialists in their desperate attempt to win elections on November 4, it appears that women are finally turning against Socialists and starting to favor Republicans.   This is a real problem for Socialists that cannot win without their traditional PEEP's, minorities, single women, union members, radical environmentalists, people on the dole, trial lawyers and Crony Capitalists voting for them.  Take out any one of these groups and the Socialist coalition falls apart.

It may finally be that single women, (married women usually vote Republican) are realizing that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama's failed economic policies have been a disaster for all Americans; even them.  While being on the dole for an increasing number of Americans, is a safety net, it is no substitute for a job.  And, it is very clear that Obama's feckless foreign policy has made us less safe as we face threats from Terrorists all over the world.  Further, big government is broken and we see it every day with the latest Ebola scare just being one more example of Obama government incompetence. 

Then there is ObamaCare, which has turned into a train wreck negatively impacting millions of Americans, including many young, single women.  All the Obama Scandals, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, Veterans Affairs, NSA spying on all Americans and the latest Secret Service imbroglio and all the lies that have followed them from Obamanistas make it clear that big government can't be trusted.  The Socialists are effective at fooling some of the people some of the time and even many of the people all of the time; but eventually the truth comes to light.   Single Women in America are finally seeing all the Socialist lies for what they are causing them to abandon Socialists to vote for Republicans, viewed as more competent and honest.   

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Socialist Election Year Strategy - Not An Accident

It would seem very stupid for Socialist President Pinocchio Obama to make statements like the election is all about his policies, even though he is not on the ballot, or confirming that Socialist Members of Congress always vote with him.  Of course this is all true, but given that Obama is so unpopular in most states, particularly Red States where Socialists are trying to hold on to their seats, it would seem pretty dumb for Obama to give Republicans the fodder they need to tie Socialist candidates to Obama; or is it?

Obama has told these Socialist candidates to do, or say whatever they must to get elected, or re-elected.  That is nothing new because everybody knows that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  But the fact is that by nationalizing the election and making it an Obama election, even though the President is not on the ballot, Obama is trying desperately to get his PEEP's, particularly Blacks to the polls that put him over the top twice.  Right now with Black unemployment high and double White unemployment, Blacks cannot be too enthusiastic about voting for anyone. 

Since the anti-Obama vote will go to the polls, Socialists are trying to play two games to get their PEEP's to the polls.   Socialist candidates will not utter the word Obama, particularly in Red States, unless they are saying they don't support the President's failed policies.  Some will not even admit to voting for Obama, which is really humerous.  Problem for them is that  all Socialist candidates voted to support Obama Socialist Schemes, in some cases 95 - 100% of the time, so their lies are obvious.  Socialist candidates are running from Obama like rats off a sinking ship; but it is very hard to do since without them there would have been no ObamaCare, or SwindleUS Plans. 

At the same time, Obama is telling his PEEP's not to worry that Socialist candidates are really with them no matter what they are saying on the campaign stump.  This might be workable, except for instant media that broadcasts all the pronouncements.   This Blogger believes that Obama really does not care if Republicans gain complete control of the Congress because he wants to use it as an excuse to rule by dictatorial Executive Orders.   And, there is probably some hope that Republicans will over reach in the next two years by doing some dumb stuff, which could better position Socialists for the 2016 elections.   In any case, none of this is happening by accident.  Socialists are trying to have it both ways in a last minute desperate attempt to hold on to the majority in the US Senate.   We will know on November 4 if this Socialist strategy worked. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gay Marriage & First Amendment Rights

Marriage, a 5,000 year old sacred institution, recognized by the great religions of the world, is between a man and a woman.  In the English language, the words husband and wife are gender specific meaning a man and a woman.  That is not necessarily so in other languages.  In English, we have the words spouse, or partner that are not gender specific.  Devout Christians, Jews and Muslims adhere to the literal teachings in the Bible, Torah and Koran that condemn homosexuality as an abomination.  As a result, those that follow an orthodox interpretation of the Book cannot accept Gay Marriage.  It is what it is.

This Blogger, though very Conservative on all other issues, can accept Civil Unions; though I will not refer to them as marriage, no matter what the Supreme Court says.  Nor will I ever call two men, husbands, or two women, wives.  I would use the words spouse, or partner as more logical in keeping with the English language.  What Gay people living in Union call each other is their business; but I do not have to use terms that make no sense to me.  Civil Unions can provide all the benefits of marriage and also the pitfalls, like Gay Divorce.  Be careful what you ask for Gay
Americans.  Just ask anyone who has gone through a nasty divorce that can take years to settle.  As someone who has been married for 40 years, divorce appears to be a miserable experience most of the time.  Gays will now get to share in this misery.

Since the Supreme Court has made Gay Marriage legal, we are likely to see years of more court battles, the same as has occurred with abortion because about half the population of the United States does not accept either premise, as evidenced by all the state votes outlawing Gay Marriage and attempting to limit abortion.   People on both sides have very strong feelings about these issues.  These cases will involve First Amendment Rights related to Freedom of Speech and Religion.   The PC Police will now want to characterize any speech condemning Gay Marriage as Hate Speech.  It is already happening.

The Lesbian Mayor of Houston is now persecuting several Evangelical Pastors for their sermons against the Gay Life Style.  The Mayor is demanding copies of their sermons and all personal correspondence with Church Members, which is a clear infringement of 1st Amendment rights.  The fact that I will not use the words husband or wife, or marriage, no matter what others say, related to Gay Civil Unions might even be considered Hate Speech, which of course is ridiculous.

We do need to get past all of this.  Ironically, Gays should be a logical constituency of the Republican Party because they tend to be better educated and more prosperous than average Americans, which refutes the fallacy that there is discrimination against Gays.  If the PC Police insist on limiting Freedom of Speech and Religion, it will only harden opposition to the Gay Life Style.  As has been the case related to abortion and radical feminists that refuse to accept any reasonable limits on abortion, if rational thinking does not prevail and radical, strident Gays take this on, we will see 40 or more years of 1st Amendment court battles related to the Gay Marriage issue, which will only cause animosity.  

Those that believe Gay Marriage is wrong on religious grounds should be free to hold that belief.   Attempts to persecute devout Christians, Jews and Muslims will lead to a backlash and more division in our country.  This Blogger suggests that Gays accept their gains and get on with life.   There are so many other problems we have to deal with in our country, that this one should be at the bottom of the list.   Gay Americans, picking a fight, when they have already won the battle, only brings more attention to the issue.  As the song says, Let It Go.   

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Support Yucca - Oppose Nevada's Margins Tax

After exhaustive environmental studies that took years, Yucca Mountain, about 100 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada was selected as the nation's nuclear waste repository.  This site was selected to contain spent nuclear fuel from all over the country because of its ideal conditions out in the dry desert.   Utility companies from all over the country and through them their rate payers and the federal government spent $18 billion building Yucca.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the current Senate majority leader, has effectively blocked utilization of Yucca, even though it would create thousands of high paying jobs in Nevada.  But to be fair, current Republican politicians including Governor Brian Sandoval, Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Joe Heck of Las Vegas also oppose Yucca. 

All of them are operating under an old paradigm, presumably that Yucca would be used to store spent nuclear fuel from other states into perpetuity.  That paradigm is no longer operable.  Instead, Nevada could use Yucca to build a vibrant nuclear industry, re-processing spent fuel and selling it all over the world.   France re-processes 96% of its spent nuclear fuel safely and sells it profitably to supply nuclear plants around the world.  And, if global warming is an issue, nuclear energy does not generate any carbon based pollutants.  In many ways, nuclear energy is the most efficient and cleanest of them all. 

The Teacher's Union in Nevada has put a new corporate Margins Tax on the ballot that supposedly would provide revenues to support the public schools; though there are no guarantees that these monies would be used for schools, if this ballot propositions is enacted.   The Margins Tax would tax small businesses on their top line revenues, even if they are not profitable.  It is the worst possible form of corporate income tax.  Many Private Sector Unions, along with the business community, are opposed because this Margins Tax would be a job killer and discourage companies from moving to Nevada.  As such, Nevada voters on November 4 should vote NO on ballot measure 3. 

Instead, we should all support utilization of Yucca to build a vibrant nuclear industry in Nevada.   Nevada could charge a sales tax on every pound of re-processed nuclear fuel sold.  All of that money could go to support the public schools and or for other vital state services.  Governor Sandoval of Nevada and the Socialist controlled state legislature just voted unanimously to provide $1.2 Billion in incentives to attract the new Tesla Battery Plant to Northern Nevada to create 6,500 jobs.  Time will tell if that was a good decision in terms of return on investment to the state. 

The fact is that the state of Nevada would not have to spend one dime to create a Nuclear Industry in Nevada that could create far more jobs and positive revenues for the state.   This will probably never happen as long as Dirty Harry is still in power; but it is time for Republicans in Nevada to support the creation of a Nuclear Industry in Nevada, as a counter weight to Senator Dirty Harry Reid's opposition.   Aside from the good paying jobs that would be created, the sales tax revenues generated could amount to several hundred million dollars a year,  paid by out-of-state purchasers, which would benefit all the citizens of Nevada, without being a drag on our economy. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Independent American Party - The Conservative Alternative

This Blogger has been a registered Republican since voting for Ronald Reagan in the election of 1980.  With one exception, when I voted for Ross Perot, to punish George Bush, the elder, for violating his "Read My Lips, No New Taxes Pledge", I have always voted Republican, even if it meant holding my nose to vote for a RINO, as was the case four years ago when I voted for our current Governor to prevent Rory Reid, Dirty Harry's son, from becoming the Governor of Nevada.  

With this election and early voting, I will never do that again, no matter how bad the Socialist alternative.  We have just been duped too many times to continue voting for RINO'S, that once elected vote and act as Socialists.  In Nevada, we have the option of voting None of the Above for statewide offices.  I had determined that I would do just that, rather than vote for our RINO Pro-Choice Governor Brian Sandoval and for various other RINO'S on the ballot. 

However, before doing so, I noticed that there were candidates on the ballot labeled as the Independent American Party.  I went on their website to check out their party platform to discover that this really is the Conservative Party of America.   Since I have always labeled myself a Common Sense Conservative, both in this publication and during my radio show, I found that with just a few exceptions, their beliefs are my beliefs.  I would be stronger on National Defense than the IAP appears to be and a bit more liberal related to Civil Unions for Gays; but otherwise their support for limited Constitutional government, free market capitalism, lower taxes, less regulations, protecting free speech and religion and gun ownership rights, the right to life and securing our border is right in line with all of my Conservative views.

As a result, I did not have to vote None of the Above, rather than vote for various RINOS.  If there was no Republican Conservative alternative, I voted Independent American Party.   I keep saying that if the Republican Party is not the Conservative Party of America, it has no reason for being and therefore, it will be no more.   A Republican Party led by John Boehner and Mitch McConnell has no future.  If the Republicans do not regain the Senate in the November, 2014 election in a wave election, given Obama's unpopularity, failed Socialist Schemes, the Terrorist threat we face around the world, all the Obama Scandals and all the Socialist seats being contested in Red States carried by both McCain and Romney, it will be because Conservatives stayed home out of disgust for the National Republican Party, run by Establishment Country Club Republicans, including Boehner and McConnell, that many Conservatives see as RINO'S.  

If Republicans can't win under the current ideal circumstances, then they can't win at all.  This election may be a turning point, one way or another.  The Conservative Base of the Republican Party is restless.  We are looking for leaders that support and act on Conservative principles, as an alternative to more big government Socialism, that is bankrupting and destroying our country.   We will no longer vote for business as usual and Republicans feeding at the trough, just like their Socialist comrades, that have been in office for decades. 

Compromise that advances more Socialist Creep is unacceptable.  The only Compromise that is acceptable are those actions that push back 100 years of Socialist Creep.  If the election in November does not produce a solid Republican Majority in Congress, then it is time for a new Conservative Party to emerge.  With a little tweaking, that political party could be the Independent American Party. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Socialists Blame Ebola On Budget Cuts

Socialist Minority Leader, Congresswoman Nancy Dizzy Pelosi of San Francisco is now saying that the Ebola Epidemic in Africa and maybe America, is the result of Republican budget cuts.  They are even running ads saying that "Republican Budget Cuts Kill".   Last time I read the news, both the US Senate and the Presidency are controlled by Socialists, so if there have been budget cuts, they were approved by Socialists, as well as, Republicans.  Problem is that there have been no real budget cuts to government health care agencies; just slower spending increases. 

The Botox Pelosi uses to maintain her dumber than wood look has gone to her brain.  The reality is that spending for all US government health agencies, since the year 2000, have doubled and in some cases tripled.   They are getting billions of dollars every year, some of which is wasted on stupid studies; i.e. $325,000 to determine that wives would be happier if they just calm down.  As someone who has been married for 40 years, I can say we did not need a study to determine the obvious.  Matter of fact, Republicans in the House actually appropriated more money for health agencies than was requested by the Obama Administration.   So again, we see another big Socialist lie, so bad that the Washington Post have given them four Pinocchio's.  Why is it that the Socialist answer to big government failure is always that government funding is never enough. 

The United States federal government is spending about $4 Trillion a year; about a Trillion of which is borrowed money.   Our National Debt is approaching $18 Trillion, with no end in sight and that does not include the other $100 Trillion sitting out there in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare and Federal Pensions.  Currently, federal government spending accounts for about 25% of total Gross Domestic Product.  When local and state governments are added in, total government spending accounts for about 40% of total Gross Domestic Product.

Obviously, the PEEP's who vote for Socialists, many of whom pay no income taxes at all and some of whom are on the dole don't understand any of these numbers; nor do they care that the US is headed toward bankruptcy, fiscal calamity and likely civil strife on our streets as long as they can continue feeding at the trough.  However, Socialists politicians do understand these numbers; yet they call for even more borrowing, taxing and spending.   It should be considered political malpractice punishable by jail time, or maybe electric shock treatments to the brain in an attempt to restore sound thinking and a dose of reality.

As Ralm Emmanuel, the current Mayor of Chicago and former Obama Chief of Staff always said, "never let a good crisis go to waste" presumably to raise taxes and spending to grow government.  So now it is Ebola at our doorstep because Obama refuses to restrict travel from West Africa that is the crisis du jour.  While Socialists can and do fool some of the people some of the time and even some of the people all of the time, the majority of Americans, those of us with a brain in our head, know the truth about every issue. 

Ebola is not the result in cuts in federal government spending.  Ebola is the result of a highly contagious virus, that still has no vaccination as a remedy and in some cases government incompetence.  No doubt, since there is money to be made, a vaccination will be developed by big Pharma to deal with the epidemic; though probably not in time to prevent the deaths of many more people around the world.   In the mean time, Pelosi needs to lay off the Botox because it not only provides that stupid deer in the headlights look; it is impacting her ability to think rationally and tell the truth.