Monday, September 1, 2014

Private Sector Labor Unions Declining

Labor Unions in the private sector continue to decline.  Today, only about 11% of workers in the private sector belong to Labor Unions.  This is down from 30% in 1950.  The decline has happened for two reasons.  First,  many of the things related to compensation and benefits, work rules etc. that were always the reason Labor Unions existed have been codified into law.   Things like the 8 hour day, prohibition of child labor, minimum wage, unemployment and disability insurance and now ObamaCare are the law.  When given the opportunity to vote most workers in the private sector vote NO related to Labor Unions because they do not want to pay union dues to support Labor Union Bosses.  

In addition, outrageous demands by Unions for more compensation and benefits over the years, along with EPA Gestapo tactics have destroyed manufacturing jobs in the United States that typically may have been unionized.  Those jobs are now in China, or other low wage countries and they are never coming back.   There never has been a realization by big Labor Unions concerning global competition.   No company is going to pay $80 an hour fully loaded for low skilled work that could even be done by a robot that doesn't complain and rarely breaks down.  Sorry, but it is what it is. 

The only growth in Labor Unions has been in the Public Sector where 35% of workers are in unions.  This is only possible because in many cases these workers do not face any competition.   They are often in jobs that cannot be off shored by law, not because the work could not be done overseas; but because their crony Socialist benefactors have made sure that the gravy train keeps coming to buy votes.   So much so that public employees typically earn 40% more in compensation and benefits, including unsustainable pensions, that are common for like work in the private sector.  

Even Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt was opposed to collective bargaining for public sector employees because he knew it would bankrupt our country and that is exactly where we are headed today. 

Socialists Working On A Government Shut Down

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority leader and his co-conspirators in the Congress are trying to engineer a government shut down as their last hope of keeping the Senate in Socialist hands and avoiding a loss of House seats.   They are encouraging Socialist President Pinocchio Obama to issue an Executive Order giving amnesty to as many as 6 million illegal aliens.  In doing so, they hope the Republicans will over react and somehow cause a government shut down by September 30, the next time it comes up, which is usually unpopular because it can cause chaos.

The only problem for Socialists is that the Republicans are not likely to fall into this trap; a few weeks before the election in November.   They would wait until after the election to take any action feasible.  And, even Obamanistas knows that it would back fire in Red states, with Socialist Senators trying to hold their current seats.  Obama is so unpopular in those Red states that blanket amnesty for illegal aliens, along with all the other Obama failures related to the economy and in foreign policy would just drive even more Republicans and Independents to the polls insuring a wave election if favor of Republicans.   However, Dirty Harry is so desperate to keep his position in the Senate so that he and his family can continue feeding at the trough that at this point, Reid will try anything.  As such, we can expect the things that come out of Reid's mouth to be even bigger lies than usual; just wait and see. 

Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their "enemies" and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Obama may very well use an Executive Order to provide blanket amnesty to illegal aliens; but now he is likely to do it after the election.   The risk would be too great to do it before the election; however, the more desperate Socialists get as we get closer to November, anything could happen. 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

War In Europe

Though the old Soviet Union had tanks on the ground in various countries in Eastern Europe after World War II,  what is happening in Ukraine, right in the heart of Europe, is the first time we have had War in Europe since the end of World War II.  It is happening for several reasons.   Russian Fascist Dictator Vladamir Putin has been emboldened by NATO and Obama's weakness in particular.   When Obama unilaterally took that missile defense system out of Poland and the Czech Republic, without getting anything in return from Putin, Putin knew he was dealing with a weak and ineffective US President.  

In addition, NATO's military has steadily been downsized.  There are few if any tanks on the ground in Western Europe at the same time that Putin has spent the last 10 years rebuilding Russia's military.   How could we not see this train coming.   Further, Western Europe's dependence on Russia's natural gas and oil makes it hard for them to take action of any kind against Russia and Putin knows it.  Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady and former Prime Minister of Great Britain, warned that this day would come and here we are. 

What Obama and our Allies in NATO should do immediately is send heavy arms to Ukraine.  Obama should announce that the missile defense system is going into Poland and the Czech Republic, whether Russia likes it or not.  And, we must get tanks, planes and other heavy equipment to NATO countries bordering Russia.  We must get American oil and Natural Gas to Europe and as quickly as possible.  This is addition to stringent sanctions that hurt the Russian economy is the only way to deter this aggression.   Will we never learn the lessons of history.   We have seen this story many times before.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron - Leader Of The Free World

Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain is now the leader of the free world.  In a recent speech, Cameron clearly spelled out the threat we face from Islamic Fascist Terrorists around the world and stated that we must use every power at our disposal to destroy them because they are a threat to our people and our freedom.   This happened after Cameron watched a video of a British citizen, who has joined ISIS, behead a journalist.  David Cameron gets it; Thank God.

This contrast with Socialist President Pinocchio Obama who admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with these Terrorists in Syria and Iraq, or any place else.   In other words, Obama is clueless.  Our naive and incompetent President is in way over his head even though all of his advisers and even many Socialists in his own party are telling him that we must act to destroy these Islamic Fascists before they murder Americans on our homeland.   We are dealing with evil unlike any we have seen since Adolf Hitler.   These Islamic Fascists are attempting to create a Caliphate across the Middle East and around the world where only their version of demonic Islam is tolerated. 

Hopefully, we have learned the lessons of history; though Obama apparently never did, so that we know that we must destroy evil when we see it and as early as possible to prevent genocide.   It is time to use air power in both Iraq and Syria and any place else these Fascists raise their ugly heads to hunt them down and kill them.  We cannot negotiate with evil.   We must destroy them to prevent unspeakable crimes against humanity.   Even religious leaders like Pope Francis and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury understand that evil must be confronted as they too have approved military action.    

Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama Has No Strategy For Dealing With ISIS Or Russia

Even though Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has known about the Islamic Fascist Terrorist threat, known as ISIS in Syria and Iraq for more than a year, Obama has admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with them.  Remember, this is the President who just said last January that ISIS was a JV team as though these killers are basketball players.   These Islamic Fascists are so brutal in killing Muslims, Christians, Jews and other minorities in the region that not even Al Queda wants anything to do with them.  Maybe if Obama would spend more time doing his job in the White House, rather than on vacation playing golf and or raising money for the Socialist Party, Obama would have a strategy to deal with this serious threat to the United States.

ISIS has recruited thousands of fighters from many Western countries, including America.  That means that since they have Western passports, they can come to the United States, at will, to murder our people; let alone across our border with Mexico illegally.   Terrorism can happen at shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters etc. not just in airports, or on airplanes.   It would be very easy for just 10 Terrorists to plant bombs, just about anywhere in the United States, killing thousands in one day in multiple cities, which would wreak havoc on our economy.    All of Obama's advisers, including the CIA, have warned Obama of this threat; yet he dawdles and has no strategy to deal with these brutal Terrorists as they commit genocide and murder hundreds of people every day.

Similarly, after taking the Crimea by aggressive action, Russia has now attacked the Ukraine, a sovereign country in the middle of Europe, in violation of their treaty agreement.   Obama could see this coming as the Russian Dictator and former head of the old Soviet Union Secret Police,  Vladamir Putin has been massing forces on their border with the Ukraine for months.  This has occurred because Obama has refused to send the Ukrainian government heavy armaments to defend themselves.  This Blogger once said that Obama is a smart stupid man.  The President's job is to see the train coming to prevent a train wreck. 

Sadly, everything Obama touches turns into a train wreck because he obviously cannot make decisions in a timely manner.  Further, Obama just does not understand that his words and lack of action have consequences.  Thousands of people are dying now and many more will die in the future because Obama is naive, weak and incompetent.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 and weep for the dead until then. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

California Death Wish - Gas Pricing Going Up A Dollar Or More

Effective January, 2015 California will impose new taxes on gasoline that could raise prices by a dollar or more.  California already collects about 68 cents a gallon making the gas tax in California one of the highest.  This new tax will push gas prices above $5.00 a gallon which will be a real job killer.  This will hurt Southern California most, since public transportation is less available, or practical there given the distances that people travel to work.

Companies and jobs have been leaving California for more than 20 years as a result of high taxes and onerous regulations that make doing business in California difficult.  Every year, the state legislature adds more burdens to business, which is the reason companies continue to vote with their feet.  The latest large scale migration is Toyota relocating their US headquarters and about 5,000 jobs to Texas in the next few years.  Those are good paying jobs that will never return to the state.

But it is the tip of a huge iceberg.  Thirty years ago there were about 250 major companies headquartered in California and about 80 headquartered in Texas.  Today, that number is around 100 in California and 225 in Texas.  And, of the large companies that remain in California most maintain a relatively small corporate headquarters, since they have moved operations out of state, or out of the country to avoid California taxes and regulations. 

This increase in the gas tax will hit the Poor and the Middle Class hardest by reducing their disposable income.  Salaries are not going up so this means that these people will have fewer dollars to spend on housing, recreation and basic necessities.  It is just Economics 101.  Raising the gas tax in California will be a job killer.  The Socialists, Public Employee Unions and Environmental Wackos running California just don't get any of this.  California is fast becoming the land of the rich in their second homes in gated communities, the poor on the dole and a dwindling Middle Class.  This is what happens when Socialists control all the levers of government as they bankrupt the state taking care of their PEEP's that keep them in power.  In doing so, the Middle Class gets screwed. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burger King Moving To Canada

Burger King has announced that it is buying Tim Horton, a large donut chain in Canada for about $11 Billion and moving its corporate headquarters there presumably to avoid US Corporate Income Taxes on foreign income.   And, why not.  US companies have been moving to lower tax countries for years.  Canada lowered its corporate tax rate to 15%.  The US now has the highest corporate income tax rate in the world at 35%.   This move will save Burger King, a global company anyway, $3 Billion over the next ten years in US corporate income taxes if our laws are not changed.  This is $3 Billion Burger King can invest in expansion and or in paying dividends to its shareholders, rather than paying higher taxes to support bigger and bigger government in the US.  And, it is perfectly legal. 

What is particularly interesting about this deal is that Berkshire Hathaway, headed by Warren Buffet, is assisting Burger King with this deal with a $3 Billion investment.  Buffet is the character constantly saying that the rich in America do not pay high enough taxes, when he and his companies have done everything conceivable, under the law, to avoid US income taxes.   Though Buffet has presumably done nothing wrong or illegal, Warren Buffet is a hypocrite of the highest order who uses the tax code to avoid income taxes. 

In any case, American companies buying firms overseas and then moving their headquarters to avoid US corporate income taxes has been happening for years.   It is called Inversion.  Of course, Socialist in government want to pass legislation to stop it, which makes no sense.   In addition, foreign companies have been buying American companies achieving the same goal by moving their headquarters overseas.  In fact, five or more years ago the 700 largest companies in the world were headquartered in the US.  Today that number is about 550 and falling. 

What these Obamanista Socialists just do not understand is that global companies in particular and people can and will vote with their feet to avoid high taxes and regulations.   Some Americans are even renouncing their US citizenship to move to lower tax countries.  It has been happening for more than 35 years as part of a global business migration process.  We don't need new laws trying to stop it.   We need comprehensive tax reform that includes lowering personal and corporate income tax rates and less regulations to keep more jobs and companies in the United States.  Well dah!  If the Socialist job killers would just get out of the way,  we could see real economic growth in the United States once again.