Sunday, December 5, 2021

Fake News Trump Derangement Syndrome

Fake News has a Trump story on the hour every day of the year.  Their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so great that they can't do an hour without spewing Trump hatred.  Or, it might be that their ratings are so far down the toilet that they will do anything to keep the few viewers that they have left and it is just a few.  They can't deal with the "Big Lie", which half the country believes is true that Joe Biden won by voter fraud.  Despite the Deep State refusing to investigate the election because they hated Trump too, history tells the real story.  No candidate for President who carried Ohio, Texas and Florida all bell weather states has ever lost the election.  Trump carried all three by big percentages because there was no election shenanigans in those states as there was in other states.  

Further, Trump got 11 million more votes in 20 than in 16, which is a record for any incumbent President.  Obama actually got fewer votes when he ran for reelection.  So we are expected to believe that senile, feckless Joe Biden actually got several million more votes than Barack Obama.  Seems unlikely.  The problem with all of this, which makes election fraud very feasible is that none of it adds up.  Millions of mail in ballots without the need for Voter ID approved by various Governors because of the Covid pandemic without the approval of their state legislatures as required by their state Constitutions is the reason many believe that fraud gave Biden the election.  

None of it matters.  Without Trump stories every hour on the hour, Fake News would lose what few viewers they have today.  Viewers tie to ad dollars, which is probably why management at these Fake News stations is insisting on Trump stories as often as possible.  They know that without Trump, they would continue to lose viewers.  It is getting pretty old.  Rehashing the same old BS over and over again for the last 5 years is just not news, or even interesting.  

Just wait, Trump is rolling out his own social media company to stop the censorship that is happening of him, Conservatives and other Republicans.  This is a signal that Trump will be running in 2024 because he needs easy access to his 50 million plus followers.  Of course, all of this will drive Fake News crazy, but who cares.  With each day that passes, Fake News becomes less relevant to the American people because they refuse to cover the news like all the Biden Crime Family stories that should be front and center.  Instead, crickets when it comes to National Socialist Fascist racist Crooks and Liars.  

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Being A White Straight Man In Hollywood, Media, On Broadway, In Politics Or Working For The Largest Companies in America

Fake News CNN announced that they have terminated Chris Cuomo, one of their night time news stars for working with his brother, Andrew Cuomo, the former Governor of New York to cover up various sexual harassment claims.  Ironically, Andrew Cuomo was forced to resign because of these allegations when in fact his bigger transgression was the deaths of several thousand nursing home residents from Covid that he forced back into nursing homes where the infection was rampant.  But here is the reality.  If either Cuomo had been a woke person of color, Gay or a Socialist woman, it is highly doubtful that either of them would have been forced to resign or have been fired.  Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon have done far worse and nobody is calling for their heads.  

It would appear that a White Heterosexual man working in Hollywood, the Media, On Broadway, in Politics, or for the largest companies in America are subject to cancellation for any infringement of the National Socialist Fascist Politically Correct Code.  Of course, any Conservative Republican Trump Supporter of any color or sexual orientation has already been cancelled.  

White Straight Men face tremendous discrimination in hiring.  Recruiters at many of these organizations have actually been ordered not to hire them.  I am waiting to see the class action lawsuits that are inevitable under the 14th Amendment equal protection clause, which was originally supposed to protect freed Black slaves and would now be applicable to White Straight Men.   How ironic!  

This practice was never more visible than in casting for the Broadway musical Hamilton.  As a former history teacher, I appreciated the authenticity of the story.  But what was ridiculous was casting Blacks and others of color as our Founding Fathers.  Sure it was a gimmick that sold seats at ridiculous prices; but kind of dumb.  I wonder what would happen if a movie or play was made about Martin Luther King and the role of King was given to a White Man.  There would be outrage and boycotts.  I paid $400 each for lousy seats to see Hamilton on Broadway.  My wife enjoyed the musical.  Though I could have dealt with the racial silliness, I did not enjoy Hamilton mostly because watching our Founding Fathers sing in hip hop, which I could not understand was not my cup of tea.  

And, this is not about race.  I loved Dream Girls and the Musical about the Temptations and many others that featured really talented people of color.  It is really about authenticity and my belief that one should come out of a Broadway musical singing the signature song.  There was no signature song in Hamilton that I can remember.  So I advise people to save their money because there are many other incredible Broadway musicals showcasing artists of all colors worth the money and at less costs.  

But I digress.  White Straight Men in Hollywood, Media, On Broadway, In Politics and or working for the largest companies in America face discrimination and even termination if they don't tow the National Socialist Fascist Politically Correct Party Line.  God forbid any of them believe the election was stolen from Donald Trump.  That would definitely lead to termination and could lead to arrest and prosecution.  There will ultimately be a class action landmark case dealing with all this discrimination that ends up at the Supreme Court.  It is only a matter of time.  Believe it not, White Heterosexual Men have rights too!  And, don't be surprised if Chris Cuomo who may not be able to get a job for years does not sue CNN.  Cuomo may have a case for wrongful termination TBD.  

Michigan School Shooting - More Training For Administrators & Teachers

The recent shooting and murders at a Michigan public high school by a 15 year old boy with serious problems from a dysfunctional family demonstrated that teachers and administrators  were not prepared to deal with a child who showed signs of derangement in word and deed.  Administrators knew this boy had issues and sent him back to class after a parent conference with the gun in his backpack.  The administrators may now face charges of criminal negligence and of course the district will be sued by the families whose sons and daughters were murdered, or wounded because the school did not act appropriately to protect them from harm.

While public school districts waste time on Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist history indoctrination and gender screening to insure compliance with the LGBTQIA agenda, there are no doubt kids with serious mental problems in our schools and many come from households with guns in the home.  Some of these kids are getting access to these guns because they are not being properly stored.  In the Michigan case, the parents actually gave their unstable son a gun for his birthday, which demonstrates serious parental problems, as well.  Many of these children that commit these crimes are being raised in dysfunctional families.  This is just one more example.  

Clearly, Administrators and Teachers need a whole lot more training first to identify kids with serious problems to refer them for help and then to deal with an active shooter when on campus.  It could be that kids will need to enter schools through metal detectors to stop guns and knives from being bought on campus.  In addition, it could very well be that based on the family situation, some of these kids may be in danger in their own homes from parents or other relatives that are causing the dysfunction and often abuse.  There may need to be referrals to law enforcement and or other social agencies when the danger signs and red flags appear to stop a crime from happening.  

This story is not about Second Amendment rights to bear arms.  It is about the break down of the family and civil society that we see happening before our eyes.  The kids committing these horrible crimes often come from dysfunctional families plagued by substance abuse and brutality, which when combined with violent movies and videos games create a recipe for disaster.   The kids who commit these crimes in some instances are being bullied in school, which is a whole different problem.  

School administrators and teachers need a whole lot more training to better understand the signs that could lead to tragedy.  It is clear by the number of school shootings we see every year that a lot more work needs to be done to prepare those in charge to deal with the dysfunction that exists in our society.  The goal must be to prevent these crimes and murders above all else; but also to help the kids that would commit them.  

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Covid Restrictions & Mandates Worthless

What we have learned since Covid hit the world is that Mask Mandates and Shutting down schools and the economy did little to stop the spread of Covid while wreaking havoc on our country.  Matter of fact, under feckless Joe Biden, there have actually been more Covid deaths in his first year in office than in Trump's last year in office.  The so called "science" as defined by Mr. Science himself, flip flop Fauci is BS.  The vaccines developed and initially distributed during the Trump Presidency is the only thing that has slowed the spread of Covid and even that has not prevented vaccinated people from getting sick with Covid.  

So now we have the second new Covid variant coming out of Africa that is causing some concern.  Since Biden and his National Socialist Fascist pals have made such a mess of everything they have touched since Biden's fraudulent election and they took over the Congress, they are thrilled that Fake News will now focus on Covid again to distract from the illegal alien invasion at our border, the fiasco getting out of Afghanistan, energy prices and inflation going through the roof and horrible dealings with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea. And, in the most ridiculous excuse yet. the Biden Administration is blaming Flash Mob Robberies on Covid instead of the thugs committing the crimes.   Really!

Biden has already extended the requirement to wear masks on public transportation, trains, buses, planes, subways etc until next March.  Biden claims there will be no lockdowns; but teachers in crazy Portland are demanded remote learning again.  Just wait, Biden will demand lockdowns if this new variant leads to a big upsurge in cases, which is likely.  Naturally, Red State Governors and Attorney Generals thankfully will resist and refuse to enforce the Mandates.  People living in Blue States will be out of luck.

We have to get back to normal whatever the consequences. We cannot close down schools or the economy again.  Yes, there will be Covid cases ranging from mild to very sick and even deaths; but we can't go back to lockdowns again.  With the 2022 elections just around the corner and Biden and National Socialist Fascist ratings in the toilet, they are desperate to use Covid once gain to rig elections.  Just wait, remember National Socialist Fascists will lie, cheat, steal and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  This next election will be no exception.  

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Waukesha Massacre - Biden & The DOJ Missing In Action

Darrell Brooks who happens to be Black and a serious criminal who was out on bail took his SUV and plowed into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin killing 6 including children and injuring 60, many of whom are still in the hospital.  Feckless Joe Biden flew right over Wisconsin to get to Minnesota for a political event and made no effort to stop in Waukesha to show support for these suffering people and community.  How come?  Pretty simple.  The killer was Black and the victims were White. 

And, while the Department of Justice run by Socialist Party hack Attorney General Merrick Garland has ordered the FBI Gestapo to arrest and prosecute parents and other concerned citizens as "domestic terrorists" who protest at school board meetings, has made not one mention about the Waukesha Massacre.  Just imagine if Brooks, the killer had been White and any of the victims had been Black.  OMG, the National Socialist Fascists including Biden and Garland and Fake News would be screaming bloody murder demanding that the White Supremacist be executed.   There would be an FBI investigation to designate this as a hate crime.  Instead, we hear crickets!

This just proves that the DOJ has been highly politicized under Garland and that the Biden Administration has weaponized the DOJ, FBI, IRS and other government agencies to promote their America Last agenda and to persecute Conservatives and Trump Voters no matter what their color.  In addition, there is no focus on Black on Black crime in our inner cities because it does not fit their narrative.  Further, though Blacks make up 13% of the population more than 30% of abortions destroy Black babies.  Further BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioted, looted and burned down cities injuring hundreds of people and even killing some.  Again, we never hear anything about these murders because it does not fit the narrative pushed by woke National Socialist Fascists, or Fake News.  

The good news is that the American people see the truth and what is happening in our country, which is why Republicans will take over the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024.  The day of reckoning is coming.  Enough is enough.