Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton Is Not A Sure Thing - The Long Knives Are Out To Get Her

Socialists are starting to get very nervice about Hillary Clinton as a result of the most recent Clinton Foundation Scandal.  It appears that the Clinton's used Hilly's position at the State Department to sell influence.  As if the Benghazi fiasco wasn't bad enough, it sure looks like the Clinton's took bribes in the form of exorbitant speaking fees and donations to the Clinton Foundation, which clearly allowed the Clinton's, all of them, including daughter Chelsea, to live high on the hog maintaining the Presidential life style.   And, it is pretty clear now, in connecting the dots, that Hillary Clinton destroyed thousands of emails and her at home hard drive to cover up these crooked business dealings.  What other conclusion can there be? 

Hilly Clinton, who wants to be the "champion" of the poor and middle class, is filthy rich as a result of all their Shenanigans after leaving the White House.  The Clinton's may have been "dead broke" at the end of the Clinton Presidency, as a result of all the legal fees they owed because of Bubba's sexual peccadilloes, but today the Clinton's are estimated to be worth more than $100 million.  To say that they traded on their name and global contacts is an understatement.  As Bubba once said in an interview, once he left office, he had to go out and support his family by hook, or by crook.

Clearly, the Clinton's who never owned a home until they left the White House, were determined never to be poor again.  It is like the scene in Gone With The Wind, when a starving Scarlett O'Hara, scratching for food in the ground, swore that she would do anything she had to do to "never be hungry again".   But now, even the liberal press in connecting the dots.   Bubba gave a one hour speech, paid for by a Russian company, with ties to Vladamir Putin, for $500,000.  And shortly thereafter, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton approved a sale to the same Russian company for what turns out to be about 25% of the uranium in the United States.  Go figure.  In doing so, Hillary Clinton betrayed our country.  In addition, Bubba's speaking fees went up dramatically once Hilly became Secretary of State.  The word was out.  It was Pay To Play. 

Of course, avowed Clintonistas that have always come to the defense of the Clinton's for the past 20 or more years, through many Scandals  just attack their accusers, now saying there was no quid pro quo.   Really?  Unfortunately for them, this is not the 90's.   It is much easier to connect the sleazy dots today than it was then.  Since the left of the Socialist Party does not want Hillary Clinton to be their nominee, you can bet that they will work with the lame stream left wing media to destroy her.  Just wait and see.  Hillary Clinton is not a sure thing.   Forget about Republicans and the vast right wing conspiracy, the long knives in the Socialist Party are out to get Hillary Clinton.   

California Drought - Environmental Wackos Gone Wild

California is experiencing a severe drought.  As a result, California Governor Jerry Moonbeam Brown has ordered water rationing and other measures to prevent the usage of water.  What we are seeing are Environmental Wackos Gone Wild.  All of this is happening because beginning in the 1980's, Environmental Wackos along with their Socialist elected representatives, that have controlled California for more than 40 years, prevented the building of more dams and reservoirs to store all the fresh water that comes from rain from just draining into the ocean.   So now, California is in big trouble. 

In addition, instead of spending money on water projects, Jerry Brown's is pushing his crazy train for billions of dollars to connect Northern and Southern California, which will never pay for itself and is not needed at all.   What should be happening is that Water Pipelines should be built from the Pacific Northwest and Northern California to get water into the Sacramento Delta.  From there, this water could feed the California Aqueduct system, that probably should be expanded,  to get water into Southern California. 

Since this Blogger lives in Nevada where water is scarce as well, I propose building a Pipeline from Northern California over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to get water into additional reservoirs and the Truckee River, which comes down through Reno, Nevada.  From there, we could get water to the rest of Nevada and even into Arizona to make the desert bloom.   This is an infrastructure project, that would create thousands of good paying jobs and is worth pursuing with Bond Money and even federal government money to make it happen because the return on investment would be sizable. 

Right now most of the rain fall happening in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California just drains into the Pacific Ocean.   Of course, environmental wackos would oppose this plan because it might require cutting down a some trees, or invading some animals natural habitat.  These people are Nuts.   Environmental Wackos are all job killers and in this case they are negatively impacting the lives of millions of people.  It is time for the rest of us with Common Sense to stand up and stop these Wackos from destroying jobs and our standard of living.  Without water, there is no human life.  Well dah!!    

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Higher Taxes & More Spending Will Not Improve Public Education

If higher taxes and more spending on Public Education was the answer to improving Public Education, then California should have the best Public Schools in the world, when in fact most of their Public Schools stink.  The problem is not the need for more money to improve schools, especially since the United States spends more on Public Education than any other industrialized country in the world; yet achieves poorer results.  The issue is the misallocation of the monies already spent and a broken business model. 

We don't need all the levels of the education bureaucracy.  The Federal Department of Education, created when Jimmy Carter was President, as a pay off to the teacher unions, can and should be eliminated.  The Billions of dollars used to pay those bureaucrats could be used to pay Merit Pay to great teachers, among many other uses that would actually impact the classroom.  We have to get rid of all the layers in the education bureaucracy at the Federal, State and Local level to build more classrooms and even lower class size, if that is deemed beneficial.  If the Federal Government wants to support local Public Education, it can be done through Block Grants directly to Schools Districts based on a per student basis, perhaps providing a little more per student for inner city schools.   Local school districts are then in the best position to determine how to spend the money, since they are closest to the classroom.

Further, we must look at total compensation and benefits for teachers.   To pay higher base salaries, other benefits must be adjusted.   Too much is being spent on health and pension benefits at the cost of monthly salaries.  This should be adjusted to attract and retain talent.  A starting teacher in some districts cannot live on $32,000 a year.   To get this starting salary up and all salaries up, less should be paid for other benefits.   This is what happens in business all the time as total compensation and benefits are designed to achieve the most bang for the buck. 

Teacher tenure should be eliminated, or modified to make it easier to fire bad teachers.  It should not take a year or two to fire a teacher.   While fair and proper procedures should be implemented as occurs in business, a Principal should be able to fire a bad teacher in 90 days with proper evaluation and notice.  At the same time, the same Principal should be able to award Merit Pay to really outstanding teachers.  

Finally, School Choice should be the law of the land so that poor parents can get their kids out of failing public schools, the same as occurs with rich parents.  We need more competition to improve Public Schools, particularly in our inner cities.  It will not happen any other way.  Clearly, higher taxes and more spending on Public Education, advocated by Socialists and RINOS, will do little to improve our schools.  Instead, all of these reforms and more are necessary to get the job done. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Socialists Say Hell No To Obama Free Trade Deal

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and the Republicans in Congress are putting together a Trade Deal to increase trade with Asian and other countries.   This is causing a big divide in the Socialist Party.   Most Socialists in Congress due not really support Free Trade thinking that it causes job loss in the United States.  The fact that trade with other countries brings down prices in the United States does not matter to Socialists, they would rather Americans pay higher prices to support jobs in the US, even if it means a lower standard of living for Americans. 

Free Trade is vital to world commerce.   We want to sell American products overseas and to do it we need open markets that are tariff free.  There is no doubt that in all Trade Deals there are winners and losers.  American workers with little or no job skills will always loose out to lower wage countries that can produce products cheaper.  On the other hand, cheaper products, with high quality, mean lower prices for those flat screen TV's everyone now has in their homes; not to mention the price of shoes that in real terms cost three times as more 30 years ago when shoes were made in the United States.

We need more Free Trade Agreements.  Obama is right to side with Republicans to advance Free Trade Agreements to help maintain a higher standard of living in the United States.  For once, Obama has it right. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

US Confrontation With Iran In Yemen

In shades of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the United States has organized a naval blockade of Yemen to prevent 9 Iranian Ships from supplying the Shia Houthi Rebels, fighting the Sunni Arab government and our allies in Yemen.  The normal procedure is for the US Navy, consisting of 12 ships, including an aircraft carrier, to board and search the Iranian vessels to ascertain what cargo they are carrying.  If the Iranians do not submit to search and probably seizure of arms, then pending Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama's order, the US Navy would either force these ships to turn back, or sink them if challenged.  

This is precisely what occurred during the Cuban Missile Crisis when President Kennedy ordered a Naval Blockade of Cuba to prevent the Soviet Union from delivering nuclear loaded missiles to Cuba.   Fortunately, the Russians backed down and their ships turned around, rather than face seizure, or destruction by the US Navy.  Presumably, Iran will do the same; but just imagine if Iran had nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them. 

Iran seeks hegemony over the entire Middle East.   The way to get it is to become a nuclear power.  Iran will back down now because they are no match for the United States military today.  However, what happens off the shore of Yemen will only motivate the Iranians further to cheat in order to develop their nuclear weapons as soon as possible no matter what deal they sign.  The lesson Iran will learn is that the only way to confront the United States is to become a nuclear power.   This story will be continued in a way that could be destructive to the whole world, which is the best reason we must prevent Iran from having nuclear weapons at all costs.

Iran To Get $50 Billion Signing Bonus

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is so desperate for a deal with Iran, related to preventing them from developing nuclear weapons, that the State Department is now floating the idea of giving them a $50 Billion Signing Bonus, which would free up much of the monies being held as a result of sanctions.  Obama has absolutely lost his mind.  This would be the biggest transfer of monies to a country that sponsors Terrorism around the world in human history, with no guarantees that Iran will ever live up to the deal.

Everyone in the world, with a brain, knows that Iran cannot be trusted.  They have cheated on every deal they have ever signed.   As a result, the more than $100 Billion that the West is holding of Iran's money should be doled out to them in smaller increments, predicated on them living up to the deal.  Once they have their money, there will be no incentive to honor whatever deal is signed.  Obama and his team get a big fat F in Negotiations 101.   This has got to be the biggest bunch of clowns ever to represent the United States, beginning with Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama himself, who is a clear and present danger to our nation, as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.

At the same time we are offering Iran bribery to sign the deal, we are blockading Yemen to prevent Iranian arms from getting to the Shia rebels there attacking the Sunni government supported by our allies.  Go figure.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Country Music Awards - America At Its Best

This Blogger loves most kinds of music, including Country.  As I watched the Country Music Awards, staged in Dallas, Texas this year at the Cowboy's Stadium, I realized that Country Music really is red, white and blue American.  These artists praise God for their success.  These are the folks, like so many of us that cling to our guns, religion and family values.  Secular Socialists and the left wing lame stream media, on both coasts, are so far removed from real Americans that they might as well be on Mars. 

We will never see disrespect for our military, or nation at the Country Music Awards.  We will never see a left wing agenda displayed at the Country Music Awards, the same way we see it whenever Hollywood, or Rock Druggies get together to honor themselves.  Country Music is all about America and hard working Americans.   Country Music is the story of our people. Country Music often celebrates Patriotism and recognizes that the United States truly is the greatest nation ever conceived in human history. 

Country Musicians are proud to be Americans, unlike many we see in the Socialist Party, the lame stream left media and Hollywood who seem to hate America and everything we stand for.   Clearly, we see the cultural divide in our country as it grows wider.  There really is an US and a Them and the fact is that most Americans have nothing in common with Them, the Socialists, the lame stream left media and Hollywood types who often make fun of good old fashioned American values and the free market capitalism that has made our country great.   As far as this Blogger is concerned, Country Music is about my Country, not theirs.   We need to take our Country back and the sooner the better.