Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two NYPD Police Officers Murdered In New York City

After shooting and wounding his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore, Maryland, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, a 28 year old deranged, Black man, believed to be a member of the (BGF) Black Guerrilla Family Gang, with a criminal history of 19 arrests, drove to New York City with the intent of murdering Cops as revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown in St. Louis and Eric Garner in New York City that involved Cops in the line of duty.   Officers Rafael Ramos, a Hispanic and Wenjian Liu, an Asian, were murdered as they sat in their patrol car, on duty in Brooklyn, a suburb of New York City.  Upon pursuit by other police officers, Brinsley, the murderer and coward killed himself, rather than face Justice. 

The deaths of these innocent Police Officers are directly related to all the disparaging remarks about the police by Communist New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton and the lame stream left wing media that have caused the protests all over the United States, including in New York City where protesters, organized by Communists and Anarchists called for the killing of Cops.   Murders of Cops like this have not occurred in New York City since the 1970's when members of the Black Panthers killed several Cops.  De Blasio, Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the lame stream left wing media all have the blood of these officers on their hands as a result of their irresponsible comments.

Relations between Communist New York City Mayor De Blasio and the NYPD are so bad that the police are telling the Mayor not to go to the funerals of slain police officers.  During a recent Press Conference, Cops present turned their backs on De Blasio.  There are also calls for De Blasio to resign, since the police in New York City have no confidence is his leadership.  To be clear, the police all over the United States and particularly in our gang infested inner cities, where murders are common, have thousand of interactions every day with members of all ethnic and racial groups without incident.  In fact, it is remarkable that given the violence that is prevalent in our inner cities, that there are not many more killings by police officers trying to protect both themselves and the communities in which they serve.  While any tragic death in regrettable, this speaks to police officer training and discipline.  Anyone that would criticize the police in a broad brush does a real disservice to the police in America and our country.   We see the end result in the murder of these two NYPD police officers that were both men of "color".       

On a side note; though we don't know yet if there is a connection, the killer's first name Ismaaiyl, is the same name of Abraham's son, spelled Ishmael, who was cast off, that is thought to be the hereditary line that is the foundation of Islam.  As of this Blog Posting, it has not been determined if the killer of these police officers, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, is a Muslim.  If that turns out to be the case, there could even be a Terrorist connection to these murders.    That would make these murders even more reprehensible. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Al Sharpton Shakes Down Sony Entertainment

Since some of the emails that were leaked by North Korean hackers involved racially insensitive remarks about Emperor Pinocchio Obama, Al Sharpton, the Supreme Poverty Pimp in the United States, immediately showed up at Sony's door step to demand money and appointment of Blacks in high places at Sony.  This Blogger knows nothing about Sony; but the woman who apparently made stupid comments about Obama, reported to be that Obama only likes movies with Blacks in them, is no doubt a protected class herself; a woman over 40.  And, for all we know, maybe Obama does prefer movies with Blacks in them.  Who cares anyway.

What is really stupid, aside from Sony pulling the movie attacked by the North Koreans from release, is that their senior management actually "took a meeting" as they say in Hollywood with Sharpton, as though this Race Hustler is in charge of race relations in the United States.  This is just unbelievable, since my guess is that Sony probably employs a significantly diverse workforce including Women, Gay, Blacks, Asians, Latinos etc. etc. in high paid positions.  Sony Entertainment in the United States is headquartered in Culver City about 10 miles from Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  They are sitting in the middle of one of the most diverse cities in the world.  Even if they chose not to, which I am quite certain is not the case, it would be virtually impossible to run any big company, located where Sony is located, without employing people of all colors that reflect the community.

So dealing with Big Mouth Al Sharpton is absurd.  Sony is facing a corporate crisis as a result of the hacking of their company by North Korea.  The last thing they need is Al Sharpton on their door step implementing a Shake Down.   The management at Sony should tell Al Sharpton to go pound sand.  There are certainly Blacks in America, including many that work in the entertainment industry, better positioned to speak for Blacks in America.  Every time Al Sharpton shows up, Blacks in America take a step backward.  Being represented by Sharpton, a charlatan, who owes the federal government millions of dollars in back taxes, is sending in a clown.   And, why on earth Obama gives credence to Sharpton, by frequently inviting him to the White House, speaks mountains about Obama's lack of judgment.  Surely, many educated, responsible Blacks in business, religion and in government would be much better representatives for the Black Community than Al Sharpton, who has gotten rich off the misery of the poor. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Obama Normalizing Relations With Cuba - Why Now

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama has issued an Executive Order to normalize relations with Cuba.  The question is why now?   While Obama just agreed to a prisoner exchange, which included sending back a murderer to Cuba, the notion of treating Communist Cuba, just like any other country, while getting nothing in return is pretty darn dumb.  Though I am sure the US Chamber of Commerce and American business supports opening up of Cuba's market so we can put a MacDonald's on every street corner, the fact is that the government of Cuba is still a repressive regime that denies freedom to its people. 

And, Cuba is not China with a billion people that we could not ignore.  It is very small country, with little market potential, supported primarily by Russia and Venezuela, both of which are now facing serious economic problems that could lead to less support for Cuba.  The average Cuban makes just $20 a month.  Doctors in Cuba are paid $67 a month.  Cuba is an economic basket case.  In addition, the Castro brothers are both more than 85 years old.  It is only a matter of time before they both bite the dust.   At that point, we would have had more leverage to push Cuba toward democratic reforms in return for normal relations with the United States.   

Perhaps Obama has an ulterior motive for normalizing relations with Cuba now getting nothing in return for our recognition.   Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), which is opposed by Congress.  There may be another Executive Order coming giving Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba before Obama leaves office.   To do that, the United States must have normal relations with Cuba.  Don't be surprised if this does not happen in the next year or two.  Obama is doing everything he can to weaken the United States before he leaves office.  Closing Guantanamo, when we face more Terrorist threats than ever, is part of Obama's game plan.  As Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid does". 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cyber Terrorism & Extortion - An Act Of War

It appears that North Korea hacked into Sony Entertainment's computers, in retaliation for their production of a movie called The Interview, a comedy which depicted the killing of the North Korean dictator.  No doubt this was a dumb movie, like many that come out of Hollywood, but in the process North Korean government hackers released Sony employees confidential information.  Then, the North Koreans went one step further by threatening theaters, that screen this movie, with Terrorist attacks.  As a result and because theaters pulled this movie that was supposed to debut on December 25, Christmas Day, which apparently is a big movie day, Sony has suspended release of the movie altogether.   This was a huge mistake.

This amounts to Terrorist extortion by a rogue nation state with nuclear weapons.  For the precedent that this sets, this should be considered an Act of War by Emperor Pinocchio Obama and the Congress of the United States requiring a retaliatory response.  Obama should immediately impose the most stringent sanctions possible designed to bring down the North Korean Communist Regime.  That means making it impossible for them to get access to hard currency, through any global bank, that does business in the United States.  Further, global companies that do business in the United States should be prohibited from doing business with North Korea, if they want to maintain their US connections.  This act of Terrorist Extortion, by a specific country, cannot go unchallenged.

Most important, this demonstrates the seriousness of Cyber Terrorism and potential extortion that could be directed at our government, financial system, power and communications grid, airports and other American companies.  It was a mistake for Sony to suspend release of this film; not because the film is so important; but because the precedent set will encourage other Terrorists to play this very dangerous game.  Obama must react powerfully to make it clear that the United States will not tolerate Cyber Terrorism that threatens our nation.  Let us hope that Obama has the guts to act appropriately; but don't count on it given Obama's feckless foreign policy. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Obama's Executive Order Giving Amnesty To Illegal Aliens Ruled Unconstitutional

Federal District Judge Arthur Schwab in Pennsylvania has ruled that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama's Executive Order, giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, is Unconstitutional.  This occurred in a specific case involving Deportation of an Illegal Alien, in which the Defendant claimed the right to stay in America as a result of Obama's Executive Order.  The Judge used Obama's own pronouncements to declare that Obama cannot make federal law and or ignore laws concerning Immigration on the books just because Congress failed to act to his liking.  If Obamanistas appeal this ruling, which is likely, it could head to the Supreme Court even before the case filed by 17 states to stop Obama's usurpation of Legislative Authority, in violation of the Separation of Powers indicated in the United States Constitution. 

Clearly, Obama's Executive Order goes way beyond claims of "prosecutorial discretion", which Presidents can exercise related to specific cases, rather than the notion of a blanket Amnesty for 5 million Illegal Aliens.  Obama had it right when he said publicly more than 20 times that he did not have the authority to grant Amnesty to these people.  This could only happen as a result of Congressional action. 

So now, this federal court ruling throws a monkey wrench into Emperor Obama's Socialist Scheme.  It also creates uncertainly for the 5 million Illegal Aliens potentially impacted.  They are not protected from deportation by Obama's order.  This case will have to be fast tracked to the Supreme Court to prevent a lack of certainly, one way or another.  This first case is a good indication of what will happen once the case brought by 17 states makes its way through the courts.   There is now a good likelihood that Obama's Executive Order, giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, will be struck down by the courts. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Republican Jeb Bush Running For President - Not A Sure Thing

It should be no surprise that Jeb Bush, the former successful 'Republican Governor of Florida, is running for President.  Had he won in Florida the first time he ran there, it is likely that this Bush would have been in line to run for President before his brother George W Bush.  And, given Jeb's personality style and intelligence, it is possible that Jeb Bush may have been a better President than his brother; but we can never know that for sure.  Jeb Bush is a good guy and fairly Conservative; but he is a Bush.  Is the country ready for a third Bush Presidency.  I don't think so.  Though the first two Bush's were honorable men, their Presidencies have earned mixed reviews.  And, the notion that we could potentially see another Bush - Clinton contest is really old news. 

The Conservative base of the Republican Party has a problem with Jeb Bush because he supports Common Core, or the federalization of public education.  It is a really dumb idea.  Further, Jeb Bush may even support some form of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.  While this Blogger supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform, after securing our border once and for all, the notion of Amnesty for people who have entered our country illegally does not work for me.  While these people can and should be given legal status, citizenship for Illegal Alien adults should be off the table.  A path to citizenship for their children, that graduate from our high schools, should be as good as it gets.

In any case, while I like Jeb Bush, except related to these two issues, this Blogger believes it is time for fresh blood and Conservative ideas in the Republican Party.  In addition, Republicans need to nominate  candidates that comes from blue collar roots, not another country club Republican with ties to Wall Street.  Haven't we learned that lesson with Mitt Romney.  That is the reason I favor a Kasich - Rubio ticket; though I also like Ted Cruz of Texas.  We need a Hispanic on the ticket to reach out to Hispanic voters.  Jeb Bush is a close second, since his wife is Hispanic, he speaks Spanish and is Catholic, rather than Protestant; but there is that same old Establishment Country Club connection that will not play well in Middle America.  Time will tell if Jeb Bush can excite the base of the Republican Party during the primaries; but as of now, I would not count on it. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - Hypocrite - Attacks Koch Brothers

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid continues to demonize David and Charles Koch because they use a small part of their billion dollar fortunes to support Conservative Candidates.  This is ridiculous.  Dirty Harry is such a hypocrite.  Socialist candidates take billions of dollars each election cycle from left wing unions that confiscate the money from their members, Hollywood types and people like billionaire Geoge Soros and many others.  This is all an expression of freedom of speech protected by the 1st Amendment.  Dirty Harry would have us believe that it is perfectly fine for left wing organizations and supporters to give money to Socialist candidates; but it is somehow evil for Conservatives to give money to Conservative candidates. 

This is the height of hypocrisy and stupidity.  The fact is that the Koch's own Koch Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the world.   They employ thousands of people across America and around the world.  The Koch's are job creators, something Senator Dirty Harry Reid knows nothing about because as a Socialist politician and a crook at that, he is a job killer.   In addition, Koch family members are very involved in philanthropy giving millions of dollars every year to all sorts of charities and worthy causes.  Dirty Harry tries to blame Koch money for the devastating losses Socialist experienced in the last election.   The reality is that the money raised by both political parties is ultimately irrelevant if their candidates are singing the same failed Socialist policies.  

Socialists always have the advantage of free daily propaganda from the lame stream left wing media and unions that march lock step to demonize Conservatives and support Socialists.  Dirty Harry and his Socialist pals in government don't like it very much when Conservatives like the Koch Brothers, who are Libertarians, use their money to support candidates that advocate limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations.  Dirty Harry painting the Koch Brothers, who are real patriots and great American citizens as evil, is just plain ridiculous and one more example that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, punish their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Dirty Harry Reid suffers from foot in mouth disease and perhaps some dementia so maybe he can be excused for his rantings; but this one is really stupid.