Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Trump Presidential Library & MAGA Political Center

 At some point, President Trump will have to decide on the site of his Presidential Library.  The Trump Organization actually owns the perfect site.  It is the Trump Hotel, Golf Course and Winery in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The 26,000 square feet Albermarle Georgian Mansion was built about 30 years ago by billionaire Charles Kluge for himself and his young wife Patricia.  After their divorce, over a period of time the estate and the winery surrounding it were sold to the Trump Organization.  The mansion has 45 rooms, a private chapel and beautiful English gardens in addition to 50,000 square feet of meeting space.   The estate sits on 1,300 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the wine country of Virginia.  

Nearby are the homes of some of our Founding Fathers; Thomas Jefferson's home at Monticello, James Monroe's home setting at the Highland and James Madison's home at Montpelier.  Jefferson and Madison are buried at their family estates.  Monroe was buried nearby his home at a local cemetery.  Most important, since Presidential libraries should also be places for research, the University of Virginia, founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, is in Charlottesville.  Given the history, the Trump's could also establish a family cemetery on the library property as is common at Presidential libraries.  

Aside from being a beautiful location in the conservative part of Virginia full of Trump supporters, Charlottesville is just a three hour drive from Washington DC so given other Presidential homes nearby and proximity to Virginia's Wine Country, it is a natural tourist attraction assuring the Trump Library of a steady stream of visitors.

Most important, the Trump Library should become a MAGA Political Center and academic think tank advancing Trump's policies and movement to Make America Great Again.  Trump should maintain an office and staff there as is common for Presidential libraries.  Thomas Jefferson is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence.   James Madison wrote the US Constitution.  So it is very appropriate that Trump would place his Presidential library on this holy ground.  Since they already own the land, the Trump Family can control what happens at the Trump Library; another side benefit. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dealing With China - America Last

General James Maddis, Trump's former Secretary of Defense, fired by Trump, has advised Joe Biden that he should abandon Trump's America First positioning.  What an idiot.  So what Maddis and Big Business are telling Biden is to go back to the America Last policies that resulted in closing 70,000 factories in the US with more than five million manufacturing jobs shipped to China, Mexico and other countries.  It also means lousy trade deals that kill American jobs and our allies getting a free ride related to their own national defense. 

Globalist US Presidents just don't seem to understand that they are President of the United States not President of the world.  Let's not forget it was Obama that went on his apology tour when first elected blaming America for all the problems of the world.  It was disgusting.  We can expect Biden to do more of the same.

And, then there is China.  Joe Biden is owned by China lock, stock and barrel as a result of the crooked deals involving his son Hunter Biden.  The Biden Crime Family walked away with more than a billion dollars from China to start a hedge fund that made them millions of dollars each year.  So how on earth can Biden hold China accountable for intellectual property theft, dumping cheap goods in the US destroying whole industries and human rights abuses in Hong Kong and among their Muslim population.  Trump was the first President, Republican or Democrat to stand up to China by imposing tariffs to get them to the table to begin the first phase of a decent trade deal that is mutually beneficial.

That will all go away under Joe Biden because his Global Big Business supporters want full access to China, which was interrupted by Trump's policies and tariffs.  These huge global companies don't care about jobs destroyed in the US as long as their senior management makes huge bonuses from business in China.  We are going back to the bad old days of China stealing our intellectual property, lousy trade deals that advantage them and not us and unfettered abuse of their own people.  What we will soon see under Joe Biden is America Last. 

Monday, November 23, 2020

The Socialist Party of America

The old Democrat Party of Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Clinton and maybe even Obama is dead.  FDR and Wilson were already Socialist progressives so they were not within the mainstream of the modern Democrat Party.  Of course, during many of these Presidencies, there was the Solid South controlled by Democrats, which was basically the days of Slavery, Jim Crow and legal Racism in the South.  Many often forget that it was the Democrats that insisted on slavery causing the Civil War and it was Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President who ended it, enforced by the army during Reconstruction until a few decades after the Civil War when the Democrats regained complete control of their states.  That all changed after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when Whites in the South became Republicans and voted for Richard Nixon.   At that point, the South went Red and has pretty much remained Red ever since. 

In any case, the historical Democrat Party is gone replaced by the hysterical Socialist Party of America.  It was Bernie Sanders and AOC; both radical Socialists who wrote the Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform.  Joe Biden has tried to distance himself from the many Socialist schemes in the platform, but the Socialist that brought him to the party will have none of it.   If Biden is finally elected, he better hope that the Republicans retain control of the Senate because if the Socialists control all the branches of government, they will insist that all the radical provisions in the Socialist Manifesto be enacted into law, which will destroy his Presidency.  They will also use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office for obvious dementia to make Kamela Harris the first Black woman President.  The thought is just too irresistible for them not to do it.  It would only be a Republican Senate that stops it from happening. 

The Socialist Manifesto includes the Green New Deal that will kill millions of jobs, raise all energy prices and lower the standard of living for all Americans.  They will implement Medicare for all, which will destroy Medicare for the elderly.  Biden is pushing for Higher taxes and more regulations that will lead to a recession and slow growth the same as happened during the Obama years.  'They will implement an America Last foreign policy that will result in endless foreign wars and other countries taking advantage of our nation.  And,  Biden has already indicated draconian measures to limit our Second Amendment rights by making it illegal to own certain types of guns and magazines.  They will pack the Supreme Court to end Conservative dominance forever.  Even though Biden presumably won the Electoral College vote, they will get rid of the Electoral College because it is the only chance Republicans have of winning the Presidency.  They will make DC and Puerto Rico states to add more Socialist Senators.  They will end the filibuster in the Senate so they can pass anything they want with just 50 votes plus the Vice President as a tie breaker.  They will place Limits on free speech by designating any criticism of politically correct left wing ideology, abortion, gay marriage, BLM, Antifa and them as Hate Speech.  And, the list goes on and on. 

Some of these things will be challenged in court by various conservative organizations and Republican Attorneys General.  And, many of these Socialist Schemes could be ruled unconstitutional; but in the mean time Trump Conservatives will need to RESIST all infringements on our rights.  This could include massive protests and making certain that the Socialists feel the heat of Don't Tread On Me!  We will need to make their lives miserable the same way they attacked Trump supporters. 

The good news is that the Socialists will over reach.  It will make it easy for Trump Republican organizers to take back the House and actually gain seats in the Senate in 2022.  In the end, it is all about 2024 and making sure that Kamela Harris is not elected the 47th President of the United States in her own right.  In the mean time, we should stop referring to the Democrat Party.  They are officially the Socialist Party of America. 

Sunday, November 22, 2020

RINOS Are Losers

There are RINOS, Republicans in Name Only, calling on President Trump to concede the election to Joe Biden.  HELL NO! Trump won in 16 because he is a street fighter.  It takes a street fighter to beat the Socialists.   Establishment Republicans typically lose elections.  Bush 1, Dole, McCain and Romney were all losers because they were not tough enough to win.  Republicans tried the officers and the gentlemen and always lost.  No More!

Trump should mount a legal battle all the way up to the Supreme Court to fight for his Presidency.  Politics is all out war without the guns.  Winners have to be tough as nails with fire in their bellies. They can't be weak kneed nice guys.  In politics, nice guys always finish last. 

In addition, the Republican Party is now the Trump Republican Party.  2020 was a Red Wave with Trump getting 73 million votes, the most ever for any sitting President. Trump increased his vote by 10 million over 2016.  Obama actually got 4 million less votes when he ran for reelection.  Republicans picked up 12 or more House seats, 2 state legislatures adding to the 26 they already have and one Governor.  Trump losing does not pass the smell test given these wins.  If Trump loses, it is clear that voter fraud absolutely took place.

RINOS were soundly repudiated.  The Lincoln Project RINO Losers that spent millions trying to defeat Republican Senators and the President, lost in every case.   96% of Republicans supported Trump.  He doubled his Black and Hispanic vote.  Trump has grown the Republican party like never before.  It is time for RINOS to shut the hell up.  They are not welcome in the Republican Party any more. 

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Joe Biden - Back To The Future

If Joe Biden is elected POTUS, it will be a Back to the Future Illegitimate Presidency won by voter fraud.  Biden will bring back all the old Obama and Clinton left wing cronies to staff his administration.  These leaches have all been hanging out at various foundations, think tanks etc. collecting fat salaries just waiting for the day they could begin feeding at the trough again.  So, we will see the same old bad thinking that destroyed millions of jobs and got us into unending foreign wars all over the world because they are globalists. 

We will see America Last not America First actions and policies because Biden and crowd always think about the interests of other countries first rather than do what is in the best interest of our nation.  So Europe will get a free ride related to NATO expenses.  Biden will get us back into the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership both of which will destroy millions of jobs.

Just like Obama, Biden will raise taxes to bring on a recession and or slow the recovery that is happening right now.   Biden will add job killing regulations that will hamper growth reversing Trump Executive Orders that created the best economy in decades.  This will raise energy prices as Biden attempts to install the Green New Deal by Executive Order.

Joe Biden will open the flood gates to illegal aliens providing them all sorts of entitlements at the expense of our own people.  He will give legal status, one way or another to the 11 million or more illegal aliens in our country, which will include food stamps, welfare etc.  Billions of dollars will be added to our federal deficit, which eventually will weaken the dollar and benefits like Social Security and Medicare.   

Forget about peace in the Middle East.  Biden and crew will reengage with the Palestinians restoring their funding, which will end any incentive they have to make peace with Israel.   We will see ISIS rise again in the Middle East or Afghanistan because Biden will not have the guts to take them out.  Iran will end up with nuclear weapons because Biden will go back into the deal Trump walked away from. 

And finally, since China owns Biden as a result of the crooked deals with his son Hunter, China will again steal our technology that has never really stopped.  Biden will end Tariffs on Chinese goods entering the United States at the insistence of his Big Business supporters that want unfettered access to China.  All of this will lead to more factories closing and millions of jobs leaving the United States and going to China just like before.

Yep, we can imagine a Biden Presidency because we have already seen it during the eight years of Obama Biden.  It will be a Back to the Future Presidency and moment in time. 

Friday, November 20, 2020

The Case for Voter Fraud

The 2020 Election does not pass the smell test.  What we saw was a Red Wave as Republicans gained at least 12 House seats and are likely to retain the Senate depending on what happens in the Georgia Senate run-off on January 5th.  Republicans also gained two state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and gained one Republican Governor; yet somehow Donald Trump who won all the big states that mattered decisively, Ohio, Florida and Texas; lost the election. I don't think so.

I smell a Socialist Rat fed by Fake News, RINOS, Big Business and Deep State Swamp Lizards.  Socialist Governors mailed out millions of unsolicited ballots that were gathered up and voted once they were able to see what they needed to defeat Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, without which Joe Biden could not win the Presidency.  These states are all controlled by corrupt Socialists in the big cities that mattered.  It is clear that the dead voted along with many others fraudulently.  Crooked Hillary advised Joe Biden never to concede because "the votes would be there for him". 

And then, there is the Dominion software that apparently was manipulated to change votes from Trump to Biden.  And, there were thousands of ballots where only a vote for Biden was cast with no down ballot votes.  This is very odd.  Further, the envelopes with the signatures were destroyed making verification after the fact impossible.  Does anybody seriously think these things happened by accident. 

Further, Republicans in these big Socialist cities were prevented from poll watching while the votes were being counted.  As Soviet Communist Dictator Josef Stalin once said, it does not matter who voted.  What matters is who counts the votes.  If Biden is declared the winner, he will be seen as illegitimate by 73 million Trump voters, basically half of America.  We will do everything we can to end Biden's Presidency before it even starts by legal challenges and a Republican Senate that will pronounce his Socialist schemes dead on arrival.  Further, if La La Land California were taken out of the equation, Trump also won the popular vote, which makes the result we are seeing even more suspicious. 

None of this adds up.  Trump will NEVER concede.  He may leave the White House before the inauguration of Joe Biden; but the battle will continue.  This election won't be over at all.  Trump will establish a Political Action Committee to focus on removing Socialists from office in 2022 taking back the House and retaining the Senate. Trump will then set the stage for another run in 2024.  Biden Harris will make such a mess of things; guaranteed that when Harris runs in 2024, which is likely, the people will want Trump back overwhelmingly.  Trump won in 2020.   If Biden does take over the Presidency, it will be the result of Voter Fraud that is obvious. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Treatment for Covid - Politics and Big Pharma

 Covid is spiking in the US, yet a simple treatment using malaria pills, ZPack antibiotics, steroids, zinc and vitamin D if given in the first five days of the disease seems to work according to many doctors and studies. Only problem is all of it cost less than $50 instead of the $3,000 for the therapy drugs Big Pharma is pushing.  And, for some reason, Socialists, the CDC and other Deep State Swamp Lizards and Fake News are vehemently opposed to using this cheap treatment.

First, it was because President Trump took the malaria drug, as a preventative with no side effects and suggested it should be used.  They cannot give Trump credit for anything good.  Of course, since Covid deaths were used successfully to rig the Presidential election, the last thing the Socialists wanted was a cheap drug that worked to treat the disease.  Who knows, it might be that when President Trump did get Covid and was treated with the expensive therapies successfully, taking the malaria drug along with zinc and vitamin D long before may have been the reason he got better in days rather than weeks.  

So what is the problem.  My doctor absolutely refused to give my wife and I the malaria drug as a preventative citing the potential for heart problems from it; though there are now studies showing there is no such issue.    Funny, he had no problem giving the malaria pill to us when we traveled to South America to prevent malaria.  We had no side effect.s  By the way, the malaria pill in use for decades is also used to treat Lupus and other diseases as perfectly safe.  

It is now time to cut the crap.  Big Pharma, Fake News and the CDC and other Deep State Swamp Lizards supported Joe Biden in the last election.   Big Pharma was opposed to Trump because he is forcing them to charge Americans the same prices for drugs that they charge in other nations, which would be substantially less.  And, Big Pharma stands to lose billions of dollars if the cheap malaria cocktail is used to treat the virus.  The last thing they and their bought off allies want is a cheap remedy.  

Trump's Project Warp Speed gave Big Pharma $10 billion to develop vaccines, which did happen in record time as a result.  Thank You President Trump.  Big Pharma had absolutely no risk or investment to develop their vaccines, which will be free to the public, but cost the American taxpayer billions since the vaccine will be paid for by the federal government not medical insurance companies. 

All I know is that if anyone in our family gets Covid, we will demand the malaria cocktail in the first five days of the disease.  And, if our doctor refuses to prescribe it, we will FIRE him and find a doctor willing to treat us properly rather than risk going to the hospital.  With so many people getting Covid, this treatment must be allowed.  The Trump Administration purchased 68 million doses of malaria pills.  They are sitting in the federal stockpile.  It is time to get this drug out to pharmacies.   The American people must insist on this malaria cocktail treatment option.  The election is over.   We have to get the politics out of this discussion and stop letting Big Pharma and Deep State Swamp Lizards, feeding at the trough, determine our fate.