Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The War In The Middle East - What A Mess

The war in the Middle East is very interesting to watch from a political standpoint.  There are Sunni Islamic Fascists fighting Shite Islamic Fascists that both hate Israel and Western freedom and values.  There are Arabs fighting Iranian Persians to determine which of the two groups will control the Middle East.   And of course, Israel, our only real ally in the Middle East, sits in the middle of all of this as the only real democracy in the Middle East.   As a result of this confusing mess, United States foreign policy, as managed by Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, in in complete disarray.  The Arab Spring has clearly turned into the Arab Nightmare.  The situation in the Middle East has never been worse because of Obama's incompetence. 

In Iraq and Syria, Obama is supporting Shite Iran and Dictator Assad in their battles with ISIS Islamic Fascists Sunni Arabs.   However, in Yemen, Obama is supporting Sunni Arab Saudi Arabia and its coalition partners to defeat Iranian backed Shite Rebels.  At the same time, Obama is attempting to close a very stupid deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program, the single biggest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world with leaders who chant "Death To America" at public appearances.  Go figure. 

This is what happens when the United States, led by Obama, attempts to lead from behind.  The vacuum that Obama has caused has led to complete chaos and more war.  The Middle East is headed toward all out war between Sunni Arabs and Shite Iranians and their proxies.  We will also see a  nuclear arms race in the Middle East because of the stupid deal Obama is brokering with Iran.  Israel is not likely to stand by and watch Iran develop nuclear weapons and actually could ally with Saudi Arabia and other Arab Sunni nations to stop it.  This is all very interesting to watch; however, the outcome is likely to be a disruption to oil supplies, one way or another, which will impact the entire world economy.  Aside from all the killing going on, this part of the story is not too good. 

Obama's Stupid Carbon Emissions Deal With China

The Negotiator In Chief, Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has done it again.  The deal Obama made with China requires the United States to cut carbon emission by 28% over the next ten years, while allowing China to continue polluting more than ever until 2030.  Obama will bypass Congress and do this by Executive Order, using his Gestapo EPA, as his enforcer.  And, even after 2030, there are no guarantees that China will do anything to stop emitting carbon into the atmosphere.   This stupid deal will cost the American people billions of dollars a year in higher electricity cost because it requires power plants to spend about $500 billion to limit emissions coming out of power plants.  That cost will be passed on to American rate payers in higher cost for electricity.  Further, cars will be required to cut emission even further, which will drive up the cost of cars.   This is all happening as 78 million Baby Boomers hit retirement age in the next 20 years, who can ill afford higher utility cost impacting the cost of living across the board.

And, to make matters even worse, it is projected that all of this cost to the American people, which will lower the standard of living in the United States and kill jobs, will only reduce carbon emissions in the United States by 1/200th of a percent.  Obama has proven once again that he is an idiot negotiator as he is doing in the deal with Iran to end their nuclear program.  Only this time, as Obama kills manufacturing in the United States, even more jobs will be shipped to China.

The only good thing about this deal, since it is by Executive Order, is that the next President can rescind it with a stroke of a pen. Obama is a very smart, stupid man who is just plain UnAmerican.  At every turn, Obama acts against the interests of the United States and the American people.  This deal with China is about as stupid as it gets.  All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 when this idiot President will be gone.    

Monday, March 30, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal - Walk Away Now

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is so desperate to get a deal with Iran regarding their nuclear program, for his "legacy", that he is likely to agree to a bad deal.  The 10 year deal on the table will actually allow Iran to further develop their nuclear technology and the missile systems to deliver nuclear weapons.  It is about as dumb as it gets.  Former Defense and Intelligence officers from the Obama Administration are saying that Obama should walk away from the stupid deal that Secretary of State John Kerry has negotiated.   They are also saying that Iran cannot be trusted to live up to any deal. 

The fact is that Iran is the largest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world.   Iran is attempting to take over various countries in the Middle East; hence the reason for the wars in both Iraq and Yemen.  Sunni Arab countries along with Israel clearly see the threat that Iran poses in the Middle East, North Africa and the world; yet Obama continues to see Iran through rose colored glasses.   When Ronald Reagan could not get the deal he wanted with the old Soviet Union related to eliminating nuclear weapons and missile defense systems with Michel Gorbachev, during their meeting at Reykjavik, Reagan walked away to later get a better deal. 

It is time for Obama and other Western leaders to walk away and stop all discussions with Iran because the deal on the table is a very stupid deal.  To get a deal that would prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, harsh sanctions should be imposed immediately to destroy their economy if they don't comply with what we want.  The timing on all of this could not be better with the price of oil down to around $60 a barrel.  The Saudi's are intentionally keeping the price of oil low to punish Iran and Russia.  They get it.  Hopefully, Obama and Kerry will walk away from the stupid deal on the table.  If not, the next President will have to deal with Iran by reneging on this stupid deal to actually prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  In the meantime if Obama signs this deal, it will foster in a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  It is what it is.  

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Religious Freedom In Indiana

The state of Indiana enacted a Religious Freedom law, signed by Governor Mike Pence, that prevents government from impinging on First Amendment rights related to freedom of religion.   This law is old news since 20 states and the federal government have similar laws on the books.   Of course, Gays believe the law is directed at them allowing businesses to discriminate against them.  This comes on the heels of a court case in Washington state in which a woman owning a flower shop refused to provide flowers for a Gay Wedding because she is a Christian and is opposed to such unions.   The State Attorney General and the liberal court in Washington state, along with the two Gay men involved are out to destroy this woman by taking her assets and putting her out of business because of her religious beliefs.  To be clear, this particular business regularly sells flowers to Gays, including the two Gay men involved in the lawsuit and everyone else; but the woman felt SHE could not actively participate in a Gay wedding because of her Christian beliefs, which should be her right. 

The new law in Indiana, along with laws in many other states, would make this case difficult if not impossible to pursue, which is as it should be.   No one should be forced to violate their religious beliefs to provide goods or services to anyone.  This is much like the Hobby Lobby case related to ObamaCare, which requires abortion coverage provided by company insurance.  Hobby Lobby, owned by devout Christians, who oppose abortion, won that case thus far; but no doubt Obamanistas will appeal. 

Let's take this further.  If two Devil Worshippers decided to get married and asked a Christian florist to do their wedding.   And or, if two well known abortionists decided to get married and again asked a Christian florist, or bakery to do their wedding and were refused on religious grounds;  theoretically, based on the circumstances, in some states the business in question could be sued for discrimination, which could even involve punitive damages as is happening in Washington state.    Secular Socialists and the left wing in America believe that only their rights matters.  That's baloney. 

The First Amendment to the Constitution not only protects left wing Socialists; but also religious Conservatives practicing their religion.   If No Shirts, No Shoes, No Service, often seen in restaurants and other businesses near the beach is a permissible reason for denying service, why shouldn't religious beliefs, certainly far more important, also be a reason for denying service. 
This whole discussion is part of the culture war going on in America.  The majority of us that cling to our faith, family values and guns are not intolerant.  We just want our rights protected too.  Though this Blogger would never deny service to anyone, except maybe abortionists, murderers, or child molestors, Christian, Jewish or Islamic Conservatives, when confronted with behaviors that violate their religious beliefs, have every right, guaranteed by the Constitution, to refuse service.   

This in no way should inconvenience anyone, since there are plenty of businesses ready, willing and able to provide goods or services to anyone who feels aggrieved.   Denying service as a result of religious beliefs is in no way similar to discrimination against Blacks in the old
South related to denial of services at restaurants, hotels etc. since Blacks were uniformly denied services, often by law, solely on the basis of their race.   In this case, there is no institutional discrimination, since there are plenty of businesses, not constrained by religious beliefs, offering the same goods or services without any constraints.   As a result, no one would suffer any loss of service just because someone with strictly held religious beliefs refused service.   This is really about balancing the interests of all concerned.      

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Trouble With Socialists In America

Most Socialist members of Congress come from the Northeast, the Left Coast and a few big cities in the Midwest.   While there are Socialists in other places in the country, the majority of  Governorships, State Houses and now the Congress are controlled by Conservative Republicans, or perhaps RINOS in what is called "Fly Over Country".   However, the lame stream left wing media, based both in the Northeast and the Left Coast would have us believe that the nation is a center left country, which of course is baloney.   If that were true then how come so much of the country is Red and not Blue.     

The reality is that the United States is a center right country composed of those of us that cling to our faith, family values and guns.  The majority of Americans are now even pro-life because the technology clearly demonstrates that it is a BABY that is being murdered by abortion.  The lame stream left wing media claims that we are "intolerant" when in fact it is Socialists in America that are intolerant of our beliefs, so much so that on university campuses Conservatives are often not even allowed to speak.  So much for freedom of thought. 

Socialists in America are completely out of touch with the America people, which is the reason they have lost power at both the state and federal levels.  Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama won election twice, as the first Black President because his political operatives did a great job dividing our nation to bring out minorities, radical single women, radical environmentalists, union members and crony Capitalists.  Obama's victories were possible because Conservatives and Evangelical Christians in particular stayed home and often did not vote for either McCain or Romney, both viewed as Establishment RINOS.  While this Conservative voted for both, I had to hold my nose to do so because I knew that neither McCain, nor Romney were Conservatives.  They were clearly RINOS. 

I have determined that I will never vote for a RINO again no matter who the Socialist opposition candidate happens to be as I have done in the past.  What's the point.   We either get a real Socialist, or a RINO Socialist Party Light candidate as we have in Nevada where I live.   In any case, Socialists in America at least need to understand that their Socialist Schemes don't play in "Fly Over Country".  Chuckie Schumer, the likely Socialist Minority Leader in the Senate, who will take over after Dirty Harry leaves office, gets it and at least has so much as said so.  Schumer admitted that ObamaCare cost the Socialists the Congress. 

What Schumer and other Socialists may still not understand is that America is a center right country in which people support limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, faith, family values and gun ownership.  We don't want the government involved in our daily life.   Our Founders fought a revolution to get the rid of oppressive government.   Today, we do this at the ballot box; but nevertheless the message is clear.    

Friday, March 27, 2015

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid Announces Retirement - Time For The Happy Dance

After six terms in office at 75 years old, dinosaur Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada has announced his retirement.  It is time for a National Happy Dance.  While Dirty Harry always brought home the bacon in Nevada, where this Blogger lives, he did it by adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt that he leaves behind for generations to pay.  Further, no other person, other than Pinocchio Veto Obama did as much to damage the state of Nevada and or the nation than Dirty Harry Reid.  As the Socialist Senate Majority leader, before the Republican take over in 2014, Reid presided over a completely dysfunctional US Senate, since he was unwilling to take up the more than 400 bills enacted by the Republican led House of Representatives, many with Bi-Partisan support.  Reid acted as a little Hitler preventing the federal government from functioning. 

But what Dirty Harry did do was ram through ObamaCare in the middle of the night, without one single Republican vote, by using Reconciliation to avoid the 60 vote rule in the Senate.   Republicans learned this tactic well as they will now use Reconciliation to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare and the sooner the better.  The people of Nevada know very well that Dirty Harry Reid used his terms in office to enrich his family by crooked real estate deals and having his family members serve as paid lobbyists in Washington DC.   This Blogger has asked many times, how does someone serving in Congress for many terms, earning $174,000 a year, required to maintain two homes, leave as a multi-millionaire knowing that the answer is corruption and influence peddling.  Dirty Harry Reid was not able to live at the Ritz Carlton in Washington DC on his Senate salary alone; that's for sure. 

This Blogger has often said that Dirty Harry would have to be carried out of the Senate to leave because politics is the family business and that is about what is happening.  The supposed "accident' that Dirty Harry had on an exercise machine is clearly baloney.   Reid has been rumored to have mini strokes for years.  Whatever caused Dirty Harry Reid to literally break his face and damage one of his eyes, I would be willing to bet the land Reid crookedly acquired in Nevada, that he took a bad fall for some other reason.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid is clearly retiring for medical reasons.  Whatever the reason he has decided to call it quits, it is long overdue and welcome.   The American people and the people of Nevada will be better off with Dirty Harry Reid and many others like him out of office.   

Reid was a dinosaur and the poster child to advance a Term Limits Constitutional Amendment.  Having politicians of either party in office for decades is a recipe for corruption and gridlock.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada is a great example of incompetence and corruption in government.  Good riddance Dirty Harry and don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave the national scene.  Try not to steal the Senate silverware as you walk out the door. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Obama Traded Five Terrorists For An American Deserter

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama traded five Taliban Terrorists for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, an American Deserter.  Ten months after his release, the Army is charging Bergdahl with desertion from his post and endangering his Army unit.  When convicted, which is likely, Bergdahl could get 5 years to life in prison for his crimes.  It is bad enough that Obama gave up five Terrorists for this Deserter; but some of his fellow soldiers were either killed, or wounded looking for him after he left his post. 

Such a deal Obama negotiated!!   Obama actually had Bergdahl's parents at the White House to celebrate and take credit for Bergdahl's release.  Again, Bergdahl is now accused of desertion, which his fellow soldiers testified to from the very first day of this announcement.  This is the reason why many people and governments around the world are so worried about the deal Obama is negotiating with Iran to end their nuclear program.  The fact is that the Obama deal on the table with Iran is no deal at all.   It will actually provide the Iranians the ten year window they need to develop nuclear weapons and the inter continental ballistic missile system to deliver them, while at the same time remaining the biggest sponsor of Terrorism in the world.  

It is pretty obvious that Obama just does not have the negotiation skills to cut these deals.  Certainly, we have learned that the hard way since Obama traded five Taliban Terrorists for an American Deserter.  We may see it all again when the deal with Iran comes down.  Fortunately, since this will not be a Treaty with Iran ratified by Congress and just an Executive Agreement, the next President can go back in to clean up Obama's mess.