Friday, July 30, 2021

Flip Flop Fauci & The Center For Disease Control

Flip Flop Fauci and the Center For Disease Control have lost all credibility related to Covid.  We were told that all we needed to do is be vaccinated to be home free so we could get on with life.  Really!  Some Blue States like Nevada where we live have gone back to mask mandates for all inside spaces in most counties in the state for everybody even those of us that have been vaccinated.  Further being vaccinated is apparently no guarantee against catching Covid; though supposedly only a small percentage of those getting Covid have been vaccinated.  And, those that do get Covid have a mild case.  

Here is the deal.  As far as I am concerned, people who refuse to get vaccinated for whatever mental or health reason, are on their own.  I suggest that they take Zinc and Vitamin D and have the malaria pill cocktail handy in case they come down with Covid.   Otherwise, some of them will end up in the hospital and some of them will die; but the rest of us can't live our life's based on other people's decisions.  

Now the teacher unions are balking about opening up school in the fall.  Come hell or high water, teachers must be on the job in classrooms.  School districts can require all staff members to get vaccinated as a condition of employment.  Those that choose not to should look for other jobs.  It is just that simple.  On line learning was a miserable failure for half the kids in our country.  They lost a year of instruction.  It can't happen again. 

Most important, they have been telling us for months that we must follow the science.  The problem is that the science keeps changing.  Masks obviously do little to prevent Covid.  Vaccines are not completely effective.  I am willing to take my chances.  I have been vaccinated.  If I get Covid, I will take the malaria pill cocktail to deal with the virus.   We must get on with life.  

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Woke Olympics - Advertisers Panicked

Viewership of NBC's Woke Olympics is down 47% from past games.  Advertisers who paid millions for each minute of the commercials are panicked because without viewers they wasted their money.  This is happening for a few reasons.  Half our country is sick of athletes disrespecting our country and flag.  And, while certainly not all of the American team members are doing these things like taking a knee, or turning their back on our flag, enough are doing it so that half the country is saying screw you and tuning out.  We are not going to cheer on athletes who disrespect our country.  It is that simple.  They can represent Cuba.  

Further, let's face it.  The Japanese don't know how to throw a good party.  I watched a few minutes of the opening ceremonies and what was done was amateurish and boring.  I turned away in just a few minutes because it was so bad.  

When are the people who own and manage these athletes going to get the message.  People do not want to see woke left wing politics during sports events.  We don't care what athletes do on their own time; but when they are participating in a game and particularly representing our country, they need to leave the PC BS in the locker room, or better yet home.  The notion of supporting BLM and Antifa Terrorists is particularly offensive.  

The best way we have to express our dissatisfaction is to tune out because viewership is the basis for ad dollars.   Without ad dollars, there are no games and or reduced compensation to these athletes who think they can use their positions to disrespect our country.  Well NOT!.  But really is is up to team owners and managers to stop all this offensive behavior.  If they fail, they will suffer monetary damages and that will the serve them right.  

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Masks - Not About The Science Any More

We have been told for months that if we all got vaccinated, that we could go back to normal.  Really!  Now some cities run by National Socialists are going back to mask mandates even for people who have been vaccinated because a small percentage of people can still get a mild case of Covid even though they have had the shots.  Enough already.  Those that have been vaccinated should not have to wear masks any where at any time.  I will take my chances. 

We take Vitamin D and Zinc along with other supplements known to ward off Covid.  My wife and I were exposed to people with Covid and did not get the virus.  We have traveled on numerous flight and have not gotten Covid.  Can we still get it.  Who knows.  All I know is that we got the shots to get back to normal.  There is no turning back.

Those who have chosen not to get the vaccine are at risk.  About 99% of people who end up in hospitals with Covid are people that have refused to get the shots.  So be it.  If these people die, they did it to themselves; but the reality is that unless they have other chronic diseases, they probably won't die because there are treatments that work.  

Kids need to be in school without masks too.  On line learning was a miserable failure for many children especially poor kids living in the inner city many of whom never participated.   A lot of these kids are already years behind in reading and math.  The last thing they need is less days in school.  

We have to get on with life.  We can't let Big Brother destroy more businesses and peoples lives.  It is time to get back to normal whatever the consequences.  

Monday, July 26, 2021

Crime In Joe Biden's America Is Out Of Control

If you don't already own guns to protect yourself and family, you better buy one.  Crime in Joe Biden's America is out of control.  Murders on the increase are happening in all Socialist run cities.  These are the same cities focused on defunding the police and releasing criminals arrested without bail.  And, you better move to a gated community that is retaining additional security.   Most important, since people are being attacked in broad day light, you must be careful where you are at all times.  At a minimum, carry mace to spray in an attacker's face and a rape whistle to bring attention to being attacked.  

The National Socialists will do nothing to address crime.  They have tolerated BLM and Antifa Terrorists rioting, looting and committing arson burning down buildings and destroying businesses all over the country.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, anarchy leads to more anarchy and we are seeing it in action all over the country in blue states.  

Crime has nothing to do with racism or prejudice.  If we are going to live in a civil society, criminals regardless of race must be arrested, prosecuted and sent to jail.  In many of these Socialist run cities Cops are just standing back rather than attempting to make arrests putting their lives and careers on the line.  Further, Cops are quitting in droves and are not being replaced because nobody wants those jobs.  Who the hell would take a job for $60,000 a year on average when it involves risking your life and an inability to actually do the job because of Woke Socialist elected officials.

Ironically, the crime rate is highest in inner cities.  So people of color are most at risk.  The murders happening in many cities across the country involve Black on Black crime.   Instead of sending out Cops when someone calls 911, they want to send out social workers.  Really!  This violence and crime will not end until law abiding citizens with the help of Cops take back their streets.  And, that will not happen as long as National Socialists are running these cities.  Thank you Joe Biden.  

Pelosi's January 6th Committee - The Real Goal Is To Smear President Trump

National Socialist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has appointed a group of Socialist House members and two RINOS Liz Cheney and Adam Kissinger that are all Trump haters.  This political sham is just Impeachment Trial number three.  The real goal is to demonstrate, not prove that President Trump was the master mind and organizer behind the riot at the Capitol that occurred on January 6th.  Don't be surprised if these big mouths don't attempt to subpoena President Trump who will not show up.  That will be good for several weeks of Fake News drama.

Here are the facts.  Thousands of people came to Washington DC on January 6th to peacefully protest the most corrupt election in our our history.  They were focused on the Big Steal.  Some number of them broke into the Capitol in an attempt to disrupt the counting of the Electoral College Votes.  To date more than 500 of them have been charged and some have been convicted basically for trespassing and some other minor crimes.  These protesters were not Terrorists as is the case with BLM and Antifa thugs.  They did not burn down the Capitol like BLM and Antifa that have committed arson destroying buildings and businesses all over the country without any consequences.    

The only person actually killed during the riot was a woman and former veteran protester who was shot dead by an unknown Capitol Cop.  There has been no investigation of that killing.  Various Cops were injured fighting off the rioters.  A few Cops died of stress related medical complications.  There was very little actual damage to the Capitol building.  What really happened was a complete break down in intelligence.  The FBI informed the Capitol police that there was potential for violence days before the riot took place.  Somehow the information never got to the right people, including Speaker Pelosi who technically is in charge of the Capitol police.  

They did not have sufficient police and National Guard on duty that day to prevent the breach of the Capitol.  The cops who were there were not trained to deal with this kind of riot at the Capitol.  Some of those in charge have been correctly forced to resign.  Look, what happened was wrong plain and simple.  Those who did this should be prosecuted and if convicted given sentences commensurate with their crimes not effectively charged with treason as alleged by the National Socialists and Fake New.  

None of the facts matter.  What we will see with the January 6th Committee is more highly charged, partisan circus.  The goal is to smear President Trump in the hopes that he will not run for President again.  They will fail; but the circus will go on anyway.