Thursday, March 5, 2015

Obamanistas Out To Destroy Hillary Clinton

Everyone knows that there is no love lost between Obamanistas and the Clinton's.  As such, it is highly possible that Obamanistas leaked the information that Hillary Clinton used a personal email address and server, apparently in violation of the law, to conduct official business while she was Secretary of State.  This would have allowed Hillary to permanently delete anything incriminating that she did not want on the public record, or subject to subpoena. 

Who knows, maybe Bubba, her husband spent some of his time in retirement cleaning up Hillary's email trail.  Certainly, Bill Clinton, who is a very astute politician would have easily ascertained any emails that could be politically damaging to Hilly's chances to win the Presidency in 2016.  Let's face it.  The Clinton's, as Socialists, play by the same rules as other Socialists.  They will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and in the extreme, history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

Old Billy wants the Big House and the Jet back and the only way to get them, while he can still remember his name, is for Hilly to be elected President in 2016.  The problem is that Obamanistas know that the Clinton's are far more moderate than Socialist Obama.   They want to hand pick Obama's successor and that would certainly not be Hillary Clinton.   Obamanistas are looking for a Socialist, with Communist leanings, just like Obama himself.  Senator Elizabeth Warren might work; but why not Senator Cory Booker, another Black man from New Jersey.  Just wait and see the dirt Obamanistas will put out on Hillary Clinton.  With a friend like Obama, the Clinton's don't need to worry about the "vast right wing conspiracy".  This is no accident.  Obama's finger prints are all over these revelations. 

Obama's Dangerous Deal With Iran - Appeasement

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhu gave a brilliant speech before Congress laying out the threat from Iran and offering some solutions.   Our Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama forbade anyone from his Administration from attending the speech.  In addition, about 50 Socialist members of Congress also boycotted the speech.  Of course, they were all watching on TV as was the American people.

The Mullahs in Iran that took power during the 1970's declared war on the United States and Israel back then.   It began with taking over the US Embassy in Iran and holding the Americans working at the Embassy hostage for more than 400 days literally until Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President.  After winning election in 1980, but before his inauguration, Reagan signaled that he would order our military to invade Iran if the hostages were not released and as such the hostages were released as soon as Reagan took the oath of office.  The Mullahs are crazy but they are not stupid.   They knew that Reagan was not Jimmy Carter. 

However, Iran as the single biggest sponsor of Terrorism in the world funded the bombing and murder of our marine barracks in Lebanon and the bombings of other American facilities around the world that killed thousands of Americans.   We know now that Iran provided funds to Al Queda and Osama Bin Laden responsible for 9/11.  And, of course Iran funds Hamas and Hezbollah, the Terrorist groups that are at war with Israel.  Recently, Iran staged a naval exercise attacking a mock US carrier in the Persian Gulf.  This is the country, at war with the United States and Israel, that Obama is in negotiations with to end their Nuclear Program without any pre conditions. 

The reported Obama/Kerry deal on the table would allow Iran to keep its nuclear technology and even continue to research even greater capabilities.  In addition, apparently, there is no mention of the inter continental ballistic missiles Iran is developing to deliver nuclear warheads to destroy Israel, their avowed enemy and one day even attack the United States and Western Europe.  What is worse, the deal expires in ten years, which means ten years from now, if not sooner since Iran can't be trusted, Iran will have nuclear weapons.  

If this deal comes to be, it will lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East and a more dangerous world.  Israel's Prime Minister has it exactly right.  Unless Iran is required to actually dismantle their nuclear technology, stop building the missiles to deliver nuclear warheads, stop threatening Israel and stop funding the Terrorism that is resulting in the deaths of thousands of innocent people around the world each year, there can be no peace in the Middle East or the world.  

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are the Neville Chamberlain's of our time, the British Prime Minister who appeased Adolf Hitler allowing him to take over a big piece of Czechoslovakia declaring "Peace In Our Time".   That infamous appeasement resulted in the deaths of 60 million people including 6 million Jews during World War II.  Obama and Kerry apparently have not learned the lessons of history as they are playing the same appeasement game with Iran.  Never Again, Never Again. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Obama Planning To Use An Executive Order To Raise Taxes

The word on the street is that dictator Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is now planning to use an Executive Order to raise Corporate Income Taxes.  At 35%, the United States already has the highest Corporate Income Tax in the world, which is killing jobs in America.  If anything, we need to lower Corporate Income taxes to keep more jobs in our country.  Any attempt by Obama to raise any kind of taxes would be unconstitutional.  Such an Executive Order should not only lead to Court action, but also the Impeachment of this President.

Obama is emboldened by his other unconstitutional Executive Orders dealing with Illegal Aliens, ObamaCare, EPA Gestapo regulations and recess appointments.   Obama, the Constitutional law professor, disregards the Constitution all the time.   If this keeps up, we can't wait until January 20, 2017, Obama's last day in office to end his Presidency.   The Republican controlled Congress would have to act to file articles of Impeachment.  I know, I know, Repubicans would be called racists by the lame stream left wing media and Socialists around the country because they would be impeaching the first Black President.

However, none of this has anything to do with the color of Obama's skin.  It is Obama's actions that are against the law and would be so if he was purple.  And, it is not even just about Obama.  The precedents being set, in violation of the Constitution, will be used by future Presidents to destroy our democracy.   Obama is already a dictator.  What is to stop future Presidents from simply disbanding Congress, or even the Courts when they do not act to his liking.  Obama is a clear and present danger to our freedoms and our nation.   If Obama attempts to raise taxes of any kind without an act of Congress, Congress will have to act to end his Presidency sooner than later. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

US Economy Grew 2.2% in Q4 - Slow Growth

US Economic GDP growth slowed to 2.2% in the fourth quarter of 2014.   That reality is that we need 3% or much higher growth to actually create real jobs in the United States.  Obamanista economic policy, Socialist Schemes, higher taxes and more regulations are like a lead anchor on the US economy.  We will not see robust growth again until we have a new President who understands Economics 101. 

We need real tax reform to lower both personal and corporate income taxes.   We cannot allow the EPA Gestapo to keep killing jobs and whole industries.  We must get rid of ObamaCare that has turned many full time jobs into part time jobs to avoid coverage.  We need more trade agreements to make selling US goods overseas easier.  And, we must unlease the Energy Sector to make the US Energy Independent. 

In other words, we need to end Obama's attempt to "transform" our country into European style Socialist slow growth economy.   Unfortunately, we  must count the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama is gone.  Hopefully, a conservative pro-growth President will be elected to get our country back on track.     

Monday, March 2, 2015

Manufacturing In The US - Not Happening Anymore

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama frequently says that manufacturing in the US is rebounding because of his Socialist Schemes and Economic Policies.   Sadly, it is just not true.   Manufacturing's golden years in the US was during the 1970's when employment in this sector hit nearly 20 million people.  It was about 20% of the labor force at the time.  From then until the year 2000 that number dropped by 2 million as manufacturing jobs left the country.

By 2010, the manufacturing labor force fell to just 9% of the labor force.  And though there has been some growth in the manufacturing sector, with a small number of American companies opening factories in the US, the trend for manufacturing jobs in the US leaving the country, or being eliminated altogether by automation, continues.  GM may be alive; but it has far fewer employees in the US than 30 years ago. 

Manufacturing jobs in the US are dependent on four factors; reasonably priced labor, cheap energy, common sense environmental regulations and a corporate tax code that is competitive.   On all counts, the US is a loser.  Unions push up the total cost of compensation and benefits well beyond what is common in China, Mexico and other countries.  While the US could be totally energy independent, bringing down the cost of energy, Obamanistas will not allow it.  The EPA Gestapo continues to kill jobs in the US by imposing Executive Order Regulations that make it impossible to manufacture in the US.   Finally, the US corporate 35% federal and additional state income taxes, that often push pushes the corporate income tax rate above 40%, is just not competitive.   

Until all of these factors are addressed to make the US more competitive, we are not likely to see meaningful growth in manufacturing jobs.   Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  It is what it is.  This is one of the reasons that Middle Class incomes continue to fall.   

Sunday, March 1, 2015

US Colleges & Universities Giving Financial Aide To Illegal Aliens

US Colleges and Universities that receive local, state and federal taxpayer monies are giving financial aide to Illegal Aliens.  Since there is only so much money to go around, this is happening as the expense of poor American kids born in the United States.   But this is a much bigger issue.  Local and State governments are spending billions of taxpayer dollars every year to support Illegal Aliens in public schools, public medical services and the criminal justice system.  States like California borrow money every year to fund their operating costs, not just the building of schools, roads and bridges in order to balance their budget.  California has so much debt, just like the United States, that California bonds are rated as junk bonds paying very high interest rates.

The fact is that the United States has become Mexico's Welfare System, while 38 families there control all the wealth of Mexico.  The United States National Debt is now more than $18 Trillion and growing with no end in sight.  States and local governments have billions of dollars of debt, as well.  In addition, there are Trillions of dollars of unfunded liability sitting out there related to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and local, state and federal government pensions.  These are monies and promises that are impossible to keep.  And, if all the wealth in the United States was confiscated, which the Socialists would love to do, not just a percentage, there would not be enough money to cover all these Entitlements. 

So, the notion that Illegal Aliens are eligible for any Entitlements from local, state and federal governments is just absurd.   Obama's Executive Amnesty will compound this problem further by giving even more Entitlements to Illegal Aliens.  We don't even have the money to fund Entitlements for American citizens; let alone Illegal Aliens.  It is one thing to give some kind of legal status to Illegal Aliens living in the United States, that presumably came here to work, once our border is really secure.   But giving Illegal Aliens access to Entitlements will be at the expense of American citizens and it will just lead to our National Bankruptcy sooner.  It is just that simple.    

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Obama Regulating The Internet

Obamanistas, appointed to the Federal Communications Commission by Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, voted to regulate the Internet in a 3 to 2 vote.   The remaining Republicans on the FCC voted NO.  Following the orders of their leader, Obama, these Obamanistas implemented old style logic, emanating from the 1930's, that was used to regulate Ma Bell, the telephone company.   What they are attempting to do is turn the Internet into a Public Utility.  This will lead to higher prices and poor service for the American People.  What they have done is a national disaster for the American people worse than Katrina since it will impactc everyone and everything.

The Internet is not broken.  There is no need to fix it by government intervention.  And, to be clear, whenever any bureaucrat, or elected official of either party uses the word "regulate" all should know that it is synonymous with the word "tax".   So what Obamanistas really intend to do over time is to tax the Internet, which will add to cost.   Look on your next phone bill and you will see all the taxes going to government.   The same sort of taxes will hit Internet bills in the future. 

But what could be even worse is that the Politically Correct Police at the FCC may also use their regulatory/tax powers to regulate Free Speech.  Blogs like National Freedom Forum and millions of others that criticize Socialists could be made silent with a click of the computer button by simply prohibiting hosting companies from facilitating Blogs that are not Politically Correct.   Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  It is already happening. 

Internet companies should sue in court to stop this usurpation of Obamanista power.   Republicans should use the power of the purse to stop funding the FCC.  The Internet is now integral to our way of life.   The last thing we need is government regulation of the Internet to limit our freedoms.