Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stupid In America - Common Sense Is Dead

Common Sense in America is dead.  Instead, we see Stupid In America on a daily basis.  Let me count the ways:

1.  The Veteran Affairs Medical system fails to provide timely medical services for VETS and many die.  Administrators were caught cooking the books to steal bonuses from the American taxpayer.   Instead of firing and prosecuting these crooks and privatizing Veterans Affairs medical facilities, which is what should happen, both Republicans and Socialists will soon provide even more money to Veterans Affairs to grow government even bigger.  It does not get any dumber. 

2.  The United States spends more money on public education than any other country in the world; yet student achievement is below most other industrialized nations.  Instead of implementing reforms that would actually improve public education, the solution is always throwing more money at the problem to grow government bigger.

3.  The IRS and the Justice Department are now extensions of Obama's political apparatus targeting Conservatives, those of faith and anyone who opposes Obama's Socialist Schemes.   Instead of these people being fired and prosecuted, they get promoted, or allowed to retire to collect hefty pensions. 

4. The NSA and Homeland Security are spying on all Americans in the name of fighting Terrorism.  While we lose our freedoms, Terrorists organizations are alive and well and growing around the world. 

5. Our border with Mexico has collapsed.  Illegal Aliens are now referred to as "Refugees" from countries with lots of crime.  At the same time, the streets of Chicago and other inner cities in the US are a war zones as murders occur everyday.

6.  Our soon to be $18 Trillion National Debt grows with no end in sight.  This will lead to the economic collapse of the United States and civil strife on our streets.  This is the reason why Homeland Security and our city police departments are now paramilitary units preparing for the violence that will surely come when the those on the dole stop getting their checks. 

7. Medicare and Social Security are going bankrupt.  ObamaCare is unsustainable and will surely collapse as well; yet Socialists in Congress go on business as usual. 

8.  American companies are leaving the United States because the combined federal and state corporate income tax rate is often above 40%.  These companies are voting with their feet when they move to Ireland and other countries and pay 5% to 20%.  Well dah!

These are just a few examples of Stupid In America.  There is so much fraud, waste, abuse, corruption, incompetence and redundency in government that this Blogger could go on and on describing the death of Common Sense in America.   How on earth could we let these things happen.  We really do need to take back our country to end Stupid In America. 

Israel & Islamic Radicals - No Moral Equivalency

Israel has been fighting for its very existence since it was founded in 1948.  Israel, a pluralistic democracy, is home to about 7 million Jews, Christians,  Muslim Arabs and people of other faiths, or no faith at all.   As a result, there are Jewish Temples, Christian Churches and Muslim Mosques all over Israel as people practice their religions freely.   With the exception of Egypt and Jordon, other Arab countries in the Middle East and Iran, that control all the other land in the Middle East, do not accept Israel's right to exist as a nation, on a tiny strip of land that is not as big as the smallest states in the US. 

Palestinians are already part of Arab countries called Jordon and Egypt, which should take control of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip to end the Arab-Israeli crisis, once and for all and bring both peace and cooperative economic development to the region because the Palestinians continue to prove that they cannot govern themselves.  This is the only solution that the international community, including the United States, should be trying to negotiate and accomplish.  Instead, Israel faces Hamas and Hezbollah, Terrorist organizations on its borders, supported by Iran, committed to the destruction of Israel.  It is the Islamic Radicals in the Arab world and Iran, that want to destroy Israel, that continue to prolong this battle, by arming the Terrorists, rather than seeking peace.  There will never be peace as long as this continues. 

It is important to recognize that these Islamic Radical countries have no religious, or personal freedom in their countries.   Any remaining Christians and Jews in those countries are persecuted and even murdered.  They should be given refugee status by Western countries so that they can leave. The Terrorists in Iraq have given Christians in the territory they now control four choices; convert to Islam, pay a tax, leave, or die.  These are Christians that have lived in the Middle East for 1,900 years and Jews that lived there for 5,000 years long before Islam ever existed.   Terrorists in Iraq and North Africa are destroying Christian churches.   It is illegal to practice Christianity, or Judaism in many of these Islamic countries, including those that are supposed to be allies to the US.

As Israel fights for its very existence, it is important for all peoples of the world to recognize that there is NO MORAL EQUIVALENCY between Israel and Islamic Radicals around the world.  These fanatics are attempting to create an Islamic Radical Caliphate in the Middle East and around the world that threatens our freedom.  Destruction of Israel is part of their plan.   We can't let that happen.   

Friday, July 25, 2014

Nevada Public Education Ranks Poorly Compared To Other States

The state of Nevada public education system ranked poorly in the most recent Anne B. Casey Foundation Study compared to other states related to a variety of criteria.  This study has been conducted for the past 25 years.   40% of Nevada's students did not graduate from high school in 2012, which is double the National Average. Nevada also had the lowest number of kids attending Pre-School at 30% compared with 46%, which is the National Average.  Since this Blogger lives in Nevada and as a former public school teacher, naturally I am concerned.  These numbers are bad; but even some states like California that spend a lot more money on education are not wonderful either.  

The solution we always hear from Teacher Unions and their Socialists supporters is that we need to spend more money on public education when in fact, the United States spends more on public education that any other industrialized nation in the world; yet it is not reflected in student achievement.  This very moment, the Teacher Union in Nevada is pushing a Margins Tax on businesses, supposedly to benefit education, that will be a job killer.  If it was proposed with necessary reforms, this Blogger might be a supporter; but since it is business as usual, I am opposed.  As a former public school teacher and someone with a Master's Degree in Education Administration, who spent six years teaching at the junior, senior and adult school levels in the Los Angles City School system, I know that student achievement is not about more money, or even class size.   

Look, kids need decent facilities, great teachers and books and other materials to learn.  It is that simple.  Computers may be helpful, as long as they are not a substitute for rote learning.  Common Core, the latest Socialist Scheme to improve public education, has nothing to do with learning.  It is all about imposing standardized politically correct, Socialist ideology in our schools and as such will fail.   And, what kids don't need is three levels of education bureaucracy at the federal, state and county levels wasting everybody's time and taxpayer dollars.   The Education Establishment, like all big government, is plagued by waste, fraud, abuse and redundancy, which is the reason despite spending billions on education has little impact. 

Public Education should be run by local school boards and parents, not bureaucrats from hundreds, or thousands of miles away.  To improve public education, we need real reform and administrators with the power to actually manage our schools like any other business, which includes the power to hire and fire.   Further, kids that are constantly disruptive should be put in special schools to prevent them from taking time away from learning.  Sorry, it may not be politically correct, but I have been there and I know that this is a major problem.

Collective bargaining has to go.   Even Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt was against collective bargaining for public employees.  Public Schools, like all government employment, should be governed by a Civil Service Commission with the power to make the rules in the interest of children as their only concern.  The rise of teacher unions has coincided with the poor results we see in many public schools.  To deny the correlation is to deny facts.  Collective bargaining works for the union bosses; but it does not work for kids.  As a young teacher, I was forced by the Union to submit mediocre objectives for my evaluation because the Union did not want teachers held to a higher standard.  I know, I was there.  Teacher Tenure has to go, as well, so that bad teachers can more easily be fired in accordance with fair evaluation procedures.  This is the reason there is a Class Action Lawsuit working its way through the courts in California alleging that Teacher Tenure is harming children.  I saw it with my own eyes.  There were incompetent teachers that should have been fired; but the process was so arduous that Administrators would not take the time to battle the bureaucracy and Union to get it done. 

We need Merit Pay for teachers, opposed by Teacher Unions, to reward really good teachers based on sound evaluation methods.   Why on earth should a poor teacher make the same money as a great teacher.  From what I saw when I was teaching, given the same years of service, there were about 25% of really outstanding teachers making the same money as teachers that were incompetent.  This makes no sense.   We need School Choice for parents and kids in failing public schools to create competition for eduction dollars.  To hold those kids prisoner in these schools is outrageous.   These children should have the same opportunity as the rich, including the Obama's and most members of Congress to send their kids to private schools, when the public schools in their areas are poor. 

There should be more public and private charter and magnet schools run by independent boards of directors and involved parents.  We also need more vocational education and apprenticeships for kids who are not college bound so they can graduate with a marketable job skill.  Unless and until we see the reforms indicated, we will not see the quality of education improve.  Just throwing more money at a system that often produces poor results will not improve the quality of education, whether in Nevada, or any other state.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

ObamaCare Could Now Face An Ugly Death

The Socialists in Congress rammed through ObamaCare without one single Republican, or reading  reading the bill.  Remember, ditz Socialist Nancy Pelosi said they had to pass the bill to know what is in it.   While now we know what is in ObamaCare.  A particular provision has come back to haunt the Socialists.   There was an assumption that all states would set up Exchanges as the only vehicle through which premium subsidies could flow.   Only 14 states set up Exchanges, while 36 states did not.  The language in the bill is very clear.   Subsidies going to Americans in the 36 states with no Exchanges that used the Federal Exchange to buy ObamaCare are illegal.  One federal court ruled against Obama, while another ruled in favor of Obama.  This means that this case will go to the Supreme Court for final resolution. 

It will all boil down to Chief Justice John Roberts.   The four Conservative Justices on the Supreme Court will rule against Obama because the language is clear.   Roberts will again decide this case.  If the Supreme Court rules these Subsidies provided in the 36 states without Exchanges are illegal, it will be end of ObamaCare because the Republican led House of Representatives will never vote to change this provision. 

This would mean that the 90% of Americans that got Subsidies through ObamaCare will not receive them going forward.   If that happens, they will not be able to afford the skyrocketing medical premiums and ObamaCare will die.  Let us hope that Chief Justice John Roberts votes right this time around.   History is watching Roberts.  His legacy is on the line. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Republican Businessman Outsider Beats 11 Term Congressman in Georgia

Outsider Businessman David Perdue, former CEO of Reebok, Dollar General and Pillowtex, beat 11 term Congressman Insider Jack Kingston in the Republican Primary for the US Senate Seat.  This was a major defeat for Establishment Republicans that were solidly behind Kingston, who really is a pretty good and Conservative guy.   However this was another anti-incumbent vote by Conservatives in a Republican Primary. 

Kingston will support Perdue in the November election as he faces Michelle Nunn, the Socialist candidate and daughter of former Socialist Senator Sam Nunn.  This is probably going to be a very close election in Georgia and one that Socialists are hoping will go their way to counter all the losses they are likely to face in November in Red States.

Socialists need Georgia to have any hope of retaining the Senate in 2014.  This means that all Conservatives need to donate money to the Perdue campaign because you can bet that the Unions and big Socialist donors will pour millions of dollars into Georgia to help win this election for Michelle Nunn.   We can't let that happen. 

Most important, Conservatives must support, David Purdue, this businessman outsider.  This means fundraisers should take place all over the country to insure a Republican win in Georgia.  We can make this happen.  Let's do it.     

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Governor Perry Sends In The Texas National Guard

Since Socialist President Pinocchio Obama refuses to secure the border, Governor Rick Perry of Texas is sending in a thousand troops from the National Guard, under his control, to the Texas border.  It good to see that the Governor recognizes the national security threat we face on our border, even if the President is missing in action.  While this will cost the state of Texas $12 million a month, it is money well spent, since several hundred thousand crimes have been committed in Texas by illegal aliens.  

Illegal Aliens cost all states, where they end up, billions of dollars for education, welfare, medical care and the cost related to arrest and our penal system.  Our prisons are full of illegal aliens that have committed serious crimes.  It is a blatant Socialist lie to say that illegal aliens pay taxes to cover all these services, since Illegal Aliens are in the 50% of other Americans that pay no income taxes at all.  

Republican Governors Susanna Martinez of New Mexico and Jan Brewer from Arizona should send in the National Guard to the border in their states, as well.  Of course, it would be great if Socialist Governor Moonbeam Jerry Brown of California would do the same; but that is not going to happen.  Since most of the illegal aliens, drug smugglers and Terrorists come into our country through Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, shutting down the border in those states will help stem the tide.   However, this is just a band aide because Illegal Aliens arrested will just be released by Obamanistas, pending court hearings that they never show up for.  It is all just an Obama Game that the American people are losing. 

WE NEED TO SECURE OUR BORDER.  The United States cannot take in all of these people requiring services at taxpayer expense.   Our National Debt is nearly $18 Trillion with no end in sight.  Our country is going bankrupt.  At the same time Obama is spending billions to take care of Illegal Aliens, he is gutting our military, which is a clear and present danger to our nation and our people.  It all has to stop. 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Obama On Ukraine - More Yada, Yada, Yada

Weakling Socialist President Pinocchio Obama should have just slept in rather than come out and make another feckless statement on the Russian Aggression in the Ukraine.  It was just more Yada, Yada, Yada and no actions designed to deter Russian Aggression against the Ukraine.  It is important for all to recognize that when the Ukraine gave up the nuclear weapons that were based on their territory, Russia signed a non-aggression pact guaranteeing Ukraine their national sovereignty.  So much for that worthless piece of paper that went up in smoke when Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin took control of the Crimea and now has Russians running the war in the Ukraine. 

In the mean time, Obama does nothing to prevent Putin from pursing his goal to recreate a greater Russia that includes the former surrounding Soviet states some of which are now part of NATO.  What Obama does not seem to understand is that Russian Dictators, be they Communists or Czars have pursued a Greater Russia for centuries.  If Obama had learned the lessons of history and economics when he was smoking dope at university, perhaps he would know that this is an old story.  It was Putin who said the worse day in Russian history was when the old Soviet Union fell apart.  Since Putin was head of the old KGB Secret Police in the Soviet Union, he longs for the good old days at the expense of freedom in surrounding countries.  

Just implementing minimal sanctions that prevent Russian Vodka, Caviar and Marushka Dolls, about the only things, other than oil and gas that come from Russia that have any value, from entering the United States will not deter Putin from pursing his expansionist goals.   Ronald Reagan called the old Soviet Union, the "evil empire" much to the chagrin and criticism of Socialists in Western countries at the time; but Reagan new evil when he saw it.  What we are seeing once again with Putin is evil and if nothing else Obama needs to properly call a spade a spade, instead of using weak, meaningless diplomatic speak. 

But Obama also needs to do more to deter Putin's aggression.  Since European countries are held hostage by their need for natural gas from Russia, as was once predicted would be the case, by the Iron Lady Margaret Thacher of Britain when those deals came down, Obama needs to act and soon because the Europeans won't.  While we don't need to send troops to Ukraine, they should be given the weapons they need to to defend their nation.  Obama needs to immediately authorize a missile defense system and ring around Russia in Poland, the Czech Republic and maybe even the Baltic States that he unilaterally ended when he became President without getting anything in return from the Russians.

Finally, we need to bolster the military of all NATO countries, in particular; but perhaps others surrounding Russia by giving, or selling them advanced defensive weapons, aircraft and tanks to deter Russian Aggression.  It is very clear that a policy of containment concerning Russia is as warranted today as it was when the old Soviet Union existed.  Russian Dictators only understand Peace Through Strength.  Look to history for our model.  Weakness never buys peace and always results in eventual war.  Obama needs to practice his Chicago politics overseas.  If the other guy brings out a knife, we better bring out a bigger gun.