Friday, May 22, 2015

China Attempting To Assert Control Over The South & East China Seas

China is attempting to assert control over the South and East China seas, by either building artificial islands and or claiming islands currently controlled by Japan.   These artificial islands are no where near China's coast line; but instead are claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.   Further, these sand bars are clearly in international waters in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.   While the United States is challenging China's claims by aerial over flight and positioning our navy in the area, as are all other nations in the region, this is all happening because Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is weak and incompetent.
When Obama draws red lines in the sand that are meaningless, it emboldens are enemies.

The Chinese are attempting to do what Imperial Japan attempted to do and we know the end of that horrible story during World War II.  However, that was then and this is now.  Clearly, Japan must not only rearm, Japan must become a nuclear power to maintain the balance of power in Asia.   China cannot be allowed to gain hegemony over all of Asia.  The only way to stop that from happening, in addition to greater US presence in the region, is for Japan to play a more assertive role to counter China's aggressive positioning.   As Ronald Reagan always asserted, the only way to maintain the peace is through strength. 

Right now, China sees a United States, under Obama, scaling back our military spending.  Japan at best can only defend their coast line and even that is questionable.  Japan must become a regional power, with a blue water navy that can go beyond their coast line to reach as far as Singapore to play a key role in the region.   And, since both China and North Korea have nuclear weapons, it is time for Japan to develop a nuclear deterrent.  Unless and until both the United States and Japan act in concert to contain China, the Chinese are likely to be a threat to the entire region.   We can't let that happen. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Veterans Affairs Scandal Getting Worse

The Veterans Affairs Scandal is getting worse.   Over 110 Veterans Affairs medical facilities kept secret files concerning their ability to provide services to VETS to pump up the numbers to earn bonuses.  Originally, the new VA Administrator, now in charge, claimed that he fired 60 employees related to this mess.  Then that number was revised down to 14.  Now it turns out that only one VA employee has been fired, Phoenix VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman.  The rest got a slap on the wrist while continuing to be paid. 

And, despite receiving an additional $16 Billion in funds to deal with service problems and build new facilities, the new hospital being built in Denver, that is half finished, is $1 Billion over budget.  It is very clear that the VA, like many government agencies, commissions, departments etc. is broken.  It is time to privatize the Veterans Affairs department of government by selling it off to the private sector.  There is no reason to have Veterans Affairs hospitals and other facilities that are leading to poor service for VETS.  If the government wants to pay for medical care for VETS, which is justified, they can either be given ObamaCare at government expense, or just put on a version of Medicare so they can go to any doctor that will take government benefits. 

We don't need another huge government bureaucracy, in this case, hospitals filled with union government employees to take care of VETS.  Those facilities can and should all be sold off to the highest bidders and taken private.  The staff, hospitals and other facilities would not go away.  They would just all be working in the private system so the result will be better service for VETS, no longer trapped in a poorly managed government system.  The Free Market will solve the problem.  Those facilities that provide poor service will go out of business as VETs change instead to doctors and facilities that can meet their needs.  In the mean time, Veterans Affairs employees responsible for the cooked books should be fired and bonus monies illegally earned should be returned to the taxpayer.  Don't hold your breath.  Incompetence and corruption in government are always rewarded instead.  Go figure. 

Chicago & The State of Illinois Are Bankrupt

The city of Chicago and the State of Illinois are bankrupt thanks to years of Socialist rule and public employee union domination.   If we want to see what will happen to the United States as a result of Socialist Schemes that are bankrupting our country, look no further than Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama's home state.  Chicago and Illinois are such a fiscal mess that this Blogger sold a Class A office building that we built and owned in the suburbs of Chicago, at a loss because we could not rent the space given all the business flight.  I wanted out of this Black Hole, created by Socialists in government, before there is a complete collapse of the city and the state, which could have made our building completely worthless.

The people of Illinois recently elected a Republican Governor; but he still must work with a Socialist legislature unwilling to do what is necessary to get Illinois's fiscal house in order.  Liberal Socialist judges, no doubt appointed by Obama or Clinton, have ruled that public employee pensions, that are bankrupting the city and the state are sacred.  The only answer is higher taxes, which will cause even more companies to leave the state and actually result in less tax revenues not more.   So, Chicago and the state of Illinois are in a death spiral.  They can't really raise taxes any higher because the consequences would be disastrous; yet they can't pay their bills.  So the best the Socialists can do is borrow even more money at higher interest rates, assuming anybody is willing to lend them money.  Of course, this is just a giant Pozzi Scheme.  When the bottom falls out the last guys in will lose everything.   This Blogger would not buy Chicago, or Illinois bonds with somebody else's money; yet alone my own no matter how high the interest rate. 

Any company that does business with the city of Chicago, or the state of Illinois is risking never being paid.  Many have already been stiffed.  And, both Chicago and Illinois bonds are rated as junk, which means that default is possible.  Finally, Obama can't come to the rescue because any bail out would have to be approved by a Republican Controlled Congress, which will never happen.  So, the only possible solution is bankruptcy and a default on Illinois debt.  What other choice is there.  Other cities, states and the federal government are not far behind.  The only difference is that the federal government can print money, which will lead to very high interest rates and inflation.   That day is not too far off.  Chicago and the state of Illinois have no such option. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Japan's Bad Economy Is Coming To The United States

This Blogger has seen Japan first hand.  This is a country that went from being an impoverished nation after World War II to an industrial power house in the 1980's and 90's.   I remember a cover of a business magazine predicting that Japan would take over the world; much as they are saying about China today.  That was then and this is now.  Today, Japan is in a death spiral because what helped them grow rapidly, Socialist Collective behaviors, at the expense of rugged individualism, which made America great, is now killing them and will soon kill us if we continue to go down the same Socialist road. 

In the process of growing their economy, big companies in Japan and their senior management, as is happening in China today, became rich.  But the average citizen in Japan is far worse off than the average American, even with our declining Middle Class, though we too are heading in the same direction because of failed Socialist Schemes in the United States.  Working and living conditions in Japan, for the average Japanese citizen, are far worse than in the United States. 

And, when the stock and property bubbles burst, in an attempt to maintain high employment, the Japanese government stepped in borrowing billions of Yen to spend on government projects, some of which were wasteful spending and infrastructure.  Sound familiar.  There has been so much borrowing that the National Debt of Japan is now at 200% of their GDP.  The US National Debt is now at about 110% of our GDP, but we are heading in the Japanese direction.  The difference is however, that most of Japan's Debt is owed to Japanese citizens that have very high savings rates; but that does not make the Debt any less due at some point.  Much of our Debt is owed to foreign countries.  Japan has experienced deflation for more than 20 years, which has been very bad for their economy.  To try to deal with all of this rather than cutting taxes and regulations dramatically, Japan's taxes are among the highest in the world and stifling regulations control all aspects of life.

The end result is a very weak economy and young people graduating from college that cannot find jobs.  The old notion of employment for life in Japan is beginning to fade because big companies are leaving the Japanese market to manufacture products in other countries at less cost.  Japan is facing a vicious cycle of their own making.  They need more government spending to protect jobs, which results in more borrowing and prevents tax cuts to grow the private sector.  Obama's Socialist Schemes are following Japan's road to fiscal Armageddon.  Japan does not have a way out of this mess at at this point.   This will be the American story if we allow Socialists in America to pursue their big government Socialist Schemes.   We can't let that happen. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Obama & Fox News

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is not happy with Fox News for telling the truth about his Presidency.  Well too bad.   Fox News is the only member of the Media we can depend on to be "fair and balanced" related to reporting on government.  Obviously, we cannot rely on the Lame Stream Left Wing Media to tell us the truth.  They won't report on any of the Obama Scandals in any meaningful way because they do not want to make the President and the Socialist Party look bad.  Mr. President, as old Abe used to say, "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

Obama is a liar plain and simple, which is the reason the Washington Post continues to give the President Pinocchio's for his pronouncements.   The Lame Stream Left Wing Media takes Obama's words as gospel.  If not for Fox News digging deeper related to the facts, the American people would only get left wing propaganda.   And, everything Obama says is propaganda.   Always, remember, Socialists like Obama will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

Thanks to Fox News telling the American people the truth, which in the last two elections cycles has caused them to throw many of the Socialist bums out of office.  No doubt, Obamanistas blame the election of a Republican Congress on Fox News and the Koch Brothers, instead of recognizing that it is their failed policies that caused them to lose the Congress.  Oh what a tangled web they weave, when these Socialists practice to deceive.   By the way, Fox beats all other news stations in ratings because truth is better than lies and Socialist propaganda.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Obama IRS Scandal Cover Up

Republican committees in Congress and others seeking information under the Freedom Of Information Act have faced an IRS and White House seeking to cover up the IRS Scandal concerning targeting of Tea Party and other Conservative groups.  What a surprise.  This has gone on now for more than two years as Obamanistas are just trying to wait out the clock until Obama is out of office.  It is very clear that the orders to target these groups came from the highest levels of government.  Let's not forget that then Senate Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada referred to Tea Party Members as "Terrorists".  

Clearly, there were Socialist Senators sending letters to the IRS demanding that these Conservative groups be targeted.  Oddly, those letters are just not available right now after two years of asking for them.  The only way to deal with the IRS is to starve the beast.  Republicans in Congress should cut spending for the IRS to stop the bonuses that are going to these scoundrels.  We also need to simplify the tax code so that IRS staffing can be cut dramatically.  

Congress must go to court to get access to these documents.  It is time for some of these characters to be indicted and sent to jail.  Of course, that will never happen as long as Obamanistas control the Justice Department.  Let's face it.   We are dealing with one of the most corrupt Administrations in American history.  Obama who said he would maintain the most transparent Administration in history has given us one of the most corrupt.   But none of this should be a surprise.  Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies so that they continue feeding at the trough.  This is same old, same old. 

Hawaii's ObamaCare State Exchange Near Collapse

After the federal government provided $205 million to Hawaii to build their own state ObamaCare Exchange, the system is about to collapse.  Things are so bad that the federal government is providing another $30 million just to help the state transition to the federal ObamaCare Exchange.  The same thing has happened in other states like Nevada, where this Blogger lives.  No doubt, billions of dollars have been wasted implementing ObamaCare.   How does this help anyone get better access to health care. 

But then ObamaCare was never about health care.  It was nothing more than another Socialist Scheme to redistribute income from the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country, to the 50% who pay none.  This is really about the Makers giving even more money to the Takers in our society.  I just wish Socialists would be honest about their Schemes.   Eventually, the truth always comes out anyway. 

So now what.   We have to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a market driven health care system.   We have never had a free market health care system in the United States, especially since Medicare is really a Socialist Single Payer Plan.  And, Medicaid for people under 65 is just another government program for people on the dole.  We can do better; but not until we get the government out of our health care.  It will never happen as long as Socialists remain in government.  So, we have to vote them out of office to get real health care reform.  There is no other way.