Friday, November 27, 2015

Some Black Lives Matter in Chicago

Hundreds of Black Activists in Chicago protested the death of Laquan McDonald, a troubled Black 17 year old, carrying a knife in the middle of the street, on a rampage breaking into cars, while on drugs.   McDonald was shot dead by Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, using 16 shots to end his life, under what appears to be questionable circumstances.  For political reasons, Chicago Mayor Raum Emanuel waited over a year to indict this police officer for First Degree Murder.  Emanuel did not want the video, or this case brought to light until after his reelection.  Whether this officer is proven guilty or not the Black community has a right to be angry about the delay in filing charges for political reasons. 

However, apparently only some Black lives matter in Chicago because on an annual basis 400 - 500 Blacks are killed by other Blacks usually in the drug trade, or as a result of gang violence.  Nationally, about 9,000 Blacks are murdered each year and about 93% of the time the murderer is another Black man.  In one of the most tragic recent cases, 9 year old Tyshawn Lee was murdered, execution style, by gang members led by Corey Morgan in retaliation against this child's father, a rival gang member.  Morgan has been arrested and charged with First Degree Murder. 

First, it is pretty sad when Socialist Politicians have to apologize for saying that all lives matter, including the half a million or more lives of the unborn that are aborted every year.  And, no one justifies the killing of anyone in the pursuit of an arrest unless the police officer is truly threatened.  However, the Black Lives Movement seems to focus on just those cases where a Police officer of any color kills a Black person.  Of course, Black rage is more furious if the Police Officer happens to be White even if the killing is justified in the line of duty. 

There should be protests on the streets of Chicago and all other major US cities related to all the murders happening because of Black on Black crime, which is among the worst in the nation.  All lives matter because life is precious.  The problem in Socialist run Chicago is a whole lot bigger than just the relationship between the Police and the Black community.  It is time for Black Leaders in Chicago and all over the United States to deal with the truth related to Black on Black crime.  Until that happens, these murders and the incidents with Police Officers, trying to prevent them, will continue and continue.   

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Democratic National Committee Deep In Debt

The Democratic National Committee, the organization that is in place to elect Socialists, managed by Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Smith of Florida, is deep in Debt.  While the Republican National Committee currently has $20 million in the bank and just $1.8 million in Debt, the Democratic National Committee has just $4.7 million in cash and is $6.9 million in Debt.  It appears that Wasserman-Smith is a very poor manager; but then again all Socialists have a problem controlling spending.  The RNC has taken in $89.3 million during this election cycle, while the DNC has taken in just $53.2 million. 

Of course, this could be a little deceptive since donors know that if they really want to buy influence with Hillary Clinton, they must donate to the Clinton Foundation and or pay Billy and Hilly for speaking engagements.  Matter of fact, from the time Hillary Clinton left office as Secretary of State to the time she announced that she is running for President, Billy and Hilly collected more than $35 million in speaking fees.  Not bad for an hour's work here and there before Wall Street Banks, Insurance and other companies.  And, this does not include the millions that were probably donated to the Clinton Foundation, the family business, as well.  This is the reason that the Clinton's are reported to be worth more than $200 million, all gained since Bill Clinton left office.  As Scarlet O'Hara said in Gone with the Wind, Hilly is never going to be hungry again.  Remember, Hillary Clinton claims that the Clinton's were "Dead Broke" when they left the White House, since they had to pay all those legal fees defending Bubba's shenanigan.  They sure aren't dead broke any more.   Yet, Billy and Hilly that have not driven a car themselves in more than 30 years claim to speak for the common man.   Go figure. 

In any case, the DNC is not well positioned to gain seats in Congress going into this election cycle.  Given Socialist President Obama's unpopularity, it says that the big money is betting that the Republicans will not only retain the Congress; but that they will also win the Presidency.   Let's face it. In American politics, given all the corruption and crony Capitalism, it is always "show me the money" and "pay to play".  Frankly, we probably don't even need to hold elections anymore.  Which every party, or candidate raises the most money usually wins the election.   We would save a lot of time, money and hoopla if we just compared candidate and political party bank books in each election cycle and awarded the election to those that raised the most money.  After all, whose bread they eat, whose song they sing. 

P.S. Donald Trump does not need anyone's money.  As a result, he marches to his own drum for better or worse, which is why he is doing so well in the polls. 

Thanksgiving - Time To Count Our Blessings

President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a National Holiday in 1863 during the Civil War.  Since then, the last Thursday of every November has been a time for family and friends to get together presumably to give thanks for our blessings.  Eating a turkey has become part of this tradition, since it is big enough for a family feast.  Of course this holiday, like all holidays in the US have been commercialized into a day to watch football and to begin the Holiday Shopping season.  Nevertheless everyone living in the United States, no matter what our circumstances, should give thanks for the blessings we share especially as we see a world in turmoil.  

Most important, whatever our material condition, we should give thanks for the freedom given us by our Founding Fathers.  When these citizen politicians came together to implement the Declaration of Independence and then the US Constitution, risking their lives and everything they owned, little did they know that they were creating the greatest nation ever conceived in human history.   They got it mostly right in our Constitution.   What they could have never imagined is the material wealth that would be created by the Free Market Capitalism they were creating in our Constitution that comes from the rule of law.   And, since they were citizen politicians forced to act by the repression they were experiencing at the time, they had no thoughts of politicians serving for life and the corruption that would result. 

So, our Founding Fathers failed to add two provisions to our Constitution that are badly needed today; Term Limits and a Balanced Budget Amendment both of which would help address the corruption we see in our Federal Government.   And, though the Bill of Rights is exactly right, our Founding Fathers could never have imagined that we would have to continue the fight to protect our freedoms from both foreign foes and from politicians and judges that act to restrict our rights, so that they can continue feeding at the trough. 

So, the fight goes on as we seek to secure a more perfect union that is not politically correct.  And, yet whatever it is today, we still should give Thanks for the greatness of our people and our country, even if our elected respresentatives have betrayed us time and again to benefit themselves. 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Climate Change Summit - A Rebuke To Radical Islamic Terrorists - Really

Socialist President Obama recently said that the Climate Change Summit, that will occur in Paris is a rebuke to Radical Islamic Terrorists, presumably because the leaders of about 20 countries plan to travel to Paris for this meeting.  Really!!   Does Obama really think that Radical Islamic Terrorists that are murdering people all over the world, care at all about Climate Change.  These fanatics want to take the world back a thousand years to impose a Caliphate on all of us where the choice is either convert to their form of Islam, be murdered, or be enslaved.  Obama just refuses to accept the threat that we face from Radical Islam.  Remember, this is the guy that will not utter the words Radical Islam when speaks of the Terrorism we see happening all over the world. 

Matter of fact, since the leaders of 20 countries will all be in room in Paris to discuss Climate Change, if Obama had a brain in his head, he would instead use the opportunity to discuss the Coalition needed to combat and destroy Radical Islam to end these murders.  This would take one tenth of the effort, time and resources expended during World War II to destroy NAZI Germany and Japanese Fascism and afterward to destroy Communism in order to deal with Radical Islam.    How long are we going to let these Radical Islamic Fascists continue to wreak havoc on civilized nations.   Again, this is not a war between Christians and Radical Islam.  It is a war between all civilized nations and peoples of all faiths, or no faiths, against Radical Islam. 

It is time to roll the tanks in from Turkey, Iraq, Jordon etc to destroy the ISIS state and army estimated to be between 30,000 and 50,000 in Iraq and Syria.  And, if they take refuge in Libya, Afghanistan or anywhere else, they die there too.  What choice do we have.  Do we need to see more senseless murders in the Capitals of the world before civilized nations come together to destroy Radical Islam.     

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

US Intel Forced To Change Reports Concerning ISIS

Either someone high up at the Defense Department and or perhaps other agencies, or someone in the White House ordered US Intel to alter their reports to portray ISIS as "contained".  US Intel was ordered to "cut it out" when they properly portrayed the strength and or threat coming from ISIS.  Of course, the word is already out from Obamanistas that US Intel is not to use the words Radical Islam because none of this information fits the Obama narrative on Radical Islamic Fascist Terrorism.  And now, once again the Inspector General tells us that as was the case with the IRS and VA Scandals, emails and documents showing this cover up paper trail have been destroyed to protect the guilty.

Clearly, Socialist President Obama has been ignoring all the advice he has been given by his advisers and the military concerning Syria and Iraq and the ISIS threat we face because Obama refuses to accept the fact that Radical Islam is at War with the civilized world.  Socialist President Hollande is telling Obama that NATO must confront this threat in accordance with NATO's provisions that requires military action when a NATO country is attacked by another country.  ISIS has declared itself a nation within Iraq and Syria.  This is not just another Terrorist group, though clearly they are committing Terrorist acts; but rather the attack on Paris was an Act of War, requiring a full retaliatory response and the destruction of the Radical Islamic enemy.

It is important to recognize that a good percentage of Muslims around the world support Radical Islam, which requires either the conversion of the Infidels, namely us and even Muslims that do not adhere to their perverted, evil form of Islam, or our murder, or enslavement.  This is not a war between Christians and Muslims; but rather a war between peoples of all faiths, or no faiths and Radical Islam and this would include the majority of Muslims that do not support Radical Islam. 

There is now a Congressional Investigation into this US Intel Scandal, one of many Scandals added to the list during Obama's years in office.  This Scandal involves the National Security of the United States and our allies around the world.  If not for the Whistle Blowers that came forward to expose this US Intel Scandal, the American people would not know that they have been forced to Cook The Books, just like in the VA, or IRS Scandals to protect the guilty.  Whether feckless Obama likes it or not, we need the truth and nothing but the truth, rare during the Obama years, from US Intel to properly protect our nation from the threats we face from ISIS and other nations that are not our friends.  Hopefully, Congress will get the truth before we see another attack on our Homeland.       


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Donald Trump - Crippled America - Read The Book

All Americans should read Donald Trump's Book, Crippled America - How To Make America Great Again.  If you do, you will see that Trump clearly outlines the problems that we face both within the United States and around the world.  In doing so, Trump is voicing what most Americans see and feel concerning our economy, the social fabric of our nation and the threats we face from overseas.  Donald Trump then goes on to provide common sense, thoughtful solutions to deal with all the issues we face.

Establishment politicians, of both political parties, that have been feeding at the trough for years, will discount Trump's logical assertions, which is precisely the reason none of them should be elected President and all of them should be thrown out of office.  The fact is that Establishment politicians have caused all the problems that we face and will never be able to "Make America Great Again" because they are part of the problem rather than the solution.

It is going to take an outsider with a proven track record of success to get our country back on track.  This businessman Blogger has managed through at least three recessions, the highest and lowest mortgage interest rates in American history, the Dot.Com Bust, 9/11, the Fiscal Collapse in the last several years and high taxes and crazy regulations; yet my business is still standing 25 years later.   On a much bigger scale, Donald Trump has managed through these same factors and his company and brand are bigger today than ever.   We need this kind of hard knocks, tested experience to "Make America Great Again".   Only someone like Donald Trump is in a position to implement the kind of change needed to prevent the economic collapse of the United States and save the American Dream for all of us.  A Trump - Cruz Republican ticket might be just what we need to "Make America Great Again". 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Obama Deporting Iraqi Christians

At the same time that Socialist President Obama is allowing Syrian Muslim Refugees to enter our country, some of whom may be ISIS Terrorists, since we cannot really Vet these people, the Obama Justice Department is in the process of deporting 27 Iraqi Christians, sponsored by churches in San Diego, that came into our country without documentation from Mexico.  To be sure, these Iraqi Christians, seeking Refugee Status are illegal aliens, just like the Mexicans and others that come across our border every day.  The difference is that these Iraqi Christians are fleeing beheading and slavery in Iraq by ISIS.

Obama claims there should be no religious test for Syrian, or presumably Iraqi Refugees coming from this Terror Zone even though the law specifically considers denial of religious rights as a basis for Refugee Status.   In this case, we KNOW that Christians are being murdered in Iraq and Syria and other countries in the world just because they are Christians.  No real Christian would stand by and allow this to happen.  So clearly, Obama is not a Christian.

It is time for Congress to take action in a Bipartisan vote, that is VETO proof, to allow Christian Refugees from anywhere in the world where they are being persecuted and murdered to enter our country.  All they need as evidence is a Baptismal Certificate from a local church to prove that they are Christians along with a history of practicing Christianity.   Socialist President Obama has blood on his hands if he will not allow this to happen.