Saturday, October 1, 2022

Identity Politics & Museums

Feckless Joe Biden is pushing for construction of a Women's and a Latino Museum on the National Mall in Washington DC.  Next, we will hear Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) call for an LGBTQIA museum; it is inevitable.  It made sense to build an African American museum and a Holocaust Museum because of the history of slavery in America and as a result of the history of the Holocaust in Europe; but otherwise museums focused on identity politics are ridiculous.  Imagine, if some group called for Museums focused on Men, or just White people, again stupid.  The Socialists and Fake News would go crazy.  

Museums should unite people not divide them.  There should be a Museum focused on the Immigrants, including Blacks that were brought to America forcibly,  men and women of all races, religions, sexual orientations that built America and made our country the greatest in human history.  All museums should highlight all peoples that made a contribution to American or world history.  This includes movements that advanced our freedoms. 

Identity politics peddled by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) is dividing and destroying our nation.  They do it to win votes pure and simple.  In the process, they are creating two Americas and the most division in our country since the Civil War.  Feckless Joe Biden's rants against MAGA Americans, half the country is hate speech.  Biden is desperate because he has seen the numbers and he knows the Red Wave is coming.  Biden must create an enemy to rile up the base of the Socialist Party to have any hope of keeping the Congress in November.  It will not work because the issues that matter, inflation, crime, illegal immigrants and drug coming across our border are what will drive voters to vote Republican in 2022.  In the meantime, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) continue to play Identity Politics to divide our nation.  It is getting really old.  

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) & Climate Change

Whenever there is a forest fire, hurricane, tornado, tsunami, volcanic eruption, or any other major weather event anywhere in the world,  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) scream climate change to justify their Socialist Schemes that include higher taxes, regulations and the Green New Deal that will destroy the American economy.  Can we get real.  First, climatic cycles have occurred since the beginning of the world and actually formed the continents and the oceans, with or without God's help depending on your beliefs, and long before there were carbon emissions.  The recent hurricane in Florida is not that unusual.  Hurricanes have been happening in Florida ever since the peninsula was formed thousands of years ago.  

The difference today is that Florida has highly dense population areas along their coasts.  People  want to live near water even if it is not smart.  Remember, Florida as a narrow peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides and includes many rivers, streams, ponds, swamps etc throughout the state. It is a flood waiting to happen.  They actually drained swamps to build much of Florida.  The fact is that building homes and other structures at 3 to 5 feet above sea level is not very smart unless these structures are built on stilts as happens in other parts of the country.   At a minimum, they should have raised foundations. 

The devastation we see from the recent hurricane in Florida was very predictable aside from any climatic changes that may be impacting the world.  Hurricanes are a fact of life in Florida.  People that buy, or build homes within 20 miles of the Florida coast in lowlands are risking their lives and catastrophic damage to their properties.  Yet, they keep building homes without any concern all over the gulf coast and Southern Atlantic coasts.  Florida is growing like crazy as many older people in particular escape Blue States, high taxes and cold weather.  It is time for truth, not fiction related to climate change.  The recent disaster in Florida is man made; but not just because of climate change.  Building homes and other properties in Florida near the coast in low lying areas is a disaster waiting to happen.  

Stop Taxing Social Security - Hurting Seniors

In 1983, Congress with Bipartisan support enacted legislation to tax Social Security.  The bill was actually signed by President Reagan.  Their logic was that 50% of Social Security was paid for with employer contributions.  And, since employers could deduct these contributions as a business expense, they were not taxed as part of corporate income taxes.  This problem could have easily been solved by preventing corporations from taking this deduction.  So, even if that logic were true, then why are 85% of Social Security benefits being taxed for many people.  And, why are people who choose to work past 65 - 70 penalized losing part or all of their Social Security benefits for every dollar earned.  This is very unfair since if older people are working, they are still paying into Social Security.  

If Socialist Fascists and Republicans want to help Seniors, very simple, just stop taxing Social Security benefits.  We often hear that nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes, it is time to at least take the Social Security taxes out of the picture.  Seniors will face death soon enough.  Many Seniors need this money to live on.  Don't forget, Medicare is already means tested.  The very same people being taxed on their Social Security income are also paying the highest premiums for Medicare. 

All of this is double dipping.  After someone works a lifetime, Social Security benefits should not be taxed.  Wealthy Americans still pay taxes on any other income they may have, so why not give people a break related to Social Security benefits.   The good news is that some states, like Arizona, that still have a state income tax do not tax Social Security benefits.  And obviously, states that have no income tax at all do not tax Social Security or any other income, which is why many retired people move to those states.  

It is time for the federal government to stop taxing Social Security benefits especially now that we are facing real Biden inflation of 17% or more.   Seniors need this money to live, to buy groceries, to pay for the rising cost of medical care and utilities.  Don't expect Socialist Fascists to cut these taxes, but this could be a real win for Republicans to advance.  Let's hope fairness and common sense prevail.  

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Senator Joe Manchin Screwed The People Of West Virginia

In order to secure the Socialist Fascist votes needed to fund the government, Socialist Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia had to screw the people of his state.  Manchin originally voted for Biden's Inflation Bill that will actually cause higher inflation because it included easier permitting for carbon energy and a pipeline from West Virginia to Virginia to get their natural gas to other states in the region.  Since Socialist Fascists are opposed to anything that allows for more carbon energy, they would not vote to fund the government as long as Manchin's provisions were in the bill.  

So, Joe Manchin agreed to remove them; which means they will never happen.  In doing so, the people of West Virginia just got screwed big time.  They are getting Green New Deal regulations on coal that will kill the state's primary industry with nothing in return.  Senator Joe Manchin should face the wrath of the voters in West Virginia.  Gutless Manchin has to go.

Europe adopted the Green New Deal hook, line and sinker.  And, now Europe will have to ration energy this winter.  People in Germany, which is freezing in the winter are being told they will not be allowed to heat their homes as normal.  Germany should have built liquified natural gas terminals along their entire coast to buy natural gas from the United States.  Instead, they invested in solar and wind mills that cannot power their economy.  They relied on Russia for energy, which they were warned long ago was a huge mistake.  They laughed at Trump when he told them they were a bunch of dummies.  Now, they will pay the price this winter as their people freeze. 

Italy just elected Giorgia Meloni as Prime Minister, the first woman Prime Minister in Italian history; but more important, she is an Italy First Conservative that will push back a lot of these stupid Socialist schemes that are destroying these countries.  First, Meloni will focus on the illegal immigration that is happening.  Italy is being invaded by illegal aliens from Africa that they can't support.  Sound familiar.  Meloni will push back on the European Union and all the demands they have made on Italy that have hurt their country.  Most important, Meloni will stop the Green New Deal Socialist Schemes that have made Italy a poorer country.  

We need to watch what is happening in Europe.  Gutless politicians like Joe Manchin are harming our country.  They have to go sooner than later.  Hopefully, we will see a Red Wave in November and then again in 2024 so Republicans can get our country back on track.  We can't take much more of the Socialist Fascist BS happening in Washington DC and many state capitol's.  

Quemala Harris, The Border Czar Going To The Korea Border

It has been reported that Clueless Quemala Harris is going to the border in Korea.  No doubt, she will visit the demilitarized zone to look across the way at North Korea.  It is good that someone from the Administration is going to South Korea to show support for our ally as North Korea continues to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them to the United States.  It would be better if feckless Joe Biden made the trip; but Harris is better than nobody.  Since the dictator of North Korea will not even deal with Biden, it is best that we sell not give South Korea all the defensive and even offensive weapons they need to defend their country.  North Korea is a real threat to them and world peace.  

So let's get this straight.  Quemala Harris was named border Czar by Biden.  Harris has been to our border only once, since taking office and not to ground zero where most of the illegal aliens are crossing into our country.  Harris has pronounced our border as secure, which is bizarre given the 200,000 or more illegal aliens invading our country every month; about 5 million since Biden took office.  Maybe Harris is now the border Czar for the Korean border.  

Hopefully, when the Republicans take control of Congress they will immediately move to secure our border by eliminating the 87,000 IRS agents the Socialist Fascists have included in their budget and putting that money into more border guards to stop the illegal alien invasion that is happening.  And, of course, the money must be there to finish the wall.  It is time to secure our border once and for all and that means dealing with Mexico and the cartels.  Biden does not have the guts or the will to do it.  It will not happen until we have a Republican President in 2024.  There is no other way.