Friday, March 5, 2021

Cancel Culture Fascists Now Banning Books

And so now the book banning has begun.  Conservative authors can no longer get their books published.  Amazon has started to cease selling books it deems as objectionable.  Dr. Seuss that has been around for decades is now offensive according to the Fascist PC Police.  We are moving toward book burning as occurred in Nazi Germany after Hitler took office.  Any book written by a Jew was burned and or other books that did not portray Germany in accordance with their NAZI ideology were burned.  Any version of history the Nazi's did not approve was cancelled.  We have seen this story before.  

We are entering some very dangerous times as our democracy is threatened like never before.  The radical National Socialist Fascists with help from Fake News, the Deep State and big global companies are attempting to destroy our First Amendment rights related to freedom of speech, religion, press and assembly.  Big Tech in particular is censoring political thought in ways never seen before.  Thankfully,  Parler and Rumble are there to fill the void; but we all know that Google, Apple and Amazon have tried to destroy and silence them.  

While all of this is going on, the National Socialists are attempting to pass election laws in Congress to maximize voter fraud.  They have learned how to win elections by fraud and so now they want to abolish states rights to control elections, which is in our Constitution and impose what occurred in the few swing states that cost Trump the election; millions of unsolicited mail in ballots, ballot harvesting, no ID or signature requirements, illegal aliens, non residents and the dead voting.  

All of this combined with the Cancel Culture will result in the end of our democracy.  These things will no doubt serve to radicalize many Americans, which could lead to more violence.  We can't let that happen.  Republicans must fight to stop the Cancel Culture if our democracy is going to survive.  The good news is that some Red States are fighting back against Big Tech censorship.  But a lot more needs to be done.  Parents must go to their local public school board meetings to demand education not Socialist indoctrination.  Stockholders must attend company meetings when possible to demand that companies stop funding radical organizations like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  We have to win elections in 2022 and 2024.  If we don't fight back our country is lost.  


Thursday, March 4, 2021

National Socialists Radical Agenda

The National Socialists are moving forward with their radical agenda even though they really do not have a mandate to do so.  Let's not forget that half the country voted for Trump and probably more if there had been election integrity.  The Republicans picked up 15 seats in the House, retained control of 50 seats in the Senate and gained two state legislatures and a Governorship.  Other than losing the Presidency by voter fraud, 2020 was a pretty good election year for Republicans.

Nevertheless, Biden and the National Socialists are pushing through incredible pork barrel spending to reward their Blue State buddies,  opening up the border causing an illegal alien invasion, spending more money on tax payer funded abortion,  destroying the carbon energy industry raising all energy prices, moving to limit our gun rights and in general moving to an America Last policy that will result in millions of jobs being shipped to China and other countries.  

And, what is worse they are attempting to nationalize the voter fraud we saw in some key states, which cost Trump the Presidency.  The National Socialists have learned how to steal elections so now they want to make it illegal for states to maintain control of their elections as required by the Constitution.  And sadly, there is a pretty good chance that SCOTUS will go along because they fear court packing.  Conservatives on the Supreme Court have proven themselves gutless to protect election integrity and the Constitution.  

We are in for some really tough times that could lead to more violence as the National Socialists continue to push for censorship and the Cancel Culture that will not work in Fly Over Country.  Their actions will radicalize more people, which is not good.  There should be legal protests to demand that National Socialists cease and desist.  And of course, in 2022 and 2024, we must take back the Congress and the Presidency to stop all the lunacy we see happening.  

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Red States Reopening for Business

Even though Biden and his National Socialist pals would like to pro-long the Covid "crisis" forever to justify their $1.9 Trillion SwindleUs Plan full of pork for their blue state buddies, Red States led by Texas, Florida, Mississippi, South Dakota, Alabama and others are opening up for business.  That means the mask mandates and limits on occupancy at businesses, churches, temples etc are going away.  Schools will now open up again for in person education.  Government has already destroyed thousands of businesses and jobs.  Kids and their parents have suffered for a year with schools closed.  It is time for it to end.  

And, Red States are following the science.  Several million people a month are being vaccinated.  The CDC said a year too late that schools can open whether staff are vaccinated or not because kids are not carriers.  People are still free to wear masks, socially distance and wash their hands; but there is no reason to destroy our economy and keep borrowing trillions of dollars to fund these SwindleUs Plans when just opening up for business will get people back to work and school.  

And, here are the facts.  Of the people that get Covid many have no symptoms, mild symptoms or flu like symptoms.  Only about 2% end up in hospitals and about half of them that are typically over 70 with various ailments tragically end up dying.  This can all be avoided by simply taking malaria pills along with ZPack anti-biotics, Vitamin D, Zinc and Baby Aspirin at the first sign of Covid.  This Blogger has been taking Vitamin D, Zinc and Baby Aspirin all along; been exposed to Covid and not had any problems.  Sadly, this all became politicized when Trump was President because he suggested the solution.   Finally, right after the election, the American Medical Association announced that this malaria pill cocktail that has been used all over the world was just fine to treat Covid.  Surprise, Surprise.  So we keep the pills with us at all times even though we have now been vaccinated.  

Red States have it right. It is time to get back to work and school.  The National Socialists are just playing this "crisis" for everything they can steal to continue feeding at the trough.  This is now about funding all their Socialist Scheme wish list and nothing more.  


Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Sexual Harassment - A Legal Definition Is Badly Needed

Far be it for this Blogger to defend New York Socialist Governor Andrew Cuomo because he is sleazy; but now three woman and probably more will soon appear have accused him of Sexual Harassment because of things he said to them that may have been in appropriate.  First, I have seen how this works a few times in business and it creates an impossible "he said" "she said" discussion.  The ME TOO crowd claims that the woman must always be believed; requiring no due process.  We need a clear legal definition of sexual harassment by the courts that should involve overt touching and groping.  Verbal interaction is just not enough to warrant legal action because there is no way to know the circumstances.  

This Blogger once complemented one of my female management employees on the business suit she was wearing as we were walking into a sales meeting.  I said to her, "that is a beautiful suit you are wearing, is it a St. John Knit".  I knew of such things because my wife of 48 years used to buy and wear them.  They are quite expensive; but I did not comment on the cost, how it fit or anything else related to the complement.  There was no sexual intent of any kind.  It would have been no different had I complemented one of my male employees on a suit he was wearing.  This particular employee brought my comment up with our HR Director not suggesting anything sexual, but rather that I implied, how could she afford a St. John Knit.  Of course, nothing ever came of it because it was ridiculous; but it is conceivable that another female employee might have attempted to turn this incident into something legally actionable.  

In another case, one of our Senior Vice Presidents was accused of sexual harassment by a woman he was terminating for cause for the actions of one of his male employees.  In absolutely no way did this Senior Vice President implement sexual harassment; but this one ended up in a frivolous lawsuit and insurance settlement to get rid of the case.  That is often how the game is played. 

We have reached a point where it is impossible to even complement someone for fear that it might be misconstrued into something else.  Cuomo might have in fact committed sexual harassment and or maybe he was just being a big jerk.  It is ok for a woman to just tell a man to knock if off.   And or go to HR to report the incident so it is documented.  In one of the incidents in the Cuomo case, the woman did just that and ended up being promoted.   In another incident, groping was charged so that may be a legitimate case.  

All this blogger is saying is that sexual harassment should involve more physical interaction to be legally actionable.  Otherwise, we are creating a work place where everybody is walking on eggs requiring men in particular to always look down and make no eye contact, which could be deemed as suggestive.   As usual, in our country, everything is pushed to excess.   Sexual Harassment, which can be real is one of those cases.  

Monday, March 1, 2021

National Socialists Enacting HR 1 - The Big Steal Election Law

National Socialists in Congress are well aware that they were able to use voter fraud in some key states in the name of the Covid "emergency" to steal the election from Donald Trump.  Now, they want to use those same crooked methods all over the country by enacting HR 1, which should be called the Big Steal Election Law.   Rather than allowing states to run their own elections as required by the Constitution, they want to prohibit states from requiring Voter ID and matching signatures,  They want to make mail out ballot's without a voter's request mandatory.  And, of course, they want to codify ballot harvesting allowing their Peep's to gather up ballots and vote them.  Under this law, states are prohibited from cleaning up their voter roles so ballots will be sent out to the dead along with people that have moved out of state.  And, illegal aliens will be voting.  

Under this law elections will not begin and end on election day.  The Socialists want weeks to send in ballots before an election to unmanned collection boxes and then 10 days after election day to count the votes.  This would give them the time they need to dig up the ballots they need to win the election once they see how many votes they are short as occurred in 2020.  The dead along with illegal aliens voted in 2020 in various states.  These procedures will insure that many of those mailed out ballots will be cast fraudulently as occurred in 2020.  This law also provides for public financing of elections.  So taxpayers will be forced to pay for their campaigns to stay in office forever. 

Republicans in the Senate must use the filibuster to stop HR 1 once it lands there.  If this law is allowed to pass, it will be the end of our democracy and eventually our country.  If we don't have election integrity, it will lead to violence and the dissolution of the United States.  Red states will secede because their residents will demand it.  HR I will insure that Republicans will never win an election again.  Of course, that is exactly the National Socialists' objective.  They want to turn the whole country into California, a one party state and Socialist Fascist dictatorship.   We can't let that happen.