Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The Price of Bacon & Gas - Mainstreet Inflation Indicators

While Wall Street lives and dies by the Dow Jones average, which is an indicator of overall big company profitability, it is meaningless to Main Street, except for those that have their monies invested in the stock market.  The real indicators for Mainstreet are the price of bacon and gas.  When Joe Biden took office just ten months ago, bacon was around $4.00 a pound. Today it is more than $7.00 a pound and projected to go to $9.00 a pound.  Who does not love bacon.  This is national crisis.  The price of gas when Biden took office was below $3.00 a gallon.  Today, it is near or more than $5 a gallon in many states.  Since the cost of energy is built into everything we do, buy, eat etc. skyrocketing energy prices caused by Biden policies are underlying much of the inflation in our country.  Thank you Joe Biden.  

As the price of bacon and gas continues to go up, Biden's poll ratings that are already in the toilet because of the many messes and crisis's Biden has caused will continue to sink even lower.  Bidenistas have told the American people to lower our expectations something President Trump would NEVER, NEVER have said.  The Green New Deal will be a disaster for our country resulting in a lower standard of living for all Americans.  The National Socialist Fascists in office including the President just don't care about the American people.  For them, it is all about their woke agenda no matter what harm it brings our country. 

No doubt, President Trump was a narcistic character; but his America First policies were great for our people and country.  Biden's America Last policies are great for China, but a disaster for our country.  Watch the upcoming election in Virginia.  If the Republicans win or even come close to winning in a Blue State that Biden carried by 10 points, it will send shock waves throughout the DC Swamp.  It will portend what is coming in 2022 and 2024, which is likely to be a Republican take over of the Congress and the Presidency to get our country back on track. Of course by then all Americans will be poorer for the Biden years. Oh well, we just have to grit our teeth and bare it until these National Socialist Fascists are out of office.  President Trump is waiting in the wings to restore good governance to our country.  

School Board Meetings & The Culture Wars

I recently watched our local School Board meeting in Reno, Nevada on a live feed that lasted until 1 am in the morning.  We were not in town, or I would have been at the meeting.  Our School Board knew that this meeting would be attended by an over flow crowd; but refused to change the venue so many parents and concerned citizens, who waited hours to speak during public comment portions of the meeting were forced to wait outside in the cold weather.   This was a disgraceful attempt to silence the community that failed. 

First, as to public comment directions.  Our School Board lectures parents and concerned citizens concerning what they are allowed to say.  I have written them many times that the directions they provide are an unconstitutional violation of 1st Amendment rights.  While School Boards can and should demand order, they do not have the right to tell anybody what they can or cannot say no matter how odious the speech provided that such speech does not incite violence.  

This particular School Board meeting involved a Board Member who committed Fraud.  She moved out of the her district yet continued to serve on the Board for more than two years collecting a monthly stipend.  So, hours were spent on who knew what and when.  An outside law firm was hired for thousands of dollars to conduct a meaningless "investigation" rather than to determine how to get the monies back from the fraudulent Board Member.  Since none of the testimony was under oath, which is what should have occurred in a Grand Jury investigation and the attorney never had the fraudulent School Board member testify, it was a complete waste of time and money.  The real intent of this bogus process was to go after the only White Male conservative on the Board who was the Whistle Blower because he made the issue public despite being told by one Board Member to "let it go".  

That gets me to the ranting and raving School Board President, who happens to be a Black admitted Democrat Socialist who in essence prosecuted the case against the Whistle Blower in an attempt to censure him.  This woman spent 20 minutes delivering the most hate filled racist slander, I have ever seen happen at a public meeting of any kind.  She accused her fellow conservative Board Member of everything conceivable.  Frankly, he would have every right to sue her for slander and defamation of character.  Fortunately, saner minds on the Board prevailed as the vote was 4 to 2 to basically table the censure motion.  The School Board President was so out of control that it was impossible for the majority on the Board to support her censure motion.  

I was so proud of the several hundred parents and other concerned citizens who waited hours to speak in support of the School Board member who the School Board President attempted to censure.  They knew very clearly that this attempt was part of the broader culture war that is happening all over the country in reference to opposition to Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist, fake history along with things like Gender Screening and pushing the LGBTQIA agenda that are happening in our school district and many others.  The conservative School Board member naturally is opposed to what he sees occurring, which is why he was targeted.   

All of this is happening when half the students in our country cannot read or do math at grade level including in Reno where I live.  Further, Nevada ranks at the very bottom of all states related to academic performance; yet we face this kind of BS.  Public schools have lost their way.  They are failing our country because School Boards and Administrators just do not understand their mission.  The good news is that parents and concerned citizens are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.  There will be many more confrontational School Board meetings to force change that must take place for the sake of our nation's children.  There is no other option.  

Monday, October 25, 2021

Welcome To Brazil In The US

In bigger cities in Brazil, the wealthy hire private security to guard themselves and their homes.  They often live behind 20 foot high walls with guard stations to enter the property.  But they go one step further as people on each block pay to maintain 20 foot high guard turrets with guards with AK 47's to shoot dead any would be assailants in the neighborhood.  They are also driven around in chauffeured limousines with armed guards to prevent car jackings and kidnappings.  This is what happen when civil society breaks down as is now happening in the US. 

While people in the US who live in gated communities often have armed security, now 165 residents in San Francisco, a no go zone, have come together to retain armed security to patrol their street because they feel so unsafe.  This is what happens when the police are defunded and or just quit rather than deal with all the politically correct BS they are facing. 

We now have Brazil in the US.  The good news is that cops who leave city police forces will not have to worry about finding good jobs.  Private security firms will hire them in a minute and at better pay and benefits than they earn now.  Wealthy people will pay for security and safety.  It is the poor and the middle class that will suffer the loss of cops.  It is what it is.  

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Biden Administration Incompetent Cabinet Officers

Biden Administration cabinet officers are all Socialist Party Hacks.  That is to be expected.  However, the fact that many of them are totally incompetent is the real problem.  Big Mouth Mayorkas in charge of Homeland Security is a clueless clown as we face an invasion on our border.  AG Merrick Garland just seems stupid.  Thank God he did not end up on the Supreme Court for life.  Issuing an order calling parents and other concerned citizens who protest at School Board meetings "domestic terrorists" is about as dumb as it gets.  Pete Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation has been missing in action on parental leave for two months while we have a supply chain melt down.  Brie Eating John Kerry in charge of Climate Change initiatives is the typical DC swamp lizard.   Secretary of the Treasury Yellen is full of baloney because she believe inflation will be temporary.   Secretary of State Blinken is a light weight idiot who really botched the Afghanistan fiasco.  

Honestly, this crew is a national disaster. No wonder everything they have touched in the first 10 months in office has turned into a Crisis.  It is like watching the Keystone Cops running around like chickens with their heads cut off.  It would be funny if it was not impacting every American in our country in a negative way.  

If Biden had a functioning brain, he would fire many of them.  However, we know Biden does not have a functioning brain.  Poor Joe is mentally impaired as he wonders out loud during a Town Hall, "what am I doing here".  Biden is lost in the fog of dementia.  It is very sad to watch, but also really dangerous.  This is the guy who has the nuclear foot ball with him at all times.   We all should be scared to death because this cast of characters cannot govern our country.  Just three more years until Trump can be reelected to bring sanity back to Washington DC.  

Friday, October 22, 2021

China Serious Economic & Military Threat

It is time for Congress, the President and even the Supreme Court to recognize that China is a serious economic and military threat to our nation.  They all need to take action NOW to protect our country from domination by China.  Let me count the ways.  We see what happens when the Supply Chain is a mess.  Our country is dependent on China an enemy to our country for critical things like computer chips, drugs, minerals and many other items that should be designated as critical to our national security.  It is time to demand that American companies produce many critical items in the United States.  In addition to the job creation, this is about making sure that we are not dependent on an enemy country for things needed for daily life.  

Who care if toys come from China.  The fact that at about 70% of our drugs are made in China is a real problem.  Unfortunately, Joe Biden is owned, locked, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communists who have given his son Hunter billions of dollars to support the Biden Crime family.  Biden will never do what is necessary to challenge China a country that steals technology to compete with Western companies because the Biden's are on the take.  

Recently, China successfully tested a hypersonic missile that can reach our country in a few minutes armed with nuclear weapons.  There is no current defense against these missiles.  Of course, we need to develop our own hypersonic missiles in response; but we also need to build our alliance with Japan, Australia, South Korea and India to counter China's dominance of Asia Pacific.  We need to base nuclear weapons in these countries to deter China.  Failure to do so, will cause China to attack Taiwan because they don't believe there would be any consequence.  Taiwan produces most of the computer chips in the world.   As such, we must protect Taiwan.  It is in our national security to do so.  

The things we buy from China not only makes them richer at our expense, it gives them the money to build up their military.  Trade is good; but we have allowed global trade to hurt our country.  President Trump was right.  Our policies must be about America First.  China is winning the war against our country.  We must fight back.