Monday, January 17, 2022

Crooked Hillary Sees Big Defeat Coming For Socialist Fascists in 22 and 24

Crooked Hillary Clinton and many other Clinton cronies see a big defeat coming in the elections of 2022 and 2024 and they are preparing to blame both feckless Joe Biden and the Communists in their party.  Crooked Hillary will position herself to push Joe Biden under the bus.  The old girl is planning to run again in 2024 assuming her health does not do her in.  Just wait, the day after big losses in 2022, the Clinton machine will kick in. 

Bill Clinton will call Barack Obama and demand that they together get Joe Biden to announce that he will not be running for reelection.  After all, it was Obama who did not want Biden to run knowing that Biden would "F" things up.  Both Bubba and Obama know that Quemala Harris is a disaster for the party.  She would never be able to beat Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee.  Bill will demand that other Socialists step aside to give his wife, Crooked Hillary one more chance to win the Presidency.  The problem for Bill Clinton is that other Socialists will not support Crooked Hillary for another run. 

If Biden does stand down, which is very likely, there will be a primary battle.  Unless Crooked Hillary has a clear path, she probably won't run.  Other Socialists will argue that she is damaged goods and too corrupt to be elected, which of course is true. Now that the Russia Hoax has been revealed as a Clinton Dirty Tricks Scheme, all of it will come back up if Crooked Hillary ran for President again, not to mention all the other Clinton money laundering schemes through the Clinton Foundation.

Nevertheless, Crooked Hillary is dreaming of one last shot at the Presidency.  At a minimum, the Clinton's will do what is necessary to push Joe Biden out of the picture.  It will start the day after the 2022 election when the Republicans take back the Congress.  It will be fun to watch.  

Sunday, January 16, 2022

MLK's Legacy - Not Rioting, Looting, Burning Down Cities, Or Election Fraud

As we recognize Martin Luther King on MLK day, it would be good for those advocating for more civil rights to study what made MLK great.  MLK was completely opposed to violence.  MLK used peaceful protests to end Jim Crow laws in the South and achieve increased voting rights protections for people of color.  Certainly, MLK would be appalled at BLM and Antifa rioting, looting and burning down cities because it is counter productive.  If anything it guarantees a negative reaction to the cause of advancing civil rights.  MLK's legacy was the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which allowed for electing thousands of people of color all over the United States legally including a President and Vice President.  

The so called voter rights laws that Socialist Fascists are now pushing would destroy election integrity and in doing so our democracy.  Why is Voter ID a problem.  We have to present our ID to travel, cash checks, enter various building etc.  Is the implication that people of color are too stupid to have ID even for people who don't drive.  How is that even possible in our society today.  My mother who never drove had the equivalent of a driver's license as ID. 

And, why should we assume that people of color can't make it to a local place to vote in their precinct when they have been doing it for years.  Unless someone is in the military and assigned outside the United States, sick, old or infirm, requiring an absentee ballot with identification to get it,  why can't people of color show up to vote like everybody else.  That assertion is ridiculous. 

And, why can't all American citizens regardless of color who are eligible to vote register to vote.  Honestly, those advocating for various voter laws are saying that people of color are just too stupid or lazy to register to vote.  Again, that assertion is ridiculous.  Yes, we should make voting easy to do and accessible to all; but I highly doubt that MLK was asking for special privileges for people of color.  MLK was only asking for equal protection under the law and that the same rules should apply to everyone who is an American citizen.  We do need to make sure that every vote cast is a legal vote and not an act of fraud to protect election integrity.  Illegal aliens and other non citizens should not be voting in our elections.  MLK never pushed for that to happen.  

Supply Chain and Inflation Mess - Let's Go Brandon

Years ago in 1974 when I was a young teacher, I visited the old Soviet Union.  And, what I saw from years of Communism were long lines to buy food.  There were shortages of everything; bread, meat, milk etc.  People in the US have always taken the supply chain and full grocery shelves for granted because we never had a problem buying food or the other things we needed.  Fast forward to feckless Joe Biden.  In just a year in office, we now have empty shelves in many stores.  It is unbelievable that one President can do so much damage in so short a time period.

Many people can no longer afford to buy meat or even chicken because the prices have gone through the roof.  All of this ties to the energy prices.  Biden and his Socialist Fascist pals are determine to put in place the Green New Deal, which artificially is raising all energy prices.  They are out to destroy carbon energy at a time when renewables cannot support a modern industrial economy.  So the price of Gas has gone up about 49%.  Prices for all utilities are also going up.  The problem with all of this is the cost of energy is baked into the cost of everything we do, buy, eat etc, which is why we are seeing the worst inflation in 40 years.

Let's Go Brandon.  Thank You Joe Biden for lowering the standard of living for all Americans.  None of this was happening when Trump was President because Trump's America First agenda benefited all Americans.  Just a year ago, we were energy independent and today Biden begs our enemies to produce more oil.  It is crazy.  It has to stop.  Biden has to stop.  The other Socialists will abandon Biden like rats off a sinking ship.  They see election disaster coming in 2022 as they will lose the Congress and then the Presidency in 2024.  It can't come soon enough.  

Friday, January 14, 2022

Socialist Fascist Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona Must Be Fired

It turns out the Socialist Party Hack Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona asked the National School Boards Association to write their infamous letter to the Biden Administration to designate parents protesting at School Board Meetings as "domestic terrorists".  Five days after receipt, Merrick Garland another Socialist Party Hack in charge of the Department of Justice ordered the FBI to hunt down parents who show up at School Board meetings to denounce Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist, revisionist fake history and imposition of the LGBTQIA agenda in our public schools. 

The impact of this order to the FBI from the DOJ is to create a chilling effect.  Of course, it is not working because parents and other concerned citizens are as intent as ever at removing School Board Members from office that support radical left wing Socialist Fascist ideology, while as the same time half the kids in the United States do not read or do math at grade level.  Clearly, Miguel Cardona and Merrick Garland should be FIRED for their part in this disgraceful story; but it will not happen as long as feckless Joe Biden is in office.  

We are seeing this happen in Reno, Nevada where we live.  The Washoe County School Board regularly attempts to silence parents and other concerned citizens during the public comment section of school board meetings.  The end result is an organized community intent on removing the culprits during the next election and beyond.  The check books are out and thousands of dollars have already been raised to remove these Socialist Fascist school board members.  Two lawsuits have already been filed with more on the way in relation to violation of open meeting laws in Nevada.  The same thing is happening all over the country.

The blogger has concluded that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) cannot serve on school boards because they are owned lock, stock and barrel by teacher's unions that do not represent the interests of students, parents or taxpayers in any way.  There is an incredible conflict of interest because these school board members will do nothing to improve academic achievement because it would involve reforms opposed by teacher unions.  We see it in Reno.  I have repeatedly asked to see the plan to raise dismal reading and math scores and the district's horrible Great Schools Ratings and we see NOTHING.  

Nevada ranks among the worst states in the union related to academic achievement because school boards in Washoe and Clark County will not do what is necessary to improve academic achievement.  It is just plain criminal malpractice.  These characters should be prosecuted for misallocation of funds.  In any case, a sleeping giant has been awakened.  Parents and other concerned citizens are determined to take back our public schools from these Socialist Fascists currently in charge.  This is the civil rights issue of this era.  

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Covid Vaccine - Big Pharma & Government Failure

After American taxpayers paid Big Pharma billions of dollars to develop vaccines and billions more for shots, we see now that the Vaccines don't really work to prevent Covid.  At best those of us that are vaccinated that get Covid end up with cold or flu like symptoms and presumably don't die.  But we were promised a cure for all this money by the scientists led by Flip Flop Fauci.  Just maybe Project Warpspeed that produced the vaccines in 9 months, record time, was all smoke and mirrors.  Trump was sold a bill of goods. 

When many said it was impossible to produce an effective vaccine in this short time period, they were right.  The fact is that more people have gotten Covid and died from it during Biden's first year in office with 70% of people vaccinated than in Trump's last year in office when a small percentage of people were actually vaccinated by the time Trump left office.  It is starting to look like the better investment would have been in therapeutics to treat Covid rather than the vaccines that are not curing it.  

Thankfully, the Supreme Court struck down Biden's vaccine mandate that would have required companies with 100 or more employees to mandate Covid or fire their employees.  However, no doubt there are big woke companies that will still mandate vaccinations or terminations even though we see now that they are just not that effective.  Certainly nobody should be fired because they refuse to be vaccinated at a time when companies do not have enough workers and shelves in our stores are now empty.  

The whole focus of combating Covid needs to change.  Government especially under Joe Biden really screwed this up.  All this emphasis on testing is a waste of money unless someone has symptoms and even then if symptoms are mild what is the point of being tested.  The person should just stay home until they are better as happens when someone gets the flu.  While it is still fine to be vaccinated, the focus now needs to shift to at home therapeutics to treat the disease so that people don't end up in hospitals.  Further everybody should be taking Zinc, Vitamin D and Quercetin supplements that many believe protect against Covid.  

There are still many doctors around the world that prescribe the malaria pill cocktail combined with ZPack antibiotics, Vitamin D and Quercetin to treat Covid.  Big Pharma and the Deep State Medical Establishment, owned by Big Pharma is opposed to this remedy because it is cheap.  Clearly we need more study on the malaria pill cocktail to determine if it works just fine to treat Covid.  Most important, we need medicines to deal with the disease.  Current Vaccinations that need more work in themselves are clearly not the remedy.