Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Impact Of Electric Cars In The US - A Big Win For China

Major car manufacturers have announced they will stop making gas and diesel powered cars in the next 15 years so that all new cars produced will be electric or hydrogen powered.  How nice.  Has anybody really thought through the implications of the end of gas powered cars.   Let's start with the easy stuff. 

First, there are currently 168,000 gas stations in the United States, many of them independently owned convenience stores.  Those businesses effectively will have no value.  The owners may or may own the land the gas stations sit on.  Many of those gas stations are at intersections.  The problem is that the lots are not really big enough for other commercial uses because of parking restrictions.  They may not even be big enough for electric power stations, since cars have to remain in a spot for 30 - 60 minutes.  Besides, why would there be a need for neighborhood power stations when most people will just plug in where they live.  

While there may still be a natural gas industry to produce fuel to power electric plants, obviously the millions of Americans that work in high paying jobs in the oil and coal industries will be out of work plus many others in the towns they live in.  To say those people will be redeployed making solar panels, or wind turbines is folly because China owns those industries.  We can't compete with their cost of labor.  

And, then there are the materials needed to make batteries for the cars.  China controls a lot of those minerals.  We would be held hostage to buy them from China not to mention adding to our trade deficit.  So, our country will go from being energy independent today to dependent on other countries for the things needed to build electric cars. 

There are so many implications to the end of gas powered cars that literally many industries will be impacted in a negative way.  Just wish those pushing the Green New Deal would study the issue to fully understand the implications.  Millions of jobs will be lost.  And, China will be the big winner as we destroy our economy.  Real smart.  

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

National Socialists Have Failed Blacks In America

Most of the National Socialists in Congress have been in power for decades.  And even before that is was Democrats in the South that owned slaves.  Later is was Democrats that enacted Jim Crow laws to deny freed Blacks their rights.  And, it was Democrats that created the Ku Klux Klan that lynched Blacks.  It has been Democrats that run blue states and cities where many poor Blacks live in dangerous ghettos.  So now the National Socialist tell us that there is systemic racism in America.

If that is true, it is Democrats currently the National Socialists that have been at the root of racism since before the Civil War.  And, it was Democrats that have destroyed the Black family by creating entitlement programs to keep them on the plantation dependent on government so to speak, attending lousy inner city public schools so that Black children are way behind in reading and math insuring a life of poverty.

Now we see Blacks rioting, looting and burning down cites out of frustration and though wrong and illegal, it is happening because National Socialists have promised them equality and their rights and have given them nothing, but poverty and misery.  

We do need a day of reckoning.  Blacks need to hold National Socialists that they consistently vote for responsible for the life they live today.  After spending trillions of dollars on the war on poverty used to buy Black votes, the fact is that many Blacks are no better off today than they were in 1965.  Many or worse off.  And, while a percentage have made it out of the ghetto, many will never make it out of the ghetto because they do not have marketable job skills thanks to lousy inner city public schools.  Reality is that National Socialists are owned by the teacher unions who refuse to free those Black children because they are the key to good salaries and pensions.  This is why the teacher union fight School Choice.  They want those children held in bondage for their benefit.

It is about time that Blacks wake up and see reality.  National Socialists are not their friends.  The Socialists need Blacks to be poor and dependent on government because it is what allows them to stay in power feeding at the trough.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Cops Are Resigning In Droves

Cops have been resigning in droves, since they are under attack all over the country.  I just can't imagine why anybody would want to be a Cop for an average salary of $70,000.  In addition, various states are removing immunity protection from Cops, which will subject them to constant nuisance lawsuits every time they make an arrest.  The icing on the cake is the verdict against Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis convicting him of all the charges of murder, which carries up to 40 years in jail.  Of course, this verdict will be appealed on various grounds.  Kind of hard to get a fair trial under threat of the mob burning down the city.  

All Lives Matter so the death of George Floyd is tragic, but that nine minutes of encounter could be the end of this Cops life, as well.   And further,  now the other three cops involved in Floyd's death will also be charged with being complicit in murder.  

Other Cops across the country will see this case and internalize it.  They will say, there go I for just trying to do my job.  The National Socialists will get the defunding of the police they want because of attrition.  Cops will quit and not be replaced because nobody will apply. Even so, radical National Socialists were not happy with the verdict.  I suppose they want to see these Cops crucified in the name of justice. 

We face a crossroad in our country.  Law and order, the foundation of our society is being eroded by left wing Socialist Fascists who are out to defund the police.  Then what.   So when we call 911, they will send out a Social Worker.  No thanks.

We will turn into Brazil, where the rich hire private security to protect themselves, their businesses and homes.  Other people who can't afford private security will buy guns for self protection.  We are going back to the wild west where people carry guns in holsters.  None of this is good; but it is the reality that we face.  God help our country!  The devil is winning.  

Monday, April 19, 2021

The George Floyd Case - No Winners No Matter What Happens

The attorney for the defense has argued in his closing remarks that it was impossible for the Cop, Dereck Chauvin to get a fair trial because of all the media hype, riots, looting and arson happening in Minneapolis.  Unfortunately, the jury was not sequestered.  This plea was actually to set up for the appeal if the jury comes in against his client.  The reality is that there will be no winners in this case.  

On top of it, crazy Socialist Congresswoman Mad Max Waters is in Minneapolis inciting riots.  This woman should be arrested for inciting riots.  It is a federal crime, since she crossed state lines to make trouble.  Just a few months ago, President Trump presumably was impeached, but not convicted for the same crime.  The judge admonished Waters for her trouble making.  

The cop happened to be the one of three that had his knee on Floyd's neck.  George Floyd was drugged up and had serious health issues, which at least either caused, or contributed to his death.  If one of the cops had shot Floyd for resisting arrest, which he did do, this case would have been about murder with a deadly weapon.

All Lives Matter including Floyds and the Cop's life, which is now ruined whatever the verdict.  But these cases are bigger than both of them.  The city of Minneapolis is a mess.  Riots, Looting, Arson burning down businesses all over the country.  We need law enforcement to maintain law and order.  Whenever one of these incidents occurs, the National Socialists, Fake News etc. use the case to push for defunding the police.  If that happened when someone calls 911, a Social Worker will show up.  Good luck with that.  

Sunday, April 18, 2021

China & Russia - Relations Going From Bad To Much Worse

Not that relations with China and Russia were wonderful when President Trump was in office; but in the short time Biden has been President, relations have gotten much worse.  At least Trump had some trade deal successes with China and more would have occurred had he been re-elected.  Russia did not move thousands more troops to the border with Ukraine when Trump was President.  China was not talking about invading Taiwan when Trump was President.  

The reason these things did not occur on Trump's watch was because they knew Trump was a tough guy and not a weak, demented President.  Nixon used to say the rest of the world needed to believe that the President of the United States was just crazy enough to push the nuclear button so that the nuclear button would never have to be pushed.  Trump was that guy.  Sadly, while Joe Biden is a nice man, though a crook, who many love and even respect, he is not a tough guy.  

Further, as a result of the Biden family pay to play schemes with China, Biden is compromised.  China owns Joe Biden.  In addition to Biden being weak, the Chinese can play this card any time they want to bring down Biden's Presidency.  As a result, Biden can't take any strong action against China.  Specific to Russia, Putin does not fear Biden because he knows Biden will do nothing meaningful to protect Ukraine.  Remember, it was Obama - Biden that sent them blankets.  It was Trump, the tough guy that sent them weapons to defend their country. 

The end result of all of this is that Biden's weakness could ultimately cause both China and Russia to to miscalculate, which could make a hot war inevitable.  This occurred after Khrushchev met Kennedy for the first time in Vienna.  The Russian dictator saw Kennedy as weak and it led to the Cuban Missile Crisis that almost resulted in nuclear war.  

Elections have consequences.  What we are seeing is the consequence of electing Biden by voter fraud, a weak, feeble man with little credibility as to his toughness.  Let's just hope that Biden does not stumble into a war that would be disastrous.  By the way, China has agreed that we should implement the Green New Deal to destroy our economy, while they are allowed to continue polluting the air.  How great for them.