Saturday, May 31, 2014

Obama Negotiates With Terrorists

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has negotiated with Taliban Terrorists, with Al Queda links, to secure the release of Sargent Bowe Bergdahl, who was captured by them in June, 2009 in Afghanistan.   Obama traded five high level Taliban Commanders, that were being held in Guantanamo Bay for Bergdahl in violation of the law that he inform Congress of his actions first.   So what's new.  Obama ignores the laws on the books all the time.  These Taliban Terrorists will be released to Qatar, supposedly rather than going back to Afghanistan to attack our soldiers.   Anyone who believes that is going to happen is delusional.    These five Terrorists will end up back in the field in Afghanistan within a year or less.  It is only a matter of time.

Naturally any parent would give anything to get back their son or daughter, which it totally understandable.  However,  in negotiating with these Terrorists, Obama has now set the price for one American at five Terrorists released from captivity.   This is a first and a very bad precedent for our nation.  Sadly, while it is great that Sargent Bergdahl will soon be home with his family and friends, Obama's trade just insures that we will see more kidnappings of other Americans by Terrorists around the world. 

Negotiating with Terrorists never has a long term happy ending.  What will we give the next time around.  Releasing five Terrorists from captivity will now be the starting point in the negotiations for each kidnapped American.   Finally, Obama has wanted to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) since the day he was first elected, which has bi-partisan opposition in Congress.  Let us hope this is not Obama's way of getting rid of GITMO in the next few years.  To be sure, we have not heard the end of this story.   

Veterans Affairs - One Resignation - 100 More To Go

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigned because of the Veterans Affairs Scandal.   Obama should have publicly FIRED him; but given Shinseki's military service to our country allowing him to call it a resignation was probably appropriate.  However, more heads need to roll.  Certainly, the top 100 high level managers and maybe more need to be FIRED.   And, anyone who actually ordered or participated in "cooking the books" illegally reporting numbers to meet metrics to steal bonus money from the American taxpayers should not only be FIRED, they should be prosecuted and sent to jail. 

This Blogger continues to assert that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The Veterans Affairs Department medical system is Socialized Medicine at its worst.  It is another example of a failed big government Socialist Scheme gone wrong.  The intentions are always good when these Schemes are concocted.  But, they always go wrong once the bureaucracy gains control with public employee union members working in a monopoly.  It quickly becomes all about them instead of the American taxpayer, or in this case VETS that had no other alternative than to use the government system.   What we are seeing in the Veterans Affairs Scandal is rationed medical care and death panels that resulted from simply ignoring patients who needed care.   Well dah!

Two questions remain in the Veterans Affairs Scandal.  First, what are they going to do to solve the problem.  The answer is simple.  Whenever there is a back log, those VETS should be given private insurance, paid for by the government and allowed to go where ever they want.   Second, who is going to go to jail for "cooking the books".   The private insurance solution should be easy to implement; but don't count on anyone going to jail.  Socialists always, always protect their own.  We may see some suspensions and shuffling some of these bureaucrats around; but the odds of any of the culprits going to jail is about the same as hell freezing over.   Oh wait a minute, we have global warming and climate change so maybe hell will freeze over.  Let's hope so related to the Veterans Affairs Scandal. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Immigration Reform - Obama Can't Be Trusted

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has thrown a monkey wrench into any Immigration Reform legislation this year by telling Congress that he will use an Executive Order to slow down deportations that are required by law.   Obama already released more than 30,000 illegal alien prisoners, some of them guilty of serious crimes, on to our streets, rather than deport them, which is what should have happened. 

No Republican in Congress trust Obama because he regularly ignores the laws that are enacted by Congress.   Obama is not enforcing Immigration Laws on the books now.   So why should anyone believe that Obama would enforce any new law enacted by Congress.   We have seen with ObamaCare that Obama just picks and chooses which provisions of the law he chooses to enforce.   Any other President and particularly a Republican President would be impeached for doing the same thing.  In this case, our first Black President is being given a pass by the left wing lame stream media, the Courts and even Republicans in Congress.   The thought of holding this President to the law would be portrayed as "racist" and nobody wants that label, so the unconstitutional Executive Orders continue.

It starting to look like Republicans in Congress will need to wait for a new President that they can trust to enact comprehensive Immigration Reform.   We don't call Obama Pinocchio for nothing. 

Obama's Feckless Foreign Policy

As the Veteran's Affairs Scandal explodes on the Obama Administration, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama chose to answer his critics concerning his feckless foreign policy at a speech he gave during the West Point Graduation Ceremony.   This Blogger enjoyed the speech because the President is a very good speaker.   The only problem is that the Obama Doctrine of "leading from behind" and apologizing for American assertiveness around the world is not working.  Instead, Obama is seen as weak an indecisive, which is very dangerous to our national security.  It is a real problem in terms of credibility, when the President of the United States draws a red line in the sand, as Obama has done and then does nothing when the line is crossed.  This sort of thing emboldens our enemies.   

Further, the President and his Socialist pals in Congress have cut about a trillion dollars out of our Defense budget in the next ten years that will hollow out our military and limit our ability to respond to threats to our nation.   Sadly, actions speak much louder than words.  Good speeches don't matter much in the world of geo politics.   We see the end result of Obama's incompetence around the world.  Let me count the way.   Just yesterday, the US ordered the evacuation of all Americans from Libya because they were in extreme danger of being killed, or kidnapped.   Of course, this is after the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans by Terrorists during the Benghazi fiasco.  

Next, Al Queda is on the rise all over Africa, the Middle East, in Pakistan and other Muslim countries.   So while Bin Laden may be dead, the threat to our nation is greater today than when Obama took office.   Christians are also being murdered in many of these countries.   Russia, that was supposed to be our friend, has invaded the Ukraine and taken possession of the Crimea in violation of a treaty signed by Russia with the Ukraine and other countries.   China is moving to take possession of islands in the South China Sea, far from its shores, claimed by other countries in the region.   Iran and North Korea are still pursuing nuclear weapons.   Syria, Egypt and Iraq are a mess, which could threaten Israel and the whole Middle East.  Afghanistan is likely to fall apart once most of our troops are pulled out. 

It is true that we can't continue to be the world's policeman, as asserted by Obama; but the President's weakness only insures that we will get dragged into more conflicts sooner or later.   Ronald Reagan's approach of "Peace Through Strength" is what kept the peace and brought down Communism and the old Soviet Union.   Instead, we now face an assertive Russia and China because they do not fear Obama, or the United States under his command.  Obama will go down as one of the worst President's in American history rivaling Jimmy Carter.  Let's just hope that we can wait until January 20, 2017 for a new President to fix the mess Obama will leave behind. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Government Agency Scraps Employee Rating System

The federal government Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created in 2010 as part of the Dodd Frank Law to regulate financial institutions, has decided to scrap its 1 to 5 employee rating system claiming it was discriminatory.   Poor performers that got a score of 1 might have been from a minority group; hence the scoring system is deemed racist.   So rather than splitting the difference for all concerned and giving everybody a 3, to deal with "income inequality", a Socialist rallying cry, this particular government agency is just going to rate everybody a 5, the top rating, which will result in higher annual salary increases regardless of performance.   Should we laugh or cry. 

Better yet, they are making this change retroactive, which will cost American taxpayers another $5 million in raises for the last rating period.  So to avoid the need to rate any of their employee's performance, they are just designating them all wonderful performers.   Go figure.   We all know that waste, fraud and abuse is rampant at all levels of government; but this one takes the cake.  And, there certainly are government employees that are completely incompetent; but not according to this government agency. 

Honestly, how can these Obamanistas in charge of this particular agency act so recklessly with no respect for hard working taxpayers that pay their salaries.  It just demonstrates once again that we have a federal government completely out of control.    So what's new.   

Tea Party - Last Hope For America

The Tea Party Movement is the last hope for America.  The Tea Party supports limited Constitutional Government, Lower Taxes, Less Regulations, ending Deficit Spending and a reasonable plan to Pay Off the National Debt to prevent the economic collapse of the United States.  Of course, Socialists at all levels of government and the lame stream, left wing media portray these common sense notions as "radical".   Establishment Republicans (RINOS) pay lip service to the Tea Party because they need their votes to stay in power feeding at the trough, but RINOS are just as guilty as Socialists for the fiscal insanity we face.  

The reality is that the only difference between Socialists and RINOS is that Socialists will bankrupt the country a little faster than RINOS; but in either case they are all tax, borrow and spend politicians more concerned about staying in power, for personal enrichment, than getting our nation's fiscal house in order.  Government spending in all forms consumes about 40% of our Gross Domestic Product.   The fact is that many people and companies are dependent on government largess for their livelihoods.   The fact that we are headed toward economic collapse is of little concern to those who live off government spending.  This is one of the reasons there is so much waste, fraud and abuse in all levels of government. 

The Tea Party Movement are the only people in the United States arguing common sense and fiscal sanity.  To little extent, they have some influence on the Republican Party, though when push comes to shove RINOS will vote with Socialists to continue deficit spending.  And it is happening at all levels of government as many local and state governments  are also piling up mountains of debt and unfunded liability for government employee pensions.   None of this spending is sustainable.  The Tea Party Movement is portrayed as evil and even racist by the Socialist Party in order to raise campaign monies.   The reality is that the Tea Party Movement is the only source of fiscal truth in the United States.  This fiscal insanity just cannot continue.  It is only a matter of time before the balloon bursts and when it happens, it will be ugly. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Veterans Affairs - Time For Justice Department Involvement

As we honor members of our military, on Memorial Day, that have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our freedom, we see a Scandal at the Veterans Affairs Department of the federal government charged with providing medical care for our VETS.  It is shameful.  If this was only incompetence, perhaps just Heads Should Roll.   But it is becoming abundantly clear that there has been criminal activity at many Veterans medical facilities as bureaucrats have "cooked the books" in order to earn bonuses that would not have otherwise occurred if certain metrics were not met. 

That is criminal fraud requiring jail time.   Even though the Inspector General is attempting to get at the facts, only the Justice Department can convene a Grand Jury and pursue criminal penalties.   This is not just about FIRING the guilty; though that should absolutely happen, this is about prosecuting criminal wrong doing.  Further, this is just another example of big government incompetence.   The VA is Socialized medicine and we see the end result; rationing, poor service and pre-mature deaths.  Vets should be given a choice of accessing government medical care, or when it is poor, getting vouchers to seek out care in the private system at government expense.   We owe our VETS that much. 

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his minions in the Administration claim they learned about all the shenanigans going on at the Veterans Affairs Department from the media.  Shame on them.  And, it is a bunch of baloney.  Problems at the Veterans Affairs Department have been going on for years despite a 60% increase in funding during the Obama Presidency.  The fact is that no one is minding the store; but then that is the case related to many Departments of the federal government.   Further, Obama has never run anything in his life so he has no clue how to be a good manager.   Hence the reason for the unprecedented number of Obamanista Scandals; that always seem to be a surprise, or so he says, to this incompetent President. 

In any case, it is time for Liar Attorney General Eric Holder to do his job.   But don't count on it.  Holder is a defender of government incompetence because this involves big union supporters.  Holder is not about to prosecute some of these bureaucrats, that may very well be federal government union members.   Sadly, it is just not going to happen. 

Mental Illness & Gun Control

Once again, we see murder and tragic deaths, this time in Santa Barbara, California as a young killer, Elliott Rodger, with a history of mental illness was able to legally buy guns and commit mass murder.   Though this Blogger is a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment that protects our right to buy and own guns, I do believe it is time for national legislation that would prevent those being treated for mental illness and or who are on mind altering drugs, from legally buying guns.   This issue is about mental illness not banning a particular gun type. 

In this case, 22 year old, Elliott Rodger, was receiving treatment for mental illness, since he was 8 years old.   Drugs were prescribed; but whether Rodger was taking them or not is the question.   Rodger's divorced parents did the right thing calling the police to report their son when they thought there was a problem.   None of this prevented Elliott Rodger from legally buying three regular guns (not assault rifles) in the last year that he used to murder and or wound several people.  This happened in California that already has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.  However, three of the deaths in Rodger's rampage were caused by stab wounds, not gun fire, which demonstrates that the bigger issue is properly dealing with mental illness.   

Clearly, there should be a national registry of people being treated for mental illness.  Anyone on that registry should not be permitted to legally buy guns.  This is just common sense.  However, anyone who thinks this will solve the problem is delusional.   A determined mentally deranged person will either buy guns illegally and or use other means of killing if that is their goal.  It is apparently easy to build a bomb from household items.  In this particular case, Rodger's killed three of his victims by stabbing them to death. 

It is virtually impossible to ban all the items that could be used to commit mass murder.   The real issue is making sure that people with serious mental illness are receiving treatment and supervision.   And, in the most severe cases, these people must be placed in mental institutions to prevent this type of tragedy in the future.   The rights of the insane cannot be used as an excuse to prevent common sense actions designed to protect society. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Prairie Chicken Shuts Down Oil Drilling

Obama's US Fish and Wildlife Service has placed the Prairie Chicken on the endangered species list in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas all energy rich states.   The end result is that Vess Oil Company has shut down its oil drilling operations in Western Kansas putting many people out of work, rather than face stiff fines.   So clearly, the Prairie Chicken is another environmental wacko JOB KILLER.   Fortunately, many of these states are run by Republicans, which will now go to court to prevent this economic devastation.  This is just another example of Obamanista's war on carbon energy. 

These Obamanistas are Socialist fanatics.   They could care less about job creation, or the jobs they are destroying with these environmental wacko policies.  Certainly, it is possible to make sure that the Prairie Chicken both survives and thrives in areas where oil drilling is happening.   We have shown in Alaska that wild life can co-exist with energy production all along the Alaska Oil Pipeline, which was supposed to be the end of life as we know it when it was originally proposed. 

It really is time for Common Sense Environmental Policy, rather than radical Environmental Wacko dictates that are destroying jobs.   This won't happen until all these Obamanistas are out of office beginning with Pinocchio Obama.   We are just counting the days until January 20, 2017 to end the madness.   

Friday, May 23, 2014

Obama Insurance Company Bail Out Coming

There is a little provision in ObamaCare that will allow Socialist President Pinocchio Obama to bail out the medical insurance companies when they see their profits go down the drain because of ObamaCare.   The fact is that those with chronic aliments have signed up for ObamaCare, well dah!   And, not enough young people, that are healthy and willing to pay three times the premiums, that would be logical for them, signed up to subsidize all the older sick people on ObamaCare.  

Any one with a brain could see this coming and that includes Obama and the Socialists in Congress, who enacted ObamaCare, knowing that the numbers were all smoke and mirrors.   That is precisely why this provision allowing for a bail out, without any additional act of Congress, was put in the law.  So now, Obama will give billions of tax payer dollars to the insurance companies to prevent a huge spike in medical insurance premiums for all Americans, that would otherwise be necessary, just before the 2014 elections.   What a surprise!!

ObamaCare is contributing to the bankruptcy of the United States.   This monstrosity will cost trillions of borrowed dollars in the next ten years, adding to our National Debt, with no end in sight.  Further, ObamaCare was never about quality health care, or health care reform.  It was always about big government Socialist control over one sixth of the US economy.   ObamaCare is another Katrina and National Disaster that will destroy our health care system.   Hopefully, when Americans go to the polls in 2014 and 2016, they will punish the Socialists who did this to them by throwing the bums out of office.   

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Veterans Affairs Scandal - No Drama Obama One More Time

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama went on TV to tell us he is really mad about the Veterans Affairs Scandal that has resulted in the death and medical mistreatment of thousands of VETS.  Yep, No Drama Obama is really mad and he told us he will not tolerate shenanigans at the Veterans Affairs Department "PERIOD".   Of course, we heard the same word when Obama was selling ObamaCare when he told us we could keep out doctors and medical plans "PERIOD" and we all know that turned out to be another big Obama lie.  As usual, Obama has promised us another investigation to get to the bottom of the Veterans Affairs Scandal. 

Let's see, where have we heard this story before.  This Blogger seems to recall similar outrage from Obama related to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Spying on all Americans and ObamaCare.   Yet, the President just can't bring himself to talk about FIRING anybody in the federal government that is not only incompetent; but guilty of criminal activity.   That is because Obama himself is incompetent.

Most important, what we are seeing in this Veteran Affairs Scandal is big government in action.  Since there is no accountability, or profit motive involved in providing medical services to the VET's going to Veterans Affairs' Medical facilities and hospitals, we are seeing a Socialist National Health Service in action much as occurs in many other countries in the world.   Bottom line is when they get to you they get to you.   These bureaucrats don't care that people have to wait months for appointments because in this case they have a captive customer who can't afford to go any place else for service.   And, further since their bonuses were tied to meeting certain metrics, the bureaucrats just cooked the booked to make it look like they were providing quality service.   In other words, they committed fraud and should go to jail.  But don't count on it ever happening. 

So whenever any Socialist in government speaks of government medical services for all, just remember the debacle happening at the Veterans Affairs Department.   Just imagine if all Americans were in this horrible big government system. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Obama Lied About Pay Cut

Surprise, Surprise, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama lied again when he said he would take a 5% pay cut in solidarity with federal workers as a result of the Sequester Cuts.   Guess what Obama never took the pay cut.  The White House has declined to comment on the President's promise; but Obama's tax return indicates that he is still earning the President's salary of $400,000.   Remember the Sequester, $85 Billion in cuts over ten years, that was supposed to end life as we know it; only to find out that the cuts only resulted in one lay off in the entire federal government.   And now, we learn that Pinocchio Obama lied once again about his 5% pay cut.  It NEVER happened. 

When will the Obama lies stop.   The answer is the day the President finally leaves office on January 20, 2017 and not before.  The nation is facing an unprecedented amount of Obama Scandals all of which include cover up's and Obamanista lies.  Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   The Obama's are living the high life on the American taxpayer, while other Americans are hurting. 

Obama will go down as one of the worst President's in American history and by far the biggest liar ever to hold the office.  Only Obama's PEEP's, the 42% that still support him and will support him no matter what he does believe this President.   Everybody else in our country with a brain knows that Obama is LIAR.   It is what it is.  

Monday, May 19, 2014

Obama's Veteran's Affairs Scandal - Heads Need To Roll

This Blogger cannot recall a time in my life time when a President of the United States had so many Scandals in process.   In many ways, the Veteran Affairs Scandal, that resulted in medical mistreatment of thousands of VETS and even the early death of many of them is the worst to date.   This is especially the case because apparently Obamanistas knew this was happening and did nothing to stop it.  Administrators at the Veterans Affairs Department fabricated performance records to earn bonuses.   This is outright fraud requiring prosecution.   Many of these characters need to go to jail.   And, failure to provide medical services in a timely manner was not just malpractice, it may involve criminal homicide, since lack of care resulted in deaths. 

It is time for HEADS TO ROLL.   Dr. Robert Petzel, Under Secretary at the Veterans Affairs Department was either guilty of a cover up if he knew this crap was happening, or incompetence if he had no knowledge of what was happening under him.  Petzel, who was going to retire anyway, resigned to earn his fat pension.   He should have been FIRED and action should be taken to cut his pension.   Many of these bureaucrats should be in jail, rather than allowed to retire to Florida.   However, a fish rots from the head back.   Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki should be FIRED for blatant incompetence.   The fact that Shinseki was a decorated General obviously does not make him qualified to run the Veteran Affairs Department.   Shinseki has to go.

If Obama had a brain in his head, which is often doubtful, he would FIRE Shinseki and bring someone in from business who has run a big company to clean house.  If Obama was really smart, which again is doubtful, he would appoint a well know Republican to run the Veteran Affairs Department.   It would be politically brilliant; but it is not going to happen.   Obama will stick by Shinseki, at least for now because Obama faces crisis like a deer in the headlights.   In the mean time, our VETS suffer at the hands of an incompetent, or fraudulent government bureaucracy.  What a shame. 

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Warren Buffett Gives $1.2 Billion To Support Abortion

It was recently reported that Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway fame has donated an astounding $1.2 Billion of his own money from 2001 - 2012 to support Abortion Groups.   This was enough money to implement 2.7 million first tri-mester abortions.   $298,811,421 went to Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest provider of abortions.   We all knew that Buffett was a left wing, borrow, tax and spend liberal; but no one had any idea how intent Buffett was on destroying human life.  The former CEO of Mozilla donated $1,000 to the Initiative Campaign in California is support of traditional marriage and was forced to resign.  Buffett gives $1.2 Billion earned from the many companies owned by Berkshire Hathaway, to support abortion and it barely makes the news.  Go figure. 

Though Buffett has every right to give his money to whom ever he wants, there is no doubt that many Pro-Life Americans will now think twice about doing business with a company owned by Berkshire Hathaway and many of those companies are household names that can be identified on the Berkshire Hathaway website.  Knowing that some piece of the profit from their business is going right into Buffett's pockets and that it could end up funding abortions would be abhorent to many Americans.  Obviously at this stage of Buffett's life and wealth he just does not care if he offends half the country.  

The Sage of Omaha will now be seen as one of the most evil men in American history, by many, for his support of abortion.  Just think of the good Buffett could do with that money.  How many schools could be built.   How many teachers could be hired.  How many kids could be given college scholarships.   $1.2 Billion may be chump change to Warren Buffett; but there is no doubt that this money could be put to better use than funding abortions.       

Obama Released 36,000 Illegal Alien Criminals

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama approved the release of more than 36,000 Illegal Alien Criminals in 2013, many of whom where convicted of serious crimes.  Included in this group were about 200 Murderers, 400 Rapists, 300 Kidnappers and several thousand that were convicted of driving under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs.  So rather than deport these criminals, Obama let them loose on our city streets.  Has Obama completely lost his mind.  Is Obama so desperate for support in the Latino community in the elections of 2014 and 2016 that he will even allow criminals to go back to Hispanic neighborhoods to terrorize the very people Obama claims to represent.  This is just another example of Stupid In America. 

But it is really even worse.   There are thousands of recently arrived Illegal Aliens that should be deported; but it is just not happening under the concept of judicial discretion being practiced by Liar Attorney General Eric Holder.  Obamanistas have ordered the border patrol and ICE agents to just look the other way, rather than deport these Illegal Aliens in custody.   Is is any wonder that Republicans are dragging their feet on Immigration Reform.  Obama refuses to enforce many of the Immigration Laws on the books now.  Given all of Obama's Executive Orders, many of which are unconstitutional and the way Obama has manipulated ObamaCare, picking and choosing the provisions of the law that he will enforce, nobody believes that Obama will enforce a new Immigration Law, as written and enacted by Congress, no matter what it requires.

We need to secure our border once and for all before we see any comprehensive Immigration Reform.  And, it is only common sense that any Illegal Alien that commits a crime in our country should be deported, under threat that if they return and they are caught, they will be thrown in jail for 10 years or more.  Obama has made a mess of everything he touches.  The release of more than 36,000 Illegal Alien Criminals is another Obama Scandal.  Apparently, it will not end until Obama is gone.   It is going to be a very long three years.   

Friday, May 16, 2014

Tea Party Victory In Nebraska

The demise of the Tea Party, a goal of both Socialists and Establishment Republicans, is wishful thinking.  In fact, Tea Party favorite candidate Ben Sasse scored a huge victory in the Republican Primary for Senate, getting twice as many votes as the next two Establishment Republicans combined.  Sasse will be the next Republican Senator from Nebraska, since he will win the general election in this heavily Red State.   However, this is not just about Tea Party support and endorsements.  It is as much about having a really smart, attractive, articulate, Conservative candidate who can appeal to all wings of the Republican Party. 

Ben Sasse is a Conservative, not a RINO, who supports limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations as the best way to grow our economy and create jobs, while cutting government spending to stop the deficits and pay off our National Debt.  Sasse is just a Common Sense Conservative.   However, Socialists and the lame stream, left wing media paint anyone who has these beliefs as a "racist" because invariably it mean reforming Entitlements to those on the dole, Obama's PEEP's.  Ideas like Workfare instead of Welfare, requiring able bodied Americans on Welfare, to either clean up their own neighborhoods, or go to a vocational school to learn a job skill, as a condition of getting Welfare, is just one of many constructive ideas to reform this Entitlement that today is out of control.   Also, it is important to recognize that in real numbers there are more White Americans on Welfare than Black Americans; though it is true that as a percentage of the population more Blacks receive Welfare than Whites.   But none of that matters.   Workfare is just common sense. 

We have an ever expanding and intrusive federal government that taxes too much, borrows too much and spends too much.  The waste, fraud and abuse that exists at all levels of the federal government is legend.   The Tea Party is just standing up and saying ENOUGH.  Anyone in America who thinks the Tea Party is going away any time soon must be smoking dope.  No amount of Socialist, or Establishment Republican bullying will deter those of us that are Common Sense Conservatives just trying to get our country back on track to prevent the economic collapse of the United States.  This big win in Nebraska for Ben Sasse is just another example of Tea Party tenacity.       

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Remembering 9/11 - One Nation Under God

Watching the opening of the 9/11 Memorial Museum was very emotional.  Everyone old enough to remember that day knows exactly where they were when 9/11 occurred.   This Blogger has often been at the apex of history in my life.  9/11 was no exception.  I was actually in the New York City area when 9/11 occurred on a business trip.  Monday, the day before I was directly across the Hudson River looking out at the World Trade Center; never thinking that the next day those buildings would be gone.   I was in New York City because on Tuesday, 9/11, we had a meeting scheduled at 9 am with a major financial institution.   We got a call on Monday to reschedule that meeting to Wednesday instead.  As a result, rather than stay in New York City on Monday night, we drove out to our office in Connecticut. 

While the attack on 9/11 was happening, I was actually on the phone with the client contact in New York City, who was watching it from his window first hand.  We will forever be connected by that phone call as the client contact had to evacuate their building.  Suffice to say, our Wednesday meeting never happened.   Instead, I was now in Connecticut unable to get back to California, since all flights were grounded.  Some people rented cars to drive across country.   I was not about to do that.   We had an all company Management Meeting scheduled in Chicago a week later.   So, I decided to inch my way to Chicago, however, I could do it.  By Friday of that week, there were limited flights.  Security at the airport involved searching through every bag.  So, I flew to Pittsburgh to spend the weekend with relatives in the area.   By Monday of the next week I was able to get to Chicago. 

Many in our company asked us to cancel our Management Meeting, since we would have people flying in from around the world.  As the CEO of our company, I said absolutely NOT.   We would not allow these Terrorist Fanatics to change our way of life.   We did have a few managers who were afraid to fly and as such we honored their request to stay home; but otherwise our meeting went on as planned. 

In many ways, 9/11 changed the world forever.  It is one of few times in my life, when we truly were One Nation Under God.  As Commander In Chief, President George W Bush brought our nation together.  There is no doubt that when Bush stood on the rubble of the World Trade Center that it was his finest moment as President of the United States.  Bush recognized that we were at war with Radical Islam and acted accordingly.  Justice was done when President Obama gave the order to capture, or kill Osama Bin Laden.  The war against Terrorism continues.   We can never allow Terrorist Fanatics to change our way of life.   

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Another IRS Scandal - Heads Need To Roll

The Inspector General has reported that the IRS has given out Billions of dollars erroneously in the Earned Income Tax Credit.  These are actually refund checks that go to the working poor to encourage them to work rather than go on Welfare.  The EITC was signed into law by President Reagan to encourage work rather than Welfare.  In that sense, it was a good idea.   However, we know now that in the last year, the IRS gave out somewhere between $13.3 Billion and $15.6 Billion to people who did not qualify for this Entitlement.  This is roughly a quarter of the $62 Billion in annual payments that go out the door each year to 27 million Americans.  And, that from 2003 - 2013, the amount erroneously doled out was somewhere between $124.1 Billion and $148.2 Billion. 

It is impossible to retrieve those monies since they are long spent by the people who got them.   So now, the real question is whose heads are going to roll for this huge error.   Can you even imagine if something like this happened in business.   Not only would people be FIRED, some of them might even go to jail, since this involves fraud.  But remember, this is the Obama Administration where Obamanistas lie, cheat,steal, extort and borrow to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is no where to be found in relation to this new IRS Scandal.   A Special Prosecutor should be appointed to figure out who at the IRS is responsible for wasting Billions of taxpayer dollars.  Yep, that will happen when hell freezes over. 

This sort of thing is what makes this Blogger opposed to tax increases of any kind.   Feeding the beast even more of our hard earned money just makes the beast grow fatter and full of lard in the form of federal government waste, fraud and abuse.  The money we give them is not going to pay down the National Debt, in fact the more we give them, the more they borrow and add to the National Debt.   These Socialists and RINOS in the federal government are addicted to borrowing and spending much the same way crack addicts are addicted to crack.   To get high, they need more and more.  Just like the addict that eventually overdoses and dies, we will see the economic collapse of the United States before we hit bottom.   It is coming sure as day.        

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Struggle Within Islam

Some large percentage of Muslims not only hate Western Values and Freedom, they also hate modern Islam.  These Islamic Fanatics are murdering many more Muslims, in the name of Jihad, Holy War, than they are killing Westerners.   Though President Pinocchio Obama does not want to acknowledge the real threat and often will not call these Islamic Fanatics Terrorists,  it is the reality that we face.   The question is when are more moderate Muslims going to stand up and finally say ENOUGH.  These Islamic Fanatics want to take their countries back 700 years.  And, in many ways, this struggle is about the place of women in society.

Obviously despite what we often hear from left wing Socialists in Western Countries, women have equal rights in the Western world.  Women are often more educated and hold higher level jobs than men in Western countries.  The same is very often not true in Islamic countries.  Women in some Islamic countries are not even allowed to drive.  And, as result of the Internet and all sorts of available media, the differences in our societies are plainly evident.   The genie is out of the bottle.  Islamic Fanatic men want their women subservient to them.   Western values and media make that pretty difficult to maintain. 

Most important, to keep the peace in Saudi Arabia, the royal family has bought off their Fundamentalist Clerics by funding Madrases around the world that teach this orthodox form of Islam, which includes hatred for everything Western, including Christians and Jews seen as infidels.  Until the government of Saudi Arabia shuts down these schools, preaching hatred, we will continue to see more Terrorists and acts of Terrorism around the world.  There is a struggle going on within Islam.  If the Moderates don't take control, they will be destroyed by the Fanatics.  It is already happening.       

Monday, May 12, 2014

Secretary Of The Treasury Geithner Ordered To Lie

In a recently published book, Former Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner reported that he was ordered to lie, by Obama Campaign Operatives, on Sunday talk shows concerning Social Security and Wall Street Executive Bonuses.  Obamanistas did not want Geithner saying that Social Security contributes to the deficit and the National Debt, when in fact Social Security absolutely does contribute to the deficit and National Debt, since there is now more money going out than coming in for Social Security contributions.  Further, Geithner was ordered to demonize Wall Street Executives related to their bonuses as part of the typical Obama Class Warfare positioning.   This was all to motivate the left base of the Socialist Party to go to the polls.  To Secretary Geithner's credit, he refused to lie about these topics.    

Never, never forget that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding of the trough.   Socialists, Fascist and Communists invented Big Lie Propaganda so everything out of their mouths usually are LIES.  We have seen all of this in the various Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, the Bureau of Land Management, ObamaCare, NSA spying on all Americans and now the mess at the Veterans Affairs Department.   We don't refer to the President as Pinocchio Obama for nothing.  The President of the United States and Obamanistas around him are all LIARS.   Obama's nose has grown so long that he needs a wheel barrel to haul it around.  This recent revelation by former Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner is just one more example of the deceit that pervades the Obama Administration at all levels. 

Pope Francis Is A Socialist

Roman Catholic Pope Francis has entered the political arena by supporting the confiscation and redistribution of income, presumably not just from those that work hard to the poor, as has been happening for the last 100 years; but also from rich countries to poor countries.   If the Pope feels so strongly about all of this, he should sell or lease out all of the Catholic Church's art work and or other treasures and properties and give the money to the poor.  The Pope is showing his left wing Socialist colors; but also his lack of understanding of History and Economics.  The only problem is that not all Catholics are Socialists.

In fact, many of us are Conservatives that support limited government, lower taxes and less regulation as the best way to stimulate economic growth, create jobs and deal with poverty.   When we hear Pope Francis speak of redistribution of income, it causes us to close our check books and stop donating money to the Church.   The Pope should never forget that American Catholics, in particular, finance the Church.   It would be very easy for us to give to other charities that do good works, rather than fill the Church baskets on Sunday mornings.  That is certainly this Blogger's inclination, particularly after all the sex settlements that the Church has had to pay.  The reality is that we have spent Trillions of dollars in the United States on the War on Poverty since 1965, adding to our National Debt and redistributing income and the poverty rate is higher today, under Obama, than it was three decades ago.   These Socialists Schemes just do not work.   We continue to throw good money after bad, rather than implement common sense free market solutions to create jobs as the best way to diminish poverty in America and around the world.   

We need to reward those that work by allowing them to keep more of their hard earned money.  Yes, there are billionaires and companies in a Capitalist society that control a lot of wealth; but most of them also already pay a lot of taxes.  More important, these are the people and companies that create the jobs necessary to a vibrant middle class.  As such, they should not be demonized when in fact, they are heroes.  Once and for all, it is critical to recognize that the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  The able bodied poor are poor because they lack education and marketable job skills and or because they have made very bad life choices.   Just giving them more Welfare and other Entitlements will not break the cycle of poverty.   If it did, we would have no poverty in America today. 

Specific to poor countries, it is usually corruption that retards economic growth.  Poor countries have been given billions of dollars in Western aid for many years; yet most of that money has ended up in the Swiss bank accounts of corrupt leaders.  Giving even more money is hard earned tax dollars down the toilet.  Clearly, Pope Francis should stick to theology and stay out of Economics, which he clearly does not understand.  Jesus said render on to Caesar what is Caesars.   Translation, the Pope should stay out of politics and mind his own business.   It says in the Bible that if we give a man a fish he eats for a day; but if we teach a man to fish he eats for a life time.  Our goal should be to break the cycle of poverty, not just continue perpetuating it with even more Entitlements whether given to able bodied individuals, or to poor countries.  Jesus also said there will always be poor among us.  Given what we have spent both within and outside the United States, that adage certainly seems true.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day In America & The War On Women

We honor the Mothers of America on Mother's Day because they are the foundation of our society.  Whether children are born in a traditional marriage, or out of wedlock, they are a gift from God.   There is a passage in the Holy Bible that in essence says, God Knew You Before You Were You.   That means before conception.  As such, each human being is no accident; but rather an act of God.  Aside from the destruction of a human being that occurs whenever there is an abortion, this infanticide is not only a crime against humanity; but against God's intention to create a specific life.   That would make abortion the work of the devil. 

As we celebrate Mothers in America, we must recognize that there really is a War On Women going on; but it is not the War referenced by left wing Socialists to fire up their base every election cycle.   It is a War on Women of faith, who are Pro-Life in traditional marriages.  Somehow in Secular Socialist ideology, only working women, who lack religious faith and support abortion right up until birth, along with those who have sex out of wedlock to produce children as single Mom's, seem to be their focus.  Certainly, women of faith, in traditional marriages with children that more often than not vote Republican, are not the women Socialists speak of when they talk about the War On Women; just their PEEP's. 

Aside from the War on Women of faith happening in the US, there is a real War On Women happening in many Islamic countries.  In many Muslim countries, girls and women have second class status.  In the extreme, they are locked behind Burkas, prohibited from showing their faces in society.   As we are seeing in Nigeria on our Mother's Day, girls can be killed for just going to school, since Islamic Fanatics oppose educating women.   If Socialists in the US want to focus on the War on Women, they should be talking about what is happening throughout the Islamic World.   And, or Socialists should be talking abortions that occur in places like China and India, when it is discovered that the child in the womb is a girl.

Mother's Day is a great time to honor all the mothers in America.   Too bad that the divide in our country even applies to the concept of Motherhood.   It would be great if more mothers could stay home, at least during formative years and care for their children.   However, the tax burden in the US often makes that impossible, since in 65% of homes it takes two working people to support a family.  If local, state and the federal government were not so greedy, taking more and more of our income, perhaps more Moms could stay home to care for their children.  It does not take a Village to raise kids.  It takes two loving parents.   Catholics refer to Mary, the Mother of Jesus, as our "Blessed Mother".   The fact is that all Mothers are Blessed by God because childbirth in a miracle.      

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Stupid In America

The older this Blogger gets the more I see "Stupid In America".    Both President Pinocchio Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are documented LIARS; yet the lame stream, left wing media rarely makes the point.   The First Lady, Michelle Obama is a Valley Girl, who regularly takes Selfie's that she posts on the Internet.    We send our soldiers around the world to fight for freedom; yet we can't, or won't secure our own border.   Successful people, who are the job creators in our country, are demonized instead of recognized as national heroes.  Everything we own, do, eat and touch is taxed by local, state and federal governments; yet Socialists claim that successful people do not pay our "fair share".   We have the most progressive tax system in the world as 50% of Americans pay all the income taxes, while the other 50% pay none; yet this is still not enough for Socialists out to confiscate and redistribute all wealth even if it is a job killer.  How dumb is that?   

Socialists who claim to represent the poor actually favor policies that keep the poor, poor in order to win elections to continue feeding at the trough.   We have spent trillions of dollars, since 1965, to fight the War on Poverty; yet poverty today is higher than three decades ago.   We encourage Welfare instead of Workfare to break the cycle of poverty. What is really stupid is that Socialists want to double down and spend even  more on the same failed programs.  Our public schools, particularly in the inner cities of our country, do a dismal job of educating poor children; yet Socialists do not support and often will not allow School Vouchers, to permit poor parents to get their kids out of failed public schools.   Go figure.  Socialists bow to their Public School teacher union masters, rather than really represent the children they profess to care about. 

Medicare and Social Security are headed toward insolvency; yet it is impossible for politicians to do what is necessary to make sure these programs survive.  Every year, the federal government must borrow about 40 cents for every dollar spent adding to our soon to be $18 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.   Everybody knows this will lead to the bankruptcy of the United States; yet politicians, of both political parties, just continue going on business as usual.  As a result, we will see the economic collapse of the United States, which will likely lead to civil strife on our streets and perhaps even the dissolution of the United States.   Pretty darn stupid!

Currently, we face many Obama Scandals, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA spying on all Americans, the Bureau of Land Management, the EPA and now the mess at the Veterans Affairs Department; yet no one in government ever gets FIRED.  There are many Crooks serving in government, including Socialist Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid, yet no one ever goes to jail.   There is something very wrong with this picture that gets worse by the day.   It truly is Stupid In America. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sequester Federal Job Loss - ONE LAY-OFF

Does everyone remember all the dire predictions related to the Sequester cuts in federal spending when Congress presumably cut $85.3 Billion in 2013 over ten years, out of the probable $50 Trillion or more dollars that will be spent in this time period.  President Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in government predicted that hundreds of thousands of federal jobs would be lost.  That would have been a good thing if it was true.   But as usual, Obama LIED.  It turns out that there has only been one, repeat ONE lay - off of a federal employee, out of the 23 federal agencies and millions on the federal payroll, as a result of the Sequester cuts as reported by the Government Accountability Office .   And, you can bet that the poor sap, who worked at the Justice Department, who lost his job was either brain dead, retiring anyway, or a Conservative who opposed Attorney General Eric Holder's shenanigans.  

Honestly, we just can't believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth.  What Obama says is often either outright lies, or just plain propaganda designed to advance his Socialist Schemes.   This $85.3 Billion that was cut, if it was cut, over ten years is chump change.   The deficit is about a Trillion dollars every year, adding to our soon to be $18 Trillion National Debt.  And, that does not count all the unfunded liability for various Entitlement Programs and federal pensions that are Trillions more.   The United States is headed toward economic collapse, which undoubtedly will result in civil strife on our streets.   While this train wreck is coming at us at about 300 miles an hour, the politicians in Washington, of both political parties, fiddle while the nation is burning. 

All the hoopla over Sequestration was meaningless B--L S--T.   Nothing real has been done to curtail spending to get our fiscal house in order.  Raising taxes further, always the Socialist solution, will only retard economic growth and make matters ever worse.   We need to grow our economy by cutting government wasteful spending across the board, lowering taxes, cutting regulations and taking advantage of our new found energy resources.   There is no other way out of the mess that has come from 100 years of Socialist Creep, that is bankrupting our country, put in place by both RINOS and Socialists.  

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Gina McCarthy - EPA Gestapo Should Be FIRED

The head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Gina McCarthy, should be FIRED for gross incompetence.  McCarthy may be a certifiable Environmental Wacko, but she clearly does not have the acumen to run a large government agency.   It turns out that various EPA employees have been on the payroll for years, while never coming to work.  These crooks should be prosecuted.  And, at least one EPA employee, earning more than $100,000 a year, was caught watching pornography, on an EPA computer, for thousands of hours while on the job; yet he has not been FIRED.  This same EPA employee has actually been paid bonuses.  Is anybody minding the store. 

The Inspector General, in charge of monitoring EPA activities, continues to report on the waste, fraud and abuse at the EPA.  Of course, there is no doubt in this Blogger's mind that this is happening all over the federal government as billions of dollars are just flushed down the toilet as a result of mismanagement.    Yet nobody ever gets FIRED.  The most that happens is that these characters are shuffled around and or put on "administrative leave", as just happened at the Veterans Affairs Department, when it was discovered that bureaucrats were manipulating data to show that Veterans were getting medical care that was either delayed, causing deaths, or that they never received. 

While all of this is going on, the EPA continues to use regulations to destroy the coal industry and further hamper the development of other carbon based energy sources.   The American people will experience a lower standard of living as all energy prices rise as a result of more EPA government regulations.  The EPA Gestapo is making life miserable for millions of Americans.   WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up and say ENOUGH.  Further, these crooks at the EPA should be FIRED and some of they should go to jail, rather than early retirement in Florida.  But don't count on it.  After all, we are talking about the federal government where feeding at the trough is the name of the game.   

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Common Core - Now The Gestapo Tactics

Common Core, driven by the federal government, to control public education in the United States is "so good" that supporters are now running ads nationally to sell it and defend it.  Socialists have turned on their propaganda machine, once again, to sell this Big Government Socialist Scheme.  Common Core is the ObamaCare of public education; another train wreck coming at the American people.   And, the Public Education Gestapos are now out to punish anyone that does not go along.  Of course, the Socialists are threatening to withhold federal funds if the public school establishment does not tow the party line.   That is nothing new. 

But what is worse is that kids are being punished for opting out of Common Core testing as is allowed under the Scheme.  Alyssa McKinney, an 8th grade student at Whitesburg Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama was given two in-school suspensions after telling school officials that she did not agree with the requirement and that she was opting out.   When she opted out the third day, she was given and out-of-school suspension.   Seirra Olivero, a 13 year old student at Orange-Ulster BOCES in New York was suspended from school for "insubordination" after telling classmates that they could opt out of taking the Common Core English test.  What ever happened to Freedom of Speech. 

Meanwhile, school officials in Arkport, New York rewarded children who took the Common Core test with ice cream, while denying it to those students that opted out.  It is very clear that Socialist Public School Education Gestapos and some RINOS support Common Core as an easy means of federalizing public education.  Socialists and teachers unions want "national standards" controlled by the federal government to blunt local control that involves parents in particular.    Common Core is just another big government Socialist Scheme that has nothing to do with improving education.   It is all about federal control of public schools. 

Climate Change - Just Another Socialist Scheme & Higher Taxes

Obamanistas just issued a new report saying that life as we know it is going to end because of Climate Change.  To cover all the bases, the Socialists have stopped referring to it as Global Warming because in fact in many areas of the world people are freezing their butts off.   And, they have even stopped short of saying that ALL of this Climate Change is caused by human actions related to the use of carbon fuels.  The Socialists are pretty smart in their positioning.   They are trying to defuse many of the assertions made by those of us that believe this just another normal climatic cycle, if it is happening at all, not much different than the climatic cycles that have been happening for millions of years; long before human beings started using carbon fuels.

All should know that what we are really seeing is just another Big Government Global Socialist Scheme to raise taxes and redistribute wealth from the first world to the third world.  Obamanistas and their Socialist brothers and sisters, in countries around the world, believe that those of us that live in Western countries, in particular, use too much of the world's resources at the expense of poor countries.  These Socialists would like us to experience a lower standard of living, by increasing energy costs through taxes and regulations, so that those that live in poor countries can experience a higher standard of living.  As usual, Socialists do not understand that the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  The poor are poor because they lack education and marketable job skills anyone wants to buy. 

Since Socialist President Pinocchio Obama cannot get any kind of CAP & TRADE legislation through Congress to dramatically raise the cost of energy for American citizens, he will now use regulations to do it by first destroying the coal industry in the US and adding all kinds of regulations on all carbon based energy to make it more expensive.   In the process, the cost of energy will go up for all Americans, hurting the poor the most.   Since Obama will attempt to take care of his PEEP's, Obamanistas will then propose some kind of energy subsidy for the poor, as happens in countries in Europe, which would require an act of Congress, unless Obama figures out some way to add it to Welfare payments.   

When all is said and done, all should know that this whole discussion about Climate Change is just another Big Government Socialist Scheme to raise taxes and redistribute income.   I just wish the Socialists would come clean and call it like it really is.  But, don't ever count on that happening because Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and in some cases history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   It is what it is.    

Monday, May 5, 2014

Supreme Court - Make Up Your Mind

In a 5 to 4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that it was just fine for a City Council, in this case in Greece, New York, to open up their Council meetings with a prayer, even if it was overtly Christian in character.   Naturally, the Socialists on the court were in the 4 that disapproved of the ruling.  Now this Blogger is really confused.  Of course, Congress has a presiding Chaplin that regularly opens sessions of Congress with a prayer to every body's God.   And, there is statue of Moses and the 10 Commandments actually carved into the Supreme Court building, even though it is illegal to post the 10 Commandments, as the basis of our legal system, in a public school classrooms. 

This is all very confusing ever since the doctrine of Separation of Church and State was pronounced by the Courts.  No where in the US Constitution is this language.   In fact, the First Amendment to the Constitution prohibits the government from enacting ANY law that would prevent the practice of religion anywhere in America.   Even so, somehow, over the years judges have limited Freedom of Religion.  Wouldn't it be great if every classroom in America had the 10 Commandments prominently displayed, not necessarily to promote Judeo-Christian, or even Islamic religions that all recognize the 10 Commandments; but because children need to learn both right from wrong and the basis of our legal system. 

In any case, the Supreme Court really needs to make up its mind and stop making war on religion.  Our country was founded on Judeo Christian values.  Our Founders never intended a Separation of Church and state.  This doctrine is just another Secular Socialist Scheme, concocted by atheist judges, that don't believe in God.      

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Obama Recession And Unemployment

Six years into the Obama Presidency and Recession, unemployment has fallen from 6.7% to 6.3% in the month of April.   288,000 jobs were added in April, which does not even keep up with population growth.  Perhaps more important, Gross Domestic Product growth in the first quarter of 2014 was non-existent.   We need 3% or greater GDP growth to see any real improvement in our economy.   There are about 3.5 million long term unemployed and millions more who have just given up looking for work altogether, which is the reason unemployment is falling.  Those that have dropped out of the labor force are not counted as unemployed.  Further, there is no one working at all in 20% of families.  Those Americans are receiving government benefits, one way or another. 

It is very clear that Obamanomics, based on Socialist Schemes, has failed miserably to create economic growth and jobs in our country.  Add to that all the new taxes and Executive Orders that have negatively impacted business and Obamanistas at various federal agencies doing everything they can, through regulations, to kill jobs and business growth; so is it any wonder that the economy is not really growing.  ObamaCare is the icing on the cake that is hurting economic growth in our country. 

If Obamanistas would just get out of the way, we could use our new found oil and gas energy resources to create an industrial renaissance in our country, which would lead to high paying jobs; not more part time work and low paying jobs at Wal Mart and McDonalds that are the basis for any job growth we are seeing in the Obama numbers.   We can only count the days until we have both a Pro-Growth Congress and President.  If Conservatives do not regain control of the federal government in 2014 and 2016, we will see more of the same retarded economic growth.   If that happens, we will end up adding to the 50 million Americans that are already on the dole.  Of course, this is the Socialist game plan because adding more people to the dole allows them to win elections to continue feeding at the trough.   Sadly, it is what it is.      

Friday, May 2, 2014

Veterans Medical Care Scandal - Disgraceful

Many Veterans use medical services provided by the Veterans Affairs Department of the federal government.   Recently, it was learned that government bureaucrats, dealing with VETS in Phoenix, fabricated reports to hide the length of time VETS have been waiting for care.   Thousands of VETS across the country are waiting months just to see a doctor or specialist.  Some VETS have died because they could not get an appointment with a Specialist, or as result of misdiagnosis.  This is a tragedy made even worse because Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is actually charging VETS more for their medical care than was previously the case.  

Clearly, this big government solution to providing medical care for Veterans is not working.   Veterans hospitals should be privatized.   Left wing liberals keep pushing for more government control over our health care system.  It is called ObamaCare.   Really??  Just look at the care many Veterans are getting in the government controlled health care system to see what would happen to the rest of us if the federal government gets even more control over daily life.

Obviously, anyone in the Veterans Affairs Department that has anything to do with this latest Obama government Scandal should be FIRED, not just put on administrative leave as recently happened with these bureaucrats in Phoenix.   But don't count on it.   There is likely to be another cover up as happened in Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA Spying and the IRS Dirty Tricks Scandals.  Obamanistas continue to earn their Pinocchio awards for their lies and propaganda.  Obama's nose has grown so long that he needs a wheel barrel to carry it around.  Oh what a tangled web these Socialists weave when they practice to deceive.  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Socialist Senator Markey - Government To Monitor Speech

Socialist Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts is proposing legislation that would allow the federal government to monitor all speech on radio, television and the Internet to identify "Hate Speech".   Really??   There is a little thing called the First Amendment in the Constitution that allows Americans to think what they want and say what they want, however, repugnant or odious.   Socialists are the Thought Police of our nation.   If we don't tow the Socialist Party Line, related to many issues, we are considered a threat to the government. 

Given that the IRS is targeting Conservatives and people of faith and the NSA is already spying on all of us, who in their right mind in the United States would support such a crazy law.  Think about it.   Socialists and the left wing lame stream media have a definite point of view on all sorts of issues including traditional marriage, abortion, Affirmative Action, School Choice, Income Inequality, Guns,  Civil Rights, Welfare, Food Stamps, Global Warming, Taxes, ObamaCare, regulations etc.   Those of us that don't share their left wing beliefs could be deemed guilty of Hate Speech.   And believe me, given that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, bribe and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough, anyone who opposes their belief's would be deemed enemies of the state.   It is already happening in ObamaLand. 

These Socialist Thought Police would act like the Gestapo limiting free speech.  Of course, this crazy concept has no chance of making it through Congress, as long as Republicans are in control; but it does represent the thinking of some Socialists in our country.   These are very dangerous people.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say HELL NO to these Fascists, Communists and Socialists.   We are not going to surrender our freedoms now, or ever.  To much blood has been spilt to guarantee our freedoms.