Friday, November 29, 2013

Obama To Smokers - Life Without Medical Insurance

Under ObamaCare, medical insurance companies are only permitted to discriminate against Smokers, so much so that premiums for Smokers are 50% or more higher than what they are for non-smokers.  And, subsidies cannot be used to offset the Smoker Penalty.   As a result, Smokers that just can't kick the habit are likely to go without medical insurance because very few will be able to afford the premiums.  So what Obama is telling Smokers is that their only option, if they can't kick the habit, is Forgettaboutit.  What other conclusion can there be. 

Ironically, insurance companies are not allowed to discriminate against people with Pre-Existing conditions that are already sick, or older people both of whom are more likely to use medical services and insurance.  Matter of fact, there are formulas in place to guarantee these people lower insurance premiums, rather than what would actuarially be necessary to provide them insurance.   Of course, younger people that buy ObamaCare will be paying two or three times more than what they should be paying in order subsidize these other groups.  This is all about redistribution of income, not health insurance. 

ObamaCare is a gross distortion of the free market where Obama has chosen winners and losers.  Smokers are at the top of the loser list followed by Americans that buy insurance, either on the private market and don't qualify for subsidies, or through their employers, all of whom will pay much higher medical insurance premiums because of ObamaCare.  It is already happening.  To cut cost related to Senior Citizens, they will face end of life Death Panels to ration their medical care.  The only winners in this deal are those that will get expanded free Medicaid and those that will get subsidies so that they will pay little or nothing for medical insurance. 

The American people clearly see that ObamaCare is a monstrosity that is a job killer.  Socialists, seeking reelection in 2014, are running from Obama as fast as they can because they know that their votes for ObamaCare will be the kiss of death at the polls next November.  Just wait and see all the Socialist rats jumping off the sinking ship in the months ahead.   In the mean time, Smokers, in particular, will feel the heavy hand of Obama.   So Smokers, take your last puff, or plan on life without medical insurance thanks to ObamaCare. 

Knock Out Game - Societal & Family Breakdown

In the latest trend across the country, inner city Black men and others are living out the violent video games they watch by attacking White Men and Women and in New York City often orthodox Jews with one punch designed to knock them out.  If this was happening in reverse as White on Black crime, it would be called a "Hate Crime"; but since is Black on White crime, it is often being portrayed by the lame stream, left wing media, when mentioned at all, as senseless mischief.    The reality is that this new trend is an indication of Societal and Family Breakdown. 

When and if these thugs are arrested we will find first that they are unemployed in the Obama economy and second that they come from dysfunctional, primarily single mom families.   Today, 41% of babies are born out of wedlock.  In 1959, that number was just 5%.  In the Black community over 70% of babies are born to unwed mothers because Welfare has destroyed the Black family.   In many cases, men father multiple children with different women with no consequence.  These Dads should be in jail for not supporting these children and or forced to wear a chastity belt, since they obviously cannot control their animal instincts. 

No doubt, if these kids are ever arrested, we will find that predominately kids growing up without Dads and or traditional family values play the Knock Out Game because they have not been taught any sense of right and wrong.  They see this senseless violence as entertainment instead of the sick anti-social behavior that it really represents.   And if arrested, in most cases, it will be treated as a misdemeanor, rather than the felony that it is as an act of attempted murder, since it could result in murder if someone is seriously injured from the fall that usually takes place. 

This probably won't happen because the poverty pimps that get rich off the misery of the poor, Socialists in government and the lame stream, left wing media will argue that the Knock Out Game is just Boys being Boys because they are poor and bored.  B--L S--T.   This is a serious crime that is happening all over the United States in many cities.  When it happens, we should be throwing the book at these kids to teach them a lesson, rather than just patting them on the head and letting them go free.  As Lincoln said, "Anarchy Breeds More Anarchy".   We cannot tolerate anti-social behavior in a civil society.   If we do so, it will lead to many Americans carrying guns in holsters to protect themselves as a result of the Societal Breakdown that it represents.  It will be the Wild West in the big cities of our country.  The Knock Out Game is not a joke.   It is an indication of a culture that gets sicker by the day because right and wrong has been blurred by poverty pimps, the lame steam left wing media and Socialists in government. 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving - Celebration In China

The Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts celebrated the first Thanksgiving to give thanks to God, yes God, for a bountiful harvest and that they had survived another year.  This ritual began a tradition in the United States until President Abraham Lincoln made the last Thursday in November a National Holiday.  Thanksgiving has become a non denominational holiday, when family and friends of every religion and race often travel to get together for a wonderful meal, usually turkey with all the fixings, but not always.  One year, my 93 year old Italian Mother served a huge meal that included Lasagna.   This Blogger did not think much of it because my Dad did not like turkey.  When we thought we were finished eating, Mom remembered that she also had a turkey with stuffing in the oven.   We were not allowed to leave the table until we polished off the turkey too.   It was quite a Thanksgiving of eating all day.

What has often gotten lost in all of this is the part about giving Thanks To God for all the gifts he has given all Americans.  With God's grace, Immigrants from all over the world, including slaves forcibly brought to our country and native Americans have built more wealth for more people, including the poorest among us, than any other country in human history.   This occurred most when we had limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulation in accordance with the tenets of Free Market Capitalism.   This should make Thanksgiving even more meaningful. 

Instead, the people that really should be giving Thanks on Thanksgiving are the Chinese.  Now that many stores have turned Black Friday into Black Thursday, opening on Thanksgiving, to give shoppers one more day before Christmas to buy goods made in China, it is really the Chinese that benefit from our Thanksgiving weekend not the people of America.   By the way, the reason we refer to Black Friday as Black is that it is the first day of the year that retailers actually stop losing money.   They go into the Black rather than red ink.  In any case, we no longer manufacture most of the things we buy throughout the year because of unions that have pushed jobs overseas, government regulations, environmental wacko laws and high taxes and utility costs.  When we do celebrate Thanksgiving today, those of us that still have jobs in the US should give thanks that our jobs have not been off-shored, at least for now. 

100 years of Socialist creep has destroyed the American dream for many in the name of helping them.  ObamaCare is just the latest job killer that will make many jobs part time, or will cause American companies to push that work to other countries to avoid ObamaCare.  The end result, during the Obama Presidency, is the highest poverty rate and the lowest labor participation rate both since Jimmy Carter was President.   We need to make things again in American, including those flat screen TV's and Apple Phones many people will buy over Thanksgiving Weekend.   That is not going to happen as long as we continue to implement Socialist Schemes that destroy jobs.  

Yes, the government continues to grow; but it is at the expense of the private sector, which is the reason we are not seeing economic growth and job creation.   As we thank God for what we have this Thanksgiving, please throw in a little prayer that the American people elect citizen politicians in 2014 and 2016 that believe in Free Market Capitalism and Economic Freedom.  If it happens, we will really have something to be Thankful for as we take back our country and restore the American Dream.      

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Obama - Packing The Courts With Socialists & Communists

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, Obama's Lackey in Congress, implemented the nuclear option to allow just 51 Socialists, rather than the traditional 60 votes necessary so that Obama can appoint radical feminists that support unlimited access to abortion, wacko environmentalists and anti-free market Socialists and Communists to the Courts and other federal government posts.  Reid did this because the Socialists fear losing the Senate in 2014, which will effectively end the Obama Presidency.   Obama knows that he will not be able to get more Socialist legislation through Congress if Conservatives gain control of both Houses, which now appears feasible, so his only hope is to use Dictatorial Unconstitutional Executive Orders to "transform" our country into a Socialist nation. 

Since those Orders are likely to be challenged in federal Courts, Obama wants to pack the Courts with radical Socialists and Communists that will rule in his favor, particularly the Washington District Federal Court where these matters tend to come up.  The good news is that other Obama appointments will end with his Presidency.  However, the radical left wing Judges he appoints, presumably young men and women, will be there for life, which is what makes this particular Socialist Scheme so heinous.   Nevertheless, the next Republican President can eliminate Obama's radical Executive Orders, more than 13,000 so far, with the stroke of a pen thereby negating many of these radical judicial rulings. 

The latest Obama regulations to come down from the IRS Gestapo are designed to limit Conservative Free Speech by attacking 501(c)4 non-profit groups that are often in place to educate Low Learners about limited Constitutional government, Free Market Economics, lower taxes and less regulations.  IRS Obamanistas started this already by targeting Tea Party and other Conservative Groups since 2010.   This was no accident, or act of low level IRS Bureaucrats.  This operation was run out of the White House.  This initiative has Valerie Jarrett's fingerprints, the President's Socialist minion, all over of it.

Of course, Obama the LIAR IN CHIEF claimed there would be a Justice Department investigation to stop this practice.  Naturally, no investigation has taken place to date because this is all part of a bigger Socialist Scheme.  Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   At this point, at least from what has been made public, we have not seen the murders in the US, but we have seen everything else true to Socialist practices.   Obama's intention to pack the Courts with Socialists and Communists should be no surprise to anyone given Obama's history and ideology.     

Monday, November 25, 2013

Obama's Propaganda Machine - OFA & MSNBC

Socialist President Obama is out on the Left Coast traveling to Hollywood, San Francisco and Seattle to raise money for Organizing For Action, his "non profit" organization that is just a continuation of his non-stop campaign apparatus to transform America into a Socialist nation.   OFA is part of Obama's propaganda machine in business to advance all of Obama's Socialist Schemes.   Of course, Obama is also supported by the left wing, lame stream media and in particular by MSNBC, the Mindless Socialist Network Broadcasting Corporation masquerading as a legitimate news organization, which is laughable.   Obama's stooges on MSNBC like O'Donnell, Maddow, Matthews, Bashir and big mouths Sharpton and Shultz are Socialist clowns impersonating journalists.  

Recently, the White House called in all the radical left wing propagandists on MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and Juan Williams from Fox News to advise them of the party line on ObamaCare.   No doubt, Valerie Jarrett, the President Chief Propagandist met with them to coordinate the Socialist Story on ObamaCare.   What we have with Obama is National Socialism only instead of Josef Goebbels, the NAZI propagandist who perfected the Big Lie strategy, we have Valerie Jarrett, the President's closest confidant in charge of Obama's Propaganda Machine.  We have never seen anything quite like this in American history. 

Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Obamanistas are certainly no exception to this rule as President Obama denies knowing anything about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Spying on all Americans and foreign leaders and now the roll out of ObamaCare.   This is the reason the majority of Americans now see Obama as the LIAR IN CHIEF.  Obama is using Organizing for Action and his stooges on MSNBC, in particular, to broadcast the party line so much so that these organizations should be subject to campaign financing laws.   After all, MSNBC continues to run the "Lean Forward" Socialist ads supporting Obama.  MSNBC is certainly part of the Obama Propaganda Machine coordinated from the White House.   That should be pretty obvious by now. 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

ObamaCare - Small & Mid-Sized Companies Are Next

More than 5 million Americans, so far, have lost their private medical insurance because their plans do not meet ObamaCare requirements and this is just the beginning.   The next shoe to fall will be small and mid-sized companies, that will face cancellations in the next 12 months because their plans do not meet ObamaCare higher cost requirements.  The end result is that many of these companies will just pay the $2,000 fine per employee, rather than significantly higher premiums ending their company sponsored plans.   When that happens, employees will be forced to go on ObamaCare and face much higher premiums to pay for all the "free mandates" now required by the law.   It is estimated that as many as 78 million more Americans, currently in company sponsored plans, will be negatively impacted by ObamaCare when the dust settles.  And, Obamanistas knew it three years ago and then lied about it in 2010 when Obama said if you like your plan and doctors you can keep them.  President Pinocchio's nose is so long he needs a wheel barrel to carry it along.   That is the reason the vast majority of Americans now see Obama as the LIAR that he has been since the first day he took office.  

ObamaCare only works for those people eligible for Subsidies.  Everyone else gets screwed by ObamaCare.  Young Professionals and dual income families that are solidly Middle Class will not qualify for subsidies.  Instead, if they lose their current plans, they will face higher premiums on the Exchanges.  It is already happening to many people.   Senior citizens will face rationing because of the $700 Billion cut from Medicare to help pay for ObamaCare.  Many doctors will not even accept Medicare patients because the payments for services are now so low.  Obamanistas could care less because ObamaCare is all about redistribution of income, not health care.   And, we will all see premiums go up in the years ahead because the numbers that were the basis for ObamaCare were all Socialists and smoke and mirrors.   The cost will be double or triple the original numbers that were the basis for ObamaCare.  It was all a big LIE that now is seeing the light of day. 

Obama promised the insurance companies millions of additional healthy customers, presumably willing to pay more so that those receiving subsidies and those that have chronic ailments would pay less.  It really is pretty simple.  However, many Middle Class Americans that don't qualify for subsidies will not sign up because they can't afford the premiums.  And, when that happens, premiums will go up for all Americans even more than is happening today.  There is no free ride contrary to Socialist promises.   All the "free mandates" required by ObamaCare will raise premiums.  There is no other way to pay for this monstrosity.  As such, this Blogger is starting to believe that REPEAL is a real possibility because an uprising is coming.   Ultimately, Socialists will care more about staying in office, feeding at the trough, than providing health care to their PEEP's through ObamaCare.  This is where the rubber will hit the road in 2014 and 2016.  The rats that enacted ObamaCare will abandon Obama like rats on a sinking ship.  It will be ever Socialist for him or herself; just wait and see. 

Iran - Appeasement In Our Time

In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain went to Munich to negotiate with Adolf Hitler to  prevent another World War.  To do so, Chamberlain gave Hitler all of Czechoslovakia.   Chamberlain then came home waving the Treaty as he got off the plane declaring that he had achieved "Peace In Our Time".   Obviously, we all know the end of that tragic story and that appeasement does not work.  It only emboldens tyrants to push for more.  Once again, we have seen Western Powers, this time led by Socialist President Obama, surrender to Iranian demands related to their production of nuclear weapons.  While this "deal" may have slowed down Iran by six months, it does nothing really to eliminate Iran's nuclear capability.  This is just North Korea all over again.

What is says to both Israel and Saudi Arabia, both that oppose this deal, is that they need to become sizable nuclear powers in response because they cannot count on the their Western allies, led by a weak Obama, to end Iran's nuclear program.   What other choice do Israel and Saudi Arabia have as they watch Iran develop nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them.   While theoretically Israel and Sunni Saudi Arabia could act in concert to implement a military strike on Shia Iran, without Western involvement and support, this action will have limited impact at best.  The only thing that both Israel and Saudi Arabia can do is to develop a sizable nuclear deterrent to counter Iran's long held Persian ambitions of gaining hegemony in the region.  Ironically, this is as much about Sunni Arabs, opposed to Shia Persians. as it is about Arabs versus Jews.  In a weird sense, that is a good thing because it may just cause the Saudi's to quietly work with Israel to counter this Iranian threat.  It might also allow the Israeli's to over fly Saudi Arabia to implement a military strike on Iran for better or worse.

What is lost in the translation related to this deal is that Iran is still the main power in the world supporting Terrorism and Terrorists.   So easing the sanctions on Iran, which gives them more money to spend on Terrorism is just plain crazy because it will result in the murder of Westerners and others around the world.  What this also tells Israel is that they must always maintain the military power to defend their country because the US may not always be a reliable ally.   This six month deal will accomplish nothing; just wait and see.  The Iranians are just stalling for time.  Obama is allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons.   It is only a matter of time as the Iranians play out the clock.   We have seen this story before in North Korea.  It is the same play book.   


Friday, November 22, 2013

Dirty Harry Goes Nuclear - Hypocrite

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader implemented the nuclear option by changing the long established rules of the Senate requiring 60 votes to approve Presidential Appointments.   Of course, all the Socialists including Reid that voted to do this are hypocrites, since in 2005 when the Republicans threatened the same action when Socialists were holding up Bush Appointments, the Socialists in the Senate including none other than Barry Obama thought it would end life as we know it and said so.  In any case, Reid changed the rules by a simple majority vote, rather than the 60 vote requirement.  This is a big deal because Obama wants to appoint very left wing, Socialist, or even Communist judges, since he intends to use Executive Orders to legislate, rather than the Congress, as required by the Constitution.

This means that Obama's Executive Orders will often be challenged in the courts.  Obama wants to pack the courts with lackeys he can count on to uphold his dictates.   Remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  And, Obama's goal is to transform our nation into a Socialist country.  He knows he cannot totally make that happen as long as Republicans control either House of Congress, so he has to go around them.  Obama has also learned this the hard way, since 30 state Governors are Republicans that to some degree thwarted his ObamaCare monstrosity by refusing to set up State Exchanges and or accept the expanded Medicaid provisions of ObamaCare.  

As a result, the only way Obama can do what he wants to do is by Unconstitutional Executive Orders and then using his Gestapos, the EPA, the NSA, the IRS, the Justice Department, Health and Human Services and other agencies of the federal government to impose Socialism on our nation.  The good news is that Obama only has three years left in office.  And, though can do a lot of damage in three years, once a Republican President is elected, he can strike down with one stroke of the pen all of Obama's Executive Orders, since they are not laws enacted by Congress. 

In the mean time, Dirty Harry did Obama's bidding by implementing the nuclear option.  This is a day Socialists will live to regret because once a Republican President is in office with a Republican Senate, the Socialists will be pushed aside as the rights of the minority in the Senate will never again be respected.  What is good for the goose will most definitely be good for the gander. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Oprah Winfrey - Deal With The Facts

Oprah Winfrey has lived the American dream coming from being dirt poor to becoming a billionaire.   Yet, she has stated that the reason Socialist President Obama is being criticized is because of racism. 
B--L S--T. Come on Oprah.  Obama is being criticized because of his failed Socialist Schemes, not because of the color of his skin.  Obama now has a 37% approval rating.  Only Obama's die hard supporters, many on the dole one way or another, still support Obama because the majority of Americans see all the lies and incompetence. 

As President Lincoln once said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".   Obama, the flim flam man, the law professor, the community organizer, the great campaigner is also the Liar In Chief.   Obama just did not have the legislative, or executive experience to be President of the United States and we see it everyday he has been in office.  Obama claims he knew nothing about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Spying on All Americans and foreign leaders and now the ObamaCare debacle.   If that is true, which is doubtful, Obama should fire the people reporting to him that kept this information from him.  The problem for Obama is that there is always a paper trail that leads right to the White House showing that he is a LIAR.  The American people can tolerate a lot of things in their leaders; but lying and incompetence are not two of them. 

Unfortunately, Blacks in America support Obama only because he is Black, no matter what he does, along with other left wingers and the lame stream, left wing media that just refuse to acknowledge all of the facts and Obama's failures that are clearly demonstrated by numbers, not fiction.   The economy stinks.   There are still about 15 million people either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether because of Obama's failed Economic policies.   Black unemployment in particular is more than double White unemployment.   The Labor Participation Rate at about 62% is the lowest it has been since Jimmy Carter was President.  The poverty rate is higher today than when Jimmy Carter was President.   This data has nothing to do with the color of Obama's skin.  It is what it is.  And, blaming President George W Bush, or others after more than five years in office is getting really old.  The buck stops with Obama.  Obama wanted the Big House and the Jet, so now he must accept responsibility for the job too. 

So please Oprah, stop with the charges of racism.  It makes you look stupid.  And, stop wishing that people that don't support Obama "should just die".  White America elected Obama twice and made Oprah rich.   If racism was prevalent in the United States then neither of these things would have happened.   The fact is that President Obama is incompetent and has made a real mess of things.   It is time to at least be honest about it, rather than claiming racism as the basis for criticism of Obama.  Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history because of his failures, not his skin color.   People just don't care about Obama's skin color.  It is irrelevant.  The fact is that Obama is a smart guy who has done some really dumb things.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Obama Census Bureau Lied About Jobs Numbers

Obama's Census Bureau lied about jobs numbers in October, 2012, just before the election, stating that unemployment fell from 8.1% to 7.8%.  Obamanistas falsified numbers claiming that the economy added more than 800,000 jobs in one month.   Of course, it was all B--L S--T and they were called on it at the time by knowledgeable economists; but the lame stream, left media reported this propaganda in an attempt to help Obama win reelection.   Clearly, heads need to roll. 

As this Blogger has said many times, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, or history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  This latest Obama Scandal is just one more in a long list of Obama lies related to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks, NSA Spying on all Americans and ObamaCare.  Socialist President Obama is the Liar In Chief and it becomes more obvious by the day that the American people cannot believe one word that comes out of this man's mouth.  This is the reason Obama's popularity has fallen to just 37%.   All Obama has left are his die hard supporters, many of whom are on the dole.

If Obama was a Republican President,  the Socialists in government and the left wing, lame stream media would be calling for Impeachment.   Obama has committed high crimes and misdemeanors by any reasonable standard.    As such, Socialists running for reelection in 2014 are running scared and will abandon Obama like the rats they are on a sinking ship to save themselves.   It is going to get really ugly related to ObamaCare in the months ahead; just wait and see.   As that happens, there will even be calls from Socialists to REPEAL ObamaCare. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Secretary Arne Duncan & White Suburban Moms

Obama's Secretary of Education Arne Duncan stuck both feet in his mouth when he criticized White Suburban Moms (translation Republican Voter) for objecting to the federal government Common Core for standardized educational requirements across the country.   Duncan concluded that these White Moms are concerned that their kids may not be as bright as they think they are, or that their local schools, in better neighborhoods, may not be very good after all. 

What Secretary Duncan does not understand is that these are not the issues at all; but rather what concerned parents and grandparents are objecting to is more federal control over local education that should be left to local school boards and teachers.   The reality is that the Federal Department of Education, which was a pay off to teacher unions by President Jimmy Carter, should be eliminated altogether.  It is a useless bureaucracy that eats up billions of dollars every year of tax dollars. 

Common Core is not about whether local kids are smart, or schools are good or bad; but rather federal bureaucrats sticking their big noses into local education decisions that are none of their business.   Perhaps, Secretary Duncan should meet with White Suburban Moms to get the real story; that is if he dares show his face after making his insulting remarks. 

Fifty Years After President Kennedy's Death

Like all milestones in U.S. history, anyone old enough to remember knows exactly where he was on the day that President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  It was November 22, 1963 and this Blogger was in my 8th grade Typing Class when my junior high school Principal came on the loud speaker to inform the whole school that President Kennedy had been murdered in Dallas, Texas.  As a young political junkie even then who used to run home to watch Kennedy's Press Conferences, like the entire nation, I was shocked and saddened.   Kennedy was a young, energetic, handsome, articulate man that was a far cry from previous President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who was more like my grandfather than my father; though everyone did like IKE as a reassuring figure.

John Kennedy was not in office long enough to be judged a great President.   What we do know of him was mostly image created by the liberal media and the Kennedy family.   However, what we can say for sure is that Kennedy was much more like President Ronald Reagan than Socialist President Obama.  In fact, Kennedy was an old style Democrat in the Truman tradition that could not be elected today as a Democrat for a variety of reasons.   As a practicing Roman Catholic, aside from the affairs he had with numerous women, that were not publicized at the time, John Kennedy was pro-life. 

Kennedy was an ardent Anti-Communist and Cold Warrior who supported bolstering our military with new spending.   Most important, John Kennedy was a Supply Side advocate who cut taxes to spur economic growth.  It was John Kennedy who often said that "a rising tide raises all boats", since he understood that we needed economic growth to help the poor.  The Kennedy Administration motto was the New Frontier as Kennedy pledged our nation to going to the moon in ten years and space exploration. 

Ironically, it would be Lyndon Johnson, who became President after Kennedy was killed who was in a better position to enact Kennedy's Civil Rights legislation and what later came to be known as the Great Society, which included Medicare and other social legislation that is bankrupting our country today.   In any case, John Kennedy by today's standards would be a moderate to center right Conservative Republican.   While he may have helped caused the Cuban Missile Crisis by appearing weak to Communist Soviet Dictator Nikita Khruschev, during their first meeting in Vienna in 1961 and botching the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, when push came to shove, Kennedy bravely stared down the Soviet Union by insisting that they remove their missiles from Cuba in exchange for the US removing our missiles from Turkey, avoiding a nuclear war. 

Most important, Kennedy proved that when the chips were down, he had the metal to be President of the United States.  He did set the stage for the Vietnam War; but otherwise, there is no way to know what Kennedy would have achieved had he been in office for two terms.  What we do know was that John Kennedy was able to inspire and unite our nation, a valuable lesson President Obama still needs to learn. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

150 Years After Gettysburg

150 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln spoke the Gettysburg Address, to a crowd of about 20,000 to commemorate the battle and burial ground of the same name.  Never has an American President uttered so few words, in just a few minutes, that meant so much to so many.  In doing so, Lincoln became immortal.  Socialist President Obama. who often claims a direct line to Lincoln of Illinois, could take a lesson; yet for some reason Obama has chosen not to speak at the commemoration ceremony.   Go figure.   In any case, it was also 150 years ago that Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation to unofficially free the slaves.  It would take a Constitutional Amendment a few years later to end slavery officially. 

The Civil War resulted in several hundred thousand dead and wounded on both sides.   The war was not just about slavery.  It was also about States Rights, the power of the federal government and competing economic systems.  When the North won the war,  the federal government officially became predominant for better and sometimes for worse.   Free Market Capitalism, under attack today, was established once and for all as our economic system, which ultimately made the United States a super power and brought more wealth to more people than in any other country in human history.

Yet, even after the Civil War and all the Civil Rights Acts enacted over the years and trillions of dollars spent on the War on Poverty, the poverty rate today, under Obama is higher than when Bush II left office and Jimmy Carter was President.  Slavery is gone and so is the plantation master, but the plantation master was replaced by the federal government that provides Welfare and Food Stamps and the public school teacher unions that keep poor kids in failing public schools for their own benefit.  

Slavery was evil; but so is dependency.  Unfortunately, since Martin Luther King uttered his famous "I Have A Dream Speech" that inspired so much hope, instead of encouraging poor people to work hard to lift themselves up, those that work in the Poverty Industry, getting rich in the process, have convinced the poor and particularly Blacks in America that they are victims, deserving not just a hand up, but instead a hand out.   In many ways, 150 years after Gettysburg and the Emancipation Proclamation, inner city Blacks in America have made little progress despite all the government programs and money spent to help them.  

The American Dream is still available to all regardless of color; but it requires hard work and education, not excuses.   Let's not forget that the American people have elected a Black Man as President of the United States twice.  And, though Obama is likely to go down as one of our worst Presidents in American history, it is because of his Socialist ideology and policies, not his color.  In fact, there have been many incompetent White Presidents proving that color is not the issue. 

Obama the College Professor, Obama the Community Organizer, Obama the Campaigner In Chief simply does not have the experience, integrity, or the temperament to govern our nation.   We see it everyday,  It is what it is.  It is time for all living in poverty to recognize that the federal government and Obama, in particular, is their enemy.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they must sing.   Freedom is not possible while living in dependency.  President Lincoln should have added this notion to his Gettysburg Address to speak the whole truth on that fateful day 150 years ago.  

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Culture War In America

There is a culture war going on in America as everything appears to be upside down.  Those of us that cling to our guns, religion and traditional family values generally support limit Constitutional Government, lower taxes and less regulation.  We believe in the Free Market Capitalism and Economic Freedom that built our country.   On the other side, is the lame stream left wing media, based in New York City and Los Angeles and Secular Socialists, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists that literally hate everything we support. Go figure. 

While we are tolerant of various views, no matter how vehemently we disagree with them, the left wing is incredibly intolerant of any view that is not theirs.  We often see this when a Conservative attempts to speak at a college or university where Socialism and Communism are the only ideologies tolerated.  Hollywood portrays the dysfunctional family as the norm.  There are only a few shows on TV that are the old style Cosby Show with a husband and a wife and well behaved and respectful children.  The comedy then was about all the typical family things that come up in day to day life.   And, they were funny without the need to be dirty.

Today, we have the "Modern Family" composed of a blended family headed by two divorced parents, with children, along with a Gay couple with an adopted daughter.  Actually, that show is pretty normal; by comparison with other shows that are focused on indiscriminate sex and "hooking up", which always seems to be the theme.  And GLEE, that should have been a sweet show about quirky high school kids competing in GLEE competitions around the country, was turned into a TV 14 rated adult show  that children should not be watching.  It is not even rated PG 13, which would allow young teenagers to watch it with parental guidance.  Instead, the writers and producers, many of whom are Gay, decided to make the show about straight and gay sex among high school kids; though in fairness they have tackled some relevant issues like Bullying to good effect.  Honestly, aside from the great music, the scripts are the reason the show has lost viewers resulting in a last season this year. 

This Blogger is not naive and I do realize that all of these things do go on in our country; but I also think that most things shown on TV, other than the educational channels, are left wing propaganda and garbage not worth watching.  Yes, there are many dysfunctional families in our country; but there are also many hard working normal families and I include Gay families in this mix.  What passes for humor on many TV shows, usually based on some sexual scenario, is just not funny.  In fact, the scripts are so stupid that they are sometimes painful to watch.  This is probably the reason that so many of these shows find no audience and are gone in a season as opposed to those shows that stress family values that seem to live on.    

100 years of Socialist Creep in America has led to a lawless society, full of broken families and substance abuse.  Welfare has destroyed the Black family.   The lame stream, left wing media and Hollywood portrays dysfunction as normal and normal as abnormal.  Everything is upside down as the culture war continues in America.  It is a war we have to win for the good of our country and our children and grandchildren.

Obama - The Honeymoon Is Over

The left wing lame stream media, based in New York City and Los Angeles, has looked the other way related to Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Dirty Tricks and NSA Spying on all Americans and foreign leaders because it is their guy, Socialist President Obama, who LIED about all of these things.  If these things were happening under a Republican President, the talking heads on NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC, the big mouths who write for left wing publicatations and the Socialists in government would all be calling for Impeachment.

That was then this is now.   Everybody knows that Obama LIED when he told the American people that they could keep their current medical insurance and doctors under ObamaCare.  It was all B--L S--T.  The LIES were so blatant that not even the lame stream left wing media can ignore Obama's pronouncements, so the honeymoon is over.  However, it is not Obama lying that upsets the left wing lame stream media because they are all secular Socialists propagandists, including the President, that lie all the time in the normal course of doing business.  It is that the failure of ObamaCare demonstrates that big government and Socialist Schemes do not work, which should be no surprise to anyone given our history.    
The lame stream left wing media is now blaming Obama for botching their chance at taking over one sixth of the US economy and further redistributing income if ObamaCare collapses, which is likely.  Remember, these characters are big supporters of the Income Tax that was added to the Constitution, under Wilson, Roosevelt's New Deal that brought us Social Security that is headed toward insolvency, Food Stamps and Welfare that has destroyed the Black family and Johnson's Great Society that added Medicare, also headed toward insolvency and the Trillion dollars or more of federal moneythat have gone to failing public schools, since 1965.   There is not one of these government programs that are fiscally sound. 

ObamaCare was another chapter in the book of Socialist Schemes supported by the lame stream left wing media.   The fact that all of these programs are bankrupting our country and will lead to the economic collapse of the United States does not concern them because they are fact challenged.   Since many of them are Socialists and even Communists, their goal is to destroy Capitalism anyway, so if economic collapse speeds the process along, it works for them. 

The problem is that if and when ObamaCare collapses and it will, Socialism will be discredited, which could cause the American people to vote for Conservatives that support limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations to create jobs in the private sector at the expense of government.  Those of us that cling to our religion, guns and tradional families, whom they despise, could win the battle of ideas, which the left wing lame stream media and the Socialists in government just dread.  ObamaCare could be their demise.   They could care less about Obama's lies.  It is the potential demise of Socialism in America that they are blaming him for so now they too are calling Obama incompetent.   New York Times, welcome to the party.  We have been calling Obama incompetent, since the day he was first elected.   Obama is who he is.     

Friday, November 15, 2013

ObamaCare - Death By A Thousand Cuts

President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress will suffer death by a thousand cuts in the months ahead related to ObamaCare that they enacted without one single Republican vote.  The botched roll out of the website is just the tip of the iceberg.  They will ultimately spend about a billion dollars to make it work; but that is just the beginning of their problems.  As we are seeing, the wrong people are signing up for ObamaCare so the numbers, which were bogus to begin with, will not work.   As the Congressional Budget Office already reported the cost is likely to be in the Trillions of dollars, rather than the smoke and mirrors $900 Billion the Socialist promised over 10 years. 

Instead of healthy young people and others willing to pay higher monthly premiums on the exchanges that are the result of all the ObamaCare requirements and "free mandates", those signing up are people getting the subsidies, or going on expanded Medicaid for free and those with pre existing conditions.   This is going to dramatically change the risk pool.  Further, while about 400,000 people have signed up for free Medicaid so far, only about 110,000 people have signed up for regular medical insurance mostly on the state exchanges.  This is a disaster for Obamanistas and the Socialists in Congress that will unfold in the months ahead.

Obama needs 7 million most healthy people to sign up on the Exchanges by March 1.  To get there, the law required the destruction of the private market, which we see happening as 5 million and counting policies have been cancelled.   There are actually about 15 - 20 million Americans that currently buy medical insurance on the private market so that the cancellations are not over by any means.   We will see more every month going into 2014.  This is causing such an uproar that Obama had to go on TV to make an exception for 2014 allowing insurance companies to continue offering the old plans that do not meet ObamaCare requirements.  The problem is that insurance companies followed the law and got rid of those plans; hence the cancellations.  They are not going back because they want the higher premiums in the new expanded plans.  Well dah!!

Members of Congress are getting the calls of desperation from the millions of people that have lost their insurance and are now facing much higher ObamaCare premiums that they simply cannot afford.   These are Middle Class people that do not qualify for any subsidies.  Of course, Republicans are able to say we feel your pain and oh by the way we did not vote for ObamaCare and we have been trying to REPEAL since it was enacted into law.  It is the Socialists that are up the creek without a paddle, since they alone put this monstrosity in place and have full responsibility for it.

But it gets worse. If the numbers don't come together according to the Mix that was sold the insurance companies by Obamanistas, then premiums are going to sky rocket for everyone, even people getting insurance from their employers.  That is already happening; but it will get much worse.  After all, ObamaCare has nothing to do with health care.  It is a massive Socialist Scheme to redistribute income from the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in the United States to the 50% that pay none; Obama's PEEP's. 

When Premiums go up even higher and they will, that is when the real screaming will start as companies stop providing, or further limit the monies they are willing to spend on this benefit.  That will involve more than 150 million Americans so the S--T will hit the fan.  And, when that happens, angry voters in 2014 and 2016 will be looking to throw the bums out that did this to them.   It is all coming in 2014 and 2015 just wait and see.  The Socialists will attempt to spin it.  They can run, they can hide, but eventually justice will be done at the election booth as these Socialists face the wrath of the voters. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Obama's Supporters - Blind To The Facts

Socialist President Obama has fallen in the polls to about a 39% approval rating.  These are Obama's die hard, fact challenged, supporters.  It does not matter to them that Obama is a Liar.  Nor do they care about all the Obama Scandals.  The reality is that Obama, like all Socialists in history will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and extort, if necessary, to stay in power feeding at the trough.  However, Obama's PEEP's, those on the dole, those that pay no income taxes at all, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists could care less because they are all living off the fat of our land.  Let's face it, whose bread you eat, whose song you sing even if the President you support is incompetent.

As a former student and teacher of American History and Government  and a political junkie, this Blogger can say that Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history.  Of course, Obama will always be recognized as the nation's first Black President, however since he will be seen as a failure along with Presidents like Carter, Grant, Harding, Hoover and a bunch of nameless faceless men in the late 1800's, the color of Obama's skin will just be a foot note in history because in the end it really doesn't matter.   History will judge Obama on his actions and deeds, not his skin color. 

ObamaCare, Obama's signature accomplishment is imploding before our eyes.  The economy stinks because of Obama's misguided Socialist Schemes that have retarded growth.  The poverty rate is higher today than when Carter was President.  The Labor Participation Rate is lower today than when Carter was President with only about 63% of Americans working.  The actual unemployment rate is around 14%, not the official 7.3% when all are counted.  GDP growth has been dismal during Obama's Presidency.  Our foreign policy is a mess and our standing is the world is diminished since Obama was elected.   Most important, we are not safer today than when Bush II was President.

I know, I know, I must be racist for pointing out these facts.  But the reality is that cards talk and numbers don't lie.   If Obama was purple, his skin color still would not matter.  All of the indicators that are used to judge any President success are lousy.  And yet, there is that 39% of fact challenged Supporters that still approve of President Obama's job performance.   In particular, Black Americans still support Obama, which is hard to understand because he has hurt them most.  I get it.  Other Blacks just can't admit that the first Black President, no matter how smart or articulate he is, has failed.  This was the President that cancelled the School Voucher Program in Washington DC impacting about 1100 Black Kids, to pay off the teacher union, even though their parents begged him not to do it.  History will not be kind to President Obama no matter what his supporters may think.  Sorry, but it is what it is.      

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Clinton's Are Running For President

If there was any doubt that Hillary Clinton is running for President in 2016, that question was just answered by her husband and campaign manager, Bill Clinton, as he called for Socialist President Obama to honor his committment to allow Americans to keep their current health insurance and doctors.  Of course, it assumes that the Congress will vote to change the ObamaCare law, which could happen in the next few weeks.  The Clinton's are savy policicians and they now see that ObamaCare is a train wreck coming right at their Presidential aspirations.  They are not going to let that happen. 

Though the Clinton's have lived a very good life for years, they want the big jet and big house back.  If Hillary Clinton is elected President, though she is a pretty tough character, it will in fact be Bill's third term.  And, after eight years of Obama, if either Clinton, or a Conservative Republican wins,  just maybe the country will be run by adults again with some experience at governing, rather than the incompetent Obamanistas in office now.  One way or another, we will see an end to Jimmy Carter II.  In calling for this change to ObamaCare, Bill Clinton signaled to other Socialists that it is time to distance themselves from the increasingly unpopular Obama.  We get it Bill.  We know the real story behind your comments. 

Just wait, we will now see several Socialists coming out against some, or all of ObamaCare.   They will do a Mea Culpa asking for forgiveness for voting for this ObamaCare monstonsity.  When it comes to elections coming up in 2014 and 2016, Socialists will throw Obama under a bus if it means winning or losing their own races.  Actually, it will be fun to watch. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Just 50,000 Sign Up For ObamaCare

Just 50,000 Americans signed up for ObamaCare in the month of October.  Obamanistas assumed that sign-up's would exceed 500,000.   They need 7 million healthy people to sign up by March for the numbers to work and even then the numbers won't work.  That is not going to happen. Instead, 465,000 Americans signed up for free Medicaid at taxpayer expense.  Obviously, those that are signing up are people going on Medicaid for free and those that need insurance because they have serious ailments.   And, so far more than four million Americans have lost their private medical insurance due to cancellations.   Thank You Mr. President. 

In addition,  both Americans that have lost their current medical insurance and those that have medical insurance through their companies are seeing significantly higher Premiums, Deductibles and Co-Pays.   Again, thank you Mr. President.  Premiums at my company are going up 10% as of January 1st.  Obama clearly LIED when he told Americans they could keep their medical insurance and doctors; but that is nothing new.  Obama lies every time he opens his mouth.  This is a national disaster for Socialist President Obama and his pals in Congress that told us we would all benefit from ObamaCare.    In fact, Obama told us that the typical family would save $2,500 a year.  Of course, that was all B--L S--T and Obamanistas knew it as early as July, 2010, when the President was running for reelection. 

Socialists in Congress that have to run for reelection in 2014 are running scared because they know that ObamaCare, the monstrosity that it is, will be hung around their necks.  Chances for Socialists to regain complete control of Congress, or maybe even keep the Senate under Socialist control are fading.  Obama's signature legislation may in fact collapse of its own weight. We may even see Socialists voting to REPEAL ObamaCare because ultimately it will be every man and woman for himself related to winning reelection.  They will abandon Obama like rats they are trying to get off a sinking ship.

It is time for Republicans in the House to strike.   Republicans should enact their alternative to ObamaCare and shove it down Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid's throat.  Reid will not allow this new bill to come up for a vote; but it will at least end the criticism from Socialists that Republicans have no alternative.   That alternative should outlaw discrimination related to Pre Existing Conditions, medical insurance premiums should be tax deductible for those that buy insurance on the private market.  It is already tax free when it comes through an employer.  There should be malpractice tort reform to bring down the cost of medical care.  Everyone should be able to buy medical insurance across state lines to foster more competition.  Finally, tax deductible Health Savings Accounts should be increased to at least $5,000 to pay for Deductibles and Co-Pays.  Specific to the poor, give them the Medicare HMO Advantage Program for little or nothing.   My 93 year old Mom has it and it works just fine.  Pay for it by cutting the number of federal employees and all the redundency, waste, fraud and abuse that exists in all programs, departments, agencies and commissions of the federal government. 

Obviously, ObamaCare is a miserable failure.  It is not enough for Republicans to oppose ObamaCare.  It is time for the Republican alternative.   What this Blogger has outlined would work much better than the Socialist alternative.  The time to act is now.   

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Republican Conservatives Can Win In 2014 & 2016

There is no Democrat Party left in the United States.  There is only the Socialist Party of America, more radical than at any other time in American history, supported by the lame stream left wing media.   As such, Conservatives can win in 2014 and 2016 because our nation is actually a center right country.  However, we must recognize that there are many single issue voters so we have to learn how to play Interest Group politics, the same as the Socialists, by addressing their concerns, without surrendering our core principles.  It can be done with nuanced positions on Social Issues and Defense.   We cannot be the party of No; but instead must be the party offering solutions to the many problems we face in America.

Obviously, we must continue to support Free Market Capitalism, limited Constitutional Government, Lower Taxes and Less Regulations because these tenets are the only way to grow our economy, Gross Domestic Product and Jobs once again in our country.   So, no compromise on any of these ideas.  But, there are other issues that represent Common Sense Conservatism that we should actively articulate and support as follows: 

1.  Specific to our National Debt and Federal Government Spending:  We should stick with the Ryan Budget, the 10 year plan to bring down the cost of government and pay off our National Debt.  This could mean eliminating 500,000 federal civilian government jobs out of 2.65 million using normal attrition to do it over five years.   We also should advocate paying federal employees for like work the same as is done in the private sector for Mid-Sized companies.   We should push for eliminating redundancy, waste, fraud and abuse that exists in all programs, agencies, commissions and departments of the federal government, which could include consolidating some departments like Education, Energy and Commerce into other government functions as was the case in the past.  And, we must advocate rationale Entitlement Reform to save Social Security and Medicare.

2.  We must support comprehensive Immigration Reform that first starts with securing our border once and for all and deals with the 11 million Illegal Aliens in America along with work permits for temporary workers and Green Cards for any foreigner that graduate from one of our 4 year colleges or universities.  This does not have to be an emotional discussion.  Cooler heads need to prevail.

3.  Though the Republican Party must remain Pro-Life to maintain the base, we must recognize that abortion will not be eliminated in the United States any time soon.  The best we can do is to prohibit access after 20 weeks of pregnancy, require parental notice related to minors, make sure that abortion mills must conform to regular surgicenter standards.  Texas is leading the way on restrictions that make perfect sense.  And, any talk of limiting contraceptives for women is moronic. 

4.  It is time to support Civil Unions for Gays, while recognizing that marriage should still be confined to a man and a woman.   This is just semantics since all the same rights would be provided in either case, but it is a means of addressing the issue in a way that recognizes reality.

5.  Welfare should be converted to Workfare for able bodied people.   Either people who can work; but refuse to, should be going to school to get a vocational education, or they should be working 20 hours a week to clean up their own neighborhoods in order to get Welfare.  It should be one or the other.  We have to stop Disability Fraud.  And, Food Stamps should only be going to the people who need them.  Obama Cell Phones have to go bye, bye.  That program that cost $2 Billion a year is a waste of money. 

6.  Parents in poor areas with failing public schools should be provided the option of School Choice and Vouchers to get their kids into better schools.

7.  We should support some cuts to Defense and or require our Allies to foot more of the bill to protect themselves.  We cannot continue being the policeman of the world.   This will help secure Libertarian support.

8.  We have to preach Jobs, Jobs, Jobs to young people who graduate from university and can't find jobs.   This involves making the US Energy Independent and rolling back some EPA regulations that are killing jobs.  We need to build the Keystone Pipeline. 

9.  While we should continue to oppose ObamaCare, we need to offer solutions to the nation's health care issues to replace it.   Discrimination on the basis of Pre-Existing Conditions should be outlawed.  Americans should be able to buy private insurance across state lines.  Those buying private insurance should be able to deduct the cost the same as happens with insurance provided by company sponsored programs.  The very poorest among us should be given the Medicare Advantage Program to provide the uninsured.

Conservatives that run on this platform can win in 2014 and 2016.   Of course, this assumes a level of charisma and ability to connect with the people that very often is lacking in our candidates. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Unemployment & The Labor Participitation Rate

Normally, whenever the United States has experienced a Recession, with the right policies in place, we have typically recovered within 2 years.  Ronald Reagan inherited a Recession from the Jimmy Carter years.  Reagan cut taxes and regulations and created 20 million new jobs, which set the stage for years of prosperity until Bush I and Bill Clinton raised taxes.  By the time Bush II assumed the Presidency with the Dot Com Bust and even before 9/11, in 2001, the US was headed toward Recession because Bill Clinton and the Socialists that controlled Congress at the time raised taxes, as they always do once fully in power.  After 9/11, Bush II cut taxes and the Recession once again was short lived.

Socialist President Obama has made a mess of our economy, which has caused dismal GDP growth of 2% or less in the last several years.  While technically, we are out of Recession, we need 3% or higher GDP growth consistently to really grow jobs.  During the Reagan years, GDP growth was as high as 7% or more in some years.  While 6 million new jobs have been created in the last five years,  we would have had to grow 8 million new jobs in this time period to have a Labor Participation Rate equal to the number of people actually working when Bush II left office.   The unemployment rate just went up a bit from 7.2% to 7.3%; but what is really important is that we have the lowest Labor Participitation Rate in 35 years from when Jimmy Carter was President.   Only about 62% of Americans are actually working today because many have just given up looking for work altogether. Normally, that number would be 72% or higher. 

In actuality, when all our counted, the unemployed, the underemployed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether, our employment rate is still closer to 14% as about 15 million Americans fall into these categories.  In fact, about 8.2 million are working part time.  In end result is that older Americans, those 50 - 62 that can't find jobs and are not eligible for Social Security are finding reasons, whether real or not, to go on Disability.   That is the reason why the number on Disability since Obama was elected has gone up from about 8 million to about 10 million.  

And, since the economy is actually in terrible shape as a result of Obama's Executive Order regulations and tax, borrow and spend job killer policies, the poverty rate is also higher today than when Jimmy Carter was President.  This is the reason there are now 50 million people on Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected.  Welfare roles are also sky rocking.  And, ObamaCare is the icing on the cake that will kill even more jobs and or result in more part time jobs to avoid the need to provide health insurance.   

Card talk and numbers don't lie; but always remember Socialists will lie, cheat, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  What we hear from Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress concerning the economy is all propaganda.  The economy is not really getting better.  Though the stock market is healthy because of cheap money and because big companies have laid off a ton of people and cut benefits, main street is in trouble.  And, the Middle Class and Blacks in particular have gone backwards under Obama.  Hard working people are far worse off today, than the first day Obama took office.  It is what it is.  Anyone who says otherwise is not telling the truth.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama's Surrender To Iran

It appears that Socialist President Obama may be about to surrender to Iran, allowing them to continue developing nuclear weapons, perhaps at a slower pace, in exchange for lessening economic sanctions on their country.   It is a huge mistake and a very dangerous development.  In almost insures that the Israeli's will have to take military action against Iran because it will create an untenable situation for Israel.  Further, Saudi Arabia and Israel will now have to develop nuclear weapons, resulting in an arms race in the Middle East, as a counter balance to Iran in the region.  It is pretty obvious that Iran seeks to establish Persian hegemony in the Middle East, which both Sunni Arabs and the Israeli's will never allow.  This is just one more example of Obama's naive inexperience that has contributed to the mess in the Middle East and a loss of US standing around the world.  The Arab Spring has turned into the miserable Arab Dark Winter because of Obama's incompetence. 

Look, no one in the US wants war with Iran or any other country; but Iran is the chief sponsor of Terrorism around the world.  A nuclear armed Iran is an unacceptable threat to world peace and US security because Iran could supply Terrorists with suit case sized dirty nuclear bombs that could be smuggled into the United States across our porous border with Mexico.  This is another critical reason that we must SECURE our border once and for all, even if it means posting the US Army all along our border. 

Clearly, American citizens are weary of war; but the reality is that there have been thousands of Terrorist attacks on Western targets since 9/11.  Even with all the Obama drone killing of Terrorists, the situation is not getting any better.  Al Qaeda is on the rise all across North Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan.  Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but fanatic Al Qaeda is alive and well.  Assuming Israel does not act first, ultimately, if Obama continues with this folly, Iran will have nuclear weapons within 5 years, instead of 2.   As a result, the next President of the United States will face a nuclear armed Iran.   When that happens, no doubt, it will result in a policy of Containment, the same as occurred with the old Soviet Union.   But, the Middle East is a tinder box always waiting to explode.  We could see Armageddon in the Middle East. 

All of this makes it absolutely imperative that the US become completely Energy Independent and soon.  We must be in a position to tell these countries in the Middle East, many of which hate us, to go eat sand.   Based on recent finds, if energy companies are allowed to develop all energy sources within the United States, including on federal lands, not only will it create millions of good paying jobs that cannot be off shored, it will provide for our national security.  In addition, at a time when the federal government needs new revenues to fund Entitlements, taxes on Energy could help save the day.  Of course, this means getting the EPA Gestapo under control to allow for reasonable development of our energy resources.   This will not happen as long as Obama and his Socialist pals remain in control in Washington DC, another reason to throw the bums out of office in 2014 and 2016. 

Obama Says He Is Sorry - Big Deal

Socialist President Obama has apologized to the American people for telling them they could keep their current Medical Insurance and Doctors in 2010 and beyond, when he absolutely knew it was not true.  So far 4.2 million policies have been cancelled impacting perhaps 8 million or more people.  Many of these people will see their new medical insurance premiums sky rocket; so no cost savings for them.   The reality is that Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress should apologize for imposing this ObamaCare monstrosity on the entire nation that is a clear and present danger to our entire health care system. 

What we should have had instead was a much simpler Patient Bill of Rights, which would have prevented discrimination on the basis of pre-existing condition, ended caps on benefits, added the ability to buy medical insurance across state lines to stimulate competition, provide tax deductiblity for Americans that buy insurance privately and implement malpractice tort reform to stop the crazy lawsuits that drive up the cost of medical care.  Those living in poverty could have been provided either Medicaid, or a government sponsored HMO no different than the current Medicare Advantage Program.   There was absolutely no reason to create chaos for all Americans just to insure the poor in America.  

Instead, the Socialists enacted ObamaCare, without one single Republican vote so that the federal government could take control of one sixth of the US economy to once again redistribute wealth.  ObamaCare is not about health care at all; but rather big government control and redistribution of income.  If the Socialists would just tell the truth, they would at least be honest about the real objectives.  It is what it is.  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

ObamaCare - 4.2 Million Medical Insurance Premiums Cancelled & Counting

President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress, that enacted ObamaCare without one single Republican vote, repeatedly promised the American people that they could keep their current medical insurance and doctors.   Obviously, that promise was a big lie and Obama knew it in 2010 when he was out on the street assuring Americans that they had nothing to worry about.  Obamanista political operatives told the President to LIE rather than tell the people the truth because they knew that ObamaCare would never have been enacted into law if the truth be told.   So now the chickens have come home to roost.  

Aside from the dismal failure of the ObamaCare website that does not work after spending more than $635 million to build it, so far 4.2 million Americans have lost their private medical insurance.   And, company after company, including mine are receiving their premium increases for next year.  In fact,  the cost of medical insurance is going up in 45 states because of all the ObamaCare "free mandates' required by law.  

So all these people losing their current medical insurance plans are faced with much higher premiums, deductibles and co-pay's than they had before.   Older people are being required to pay for maternity care and contraceptive coverage among many other things that they don't need, which is causing premiums to go up.  Younger people are paying higher premiums too than necessary to subsidize older people because there are now formulas in place that prohibit insurance companies from charging rates for older people that actually reflect usage.   Senior Citizens will face rationing of care as more and more doctors refuse to accept Medicare patients because of cuts in their payments as a result of the $700 Billion cut out of Medicare by ObamaCare.   It is a mess to say the least.   Many Socialists, particularly from Red States, facing reelection next year are jumping ship like RATS on a sinking ship because they know that Republicans will rightly hang ObamaCare around their necks in the 2014 and 2016 elections.

What is worse, we found out yesterday during testimony before Congress by Secretary of Health and Human Services , no nothing, Kathleen Sibelius that so called Navigators (Community Organizers), all around the country, hired by Obama to help people sign up for ObamaCare do not undergo background checks.  These are the people gathering Americans Social Security numbers and personal financial information to see if they qualify for subsidies.  Sibelius admitted that since there are no background checks that some of these Navigators could actually be convicted felons.  

We are already seeing scams on the Internet to use ObamaCare to secure information for identity theft.  What the hell was Obama and Sibelius thinking.   We require drug, criminal and credit checks at my company to get a job to help make sure we are not hiring people that might use information in our company illegally.   Yet, Obama and Sibelius do not have the common sense to do the same thing related to these Navigators making $15 an hour. 

Sibelius should be FIRED.   This woman is clearly incompetent.   ObamaCare may collapse of its own weight.   It is thought that as many as 14 million Americans will lose their current health insurance when all is said and done.   Many of these people are Middle Class Americans that will neither qualify for subsidies, nor be able to afford the higher premiums and deductibles they are facing.   When this S--T hits the fan, even Socialists will push for major modifications to the law, or outright repeal.  Too bad Obama insists on putting the nation through this train wreck.      

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Elections In New Jersey & Virginia

As expected, Republican Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey won a resounding reelection victory, carrying 60% of the vote in a Blue State.  What is most important, Christie played well with all demographic groups, including women and minorities.  This will position Christie for the Republican nomination for President in 2016; though many Conservatives consider Christie a RINO.   Christie has done well in New Jersey; but it remains to be seen if he can win in Red State Republican primaries when facing candidates like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, or Marco Rubio, all Tea Party favorites.

The bigger discussion coming out of this election was what occurred in Virginia.  Wealthy Socialist Terry McAuliff, an old Clinton guy and Bundler barely squeaked by in Virginia, when he went into the election with a 10 point lead over Conservative Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.   Cuccinelli, supported by the Republican base and the Tea Party was able to narrow the gap to around 2 points by stressing his opposition to ObamaCare, which is very unpopular in Virginia, the same as is the case throughout the country.  

Most important, the Libertarian Candidate polled a little more than 6% of the vote, which is what really denied Cuccinelli a victory.   And, there was Obama Dirty Tricks in this deal as it was reported that the Libertarian Candidate was funded by Obama operatives.  As such, it would be totally incorrect to assume that the Socialists won in Virginia and or that the Tea Party is dead.  The reality is that Virginia is a very purple state where about 52% of Virginians voted Conservative and against Socialist McAuliff who won by around 48% to Cuccinelli's 46%. 

To win, McAuliff played the abortion card as Socialists always do to attract left wing, single women voters in Northern Virginia who put McAuliff over the top.  Cuccinelli actually did very well with most other demographic groups in Virginia.  Further, McAuliff, who is wealthy, was able to bring in significantly more money than Cuccinelli, from out of state, including Hollywood money, to run constant negative ads against Cuccinelli painting him as right wing nut.  This money proved to be the difference between winning and losing as it always does.  Had Cuccinelli had more money to combat those ads and had there been no Libertarian in the race, Cuccinelli would have won the election.   Of course, would of's and could of's in politics and life don't matter much.   What does matter is that Republicans draw the right conclusions from this election. 

Preferably Republicans that come from blue collar roots, that are well funded and stick to Conservative principles supporting free market capitalism, limited government, lower taxes and less regulation and nuanced positions on the social issues can win in most states and nationally.   And of course, it helps to have candidates that can connect with the people.  In addition, ObamaCare will still be a big issue in the 2014 and 2016 elections as this monstrosity hits the American people like a train wreck.  Further, Libertarians need to understand that if they are not in the Republican tent, they are helping Socialists gain power, which would have to be less preferable to them. To draw any other conclusions from the elections in New Jersey and Virginia would be a path to defeat for Republicans. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Obama's Climate Change Task Force

Socialist President Obama has issued an Executive Order to create a Climate Change Task Force composed of environmental wacko Socialist Governors and Mayors to advise him on projects that need to be done in their regions to deal with climate change issues.   Obama is doing this because he cannot get Climate Change Legislation through Congress.   The Environmental Protection Agency, one of Obama's Gestapos, will use this Task Force to take more control over land use and the entire economy, just wait and see.  Remember, Obamanistas are Socialists and or Communists seeking to control all aspects of daily life. 

Thank God, we only have three more years of Obama and we are counting the days.  Obama is a clear and present danger to our nation, our people and our freedom.  This President acts as a Dictator who knows all.  ObamaCare is just an example.  Obama has issued more than 13,000 Executive Orders, many of which should be challenged as Unconstitutional.  

If Obama was a Republican, there would be calls for his impeachment related to all the lies and Scandals.   This Climate Change Task Force is an over reach by the federal government.   As usual, Obamanistas will destroy millions of jobs with their environmental wacko Socialist Schemes and antics.  Expect a Carbon Tax to come next by Executive Order. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Governor's Race In Virginia - More Socialism

If the polls are correct, there is a pretty good chance that Socialist Terry McAuliff, an old Clinton Operative and Bundler will be elected in the Governor's race in Virginia, beating out good guy Conservative Ken Cuccinelli, the state's current Attorney General.  Remember, it was Cuccinelli, along with various other Republican state Attorney Generals that filed litigation in an attempt to stop the ObamaCare monstrosity.  This is happening because Northern Virginia is very liberal with most people there living off the federal government, one way or another.  Let's face it, these voters are feeding at the trough.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing. 

Cuccinelli is both a Social and Economic Conservative.   Since many left wing, radical women only vote on the abortion issue, a very high percentage of single and divorced women in Virginia will vote for Socialist McAuliff even though he has tons of baggage.  Naturally, Hollywood and the left wing lame steam media are supporting McAuliff.   In addition, there is a Libertarian candidate in the race, who will syphon off some votes from Cuccinelli making it difficult for him to win. 

Virginians beware, if the Socialists gain control of Virginia they will do to Virginia what the Socialists have done to California, New York and Illinois.   The public employee unions will bankrupt the state.   The environmental wackos will destroy more jobs and raise the cost of goods and services by imposing job killer regulations.  And, of course, if the Socialists gain control, they will raise taxes.   Surprise, Surprise. 

You can also expect corruption from McAuliff.   It is the way he does business.  We have seen this story over and over again throughout the United States.  It is the story of the Blue States and cities like bankrupt Detroit.   If the voters of Virginia elect Socialists to office, they will get what they deserve.  Virginia will cease to be the job mecca it has been while governed by Republicans.  It really is that simple. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Texas Is Booming - Blue States Are Declining

Every time this Blogger travels to Texas, I am amazed to see the new road and construction projects going on all over the state.   Clearly, Texas is booming because it is business and family friendly.  There is no personal income tax in Texas.  There is a very low Corporate Margins tax; but it does not come anywhere near the corporate income taxes in states like New York, California, Illinois and other Blue States run by Socialists.  Sales tax and property tax are about the same as many other states.  Gas is a dollar a gallon less than in California.  Utilities cost much less than in many blue states because of over regulation and requirements related to green energy.  In general, Texas is run by Conservative Republicans that implement lower taxes and less regulation and we see the end result; a booming economy.   The same story is true in many other Red states run by Republicans. 

Thirty years ago, there were about 250 companies with 5,000 employees or more headquartered in California and 80 located in Texas.   Today, that number has reversed as about 100 large companies are still headquartered in California and 225 are located in Texas.   And, of the large companies still headquartered in California, many have moved most of their operations out of state, or overseas to avoid California's high cost of living, taxes and regulations.  Texas should be the role model for the United States and would be if both Houses of Congress and the Presidency were controlled by Conservatives. 

Instead, Socialist President Obama is pursuing his goal to transform the United States into California and bankrupt Detroit City.  Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress keep pushing for more deficit spending, even higher federal taxes, more job killer regulations and big government programs that are destined to fail.   ObamaCare is really just the tip of the iceberg.   There are Billions of dollars of waste, fraud and abuse in federal spending.  And, since the Obama economy is not growing, more and more people are on the dole, which is difficult to reverse once ingrained. 

Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress all need to go to Texas to see what is possible with good governance based on Conservative principles of limited government, lower taxes, less regulation and economic freedom.   Obama's Socialist path is a road to misery, poverty and a lower standard of living for all Americans.   History is our teacher.   Socialism, Obama's ideology, has failed every where in the world it has been tried.  To stop our nation's decline, we have to take back our country to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States.  We have to implement the Texas model for our nation.  Time is running out. 

ObamaCare - Release The Numbers

ObamaCare is predicated on redistribution of income.  That is, the 50% of us that already pay all the income taxes in the country need to pay even higher taxes to support ObamaCare subsidies.   And, those that actually buy medical insurance, whether privately, or through their employers must pay higher premiums and deductibles so the poor and lower Middle Class can pay less.  This Blogger's company just received our insurance premium increase for next year and it will be 10%, 5.5% of which is pass through ObamaCare taxes.   So much for lower premiums promised by Socialist President Obama. 

Further, Seniors will experience rationing of care as a result of the $700 Billion cuts to Medicare funding in ObamaCare because many doctors will not take straight Medicare patients.   Finally, the healthy young must pay more so that those who are 50 - 65 years old, that use more medical services, can pay less.  ObamaCare is built on a mountain of Socialist lies and redistribution of both medical services and income.   

ObamaCare represents government tampering with the free market in ways that distort all pricing for medical insurance and services.   It is a giant Ponzi Scheme in many ways even worse than Social Security.   Most important, if Middle and Upper class young healthy Americans, that do not qualify for subsidies, do not sign up for ObamaCare, specific to the funding, ObamaCare will collapse.   Of course, since all the numbers behind on ObamaCare were based on Socialist smoke and mirrors and lies, the numbers don't matter much anyway.  

Socialist President Obama and his pals in Congress told us that ObamaCare would cost $900 Billion over ten years.   The Congressional Budget Office is telling us now that it will cost more like $2 Trillion instead.   However, this all assumes that 7 million mostly healthy Americans sign up by next March, which is not likely to happen.  As a result, ObamaCare is likely to cost several Trillion Dollars over ten years adding to our National Debt. 

What we are seeing is that people are signing up for Medicaid, at taxpayer expense, which is free to them rather than ObamaCare medical insurance.  And, the others that do sign up, of which there are few to date, will either be those getting subsidies, or those that are the sick or old among us, with pre-existing conditions, willing to buy insurance at high prices with high deductibles and co-pays because they need medical services. 

From a cost standpoint, ObamaCare will fall apart because the original numbers were never true anyway.   When it happens, Socialists will call for even higher taxes on the Middle Class and the "rich" to pay for ObamaCare.   That is already happening.  But, you can't squeeze blood out of a rock.   In addition to the current $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, there is already $100 Trillion or more in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Disability benefits, which are exploding and local, state and federal pensions.   ObamaCare is just the icing on the cake.   The United States is fast becoming bankrupt Detroit.   It is impossible to tax our way out of this mess, no matter what the Socialists say and they know it.  

The only solution is cuts to all the Entitlements, including ObamaCare.   Detroit is offering to give their former employees pension benefits of 16 cents on the dollar.   Of course, Detroit can't print money unless Obama does it for them.   The US can and will print money to deal with Entitlements because Socialists will not cut benefits going to their PEEP's.  All of this will cause the economic collapse of the United States. 

In the mean time, Obamanistas should Release The Numbers related to ObamaCare sign-up's.   Instead, President Pinocchio is out on the campaign trail telling even more lies.   Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, spy and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Now, Obama is focused on the 2014 Congressional elections to take back the House of Representatives because he is desperate to stop all the Obama Scandal investigations.   So, we can expect Obamanistas to lie even more about ObamaCare.  They will manipulate the numbers once again.  It is just business as usual, isn't it. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Texas - Common Sense Limits On Abortions

The state of Texas has enacted common sense restrictions on abortions including prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy and requiring that the abortionist have admitting rights at hospitals, in the event of a botched abortion.   Texas also requires that abortions be performed in facilities that have the same standards as surgical facilities.   Of course, Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill, that performs more than 350,000 abortions a year in substandard walk in facilities, is fighting all of this in court.  These radicals want the ability to perform abortion right up until birth because it is a real money maker for Planned Parenthood. 

It time for all states to adopt the Texas approach to limiting abortions.   We should also require parental notice, if the girl, and I emphasize girl, is a minor, stopping public schools from referring a young girl for an abortion, waiting periods after counseling, an out right ban to partial birth abortion, which is clearly infanticide and easier and less costly means of adoption.   While this Blogger is ardently Pro Life and believes that abortion should only happen in cases of rape, incest or if a mother's life is REALLY in danger,  I also recognize that abortion is currently the law of the land.  

While I still believe that abortion is the killing of an innocent baby, I can live with common sense limits on abortion that still preserves, "a woman's right to choose", but at the same time recognizes that this is a serious decision and medical procedure.   No one of any age should be pushed to have an abortion by left wing Secularists, Planned Parenthood (to make money) and the lame stream left wing media.  As technology continues to prove that this is a real, live baby that is being killed by abortion, we will see more and more Americans become Pro-Life.   When that happens, we will switch from being a culture of death to a culture of life.