Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Culture War In America

There is a culture war going on in America as everything appears to be upside down.  Those of us that cling to our guns, religion and traditional family values generally support limit Constitutional Government, lower taxes and less regulation.  We believe in the Free Market Capitalism and Economic Freedom that built our country.   On the other side, is the lame stream left wing media, based in New York City and Los Angeles and Secular Socialists, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists that literally hate everything we support. Go figure. 

While we are tolerant of various views, no matter how vehemently we disagree with them, the left wing is incredibly intolerant of any view that is not theirs.  We often see this when a Conservative attempts to speak at a college or university where Socialism and Communism are the only ideologies tolerated.  Hollywood portrays the dysfunctional family as the norm.  There are only a few shows on TV that are the old style Cosby Show with a husband and a wife and well behaved and respectful children.  The comedy then was about all the typical family things that come up in day to day life.   And, they were funny without the need to be dirty.

Today, we have the "Modern Family" composed of a blended family headed by two divorced parents, with children, along with a Gay couple with an adopted daughter.  Actually, that show is pretty normal; by comparison with other shows that are focused on indiscriminate sex and "hooking up", which always seems to be the theme.  And GLEE, that should have been a sweet show about quirky high school kids competing in GLEE competitions around the country, was turned into a TV 14 rated adult show  that children should not be watching.  It is not even rated PG 13, which would allow young teenagers to watch it with parental guidance.  Instead, the writers and producers, many of whom are Gay, decided to make the show about straight and gay sex among high school kids; though in fairness they have tackled some relevant issues like Bullying to good effect.  Honestly, aside from the great music, the scripts are the reason the show has lost viewers resulting in a last season this year. 

This Blogger is not naive and I do realize that all of these things do go on in our country; but I also think that most things shown on TV, other than the educational channels, are left wing propaganda and garbage not worth watching.  Yes, there are many dysfunctional families in our country; but there are also many hard working normal families and I include Gay families in this mix.  What passes for humor on many TV shows, usually based on some sexual scenario, is just not funny.  In fact, the scripts are so stupid that they are sometimes painful to watch.  This is probably the reason that so many of these shows find no audience and are gone in a season as opposed to those shows that stress family values that seem to live on.    

100 years of Socialist Creep in America has led to a lawless society, full of broken families and substance abuse.  Welfare has destroyed the Black family.   The lame stream, left wing media and Hollywood portrays dysfunction as normal and normal as abnormal.  Everything is upside down as the culture war continues in America.  It is a war we have to win for the good of our country and our children and grandchildren.

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