Sunday, November 24, 2013

ObamaCare - Small & Mid-Sized Companies Are Next

More than 5 million Americans, so far, have lost their private medical insurance because their plans do not meet ObamaCare requirements and this is just the beginning.   The next shoe to fall will be small and mid-sized companies, that will face cancellations in the next 12 months because their plans do not meet ObamaCare higher cost requirements.  The end result is that many of these companies will just pay the $2,000 fine per employee, rather than significantly higher premiums ending their company sponsored plans.   When that happens, employees will be forced to go on ObamaCare and face much higher premiums to pay for all the "free mandates" now required by the law.   It is estimated that as many as 78 million more Americans, currently in company sponsored plans, will be negatively impacted by ObamaCare when the dust settles.  And, Obamanistas knew it three years ago and then lied about it in 2010 when Obama said if you like your plan and doctors you can keep them.  President Pinocchio's nose is so long he needs a wheel barrel to carry it along.   That is the reason the vast majority of Americans now see Obama as the LIAR that he has been since the first day he took office.  

ObamaCare only works for those people eligible for Subsidies.  Everyone else gets screwed by ObamaCare.  Young Professionals and dual income families that are solidly Middle Class will not qualify for subsidies.  Instead, if they lose their current plans, they will face higher premiums on the Exchanges.  It is already happening to many people.   Senior citizens will face rationing because of the $700 Billion cut from Medicare to help pay for ObamaCare.  Many doctors will not even accept Medicare patients because the payments for services are now so low.  Obamanistas could care less because ObamaCare is all about redistribution of income, not health care.   And, we will all see premiums go up in the years ahead because the numbers that were the basis for ObamaCare were all Socialists and smoke and mirrors.   The cost will be double or triple the original numbers that were the basis for ObamaCare.  It was all a big LIE that now is seeing the light of day. 

Obama promised the insurance companies millions of additional healthy customers, presumably willing to pay more so that those receiving subsidies and those that have chronic ailments would pay less.  It really is pretty simple.  However, many Middle Class Americans that don't qualify for subsidies will not sign up because they can't afford the premiums.  And, when that happens, premiums will go up for all Americans even more than is happening today.  There is no free ride contrary to Socialist promises.   All the "free mandates" required by ObamaCare will raise premiums.  There is no other way to pay for this monstrosity.  As such, this Blogger is starting to believe that REPEAL is a real possibility because an uprising is coming.   Ultimately, Socialists will care more about staying in office, feeding at the trough, than providing health care to their PEEP's through ObamaCare.  This is where the rubber will hit the road in 2014 and 2016.  The rats that enacted ObamaCare will abandon Obama like rats on a sinking ship.  It will be ever Socialist for him or herself; just wait and see. 

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