Sunday, November 3, 2013

Governor's Race In Virginia - More Socialism

If the polls are correct, there is a pretty good chance that Socialist Terry McAuliff, an old Clinton Operative and Bundler will be elected in the Governor's race in Virginia, beating out good guy Conservative Ken Cuccinelli, the state's current Attorney General.  Remember, it was Cuccinelli, along with various other Republican state Attorney Generals that filed litigation in an attempt to stop the ObamaCare monstrosity.  This is happening because Northern Virginia is very liberal with most people there living off the federal government, one way or another.  Let's face it, these voters are feeding at the trough.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing. 

Cuccinelli is both a Social and Economic Conservative.   Since many left wing, radical women only vote on the abortion issue, a very high percentage of single and divorced women in Virginia will vote for Socialist McAuliff even though he has tons of baggage.  Naturally, Hollywood and the left wing lame steam media are supporting McAuliff.   In addition, there is a Libertarian candidate in the race, who will syphon off some votes from Cuccinelli making it difficult for him to win. 

Virginians beware, if the Socialists gain control of Virginia they will do to Virginia what the Socialists have done to California, New York and Illinois.   The public employee unions will bankrupt the state.   The environmental wackos will destroy more jobs and raise the cost of goods and services by imposing job killer regulations.  And, of course, if the Socialists gain control, they will raise taxes.   Surprise, Surprise. 

You can also expect corruption from McAuliff.   It is the way he does business.  We have seen this story over and over again throughout the United States.  It is the story of the Blue States and cities like bankrupt Detroit.   If the voters of Virginia elect Socialists to office, they will get what they deserve.  Virginia will cease to be the job mecca it has been while governed by Republicans.  It really is that simple. 

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