Friday, November 8, 2013

Obama's Surrender To Iran

It appears that Socialist President Obama may be about to surrender to Iran, allowing them to continue developing nuclear weapons, perhaps at a slower pace, in exchange for lessening economic sanctions on their country.   It is a huge mistake and a very dangerous development.  In almost insures that the Israeli's will have to take military action against Iran because it will create an untenable situation for Israel.  Further, Saudi Arabia and Israel will now have to develop nuclear weapons, resulting in an arms race in the Middle East, as a counter balance to Iran in the region.  It is pretty obvious that Iran seeks to establish Persian hegemony in the Middle East, which both Sunni Arabs and the Israeli's will never allow.  This is just one more example of Obama's naive inexperience that has contributed to the mess in the Middle East and a loss of US standing around the world.  The Arab Spring has turned into the miserable Arab Dark Winter because of Obama's incompetence. 

Look, no one in the US wants war with Iran or any other country; but Iran is the chief sponsor of Terrorism around the world.  A nuclear armed Iran is an unacceptable threat to world peace and US security because Iran could supply Terrorists with suit case sized dirty nuclear bombs that could be smuggled into the United States across our porous border with Mexico.  This is another critical reason that we must SECURE our border once and for all, even if it means posting the US Army all along our border. 

Clearly, American citizens are weary of war; but the reality is that there have been thousands of Terrorist attacks on Western targets since 9/11.  Even with all the Obama drone killing of Terrorists, the situation is not getting any better.  Al Qaeda is on the rise all across North Africa, the Middle East and Pakistan.  Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but fanatic Al Qaeda is alive and well.  Assuming Israel does not act first, ultimately, if Obama continues with this folly, Iran will have nuclear weapons within 5 years, instead of 2.   As a result, the next President of the United States will face a nuclear armed Iran.   When that happens, no doubt, it will result in a policy of Containment, the same as occurred with the old Soviet Union.   But, the Middle East is a tinder box always waiting to explode.  We could see Armageddon in the Middle East. 

All of this makes it absolutely imperative that the US become completely Energy Independent and soon.  We must be in a position to tell these countries in the Middle East, many of which hate us, to go eat sand.   Based on recent finds, if energy companies are allowed to develop all energy sources within the United States, including on federal lands, not only will it create millions of good paying jobs that cannot be off shored, it will provide for our national security.  In addition, at a time when the federal government needs new revenues to fund Entitlements, taxes on Energy could help save the day.  Of course, this means getting the EPA Gestapo under control to allow for reasonable development of our energy resources.   This will not happen as long as Obama and his Socialist pals remain in control in Washington DC, another reason to throw the bums out of office in 2014 and 2016. 

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