Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kill NSA Spying On All Americans

The Congress is determining whether to reauthorize the NSA Spying on all Americans.  Though this Conservative Blogger does not support Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul because I think he is weak on Defense, Paul is right to oppose this NSA Program.  The very notion that the federal government is gathering phone and email records on all Americans, in that huge facility in Utah, is a violation of our 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights.   Instead, the federal government should go through the normal processes to get court authorization to spy on any American.  And, most important, the federal government should do Terrorist Profiling that should include keeping track of potential Islamic Fanatics in the United States and overseas and any other radical groups that pose a threat to the American people and nation. 

That certainly does not include little old me, nor my wife; now on Medicare and or millions of other law abiding Americans that have absolutely nothing to do with Terrorism, or any other illegal acts that would endanger other Americans, or our country.  Given the federal government's record of targeting Conservatives and various Religious groups that oppose Obama's Socialist Schemes, why on earth would we trust the federal government to protect our rights.   No way.   This Blogger has often said that we should fear an all powerful federal government, that often violates our rights, almost as much as we might fear a foreign enemy.   We certainly don't need Obama Big Brother intruding on all aspects of daily life. 

Obama has used his IRS, EPA and Justice Department Gestapos to target, persecute and prosecute Americans that do not share their Secular Socialist ideology.  Who is to say that they would not use information gathered by the NSA to go even further.   This program legitimately came out of the attack we faced by Islamic Fanatics on 9/11.  And, the Terrorist Threat that we face today is from radical Islamic Fanatics around the world.   As such, it is only logical that there should be Terrorist Profiling and leave the rest of us alone.   Too bad if that is not politically correct; but our rights should not be violated in the name of National Security. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Former Maryland Socialist Governor Martin O'Malley Running For President

The former Governor of Maryland, Socialist Martin O'Malley, announced that he will challenge Hillary Clinton for the Socialist nomination for President.   O'Malley is even more left wing that Hilly.  How appropriate that O'Malley announced his candidacy in Baltimore, Maryland where he was once Mayor.  Since O'Malley left both the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore in a mess, what on earth are his selling points to the nation.  Maryland is an economic basket case.   And, the city of Baltimore is a crime invested wasteland.   In fact, this is the reason why the people of Maryland elected a Republican Governor in 2014. 

Things are so bad that this normally blue Socialist state, on welfare from the federal government, elected a Republican to try to clean up the fiscal mess that O'Malley left behind.  The state of Maryland has $16 Billion in assets and $44 Billion in Liabilities that it cannot pay.  These monies are primarily promised to Maryland state public employees to pay their pensions.   Maryland is one of 41 sinkhole states where liabilities grossly exceed assets with no plan in place to pay these bills.   The end result is that in 2014, 54% of moves were out of Maryland, rather than into Maryland.  Maryland has high taxes and cumbersome regulations that make it a poor state to do business thanks to years of Socialist rule.   Did you know that Socialist Congresswoman Dizzy Nancy Pelosi's father was once the Mayor of Baltimore when even more corruption than today was common.    

So while this Blogger would like to see Hillary Clinton challenged for the Socialist nomination, Martin O'Malley has no story to tell as Maryland's former Governor.  If he were to get the nomination and was running against any number of successful Republican Governor's who are in the race, all of them could claim major successes in fiscal responsibility and sound management.  The problem for the Socialist Party of America is that they have no bench.  Hillary Clinton, with all the Clinton Baggage and Scandals, is about as good as they can do. 

Martin O'Malley is just left wing Socialist Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, with shorter hair in a man's suit; singing the same old left wing Socialist Class Warfare tired songs that have bankrupted our nation.  So while it may make the Socialist race a little more interesting to have O'Malley strutting around, so that Hilly will have someone to debate for the first few months of the campaign, he has nothing new to say.  Unless the Clinton's Shenanigans make it impossible for Hilly to run, which is a possibility that O'Malley is betting on, Hillary Clinton will be the Socialist Candidate for President in 2016. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Clinton's - Pay To Play Shenanigans

The Clinton Foundation Scandal just gets bigger by the day.  In the latest revelation, Bubba Clinton agreed to accept a Life Time Achievement Award at a Happy Hearts Fund Gala, after founder Czech model Petra Nemcova agreed to give the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation a $500,000 donation.   Just imagine, this charitable group was trying to honor Bubba; but to accept the honor, Bubba demanded a big donation.  Bill Clinton recently said of all his questionable business activities that he had to work to "pay his bills" as though the Clinton's, reported to be worth more than $120 million, are living hand to mouth. 

Virginia Republican Governor Bob McDonald went to jail for accepting a few thousands dollar worth of gifts.  New Jersey Democrat Senator Robert Menendez has been indicted, by the Obama Justice Department, for presumably accepting about a million dollars worth of gifts.  The Clinton's have accepted hundreds of millions of dollars in their Pay To Play Schemes that have made their family multi millionaires.  If Hillary Clinton, was any other candidate running for the Presidency, rather than the darling of the left wing lame stream media, she would be forced to pull out of the race because of all the shenanigans that continue to surface.   

Let's face it, the Clinton's have used their positions in office and their global contacts to gain more wealth than any other President in American history.  Yet, Hilly claims she wants to be the champion of the poor and middle class, while at the same time she and her husband have done anything and everything possible to line their pockets.  And, let's not forget that little Chelsea, their young daughter, is reported to be paid $600,000 a year to run their Foundation.   Not bad for a 30 something year old woman with no significant work experience.  The Clinton Foundation is the family business.  Hopefully, the Clintons have done some good work with these tax deductible donations; but most of all, they have used this Foundation to become very wealthy.  It is what it is.

The Crisis In Black America

This Blogger recently saw the movie, Selma about the protest marches organized by Dr. Martin Luther King to gain voting rights for Blacks in the South.  King's leadership ultimately led to Socialist President Lyndon Johnson putting the Voting Rights Act before Congress and the bill becoming the law of the land.  First, this is a great movie.  Second, it demonstrates what a powerful and insightful leader Dr. King really was.  Sadly, Black America today has no such leader, which is one of the reasons there is a Crisis in Black America.   What we have instead are Poverty Pimps like Al Sharpton and others that have gotten rich off the misery of the poor. 

Rather than attempting to help Blacks succeed in America, these characters want to see more Blacks on Welfare and Food Stamps because it is the basis of their power.  The end result has been the destruction of the Black inner city family, 7 out of 10 Black babies born out of wedlock into poverty, the highest poverty rate in three decades, an unemployment rate that is double the White unemployment rate, Black on Black crime that is resulting in the death of thousands of Blacks each year and failing public schools that are resulting in a very high Black drop out rate.   This is not a pretty picture and it is getting worse as we see riots in the streets. 

There is a Crisis in Black America that will only get worse as long as so called Black Leaders, including Pinocchio and Michelle Obama, continue to portray Blacks as victims.  Until we have Black Leaders of Dr. King's talents and caliber that preach personal responsibility and government programs like WorkFare and School Choice, the Crisis in Black America will only get worse.  This Blogger does not see any National Black Leader with Dr. King's talents on the horizon, except perhaps, Dr. Ben Carson.  Until such leaders emerge as the voice of Black America, what we have instead are Poverty Pimps, pushing Socialist Schemes, seeking to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor.    This has been the story since Dr. King's murder and we see the end result; sadly just more misery and poverty.     

Thursday, May 28, 2015

US Voters Reject Socialist Agenda

Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has been the best thing to happen for the Republican Party since Jimmy Carter.   Contrary to Bill Clinton, who was a moderate, old style, pragmatic Democrat, Obama is a Socialist Ideologue, out to transform the United States into a European style Socialist nation.   There is no doubt that Obama and Socialist like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have moved the old Democrat Party further to the left than it has ever been.  Problem is that our nation is a center right country contrary to what the lame steam left wing media would have us believe.   Cards talk and the numbers don't lie. 

As of the last election, aside from taking over the US Congress with the biggest majority in decades, there are now 29 Republican controlled State Legislatures, 11 controlled by Socialists and 10 that are split.   There are 33 out of 50 Republican Governors, 16 that are Socialists and 1 Independent.  For the most part, the Republicans that have gained power profess to be Conservatives, or certainly center right politicians; though there are some RINOS in the group, as is the case in Nevada, where this blogger lives.   So, anyone who thinks that Socialist Hillary Clinton will automatically win the Presidency, is delusional.  By the way, the reason that Hillary Clinton has little or no opposition in her run for the Socialist nomination is that there is so little Socialist talent in office around the country.   This will be a problem for Socialists for decades to come.  Their bench is really weak because their ideas stink, while Republicans have a really strong bench at all levels of government. 

Hilly is having to move further to the left to win the support of Socialists across the country.  It will be very difficult for Hilly to move back to the center during the general election.   Further, Hillary Clinton is so connected to both the Benghazi and her Foundation Scandals that these will continue to plague her in the national election.  Assuming Republicans nominate attractive candidates for President and VP, which is likely given the field, there is better than a 50/50 chance that Hillary Clinton will be defeated in 2016.  Hilly will be running for Obama's third term and since Obama is so unpopular, he will be an anchor around her neck that will make it very difficult for her to win. 

Any Republican candidate will be running not just against Hillary Clinton; but against Obama's failed foreign and economic policies.   The last two election cycles when Republicans made impressive gains, at all levels of government, are the telling tale.   Obama's failed Socialist ideology has been rejected soundly at the local, state and federal levels.  Hillary Clinton has no choice; but to sing the same old Socialist songs that voters have rejected in the last election cycles.  The voters have heard "Happy Days Are Here Again", since Franklin Roosevelt was President and they know that Socialism only produces misery and higher poverty.  

Instead, the majority of Americans have voted for Republicans that support limited Constitutional government, lower taxes, less regulations, a strong national defense, protection of 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, pro life candidates and moral values.  Hillary Clinton and the Socialists are wrong on all of these issues.  It is what it is.       

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Obama's Executive Amnesty Program Ruled Unconstitutional

A federal Appeals Court has sided with the 26 states, suing Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama, to stop his Executive Amnesty Program, determining that Obama's action is Unconstitutional.  The Obama Justice Department will now need to decide to appeal further all the way to the US Supreme Court.  The states claimed that Obama's Executive Amnesty Program would do irreparable damage to their states, since the impact would result in much higher cost to them and their citizen taxpayers.   The courts agreed with this contention; also saying that Obama does not have the authority to do this without an act of Congress. 

For now anyway, both the Separation of Powers, States Rights and the Constitution have been preserved as Obama's dictatorial powers have been curtailed.  However, if Obamanistas decide to appeal, which is probable, we will have to wait for a Supreme Court decision, should they decide to hear the case, or just let the Appeals Court ruling stand.   Obama's contention that he had to act to "fix a broken immigration system" because Congress thus far has refused to act is not the way our Constitution works.   The Congress enacts laws that are executed by the President.   The President of the United States, no matter who he or she is does not get to make the laws of the land.  It is bad enough that in interpreting the laws passed by Congress, that the Executive Branch issues regulations to enforce the laws, without going the next step and actually creating new law, which is the case with Obama's Executive Amnesty Program. 

We do need common sense Immigration Reform, enacted by Congress, that starts with securing our border.   We should have legal status for illegal immigrants in the United States that does not provide a path to citizenship, without going through the normal process for all immigrants waiting in line.  We should have a guest worker program that would allow workers, presumably from Latin America, to work in the United States for prescribed periods of time.  Clearly, illegal immigrants that commit crimes in our country should be immediately deported.  Obama's Executive Amnesty Program was never the solution.  

EPA Propaganda Campaign At Taxpayer Expense

The Environmental Protection Agency Gestapo implemented a propaganda campaign, using tax payer money, to gain support for its new regulations that would govern all waterways in the United States, including the mud puddles in your backyard.  The EPA Gestapo used Social Media and other means to make the case for this unprecedented power grab that will impact all Americans; but in particular farmers and ranchers.  These regulations would put the EPA in charge of rain water run off, as in from the roofs of our homes.  The EPA would be in a position to govern all matters related to water in the name of the Clean Air and Water Act. 

Think about it.  That would not only include Drinking Water, but toilet and shower use, not to mention all water used in Agriculture, Ranching and other industries that may be water intensive driving up the cost of various products.  This regulation is again the EPA Gestapo reaching into all aspects of daily life over riding local, state and federal laws that already govern water usage.  As usual, the EPA will destroy even more jobs by these job killing measures.  Look, everybody wants clean air and water; but when these regulations are used covertly as an excuse to gain control of water usage in our homes and or industries and  to add additional taxes; enough is enough. 

Don't think it can't happen.  The state of Maryland attempted to tax rain water run off from home roofs until the crazy law was struck down by the courts.  There are already laws that govern the amount of water that can be used for toilets; in some cases making them unworkable and shower regulators so that if not modified make taking a shower like having someone throw a few drops of water at a person.   The Coachilla Valley in California, what used to be the fruit basket of the United States, is turning into a dust bowl because environmental wackos have prevented the building of more dams in California and have prevented water from the Sacramento Delta from going to them to protect the Delta Smelt, a worthless little fish of no commercial value. 

The EPA was created when Richard Nixon was President with good intent.   But this agency has turned into another Socialist Gestapo attempting to regulate all aspects of life.  The Republican Congress must cut spending going to the EPA to starve the beast that is out of control.   Giving the EPA more money only encourages more crazy regulations that are killing jobs in the United States.  If we want to create jobs in America, the best way to do it is to limit the power of the EPA and stop all the crazy regulations that are destroying whole industries and pushing jobs overseas. 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Celebrating Memorial Day In The United States

The last Monday in May in the United States is Memorial Day, a national holiday honoring the thousands of men and women who have given their lives and or been wounded to protect our freedoms.   This story began with the American Revolution and continues today as our country is in a struggle against evil that has challenged just about every generation of Americans in one way or another.  As President Ronald Reagan always said, "Freedom is not Free".  Freedom has come at a tremendous cost of blood and treasure to the American people, since our founding as a Free Country. 

Reagan also said the American people are just one generation away from losing our Freedom as government continually erodes the freedoms guaranteed us in the US Constitution.   As a result, we must be particularly vigilant in fighting to protect the freedoms enumerated in the Bill of Rights, particularly related to freedom of speech, religion and press and our ability to own guns.   We also must make sure that government is not guilty of illegal searches and seizures as is now happening with the NSA spying on all Americans in the name of National Security. 

On Memorial Day each year, we honor the men and women who have died and or been wounded in the defense of our country and our freedoms.  This is a never ending struggle as we see totalitarian regimes and right now Islamic Fanatics around the world that oppose liberty and everything we hold dear.   Memorial Day is more relevant today than ever.  The next time you see a member of our Armed Forces, thank them for the sacrifices they are making to protect our freedoms.   Their work in our defense should never, never be taken for granted. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Violent Crime Up In Baltimore, Maryland

Since the recent riots in Baltimore, protesting police brutality that resulted in the indictment of 6 Cops for the accidental death of Freddie Gray, a convicted drug dealer, in the process of his arrest; violent crime is way up.   Clearly, Cops in Baltimore are sitting on their hands, rather than engaging criminals in a proactive way.   The numbers tell the story.   There has been a 32% decline in arrests since a year ago.   Murders are up by 40% compared to a year ago.   Non fatal shootings are up by 60%.  It is important to note that there were 9 gang related murders in Baltimore during the week of the riots that had nothing to do with Freddie Gray.   Aside from police actions, this is a very violent city where crime is rampant.

Obviously, the Baltimore Police Department, composed of about 50% Black Cops, in a Black run city is now only responding to 911 Calls rather than going out to stop crime from happening.   And, who could blame them.   6 Cops in Baltimore have been indicted for attempting to arrest a convicted criminal.   Freddie Gray died a week later as a result of a back or spinal injury that presumably occurred during the arrest.  But clearly, these Cops did not wake  up that day with the intent to go out and murder a Black Man.  There is a very good likelihood that these Cops will be acquitted in a politically charged trial; but in the mean time, this trial will put them and their families through months, or maybe even years of misery.

The signal to other Cops on the street, both in Baltimore and around the country is why attempt to prevent crimes from happening when their own lives are on the line when Socialist City officials in many of our big cities will not back them when deaths occur, which by the way are rare.  Though the police in every major US city have thousands of encounters every year with people of all colors, there have been about 130 killings  a year of Blacks in America in the process of arrest.  And actually, the number of Whites killed from these police encounters is three times that number. 

So now the people of Baltimore must fear even more the Black on Black crime that is devastating their city.   The Cops there and in other big cities in the United States are not about to stick their necks out, only to face potential arrest for doing their jobs.  What we are seeing is the law of unintended consequences and it is pretty ugly.  All of this will lead to more tragic murders in our inner cities.  Sadly, it is what it is and it is the result of Socialist politicians, including Pinocchio Obama's vilification of the Cops. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

ISIS Is Winning In The Middle East

As ISIS takes town after town in Iraq and Syria, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama still claims his strategy to stop them is working.   Obviously, the President is delusional.  Clearly, American Air Strikes alone are not working.  This is World War II history repeating itself.   ISIS is a group of Islamic Fanatics attempting to create a Caliphate under their control throughout the Middle East.  This is really a struggle between Iran, as Shia Muslims and Radical Sunni Muslims so we can expect to see the continued militarization of Iran, including their development of nuclear weapons.   In this case, Iran is just as fearful about these Islamic fanatics as they are about the United States and Israel.  Don't forget they already fought a long and bloody war with Iraq, when it was being run by Sunni's. 

So Obama can fiddle while the Middle East burns; but ultimately the United States will have to lead a coalition of nations to stop ISIS, the same way we did during World War II to stop the Nazi's from dominating Europe and the Japanese from dominating Asia.  It is just a matter of time.  This means bringing together Western nations, presumably NATO, along with more moderate Arab nations, Israel and maybe even Iran to stop ISIS from gaining more control over the Middle East.  As it is now, ISIS is just a few miles outside Baghdad, the location of the biggest American Embassy in the world.  We certain cannot stand by and watch Baghdad fall. 

Assuming things remain pretty much status quo, until January 20, 2017 and Obama is gone, it may be the next President of the United States that has to build this coalition, which will include more US boots on the ground.   In the mean time, more Christians, Jews and Muslims will brutally die at the hands of ISIS.  Pinocchio Obama does not have the guts to take on these Terrorists.   It will fall on the next President of the United States to clean up Obama's mess. 

China Attempting To Assert Control Over The South & East China Seas

China is attempting to assert control over the South and East China seas, by either building artificial islands and or claiming islands currently controlled by Japan.   These artificial islands are no where near China's coast line; but instead are claimed by the Philippines, Taiwan, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.   Further, these sand bars are clearly in international waters in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.   While the United States is challenging China's claims by aerial over flight and positioning our navy in the area, as are all other nations in the region, this is all happening because Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is weak and incompetent.
When Obama draws red lines in the sand that are meaningless, it emboldens are enemies.

The Chinese are attempting to do what Imperial Japan attempted to do and we know the end of that horrible story during World War II.  However, that was then and this is now.  Clearly, Japan must not only rearm, Japan must become a nuclear power to maintain the balance of power in Asia.   China cannot be allowed to gain hegemony over all of Asia.  The only way to stop that from happening, in addition to greater US presence in the region, is for Japan to play a more assertive role to counter China's aggressive positioning.   As Ronald Reagan always asserted, the only way to maintain the peace is through strength. 

Right now, China sees a United States, under Obama, scaling back our military spending.  Japan at best can only defend their coast line and even that is questionable.  Japan must become a regional power, with a blue water navy that can go beyond their coast line to reach as far as Singapore to play a key role in the region.   And, since both China and North Korea have nuclear weapons, it is time for Japan to develop a nuclear deterrent.  Unless and until both the United States and Japan act in concert to contain China, the Chinese are likely to be a threat to the entire region.   We can't let that happen. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Veterans Affairs Scandal Getting Worse

The Veterans Affairs Scandal is getting worse.   Over 110 Veterans Affairs medical facilities kept secret files concerning their ability to provide services to VETS to pump up the numbers to earn bonuses.  Originally, the new VA Administrator, now in charge, claimed that he fired 60 employees related to this mess.  Then that number was revised down to 14.  Now it turns out that only one VA employee has been fired, Phoenix VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman.  The rest got a slap on the wrist while continuing to be paid. 

And, despite receiving an additional $16 Billion in funds to deal with service problems and build new facilities, the new hospital being built in Denver, that is half finished, is $1 Billion over budget.  It is very clear that the VA, like many government agencies, commissions, departments etc. is broken.  It is time to privatize the Veterans Affairs department of government by selling it off to the private sector.  There is no reason to have Veterans Affairs hospitals and other facilities that are leading to poor service for VETS.  If the government wants to pay for medical care for VETS, which is justified, they can either be given ObamaCare at government expense, or just put on a version of Medicare so they can go to any doctor that will take government benefits. 

We don't need another huge government bureaucracy, in this case, hospitals filled with union government employees to take care of VETS.  Those facilities can and should all be sold off to the highest bidders and taken private.  The staff, hospitals and other facilities would not go away.  They would just all be working in the private system so the result will be better service for VETS, no longer trapped in a poorly managed government system.  The Free Market will solve the problem.  Those facilities that provide poor service will go out of business as VETs change instead to doctors and facilities that can meet their needs.  In the mean time, Veterans Affairs employees responsible for the cooked books should be fired and bonus monies illegally earned should be returned to the taxpayer.  Don't hold your breath.  Incompetence and corruption in government are always rewarded instead.  Go figure. 

Chicago & The State of Illinois Are Bankrupt

The city of Chicago and the State of Illinois are bankrupt thanks to years of Socialist rule and public employee union domination.   If we want to see what will happen to the United States as a result of Socialist Schemes that are bankrupting our country, look no further than Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama's home state.  Chicago and Illinois are such a fiscal mess that this Blogger sold a Class A office building that we built and owned in the suburbs of Chicago, at a loss because we could not rent the space given all the business flight.  I wanted out of this Black Hole, created by Socialists in government, before there is a complete collapse of the city and the state, which could have made our building completely worthless.

The people of Illinois recently elected a Republican Governor; but he still must work with a Socialist legislature unwilling to do what is necessary to get Illinois's fiscal house in order.  Liberal Socialist judges, no doubt appointed by Obama or Clinton, have ruled that public employee pensions, that are bankrupting the city and the state are sacred.  The only answer is higher taxes, which will cause even more companies to leave the state and actually result in less tax revenues not more.   So, Chicago and the state of Illinois are in a death spiral.  They can't really raise taxes any higher because the consequences would be disastrous; yet they can't pay their bills.  So the best the Socialists can do is borrow even more money at higher interest rates, assuming anybody is willing to lend them money.  Of course, this is just a giant Pozzi Scheme.  When the bottom falls out the last guys in will lose everything.   This Blogger would not buy Chicago, or Illinois bonds with somebody else's money; yet alone my own no matter how high the interest rate. 

Any company that does business with the city of Chicago, or the state of Illinois is risking never being paid.  Many have already been stiffed.  And, both Chicago and Illinois bonds are rated as junk, which means that default is possible.  Finally, Obama can't come to the rescue because any bail out would have to be approved by a Republican Controlled Congress, which will never happen.  So, the only possible solution is bankruptcy and a default on Illinois debt.  What other choice is there.  Other cities, states and the federal government are not far behind.  The only difference is that the federal government can print money, which will lead to very high interest rates and inflation.   That day is not too far off.  Chicago and the state of Illinois have no such option. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Japan's Bad Economy Is Coming To The United States

This Blogger has seen Japan first hand.  This is a country that went from being an impoverished nation after World War II to an industrial power house in the 1980's and 90's.   I remember a cover of a business magazine predicting that Japan would take over the world; much as they are saying about China today.  That was then and this is now.  Today, Japan is in a death spiral because what helped them grow rapidly, Socialist Collective behaviors, at the expense of rugged individualism, which made America great, is now killing them and will soon kill us if we continue to go down the same Socialist road. 

In the process of growing their economy, big companies in Japan and their senior management, as is happening in China today, became rich.  But the average citizen in Japan is far worse off than the average American, even with our declining Middle Class, though we too are heading in the same direction because of failed Socialist Schemes in the United States.  Working and living conditions in Japan, for the average Japanese citizen, are far worse than in the United States. 

And, when the stock and property bubbles burst, in an attempt to maintain high employment, the Japanese government stepped in borrowing billions of Yen to spend on government projects, some of which were wasteful spending and infrastructure.  Sound familiar.  There has been so much borrowing that the National Debt of Japan is now at 200% of their GDP.  The US National Debt is now at about 110% of our GDP, but we are heading in the Japanese direction.  The difference is however, that most of Japan's Debt is owed to Japanese citizens that have very high savings rates; but that does not make the Debt any less due at some point.  Much of our Debt is owed to foreign countries.  Japan has experienced deflation for more than 20 years, which has been very bad for their economy.  To try to deal with all of this rather than cutting taxes and regulations dramatically, Japan's taxes are among the highest in the world and stifling regulations control all aspects of life.

The end result is a very weak economy and young people graduating from college that cannot find jobs.  The old notion of employment for life in Japan is beginning to fade because big companies are leaving the Japanese market to manufacture products in other countries at less cost.  Japan is facing a vicious cycle of their own making.  They need more government spending to protect jobs, which results in more borrowing and prevents tax cuts to grow the private sector.  Obama's Socialist Schemes are following Japan's road to fiscal Armageddon.  Japan does not have a way out of this mess at at this point.   This will be the American story if we allow Socialists in America to pursue their big government Socialist Schemes.   We can't let that happen. 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Obama & Fox News

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama is not happy with Fox News for telling the truth about his Presidency.  Well too bad.   Fox News is the only member of the Media we can depend on to be "fair and balanced" related to reporting on government.  Obviously, we cannot rely on the Lame Stream Left Wing Media to tell us the truth.  They won't report on any of the Obama Scandals in any meaningful way because they do not want to make the President and the Socialist Party look bad.  Mr. President, as old Abe used to say, "you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time".

Obama is a liar plain and simple, which is the reason the Washington Post continues to give the President Pinocchio's for his pronouncements.   The Lame Stream Left Wing Media takes Obama's words as gospel.  If not for Fox News digging deeper related to the facts, the American people would only get left wing propaganda.   And, everything Obama says is propaganda.   Always, remember, Socialists like Obama will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

Thanks to Fox News telling the American people the truth, which in the last two elections cycles has caused them to throw many of the Socialist bums out of office.  No doubt, Obamanistas blame the election of a Republican Congress on Fox News and the Koch Brothers, instead of recognizing that it is their failed policies that caused them to lose the Congress.  Oh what a tangled web they weave, when these Socialists practice to deceive.   By the way, Fox beats all other news stations in ratings because truth is better than lies and Socialist propaganda.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Obama IRS Scandal Cover Up

Republican committees in Congress and others seeking information under the Freedom Of Information Act have faced an IRS and White House seeking to cover up the IRS Scandal concerning targeting of Tea Party and other Conservative groups.  What a surprise.  This has gone on now for more than two years as Obamanistas are just trying to wait out the clock until Obama is out of office.  It is very clear that the orders to target these groups came from the highest levels of government.  Let's not forget that then Senate Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada referred to Tea Party Members as "Terrorists".  

Clearly, there were Socialist Senators sending letters to the IRS demanding that these Conservative groups be targeted.  Oddly, those letters are just not available right now after two years of asking for them.  The only way to deal with the IRS is to starve the beast.  Republicans in Congress should cut spending for the IRS to stop the bonuses that are going to these scoundrels.  We also need to simplify the tax code so that IRS staffing can be cut dramatically.  

Congress must go to court to get access to these documents.  It is time for some of these characters to be indicted and sent to jail.  Of course, that will never happen as long as Obamanistas control the Justice Department.  Let's face it.   We are dealing with one of the most corrupt Administrations in American history.  Obama who said he would maintain the most transparent Administration in history has given us one of the most corrupt.   But none of this should be a surprise.  Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and target their enemies so that they continue feeding at the trough.  This is same old, same old. 

Hawaii's ObamaCare State Exchange Near Collapse

After the federal government provided $205 million to Hawaii to build their own state ObamaCare Exchange, the system is about to collapse.  Things are so bad that the federal government is providing another $30 million just to help the state transition to the federal ObamaCare Exchange.  The same thing has happened in other states like Nevada, where this Blogger lives.  No doubt, billions of dollars have been wasted implementing ObamaCare.   How does this help anyone get better access to health care. 

But then ObamaCare was never about health care.  It was nothing more than another Socialist Scheme to redistribute income from the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country, to the 50% who pay none.  This is really about the Makers giving even more money to the Takers in our society.  I just wish Socialists would be honest about their Schemes.   Eventually, the truth always comes out anyway. 

So now what.   We have to repeal and replace ObamaCare with a market driven health care system.   We have never had a free market health care system in the United States, especially since Medicare is really a Socialist Single Payer Plan.  And, Medicaid for people under 65 is just another government program for people on the dole.  We can do better; but not until we get the government out of our health care.  It will never happen as long as Socialists remain in government.  So, we have to vote them out of office to get real health care reform.  There is no other way. 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Obama & Clinton Want Christians To Change Our Beliefs - Not Going To Happen

Both Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama and Socialist Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton are now saying that Christians must change the long held opposition to Abortion and Gay Marriage.   Really??   Obama has said Christians should just focus on helping the poor, which for him means higher taxes and more government failed programs.   Hilly has just said that we have to change what we believe in to support the Radical Feminist and Gay agendas.   We do support helping the Poor and give lots of money to charities designed to break the cycle of poverty.  But it is clear after spending trillions of dollars on the War On Poverty that big government is not the answer. 

It is pretty obvious that neither Obama nor Clinton are Christians.  They worship at the alter of Secular Socialism.   It is impossible for real Christians to change our position on Abortion, since we see it as the murder of innocent babies.   This position is non negotiable.  While this Blogger can live with Civil Unions for Gays,  I cannot call it marriage.  Marriage as defined in the Bible and a 5000 year tradition can only be between one man and one woman.   Most Christians don't care what laws are passed, or what Secular Courts say, our Christian beliefs will never change. 

This is really the cultural and religious divide in America.  Those of us the cling to our faith, moral and family values and guns have nothing much in common with people like Obama or Clinton.  That is not going to change any time soon. 

Obama's Claims Successful People Have Just Won The Lottery

Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama now claims that successful people just won the lottery, as though their hard work had nothing to do with their success.  This follows on Obama's comment when he once said "you did not build that" when speaking of entrepreneurs who built their businesses from nothing.    This President who has accomplished nothing in his life, except winning elections, is just full of S--T related to his understanding of what it takes to succeed in business.   As an entrepreneur who has worked my A-- off for 50 years to achieve success,  Obama's comments make my blood boil.

Where was Obama and his Socialist Pals when entrepreneurs like me were signing our name to borrow money, risking everything to build our businesses.   And, where was Obama and his Socialists Pals when many of us were working seven days a week to build our businesses.  We have succeeded in spite of government not because of it. 

Pinocchio Obama continues to demonstrate that he is clueless in the ways of American Capitalism because he is a Socialist and maybe even a Communist.  This man is not qualified to run a 7/11 let alone our nation.   This is the reason Obama has made such a mess of our economy.   Obama is a job killer.  The end result is 50 million Americans on the dole and the highest poverty rate in three decades.   Obama, our first Black President, has been particularly bad for Blacks with an unemployment rate double the national average.   Obama should keep his big mouth shut, since he often makes pronouncements about things that are far outside his experience.  We can only count the days until January 20, 2017 when this clown will be gone. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No More RINOS - Tell Them To Become Democrat/Socialists

This Blogger only functions in Black and White and I am not talking about people's skin color.  I am talking about a Republican Party that stands for limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, a strong national defense, freedom of speech, religion and press, gun rights, securing our border and the right to life.  It really is that simple and there is no gray to it.   So called Republicans that do not adhere to these principles are not Republicans.  At best they are RINOS and in many cases they are really closet Democrat/Socialists.   We are seeing this close up in the state of Nevada where I live. 

Supposedly, we have a Republican Governor Brian Sandoval, who many just refer to as BS, who is pushing for more than a billion dollars in higher taxes lying to voters when he said in the past to win reelection that he opposed these higher taxes.  Sandoval brought ObamaCare, including expanded Medicaid into Nevada that will bankrupt our state.  Sandoval was one of few Republican Governors that actually set up a ObamaCare state exchange that failed.   Sandoval opposed our State Attorney General, standing with 26 other states to oppose Obama's Executive Amnesty Program that will give legal status to millions of illegal aliens.   Sandoval is pro choice and supports abortion rights.  Brian Sandoval is not a Republican by any measurement standard.  I have written our Governor and encouraged him to come out of the closet and change parties. 

We have elected what we thought were Conservative Republicans to our State Legislature and for the first time in many decades Republicans actually control both houses of our Legislature.   Yet, they are working with Governor BS to put all of his Socialist Schemes in place.  These RINOS, or worse yet Democrat Socialists in disguise, really need to come out of the closet and switch parties.  Recall Petitions are in the works to remove from office some of our Republican State Legislators that are not up for reelection until 2018.   Others that are up for reelection in 2016 will be primaried out of office.  This Blogger for one will never again vote for a RINO, under any circumstances, no matter how bad the Democrat Socialist alternative.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice shame on me.   Never Again, Never Again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Obama Library & Foundation Going To Chicago

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has announced that his Presidential Library will be going to the South Side of Chicago.  How appropriate!!  The city of Chicago is facing bankruptcy because of years of Socialist rule and Schemes.  The murder and poverty rate in Chicago are among the highest in the nation.   Chicago public schools stink.  And, the city of Chicago and state of Illinois in particular, also a fiscal mess, run by Socialists for years, with more than $100 Billion of unfunded liability for state pensions and other benefits, is also near bankruptcy.  Yet, no doubt, Socialists from all over the world will flock to Chicago to worship at the shrine of Obama; one of their own.  So, it will be good for business as is the case with every Presidential Library. 

Obama is putting his library in the city where he was a Community Organizer and Law Professor at the University of Chicago, rather than in Hawaii where he was presumably born, or in California, New York City, or Boston where he went to university.  Michelle Obama too is a Chicago girl.  It was in Chicago that she was paid several hundred thousand dollars a year from a hospital system, to work part time, in order to buy influence with her husband when he served in the US Senate. 

Corruption in Chicago and Illinois is rampant.  Since the Obama Administration has been one of the most incompetent and corrupt in American history, it is only fitting that the Obama Library would be in Chicago, a city long known for corruption and cronyism.  This is a marriage made in heaven.  Bankrupt Chicago and Illinois will be home to the Presidential Library of President Obama, who has added more to our National Debt, currently at $18 Trillion with no end in sight, than all other 43 Presidents combined.  Yep, Chicago is the right place for the Obama Presidential Library.  

Fortunately, Presidential Libraries are maintained by the Federal Government, so for the most part not depenedent on the State of Illinois, or Chicago for maintenance.  Oh wait a minute, the Federal Government is headed toward bankruptcy too thanks to Obama.  Guess Obamanistas will have to raise their own money, through the Obama Foundation, to take care of the place.  Not to worry though because all they have to do is follow the Clinton Foundation Model;  plenty of money out there to buy influence and take care of the Obama's graves, presumably at the Library. 

Michelle Obama - Angry Black Woman

Instead of being a role model for all Americans and most of all Blacks in America concerning the American Dream, Michelle Obama often prefers to be the "Angry Black Woman" seeking to divide our nation.   It started when Michelle said that she was FINALLY proud of America as a result of the election of her husband.   Forget about all the good America has done in the world throughout our history, it was ONLY the election of Pinocchio that made her proud.  Really??   And, now in recent speeches, Michelle claims that she has been held to a higher standard than other First Ladies.  What the hell is she talking about.  The only thing the American people expect from a First Lady is poise, grace, dignity, intelligence and the ability to represent our country displaying all of these things. 

Michelle Obama continues to play the victim, encouraging other Blacks to be victims instead of taking personal responsibility for their actions.   Again Really?   Michelle came from a Middle Class Black family in Chicago.  She attended an Ivy League school to become an attorney.  Michelle was paid several hundred thousand dollars a year to work part time for a hospital system in Chicago, to buy influence, while her husband was a Senator.  And, then after becoming First Lady, she often takes expensive vacations, costing taxpayers millions of dollars a year.   For Michelle Obama to claim herself, or her husband as victims is just down right ridiculous.   Obama is criticized, as one of the worst Presidents in our history, not because he is Black;  but because he is incompetent and has made a mess of our economy and the world. 

Other First Ladies have acted as Ambassadors for our country.  Michelle Obama not so much.  And, when asked who she would like to be if she was not First Lady, incredibly like a 13 year old girl, she answered Beyonce, rather than any number of strong women of various colors that have made a difference in the world.   While Michelle Obama can be charming when she wants to be, she often dresses and responds as a Valley Girl.  And, Michelle's personality is most ugly when she acts as an Angry Black Woman, stoking the fires of racism in our country.   Michelle Obama has lived the American Dream.  That is Michelle's story.  Too bad she instead chooses to be an "Angry Black Woman", rather than a role model for success in America.       

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Gulf Cooperation Council Does Not Trust Obama

The Gulf Cooperation Council, composed of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman, formed to counter Iran's influence in the Middle East, does not trust Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama.  And, why should they.   Obama leads from behind and draws red lines in the sand that are not real.  Obama is finalizing a nuclear deal with Iran, which will actually lead to Iran having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  These Gulf nations along with Jordan and Egypt see Iran financing Terrorism throughout the world that is a real threat to their nations.   They all see a naive and inexperienced President Obama who is clueless and a Middle East that is on fire.   As such, in their meeting with Obama at Camp David, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council are demanding a formal commitment in writing, rather than just a "Gentlemen's Agreement" to provide for mutual defense. 

They all know that Obama's word is worth nothing.   These countries are genuinely threatened by Iran as they should be.  So, they not only want sophisticated weapons to defend their nations including aircraft, radar, missile defense etc., they want the United States to actively coordinate all their efforts collectively.  What the Gulf Cooperation Council is looking for is a NATO of the Middle East and in a weird sort of way, it could include Israel, also threatened by Iran.  Obama should jump at the opportunity to put all of this together; but don't count on it.  Obama manages weakly from crisis to crisis with no long term strategic vision.  This is the reason the world is such a mess and US National Security has never been more threatened. 

China and Russia are building up their military as we are cutting US military capability around the world.  ISIS continues to extend its reach promising more Terrorism on US soil.  Iran is playing Obama for a sucker related to the nuclear deal on the table.  Obama seems oblivious to all of this.  Clearly, the Gulf Cooperation Council will have to wait for the next President to put mutual security in place.  It will not come from Pinocchio Veto Obama.   

Thousands Of ISIS Terrorists In The US

The FBI has reported that there are thousands of ISIS Terrorists in the US.  Whether these are lone wolf's, or others actually affiliated with ISIS directly does not matter, the fact is that these are Islamic Fanatics out to kill Americans on our soil.   We recently saw an attempt to murder dozens of people in Texas that was foiled by security, as two Islamic Terrorists drove from Arizona to Texas in an attempt to carry out their plot.   These Terrorists were shot dead, which is good, but had there been no security, it is likely that there would have been a very different outcome.   It is pretty obvious that the government needs to step of up surveillance of these identified Islamic Fanatics.  And, if that means religious profiling then so be it.  If Muslims don't turn in the radicals among them, when they are known, then Muslim communities must come under additional scrutiny.  Further, we must secure our Border to stop these Terrorists from entering our country.  What choice is there.  

And,  there needs to be a lot more security in places where people congregate; movie theaters, shopping mall, schools, sporting events, entertainment venues etc.   And, rather than limiting law abiding citizens right to carry guns, we should allow people, that legally own guns, to carry them.  Islamic Fanatic Terrorists need to know that if they attempt a Terrorist act, they will be shot dead on the spot.  While they may not care about being killed, thinking that martyrdom will somehow get them a place in heaven with seven virgins, our only concern should be that these Terrorists not be allowed to succeed in murdering Americans. 

This does not mean violating the rights of all Americans by some kind of bulk surveillance.  We have seen the IRS and Justice Department targeting Conservative and other religious groups that they see as enemies of Obama.  Clearly government cannot be trusted, so we cannot allow this over reach.  Members of the Tea Party and religious groups that oppose gay marriage and or abortion are not Terrorists.  We are Conservative Americans that oppose left wing Socialist ideology; but we fight at the ballot box, not by killing anybody.   Bulk Surveillance could be used to as an attempt to silence Conservatives and that is not acceptable.   Let's focus on Islamic Fanatic Terrorists please that are out to murder Christians, Jews, Muslims and anybody else that opposes their crazy ideology and leave the rest of us alone.     

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Justice Department Investigating Baltimore Police Department

Newly confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a Justice Department investigation of the Baltimore Police Department after the death of convicted drug dealer Freddie Gray in the course of an arrest.   This is nothing new.  The Justice Department, under Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, had already begun investigations of many other city police department, alleging police brutality and discrimination against inner city minorities. 

This announcement happened on the very same day that a funeral was being held for a New York City Cop who was shot in the face at point blank range by a Black serial criminal.   Of course, Ms. Lynch did not take the time to attend the funeral in New York for this young 25 years old Cop who was just doing his job.  In fact, about 125 Cops of all colors lose their lives every year to street crime.  Yet, where are the protests, or marches in the streets to protest this loss of life. 

Investigating Police Departments is a political waste of time.   What the Justice Department should be investigating is ways to stop Black on Black Crime in our inner cities that results in the murder of thousands of Black men and women each year, many more than the approximately 125 Black men that are killed by police around the country in the course of doing their jobs.  Look, any loss of life is a tragedy.   However, unless and until we deal with the facts on the ground, which includes an incredibly high crime rate in our inner cities, like Baltimore and many others,  we can never deal with the relationship between the police and the criminals they are charged with stopping.  Naturally, there will be interaction between the police and the people committing the crimes and it won't always be pretty. 

Just imagine if we had no police in our inner cities.  The crime and murder rate would be even higher and it would primarily be people of color that are murdered by people of color.   It is time for a common sense discussion that deals with the numbers.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  Black on Black crime is a serious problem in our country; far more serious than anything any police department is doing to stop crime.  Thank God, there are those willing to be Cops, given all the crap and disrespect they face everyday.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Conservatives Win Big In Great Britain

David Cameron, the Tory Conservative Prime Minister of Great Britain and his party scored a resounding victory in recent parliamentary elections.  Even though the left wing media in Britain predicted otherwise, it was a blood bath for all the other political parties, which is the reason the leaders of those parties Ed Milibrand of the Labour Party, Nick Clegg of the Liberal Democrat Party and Nigel Farage of the far right UK Independence Party all resigned their post as party leaders.  They led their political parties to a horrible defeat by advocating policies that apparently were very unpopular. 

Since the Conservatives now have a majority in the Parliament, they will not need to form a coalition government, which means that they can pursue their long time goals of cutting government, entitlements and taxes.  This will turn Britain into an even greater and stronger economic power house than it is now.  Even so, let's not get too excited.  Most European countries, including Britain, are either completely Socialist, or moderately Socialist with very high taxes and tons of regulations that stifle business and daily life.  The Conservatives in Britain may be able to roll some of these things back in the next five years; but Socialism is so entrenched in Europe that they will not be able to fully adopt limited goverment and free market economics.

The real question now is will Britain remain in the European Union, since it will be put to a vote in the next few years.  Remember, Britain never did adopt the Euro.  Given the state of the EU, this Blogger believes there is a 50/50 chance that Britain will pull out of the EU to rid itself of the EU bureaucracy in Brussels and thousands of pages of stifling Socialist regulations that hurt Britain more than help it.   Britain does not need to EU to do business in Europe, or anywhere else.  And, the EU requirement that allows member citizens to work in any EU country, without a requiring normal visa or work permits, may not be in Britain's interests.   Clearly Britain can do by treaty with the EU whatever it deems to be in Britain's interests without being a member.   Getting rid of the heavy hand of the bureaucrats in Brussels is the best reason for Britain to say Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen and Arrivederci to the EU.     

Thursday, May 7, 2015

NSA Spying On All Americans Ruled Illegal

The 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that the National Security Agency (NSA) spying on all Americans through collection of telephone records in bulk exceeds the Congressional Authority allowing them to do this.  Big Brother has been stopped for now pending Congressional Action.  What we do need to happen is Terrorist Profiling, not to be confused with Racial Profiling.   We know that the biggest threat we face today is coming from Radical Islamic Fanatics. 

So we need to track the travel, phone and email records etc of these people.   They are probably a small percentage of Muslims in the United States and other countries; but to find them we have to look among them.  This Blogger is an Italian American.  If Italian Americans were committing Terrorist Acts on a regular basis, though I might not like it, in the name of National Security, the government would have every right to determine if I was a Terrorist, even if it means looking into my phone and email records.

There is reasonable cause for the government to watch what is happening in Muslim communities in the United States and beyond because ISIS continues to expand their reach.  The two Terrorists recently killed in Texas, before they could commit their act of Terror, were acting in the name of ISIS.   One of those Terrorists was on an FBI watch list.  How and why he was allowed to get so close to murdering a bunch of people meeting to draw pictures of Mohammad is a big question.   

The NSA has been spying on all Americans in violation of the Constitution guaranteeing a right to privacy and illegal searches and seizures.  Clearly, we have to balance these rights to stop the Terrorists out to murder Christians, Jews, other Muslims and basically anyone who does not share their belief system.  We know that these Terrorists are Radical Islamic Fanatics.  If the Muslim community does not turn in the Radical among them, once discovered, then the government must find them and control their activities.  What other choice is there? 

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton Moving Further To The Left

Even though Hillary Clinton has no real challenger for the Socialist nomination for President, she is being forced to move further to the left on a variety of issues; by the Communist wing of the Socialist Party of America.   So now Hilly says she will go even further in implementing Obama's Executive Amnesty Program by Executive Order to give full citizenship to the 11 million Illegal Aliens in the United States.  And, Hilly says once Gay Marriage is established as the law of the land that churches and other religious organizations that oppose it will have to tow the party line under threat of losing their tax exempt status. 

It is very clear that the Socialist Party of today is not the old Democrat Party of Bill Clinton, who was very much a moderate.  Don't forget Bubba signed Welfare Reform, ""ending Welfare as we know it", the Defense of Marriage Act and worked with Republicans to actually balance the federal budget.  It was Bill Clinton who announced, "the era of big government is over".   Of course, the election of Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama ended all of that and pushed the party much further to the left. 

Hilly now feels that she must be in line with Obamanistas rather than her Husband's more moderate positions that probably made him a decent President in spite of all his sexual peccadillo's.   This is all good news for the Republican Party, since moving further to the left will make Hilly unelectable in the General Election.   The United States is a center right country.  Most of us cling to our faith, family, moral values and guns.  The further Hillary Clinton moves to the left, the further away she moves from the majority of the American people.  This will make winning states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Nevada, Colorado and others easier for who ever the Republican Candidate is that runs against her.   So, Hilly, you just keeping moving further to the left to insure your defeat.  It might help secure the Socialist nomination; but will guarantee a defeat in the General Election. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Crime Rate In Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland ranks as the 6th most dangerous city in the United States.   After Socialist rule for about 50 years and spending billions of dollars on the "war on poverty" in Baltimore, like many other big cities in our country, Baltimore is a mess.  The average crime rate in America, as a composite of crimes committed, is at 301.  With a population of about 600,000, which continues to decline, Baltimore is at 692, way above the national average.   Typically, there are about 225 murders each year in Baltimore, the majority of which relate to Black on Black crime.  That is an average of about 4 per week.  Many of these deaths tie to the drug trade in Baltimore, which is sizable. 

To put this in perspective, Greater Reno, where this Blogger lives, with a population of about 500,000, experiences about 7 murders a year.  Our crime rate as a composite of 266 is below the national average of 301.  While the spot where the riots took place in Baltimore is the epicenter of the drug trade in Baltimore, this Blogger would not have a clue where to buy drugs in Reno; though I am sure there is a place like in all cities. 

So while the rioting was going on in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray, a convicted drug pusher, during his arrest, the likelihood is that some other Black men were murdered in the month of April.  Yet no one is protesting those murders.  Matter of fact, about 130 Blacks are killed each year as a result of some interaction with the police.  Actually, many more Whites are killed by the police every year.  However, about 9,000 Blacks are murdered each year as a result of Black on Black crime.   While every life is precious and needless killings by anyone are horrible, it would seem that Black anger concerning the police is very misplaced.  The real problem in the inner cities of the United States is Black on Black crime, which is responsible for many of the police killings that do take place.  Without the police administering tough love in these cities, there would be even more murders. 

When Black Parents have "the talk" with their sons about fearing the police, they really should also be discussing fearing the Thugs and Drug Pushers in inner city Black America that are murdering thousands of Blacks each year.   Let's at least be honest about factual data so that we can deal with the problems we face in the United States.  50 years of Socialist Schemes, that were supposed to end poverty, have only made it worse. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Venezuela - The Failure of Socialism/Communism

Once again, we are seeing the failure of Socialism and Communism, this time in Venezuela.  The Chavez Revolution has led to food lines, rationing and shortages of electricity and other commodities.   With falling oil prices, the Venezuelan currency is collapsing.  The Socialists and Communists that run Venezuela are resorting to Totalitarian rule to keep control of the country.   While there is a semblance of democracy in Venezuela, it is highly unlikely that elections will happen, as planned in 2016 because the Dictator of Venezuela, a former bus driver, would lose. 

Instead, unless there is a military coup, which is always possible in South America and another strong man emerges, the Socialists are likely to declare a state of emergency as an excuse to suspend elections.  We have seen this story many times before in modern history.  There is likely to be civil strife and blood shed in Venezuela when this happens.  Conditions in the country are so desperate that the people are likely to rise up and it won't be pretty. 

Once again in modern history in the last 100 years, we see the failure of Socialism and Communism where ever and when ever it has been tried.  Venezuela is just the latest example of this failed ideology.  Yet, there are Obamanistas in the United States, including the President himself, trying to transform the US into a Socialist country.   Obama issues Executive Orders ignoring our Constitution to get around our legal system and the Congress.  Obama acts like a Socialist Dictator to transform our country into an economic and weak basket case.   Americans wake up.  Watch what is happening in Venezuela to see what happens when Socialists gain power.  

We saw the riots in Baltimore and other cities where Mob Rule has prevailed.   We can't let this happen in the United States.  Just stand up and say NO to more Socialist Schemes that are bankrupting our country.   

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The War On Poverty - A $12 Trillion Government Failure

$12 Trillion has been spent on the "War On Poverty" since 1965.   This money came from the 50% of Americans that pay all the income taxes in our country and from borrowing and adding to our $18 Trillion National Debt.  This Blogger would not mind the confiscation of my hard earned money to end poverty if in fact these Socialist Schemes had worked; but the poverty rate is higher today than it was three or more decades ago.  The only people that have benefited from the War on Poverty are Socialist politicians that have been feeding at the trough for years, Poverty Pimps that have gotten rich by living off the misery of the poor and Public Employees, paid 40% more in compensation and benefits than are common for like work in the private sector.   All of these characters have a financial stake in keeping poor people poor and that is exactly what has happened.

Today, we have a permanent under class in inner city Black America.   Generations of Blacks have lived on the dole for 50 years.   7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty, supported by government programs that encourage having even more children.  Socialist Schemes have developed an Entitlement Culture, rather than one focused on productive Work.  And in any case, people of any color who cannot read, write and communicate in English and have no job skills, as is common in inner city Black America, cannot participate in the American economy.  Yet Socialist Politicians and Poverty Pimps call for spending even more money on these failed programs and inner city public schools that do not educate.

Years ago when I was a public school teacher and had more time than money, I often did things around my home that included painting, landscaping, gardening, plumbing, electrical work etc.  Since becoming more financially successful and growing older so that today I have more money than time, I hire people to do such things around our home.    As a result, in last 35 years, I have had White, Asian and Hispanic workers in our home doing all sorts of tasks.   I have never had a Black American come to my home to perform any task; not because I would have turned him or her away; but because apparently they did not have the job skills needed to perform any of these tasks.  How is it that immigrants, some of whom speak broken English do this work; but many inner city Blacks in America remain on the dole because they either can't, or won't do work with their hands.  I just don't get it.  In trying to help, government has created a whole class of people on Welfare of all colors that contribute nothing to society.  How is that good for them or for the rest of us. 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Justice For All In Baltimore & Mob Rule

Six police officers have been charged with various crimes, including murder for the death of Freddie Gray in the course of his arrest, without a Grand Jury investigation.  This was probably a political rush to judgement by a young and inexperienced Black Baltimore State Attorney, Marilyn Mosley, to prevent more rioting.    In fact, in making the charges, this young Black State Attorney sounded more like a cheerleader for the Rioters than a professional Prosecutor.   Mosley, who has a conflict of interest in all of this because of connections to the city and the Attorney for Freddie Gray succumbed to Mob Rule, which is a very bad precedent.  Now, we will see more Riots not less when similar cases come up in the future and more unjustified criminal trials forcing Cops into court to defend themselves. 

There is more than a good likelihood that this death will be ruled accidental, unless the prosecutor can actually prove that these six officers conspired to kill Freddie Gray, by perhaps beating him to death, which is highly unlikely, particularly since he did not die until several days after his arrest.  And by the way, Freddie Gray, who was a convicted drug dealer, was arrested in a part of Baltimore known for murders and drug dealing.  In any case, there is a very good chance that some, or all of these officers will be acquitted and then what?  No Justice No Peace, the chant of the Rioters that destroyed property, looted stores and injured Cops, some seriously, will kick in and the riots will recur because in the end Mob Rule will not prevail.

Whatever happens, this Blogger is calling for Justice for all concerned.  If the Cops are guilty of wrong doing, they should go to jail.  More likely the city should be found liable for maintaining an arrest van with metal siding, within the van, that could have been the cause of this accidental death, since Gray apparently was bounced around the van on the way to the police station.   It is important to realize as well that Gray did not die until several days after being hospitalized.  Clearly, Gray did not die at the hands of these police officers. 

At the same time, the Thugs that destroyed property, looted stores and injured Cops, many caught on video should be prosecuted and if found guilty should also go to jail.  What we saw in Baltimore and other cities is the complete break down of civil society.   These Thugs committed felonies that cannot go unpunished if we are to remain a Civil Society.   Property owners and those injured all deserve Justice, as well. 

Further, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings - Blake should resign.  This woman ordered the police to stand down while Thugs were burning the city, looting stores and throwing bricks, rocks and bottles at police officers.   She actually said that a little property destruction was OK, in so many words.  Blake ordered the police, during the first day of the Riot, to not suit up in Riot Gear, exposing several of them to injuries.   Blake who previously referred to these criminals as Thugs and later apologized for calling them Thugs, even though President Pinocchio Veto Obama used the exact same term.   The Rioters were Thugs or worse.  Mayor Rawlings - Blake proved that she is not up to the job.  She has to go. 

Finally, since the police did not respond to 911 calls and did nothing to protect property and businesses, to the extent that any of these property owners and businesses suffer losses that are not covered by insurance, the city should be liable.   Property Owners and impacted businesses should file a class action lawsuit against the Mayor and the city seeking damages.   Again, we need to see Justice for all in Baltimore.   What we also saw in Baltimore are decades of Socialist rule and the failure that comes with it. 

Rioters Are Thugs & Criminals

Rioters, of any color that loot stores, destroy property and injure, or kill cops and others are Thugs and Criminals.  All of these acts are felonies.  Those that commit these crimes should be prosecuted and convicted of these crimes.   There are those in the left wing media and Socialists in general that take offense to calling Black Rioters in Baltimore and elsewhere, that committed these crimes, Thugs.  In fact, many of these criminals are gang members also responsible for the Black on Black crime in inner city Black America that results in thousands of murders and deaths of other Blacks each year.  What should we call them when they kill other Blacks by either gun shot wounds, or the drugs that they sell.   At the least, they are criminals.  Thugs is a nicer word than others that could be used to describe these criminals. 

This Blogger must contrast the violence that we see happening in many of our inner cites with Tea Party Protests.  I participated in both major Tea Party Marches on Washington DC.   Be assured, Tea Party members are just as angry about government overreach, Pinocchio Veto Obama's Executive Actions and elected representatives of both political parties that are bankrupting our country as Blacks that feel that they are being persecuted by the police.  The difference between Tea Party members and inner city Blacks is that Tea Party Members are in the 50% of Americans that pay all the taxes in our country; while most inner city Blacks, on the dole, pay none.  I might add that once Tea Party Protests were over, we left the city of Washingon as clean as we found it; not with burned out buildings and cars in the streets. 

Yet, though Tea Party Members are mad as hell, the police in Washington DC did not have to wear riot gear to monitor our March because there was no violence at our Protests.  Yet left wing Socialist policitians, like Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, referred to us as "Terrorists".   Really!!  No rocks or bottles were thrown at Cops during our Protest March.  Matter of fact, Cops were very helpful in making sure that all Tea Party Protesters were safe.  And, though many Tea Party Members have guns, I saw none during our March and no shots were fired at anyone.  There is a big difference between a rightful Protest for any cause and a RIOT.   What we saw in Baltimore and other cities were RIOTS implemented by Thugs and Criminals.  It is what it is.