Saturday, May 9, 2015

Justice Department Investigating Baltimore Police Department

Newly confirmed Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced a Justice Department investigation of the Baltimore Police Department after the death of convicted drug dealer Freddie Gray in the course of an arrest.   This is nothing new.  The Justice Department, under Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, had already begun investigations of many other city police department, alleging police brutality and discrimination against inner city minorities. 

This announcement happened on the very same day that a funeral was being held for a New York City Cop who was shot in the face at point blank range by a Black serial criminal.   Of course, Ms. Lynch did not take the time to attend the funeral in New York for this young 25 years old Cop who was just doing his job.  In fact, about 125 Cops of all colors lose their lives every year to street crime.  Yet, where are the protests, or marches in the streets to protest this loss of life. 

Investigating Police Departments is a political waste of time.   What the Justice Department should be investigating is ways to stop Black on Black Crime in our inner cities that results in the murder of thousands of Black men and women each year, many more than the approximately 125 Black men that are killed by police around the country in the course of doing their jobs.  Look, any loss of life is a tragedy.   However, unless and until we deal with the facts on the ground, which includes an incredibly high crime rate in our inner cities, like Baltimore and many others,  we can never deal with the relationship between the police and the criminals they are charged with stopping.  Naturally, there will be interaction between the police and the people committing the crimes and it won't always be pretty. 

Just imagine if we had no police in our inner cities.  The crime and murder rate would be even higher and it would primarily be people of color that are murdered by people of color.   It is time for a common sense discussion that deals with the numbers.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  Black on Black crime is a serious problem in our country; far more serious than anything any police department is doing to stop crime.  Thank God, there are those willing to be Cops, given all the crap and disrespect they face everyday.

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