Thursday, May 28, 2015

US Voters Reject Socialist Agenda

Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has been the best thing to happen for the Republican Party since Jimmy Carter.   Contrary to Bill Clinton, who was a moderate, old style, pragmatic Democrat, Obama is a Socialist Ideologue, out to transform the United States into a European style Socialist nation.   There is no doubt that Obama and Socialist like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren have moved the old Democrat Party further to the left than it has ever been.  Problem is that our nation is a center right country contrary to what the lame steam left wing media would have us believe.   Cards talk and the numbers don't lie. 

As of the last election, aside from taking over the US Congress with the biggest majority in decades, there are now 29 Republican controlled State Legislatures, 11 controlled by Socialists and 10 that are split.   There are 33 out of 50 Republican Governors, 16 that are Socialists and 1 Independent.  For the most part, the Republicans that have gained power profess to be Conservatives, or certainly center right politicians; though there are some RINOS in the group, as is the case in Nevada, where this blogger lives.   So, anyone who thinks that Socialist Hillary Clinton will automatically win the Presidency, is delusional.  By the way, the reason that Hillary Clinton has little or no opposition in her run for the Socialist nomination is that there is so little Socialist talent in office around the country.   This will be a problem for Socialists for decades to come.  Their bench is really weak because their ideas stink, while Republicans have a really strong bench at all levels of government. 

Hilly is having to move further to the left to win the support of Socialists across the country.  It will be very difficult for Hilly to move back to the center during the general election.   Further, Hillary Clinton is so connected to both the Benghazi and her Foundation Scandals that these will continue to plague her in the national election.  Assuming Republicans nominate attractive candidates for President and VP, which is likely given the field, there is better than a 50/50 chance that Hillary Clinton will be defeated in 2016.  Hilly will be running for Obama's third term and since Obama is so unpopular, he will be an anchor around her neck that will make it very difficult for her to win. 

Any Republican candidate will be running not just against Hillary Clinton; but against Obama's failed foreign and economic policies.   The last two election cycles when Republicans made impressive gains, at all levels of government, are the telling tale.   Obama's failed Socialist ideology has been rejected soundly at the local, state and federal levels.  Hillary Clinton has no choice; but to sing the same old Socialist songs that voters have rejected in the last election cycles.  The voters have heard "Happy Days Are Here Again", since Franklin Roosevelt was President and they know that Socialism only produces misery and higher poverty.  

Instead, the majority of Americans have voted for Republicans that support limited Constitutional government, lower taxes, less regulations, a strong national defense, protection of 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, pro life candidates and moral values.  Hillary Clinton and the Socialists are wrong on all of these issues.  It is what it is.       

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