Sunday, May 31, 2015

Kill NSA Spying On All Americans

The Congress is determining whether to reauthorize the NSA Spying on all Americans.  Though this Conservative Blogger does not support Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul because I think he is weak on Defense, Paul is right to oppose this NSA Program.  The very notion that the federal government is gathering phone and email records on all Americans, in that huge facility in Utah, is a violation of our 4th Amendment Constitutional Rights.   Instead, the federal government should go through the normal processes to get court authorization to spy on any American.  And, most important, the federal government should do Terrorist Profiling that should include keeping track of potential Islamic Fanatics in the United States and overseas and any other radical groups that pose a threat to the American people and nation. 

That certainly does not include little old me, nor my wife; now on Medicare and or millions of other law abiding Americans that have absolutely nothing to do with Terrorism, or any other illegal acts that would endanger other Americans, or our country.  Given the federal government's record of targeting Conservatives and various Religious groups that oppose Obama's Socialist Schemes, why on earth would we trust the federal government to protect our rights.   No way.   This Blogger has often said that we should fear an all powerful federal government, that often violates our rights, almost as much as we might fear a foreign enemy.   We certainly don't need Obama Big Brother intruding on all aspects of daily life. 

Obama has used his IRS, EPA and Justice Department Gestapos to target, persecute and prosecute Americans that do not share their Secular Socialist ideology.  Who is to say that they would not use information gathered by the NSA to go even further.   This program legitimately came out of the attack we faced by Islamic Fanatics on 9/11.  And, the Terrorist Threat that we face today is from radical Islamic Fanatics around the world.   As such, it is only logical that there should be Terrorist Profiling and leave the rest of us alone.   Too bad if that is not politically correct; but our rights should not be violated in the name of National Security. 

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