Tuesday, May 26, 2015

EPA Propaganda Campaign At Taxpayer Expense

The Environmental Protection Agency Gestapo implemented a propaganda campaign, using tax payer money, to gain support for its new regulations that would govern all waterways in the United States, including the mud puddles in your backyard.  The EPA Gestapo used Social Media and other means to make the case for this unprecedented power grab that will impact all Americans; but in particular farmers and ranchers.  These regulations would put the EPA in charge of rain water run off, as in from the roofs of our homes.  The EPA would be in a position to govern all matters related to water in the name of the Clean Air and Water Act. 

Think about it.  That would not only include Drinking Water, but toilet and shower use, not to mention all water used in Agriculture, Ranching and other industries that may be water intensive driving up the cost of various products.  This regulation is again the EPA Gestapo reaching into all aspects of daily life over riding local, state and federal laws that already govern water usage.  As usual, the EPA will destroy even more jobs by these job killing measures.  Look, everybody wants clean air and water; but when these regulations are used covertly as an excuse to gain control of water usage in our homes and or industries and  to add additional taxes; enough is enough. 

Don't think it can't happen.  The state of Maryland attempted to tax rain water run off from home roofs until the crazy law was struck down by the courts.  There are already laws that govern the amount of water that can be used for toilets; in some cases making them unworkable and shower regulators so that if not modified make taking a shower like having someone throw a few drops of water at a person.   The Coachilla Valley in California, what used to be the fruit basket of the United States, is turning into a dust bowl because environmental wackos have prevented the building of more dams in California and have prevented water from the Sacramento Delta from going to them to protect the Delta Smelt, a worthless little fish of no commercial value. 

The EPA was created when Richard Nixon was President with good intent.   But this agency has turned into another Socialist Gestapo attempting to regulate all aspects of life.  The Republican Congress must cut spending going to the EPA to starve the beast that is out of control.   Giving the EPA more money only encourages more crazy regulations that are killing jobs in the United States.  If we want to create jobs in America, the best way to do it is to limit the power of the EPA and stop all the crazy regulations that are destroying whole industries and pushing jobs overseas. 

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