Saturday, May 30, 2015

Former Maryland Socialist Governor Martin O'Malley Running For President

The former Governor of Maryland, Socialist Martin O'Malley, announced that he will challenge Hillary Clinton for the Socialist nomination for President.   O'Malley is even more left wing that Hilly.  How appropriate that O'Malley announced his candidacy in Baltimore, Maryland where he was once Mayor.  Since O'Malley left both the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore in a mess, what on earth are his selling points to the nation.  Maryland is an economic basket case.   And, the city of Baltimore is a crime invested wasteland.   In fact, this is the reason why the people of Maryland elected a Republican Governor in 2014. 

Things are so bad that this normally blue Socialist state, on welfare from the federal government, elected a Republican to try to clean up the fiscal mess that O'Malley left behind.  The state of Maryland has $16 Billion in assets and $44 Billion in Liabilities that it cannot pay.  These monies are primarily promised to Maryland state public employees to pay their pensions.   Maryland is one of 41 sinkhole states where liabilities grossly exceed assets with no plan in place to pay these bills.   The end result is that in 2014, 54% of moves were out of Maryland, rather than into Maryland.  Maryland has high taxes and cumbersome regulations that make it a poor state to do business thanks to years of Socialist rule.   Did you know that Socialist Congresswoman Dizzy Nancy Pelosi's father was once the Mayor of Baltimore when even more corruption than today was common.    

So while this Blogger would like to see Hillary Clinton challenged for the Socialist nomination, Martin O'Malley has no story to tell as Maryland's former Governor.  If he were to get the nomination and was running against any number of successful Republican Governor's who are in the race, all of them could claim major successes in fiscal responsibility and sound management.  The problem for the Socialist Party of America is that they have no bench.  Hillary Clinton, with all the Clinton Baggage and Scandals, is about as good as they can do. 

Martin O'Malley is just left wing Socialist Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, with shorter hair in a man's suit; singing the same old left wing Socialist Class Warfare tired songs that have bankrupted our nation.  So while it may make the Socialist race a little more interesting to have O'Malley strutting around, so that Hilly will have someone to debate for the first few months of the campaign, he has nothing new to say.  Unless the Clinton's Shenanigans make it impossible for Hilly to run, which is a possibility that O'Malley is betting on, Hillary Clinton will be the Socialist Candidate for President in 2016. 

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