Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hillary Clinton Moving Further To The Left

Even though Hillary Clinton has no real challenger for the Socialist nomination for President, she is being forced to move further to the left on a variety of issues; by the Communist wing of the Socialist Party of America.   So now Hilly says she will go even further in implementing Obama's Executive Amnesty Program by Executive Order to give full citizenship to the 11 million Illegal Aliens in the United States.  And, Hilly says once Gay Marriage is established as the law of the land that churches and other religious organizations that oppose it will have to tow the party line under threat of losing their tax exempt status. 

It is very clear that the Socialist Party of today is not the old Democrat Party of Bill Clinton, who was very much a moderate.  Don't forget Bubba signed Welfare Reform, ""ending Welfare as we know it", the Defense of Marriage Act and worked with Republicans to actually balance the federal budget.  It was Bill Clinton who announced, "the era of big government is over".   Of course, the election of Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama ended all of that and pushed the party much further to the left. 

Hilly now feels that she must be in line with Obamanistas rather than her Husband's more moderate positions that probably made him a decent President in spite of all his sexual peccadillo's.   This is all good news for the Republican Party, since moving further to the left will make Hilly unelectable in the General Election.   The United States is a center right country.  Most of us cling to our faith, family, moral values and guns.  The further Hillary Clinton moves to the left, the further away she moves from the majority of the American people.  This will make winning states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Missouri, Nevada, Colorado and others easier for who ever the Republican Candidate is that runs against her.   So, Hilly, you just keeping moving further to the left to insure your defeat.  It might help secure the Socialist nomination; but will guarantee a defeat in the General Election. 

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