Monday, September 30, 2013

Obamanistas Challenge Voter ID Laws

Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, who is generally recognized as a Liar, once again is challenging Voter ID laws, this time in North Carolina.   States run by Republicans have been enacting simple Voter ID laws to prevent voter fraud.   These laws usually require the voter to show government picture ID, either a current drivers license, passport, or picture ID that anyone can get from the Department of Motor Vehicles.   My 93 year Mom, who never drove a car in her life, has always had a Department of Motor Vehicles ID to cash checks, take airplane flights, buy Sudafed etc. etc.   It is no big deal. 

For some strange reason, Obamanistas think that the PEEP's who vote for them are either too stupid, or too lazy to get a government issued ID.  Funny, they don't seem to have any problem applying for Welfare, or Food Stamps, or free cell phones.  This is not a Poll Tax, since states offer this ID for free.   Yes, a person may need to get off their lazy butt and go get the ID at the Department of Motor Vehicles, like my Mom did for years; but since an ID is often needed for many other things, everyone should have an ID anyway.  After all, how will the NSA track Terrorists in our country. 

Again, this is just common sense.   We can't buy Sudafed at the drug store, a non prescription drug without showing government issued picture ID; but Socialists want their PEEP's to be able to vote without showing ID.   Everyone knows that both the living and dead vote in places like Chicago and the phrase vote early and often is a Socialist motto; but come on.   Can we please have an adult conversation about Voter Identification to make sure that those voting are actually citizens eligible to vote.  

We have seen many close elections.   A candidate can lose by a few votes and when ever that seems to happen, it is always Socialists who seem to win close elections.   Wonder why?   We saw that ACORN, Obama's PEEP's, in the 2008 election, were involved and convicted for voter fraud in various parts of the country.   Requiring Voter ID is just common sense.  Hopefully, the courts will agree; but don't count on it.   Remember, the Supreme Court ruled that ObamaCare was Constitutional, a clear infringement on our freedom. 

Iran Calling Obama - No Surprise

It should be no surprise that the new "moderate" leader of Iran called Socialist President Obama.  After the debacle in Syria as a result of Obama's on again, off again foreign policy, the Iranians figure they are dealing with weakest President since Jimmy Carter and we all know the end of that story.   It is clear that the Iranians are intent on building nuclear weapons.  All they need is the time to make them a reality.   They also know that once they have nuclear weapons and the capability to deliver them, the odds of American, or Western action to destroy them become much less.  They look to North Korea and Pakistan as their model.  

Iran is playing Obama for a sucker.  The Iranians will talk and talk and talk as they have been doing for more than 20 years, while at the same time putting all the pieces in place to make the bomb.   If Obama has a brain, which seems doubtful as each day goes by,  he will give the Iranians 3 months to put up or shut up, since they are probably not more than a year or two away from having the bomb.  Since the Russians and North Koreans are selling Iran the missiles they need to deliver nuclear weapons, they are not far away from having a serious nuclear capability.   We can't wait any longer. 

It is either destroy Iranian capability now, or be prepared for a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  The Israeli's already have nuclear weapons.   If we can't stop the Iranians from building theirs, we should give the Israeli's nuclear powered submarines to deliver their nuclear weapons.   And, Saudi Arabia will want to become a nuclear power if Iran goes nuclear to maintain the balance of power in the region.   We may need to help make that happen.  We then must build a missile defense system all around Iran including in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Israel and Eastern Europe.   And, of course, we must make it clear to the Iranians that any nuclear weapons fired by them on any of our Allies will result in a full retaliatory response by the United States destroying their country in the process.  

Unfortunately, there are crazies in Iran who would welcome complete annihilation because they believe their Mufti (Messiah of sorts, not Jesus) will return at the end of the world.   In any case, it is either destroy Iran's nuclear capability soon, or face these alternatives.  Highly doubtful that weak kneed, indecisive Obama will follow either logical course of action. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

US House Votes To Delay ObamaCare

In a logical move, the US House of Representatives voted to fund the government and at the same time delay ObamaCare by one year.   If the Socialists in government, including Obama, had a brain in their heads, they would accept this deal because ObamaCare is not ready for prime time.   Even the President used an Executive Order to delay the Employer Mandate for a year.  ObamaCare is such a monstrosity and a mess that it will cause havoc in our health care system.   A one year delay would give Obamanistas time to really think through some of the more crazy rules and regulations. 

But that is not going to happen.   Socialists are so desperate to get more people on the dole, in this case medical insurance subsidies to win more votes in the 2014 election that they will shut down the government to do it.   This Blogger says SHUT IT DOWN.   Who cares.  Let's see what happens.   My guess is that Congress will immediately fund health and safety government workers, the military, air traffic controllers, Medicare and Social Security recipients so they don't miss their checks.   The rest is all government waste anyway. We won't miss them a bit. 

Republicans need to call Obama's bluff.   If he wants ObamaCare so badly, then he will sign the bill delaying ObamaCare one year.   If not, to hell with Obama and the government workers who will lose their paychecks.   Life will go on just fine for the rest of us who have to deal with all the government bureaucracy intrusion into our daily life.   We don't need them.  We don't want them on the payroll anyway. 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Obamanistas Destroy Lumber Industry In Oregon

One of the last saw mills in Oregon has closed down because of Obamanista environmental wackos and the EPA Gestapo actions.   The federal government owns more than 80% of forest lands in Oregon, which are off limits to logging because of the spotted owl habitat.  This means that the logging industry, which normally employs 40,000 Americans in Oregon, is now officially dead because they can access no wood to mill.   That is 40,000 more good paying jobs lost because of Obama's EPA.   So now of course, these people are on Welfare and Food Stamps.  Gosh, do you think they will be voting for Socialists like Obama in the future.  And, it just means we will have to import more lumber from overseas.  Really dumb. 

Even Democrats in Oregon are fighting to get this reversed with a bill working its way through Congress, but Obama will likely Veto any bill that allows logging on federal lands in Oregon.   This is insane.   Trees are a renewable resource.   Big logging companies plant two or three trees for every tree they cut down to provide for future growth.   As a result of all the rainfall in the Pacific Northwest, it only takes 8 - 10 years for a clear cut forest to be renewed.   There certainly could and should be a more balanced approach that would both protect habitat for the spotted owl and preserve jobs in Oregon and other places in the US where the Radical EPA is out of control. 

We can curse Richard Nixon for creating the EPA in the first place.   The EPA is the real reason Nixon should have been impeached not Watergate, which compared to the stuff Obama does is nothing.  The EPA is out of control destroying jobs all over the US.   Obviously, there are millions of acres of forest land in Oregon.   How about we log every other ten acres.   I am sure the spotted owl would do just fine if a logical pattern was put in place which included preserving some acreage, while logging others, while at the same time planting trees in clear cut areas.   This is just common sense, something sorely lacking among Obamanistas and radical, tree hugging environmental wackos. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Most Unpopular Leader In Congress

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, is the most unpopular of both the Socialist and Republican Leaders of Congress.   Only 33% of people polled approve of the job Reid is doing.   This should be no surprise to anyone.   Reid is the leader of the Socialist Do Nothing Senate.   The Republican controlled House of Representatives has sent over dozens of Bills enacted by the House designed to spur economic growth and create jobs.  Dirty Harry will not even allow those Bills to be debated on the floor of the Senate, let alone come up for vote.   Reid has presided over the least effective Senate in years.   Reid is like Nero watching Rome burn.

We see the story again with the current budget fight and raising the National Debt.  Dirty Harry and all his Socialist pals in government are bankrupting the United States.  The Socialists simply refuse to make meaningful, real cuts in government spending.   And, Socialist absolutely will not deal with the $100 Trillion, or more in the Entitlements of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and federal pensions that will cause the economic collapse of the United States.  In fact, dizzy Nancy Pelosi, the former Socialist Speaker of the House claims that there are no more cuts possible in the nearly $4 Trillion in annual federal spending.  Dirty Harry claims Social Security is just fine.  These characters must be on drugs, or they are just plain liars; maybe both.

Dirty Harry has worked with President Obama to add $7 Trillion to the $17 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight more than any other President in American history.   And, by the time Obama leaves office Dirty Harry and the President will add more to the National Debt than all 43 past Presidents combined.  Is it any wonder that Senator Reid is so unpopular.   Reid is incompetent and should have been thrown out of office long ago.   But Harry Reid controls the state of Nevada by threats and bringing home the bacon.   Hence Dirty Harry, with Union support, has won reelection to the Senate 6 times.  Reid is one of the poster boys for Term Limits, that's for sure.    

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Conservative Young Guns - Republican Party Future

The future of the Republican Party, if there is going to be a Republican Party, rests with the Young Guns in the Congress and a few of the Republican Governors.   These new faces are moving to push the old dinosaur RINO's aside, who have been feeding at the trough for years and are as much a part of the problem, rather than the solution to our nation's problems.  And it is about time if the Republican Party is going to have any future at all.  

Certainly, Conservative Senators Ted Cruz, my new favorite, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson and Congressman Paul Ryan are emerging as the leaders of the Republican Party along with Governors like Scott Walker, John Kasich, Susanna Martinez, Bobby Gindahl and Nikki Haley.   Sarah Palin is still out there; but better as a rabble rouser than a candidate because of left wing media hatred and bias.  Note that I did not mention loud mouth, wind bag Chris Christie, or old news Jeb Bush.  Christie is too liberal and it is time that the Bush Dynasty end.  Characters like John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Carl Rove and Dick Morris had their day; but it is time for them to move aside. 

This battle to defund ObamaCare is a defining moment.  Whether Conservatives succeed or not in this fight,  those leading the battle in the House and Senate are establishing their credentials for the Presidential race in 2016.  Any one of them could be a great Republican candidate and President.   The days of compromising with Socialists must come to an end because it is pushing our country that much closer to economic insolvency and bankruptcy.   Only those Republican candidates, going forward, who really do stand up for limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulation and Free Market Capitalism will have the support of the base of the Republican Party.  And, without the base, no Republican can be elected to any office in the land.   

Nancy Pelosi - Plain Stupid, A Liar, Or On Drugs

Former Socialist Speaker of the House Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, of California, is just plain stupid, a liar, or on drugs.   I suppose she could be all three since Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, spy and in some cases history teaches us even murder to stay in office.  In a recent interview, Pelosi said that there is not one more dime that can be cut for the nearly $4 Trillion the US taxes, borrows and spends each year.  Oh really!!   Anyone with a brain knows that there is tremendous redundancy, waste, fraud and abuse in all programs, agencies, commissions and departments of the federal government.  Come on Nan, do you think the American people are stupid like you. 

Any of us sitting around a kitchen table could find Billions of dollars that could be cut from federal spending.   Let's start with the Department of Education, a pay off to teacher unions, that is an overlay on state departments of education and school districts.  How about paying federal employees the same for like work that is common in business, which would cut compensation and benefits by 40% to save money, while still being fair to government workers.   Disgraced IRS Dirty Trickster, Lois Lerner, who just retired, rather than face imminent firing, will get a pension of $100,000 or more, rather than the maximum Social Security annual payment of about $30,000.   This woman should be in jail, not living in Florida fat and happy on the American people.  Go figure.   Why not put a hiring freeze on to bring down the federal civilian workforce, by normal retirements and attrition over five years, from about 2.65 million to maybe 2 million.  God knows we won't miss any of them.   

And, then let's stop giving Billions of dollars in foreign aide to countries that hate us like Egypt and Pakistan.   How about ending the Billions spent on farm subsidies most of which goes to agri-business multi-billion dollar firms.  We could stop giving Indian tribes, particularly those that own casinos, the $12 Billion a year that they get.  Oh let's not forget about the Billions going to support green energy because it is otherwise unfeasible with today's technology.   There is also all the fraud in Welfare, Food Stamps and Disability benefits.  This Blogger knows of at least three people on Disability that are neither disabled, nor mentally handicapped, who could be working in some productive job.   We could ask GM to finally pay back the remaining Billions owed the taxpayer.   That bail out screwed the actual owners of GM to benefit the auto unions, Obama's PEEP's. 

Pelosi went on to say that we don't need to worry about the $17 Trillion National Debt because Obama has cut annual deficit spending in half.   Oh really!!   The first 43 Presidents ran up a debt of $10.7 Trillion in our 232 year history before Obama.   I guess we can officially call in BO, Before Obama because he really stinks.   Now AO, After Obama, this President will add an equal amount, about $10 Trillion, in just his 8 years in office.  When Obama is thankfully gone in three years, our National Debt will exceed $20 Trillion, an amount much higher than current Gross Domestic Product.  We are becoming Greece.  Nan, I know numbers are really tough for you; but it is what it is. 

What Pelosi also failed to say when she said Obama has brought down annual deficit spending is that it is from his plateau of more than a Trillion dollars.  The highest annual deficit spending during Bush II was around $400 Billion.  Obama has been running unprecedented Trillion dollar annual deficit spending for years.   And, what Pelosi also failed to say is that annual deficit spending AO, After Obama, is projected to sky rocket because of the $100 Trillion or more of unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and all the state and federal government pensions.   We are on the road to national bankruptcy and economic collapse; but good old Nan and her Socialist pals in government just refuse to tell the truth. 

Yes, indeed Socialist Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is either just plain stupid, a liar, or on drugs and probably all three.   But the American people know the truth.   Socialists at all levels of government are bankrupting our country and it is intentional.  Obama wants to "transform" the United States into a Socialist country to the demise of our standard of living and the American people.   We can't let that happen.  Obama's way of thinking is a race to the bottom.   Instead, we have to win that race by throwing Socialists at all levels of government our of office.  We don't want the entire United States turned into another Detroit.  Wake up America before we lose our country.           

Monday, September 23, 2013

Terrorist Massacre in Kenya

Contrary to Socialist President Obama's assertions,  though Bin Laden is dead, Al Qaeda is alive and well.   In another Terrorist attack, Al-Shahab, a branch of Al Qaeda, with affiliates in the United States, took over a large shopping mall in Kenya.  After doing so, they began murdering non-Muslims.  Since the siege is still going on as of this Blog posting 62 people have been killed, 200 are wounded and 63 are missing, or still held hostage.   Even after spending a Trillion dollars or more, the US has not destroyed Al Qaeda.  That should be obvious.

Follow the money.   Some of the money the West is spending to buy oil from Islamic countries is getting into the hands of these Terrorist groups.  That is the only conceivable explanation for their major funding.  In essence because we are not yet Energy Independent, which is entirely possible, if Obama and his Gestapo EPA would just get out of the way,  we are actually funding these Terrorist groups.   In addition to drone strikes to destroy them where ever they are, we have to not go after their leaders and bring them to justice, we have to cut off their funding.   The only way to do that is Energy Independence.  Mr. President, wake up and smell the oil trail.

Al Qaeda declared war on the United States, Israel, other Western countries and Moderate Muslims years ago, as they seek to establish a Caliphate Dictatorship to control the entire Middle East.  Ok, we get it; but why do they attack innocent, unarmed men, women and children, rather than just attacking government installations, or our military.  The answer is obvious.  While they have a death wish when they so believing they will be martyrs in the name of Jihad, holy war, they obviously prefer soft targets to harden targets.  Where do they teach that in the Koran.  This Blogger has been saying for years that Malls and Movie Theatre would be next.   Why mess around with airplanes, when these soft targets are open and available.  We now see it in Kenya.

These Terrorists are not people who really believe in God.  The one and only God for people of the Book, whether he is called Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, or Deo is not evil promoting the death of innocent men, women and children.   Only the Devil encourages this evil.   As we watch the slaughter in Kenya, we are reminded that the Devil is among us.   We see him often where ever there are senseless mass murders of the innocent.   Unfortunately, Al Qaeda and the Devil are alive and well.  Oil is their life blood.  The only way to starve the Devil of the funds needed to perpetuate these crimes is for Western countries to become Energy Independent.   We need to do it now.      

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The War In The Republican Party

There is a war going on in the Republican Party between the real Conservatives, represented by Tea Party Members and the new Republican Young Guns in Congress and RINO's (Republicans In Name Only), the old dinosaurs like Mitch McConnell, the Republican Minority Leader, John McCain and Lyndsey Graham in the Senate that have been feeding at the trough for years.   RINO's have been complicit in bankrupting our country.  They are only slightly better than the Socialists crooks in government.  RINO's go along to get along, always meeting Socialists more than half way, to keep their own perks.  RINO's were there the whole way pushing the country toward Socialist creep in the last 100 years and we see the end result. 

$17 Trillion of National Debt with no end in sight.  More than $100 Trillion of unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and state and federal pensions, all headed toward insolvency.   A bankrupt Post Office and Amtrac.   Waste, fraud and abuse at all levels of government.  RINO's that have been in office for 30 or more years do not have clean hands in all of this.  Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner does not support Term Limits because whether he is the Speaker or not, he just loves the benefits that make all members of Congress millionaires by the time they are finally carried out of Congress.   It beats running a bar in Ohio, his family tradition, that's for sure. 

So, the Republican Party is at war.  Those of us that are real Conservatives see RINO's as almost as bad as Socialists.  We argue for limited government and common sense solutions to our national problems, while cutting taxes and regulations to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.  We support term limits because we know that politicians for life, from either party, never the intention of our Founding Fathers, leads to corruption and lots of it.   Contrary to stupid and I do mean stupid Nancy Pelosi's Socialist assertions, we do not hate government.  Conservatives just hate too much government and over reach into all aspects of daily life.   We don't need government telling us what to eat, where to live, what guns we can own and spying on us.  Yes, we do hate all of those things.  

We certainly don't want 16,000 new IRS Gestapo agents enforcing ObamaCare, when hospitals are laying off staff members.   ObamaCare as a Socialist Scheme is about as dumb as it gets.  We do want ObamaCare defunded because it is not health care reform.  Instead, it is just one more big government Socialist Scheme at a time when all the other Socialist experiments are headed toward bankruptcy.  This is about common sense; not ideology.   Conservatives just argue for common sense.  We can't continue borrowing 40 cents for every dollar we spend.  Well dah!!

Most important, the Republican Party is at a turning point.  It will either be the Conservative Party of the United States, giving the American people a real choice away from Socialism, or it will go the way of the WHIG's and disappear.  RINO's are not welcome in the Conservative Republican Party.  As Ronald Reagan said, the Republican Party needs to be the party of bold colors, not pastel shades.   We are the party of Red States and voters, not pink, or rose colored states and voters.  RINO's need to get with the program, or hit the road.     

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cleveland Clinic Laying Off 1,800 Employees

The Cleveland Clinic, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world and the largest employer in Northern Ohio, is cutting $330 million from its 2014 budget, which will result in the lay off of 1,800 or more employees.   This is happening because of ObamaCare and the lower and lower fees insurance companies pay for negotiated medical services.   This is particularly the case related to expanded Medicaid and the $700 Billion in Obama cuts in Medicare that will negatively impact the Cleveland Clinic and all hospitals in the US that will get less money for the services they provide, even as costs continue to go up.   So these lay off's at hospitals are happening at the same time Obama wants to hire 16,000 more Gestapo IRS Agents to enforce ObamaCare at at cost of Billions of dollars each year.  Boy, spending that tax payer money is really going to improve health care in the United States.  By the way, the IRS, along with other government agencies, including Socialists in Congress, have asked to be exempted from ObamaCare.  Now that is the height of chutzpa.  

Surprise, Surprise.   ObamaCare has done nothing to bend the cost curve no matter what you hear from the big mouth Socialists in government.  Medical Premiums continue to go up, often by double digits every year.   Since we have reached the tipping point related to employer provided medical insurance, many companies are cutting benefits.   Every day, we hear more announcements from companies that just can't continue business as usual.  ObamaCare is great for Obama's PEEP's, those on the dole, that will get medical insurance for little or nothing; but it is all happening at the expense of the American taxpayer, the Middle Class, Senior Citizens and Unions members with those Cadillac Plans that will now be taxed as a result of ObamaCare. 

During the last campaign, Socialist President Obama touted the Cleveland Clinic as a hospital doing a lot of things right.   Specific to medical care, it is true that the Cleveland Clinic is one of the finest hospitals in the world; but now that big lay off's are coming in health care, the President is nowhere to be found.  Don't expect Obama to fly to Cleveland any time soon to attach his name to this big mess.  Of course, the last thing we need are hospitals, laying off people, when 78 million Baby Boomers are turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 a day.    And, 30 million more people are going to get subsidized ObamaCare medical insurance.   Since the rich will all end up with MDVIP Concierge doctors by paying more for medical care, this will lead to rationing primarily for Senior Citizens and the Middle Class that have no other options.   Those Death Panels are absolutely coming; just wait and see.  Thank you Socialists in government.  Thank you Mr. President for the mess you have created.      

US House Votes To Defund ObamaCare

The US House of Representatives voted to fund all facets of government, except ObamaCare, by a vote of 230 to 189.  All Republicans and two courageous Democrats voted to Defund ObamaCare, the President's unpopular monstrosity.  This was done as a Continuing Resolution to fund the government until the end of the year, long enough for the Congress to actually vote on a budget for 2014.  Now the Bill goes over to the Senate.

Of course, Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader and President Obama have said the Bill is Dead On Arrival.  As a result, if there is a government shut down, it will be the Socialists in government that should be held responsible; but no doubt the left wing, lame stream media will blame Republicans.  No surprise with that.   The reality is that Republicans have funded all government programs and expenses, at current levels, except ObamaCare.  

As a compromise, since Obama has already issued many exemptions from ObamaCare for his friends and donors and delayed the Employer Mandate for a year, why not put ObamaCare off for another year altogether to prevent this train wreck from hitting the American people.  The majority of Americans hate ObamaCare.  The Congressional Budget Office just told us that ObamaCare will bankrupt our country.   Further, Republicans in the House will shortly enact common sense health care reform that really will bring down the cost of health care, not raise it as is happening with ObamaCare.  The House bill takes the good stuff out of ObamaCare and gets rid of all the job killer bad stuff.  It makes perfect sense. 

But this is all just common sense, a rare commodity among Socialists in our government.   Hurrah for House Republicans.   They stood up once again and said NO to ObamaCare.   Now the ball is in the Socialist court.  Sign the bill that funds the government, or shut it down denying benefits to their PEEP's.  It is their choice.   Republicans need to stand firm to eventually repeal ObamaCare and replace it with real health care reform.  If that happens, everyone wins, even the Socialists and their PEEP's. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ObamaCare - The Train Wreck Coming

We are just a few short weeks away from ObamaCare, the train wreck coming at the American people.  As a business owner that must deal with all of this, I can say we face a fiasco of crazy rules that are almost incomprehensible.   Every day additional companies announce limits on medical coverage for their employees in 2014.  This is happening because ObamaCare did nothing to bend the cost curve and in fact as a result of all the "free mandates" in ObamaCare, our company has been told that we will see a premium increase next year of 12 - 15%, which is simply unsustainable.

ObamaCare requires that companies with more than 50 employees provide medical insurance for their employees, paying a minimum of 60% of the premium, or pay a $2,000 fine for each employee not covered after the first 30.  When doing so, there is also a requirement that families be offered coverage; but not spouses.   However, there is no requirement pay any part of the Premium for families.  

Further, if companies allow their employees to buy insurance through the company plan, then the employee is not allowed to shop the market on the State or Federal exchanges to see if they can get a better deal.   And, in addition, lower income employees cannot apply for a government subsidy if we offer them the right to buy insurance through our company even if they are required to pay 100% of the premium for their spouse and or family coverage.   None of this makes any sense. 

Many employers are already designating jobs as part time, 29 hours or less, to avoid the requirement to provide medical insurance altogether, or pay a fine.  Private Sector Unions finally figured out that ObamaCare screws them by making the Cadillac Plans they have fought 50 years to get will be taxed, rather than be tax free as is the case now.   Of course, the Unions are trying to get as deal from Obama; but Obamanistas have acknowledged that a special deal for the Unions would be illegal.  So now what!!

Just imagine, since more than 30 states chose not to set up State Exchanges, on October 1, people living in those states could all go on the Federal Exchange to shop rates.  Anyone want to bet that the system crashes as millions of people try to access rates on the Federal Exchange in October.  I would not want to be the IT guy in charge of that Federal Exchange because who ever that person is will be the fall guy when things come crashing down. 

Republicans in Congress will vote to defund, or delay the implementation of ObamaCare in the next few weeks.  If the President is smart, which is now questionable, he will let them do it to save his Presidency.   This train wreck is coming.   Many Americans will be negatively impacted by ObamaCare.   It is going to be ugly. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DC Gunman Obsessed With Violent Video Games

Friends of the Aaron Alexis, the Gunman who murdered 12 people at the Naval Base in Washington DC, report that Alexis was obsessed with violent video games.  In fact, Alexis would play in marathon sessions for hours, so much so that his friends would have to bring him food.  What a surprise!!  These Mass Murderers all seem to have a similar profile.  No doubt, we will find out more about Aaron Alexis, who apparently suffered from serious mental issues, in the days ahead.  In addition, the odds are pretty good that he was probably an anti-social loner with family issues.  The fact that Alexis was into violent video games should be no surprise to anyone.  We have seen this story before. 

While the number of Mass Murders have increased in the last ten years, however tragic, they still make up a very small number of murders that occur in the United States.  Far more people are killed by car accidents than by murder in our country.  But, these Mass Murders are always high profile and they make the news much more so than the drug related killings happening every day in our inner cities.  The left wing lame stream media and Socialist politicians always try to turn these Mass Murders into a gun debate, when guns are never the issue.   What we face instead are cultural issues that often tie to the destruction of the family.  Who knows for sure; but a very large number of Americans live in dysfunctional families, plagued by mental disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, financial issues and no father in the home. 

In the Black community, about 73% of Black babies are born out of wedlock.  That number is 40% for Whites and Hispanics.  More often than not, these kids are born into poverty and misery as single moms struggle to care for their children.  Is it any wonder that some large number of these kids do poorly in school and or end up on the streets getting into trouble.   In addition, various states are legalizing marijuana, a gateway drug, that will lead to greater drug use and abuse.   This is not what we need at a time when our country seems to lack a moral compass. 

The Mass Murders we have seen on school campuses and in the workplace are horrible; but we will never stop them from happening if we don't address the societal problems that exist in our country.  Further, these violent video games and movies that promote murder should be seriously restricted and or people who buy, or rent them should be on some sort of registry; no different than buying Sudafed, to get them on a watch list.  Clearly, we must implement Profiling to identify those most likely to commit these heinous crimes. 

Obviously, people with mental illnesses must be identified and treated and should have no access to guns.  Somehow, Aaron Alexis was able to buy a gun legally in the state of Virgina and that was with a background check.  Radical Islamic Fanatics need to be on a watch list to monitor their activities.  And, those with a violent criminal history cannot be allowed to walk free, without some kind of monitoring, after committing serious crimes.  It is time for some common sense.   Guns don't kill people.  People who have serious issues kill people by various means.  Until we face these facts, we will see more Mass Murders that are preventable. 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Massacre In Washington DC

Aaron Alexis, a young Black man, formerly in the Naval Reserves, somehow got through security, with a gun, to enter the nation's oldest Naval Base in Washington DC on the Anacostia River, to murder 12 people in cold blood and wound several others.  How could this happen?   Our federal government is spending Billions of dollars every year to provide for the National Defense and our internal security; yet a single gunman was able to enter a Naval Base and commit murder.  Russia warned our government of the Boston Bombers; yet they fell between the cracks to commit their crime.  Naturally, we will hear the enemies of the Second Amendment, our right to bear arms, once again say the problem is gun ownership in America.   B--L S--T.  Timothy McVeigh used a home made bomb to kill many more people when he destroyed that federal building in Oklahoma. 

More than 100 million Americans own guns lawfully.   Most of the crimes committed with guns in the United States are committed by deranged individuals and or drug lords and gang members who often own guns illegally.  But even if a small number of murders are committed with legally purchased guns, it would be by very few legal gun owners.  Clearly, 99.99% of legal gun owners in the United States do not murder anyone; yet the enemies of the Second Amendment continue to try to limit gun ownership.  The reality is that those who choose to murder innocent people will always find a way.   And, if there had been better Security at the Naval Base in Washington DC, this current Mass Murder never would have happened.

Instead of spying on millions of law abiding citizens, perhaps the federal government should focus on those with criminal records, as was the case with this most recent gunman in Washington DC.   In addition, somehow Aaron Alexis, this particular murderer, even had security clearance to work as a government contractor.   How did that happen given his history as a trouble maker in the Navy and afterwards.  Perhaps if the federal government would focus on likely Terrorists, like the Boston Bombers, those with criminal records and or a history of mental illness, instead of law abiding citizens,  we would not have these mass killings.   This story is not about gun ownership, but rather government incompetence. 

We need Profiling to identify those people most likely to commit these mass murders, not Big Brother intruding into every aspect of daily life of law abiding American citizens.  But don't count on it as long as Socialists control our government.   Any kind of Profiling is viewed as Racist, which is ridiculous.   These Mass Murderers come in all colors.   Many of them grew up watching violent video games and movies that glorify murder and make it a game.  Some are Islamic Terrorists with roots to the Middle East.   Some suffer from Mental Illness.  Some are disgruntled Americans who feel persecuted on the job, or otherwise.   The point is that Mass Murderers often have a criminal background, or other indicators that might predict future behaviors.   Why not focus on those most likely to commit these crimes and leave the rest of us alone. 

Federal Government Gestapo & Police State

It was recently reported that 40 federal agencies, plus 33 offices of Inspector General, or 73 in total employ 120,000 full time officers authorized to carry guns and make arrests.   We are not just talking about  armed guards; but also officers in SWAT team gear.  This goes way beyond Homeland Security, that has been buying Assault Rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition, or the FBI; but includes many agencies that would seem to be absurd; like the Library of Congress and or the Federal Reserve Board.  

This came to light when the Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA Gestapo, participated in a raid on the tiny gold mining town of Chicken, Alaska; no fooling.  The EPA, in full body armor and guns blazing, along with the FBI, US Fish & Wildlife, Bureau of Land Management, the Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Agency and the US Park Service were there to determine if there had been a violation of the Clean Water Act.  Aside from the lunacy this represents, it is typical of the waste and redundancy that exists in government that is bankrupting our nation.  And, just think all these characters probably belong to a Public Employee Union, earning 40% more in total compensation and benefits that the average American for like work.  Of course, I am not sure there are like jobs entitled Gestapo in the private sector. 

The Blogger suspects that there may have been more federal agents in town that day than people who actually live in Chicken, Alaska.  Local and State elected officials are questioning whether this raid was over kill.   Do you think?  The bigger issue is why the hell do all these federal agencies need their own police forces; other than maybe a staff necessary to provide internal security.  We still don't know why Homeland Security is buying all those Assault Rifles, you know the kind Socialists want to ban for private citizens, and millions of round of ammunition to use against whom. 

Now, we learn that many agencies have lethal armed divisions.  Of course, this is in addition to local police, that we saw in Boston during the bombing there, that are outfitted with para military gear.  In fact, when Marshall Law effectively put Boston in a lock down mode, while they searched for the perpetrators, it was as though Boston had been invaded by a foreign force.   What the hell is going on in our country.   The Federal Government maintains a Gestapo at many agencies.   This, combined with NSA spying on all Americans in the name of Security, is making the US a police state as bad as NAZI Germany, or the old Soviet Union.   Big Brother not only is watching, Big Brother has the means to murder American citizens, at will.  We are losing our freedom.   WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say ENOUGH!!   It has to stop. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Debt Ceiling - Here We Go Again

Since Syria is off the table at least for now, Congress will again focus on the Budget and the Debt Ceiling.   This means the same dance that we have seen before.   Obama and his Socialist pals in government want to continue borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend adding to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight.   Socialists also want to raise taxes on the "rich", which they already got last January.   Republicans want spending cuts in order to raise the Debt Ceiling again; a reasonable position.  Republicans also want to defund ObamaCare to kill the beast. 

Socialists will argue that government revenues are up as a result of the recent tax increase, so life is wonderful.  The problem is that they have already spent that money and then some.  In addition, that revenue increase is temporary, since it takes about two years for people to change behaviors to actually avoid those tax increases, which in the end will retard economic growth and job creation.  History is our teacher on all of this.  Higher taxes and increased regulation, the Socialist game plan, always slows economic growth and job creation.    We see it in the dismal jobs numbers and horrible GDP growth under Obama.  Most important, in addition to the $17 Trillion National Debt on the books, there is another $100 Trillion, or more off the books to fund Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and state and federal pensions.   These Socialists live in a fiscal dream world that will lead to a national Detroit. 

Stop the insanity.  The Blogger says shut it down.  Shut the government down if necessary to reign in spending and kill ObamaCare.   We are headed toward bankruptcy and economic collapse that could lead to the dissolution of the United States.   We simply cannot go on spending money that we don't have.   Once politicians of both parties figured out they could win elections by borrowing money to bring home the bacon, it began the fiscal insanity that we face today.   IT HAS TO STOP.!!! 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Obama Destroying The Middle Class

The rich have done pretty well under Obama, since the stock market is strong because major companies have cut costs and people.  The poor have also done well under Obama, if increasing the number of people on the dole is any measurement.  Obama eliminated the work requirement to get Welfare that was signed into law by President Clinton.   There are 20 million more Americans on Food Stamps and 2 million more Americans on Disability benefits, since Obama was elected.  Those on Welfare and Medicaid have increased dramatically on Obama's watch.  The poverty rate is higher today than when Bush II and Jimmy Carter were Presidents.  And, then there is the $2 Billion a year Obama is spending to give free cell phones to his PEEP's.  Those on the dole call them Obama Bucks.  The reality is those Obama Bucks are our hard earned tax dollars Obama has given away to buy votes.  Worse yet, Obama is borrowing 40 cents of every dollar he spends, adding to our $17 Trillion National Debt, with no end in sight, to fund all his Socialist Schemes. 

The real losers under Obama are Middle Class people, many of whom have lost their jobs, or are working part time that want full time jobs and or they have just given up looking for work altogether.  They are in the 12% or more of Americans, the total unemployed, truly impacted by the lousy economy and poor recovery under Obama.  These people are most impacted by Obama's high taxes and regulations that are killing good jobs that continue to go overseas.  Some of them are private sector Union members, whose manufacturing jobs have been going to China and other countries for years because of high corporate taxes and environmental wacko laws in the US.  The Keystone Pipeline, stalled by Obama, is just the latest example of projects that could provide high paying jobs; but Obama will not allow it to happen. 

In addition, the Middle Class will soon face a double whammy with ObamaCare.   Middle Class income has been declining for years as a result of world competition and federal government policy and laws that retard economic growth and job creation in the US.   Now as many firms end Spouse and Family medical coverage at company expense and or make jobs 29 hour part time positions to avoid the need to provide medical benefits, Middle Class Americans will be forced to buy their own medical insurance, or go without. 

Even with medical insurance, premiums have gone up 80% since 2003 at the same time that Deductibles and Co-Pay's have gone through the roof.  Out of pocket costs for health care for the Middle Class has tripled in the last ten years, while salary increases have been minimal.  Under ObamaCare, the Middle Class will not qualify for subsidies.  Dual income families, in particular, make too much money to get subsidies; yet if they have to pay $10,000 or more a year to buy coverage, one way or another, that was provided in the past by the employer, it will be unfeasible for many.  That is exactly what is coming in 2014.   Families will have to choose between food, heat and medical insurance. 

This is the reason Unions are now screaming.  They finally read the ObamaCare Monstrosity they supported and realize that their members are going to get screwed by ObamaCare.   The Cadillac Benefits, they fought 50 years to get, will be taxed under ObamaCare and or employers are planning on making jobs part time to avoid medical expenses entirely.   Well dah!  What do you think we have all been saying since ObamaCare was enacted.   All of this is a raw deal for the Middle Class, many of whom voted for Obama.   Wonder how those voters feel now. 

Putin Lectures Obama

Quasi Dictator Russian President Vladamir Putin, lectured naive and inexperienced, Socialist President Obama in an article in the New York Times.  In a well thought out, well written article, Putin appeared as the elder statesman, rather than the former thug who ran the KGB in the old Soviet Union.  Putin gives Obama a history lesson as he argues against US unilateral military action against Syria.  Putin and Russia, that stands much to gain both from maintaining Syria's dictator Assad in power and from promoting instability in the Middle East to keep oil prices high, clearly is seeking to control this game.

Let us not forget that the only Naval Base Russia has outside of Russian territory is in Syria.  This is the warm water port that Czars of Russia sought for centuries.  Naturally, Putin does not want that gain disrupted, since surely the Rebels in Syria would expel the Russians, if they gain power.  Well dah!!   And, Russia has not really been a player in the Middle East for decades.  Now by arming both Syria and Iran, Russia is relevant as Putin attempts to reestablish Russia as a Super Power around the world. 

Problem is Russia in a economic basket case.  Other than Oil, Natural Gas, Vodka, Military Arms and I was recently reminder Maruska Dolls, Russia has nothing to sell the world.   As such, Russia has an interest in maintaining instability in the Middle East to keep the price of oil high because it is their primary source of income to fund the Russian government and military. 

Vladamir Putin longs for the days of the old Soviet Union, including the empire they controlled.  But Russia is a crumbling country that loses a million people every year.  The only way Putin can be relevant is by military extension where ever possible; otherwise Russia would not be at the table at all.  Russia is certainly not the manufacturing power house of China.  Putin is a little man trying desperately to be Big on the world stage. 

Ironically, in 2009, Obama said of the US that we were just one nation among many, not so Exceptional at all.   Putin agrees in his article saying exactly the same thing.  Yet, in his speech the other day, Obama spoke of American Exceptionalism in another Obama flip flop.  There is no doubt that the United States is the greatest nation ever conceived in human history.  We are indeed an Exceptional nation like no other on earth.  It is however, Obama who is not Exceptional.  In fact, Obama is incompetent and we see it clearly in his confused and dangerous foreign policy.  We can only count the days until Obama is out of office.  Whatever is left of Obama's second term is one day too long.    

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama's Syria Policy - Confusing & Dangerous

Socialist President Obama cannot seem to articulate a coherent policy concerning Syria's use of chemical weapons to kill their own people.  This might be the reason that quasi Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin has stepped up into the void in an attempt to give naive and inexperienced Obama a way out of the mess he has created.  First, Obama draws a red line in the sand and then denies he did it.  Like blaming Bush II for everything Obama has messed up, Obama blames the international community, the Congress and the American people for drawing that infamous red line. 

Now that Russia has come up with a plan to secure the chemical weapons in Syria, Obama claims he previously discussed this idea with Putin.  If that is true, why on earth was this not the operative in the first place, rather than threatening military action.   Instead, Obama declared he had to go to Congress to get approval to implement military action.  But what military action?  In order to secure the votes of both Congressional Hawks and Doves, the action was to be enough to degrade Assad's military; but at the same time very small not to constitute anything major.  In fact, the story changed between Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry so many times in a 24 hour period that we have no idea what they are talking about anymore.   Obama has made Kerry look like an irrelevant fool. 

It doesn't matter anyway because once Obamanistas realized that Congress would not approve military action, opposed by the vast majority of the American people, Obama asked that the vote be "postponed" pending diplomatic action.  At the same time, Obama still contends that he needs the approval to use military action.   Is anyone minding the store?

This is the most confusing, incompetent foreign policy fiasco this Blogger can remember in my life time.   It would be a joke if it were not so dangerous.   When the President speaks, any President, he must do so with clarity to prevent miscalculation by other nations that can lead to war.   Obama looks like a blithering idiot to the rest of the world trying to figure out what the hell he is saying and doing. 

In 2008, when running against Hillary Clinton in the Primaries, Clinton ran an ad against Obama showing the phone ringing at 3 o'clock in the morning, making the point that a President with experience better be on the other end of that phone.  Gosh, was Hilly right.   Obama, the Community Organizer and Law Professor is down right clueless and we see it clearly in Obama's words and deeds related to Syria and just about everything else he does. 

Remembering 911 & Benghazi

This Blogger was in the New York City area on September 11, 2001.  Matter of fact, we had a client meeting scheduled in New York City at 9 am on that Tuesday morning, in the financial district, that got changed to Wednesday.  As a result, I was out at our Connecticut office on 9/11, however at the precise moment the World Trade Center buildings were coming down, I was on the phone with a client contact, in the middle of it all, who had to end the call to evacuate from his office building.  We will be forever bonded by that phone call. 

To put all of this in perspective, the United States entered the 21st Century with a new President, Bush II, fresh from winning the Cold War.  Thanks to Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II and many others that came before them, we defeated Godless Communism.   We could look forward to peace and prosperity and then Islamic Fascists, in the name of God, changed everything on 9/11.   Ironically, radical Islamists, profess to act in the name of God, when in fact, it is evil and the devil that drives them to hate Western values and freedom.   These fanatics seek to take their people back 700 years to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East that would enslave women and murder Christians, Jews and everyone else that does not share their particular worship of Allah, a vengeful God who apparently preaches hatred. 

This is not the God of the Book, the Holy Bible and the Koran that billions of Moslem's, Christians and Jews share in common.  Our God would not motivate people to encourage their children to become suicide bombers and to murder others in the name of God.   9/11 changed everything.   We are in a new Hot/Cold War with Radical Islam, not with peace loving, God worshiping Moslem's.  We fight those who preach hatred and kill not only Christians and Jews; but other Moslem's who just want freedom and a future for their children. 

When 9/11 happened, I was unable to get back to the West Coast for about two weeks because air travel was restricted.   We had an all company management meeting scheduled in Chicago a few weeks after 9/11.   There were managers in our company, who asked that I cancel that meeting.  As President and owner of our company, I said absolutely NOT.   I would not allow these Terrorists to alter our way of life.   A few of our managers were afraid to fly and we honored their wishes; but otherwise that meeting went on business as usual.   If we allow these Islamic Fascists to alter our way of life, they win.   We cannot allow that to happen. 

Finally, it was a year ago that Islamic Terrorists murdered four Americans in Benghazi.   Obamanistas, who lied to us about Benghazi, are still involved in a cover up related to that heinous crime.  Though Socialist President Obama's promised Justice after these murders, Justice has still not be done.   The American people will not rest until we get the truth about Benghazi.   It is just one more Obama Scandal that will not go away. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Russia To The Rescue

Savvy Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to make Socialist President Obama look incompetent and weak.  In a game of Chess, Putin is putting a deal together that would transfer Syria's chemical weapons to international control.  Of course, we see no details yet; but theoretically, it would make a military strike by the United States against Syria unnecessary. It would be Russia coming to Obama's rescue; but is it in American interests. 

Syria's Dictator Assad would remain in power, stronger than ever and in a position to use Russian conventional weapons to destroy his opponents.  Hezbollah, the Terrorist Organization supporting Assad and funded by Iran would grow stronger.   Both Russia and Iran would win big in this deal, while the United States, boxed into a corner, would be prevented from degrading Assad's military.   But is that so bad.   Assad is a dictator; but if he is deposed, as happened in Egypt, we are likely to have chaos on Israel's border.   And, there is a pretty good chance that Al Queda will come to power.   How is that good for the United States or Israel. 

The fact that Vladamir Putin is a smarter Geo-political tactician than Obama is obvious.  All should remember that Putin ran the KGB Secret Police in the old Soviet Union.   No doubt, Putin learned a thing or two in that job.  Obama has never run anything, which is the reason his management skills are non existent.  Putin's move is brilliant.  If the deal comes together, Russia and Iran win big.  Yes, presumably we guarantee that those chemical weapons will not be used again, at least for now; but if they are not destroyed altogether, it is very likely that they will surface again at some future date. 

Putin's latest move keeps Assad, their guy, in power.  We will continue to see the slaughter of opposition forces in Syria; but then again many of them are Terrorists that hate the United States and Israel.   So just maybe, the United States will be better off after all.  Only time will tell.   Of course, all of this makes Obama look like an amateur in way, way over his head. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Benghazi - Still No Justice

A year has gone by since Terrorists in Libya brutally murdered our Ambassador and 3 other brave Americans.   The day after, Socialist President Obama assured the American people that justice would be done.  One of the Terrorist leaders, who walks free, has been indicted by the Holder Justice Department; but no arrest has been made.   This particular Terrorist has given interviews with three news organizations; but we can't seem to find him in Libya.  Why is that?

Obama's loves using drones to kill Terrorists so why hasn't the President taken care of the Terrorists in Libya that murdered four Americans a year ago.  Perhaps, before we start firing cruise missiles into Syria, the President should take care of business in Libya.  The problem is that Obamanistas, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, lied about the fiasco in Benghazi and they are still not telling the truth today.  In fact, like so many Obama Scandals, there is a cover up happening to keep the truth from the American people.  The White House will not even release the whereabouts of the President the night these murders occurred.   Why is that?

Obama is pushing for military action in Syria as a result of Dictator Assad's use of poison gas on his own people.  As bad as that heinous crime against humanity was, at least no Americans were killed.   The murder of our Ambassador in Libya is an act of war.  It is the first time in more than 30 years that an American Ambassador has been murdered in the field and it happened on Obama's watch because of his weakness and incompetence.  It is time for Obama to act to bring the Terrorists, that murdered American citizens in Libya, to justice.  Certainly, murdered Americans are just as important as murdered Syrians.  First things first. 


Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Real Story In The Middle East

The struggle in the Middle East is often seen in terms of religious differences, Islam against Christian and Jews; but that is only part of the story.  The differences within Islam are just as hate filled because Sunni Moslem's and Shia Moslem's are just as likely to kill each other as kill Christian and Jews.  But this is not the whole story either.  Americans often see the Middle East as some monolithic group of people, presumably Arabs some of whom are Islamic Radicals.   

The reality is that the Middle East is composed of a variety of tribes, with familial ties, that have been killing each other for thousands of years.   Further, Persians now called Iranians, that are not Arab, once controlled the entire Middle East, until Alexander the Great from Greece, conquered the Persian Empire and removed them from power.  Much later, Turks, that are also not Arab, under the Ottoman Empire, also once controlled the Middle East.

While all of these peoples are majority Islam; either Sunni, or Shia Moslem's, they have been enemies for years.  Shia Iran seeks to restore past glory, which is the reason they are developing nuclear weapons.  Saudi Arabia, Sunni Arabs, probably dislike Iran as much as they dislike Israel and do not want to see Iranian Hegemony in the Middle East.   As such, what is happening in Syria and in Egypt is nothing more than a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, with Russia on one side and Western powers supporting the other. 

While hatred of Israel, the only real ally we have in the Middle East, does tend to unite both Sunni and Shia Moslem's, take that away and the hatred they have for each other, that goes back centuries, is just as bad and lethal as we are seeing in Syria.   Turkey is part of NATO and in many ways a Western Power.  Istanbul looks more like a European city than a Middle Eastern city.   And, while Turks are Moslem, until recently they have very much been a secular society. 

The Middle East is a mess because of feuds that go back several thousand years.  The sooner the United States becomes Energy Independent the better so that we can tell all of these peoples, filled with hatred, to go pound sand.   

Friday, September 6, 2013

Dismal Jobs Report - Thank You Mr. President

The August Jobs Report was dismal as just 169,000 new jobs were created, barely enough to keep up with population growth.   Of these jobs, most were either in Retail, Hotels and Restaurants, or Temporary, all low paying positions.   The unemployment rate did fall a bit to 7.3%; but only because another 300,000 people just gave up looking for work altogether.  In fact the Labor Participation rate, those actually working fell to 63.2%, the lowest level in 35 years.  In addition, the June and July jobs reports were downgraded by 74,000; that is 74,000 fewer jobs were created than originally stated. 

Obama's policies of higher taxes, more burdensome regulations, ObamaCare and more deficit spending are all job killers and we see the end result.  Real Unemployment when all our counted, those not working, those working part time that want full time jobs and those that have given up looking for work altogether is still around 14%, six years into the Obama Presidency.   The Recession is not over; just camouflaged by the Fed's printing of money and millions of people added to the dole under Obama.   The poverty rate is actually higher today, under Obama, than when Jimmy Carter was President.   We have more poor people today than when Bush II left office even after spending a Trillion dollars on Obama's SwindleUS Plans.

Socialist President Obama is to blame because he does not understand Economics 101.  Higher taxes, more regulations, ObamaCare and more deficit spending are retarding the growth of the economy.  It is just that simple.  Unfortunately, Obama is such an ideologue trapped by his Socialist thinking that he just can't change paths.   We are destined to see more poverty and misery in our country if we keep going down the same Obama road.  It is what it is. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Obama & That Red Line In The Sand

At a time when Socialist President Obama is trying to sell military action to punish Syria for using chemical weapons to kill their own citizens, Obama declared that the red line he drew in the sand, was not his line.   Must have been George W. Bush who drew the red line, since Obama has blamed everything else on Bush.  Honestly, this recent statement is plain ridiculous.   Obama does not seem to understand that everything he says is on video to be played over and over and over again.  Obama absolutely did draw this red line in the sand.  The words came out of his mouth. 

Now, Obama claims that the red line was drawn by Congress, when years ago they agreed to the treaty banning chemical weapons.  And then, Obama said the red line was drawn by the international community, not him.   Further, Obama went on to say it was not his credibility on the line; but rather the credibility of the American people, Congress and the International Community.  Does Obama ever take responsibility for anything. 

This President just does not seem to understand that words matter, particularly when they come out of his big, inexperienced, naive mouth because Obama is the one and only President of the United States, for three more miserable years anyway.   Obama appears as a wimp when he plays these games.  Russian quasi Dictator Vladamir Putin sees Obama as weak and incompetent, which is true.  Sadly, it is what it is.

Obama better hire some advisers that wear big boy pants because this certainly is not him.  Even Hillary Clinton wore big boy pants compared to Obama.   Obama, the President and Nobel Peace Prize winner is an embarrassment for our country.   Obama would be funny if his incompetence was not so dangerous.   Countries like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea will miscalculate as a result of Obama's weakness, which will lead to a wider war.   The lessons of history are our teacher.  This is not looking good. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Russia & Putin - Not America's Friend

The Cold War technically ended when the old Soviet Union was dismantled and Communism, at least in Europe, was relegated to the ash heap of history.   However, it is important to understand that while the Soviet Union went away, nuclear armed Russia, as a threat to Europe and the United States is still there.  And, Vladamir Putin, who was in charge of the old KGB secret police in the Communist Soviet Union, is now the President and quasi dictator of Russia.   There is no real democracy in Russia.  If Putin sees someone as his enemy, he is put in jail, or even disappears.  There is no free press in Russia.  The media is controlled. 

Further, Putin longs for the days of empire, no different than former Tsars, or Communist leaders.   Historically, Russia always needed warm water ports to project its military power around the world.  Guess what, one of those ports today is in the Eastern Mediterranean in a little country called Syria.  And, Russia like the old Soviet Union wants to control and or have hegemony over the countries nearest its border.  Today, Russia exerts that influence by controlling oil and gas going to these countries, including industrial Germany.  Putin can turn off the supply whenever he wants.

Vladamir Putin continues to show contempt for Socialist President Obama.  It does not help when Obama goes on TV to deny that he drew a red line in the sand.  Putin sees Obama as weak and incompetent, which is true.  Clearly, Putin does not fear Obama, which is dangerous.   We see it by what is happening right now in Syria.   Obama did draw a red line in the sand right through Syria, which is a Russian protectorate.  Even though there is good evidence, Putin will not even acknowledge the use of chemical weapons in Syria.   Putin and his minions are calling Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama "liars" when they say that Assad has used chemical weapons to kill his own people.

Clearly, Vladamir Putin and Russia, ruled by him, is no friend of the United States.   Obama needs to put the missile defense system that he unilaterally pulled out of Eastern Europe, without getting anything in return from Russia, right back at Russia's doorstep in response to Putin's actions in Syria and Iran's intransigence.   It is now time for Obama to go all Chicago on Putin.   As Obama once said if your enemy brings a knife to a fight, you bring a gun.  Was Obama just talking about the American people and Conservatives in the US, in particular, when he made that statement about enemies.  What about our enemies overseas. 

It is time for Obama to demonstrate to Putin that  he is the President of the United States, the most powerful nation on earth; not the ruler of Lithuania.  That means Obama must demonstrate a show of force in Eastern Europe and taking action in Syria and eventually Iran.   Raw power is the only thing Vladamir Putin understands.   Rather than acting like an indecisive wimp, Obama needs to wield some raw power to gain Putin's respect.   It will not happen any other way. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Syria - The Real Story

If it is true that Assad's Syria used chemical weapons to kill their own people, various countries, not just the US, should come together to bomb Syria and degrade as much of their military as possible, even if it is only symbolic.  The red line that was crossed was not just Obama's, it is an international red line.  Using weapons of mass destruction that could be used on Israel or American cities, by Terrorists, cannot be tolerated.   But this story is not about Syria. 

This story is about countries like Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and even Venezuela.  History teaches us that if the United States is weak, our enemies led by dictators, in particular, may miscalculate, which always leads to wider war.   War does not occur when the United States is strong in our resolve.  Historically wider wars have always occurred whenever the United States is weak, which is where we are under Obama.  While I don't have a problem with Congressional Approval to take action in Syria because of the Power of the Purse, which is a Congressional responsibility, the additional time involved is allowing Syria to disburse their military assets, which will make it harder to destroy them. 

On that basis, it would have been better for Obama to act immediately as Commander In Chief by bombing Syria to degrade their military.  Waiting makes Obama and our country look weak and that is dangerous.  Look, there are no good options concerning Syria.  What ever happens, I would not worry about Israel because if they are attacked by Iran or Syria, they will  destroy Syria's military and use whatever options they have to destroy or at least set back Iran's nuclear capability.  Israel has nuclear weapons and they will use them to insure the survival of their country.   Always remember, Never Again, Never Again. 

The fact that Assad has used poison gas to kill his own people, if it is true, is particularly evil to Israeli's because of their history with the Holocaust.  Assad and the Mullahs in Iran are the new Hitler to the Jews, whose relatives were gassed to death by Hitler.  And once again, this is happening just a few hundred miles away from Israel.  Of course, Israel can and will react to these atrocities, if attacked. 

Syria is not the real story.   We are dealing with evil supported by Russia, China and Iran.  The evil empire that Reagan spoke of is not dead.  This is a proxy war being conducted by our enemies.  If we don't act to punish Syria, we embolden our enemies and there will be price to pay, sooner or later.  This Blogger rarely agrees with Socialist President Obama on anything; but this issue is life or death and has little to do with Obama.  It is about the big picture.   This is a national security issue for the United States.   We have to act. 


Unions Begin To Splinter - Just The Beginning

The 40,000 member International Longshore and Warehouse Union has cut its ties with the AFL-CIO as a result of their support for ObamaCare and Immigration Reform.  No, it's not what you think.   The International Longshore and Warehouse Union is even more left wing, since they support Single Payer Nationalized Health Insurance and more radical Immigration Reform, that would give citizenship to illegal aliens sooner, than the bill recently enacted by the US Senate.  So what does this mean?

ObamaCare is Socialist President Obama's signature legislation.  And, the Immigration Reform Bill, enacted by the US Senate, was primarily designed by Socialists in the US Senate.  If a major Union is rejecting both of these laws, what does it say about the future of the Socialist Party in the elections of 2014 and 2016.   This particularly Union is even more radical than the President, if that is possible. 
It is true that many Unions finally read the ObamaCare 2,700 page monstrosity and realized that they got screwed by this legislation that they helped enact.   Their Cadillac Medical Plans, that they spent 50 years getting through negotiations, will be taxed by Obama in a few years.   And, employers will simply designate many jobs part time, 29 hours a week, to avoid the requirement to provide any health insurance at all.   Well dah!

Since Obama has no business experience, he simply did not understand how business would react to ObamaCare.  Obama assumed things would go on business as usual and that no one would lose their health insurance.  Obama told the American people if you like your current doctor and medical plan you can keep it.  Really?  That will not be the case if people are forced to go on to the Exchanges to buy insurance because their employers no longer offer coverage for Spouses and families, which is permissible under the law.

The Unions are going bonkers.  The question is will they support the Socialist candidates in 2014 and 2016 that did this too them.   Remember, not one Republican in Congress voted for ObamaCare.   This turkey is the sole property of the Socialist Party.   When employees lose their medical insurance, they should be referred to dizzy Socialist Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Dirty Harry Reid, the majority leader of the US Senate.  Obama, Pelosi and Reid put this monstrosity in place.  Now they need to feel the heat when the S--T hits the fan. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Secretary of State Kerry Should Resign

Secretary of State John Kerry had his legs cut out from under him by Socialist President Obama.   Kerry went on TV to tell the American people of the crimes against humanity committed by Assad's Syria when he used chemical weapons to kill more than 1,400 of his own people.  Kerry declared that it was in the Vital Interest of the United States to punish Assad, presumably by air strikes, to send a message to the world's dictators that if they use Weapons of Mass Destruction, they will face the wrath of the United States.   Really?? 

This all make perfect sense and actually Kerry looked very Presidential during his speech.   Then Obama took a 45 minutes walk in the Rose Garden with his Chief of Staff and decided, that though he has the power to act, as Commander and Chief, that he would seek the approval of the Congress.  OK, that might be alright since the Congress should vote the money to implement this military action, but then Obama went out and played golf, with Vice President Joe Biden, rather than immediately ask the leaders of Congress to bring Members back from their vacations.

Secretary Kerry spoke with urgency and then Obama went out and played golf.  There is something very wrong with this picture.  Secretary of State John Kerry has now lost all credibility, along with the President, on the world stage.   It won't happen; but Secretary Kerry should resign rather than have his good name attached to this weak and incompetent President.   Many people will die because of Obama's indecisiveness.   Since the Congress will not be back in session until September 9, even if they do vote to bomb Syria, it will be ineffective.    

The odds are pretty good that Obama will cobble together a majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate to support military action against Syria.  But, it will be too little too late.   Since Obama did not act immediately, Assad will have plenty of time to disperse both his conventional and chemical weapons all over the country.  Further, Assad can even send some of these weapons and his air force out of the country to Iran.  As such, if Obama orders that the cruise missiles be fired on Syria, nine or ten days from now, it will be a waste of time and money. 

Socialist President Obama has really screwed this up big time.   Secretary of State John Kerry should jump ship if he is smart.  If Kerry sticks around to support his boss, when the s--t hits the fan, Obama will blame Kerry for the chaos, just wait and see.  Obama has no loyalty to anyone; but himself.   John Kerry will be the fall guy at the end of this story.