Monday, August 31, 2015

Conservatives Will Abandon The Republican Party

Establishment Republicans at the local, state and federal levels are not getting the message.   Conservatives that make up the base of the Republican Party, for the moment, expect elected Republicans in government to actually act on the Republican Party Platform.   We don't care if it results in a government shut down.  To the Makers in society, government is the problem, not the solution.  We spent billions electing a Republican State Legislature in Nevada and in Congress that has accomplished absolutely nothing important.  In fact, in Nevada, we just experienced the highest tax and spending increase in Nevada state history at the hands of a Republican controlled legislature and RINO Governor.   

This Blogger has given my Republican Senator and Congressmen Failing Report Cards.   I got back from my Nevada Republican Senator Dean Heller, one of the empty suits in Washington DC, a letter telling me what a wonderful job he has done.  Really?   Heller has accomplished nothing meaningful while in Congress.  In one letter Heller blames other members of Congress for raiding Social Security to fund government deficit spending as though he has not been there for years voting for the budgets that are bankrupting our country. 

And then, Republican Congressman Joe Heck, who is now running for the Senate in Nevada wants Conservatives to support him when both he and Heller voted for the Fiscal Cliff deal that raised our taxes.   This Conservative Blogger will not vote for any Republican that votes to raise taxes of any kind when there is so much waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy and failure in government.   I want to starve the beast, not provide government more of my hard earned money that will only be wasted on more Socialist Schemes. 

Establishment Republicans in government ignore Conservatives at their peril.  This Blogger has been saying for years that the Republican Party will go the way of the Whigs if they don't get with the program.   They simply can't win without the Conservative Base of the Party.   Donald Trump is surging in the polls out of disgust for Establishment Republicans.  It really is that simple.   We are mad as hell and we don't care if Republicans are defeated because they have lost our support.  The fact is that there is no difference between a RINO and a Socialist anyway.  We have learned that the hard way in Nevada. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders - The Face Of The Socialist Party

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Socialist Presidential nomination, is the face of the Democrat Party.  One good thing about Bernie Sanders is that he is completely honest about his Socialist Plans for America.   And, he has no problem calling himself a Socialist, which is the reality of the Democrat Party.  The Obama Democrat Party is the Socialist Party of America.   Unfortunately, all of Sanders Socialist Schemes have been tried before in other parts of the world only to cause misery, poverty and in some cases murder to allow Socialists to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

In a nut shell, Bernie Sanders wants higher taxes, higher spending that is already bankrupting our country and even more government intrusion into all aspects of daily life.  If Bernie Sanders and his Socialist Pals were ever to gain complete control of the federal government, the freedoms we cherish would be ended.  We would have  even more people on the dole than is happening now at record levels under Obama.   These Socialists would destroy jobs in America by taxing the rich into becoming poor in the name of equality.  Sanders advocates a 90% tax rate.   If this tax level was enacted, what money would be left for the private investment badly needed to create jobs.  The standard of living in our country would fall dramatically as a result of crazy Socialist climate change schemes that are killing jobs now. 

Hillary Clinton is having to move further to the left to counter Bernie Sanders success at the polls with Socialist voters.  It is very possible that Sanders may win some Socialist Primaries with his crazy ideas; but what is really important is that Sander's Socialist Schemes do reflect the left, left wing of the Socialist Party.   Bernie Sander's is the face of the Socialist Party of America.   If these people ever came to power, it would be the end of our freedom and our country. 

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Shipping Illegal Aliens Off In Boxcars

One day, Socialist Candidate Hillary Clinton refers to pro-life Republican Candidates, running for President, as Terrorists.   The next day Clinton says that Republican Candidates want to ship Illegal Aliens off to Mexico and other countries in Box Cars, which is a reference to the Nazi's shipping Jews and others off to their death in the Holocaust.  So according to Hilly, these Republicans are Terrorist Nazi's.  Frankly, this woman is coming unhinged.  First of all, only Donald Trump is actually talking about deporting Illegal Aliens, only to let the "good ones" back in quickly.   Everybody agrees that the bad ones, convicted felons, should be deported and kept out of our country.  

This Blogger thinks that Trump's deportation idea, related to the "good ones, is not realistic and serves no purpose.   These people should be required to pay a fine and be given a guest worker permit, without a path to citizenship.   However, the issue of Anchor babies and Birth Right Citizenship should be debated and the law should be changed.  It is ridiculous that the children born of Illegal Aliens, that have violated our laws, should automatically become American citizens just because they were born on American Soil.  Donald Trump is right on that issue.

Hillary Clinton, viewed as a LIAR by the American people is now so desperate to remain relevant to the base of the Socialist Party that she is making dumb comments to take attention off her Email Scandal.   Since Crazy Joe Biden is likely to enter the race, Hilly knows that her coronation is at risk.  As a result, we are likely to hear more ridiculous comments from Hillary Clinton before this show is over. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Abortion Is Not About Women's Healthcare

Socialists, the Lame Stream Left Wing Media and Radical Feminists want us to believe that Abortion is a Women's Health Care issue.  Can we at least get the facts straight.   Unless a woman's life is endangered by a pregnancy, which is rare, Abortion is an elective procedure that ends human life in the womb.  As an elective procedure, again unless the mother's life is in danger, it should not be covered by medical insurance.  That is why they call it a woman's "choice".   Women's Health Care, like Men's Health Care is really about all the potential ailments that impact us all, except for Women's breast, or uterine cancer and or Men's prostrate, or testicular cancer.   Otherwise, since the rest of our body parts are pretty much the same, all people will ultimately succumb to accidents, old age, heart disease, other cancers, or other diseases.

So, when the Left Wing in our country argues for funding Planned Parenthood, the single largest provider of abortion in the United States, at about 350,000 a year, they are really arguing for subsidizing abortions with tax payer money even though that is illegal; since abortion is big business for Planned Parenthood.  Now that we learn that Planned Parenthood is trafficking in abortion baby parts, which is about as disgusting as it gets, the more than $500 million taxpayer dollars that are going to Planned Parenthood should be going instead to the more than 9,000 Community Health Care Centers that do not offer abortion services; but do support Women's Health Care.  

If the discussion is really about Women's Health Care, why not fund these Community Health Care Centers that can deal with all ailments, not just "reproductive services" that are only applicable to a small percentage of the female population.  Far more women are dealing with other life threatening ailments.   Once again, it is time for common sense in government spending; not funding abortions that result in the murder of innocent babies.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hillary Clinton Is Getting Desperate

As Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton continues to fall in the polls, she is turning desperate in an attempt to motivate the radical base of the Socialist Party to support her.   On a campaign stop, Hilly compared Republican Presidential Candidates to Terrorists because they all want to defund Planned Parenthood, recently exposed as trafficking in Baby Parts.   And, while Hillary Clinton agrees that Black Lives Matter, apparently she does not understand that All Lives Matter, including the 60 million babies that have been murdered by abortion since Roe V. Wade in 1973.  Now that is a real War on Baby Girls and Boys.

And, since various Republican Candidates are putting forward Common Sense approaches to dealing with Immigration Reform and Illegal Aliens in particular, in Hilly's world that makes them all Terrorists.   Really!!   Hillary Clinton is taking a page out of the Obama Play Book who called those that opposed his deal with Iran, "Crazies".   Again, Really!   In addition to Socialists and Republicans in Congress that have come out against Obama's Iran Deal, various prior Secretary's of Defense and 200 Retired Generals just signed a letter opposing the Deal because it is a serious threat to our National Security. 

Hillary Clinton is desperate as she sees her support eroding among the base of the Socialist Party.   In a recent poll, when Hillary Clinton's name was mentioned the word most associated with her name was "LIAR".    This is the reason Obama is encouraging Crazy Joe Biden to enter the race.  Obama is scarred to death that if Hillary is the candidate that the Socialists will lose to any of the Republican contenders.   Besides, everybody knows that Obama and the Clinton's hate each other.   So, just watch Hilly go as she continues to slide in the polls.  There is nothing uglier than an old, old, desperate woman, or man.   

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Solyndra Management Lied To Get Government Guaranteed Loan

The Inspector General determined that Solyndra Management, the solar panel company, lied or misrepresented information to the Department of Energy in order to get a $535 million government guaranteed loan.  This is the company that went bankrupt shortly there after.  Apparently,  Solyndra Management over stated the book of business that was the basis for the loan guarentee originally saying that they had $1.4 Billion in orders, which turned out not to be true. 

The Federal Government and by extension The US Taxpayer lost about $500 million in this Green Scam Deal.  I know, I know this is chump change in Washington DC; but it is not chump change to the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in the United States.   So now. this Blogger would like to know who is going to be FIRED at the Department of Energy for failing to do due diligence in this deal and who at Solyndra is going to jail for committing what may turn out to be fraud. 

And, the answer as usual is nobody.   Some in Solyndra's top management were big donors to Pinocchio Obama's campaigns, which is the reason they got the loan guarantee in the first place.   And, no one in government is ever held accountable for their actions.   So, no one will be fired and no one is going to jail.   This is the reason Donald Trump is surging in the polls.  The American people have had it.   We are tired of the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy we see in government every day of the week.  It is one story of government failure after another. 

Yet, Socialist and RINOS preach the need for higher taxes on the Makers in society.  Instead, we need to starve the beast.  And, we absolutely need both a Balanced Budget and Term Limits Amendments to the US Constitution as the only way to stop the fiscal insanity that is bankrupting our country.  We have to throw the bums out of office from both political parties that have been feeding at the trough for decades that are responsible for our $18 Trillion National Debt.   Term Limits is the only way to make that happen. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Establishment Republicans Plotting To Take Down Trump

Establishment Republicans all over the country are plotting to take down Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump because they can't control him.  Trump does not need Establishment big money to win.  In particular, Republicans in Virginia and North Carolina are concocting a loyalty oath, which candidates would be required to sign, saying that the candidate will support the Republican Candidate for President, no matter who he or she is and not run as a Third Party Candidate.  

Of course, Trump has already said that he would not run as a Third Party Candidate as long as he was treated fairly by the Republican Establishment.   There is no way that Trump is going to give away that leverage in Virginia, North Carolina or any place else.  Ironically, if Establishment Republicans continue down this road,  it will guarantee that Trump does in fact run as an Independent Third Party Candidate. 

And guess what, if Donald Trump does run as an Independent Candidate, he in fact could win by putting together the old Reagan Coalition; blue collar union members in the Mid West and other parts of the country that lost their jobs to China and or Illegal Aliens, the Conservative Base of the Republican Party,  Independents and others that can't stand either the Socialists or Establishment Republicans, this Blogger included.   Certainly, if the choice is between Granny  Clinton, Grampy Biden, or Jeb Bush, just maybe enough voters of both parties would say Enough with the Establishment and vote for Trump, as the outsider. 

Republicans better play by the rules and let the process work it's way through.   If they attempt to screw Donald Trump, the Donald has the money to do as he pleases, including running as a Third Party Independent Candidate.   And, if he decides to do so, he will not wait until the Republican National Convention in July, 2016 to make his move.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stock Market Correction - Don't Play The Sharks Game

This Blogger has been through 3 or 4 major stock market corrections.   And, though as a safe guard, I have diversified into real estate and other investments I can better control in the past 25 years, I have never played the sharks game related to these corrections.   The sharks in the market, mostly the Big Boys that trade millions of shares of stock each day, often cause and just wait for these corrections to take advantage of those who panic and sell when prices dramatically drop. 

This Blogger has always just stayed put and all the stocks that I own have always come back in time.   Clearly, if you own quality, quality always has value sooner or later.   Sadly, however, in this case, there are many Senior Citizens in the market because with bank savings interest rates so low, for the past 6 years, they needed more yield to support their retirements.   So, they decided to take risks in order to get higher yields, or dividends on corporate stocks.  No doubt many of them will sell in a panic to preserve as much of their Principal as they can.  The sharks will be more than happy to buy these stocks at bargain basement prices.  

But here are the facts.  Though the US economy would be in better shape if not for Obamanista Job Killing Policies,  Europe is a bigger mess and so is China and Japan.   So money will come into the US Stock Market as a safer haven than markets overseas.  The sharks from all over the world will be buying US stocks in the weeks and months ahead to push prices back up.  In the short term, it is inevitable. 

However, it is fair to say that if the voters in the United States do not elect a pro-growth President in 2016 and if we don't deal with our $18 Trillion National Debt that eventually the balloon really will burst.  If and when that happens all bets are off.  The stock market will collapse for real as part of a bigger fiscal collapse of our nation.   Everybody could lose most of the money invested in the stock market, which is why this Blogger always suggests buying gold and real estate.   If this happens, we will experience another Global Depression as bad as what we saw before World War II.  If it happens, the world order will change forever. 

American Heroes In France

This Blogger has been saying for years that we need to worry most about soft targets related to Terrorist Attacks.  In particular, where ever there are large numbers of people; churches and temples, shopping malls, athletic events, trains and train stations.   Again, this week, we saw an Islamic Radical Terrorist in France, on a train, intent on killing 200 or more people.  By the way, this particular Terrorist was on three government watch lists.  The Terrorist was carrying an automatic assault rifle with 8 magazines of bullets, each with 30 rounds of ammunition.   If not for the American Heroes on that train, in that specific train car, that brought down this Terrorist, it is likely that the Terrorist would have succeeded in murdering many, many people on that train.

Spenser Stone, Alek Skarlatos, both trained from the US Military and their friend Anthony Sadler reacted quickly when they saw the Terrorist, with weapon drawn, to take him down and prevent mass murder.   Spenser Stone was injured in the process; but went on to help others that were hurt.   These three American Heroes represent our finest and should be remembered when ever anyone, including Left Wing Socialists in the United States, criticizes our country.  French President Francois Hollande awarded them all medals for their bravery as should have occurred. 

Unfortunately, our American Ambassador Jane Hartley, an Obama Crony and Socialist Party Bundler, raising money for Obama, which is the  reason she was appointed Ambassador, could not utter the word Terrorist during a press conference.  Instead, after the incident occurred, she referred to this Islamic Radical Terrorist as "the individual or the assailant".   Why do these Obamanistas refuse to accept the reality and the threat that we face from Radical Islam.   We are at war with these fanatics that want to murder us. 

Finally, this old man Blogger probably could not physically take down a young Terrorist with an assault rifle.  But I could shoot him dead with one of my guns as a great equalizer for physical strength.  If governments around the world are not going to provide security at soft targets; then We The People better have our guns handy just in case we face a similar situation.   We are dealing with Islamic Fascist Murderers and it is kill them, or they will surely kill us. 


Sunday, August 23, 2015

$1.4 Trillion In Student Loans

40 Million Americans have taken out $1.4 Trillion in Student Loans.  8 million of those borrowers are already in default, which means the American Tax Payer, through the Federal Government, as the Guarantor is on the hook.   As usual, this is a problem that Big Government has caused.  By making getting loans so easy, students have borrowed and borrowed, rather than work their way through school as this Blogger did.    This easy money has driven tuition through the roof, up way more than any rate of inflation would warrant, as colleges and universities just take advantage of this Big Government gravy train largess. 

This creates a vicious circle as students have to borrow even more to complete their degrees, many of which aren't worth the paper they are written on because they are not leading to good paying jobs.  The end result is that many students are graduating with $20,000 or much more in debt.  Student loans are one of few debts that cannot even be discharged, even with a bankruptcy filing, so that means theoretically students are on the hook forever even if the Federal Government steps in as the Guarantor in the event of default. 

To make matter worse, Scam Artists, seeing an opportunity to make money off these panicked Students, have sprung up to help Students get their loans "forgiven" under various Obama Executive Orders.  In fact, the ability to apply for forgiveness is available on government websites for free.   The United States National Debt is now at close to $19 Trillion with no end in sight.   Potential losses from Student Loans are not included in this number.  When all is said and done, it is very likely that the American Tax Payer, along with borrowing even more money will be needed to cover all these Student Loans that end up in default.   Does Government Failure ever end. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

The Side Deal With Iran - Crazy

The IAEA, United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, now has a "Side Deal" with Iran to deal with inspections of its nuclear facilities.  It is called Separate Arrangement II.  Even under the real deal that was supposed to allow for inspections any time, any where, as promised by President Pinocchio Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, what we ended up with is some inspections, some time if allowed by Iran.  This arrangement is ridiculous. 

Now we learn that Iran will self inspect certain facilities, including its top secret nuclear facility at Parchin and report back to the IAEA.   This is about as crazy as it gets.  There is no way to know if pictures have not been doctored and or if the pictures given the IAEA are even of the facility in question.  The Iranians, as the single largest sponsor of Terrorism around the world that has resulted in the deaths of thousands of Americans and others, have proven over and over again that they cannot be trusted.

Obama and Kerry have given Iran a clear path to nuclear weapons in the not to distant future along with the missile systems to deliver them to both our allies and the United States.   This so called Iran deal should be voted down by the US Congress and when the Obama Presidential Veto comes, it should be overridden.  If the Iran Deal is allowed to go forward, it will cause a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, already a tinder box, like nothing the world has ever seen.  Sunni Arab countries will never allow Iran to have hegemony over them and the Middle East.  

At some point, Israel that has nuclear weapons and the submarines to deliver them will have to take military action to destroy Iran's nuclear capability.  The Israeli's will never allow Iran, which constantly talks of destroying Israel, to have the nuclear ability to actually do it.  And, who could blame them given the history of the Jewish people.  The Obama/Kerry Iran deal is a path to war and destruction one way or another. 

Hopefully, there will be enough members of the US Congress with Common Sense to Just Say No.  And, the option is not War, as contended by Obama/Kerry, or this deal.  The best option is even more stringent sanctions that bring down the evil Iranian government.  Sanctions brought the Iranians to the table in the first place and Sanctions are the only way to stop this nuclear madness without war.   

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Same Old, Same Old Lies & Cover Up

It is pretty clear that Hillary Clinton did not want the public to see her emails, which is why the private server she used appears to have either been destroyed and or data was permanently erased by someone.  But the question is who??  Hilly claims that she deleted thousands of private emails, especially those between her and her husband, Bubba Clinton.  Only problem with that lie is that Billy-Boy reportedly never used email.  Ole Bill Clinton was smarter than that.  Given Bill's legal problems in the past, the last thing Bill Clinton would ever do is create an electronic paper trail. 

Now, the Blackberry's, or other email devices her staff members used are either missing and or they have been permanently erased, or destroyed.  Oh what a tangled web they weave when they all practice to deceive.  But this is same old, same old for the Clinton's.  The only issue now is whether the FBI will conduct a real investigation, or a phony one.

Bill Clinton and Pinocchio Obama recently played golf together and alone on Maatha's Vinyerd, where the rich and Washington elite go to vacation; note the purposeful misspelling to get the snobbish Northeast accent right.  You can bet that Bubba was cutting a deal with Pinocchio.   Pinocchio wants to raise a billion dollars for his library foundation, following in the Clinton's foot steps to allow Pinocchio and Michelle to live the high life after Pinocchio leaves office.  My bet is that Pinocchio told Bill he would call off the dogs related to Hilly shenanigans, if Billy promised to help him raise that billion dollars.   You know, one hand washes the other, not in a clean sense; but rather to raise dirty money.  Donald Trump just revealed what we all knew.  There are lots of crooks in politics.  It is all about feeding at the trough.

We will know if the deal has been cut if the FBI reports that Hilly is clean.  The problem is that Hilly is not clean.   Hillary Clinton is covering up all the money that was contributed by foreign countries to the Clinton Foundation, to make their family rich, in exchange for favorable treatment by the State Department when Hilly was Secretary of State.  Well dah!   Isn't this obvious.   And, all those emails that were erased would have proved it for sure.  This is Watergate all over again, except that Bill and Hillary Clinton are Crooks that have made hundreds of millions of dollars from their shenanigans.  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Donald Trump's Common Sense Immigration Plan

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has dared to go where no one before him has gone before related to the Immigration Issue.  However, most of what he is proposing in old news and just Common Sense.   Secure the border.  Utilize an E-Verify system to make sure that companies are hiring American citizens and or legal residents.   Put in place a guest worker program.  Deport known criminals.  End federal funding for Sanctuary Cities.   All Republican candidates support these ideas.  

Where Trump runs into the trouble is his plan to deport other Illegal Aliens, including those with American born children, then presumably giving them the ability to return to the country legally under some sort of guest worker program.  First, this is never going to happen, particularly related to those Illegal Aliens with American born children.   And second, it makes no sense anyway.  It would be better to have these people pay a fine and just register for whatever legal status they will be given, other than a path to citizenship, than to somehow force them to leave and then come back.   This would not only be disruptive to them; but to our society. 

Further, Trump's Plan concerning birth right issues is correct.   The 14th Amendment to the Constitution that was used to provide Freed Slaves after the Civil War with Citizenship has been used to provide anyone born in the United States, whether from Citizens, Illegal Aliens, or even legal residents with American citizenship.   Very few countries in the world, if any, allow this to occur and neither should we.  However, since the Supreme Court has ruled on this issue, whether rightly or wrongly, it would require a Constitutional Amendment saying that at least one biological parent must be an American citizen for a child born in the United States to be a citizen.  If elected President, Donald Trump would never be able to do this on his own. 

It is time for a Common Sense discussion and Immigration Reform to deal with this issue once and for all.   We have to control our border if we are to remain a sovereign nation.  Donald Trump has brought attention to this issue like never before and that is a good thing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Entitlement Mentality In America

This Blogger recently went to a Republican Luncheon in Reno, Nevada where I live.   There was an invited speaker from Breitbart, who purported to be involved in Conservative election campaigns.   He was a young guy with a primary focus on protecting 2nd Amendment Gun Rights.  But then he mentioned that he had worked on a campaign in Michigan, to defeat a Republican in the primary, who ended up winning, that had supported state legislation taking the number of days for tenant eviction from 180 down to 30.  This young man, who obviously has never owned rental property, went on to say that is was the result of "greedy landlords" seeking to throw people out of their rental properties that had fallen on bad luck and could not pay the rent. 

This young man went on to say that it was unreasonable to think that anyone could vacate a property in 30 days, saying that the 180 day period was perfectly reasonable.  As someone who owns rental properties, I could barely contain myself until it came time to ask questions.  Clearly, I am very sympathetic to the poor, or anyone who has fallen on hard times, which is why we donate a lot of money to various charities and pay taxes that support Unemployment Insurance, Welfare, Food Stamps and Disability benefits, not to mention a million other Socialist Schemes that are supposed to help these very same people.   And, whatever happened to the idea that everyone should have 6 month's income in savings as a rainy day fund. 

I asked this young man why he would think that anyone should be able to live in one of my rental properties for free for one day, 30 days or any number of days.  In attempting to educate this young man, I explained that just because the tenant cannot pay the rent, for whatever reason, that my mortgage, property taxes, maintenance, HOA dues and other expenses do not stop.  And, why would a landlord, that invested hard earned money to buy the rental property in the first place, do so if there was an expectation that a tenant could live rent free for any amount of time, for any reason, no matter how sad the case.  

While we give a lot of money to charities, our businesses are not charities.  We expect a Return on our Investment (ROI).   And, specific to rental properties, if we earn 6% before income and other taxes, we "greedy landlords" are lucky.   The fact is that the only reason to invest in real estate is in anticipation of appreciation caused by inflation.  Otherwise, rental properties, given the headaches that often come with them, would not be the best investment.

Clearly, this young man, who purported to be a Conservative was clueless.   He represented the Entitlement Mentality that exists in the United States.    What he was saying is that a property owner should be more than willing to allow someone to live in their properties rent free if they could not pay the rent.  It is actually the equivalent of stealing. That may be OK for government housing; but it is not OK for privately owned properties. 

No one should have an expectation that they can live in a rental property, free of charge, for one day, let alone 30 days or longer.  If that became the norm, there would be no investment in rental properties and then where would we be as a nation, since many young people in particular cannot afford home ownership.   This would just drive rents through the ceiling because of a little thing called supply and demand as occurs in many major cities now. 

Renters of all ages would end up living with their parents, other relatives or friends until they could afford to do otherwise.  We need more people willing to invest in rental properties to keep rents reasonable.  Making eviction difficult or impossible would cause investors to put their monies in other investments, which would drive up the monthly rent.  That is the real world we live in.   This is another lesson in Economics 101.     

Birth Right Citizenship in the United States

The Supreme Court used the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to grant citizenship to freed Black Slaves after the Civil War.  That same Amendment has been applied to anyone born in the United States, even if his or her parents are not citizens of the United States.   The end result has been illegal aliens coming to the US to have babies to get them automatic citizenship, the so called anchor babies.   We then have the issue of deporting illegal aliens that have "American" children. 

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has raised the issue of stopping all of this and he is right.   Very few countries in the world, if any, allow citizens from other countries to enter their countries, whether legally or illegally, having children that then become citizens of that country.   And, neither should the United States.  It is ridiculous that the children of illegal aliens, born in the United States, would automatically become citizens of the United States. 

So, now we must add to the Term Limits and Balanced Budget issues, the Birth Right Constitutional Amendments to implement Common Sense, stop the fiscal insanity we see in government and help end the corruption that comes with elected representatives for life.    At least one biological parent would have to be an American Citizen for a baby to be an American citizen.  It is just plain crazy that we would grant automatic citizenship to babies born in the United States of illegal aliens. 

I know, I know, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses", yada yada yada that is on the base of the Statue of Liberty and that would all be great if they did not then become eligible for all our Social Welfare Systems, which did not exist when all the immigrants came in the 1800's and 1900's.   Then, it was either work or starve and as a result those immigrants built our country into an international powerhouse.   We cannot take on all the poor and the hungry of the world "yearning to breathe free" because freedom cost money.  It may sound heartless; but the United States is headed toward bankruptcy.  We have to apply common sense going forward, or we will have no country.     

Monday, August 17, 2015

Establishment Republican Governors Bush & Kasich Going For The Same Voters

Establishment Republican Governors Jeb Bush of Florida and John Kasich of Ohio are courting the same Republican voters in the primaries.   Neither will attract the Conservative base of the Republican Party because both have sinned related to supporting Common Core and in Kasich's case accepting ObamaCare Expanded Medicaid, which has already cost the state of Ohio in the first year alone a billion dollars more than was anticipated.   Kasich was one of few Republican Governors that has committed both these crimes.   RINO Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada, where this Blogger lives, was another Republican Governor who did the same thing.

In addition, Bush and Kasich seem to support bigger government and old style Socialist Schemes to deal with poverty, which have failed miserably, after spending trillions of tax payer dollars on New Deal and Great Society Socialist Schemes that have done nothing to eliminate poverty.   Kasich sounds like a Socialist when he speaks about helping the poor and the "people in the shadows" with these expanded programs.  This Blogger had high hopes for John Kasich, even writing him to suggest that he get with the program to gain the votes of Conservatives, to no avail.  Matter of fact, it appears that Kasich has doubled down on his liberal, big government solutions to problem solving, even though the evidence suggests that these programs actually cause more harm than good.   And, they are bankrupting our country. 

Supporting Common Core, the federalization of public education, is also sacrilege among Conservative Republicans.  I have seen the effect in Reno, Nevada where I live, as public schools must adhere to Common Core, or lose their federal government funding.  So to say that this is just a loose set of guidelines from the federal government is just not true.  We want the Federal Department of Education eliminated because it is fraught with waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and it is redundant.  The last thing we want to see is an expanded Department of Education because of Common Core and that is exactly what is happening.

In addition, both Kasich and Bush are squishy on Immigration Reform.   This Blogger believes both of them would, "reach across the aisle" to provide Illegal Aliens, not just legal status, which I support, but an easier path to citizenship than paying a fine and waiting at the back of the line.  Most other Republican Candidates for the Presidency are right on Common Core, Immigration Reform and new ideas to deal with Poverty in America. 

Sadly, Jeb Bush and John Kasich appear to be same old, same old and cut from the same suit, which is one reason this Blogger will not support either.   In that battle for votes, Bush is likely to prevail against Kasich because he can better play the money game to go to the end of the primaries.   As such, it is pretty clear to this Blogger that Kasich is actually running to be the Republican Vice President Candidate, no matter who the Presidential Candidate may be, which could be viable because winning Ohio will be necessary to winning the Presidency.   That could be OK, since in general John Kasich is a good guy. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

China Devalues Their Currency - Impact On Western Countries

China has devalued their currency, the Yuan, as a response to their stock market crash.   In all probability, the annual growth rate in China is below the 7% often reported.  The Chinese Communist government it deathly afraid of the instability that would come with job loss in China.  What China is attempting to do is to bring down further the cost of manufacturing in China, which will kill more jobs in the US and Europe.  This action is in effect part of a trade war, since the Yuan will now be worth about 3% less again the US Dollar.

In fairness to China, however, the US Federal Reserve has pumped billions of dollars into the US economy, in the last 6 years, by printing money thereby devaluing the Dollar, as well.   The only reason the Dollar has held up well against other currencies is because with the mess in Europe and Japan, the Dollar is viewed as a safer haven than the Euro, or the Yen.  Nevertheless, a cheaper Yuan, with this devaluation, the greatest in 20 years, will be a job killer in the United States.  This is happening at a time when Western countries have for years been trying to get China to raise the value of the Yuan against Western currencies to create more of a level playing field to implement fair trade.

This plays right into the hands of both Socialist Candidate for President Bernie Sanders and Republican Candidate for President Donald Trump who have been saying that China implements unfair trade practices that have killed manufacturing jobs in the US.   They are both right.  China has kept the value of the Yuan low to create more jobs in China for years.   This has led to incredible growth in China at the expense of the Middle Class in the US and other Western countries. 

Now it will be more difficult for the US and the European Union to raise interest rates, since lower Chinese prices for goods will mean lower global inflation.   In essence, the devaluation of the Chinese Yuan will have a ripple effect on all Western countries.  This contributes to deflation around the world, which is not necessarily a good thing at a time when Western leaders are attempting to revive GDP Growth and job creation. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Obama Will Close GITMO By Executive Order

Just wait and see, before Obama leaves office, he will attempt to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) in Cuba by Executive Order.  GITMO is the offshore country club prison holding notorious Terrorists.  Obama wants to transfer them to US Prisons, even though it would violate federal law and various acts of Congress.  Obama has ordered the Defense Department to begin reviewing federal prisons in Kansas and South Carolina, as well as, others in the United States to determine suitability for the transfer, even though Obama is prohibited by law from doing so.   With Obama it does not matter.  Obama ignores the laws on the books and the US Constitution because he knows that he faces a gutless Republican Congress that will do nothing to stop him. 

This is about as dumb as it gets.  The notion that somehow housing these Terrorists at GITMO breeds more Terrorism is ridiculous.  It does not matter where we house Terrorists, except for the fact that once they are on American soil, they will be given all the rights of an American Citizen, under our Constitution, even though they are clearly enemy combatants.   These are Terrorists that have murdered Americans and many others.   The reality is that Obamanistas want them to have the rights of Americans so they can be freed to go back to the battlefield, which has been the end result related to many that have already been freed.

In addition, Obama has another ulterior motive.  Now that we have diplomatic relations with Castro's Communist Cuba, Obama would love to give GITMO back to Cuba to end what Obama undoubtedly sees as an American Imperialist Colony.  It does not matter where Obama was born, he does not think like an American President protecting the vital interests of the United States. 

This Blogger has said many times that Obama is a clear and present danger to the United States as bad as any foreign enemy we have every faced.  This is the President who will not use the words Islamic Radical Terrorists in the same sentence.   We can only count the days until January 20, 2017 when a new American President takes office.   We don't have one today.   That's for sure. 

Lois Lerner - IRS Director Should Be In Jail

Lois Lerner, the Director of the IRS that ordered IRS Agents to target Tea Party Members, Religious Groups and other Conservative organizations should be in jail, rather than collecting a fat government pension in retirement.   Recent revelations have Lerner referring to Republicans as "Evil, Dishonest and Hateful.  Lerner even goes on to say that Lincoln was one of our worst Presidents and that he should have allowed the South, especially states like Texas, to secede presumably because of their Conservative leanings. 

What this Blogger wants to know is why isn't this woman in Jail for her crimes.   The answer is simple.  This trail leads all the way to the White House, which is the reason why the Obama Justice Department will not indict Lois Lerner.   If they did indict Lerner, in exchange for leniency, she would give up the names of Obamanistas, including various Socialist Senators that were involved in this Scheme to target Conservatives.   The last thing Obama wants is an indictment of Lois Lerner. 

Let's face it.  As this Blogger has said many times, Socialists will lie, cheats, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us in some cases even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   This episode with Lois Lerner is just one more example of how far Socialists will go to target their perceived enemies, in this case using the IRS as a political weapon.   Those servers that were destroyed and or missing emails are no accident.  It is all part of this Socialist Scheme to hide the truth from the American people.   This is just same old, same old Socialist Shenanigans. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hillary Clinton's E-Mail Scandal

Oh what a tangled web the Clinton's weave when the practice to deceive.  Hillary Clinton is now the subject of an FBI Investigation motivated by an Inspector General's Report concerning use of her private email server.  It sure looks like someone in Hilly's "inner circle", or maybe Hilly herself, went into her emails and stripped them of classification markings.   We also know now that some of these emails were in fact Top Secret and should never have been outside a government secure server.  You can bet that Hilly's server was hacked by the Chinese or Russians for sure. 

But all of this is just noise.  What is really important would have been Hillary Clinton's interactions will Bill Clinton and other related to the Clinton Foundation, which have been deleted.  It sure looks like it was Pay to Play while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.   Millions of dollars were donated to the Clinton Foundation by foreign countries at the same time that deals of various kinds were in the works requiring State Department approval.   Hilly claims that these donations had no impact on her decisions; but everybody knows how all of this works when you are in the Club within the Beltway. 

Donald Trump has described the obvious.  If you want influence, you write big checks and in this case those checks were used to enrich the Clinton family and all of their crony groupies that are employees, or Consultants to the Clinton Foundation.   The Clinton Foundation was used to fund Hilly's future political aspirations as the Clinton's were able to use this bogus charitable organization to keep their political organization in tact by keeping all of their cronies on the payroll.  They did this under the cover of doing good works around the world.  It is a brilliant scheme if you think about it.  

But now since Obama does not want Hilly to be the Socialist nominee for President, Obamanistas are putting out all the dirt.  This Email Scandal is just the tip of a dirty iceberg that will drip on in the months ahead to destroy Hillary Clinton's Presidential aspirations.  Just wait and see. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

EPA Causes Toxic Spill Into Rivers in Western States

Obama's Gestapo Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has caused a horrendous toxic spill into rivers passing through Colorado, Utah and New Mexico.   In attempting to mitigate toxic waste at an old closed Gold Mining site, EPA employees and or contractors actually opened up the flood gates allowing toxic materials to flow into pristine rivers that are used for recreation, irrigation, ranching and drinking water.  The EPA waited about 24 hours to announce the disaster.  And then, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy did not even make a statement for a few more days.  McCarthy told us they are sorry.  Big Deal. 

In addition, the EPA has been slow to put out the facts, first saying that about a million gallons of toxic materials, filled with arsenic and other carcinogens, flowed into these rivers.   We know now that it is more than three million gallons and it is still flowing.  Just imagine if a mining or other company caused this toxic spill.  Environmental Wackos and Socialists in government would be going crazy.  Obama would be on TV, no doubt flying out to the area to inspect for the photo op.   Yet, we here little or nothing from the usual cast of characters that in this case would have reason to be outraged because it is the EPA and Big Government that caused this disaster.

In fact, Socialist Colorado Governor has refused to criticize the EPA saying that "accidents will happen".  Really!!  No doubt, there will be multiple lawsuits filed by Attorney Generals of the three states impacted, the Navajo tribe, since these rivers flow through their Indian Reservation and other businesses that have been financially impacted by this horrible toxic spill.   And, as usual the US Taxpayer will end up footing the bill for this "accident" to deal with the clean up that could take years.  This is just another example of government failure. 

However, as usual, this Blogger wants to know who in government will be FIRED for this screw up.  Who will be held accountable for despoiling these rivers and costing the American Taxpayer what will be billions of dollars.   The answer is always nobody ever gets FIRED for screwing up in government.  Matter of fact, they just get shuffled along and sometimes they are even promoted so that they can continue feeding at the trough right into retirement to collect their fat pensions.   Oh well, a billion here, a billion there,  it will all just contribute to the bankruptcy of the United States, so I guess it just doesn't matter anymore. 

Monday, August 10, 2015

Hillary Clinton's $350 Billion "Free" University Tuition Plan

Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton is proposing a new $350 Billion Entitlement, supposedly over 10 years, for Free, or subsidized university tuition along with Free Community College.  Social Security, Disability Benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and government pensions are all unsustainable and headed toward insolvency; yet Hilly is proposing yet another Socialist Scheme that will probably cost double or triple the number she mentions.  What part of our country going bankrupt don't these Socialists understand. 

Of course, there is no such thing as Free.   Whenever I hear that word, I get crazy.  Taxes would have to go up on the Makers in society to provide Free university education.  The question is why?   The poor already get Free Community College and University education through tuition waivers.   All other students can take out government guaranteed loans, so much so that there are $1.3 Trillion in outstanding loans.  

The fact is that government has made getting these loans far too easy as it is now, which is a major cause of tuition inflation.  The end result is a lot of young people loaded with debt that must be repaid after graduation.  And, worst of all, they can't find jobs in this Obama Economy because Socialists continue killing them.  Of course, students that got their education are now complaining that they have to actually pay back the loans.   They could have worked their way through university, as this Blogger always did; but instead they chose to borrow this money.   And, student loans are one of few debts that cannot even be dispelled by filing bankruptcy.  So no matter how long it takes, student debt must be paid off and or failure to do so will ruin someone's credit. 

What about personal responsibility?  Or I forget, Socialists don't understand the concept.  If a kid chooses to take out loans, rather than work during university to pay the bills, why should the rest of us pay for that kid's university education, since it is the basis for their future financial success, assuming they can find a job.  Like all debts incurred, kids that take out loans should pay for them. 

The poor are exempted from this rule because they are already getting Free Community College and University paid for by the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes in our country.   Let's face it, Hillary Clinton is just trying to buy votes from young people who want something for nothing.  It is the oldest Socialist Scheme in the book and it is bankrupting our country.  It has to stop. 

Disability Benefits Fund Running Out of Money

There are now 11 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits, many fraudulently, tax free.   Disability Benefits should be for those people that are mentally or physically disabled; but somehow over time, people with a pain in the neck, bad back, or with high blood pressure, all of my ailments that have never stopped me from working, are collecting Disability Benefits by getting a Doctor to sign documents that the person can't work.   The reality is that millions of Americans on Disability are people age 50 - 65, who lost their jobs and can't find work in the Obama lousy economy.  They ran out of unemployment benefits and are too young to collect Social Security and Medicare.   So now with ObamaCare, they probably can get health insurance for little or nothing; but because they have other assets, they can't go on Welfare.   Instead, this is a way to get tax free money from the federal government.   They go on Disability and paint houses, or do other work on the side again tax free, under the table.   Everybody knows this scam. 

As a result of the millions of Americans collecting Disability fraudulently and or because of looser rules, up more than two million since Obama was first elected, the fund that covers Disability will be insufficient to provide full benefits in 2016.  Unless Congress acts, everyone that collects Disability Benefits, including those that should be on Disability, will see serious cuts to their benefits.   Today, 15 cents of every dollar we contribute to Social Security is carved out to pay Disability Benefits.  That means that money that should be going into the Social Security Trust Fund to pay pensions, when people retire are going to pay Disability Benefits, again to many fraudulently.   This Blogger has no problem providing assistance to the mentally or physically disabled because by act of God, there go all of us.  But, I do have a huge problem providing Disability Benefits to able bodied people that can work and or who are scamming the system. 

The way this shortfall has been remedied in the past is to take more money out of Social Security to pay Disability Benefits, so perhaps going from 15 cents out of every dollar we pay to 20 cents or more.  With 78 million Baby Boomers retiring in the next 20 years, this would only lead to the insolvency of Social Security sooner and or Means Testing to deny many of us that have paid into Social Security our entire working life some or all of our benefits.  That does not work for me.   Any politician, Republican or Socialist that votes to Means Test Social Security will never get my vote again.  It is unnecessary anyway because Social Security is taxed for married couples earning more than $44,000 a year.   We don't get to keep a big part of our Social Security anyway, so why bother with taking it all away. 

Instead Congress must stop all the fraud that is occurring by tightening up the rules.  There are millions of people on Disability fraudulently and or that can work, assuming they can find jobs.   We have to weed these people out of the system so that only those that are mentally or physically Disability may collect Disability.  Second, we have to stop robbing Social Security to pay this benefit.  Employees should be given the option of paying an extra percent of payroll to cover them in the event of Disability during their working life.   In essence, employees that choose to would be buying Disability insurance.   Those that choose to do so would be covered.  Those that don't choose to do so would be self insuring.  

We will see what Congress does.  Don't expect common sense to prevail.   Most likely both RINOS and Socialists will kick the can down the road by stealing more money out of Social Security contributions.  Everyone 50 years or younger better start saving for retirement because Social Security will not be there for you; just wait and see.   

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Iran Already Violating Obama/Kerry Nuclear Deal

Iran is already violating the deal negotiated by Socialist President Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  The ink is not even dry on this Appeasement Plan that will provide a path for Iran to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them to Israel, Europe and the United States.  This crazy deal will also lead to a nuclear arms race in the Middle East, which will be incredibly dangerous.  Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, who is subject to a United Nations Travel Ban, the Revolutionary Guard Quds Force Commander, that was directly involved in killing American soldiers in Iraq, traveled to Russia to meet with Vladamir Putin to buy weapons from Russia including S-300 Missile Systems. 

The best the Obamanistas could say about this violation of various agreements is that they are "very concerned".  Really??  Soleimani should have been interdicted and arrested rather than allowed to go back to Iran.  Clearly, Russia is not a friend to the United States.  Putin is a quasi dictator more than willing to arm our enemies including Iran, the largest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world.  Iran fully intends to use the Obama/Kerry deal as cover to build nuclear weapons in the next ten years and the missile systems to deliver them, intent on destroying Israel and perhaps attacking the United States.  This deal was supposed to be Trust but Verify.  The problem is that the Verify provision was negotiated away by Obama/Kerry.  The Iranians will get access to billions of dollars of frozen assets to fund Terrorism and various weapons systems while preventing any real Inspection of what they are doing in Iran.  It was supposed to be Inspections anytime, anywhere.   It has turned into Inspections sometime, if approved by Iranians and certainly not everywhere. 

Republicans in Congress are likely to vote NO on this deal.  The question is will there be enough Socialists voting No to overcome Obama's Presidential Veto.  We are watching Munich all over again.  In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain gave Hitler Czechoslovakia declaring that he had secured "peace in our time".   We know the end of that horrible story.  Appeasement with the devil never works.  Obama/Kerry have done a deal with the devil.  Hopefully, if the next President is a Republican, he or she will tear up this deal the minute after he or she takes the oath of office.  Only then will there be any hope of putting a meaningful deal in place that might actually have a chance of stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  It will not happen any other way. 

Donald Trump Is Not A Serious Candidate For The Presidency

Businessman Donald Trump is voicing the anger many Americans, including this Blogger, feels toward Establishment RINOS and Socialists for making such a big mess of our country.  These characters, bought and sold by big money interests, are bankrupting our country,while failing to secure our border and create jobs in America.   The problem is that Donald Trump always goes to far, unable to control his temper, or his mouth.  Trash talk may play in New York and New Jersey; but it does not play in the rest of the country.  In the latest episode of Donny being Donny, Trump who did not like Megyn Kelly's questions during the Republican Debate criticized her by calling her a light weight; but then went on to say that she was bleeding from her eyes and other places when she came after him.   Some have interpreted that comment to mean that Kelly was experiencing her period and presumably was in a bad mood.  This Blogger believes Kelly, who is very sharp, was not at her best that night; but so what. 

Of course, Trump did not say anything about Kelly having her period; but it really does not matter.  If Trump can't handle tough questions from a reporter without going ballistic, how on earth would he deal with Members of Congress,or foreign leaders that give him a hard time, which is inevitable.  Look, politics is a rough and tumble game.  It is fair to go after those that attack you; but with substance and facts not gutter talk.  This can even be done without being Politically Correct.  This Blogger has given Republican Leaders in Congress that represent the state of Nevada and the Republican Controlled Congress a failing grade because they have failed to enact Republican Core Principles by using the Power of the Purse, as the Third Branch of Government, to impose their will on the President.  Most Republicans in Congress have been gutless, empty suits who believe they should get credit for just showing up as they achieve nothing important and contribute to the bankruptcy of our nation.  

My criticism is fact based.  I give them a failing grade, issue by issue, that are important to Conservatives in our country.   We sent them to Washington and in our case Carson City in Nevada, by spending billions of dollars to get them elected to get the job done and they have failed us.   It is what it is.  But it serves no purpose to use gutter language that adds nothing to the discussion, or debate.   Clearly, Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be President of the United States.  Hopefully, Trump will fade away as a distraction; but it will only happen if other Republican candidates for the Presidency absorb his message and make it their own. 

This will probably fall to Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz to replace Trump by becoming the Anti-Establishment, Anti-Washington Candidate that Conservatives, that are mad as hell, can support.   However, it has to be real.  If we help elect a Republican President, he or she has to get the job done by pushing back 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country.   We have to take back our country to restore the American Dream.  It will not happen any other way.      

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Most States Waive Work Requirement To Receive Food Stamps

44 out of 50 states, including many governed by Republicans, have waived the work requirements to receive Food Stamps because even though unemployment has fallen dramatically, at least officially, there are no jobs for these people.  The fact is that the real unemployment rate in the United States is above 20% if all are counted, the unemployed, those working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for jobs altogether.  And, this does even include the 60 million Americans on Welfare and or Disability benefits.   From 2009 to 2014, the cost for Food Stamps has risen from $54 Billion a year to $74 Billion as 46 million Americans are now on Food Stamps, many for as long as 8 years, up about 20 million since Obama was elected. 

What was supposed to be a helping hand has become a hand out as more and more Americans depend on government for their daily bread.  This Blogger believes that there should be work, or vocational school requirements for the able bodied to receive Food Stamps and Welfare and that these programs should be limited to two years.  It should either be go to school to learn a trade, get a job, any job and or perform community services, cleaning up the neighborhood, for any able bodied American to be on the dole.  The notion that any able bodied American is on the dole, without any requirements to learn a trade, work part time, or in community service is ridiculous, since all of this is being funded by Americans who are working and in many cases long hours, or in two or more jobs.  No able bodied American has the right to live off the fat of the land, sitting home getting fat, while others work hard to support them. 

Many of these work requirements and time limits were eliminated by Obamanistas, once Obama was elected as a reward to Obama's PEEP's that voted for him and kept Obama in office.  But, it is causing a permanent under class and only insures more long term poverty and misery.  Of course, Socialists in government and Poverty Pimps, all feeding at the trough, getting rich on the misery of the poor, want these people dependent on government because it is their ticket to power.   The fact that it is bankrupting our country and destroying the fabric of our society is not important to Socialists and Poverty Pimps because they have gotten rich in the process.   It is time for common sense.   Able bodied Americans, on the dole, should have a work, or school requirement and be limited to two years of benefits.   

Democrats & Socialists - One In The Same

Both Chris Matthews of MSNBC Hardball fame and Chuck Todd of NBC Meet the Press fame asked Democrat/Socialist National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Shultz what the difference was between a Democrat and a Socialist.  Rather than answer the question, because there is no difference, Shultz said it is really about the difference between Democrats and Republicans.  While that difference is stark if we are comparing Democrat/Socialists to real Republicans, not RINOS, the reality is that the Obama Democrat Party really is the Socialist Party of America.  Finally, there are some Republicans running for President that will actually use the word Socialist and Socialism when speaking of the big government programs that are bankrupting our country. 

Let's face it.  Socialists support big government schemes, higher taxes and the higher the better, redistribution of income, free market capitalism; but only as a necessary evil to tax and control, more regulations that intrude on all aspects of daily life, as many people as possible on the dole, wacko environmentalism as another means of taxation, a weak national defense, open borders, gun control, limits on freedom of speech and religion and unlimited access to abortion right up until birth.   This is the platform of the Obama Democrat/Socialist Party.   The old Democrat Party, which was really the ideology of RINOS, as well, complicit in enacting 100 years of Socialist Creep; but with a strong national defense died when Barack Obama was first elected President. 

Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, an avowed Socialist is running for the Democrat nomination for President and he along with Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren of Taxachussets are dragging Hillary Clinton further and further to the left to accommodate their Socialist ideology.  In Europe, what we call Democrats in the United States are proud to be called Socialists.  So, it is about time that all Democrats just come out of the closet and admit that they are Socialists adherents of Socialist ideology.  It is not a crime; just stupid because where ever Socialism has prevailed in history, it has led to higher poverty, a lower standard of living for the people, misery and in some cases even murder so that Socialists can continue feeding at the trough. 

But we often have Stupid in America because the Takers in society expect the Makers, to care for them.  And, to make it happen, the Takers vote for Socialists advocating big government and more people on the dole one way or another.   It is what it is.  Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz should just state the obvious.  There is no difference at all between Socialists and Democrats.  They are one in the same.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Defunding Planned Parenthood - A Hardball Test For Republicans

Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of abortions in the United States.  Since Planned Parenthood provides about 350,000 abortions a year, it is their primary business and a big source of income, especially now that we know that they are trafficking in baby parts.    What we have seen in  various hidden videos concerning harvesting baby parts, by carefully manipulating abortions, is just plain disgusting and probably illegal.   There are federal laws prohibiting such actions; though the Obama Justice Department no doubt will take no action.  Remember, Obama is the President that actually supports Partial Birth Abortion, literally the murder of a baby just before birth.  This is all the devil's work.  Like the Nazi's that dehumanized the Jews and others making murder easier for them, the left wing in the United States looks at a fetus as a blob of tissue, which allows them to murder innocent babies with no feeling.  The problem is that we can see through ultra sound technology that they are killing innocent babies and then selling the parts for profit. 

It is time for Republicans in Congress to defund Planned Parenthood.   The more than $500 million a year that is going to Planned Parenthood, a big supporter of Socialist candidates, supposedly to provide various reproductive health services for women could go to the roughly 9,000 Community Health Centers that actually do provide health care services for women and others; but are not abortion mills.   Republicans control the Congress and have the Power of the Purse.  The federal  budget that will be constructed in the fall for 2016 should exclude any funds for Planned Parenthood, even if it means shutting the government down when Socialists demand that these monies continue to be given to these baby killers.   

If Republicans in Congress won't even stand up to protect innocent babies from this butchery, then they should all be thrown out of office.   Certainly, this Blogger will not donate one dime to the Republican Party as long as John Boehner is Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader because neither has the guts to enact Republican core principles.   It is about time that Republicans in Congress use the Power of the Purse to actually be the Third Branch of Government as was intended by our Founders.   That means defunding ObamaCare, Obama's Executive Amnesty and Planned Parenthood.  The Conservative base of the Republican Party would have no problem with Shutting the Government down to push back the 100 years of Socialist Creep that is destroying and bankrupting our country.   It is about time. 

Certainly, defunding the evil that is Planned Parenthood, one of the devil's agents on earth, should be a no brainer even for RINO Empty Suits in Congress.   This really is a hardball test for Republicans.   So far, they have failed every other test when confronting the Socialists in government that are wrecking our country.   Let's see if Republicans will stand up to stop Planned Parenthood from continuing these barbaric practices of infanticide for profit.  Don't count on it as long as the current gutless Republican leadership is in place.  Boehner and McConnell have to go and the sooner the better.   We need Street Fighters in our leadership in Congress not a bunch of RINO Wimps.  Compromise with  the Socialists is fine as long as it is used to push back Socialism by enacting Republican Core Principles. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich Running For Vice President

This Blogger has met and encouraged Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich to run for President because he has the experience to be President and because no Republican has been elected President in over 100 years without carrying Ohio.   However, it is very clear that Kasich will not get the Republican nomination because he is not speaking to the Base of the Republican Party.  Since Kasich was one of the few Republican Governors that embraced Common Core and accepted expanded ObamaCare Medicaid, he feels the need to keep talking about taking care of the "people in the shadows", those who are disabled, on drugs and presumably the poor. 

This Blogger has no problem with some of the approaches Kasich is advancing as long as it does not lead to higher taxes, bigger government and more spending.   The problem is that Kasich sounds like an advocate for Lyndon Johnson's Great Society War on Poverty that has cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars and not resulted in less poverty.  Obviously big government has been the problem, rather than the solution to dealing with poverty, so more of the same is not the answer.   As such, Kasich's pronouncements are not the road to the Republican nomination for the Presidency. 

The Conservative Base of the Republican Party supports limited, smaller government, free market capitalism, lower taxes, less regulation, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, Term Limits and a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, a strong military, securing our border, School Choice, Workfare instead of Welfare, repealing and replacing ObamaCare and the Right to Life.  Kasich seems to mention some of these things in passing; but they are not his focus, discipline or passion.  As a result, when he speaks, he appears squishy on the things that matter to Republican Voters. 

Kasich is a pretty smart guy; though he could use some help with image, diction, presentation etc.  Kasich has done a great job in Ohio and while he was in Congress; but neither will win him the nomination.   What Kasich does not seem to understand is that a candidate does not get to the General Election without winning the nomination.  If Kasich does not sharpen his appeal and message to the Conservative Base of the Republican Party, he will not be the Republican nominee for President.   Kasich seems to lack the fire in his belly to win, which leads this Blogger to believe that Kasich has already accepted this fact and is running for Vice President of the United States and that would be OK. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Billionaires and Millionaires Financing Presidential Campaigns

Every major candidate for President of the United States has a millionaire, or billionaire behind him or her attempting to buy influence.  So far, more than $250 million dollars has been donated to fund Super PAC's, which are nothing more than a way around campaign financing laws already on the books.  40 of the rich have given a combined total of $60 million alone and we have not really even started the election campaign.  Let's face it, in general, whoever raises the most money wins the election.  Matter of fact, voting has become a side show.  Before the 2016 elections are over, billions of dollars will be spent to buy elective offices.  It is what it is. 

However, this election cycle will be slightly different because of Donald Trump.  Normally, what happens is that candidates that do not end up in the 1, 2 or 3 spot during initial primaries fade away because their money dries up.  But, the Donald can fund his own campaign, which guarantees that no matter where he ends up in initial primaries, he can go until the very end of the process.  That means that he will control some number of delegates at the Republican Convention even if he does not win the nomination.  That means that if there is a contest between two others, Donald Trump could end up being the king maker as he throws his delegates to one of those candidates. 

Establishment Republicans absolutely hate Donald Trump because he does not need their money to run his race.   As a result, he can't be bought, or controlled.  What the Conservative  Base of the Republican Party has learned through the last few cycles is that Republicans, once elected, can't be trusted to actually implement Republican Core Principles.  They talk a good game; but when push comes to shove they don't have the guts to really push for the things Republicans hold dear.  And, in a worse case scenario as we have seen in Nevada, where this Blogger lives and in Washington DC, they actually betray us by voting for more spending, Socialist Schemes and higher taxes.

As a result, many in the Republican Party that would have donated to various local, state and federal Republican candidates are now sitting on our hands and check books because we are fed up with all of them.  This will make millionaires and billionaires even more powerful in their ability to control elections.  Forget about campaign finance reform.  The only way to fix this is to enact Balanced Budget and Term Limits Constitutional Amendments to help stop the corruption and feeding at the trough.  Naturally, Socialists would be opposed; but so are RINOS that like being in office for life so that they can continue feeding at the trough too. 

Obama's Radical Carbon Emission Plan That Will Kill Jobs

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama has announced an Executive Order for utilities to cut Carbon Emission by 32% by 2030.   This is expected to cost utilities $8.8 Billion annually, which of course will be passed on to rate payers; namely the American people.   As of now, it projected that utility rates will go up by 4.9% by 2020; but no doubt it will cost much more, so expect to see rate increases that are significantly higher.  This is happening because Obama "negotiated" a deal with China telling them we would do this, while getting no agreement from China that they would do the same. 

So, while Obama is going to kill more jobs in the United States with this Executive Order and lower the standard of living for all Americans because paying more for utilities means less money to spend on other things, the Chinese will go on building Coal Fired Electric Plants to provide power to their manufacturers taking American jobs.   Gosh, Obama is such a great negotiator, isn't he.  This Blogger has concluded that Obama is either an idiot, or traitor out to damage the United States.  What other conclusion can there be.

We need an all of the above Energy Policy that makes all sources of energy, natural gas, clean coal, nuclear, oil, oil and gas shale, wind, solar, bio fuels, etc. cleaner, safer and cheaper, with the operative word being cheaper.  The cost of energy impacts the cost of everything we do, eat, touch etc.   If we want to create jobs in the United States, utility prices and of course taxes must come down, not go up as pushed by Obama and his Socialist pals in government.   

Further, Obama's Job Killer Executive Order will do nothing to impact Climate Change as long as countries like China, the world's largest economy and India continue spewing emissions into the atmosphere.  So as usual, Obama sold the American people down the toilet.  All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama will be gone.  Hopefully, a new President will protect the interests of the American people. 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Public Employee Union Release Time At Taxpayer Expense

It was recently revealed that local, state and federal governments are paying for public employees to be released for regular jobs to work on union business at Tax Payer Expense.  Is this insane or what.  Public Employee Unions generate millions of dollars in dues that they often use to support Socialist candidates in the vicious circle of one hand washing the other.  So why on earth should Tax Payers be paying for union employee to work on Union Business. 

This is just one more example of government waste, fraud, corruption, redundancy and failure and the reason this Blogger opposes all tax increases.  We have to stop feeding the government beast to get our fiscal house in order.  I know, I know, a Billion dollars is chump change in Washington DC and often even at the local and state level, but to the Makers in society, that pay nearly all the taxes in our country, it is our blood, sweat and tears that these politicians of both political parties are wasting. 

We have to say ENOUGH and LOUDLY.  Call, write or email your elected Representatives and tell them to stop paying Public Employees to work on Union Business with Tax Payer monies.  This level of corruption is just plain outrageous.