Saturday, August 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton - Shipping Illegal Aliens Off In Boxcars

One day, Socialist Candidate Hillary Clinton refers to pro-life Republican Candidates, running for President, as Terrorists.   The next day Clinton says that Republican Candidates want to ship Illegal Aliens off to Mexico and other countries in Box Cars, which is a reference to the Nazi's shipping Jews and others off to their death in the Holocaust.  So according to Hilly, these Republicans are Terrorist Nazi's.  Frankly, this woman is coming unhinged.  First of all, only Donald Trump is actually talking about deporting Illegal Aliens, only to let the "good ones" back in quickly.   Everybody agrees that the bad ones, convicted felons, should be deported and kept out of our country.  

This Blogger thinks that Trump's deportation idea, related to the "good ones, is not realistic and serves no purpose.   These people should be required to pay a fine and be given a guest worker permit, without a path to citizenship.   However, the issue of Anchor babies and Birth Right Citizenship should be debated and the law should be changed.  It is ridiculous that the children born of Illegal Aliens, that have violated our laws, should automatically become American citizens just because they were born on American Soil.  Donald Trump is right on that issue.

Hillary Clinton, viewed as a LIAR by the American people is now so desperate to remain relevant to the base of the Socialist Party that she is making dumb comments to take attention off her Email Scandal.   Since Crazy Joe Biden is likely to enter the race, Hilly knows that her coronation is at risk.  As a result, we are likely to hear more ridiculous comments from Hillary Clinton before this show is over. 

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