Sunday, August 30, 2015

Bernie Sanders - The Face Of The Socialist Party

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who is challenging Hillary Clinton for the Socialist Presidential nomination, is the face of the Democrat Party.  One good thing about Bernie Sanders is that he is completely honest about his Socialist Plans for America.   And, he has no problem calling himself a Socialist, which is the reality of the Democrat Party.  The Obama Democrat Party is the Socialist Party of America.   Unfortunately, all of Sanders Socialist Schemes have been tried before in other parts of the world only to cause misery, poverty and in some cases murder to allow Socialists to stay in power feeding at the trough. 

In a nut shell, Bernie Sanders wants higher taxes, higher spending that is already bankrupting our country and even more government intrusion into all aspects of daily life.  If Bernie Sanders and his Socialist Pals were ever to gain complete control of the federal government, the freedoms we cherish would be ended.  We would have  even more people on the dole than is happening now at record levels under Obama.   These Socialists would destroy jobs in America by taxing the rich into becoming poor in the name of equality.  Sanders advocates a 90% tax rate.   If this tax level was enacted, what money would be left for the private investment badly needed to create jobs.  The standard of living in our country would fall dramatically as a result of crazy Socialist climate change schemes that are killing jobs now. 

Hillary Clinton is having to move further to the left to counter Bernie Sanders success at the polls with Socialist voters.  It is very possible that Sanders may win some Socialist Primaries with his crazy ideas; but what is really important is that Sander's Socialist Schemes do reflect the left, left wing of the Socialist Party.   Bernie Sander's is the face of the Socialist Party of America.   If these people ever came to power, it would be the end of our freedom and our country. 

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