Saturday, August 8, 2015

Donald Trump Is Not A Serious Candidate For The Presidency

Businessman Donald Trump is voicing the anger many Americans, including this Blogger, feels toward Establishment RINOS and Socialists for making such a big mess of our country.  These characters, bought and sold by big money interests, are bankrupting our country,while failing to secure our border and create jobs in America.   The problem is that Donald Trump always goes to far, unable to control his temper, or his mouth.  Trash talk may play in New York and New Jersey; but it does not play in the rest of the country.  In the latest episode of Donny being Donny, Trump who did not like Megyn Kelly's questions during the Republican Debate criticized her by calling her a light weight; but then went on to say that she was bleeding from her eyes and other places when she came after him.   Some have interpreted that comment to mean that Kelly was experiencing her period and presumably was in a bad mood.  This Blogger believes Kelly, who is very sharp, was not at her best that night; but so what. 

Of course, Trump did not say anything about Kelly having her period; but it really does not matter.  If Trump can't handle tough questions from a reporter without going ballistic, how on earth would he deal with Members of Congress,or foreign leaders that give him a hard time, which is inevitable.  Look, politics is a rough and tumble game.  It is fair to go after those that attack you; but with substance and facts not gutter talk.  This can even be done without being Politically Correct.  This Blogger has given Republican Leaders in Congress that represent the state of Nevada and the Republican Controlled Congress a failing grade because they have failed to enact Republican Core Principles by using the Power of the Purse, as the Third Branch of Government, to impose their will on the President.  Most Republicans in Congress have been gutless, empty suits who believe they should get credit for just showing up as they achieve nothing important and contribute to the bankruptcy of our nation.  

My criticism is fact based.  I give them a failing grade, issue by issue, that are important to Conservatives in our country.   We sent them to Washington and in our case Carson City in Nevada, by spending billions of dollars to get them elected to get the job done and they have failed us.   It is what it is.  But it serves no purpose to use gutter language that adds nothing to the discussion, or debate.   Clearly, Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be President of the United States.  Hopefully, Trump will fade away as a distraction; but it will only happen if other Republican candidates for the Presidency absorb his message and make it their own. 

This will probably fall to Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz to replace Trump by becoming the Anti-Establishment, Anti-Washington Candidate that Conservatives, that are mad as hell, can support.   However, it has to be real.  If we help elect a Republican President, he or she has to get the job done by pushing back 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country.   We have to take back our country to restore the American Dream.  It will not happen any other way.      

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