Monday, August 17, 2015

Establishment Republican Governors Bush & Kasich Going For The Same Voters

Establishment Republican Governors Jeb Bush of Florida and John Kasich of Ohio are courting the same Republican voters in the primaries.   Neither will attract the Conservative base of the Republican Party because both have sinned related to supporting Common Core and in Kasich's case accepting ObamaCare Expanded Medicaid, which has already cost the state of Ohio in the first year alone a billion dollars more than was anticipated.   Kasich was one of few Republican Governors that has committed both these crimes.   RINO Socialist Governor Brian Sandoval of Nevada, where this Blogger lives, was another Republican Governor who did the same thing.

In addition, Bush and Kasich seem to support bigger government and old style Socialist Schemes to deal with poverty, which have failed miserably, after spending trillions of tax payer dollars on New Deal and Great Society Socialist Schemes that have done nothing to eliminate poverty.   Kasich sounds like a Socialist when he speaks about helping the poor and the "people in the shadows" with these expanded programs.  This Blogger had high hopes for John Kasich, even writing him to suggest that he get with the program to gain the votes of Conservatives, to no avail.  Matter of fact, it appears that Kasich has doubled down on his liberal, big government solutions to problem solving, even though the evidence suggests that these programs actually cause more harm than good.   And, they are bankrupting our country. 

Supporting Common Core, the federalization of public education, is also sacrilege among Conservative Republicans.  I have seen the effect in Reno, Nevada where I live, as public schools must adhere to Common Core, or lose their federal government funding.  So to say that this is just a loose set of guidelines from the federal government is just not true.  We want the Federal Department of Education eliminated because it is fraught with waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and it is redundant.  The last thing we want to see is an expanded Department of Education because of Common Core and that is exactly what is happening.

In addition, both Kasich and Bush are squishy on Immigration Reform.   This Blogger believes both of them would, "reach across the aisle" to provide Illegal Aliens, not just legal status, which I support, but an easier path to citizenship than paying a fine and waiting at the back of the line.  Most other Republican Candidates for the Presidency are right on Common Core, Immigration Reform and new ideas to deal with Poverty in America. 

Sadly, Jeb Bush and John Kasich appear to be same old, same old and cut from the same suit, which is one reason this Blogger will not support either.   In that battle for votes, Bush is likely to prevail against Kasich because he can better play the money game to go to the end of the primaries.   As such, it is pretty clear to this Blogger that Kasich is actually running to be the Republican Vice President Candidate, no matter who the Presidential Candidate may be, which could be viable because winning Ohio will be necessary to winning the Presidency.   That could be OK, since in general John Kasich is a good guy. 

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