Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ohio Governor John Kasich Running For Vice President

This Blogger has met and encouraged Ohio Republican Governor John Kasich to run for President because he has the experience to be President and because no Republican has been elected President in over 100 years without carrying Ohio.   However, it is very clear that Kasich will not get the Republican nomination because he is not speaking to the Base of the Republican Party.  Since Kasich was one of the few Republican Governors that embraced Common Core and accepted expanded ObamaCare Medicaid, he feels the need to keep talking about taking care of the "people in the shadows", those who are disabled, on drugs and presumably the poor. 

This Blogger has no problem with some of the approaches Kasich is advancing as long as it does not lead to higher taxes, bigger government and more spending.   The problem is that Kasich sounds like an advocate for Lyndon Johnson's Great Society War on Poverty that has cost the American taxpayer trillions of dollars and not resulted in less poverty.  Obviously big government has been the problem, rather than the solution to dealing with poverty, so more of the same is not the answer.   As such, Kasich's pronouncements are not the road to the Republican nomination for the Presidency. 

The Conservative Base of the Republican Party supports limited, smaller government, free market capitalism, lower taxes, less regulation, protection of our 1st, 2nd and 4th Amendment rights, Term Limits and a Balanced Budget Constitutional Amendment, a strong military, securing our border, School Choice, Workfare instead of Welfare, repealing and replacing ObamaCare and the Right to Life.  Kasich seems to mention some of these things in passing; but they are not his focus, discipline or passion.  As a result, when he speaks, he appears squishy on the things that matter to Republican Voters. 

Kasich is a pretty smart guy; though he could use some help with image, diction, presentation etc.  Kasich has done a great job in Ohio and while he was in Congress; but neither will win him the nomination.   What Kasich does not seem to understand is that a candidate does not get to the General Election without winning the nomination.  If Kasich does not sharpen his appeal and message to the Conservative Base of the Republican Party, he will not be the Republican nominee for President.   Kasich seems to lack the fire in his belly to win, which leads this Blogger to believe that Kasich has already accepted this fact and is running for Vice President of the United States and that would be OK. 

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