Tuesday, December 30, 2014

ObamaCare - 30 - 50 Million Uninsured Missing In America

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress, that rammed through passage of ObamaCare, without one single Republican vote told us that there were 30 - 50 million uninsured people in America.  So far this year about 4 million Americans have signed up for ObamaCare,which includes both new enrolled and others who signed up last year.   Just where are this missing 30 - 50 million people.  The poor were already eligible for Medicaid at government expense.   ObamaCare expands eligibility for Medicaid so there may be a few million more people getting Medicaid coverage. 

Even New York Socialist Senator Chuckie Schumer and retiring Iowa Socialist Senator Tom Harkins, an author of ObamaCare said that the Socialists really screwed up by impacting the 85% of Americans that already had medical insurance, either through their companies and or private purchase, presumably to help the 15% of Americans that had no medical insurance.  Of course, these Socialists don't really care that they negatively impacted the 85% of us that were already insured, except for the fact that it cost them control of the Congress. 

But again, where are these millions of Americans that supposedly were to benefit from ObamaCare.  Clearly, they are not signing up for ObamaCare, or we would see them in the numbers.   Heavy fines will be kicking in during 2015 for people that do not buy medical insurance; but the fines are still much less than the cost of medical insurance without subsidies.  Could it be that the number of uninsured were lies just like all the other lies we heard about ObamaCare; like if you like your doctor and medical plan, you can keep your doctor and medical plan. 

For the Socialists to put the entire country through this train wreck to impact so few people is a crime against the American people.  The Socialist paid the price in the last election as they lost control of both Houses of Congress; but this Blogger thinks they need to pay a higher price.  How about some jail time for the pain and suffering they have caused many people in America.   I say put them in jail and throw away the key.  I understand medical care for prisoners is free of charge; kind of like ObamaCare for those Americans getting subsidies.  

Monday, December 29, 2014

Obama & His Veto Pen

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama has his Veto Pen ready to stop Republicans from enacting common sense laws related to things like The Keystone Pipeline, Immigration Reform, Tax Reform, School Choice, Balancing the Federal Budget and paying off the National Debt, saving Social Security and Medicare etc. etc. etc.   In other words, even if Obama is missing in action, Republicans should be prepared to tackle these big problems to prove that they can govern.

Rather than work with the Republican Majority in Congress, it is becoming pretty clear that Obama will lead the Socialist Party of NO.  When Socialist Senator Harry Reid controlled the agenda in Washington, more than 300 bills enacted by the Republican controlled House of Representatives never saw the light of day because Reid would not allow them to come up for a vote in the Senate.  As such, Obama never had to Veto any laws because so few came to his desk when Dirty Harry Reid was in charge. 

Now, hopefully Republicans will send many of those same laws to the President's desk and let Obama squirm defying the will of the American people.  Obama clearly has not gotten the message from the last election.   Socialists were defeated all over the country resulting in a Republican Majority in Congress.  The US is a center right country.   Obama's Socialist Schemes have been soundly rejected.  It is now time for Obama to work with the Republicans in Congress to get big things done.  But, don't count on it because Obama is such a Socialist ideologue that working in the best interest of all Americans is not likely to happen.  What a lost opportunity.  It is one of the reasons Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in American history.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Republicans Need To Play Hard Ball On Tax Reform

In January, Republicans will control both Houses of the Congress with solid majorities.   They should use their new found power to implement Comprehensive Tax Reform that includes legislation impacting both Personal and Corporate Income Taxes.  It may require the same kind of hard ball politics that the Socialists used to ram through ObamaCare; but it is necessary if we are going to see significant economic growth and job creation again in America.  Don't forget that the official unemployment rate of 5.8% is bogus.  The real unemployment rate is around 11% if all people are counted, the unemployed, the under employed working part time that want full time work and those that have just given up looking for work altogether. 

And, Obamanomics has resulted in about 50 million people on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was first elected.  In addition, there are now about 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits, up 2 million since Obama first took office, which comes right out of the Social Security Trust Fund that is headed toward insolvency.  Minorities in particular have really suffered under our first Black President. 

If we are going to fix all of this, we need Comprehensive Tax Reform that lowers both Personal and Corporate Income Tax Rates to give people and companies an incentive to invest in America.  In lowering rates, we need to get rid of various deductions and loop holes that distort markets and to create a level playing field for small businesses that employ 70% of Americans.  Republicans should just enact Common Sense Comprehensive Tax Reform and send it to Obama's desk.

The Socialists will scream Class Warfare about any Tax Reform; but the reality is that the Republicans don't need the Socialists in Congress anyway to get the job done.   Republicans have the votes to make it happen.  Republicans should enact legislation that is good for our country, regardless to prove that they can govern and send those bills to Obama's Desk.   Emperor Pinocchio Obama may very well veto many of these bills; but so what.  At least the American people will see clearly a Republican vision for America to pave the way for the elections of 2016.     

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Support The Police In America

As we saw the funeral of the NYPD police officer assassinated in the line of duty, we are reminded that the last thing in America that stands between good and evil are the Police in America.   So as others protest against the Police, the rest of us, the silent super majority, must stand up in complete support of the Police.   Matter of fact, the next time a Police Officer stops you to give you a ticket, rather than muttering obscenities under your breath, as we all do,  this Blogger plans to thank the Police Officer for his service to our city, state and country.  The Police in America need us now more than ever as they are unfairly under attack by left wing politicians that seek to divide our country, Poverty Pimps that have gotten rich living off the misery of the poor and the lame stream left wing media. 

The protests we see against the Police in America are organized by Communists, Unions, Anarchists and Poverty Pimps with the support of left wing Socialist politicians and the lame stream left wing media.  These people oppose the law and order that is necessary in a civil society.   Just imagine if the Police were not present in the inner cities of our country.  We would see even more murders than are occurring everyday.   In New York specifically, the crime and murder rate has been brought way down because of pro-active policing.  This contrast with cities like Chicago, where Black on Black crime results in murders everyday. 

The Police of America should know that a super majority of the American people stand with them.  We need to make our voices heard.  Sadly, all public employee pensions are unsustainable because too much has been promised by Politicians that don't understand actuarial math.  However, if the day ever comes when those pensions cannot be paid if full, every effort should be made to put the Police of America at the top if the list, paying them 100% of what they are owed,  even if it means that other government workers will get less.  We need the Police in America to protect our way of life and freedoms, just as much as the military, that often fights to do the same overseas.  So next time you talk to a Police Officer, thank him or her for their dedication and hard work.  Without the Police on our city streets, America would not be America. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Private Sector Unions Hope To Gain Illegal Alien Members

Desperate Private Sector Unions are focusing on attracting the 5 million Illegal Aliens, given legal status by Emperor Pinocchio Obama's Executive Order, to become new union members.   This is happening because Private Sector Unions have fallen to a new low of only 6.7% of the workforce.  This is the reason they are always picketing Wal Mart, the nation's largest employer, after government.  The reality is that the reasons to join a Union have diminished greatly.  Most of the things that Unions fought for over the years are now codified into local, state and federal laws.  In essence, the Unions have become a victim of their own success.  So fighting for work rules are not so much an issue any more.   And, with ObamaCare, even the health care issue is less important.  So presumably, Private Sector Union Members pay dues to support their FAT CAT union bosses and Socialists in office all living the high life.  

Workers often realize all of this and so when given the opportunity to join a Union, they do not vote to Unionize.   What workers will also quickly see is that once 5 million Illegal Aliens are given legal status and they can come out of the shadows, they will be competing with Americans for better paying blue collar jobs, which is going to drive down wages and benefits.   This will be inevitable because adding this many people to the work force in so short a time, when many of these jobs are being shipped overseas anyway, will be a disaster for those with minimal education and or job skills. 

Normally, these Union Members would vote for Socialists; but when they realize it was a Socialist President who did them in, they will turn to Republicans in 2016 and beyond seeking to secure our border and limit illegal immigration.  Obama's Executive Order, giving legal status to 5 million Illegal Aliens could be the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.    



Thursday, December 25, 2014

ObamaCare In Iowa Falling Apart

There are only two companies in Iowa that opted to provide ObamaCare and one of them CoOpportunity Health apparently is insolvent.  This company is being taken over by the state and so it is uncertain if those covered by CoOpportunity will actually have the health insurance they think they bought.  The other company, Coventry Healthcare, owned by Aetna is attempting to step into the breach; but the choices promised by Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress appear to be non existent, at least in Iowa.  This is particularly bad since it was none other than retiring Socialist Senator Tom Harkins of Iowa who was a big proponent and one of the authors of ObamaCare, until just recently when he said it was probably a big mistake.

ObamaCare is imploding of its own weight.  Even Socialists like New York Senator Chuckie Schumer realize now that they messed with the health insurance of the 85% of Americans that were pretty happy with what they had to deal with the 15% of Americans that needed health insurance.   We saw the end result in the last election, which was a blow out for Socialists who were sounded rejected at both the state and federal levels. 

This Blogger is more and more optimistic that ObamaCare will ultimately either be struck down by the Supreme Court in the case that is coming up next March and or it will be repealed because it is a national disaster.  This episode in Iowa is just the tip of the iceberg.  All of the numbers that were the basis for ObamaCare were smoke and mirrors.  This particular Socialist Scheme, like all Socialist Schemes, was predicated on LIES.  Everyday more of those lies are revealed making ObamaCare even more unpopular.   

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Global War On Christians

As many of us celebrate the Christmas season and the birth of Jesus Christ, we face a global war on Christianity.   In its most virulent form, we see Islamic Fascists murdering Christians and destroying ancient churches and other holy sites in Iraq and other places in Africa and the Middle East.  But, we also see a secular war on Christianity in many Western countries, particularly in Europe and the United States.   The question is why?  The answer is Christian values that honor traditional marriage and families and for many Christians the right to life that is destroyed by unlimited abortion and euthanasia. 

Atheists and Secularists see the State as their God, which Christianity denies.  Christians believe in our our inalienable rights and freedoms bestowed by God, not man.  Socialists, Communists and Fascists do not believe in God at all and as a result they see Christianity as a threatening ideology; not just as a religion.  In addition, Christians recognize and have no problem speaking of evil in society, since we see the devil's hand all around us when murders, or other heinous crimes are committed.  The Christian notion of right and wrong is also under attack as Secularists often seek instead to provide societal excuses for evil behaviors.

In many ways, the global war on Christians is in fact a conflict between good and evil.  That is not to say that all Christians are good and all Secularists are evil; but it is to say that practicing Christians believe in right and wrong and moral values that have biblical roots.  The Ten Commandments pretty much say it all; yet many of those Commandments are ignored by secular societies as somehow out of date.  The fact is that many of the problems we face today in the United States and around the world are the result of ignoring the Ten Commandments. 

Society in many Western countries is breaking down because of the movement away from Judeo-Christian ideals and toward worship of the State as God.  As we celebrate Christmas in the United States, all would be wise to look to Judeo-Christian teachings, which are the foundation of our nation since its founding to get our country back on track.  Until this happens, our country will continue to face division and strife among our people.          

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

IRS Corruption - The Smoking Gun

In emails finally sent to the Congress, it was revealed that then Depute Commissioner of the IRS, Steven Miller, knew about IRS targeting of Conservative Groups in June, 2012 when he testified before Congress; but failed to reveal this information prior to the 2012 Presidential election.  Oh what a tangled web these Socialist weave when the practice to deceive.  Now we must ask the question who ordered Miller to keep his mouth shut.  How far into the White House does this scheme of corruption and illegal behaviors does this IRS Cover Up and Scandal go.

It is obvious that Lois Lerner, the IRS Director, who took the fifth rather than testify before Congress, in charge of the unit that did the targeting should be prosecuted for her crimes and should go to jail.  But this Scandal does not stop with Lerner.  IRS Commissioners had numerous meetings at the White House during this time period.  It is reasonable to assume that this whole cabal of actors were acting on the orders of someone in the White House and or Socialist Members of Congress that were pushing them to come down hard on Conservative groups. 

The IRS became a political arm of the Obama Socialist White House, unlike at any other time in American history.  This Scandal is much worse than Watergate that caused the resignation of Richard Nixon; yet where is the lame stream left wing media.  If this had happened under a Republican President and left wing organizations had been targeted, there would be calls for the President's Impeachment, or Resignation.   But the media stooges that support Obama are no where to be found.  What hypocrisy!! 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Pope Francis Critical Of Papal Bureacracy

In his Christmas message, Pope Francis was critical of the Papal Bureaucracy at the Vatican that surrounds him.  His mostly Italian minions were accused of lusting for power, gossiping, back biting etc. etc.  This was actually a very funny homily because it could probably be said of any governing bureaucracy.  What the Pope should have recognized is that big government never works and is inherently corrupt, corrupting and inefficient.  Instead of scolding the Curia, the Pope should have decentralized power and gotten rid of most of it.  It is the centralized form of government of the Catholic Church, presumably run by an infallible Pope, like all federal governments that is the problem.

The Pope needs to divest more power to local Bishops and even to priests, the same way the federal government of the United States, should allow the States more control over their monies, lands and government services.  Pope Francis stated the obvious in his criticism of the Curia in Rome; but it is no different than what is common in Washington, London, Paris or any other Capital in the world.  Big government of any kind is wasteful.  And, the tendencies that the Pope described is common among all bureaucrats feeding at the trough. 

The last time this sort of thing came up, there was the Protestant Reformation, which was really a revolution against that Catholic Church, run from Rome by corrupt Popes and bureaucrats.  The political revolutions that have happened throughout history usually happened for the very same reasons.  Dictatorial leaders and bureaucrats that profited from their positions resulted in uprisings, sometimes violent and sometimes peaceful like the Tea Party Movement in the United States.  Pope Francis has it right in criticizing the Curia in Rome; but he has yet to offer the solution, which is decentralizing power and cutting the size of church government.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two NYPD Police Officers Murdered In New York City

After shooting and wounding his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore, Maryland, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, a 28 year old deranged, Black man, believed to be a member of the (BGF) Black Guerrilla Family Gang, with a criminal history of 19 arrests, drove to New York City with the intent of murdering Cops as revenge for the deaths of Michael Brown in St. Louis and Eric Garner in New York City that involved Cops in the line of duty.   Officers Rafael Ramos, a Hispanic and Wenjian Liu, an Asian, were murdered as they sat in their patrol car, on duty in Brooklyn, a suburb of New York City.  Upon pursuit by other police officers, Brinsley, the murderer and coward killed himself, rather than face Justice. 

The deaths of these innocent Police Officers are directly related to all the disparaging remarks about the police by Communist New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, Poverty Pimp Al Sharpton and the lame stream left wing media that have caused the protests all over the United States, including in New York City where protesters, organized by Communists and Anarchists called for the killing of Cops.   Murders of Cops like this have not occurred in New York City since the 1970's when members of the Black Panthers killed several Cops.  De Blasio, Obama, Holder, Sharpton and the lame stream left wing media all have the blood of these officers on their hands as a result of their irresponsible comments.

Relations between Communist New York City Mayor De Blasio and the NYPD are so bad that the police are telling the Mayor not to go to the funerals of slain police officers.  During a recent Press Conference, Cops present turned their backs on De Blasio.  There are also calls for De Blasio to resign, since the police in New York City have no confidence is his leadership.  To be clear, the police all over the United States and particularly in our gang infested inner cities, where murders are common, have thousand of interactions every day with members of all ethnic and racial groups without incident.  In fact, it is remarkable that given the violence that is prevalent in our inner cities, that there are not many more killings by police officers trying to protect both themselves and the communities in which they serve.  While any tragic death in regrettable, this speaks to police officer training and discipline.  Anyone that would criticize the police in a broad brush does a real disservice to the police in America and our country.   We see the end result in the murder of these two NYPD police officers that were both men of "color".       

On a side note; though we don't know yet if there is a connection, the killer's first name Ismaaiyl, is the same name of Abraham's son, spelled Ishmael, who was cast off, that is thought to be the hereditary line that is the foundation of Islam.  As of this Blog Posting, it has not been determined if the killer of these police officers, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, is a Muslim.  If that turns out to be the case, there could even be a Terrorist connection to these murders.    That would make these murders even more reprehensible. 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Al Sharpton Shakes Down Sony Entertainment

Since some of the emails that were leaked by North Korean hackers involved racially insensitive remarks about Emperor Pinocchio Obama, Al Sharpton, the Supreme Poverty Pimp in the United States, immediately showed up at Sony's door step to demand money and appointment of Blacks in high places at Sony.  This Blogger knows nothing about Sony; but the woman who apparently made stupid comments about Obama, reported to be that Obama only likes movies with Blacks in them, is no doubt a protected class herself; a woman over 40.  And, for all we know, maybe Obama does prefer movies with Blacks in them.  Who cares anyway.

What is really stupid, aside from Sony pulling the movie attacked by the North Koreans from release, is that their senior management actually "took a meeting" as they say in Hollywood with Sharpton, as though this Race Hustler is in charge of race relations in the United States.  This is just unbelievable, since my guess is that Sony probably employs a significantly diverse workforce including Women, Gay, Blacks, Asians, Latinos etc. etc. in high paid positions.  Sony Entertainment in the United States is headquartered in Culver City about 10 miles from Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.  They are sitting in the middle of one of the most diverse cities in the world.  Even if they chose not to, which I am quite certain is not the case, it would be virtually impossible to run any big company, located where Sony is located, without employing people of all colors that reflect the community.

So dealing with Big Mouth Al Sharpton is absurd.  Sony is facing a corporate crisis as a result of the hacking of their company by North Korea.  The last thing they need is Al Sharpton on their door step implementing a Shake Down.   The management at Sony should tell Al Sharpton to go pound sand.  There are certainly Blacks in America, including many that work in the entertainment industry, better positioned to speak for Blacks in America.  Every time Al Sharpton shows up, Blacks in America take a step backward.  Being represented by Sharpton, a charlatan, who owes the federal government millions of dollars in back taxes, is sending in a clown.   And, why on earth Obama gives credence to Sharpton, by frequently inviting him to the White House, speaks mountains about Obama's lack of judgment.  Surely, many educated, responsible Blacks in business, religion and in government would be much better representatives for the Black Community than Al Sharpton, who has gotten rich off the misery of the poor. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Obama Normalizing Relations With Cuba - Why Now

Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama has issued an Executive Order to normalize relations with Cuba.  The question is why now?   While Obama just agreed to a prisoner exchange, which included sending back a murderer to Cuba, the notion of treating Communist Cuba, just like any other country, while getting nothing in return is pretty darn dumb.  Though I am sure the US Chamber of Commerce and American business supports opening up of Cuba's market so we can put a MacDonald's on every street corner, the fact is that the government of Cuba is still a repressive regime that denies freedom to its people. 

And, Cuba is not China with a billion people that we could not ignore.  It is very small country, with little market potential, supported primarily by Russia and Venezuela, both of which are now facing serious economic problems that could lead to less support for Cuba.  The average Cuban makes just $20 a month.  Doctors in Cuba are paid $67 a month.  Cuba is an economic basket case.  In addition, the Castro brothers are both more than 85 years old.  It is only a matter of time before they both bite the dust.   At that point, we would have had more leverage to push Cuba toward democratic reforms in return for normal relations with the United States.   

Perhaps Obama has an ulterior motive for normalizing relations with Cuba now getting nothing in return for our recognition.   Obama wants to close Guantanamo Bay (GITMO), which is opposed by Congress.  There may be another Executive Order coming giving Guantanamo Bay back to Cuba before Obama leaves office.   To do that, the United States must have normal relations with Cuba.  Don't be surprised if this does not happen in the next year or two.  Obama is doing everything he can to weaken the United States before he leaves office.  Closing Guantanamo, when we face more Terrorist threats than ever, is part of Obama's game plan.  As Forest Gump always said, "Stupid is as Stupid does". 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cyber Terrorism & Extortion - An Act Of War

It appears that North Korea hacked into Sony Entertainment's computers, in retaliation for their production of a movie called The Interview, a comedy which depicted the killing of the North Korean dictator.  No doubt this was a dumb movie, like many that come out of Hollywood, but in the process North Korean government hackers released Sony employees confidential information.  Then, the North Koreans went one step further by threatening theaters, that screen this movie, with Terrorist attacks.  As a result and because theaters pulled this movie that was supposed to debut on December 25, Christmas Day, which apparently is a big movie day, Sony has suspended release of the movie altogether.   This was a huge mistake.

This amounts to Terrorist extortion by a rogue nation state with nuclear weapons.  For the precedent that this sets, this should be considered an Act of War by Emperor Pinocchio Obama and the Congress of the United States requiring a retaliatory response.  Obama should immediately impose the most stringent sanctions possible designed to bring down the North Korean Communist Regime.  That means making it impossible for them to get access to hard currency, through any global bank, that does business in the United States.  Further, global companies that do business in the United States should be prohibited from doing business with North Korea, if they want to maintain their US connections.  This act of Terrorist Extortion, by a specific country, cannot go unchallenged.

Most important, this demonstrates the seriousness of Cyber Terrorism and potential extortion that could be directed at our government, financial system, power and communications grid, airports and other American companies.  It was a mistake for Sony to suspend release of this film; not because the film is so important; but because the precedent set will encourage other Terrorists to play this very dangerous game.  Obama must react powerfully to make it clear that the United States will not tolerate Cyber Terrorism that threatens our nation.  Let us hope that Obama has the guts to act appropriately; but don't count on it given Obama's feckless foreign policy. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Obama's Executive Order Giving Amnesty To Illegal Aliens Ruled Unconstitutional

Federal District Judge Arthur Schwab in Pennsylvania has ruled that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama's Executive Order, giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, is Unconstitutional.  This occurred in a specific case involving Deportation of an Illegal Alien, in which the Defendant claimed the right to stay in America as a result of Obama's Executive Order.  The Judge used Obama's own pronouncements to declare that Obama cannot make federal law and or ignore laws concerning Immigration on the books just because Congress failed to act to his liking.  If Obamanistas appeal this ruling, which is likely, it could head to the Supreme Court even before the case filed by 17 states to stop Obama's usurpation of Legislative Authority, in violation of the Separation of Powers indicated in the United States Constitution. 

Clearly, Obama's Executive Order goes way beyond claims of "prosecutorial discretion", which Presidents can exercise related to specific cases, rather than the notion of a blanket Amnesty for 5 million Illegal Aliens.  Obama had it right when he said publicly more than 20 times that he did not have the authority to grant Amnesty to these people.  This could only happen as a result of Congressional action. 

So now, this federal court ruling throws a monkey wrench into Emperor Obama's Socialist Scheme.  It also creates uncertainly for the 5 million Illegal Aliens potentially impacted.  They are not protected from deportation by Obama's order.  This case will have to be fast tracked to the Supreme Court to prevent a lack of certainly, one way or another.  This first case is a good indication of what will happen once the case brought by 17 states makes its way through the courts.   There is now a good likelihood that Obama's Executive Order, giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, will be struck down by the courts. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Republican Jeb Bush Running For President - Not A Sure Thing

It should be no surprise that Jeb Bush, the former successful 'Republican Governor of Florida, is running for President.  Had he won in Florida the first time he ran there, it is likely that this Bush would have been in line to run for President before his brother George W Bush.  And, given Jeb's personality style and intelligence, it is possible that Jeb Bush may have been a better President than his brother; but we can never know that for sure.  Jeb Bush is a good guy and fairly Conservative; but he is a Bush.  Is the country ready for a third Bush Presidency.  I don't think so.  Though the first two Bush's were honorable men, their Presidencies have earned mixed reviews.  And, the notion that we could potentially see another Bush - Clinton contest is really old news. 

The Conservative base of the Republican Party has a problem with Jeb Bush because he supports Common Core, or the federalization of public education.  It is a really dumb idea.  Further, Jeb Bush may even support some form of Amnesty for Illegal Aliens.  While this Blogger supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform, after securing our border once and for all, the notion of Amnesty for people who have entered our country illegally does not work for me.  While these people can and should be given legal status, citizenship for Illegal Alien adults should be off the table.  A path to citizenship for their children, that graduate from our high schools, should be as good as it gets.

In any case, while I like Jeb Bush, except related to these two issues, this Blogger believes it is time for fresh blood and Conservative ideas in the Republican Party.  In addition, Republicans need to nominate  candidates that comes from blue collar roots, not another country club Republican with ties to Wall Street.  Haven't we learned that lesson with Mitt Romney.  That is the reason I favor a Kasich - Rubio ticket; though I also like Ted Cruz of Texas.  We need a Hispanic on the ticket to reach out to Hispanic voters.  Jeb Bush is a close second, since his wife is Hispanic, he speaks Spanish and is Catholic, rather than Protestant; but there is that same old Establishment Country Club connection that will not play well in Middle America.  Time will tell if Jeb Bush can excite the base of the Republican Party during the primaries; but as of now, I would not count on it. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - Hypocrite - Attacks Koch Brothers

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid continues to demonize David and Charles Koch because they use a small part of their billion dollar fortunes to support Conservative Candidates.  This is ridiculous.  Dirty Harry is such a hypocrite.  Socialist candidates take billions of dollars each election cycle from left wing unions that confiscate the money from their members, Hollywood types and people like billionaire Geoge Soros and many others.  This is all an expression of freedom of speech protected by the 1st Amendment.  Dirty Harry would have us believe that it is perfectly fine for left wing organizations and supporters to give money to Socialist candidates; but it is somehow evil for Conservatives to give money to Conservative candidates. 

This is the height of hypocrisy and stupidity.  The fact is that the Koch's own Koch Industries, one of the largest privately owned companies in the world.   They employ thousands of people across America and around the world.  The Koch's are job creators, something Senator Dirty Harry Reid knows nothing about because as a Socialist politician and a crook at that, he is a job killer.   In addition, Koch family members are very involved in philanthropy giving millions of dollars every year to all sorts of charities and worthy causes.  Dirty Harry tries to blame Koch money for the devastating losses Socialist experienced in the last election.   The reality is that the money raised by both political parties is ultimately irrelevant if their candidates are singing the same failed Socialist policies.  

Socialists always have the advantage of free daily propaganda from the lame stream left wing media and unions that march lock step to demonize Conservatives and support Socialists.  Dirty Harry and his Socialist pals in government don't like it very much when Conservatives like the Koch Brothers, who are Libertarians, use their money to support candidates that advocate limited Constitutional government, lower taxes and less regulations.  Dirty Harry painting the Koch Brothers, who are real patriots and great American citizens as evil, is just plain ridiculous and one more example that Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, punish their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Dirty Harry Reid suffers from foot in mouth disease and perhaps some dementia so maybe he can be excused for his rantings; but this one is really stupid.    

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Crony Capitalism & The Tax Code

The United States has among the highest taxes in the world; particularly when all local, state and federal taxes are combined.   As a result, the US tax code and most likely the tax code of most other countries is full of loop holes, deductions and exemptions that are the result of companies and other organizations buying influence through political contributions.  All of this distorts markets in ways that hurt the consumer and small businesses that are not in a position to buy influence.  In fact, large companies with their government relations departments and paid lobbyists continue to get bigger through mergers and acquisitions in ways that actually make it harder for smaller companies to compete and grow.

Instead, we need tax reform to level the playing field by eliminating many of these loop holes, deductions and exemptions and to prevent the artificial impact on markets.  Governments also need to stop social engineering to drive behaviors.  About the only thing that should remain in the tax code related to personal income tax is perhaps an exemption of $2,000 per family member to give larger families a break.  Otherwise, tax rates should be cut to no more than 20% as a top rate and all other deductions, except the charitable deduction, should be eliminated.  That means eliminating the mortgage deduction, which artificially inflates home values making it harder for young people to afford first homes. 

The United States now has the highest corporate income tax rate in the world at 35%, which has  caused many companies to ship jobs and whole industries overseas.  This one is simple.  Just subtract annual expenses from annual revenues and if a profit remains, tax the difference at no more than 20%.  If there is a loss allow a carry forward to future years.  There may still need to be some loop holes for depreciation of assets; but otherwise the KIS rule; keep it simple stupid, should apply.  All of the government subsidies for green technology, or any other industry should be eliminated.  Only the market should determine winner and losers; not government. 

All of this is just common sense; but it is not likely to happen because both politicians feeding at the trough and industries and organizations that feed them work together to benefit each other often at the expense of the American people.  Crony Capitalism, supported by the tax code in most countries, is alive and well.  Sadly, it distorts markets and often ends up costing the consumer much more than necessary because competition on a level playing field is limited.  This is another case where government is the problem and not the solution at least not as currently configured.    

Free Market Capitalism - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

As someone who has worked in business, most of the time, as a Senior Manager for 35 years, I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Free Market Capitalism.   As a Senior Manager at publicly traded companies and as the Founder, President and CEO of a privately owned company,  I have successfully managed through three Recessions, the lowest and highest interest rates in American history, three real estate downturns, 9/11 and the Fiscal Mess in the last 6 years.  I have worked through the boom and bust cycles that are inevitable with Free Market Capitalism. 

That said, Free Market Capitalism has produced more wealth for more people and the highest standard of living in human history with all of its downsides.   Certainly, when compared with Socialism or Communism, there is no comparison.  However, all is not rosy because democratic government is a source of corruption that is often used by Free Market Capitalists to gain advantage.   Even though 70% of Americans actually work for small companies, the 2,000 largest global companies in the world have a special relationship with governments around the world.   They all use high paid lobbyists to gain advantage.   And, since local, state and federal governments in the United States spend about $6 Trillion a year, big companies in particular do Billions of dollars of business with government.  While smaller companies may also have government contracts, by comparison as a result of the complexities of working with government, the vast majority of the spend is going to very large companies.  This inherently breeds corruption since these companies could care less which party is in power, which is the reason they give money to all political parties to buy influence.

Crony Capitalism is alive and well in all major countries in the world.  We saw it in the bail out's during the last six years.   While this Blogger supported the bank bail out's because I know from personal experience how close we came to global financial collapse, the end result, which is even bigger banks too big to fail, is not good.  The bail out of General Motors, which filed for bankruptcy anyway, should never have happened.  The Billions of dollars going to green companies, much of which is money down the drain, should not be happening.   These are nothing more than pay-off's to donors to the party in power; in this case the Obama Socialist Party; but to be clear this happens under Republican Administrations, as well.  This is nothing more than big companies buying influence.  Smaller companies do not have this ability, since money talks and they don't have the money to buy influence. 

Every year, there are many mergers and acquisitions making big companies even bigger.  Many of these "deals" turn out to be bad deals for shareholders; but it is the nature of Free Market Capitalism where there are frequently winners and losers.  In many instances in these deals, the Senior Management of the company are the big winners.  And, in some cases, some companies are so big that they are unmanageable, which again plays out in the marketplace.  What is worse are monopolistic tendencies that can occur when there are only a few companies that are prevalent in an industry.  This is not good for the consumer, our country, or democracy.  And, though in general this Blogger is a Free Marketeer, I do believe monopolies should be prevented by government.  Finally, the notion of too big to fail is really a test.  If a company is too big to fail, meaning that the government must step in to prevent failure to protect the economy, or the American people from financial chaos, then maybe that company should be broken up.  Free Market Capitalism does not mean there is no place for government. 

For the most part, government should allow market decisions to prevail; but every once in a while government must step in to prevent economic chaos.  The problem is that many times it is government actions that cause the economic chaos.  The best example is requiring mortgage companies to make loans to people with bad credit, which was the basis for the recent financial collapse.   Even so, no matter the pain that can come from the boom and bust cycles that are inherent in Free Market Capitalism, it is still the best economic system ever devised in human history.               

Friday, December 12, 2014

RINOS Boehner and McConnell Have To Go - Budget Deal Shenanigans

RINO Speaker of the House Congressman John Boehner and soon to be Senate Majority Leader RINO Mitch McConnell have to go.   The latest reason is the Budget Deal negotiated with Socialists that passed the House by a vote of 219 to 206.  67 Conservative real Republicans voted against this Budget because the bill continues to fund Obama's Executive Order giving Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, at least until February, when Homeland Security funding will be revisited and it contains funding for ObamaCare.  We will see what happens in February; but I suspect that Boehner and McConnell will not have the guts to take on the President to stop this Amnesty from happening.   57 Socialists voted against the Budget because Republicans inserted language related to campaign spending and easing of various financial regulations to help Wall Street Bankers.  The right and left of both political parties were opposed; but for very different reasons. 

This Budget for 2105 is $1.1 Trillion in discretionary spending.  There is another $3 Trillion or more on automatic pilot that does not even come up for a vote.  By the time Obama leaves office in two years, the National Debt will be around $20 Trillion.  If interest rates go up to 5%, which they surely will in the future, the interest on the debt will consume the entire federal budget.  Yet, nobody in Washington is doing anything about it.  Further, this Budget Deal is another 1,700 page document, put together by Obamanistas, Boehner, McConnell, Reid and Pelosi, filled with pork and goodies for politicians.  It is virtually impossible that members of Congress have had time to real the Bill since it was just revealed a few days ago.  This is another one of those instances where "the Congress needs to pass the bill for us to know what is in it."

Washington led by Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Reid and Pelosi is broken.  As a Common Sense Conservative that would have voted against this Budget had I been in Congress, I really think that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell have to go.   They are Establishment Republicans, which are nothing more than Socialists Light.  They support Deficit Spending and Crony Capitalism.  If Boehner and McConnell continue to be the face of the Republican Party, the Party can forget about 2016 because the Conservative base of the Republican Party will sit on our hands and check books rather than support more of the same.  We are sick and tired of Republicans who talk Conservative at election time; but then vote Socialist. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Socialists Release CIA Report To Betray The United States

In an act of betrayal, Socialists in the US Senate, led by Senator Diane Feinstein, released a report saying that the CIA used torture when dealing with Terrorists.  Feinstein spent $40 million producing this anti-American report and it is just not true.  A Holder Justice Department investigation resulted in no indictments at the CIA for implementing Enhanced Interrogation, which was authorized by various government agencies and approved by President Bush.  Enhanced Interrogation included playing loud music and sleep deprivation among other tactics like water boarding and was only used a few times, 8 years ago right after 9/11, on the worst Terrorists implicated in the murder of more than 3,000 Americans at the World Trade Center massacre.

It was also Enhanced Interrogation that provided us the information we needed to eventually identify the where abouts of Usama Bin Laden.  Socialists in government, including Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, just don't seem to understand that we are at war with Islamic Fascists that would set off a dirty nuclear bomb in any of our big cities if they had the chance.  Releasing this report amounts to releasing classified information that will be used by these Terrorists to recruit more Terrorists and as an excuse to kill more Americans, both in the United States and overseas.  Besides in Obamanista twisted logic, it is somehow more moral to kill Terrorists and often their families using an expanded drone policy and hell fire missiles than to use Expanded Interrogation to get information out of them.  Go figure. 

Why is it that Socialists hate the United States and our way of life so much that they would betray our country.  Obama is doing everything he can to destroy our military and make us a weaker nation at the same time that Russia, China and Iran are becoming bigger threats.  Ronald Reagan's adage of Peace Through Strength is the only way to insure the peace.   Socialists in government are a clear and present danger to our people, way of life and nation.  The release of this report concerning the CIA's use of Enhanced Interrogation is treachery.   How many Americans have to die for the Socialists to see the error in their ways. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ObamaCare - The Lies Just Keep Coming

In testimony before a House Committee, Jonathan Gruber, the MIT Economics Professor that is credited with being the architect of ObamaCare admitted that he knew that some Americans would lose their current medical plans and not be able to keep their doctors.  Gruber also recognized that ObamaCare was based on redistribution of income from Seniors, the Middle Class and the Young to fund expanded Medicaid and subsidies for the poor.  Further, Gruber said he told Obamanistas all this information before the bill was enacted into law by the Socialists in Congress, without one single Republican vote.   So clearly, when Emperor Pinocchio Obama went before the American people on more than 30 occasions and said "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor", Obama knew it was a lie.

However, this should be no surprise because all of ObamaCare is predicated on smoke and mirrors and phony numbers.   In addition, the last thing the Socialists wanted to talk about was the more than 20 taxes in ObamaCare that impact everyone who pays taxes; not just the rich.  Yet, when Obamanistas argued the case before the Supreme Court, they most definately said it was a tax to win court approval of ObamaCare.  Union members, normally the Socialist's PEEP's, also got screwed by ObamaCare related to the Cadillac Tax, that requires companies to pay a 40% tax if they provide better coverage than is offered in ObamaCare, which traditionally has been the case in union negotiated contracts.  As a result, companies are pulling out of those agreements and cutting benefits, which is why many big unions now favor the repeal of ObamaCare.

Further, Obamanistas lied about the number of people who signed up for ObamaCare in the first year.   They claim it was all a big mistake; but apparently they double counted those that just signed up for dental benefits along with those that signed up for both medical and dental plans.  So rather than the 7.1 million that was reported as signing up in the first year, it was really only about 6.7 million.   Since it is estimated that about 4 million lost their medical insurance as a result of ObamaCare, the net gain related to those insured was only about 2.7 million.   Most of the 9.5 million that signed up for Medicaid were already eligible anyway so no big gain there.  Remember, they told us that about 40 million Americans were uninsured.   Where are they?  

ObamaCare has negatively impacted about 85% of the people that are paying much higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays, presumably to help the 15% of the people that have benefited from ObamaCare.  This was nothing more than a big government Socialsit Scheme to redistribute income.  It has nothing to do with health care.  When Obamanistas brag that medical costs have gone down, it is because 85% of us are paying so much more out of pocket and this includes Seniors that have experienced the $700 Billion cut to Medicare that was part of ObamaCare.   So, the Socialist lies just continue.  But there is hope.  ObamaCare is such a monstrosity that this Blogger believes that even some Socialists will ultimately vote to repeal and replace it with common sense real health care reform; if the Supreme Court does not destroy it sooner in the case that is pending.   

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Obama Planning Sanctions Against Israel

It has been reported that Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama is planning to issue sanctions against Israel for building housing in East Jerusalem, presumably the Arab part of Israel's capital city.  Let's be clear.   Jerusalem is the undivided capital of Israel.  The Israeli government has the right to approve housing, or any other building in Jerusalem, without interference from Obama or anybody else.  This is one of the reasons why the two state solution for Israel and the Palestinians is absurd.  The West Bank should be part of Jordan, as it was for decades, with Amman as its capital city.   The Gaza Strip should be part of Egypt, again as it was for decades, if not centuries, with Cairo as its capital city.   We have to stop pretending that a two state solution in Israel is ever going to be feasible.  The Palestinians have proven over and again that they cannot govern themselves in spite of the billions of dollars we have given them over the years. 

Most important, while Obama is easing sanctions on Iran, that is developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to carry them, he is threatening sanctions on Israel, the only real democracy in the Middle East and our ally.   How on earth does this make any sense.  Obama continues to implement a feckless foreign policy that has made a mess in the world.  The Middle East is on fire.   We face more Terrorist threats than ever.  Russia has invaded a European sovereign country.   China becomes more belligerent by the day.  And, Iran is closer to having nuclear weapons than ever.   Israel is the only reliable ally we have in the Middle East.   Obama needs to back off and mind his own business.  The Israeli's have every right to build housing, or any other building anywhere in their country they choose to do so. 

Race Relations Worse Under Obama

In a new Bloomberg Poll, the majority of the American people, 53% believe that race relations are worse since Obama was elected President.   We are seeing this in the vastly different opinions between Whites and Blacks concerning the high profile cases in both Ferguson, Missouri and New York City.  The majority of Whites do not believe that indictments were warranted.  While the majority of Blacks believe indictments should have taken place even though Grand Jury's ruled against it based on the evidence.  None of this should be a surprise to anyone.   Socialist Emperor Pinocchio Obama has been the most divisive President since Franklin Roosevelt.   Obama, as our first Black President, should have be able to bring us together; but he has done just the opposite.   What a lost opportunity.   As such, our country today is as divided as it was before and during the Civil War.

Obamanistas and their Socialist pals in government seek to divide people to win elections.   They play the race card when ever they can to gin up the Black vote.  Obama divides us by arguing Class Warfare that pits the rich and even Middle Class against the poor.  Radical feminists and environmentalists argue against common sense limits to abortion and environmentalism.  Business is portrayed as evil when it is only business that can create real jobs.  As Abraham Lincoln once said, "a nation divided against itself cannot stand".  The last time we were this divided, we experienced a Civil War.   Let us hope it never comes to that; but it is clear that we are divided between Red and Blue states where people hold very different views on government, national defense and social issues. 

The United States is a center right country as evidenced by all the Republican victories in the last election both on a state and national basis.  The majority of Voters said no to Obama and all his Socialist Schemes to "transform" our nation into a Socialist, or even Communist big government country.  The majority of Americans cling to our faith, family, religion, guns and social values.   We support limited government, lower taxes, less regulations, a strong national defense, securing our border, the right to life and traditional marriage.  Further, when we see riots on our streets with Black people, or anybody else looting and committing arson, as an indication that our country is broken.  As such, we are counting the days until January 20, 2017 when Obama is gone and a President is inaugurated who will once again unite our country. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Deep South Now Solidly Republican and Red

The Solid South, that always used be Democrat, is now solidly Republican and Red.  With the defeat of Socialist Senator Mary Landrieu by Republican Bill Cassidy in Louisiana for the US Senate; the South from the Carolinas to Texas now has not one single Socialist US Senator, or Governor.  Further every majority White Congressional District in these states is now Republican.  And, both houses of their state legislatures are now controlled by Republicans.  Finally, with the addition of two more US House seats in Louisiana, the Republicans now hold 246 US House seats, the largest Republican majority since Harry Truman was President, in addition to 54 Senate seats.  This has all happened because Emperor Pinocchio Obama has moved the Socialist Party so far to the left that Southerners that cling to their Faith, Family, Religion and Guns have stood up and voted for Conservatives because they like many others in our country support limited government, lower taxes, less regulation, a strong national defense, energy independence, securing our borders and Conservative social values like marriage and the right to life, all the things that Socialist oppose.

Socialists are paying attention; though Hillary Clinton, the presumed Socialist Presidential candidate in 2016 is moving to the left to win the nomination.   The problem for Hilly is that as she moves further to the left to attract the base of the Socialist Party, she will become less electable once the general election takes place.  The United States is a Center Right Country as demonstrated in the last election cycle.   Both the People's US House of Representatives and Republican control of state legislatures and Governorships are the best indication of this Center Right Orientation.  The lame stream left wing media insists that most Americans are Progressive, or Socialist in their thinking.  If that was so, how come all the numbers seem to favor Republicans and Conservatives, in particular. 

We have seen the result of failed, big, intrusive government during the Obama Presidency and we want none of it.  It will be very interesting to watch the Socialists deal with this reality.   We are already seeing Socialists run from Obama like rats jumping off a sinking ship.  Socialist Senators Chuckie Schumer of New York and Tom Harkin of Iowa have even stated that ObamaCare was a huge mistake, which means repeal and replacement of ObamaCare with real health care reform is now a possibility.   More Socialists will reject ObamaCare in the future as medical premiums go through the roof for the 85% of Americans negatively impacted by ObamaCare.  Cards talk and numbers don't lie.  Republican victories in this election cycle were substantial.  Socialist Consultants will now have to go back to the drawing board if they have any chance of winning in 2016.  Moving further left certainly will not be a winning strategy.   

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Obama Cover-Up - $300 Million Wasted - 1000 New Federal Employees

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and his minions covered up a report by McKinsey stating that the Social Security Administration wasted nearly $300 million on a computer system that does not work.  What's new?  While this is chump change in Washington DC, the reason for the Cover-Up was that it happened under the watch of Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration Carolyn Colvin, who Obama is proposing to be the permanent Commissioner, requiring Congressional approval.  All of this came to light as a Michael Keegan, a Whistle Blower, at the Social Security Administration revealed the facts. 

So, now we can add this Scandal to the long list of Obama Scandals.  Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, punish their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The Obama Administration is one of the most corrupt in American history.  This is just one more example.  What this Blogger does not understand is that Congress is supposed to control the purse strings.  How is it that the Emperor can spend monies without Congressional approval. 

Obamanistas just announced that they will hire 1000 federal employees to implement Obama's unconstitutional Executive Order to give Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens.   Where is this money coming from to hire 1000 new employees, without Congressional approval.  Aside from the unconstitutionality of the Executive Order, how can the Emperor hire all of these people without going to Congress to get the money.   Our system of government, related to Separation of Powers is clearly broken.   We do have an Imperial Presidency, which has been happening for many years, that allows the President to pretty much do whatever he damn well fills like doing.   It has to stop.  In the mean time, $300 million tax payer dollars have been wasted on another failed computer system.  While compared to what they spent on ObamaCare, it is peanuts, it is the Cover-Up that is the real crime. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton - "Empathize" With Our Enemies

In a recent speech, likely Socialist candidate for President, Hillary Clinton said that we need to"empathize" with our enemies to better understand their reasoning, or positions.  That is an odd statement to say the least when Islamic Fascists, seeking to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond, are brutally murdering Christians, Jews and other Muslims to achieve their goal.  Further, Russia has invaded another European country in violation of a treaty.   China is looking to expand its influence around the world in ways that are contrary to US interests.  As a former history teacher, I do believe that history provides lessons to implement informed diplomacy; but I would hardly say that we need to "empathize" with our enemies to better understand them.  That terminology amounts to capitulation and appeasement, as occurred during World War II with Hitler and we all know the end of that horrible story. 

No, instead, we need to practice Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strength so that our enemies would never dare to threaten our nation.  Appeasement leads to greater war and blood shed.  Further, Richard Nixon's comment that the rest of the world needs to think that the President of the United States is just crazy enough to push the nuclear button so that the button will never have to be pushed is better and smarter positioning. 

We see Hillary Clinton's positioning in practice with Obama's Feckless Foreign Policy.   How is that working for us.  The Middle East is on fire.  Americans are being beheaded by Terrorists.   Russia has taken over the Crimea and is threatening all of Ukraine.   China has become more belligerent.  Iran, that supports Terrorists around the world, is that much closer to having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Unfortunately, Obama's weakness breeds contempt around the world and we see the end result.   If Hillary Clinton is going to run for President, she will have to be more careful with her words.  Hilly will be running for Obama's third term.  If she is going to break away from Obama's failed Presidency and have any chance of winning, she cannot express the same failed, weak political ideology. 

Republicans Need To Walk The Talk

Emperor Pinocchio Obama has a 40% approval rating.  Though this is dismal and was the reason for Socialist losses in the last election, the approval rating of Congress is only 13%.   These poor approval ratings reflect the American people's disgust with the federal government.  The approval rating for Congress is primarily because of Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid's control over the do nothing Senate.  However, in January Republicans will control both Houses of Congress.  During the 2014 legislative session the Republican controlled House of Representatives enacted more than 300 bills, many with bipartisan support, that Dirty Harry would not bring up for a vote in the Senate.   Many of those bills were aimed at economic development and job creation.  The House, led by Republican Speaker John Boehner, should resurrect many of those bills and send them over to soon to be Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get them on the floor for a vote. 

It does not matter if Emperor Obama vetoes every single one of them.   It will make the Socialists the Party of NO and prove that Republicans have a positive agenda and plan to govern our country.  There are serious problems facing the United States; the $18 Trillion National Debt, the solvency of Social Security and Medicare, Immigration Reform and badly needed Tax Reform.  There are common sense Conservative solutions to all of these problems.  Republicans who run as Conservatives; but often govern as RINOS, need to Walk The Talk.  The Conservative base of the Republican Party needs to see action on these issues and many more.   We need a Balanced Budget and Term Limits for Congress Constitutional Amendments.  Republicans in Congress should be able to get these Amendments on the table. 

Further, this is not just about the federal government.  Republicans are now firmly in control of many states.  They are in a position to implement free market principles and to establish more limited government and spending at the state level.   17 States are suing Obama related to his unconstitutional Immigration Executive Order that would grant Amnesty to about 5 million Illegal Aliens.  While this Blogger supports comprehensive Immigration Reform, it must be enacted by Congress, not decreed by Emperor Obama.   This court challenge has nothing to do with Immigration Reform, it is really about the Separation of Powers and Constitutional Limits on the power of the President.   All state Republican Attorney Generals, including new elected Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who says he is a Conservative, should join Texas and the other states that have already filed this court case to pursue this claim against Obama to the Supreme Court.  Again, Republicans at all levels of government need to Walk The Talk, or face losing the Conservative base of the party.  We are tired of waiting for Conservative common sense solutions to our nation's problems.  Those we elect now have to do the job.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lawlessness Leads To More Lawless - Playing With Fire

Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder are playing with fire as they continue to portray Cops as the bad guys in the Black Community.   The reality is that the COPS are the only thing standing between complete chaos and some semblance of order; such as it is.  We see the protests across the country, some of which have turned violent related to cases that involved normal law enforcement whether in Ferguson, Missouri, or in New York City.   When Grand Jury's were presented with the facts, there has been no indictment of the police officers involved.  To second guess these cases, as is happening with Obama and Holder, is a huge mistake.  The President and Attorney General are in a sense insighting Black people to riot, rather than counseling them as to observe the rule of law.  This is extremely dangerous for all concerned. 

All of this might have been OK when Obama was a Community Organizer in Chicago; but now Obama is the President/Emperor of the entire United States, not just the Black Community.  Obama has asked for $575 million to better train Police Officers to prevent racial profiling and to pay for lapel cameras for COPS.   The lapel cameras are a great idea to protect COPS from unwarranted charges of racial profiling when they are just trying to their jobs.  However, the problem is otherwise with the Black Community.  Perhaps, our failing inner city public schools need to teach young Black Men, starting in elementary school and junior high, a course this Blogger once taught, while teaching in the inner city of Los Angles, on Law and Justice.  The reality is that if anyone of any color is stopped by a COP for anything, the rules of engagement for the citizen should just be do as you are told to do.  And, if a crime has been committed, don't resist arrest.  And, most importantly, don't attack the COP.  Well dah!   All of this is common sense; but obviously, all young people need to be taught this lesson.

Obama is trying to deflect attention from his unconstitutional Executive Order to give Amnesty to 5 million Illegal Aliens, the shellacking he just took in the last election and his failed Presidency and he is playing the race card to do it.   The problem is that Obama is really playing with fire.   You can bet that gun sales will go through the roof as hard working Americans, particularly those that live closest to the inner city determine that they must buy guns to protect themselves, their homes and their businesses.  Clearly, Socialist Governor Nixon of Missouri did not protect the businesses in Ferguson that were burned to the ground by rioters.  Abraham Lincoln once said that "anarchy breeds more anarchy", which is a way of saying that Lawlessness Leads To More Lawlessness.   We have a lawless President and Attorney General and we see the end result; chaos on our city streets.   Obama and Holder better pull this back in before there is more property damage and many more lives are lost; but don't count on it. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Racial & Ethnic Profiling & Discrimination In America - Nothing New

Many inner city Blacks and Hispanics actually believe that they are unique in experiencing Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Discrimination in America.  If only they were taught American History in our public schools, inner city Blacks and Hispanics would know that Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Discrimination in America did not start with them.  Jews, Italians, the Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Poles, Catholics and many other groups have faced incredible discrimination.  For years, Jews were not permitted to enroll in many universities and could not join various country clubs, even if they had the money to do so.  Italian Americans have always been associated with the Mafia even though 99.99% of Italians in America have nothing to do with the mafia.  The Irish often referred to as Micks, were thought of as drunks and lazy.  There were actually laws specifically prohibiting the Chinese from entering the United States.  Lest we forget that Japanese Americans were put in prison camps in America during World War II.  And then, there are all the the Polish jokes that paint "Pollack's" as dumb.  

And, while slavery was a terrible injustice, immigrants coming to America that built the railroads and worked in the steel mills, coal mines and sweat shops might just as well have been slaves because long hours of work still resulted in poverty.  This was long before Welfare, unions and laws to protect workers.  The difference between these immigrant groups and many inner city Blacks and Hispanics is that they never saw themselves as "Victims".  Ultimately, all of these groups, many of which did not speak English, rose above poverty.  And, their kids went to public schools and eventually on to universities to become solidly middle, or upper class in a generation or two.  This is why so many people will risk their lives to come to America. 

Poverty Pimps, that live off the misery of the poor and the Socialist Party of America need Victims to stay in power feeding at the trough because Socialist ideology has proven to be such a miserable governing failure where ever and when ever it has been tried.  The only way these people can stay in power is to put even more Americans on the dole by telling them they are not responsible for their plight and or actions.  Thank God my Italian Grandparents never saw themselves as Victims.  Instead, they worked night and day to achieve the American dream.  One set of Grandparents ended up owning a grocery store to become solidly middle class within 10 years of coming to America.  My other grandfather worked in a steel mill, chipping imperfections off the rolled steel with a crow bar, his whole life and was proud of it even though they were poor. My Grandparents, like so many other immigrants taught by example.  The notion of taking Welfare, which came about in the 30's as part of Socialist Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, was considered shameful by hard working immigrants.   This immigrants were rich in values, family and faith no matter how much money they earned. 

Today, we have almost 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected President.  This includes people of all races.  It is shameful because many of these people could work, but choose not to since the new master, the federal government is determined to keep them in shackles.  This all has to change.  Welfare and Food Stamps should only be for people who are mentally or physically disabled, the truly needy; not able bodied Americans.  Otherwise, we need Workfare for anyone else taking government assistance.  The point to all of this is that Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Discrimination in America is nothing new.  Most groups rose above these prejudices.  It is time for many inner city Blacks and Hispanics to do the same to realize the American Dream.  It will not happen any other way.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Lame Stream Left Wing Media - More Lies About The Police Shooting In Missouri

The Lame Stream Left Wing Media and the Poverty Pimps they show case like Al Sharpton, who has become a millionaire living off the misery of the poor, continues to spread lies about the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson in the line of duty.  Brown who was 6 foot 6 inches weighing in at about 290 pounds was a huge man/kid.  Michael Brown and his buddy robbed a convenience store just minutes before the encounter with Officer Wilson.  Once Brown did encounter Officer Wilson, Brown tried to kill the police officer by first beating him up and then attempting to grab his gun to shoot Wilson.   Wilson ordered Brown to stop; but instead Michael Brown charged Officer Wilson like a mack truck coming at him.  Rightfully fearing for his life, Officer Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown according to the book and his training.  Evidence, including the testimony of several Black Americans, along with forensics support Officer Wilson's story, which is the reason he was not indicted by the Grand Jury.  The fact is that Michael Brown was a thug from a family of thugs.  His step father, who should have been arrested for insighting a riot, was convicted twice of dealing drugs and served time in jail. 

Yet the Lame Stream Left Wing Media and various Poverty Pimps continue to say that Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood as he held his hands up in the air trying to surrender.   This is just not true.  Unfortunately, many witnesses and the facts do not support this story.  To make matters worse, feeding this lie, presumably Black members of the local NFL team, the St. Louis  Rams, went out on the field holding their hands in the air to emphasize that Michael Brown was attempting to surrender.  This is clearly baloney.  Though this Blogger is not a football fan, if I was, I would give up my season tickets. 

To some degree, Emperor Pinocchio Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder are also perpetuating this big lie, since they have not come out in support of the truth to defend Officer Wilson.  Look, this Blogger is quite certain that there is racial profiling in the inner city Black communities because it is Blacks killing thousands of other Blacks every year.  Police officers of any color have a right to be suspicious of young Black men hanging around on street corners given the high crime rates in these communities.  Matter of fact, the single greatest cause of death among Black young people age 15 - 35 is Black on Black murder.  Given this statistic, it is only logical that the police would be most active in high crime areas.  And or, would Black parents, losing their kids at a rate averaging about 17 murders a day in our inner cities, as a result of Black on Black crime, want the police to stay away.  I don't think so. 

Officer Darren Wilson has resigned his job even though he acted properly in the line of duty.  
Wilson is also a victim in this process.  What does all of this say to other police officers of any color who risk their lives every day in an attempt to keep the peace and save other lives.  The Michael Brown killing is tragic; but it was not unwarranted given the facts and circumstances.  It is about time all Americans, including real leaders in the Black Community come to terms with the problems in the Black Community; Mom's having children with no Dad's in the home, failing public schools, high school drop out rates that are much higher than in other segments of the population, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment that is double White unemployment and daily violence. 

To say that government is not spending enough to alleviate poverty is absurd.  The American Taxpayer has spent trillions of dollars, since the Great Society was enacted in 1965 and the poverty rate is higher today than three decades ago.  We have to get back to the basics of faith, family and the teaching of moral values.   Right and wrong is not subject to debate.  Until the Black Community accepts responsibility for what is happening right under their noses, there will be many more tragic deaths, mostly at the hands of other Blacks in the Hood.  Sorry, but it is what it is and if saying so makes this Blogger a racist, then so be it.