Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Global War On Christians

As many of us celebrate the Christmas season and the birth of Jesus Christ, we face a global war on Christianity.   In its most virulent form, we see Islamic Fascists murdering Christians and destroying ancient churches and other holy sites in Iraq and other places in Africa and the Middle East.  But, we also see a secular war on Christianity in many Western countries, particularly in Europe and the United States.   The question is why?  The answer is Christian values that honor traditional marriage and families and for many Christians the right to life that is destroyed by unlimited abortion and euthanasia. 

Atheists and Secularists see the State as their God, which Christianity denies.  Christians believe in our our inalienable rights and freedoms bestowed by God, not man.  Socialists, Communists and Fascists do not believe in God at all and as a result they see Christianity as a threatening ideology; not just as a religion.  In addition, Christians recognize and have no problem speaking of evil in society, since we see the devil's hand all around us when murders, or other heinous crimes are committed.  The Christian notion of right and wrong is also under attack as Secularists often seek instead to provide societal excuses for evil behaviors.

In many ways, the global war on Christians is in fact a conflict between good and evil.  That is not to say that all Christians are good and all Secularists are evil; but it is to say that practicing Christians believe in right and wrong and moral values that have biblical roots.  The Ten Commandments pretty much say it all; yet many of those Commandments are ignored by secular societies as somehow out of date.  The fact is that many of the problems we face today in the United States and around the world are the result of ignoring the Ten Commandments. 

Society in many Western countries is breaking down because of the movement away from Judeo-Christian ideals and toward worship of the State as God.  As we celebrate Christmas in the United States, all would be wise to look to Judeo-Christian teachings, which are the foundation of our nation since its founding to get our country back on track.  Until this happens, our country will continue to face division and strife among our people.          

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