Saturday, December 27, 2014

Support The Police In America

As we saw the funeral of the NYPD police officer assassinated in the line of duty, we are reminded that the last thing in America that stands between good and evil are the Police in America.   So as others protest against the Police, the rest of us, the silent super majority, must stand up in complete support of the Police.   Matter of fact, the next time a Police Officer stops you to give you a ticket, rather than muttering obscenities under your breath, as we all do,  this Blogger plans to thank the Police Officer for his service to our city, state and country.  The Police in America need us now more than ever as they are unfairly under attack by left wing politicians that seek to divide our country, Poverty Pimps that have gotten rich living off the misery of the poor and the lame stream left wing media. 

The protests we see against the Police in America are organized by Communists, Unions, Anarchists and Poverty Pimps with the support of left wing Socialist politicians and the lame stream left wing media.  These people oppose the law and order that is necessary in a civil society.   Just imagine if the Police were not present in the inner cities of our country.  We would see even more murders than are occurring everyday.   In New York specifically, the crime and murder rate has been brought way down because of pro-active policing.  This contrast with cities like Chicago, where Black on Black crime results in murders everyday. 

The Police of America should know that a super majority of the American people stand with them.  We need to make our voices heard.  Sadly, all public employee pensions are unsustainable because too much has been promised by Politicians that don't understand actuarial math.  However, if the day ever comes when those pensions cannot be paid if full, every effort should be made to put the Police of America at the top if the list, paying them 100% of what they are owed,  even if it means that other government workers will get less.  We need the Police in America to protect our way of life and freedoms, just as much as the military, that often fights to do the same overseas.  So next time you talk to a Police Officer, thank him or her for their dedication and hard work.  Without the Police on our city streets, America would not be America. 

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