Friday, December 5, 2014

Republicans Need To Walk The Talk

Emperor Pinocchio Obama has a 40% approval rating.  Though this is dismal and was the reason for Socialist losses in the last election, the approval rating of Congress is only 13%.   These poor approval ratings reflect the American people's disgust with the federal government.  The approval rating for Congress is primarily because of Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid's control over the do nothing Senate.  However, in January Republicans will control both Houses of Congress.  During the 2014 legislative session the Republican controlled House of Representatives enacted more than 300 bills, many with bipartisan support, that Dirty Harry would not bring up for a vote in the Senate.   Many of those bills were aimed at economic development and job creation.  The House, led by Republican Speaker John Boehner, should resurrect many of those bills and send them over to soon to be Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to get them on the floor for a vote. 

It does not matter if Emperor Obama vetoes every single one of them.   It will make the Socialists the Party of NO and prove that Republicans have a positive agenda and plan to govern our country.  There are serious problems facing the United States; the $18 Trillion National Debt, the solvency of Social Security and Medicare, Immigration Reform and badly needed Tax Reform.  There are common sense Conservative solutions to all of these problems.  Republicans who run as Conservatives; but often govern as RINOS, need to Walk The Talk.  The Conservative base of the Republican Party needs to see action on these issues and many more.   We need a Balanced Budget and Term Limits for Congress Constitutional Amendments.  Republicans in Congress should be able to get these Amendments on the table. 

Further, this is not just about the federal government.  Republicans are now firmly in control of many states.  They are in a position to implement free market principles and to establish more limited government and spending at the state level.   17 States are suing Obama related to his unconstitutional Immigration Executive Order that would grant Amnesty to about 5 million Illegal Aliens.  While this Blogger supports comprehensive Immigration Reform, it must be enacted by Congress, not decreed by Emperor Obama.   This court challenge has nothing to do with Immigration Reform, it is really about the Separation of Powers and Constitutional Limits on the power of the President.   All state Republican Attorney Generals, including new elected Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who says he is a Conservative, should join Texas and the other states that have already filed this court case to pursue this claim against Obama to the Supreme Court.  Again, Republicans at all levels of government need to Walk The Talk, or face losing the Conservative base of the party.  We are tired of waiting for Conservative common sense solutions to our nation's problems.  Those we elect now have to do the job.

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