Wednesday, December 10, 2014

ObamaCare - The Lies Just Keep Coming

In testimony before a House Committee, Jonathan Gruber, the MIT Economics Professor that is credited with being the architect of ObamaCare admitted that he knew that some Americans would lose their current medical plans and not be able to keep their doctors.  Gruber also recognized that ObamaCare was based on redistribution of income from Seniors, the Middle Class and the Young to fund expanded Medicaid and subsidies for the poor.  Further, Gruber said he told Obamanistas all this information before the bill was enacted into law by the Socialists in Congress, without one single Republican vote.   So clearly, when Emperor Pinocchio Obama went before the American people on more than 30 occasions and said "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor", Obama knew it was a lie.

However, this should be no surprise because all of ObamaCare is predicated on smoke and mirrors and phony numbers.   In addition, the last thing the Socialists wanted to talk about was the more than 20 taxes in ObamaCare that impact everyone who pays taxes; not just the rich.  Yet, when Obamanistas argued the case before the Supreme Court, they most definately said it was a tax to win court approval of ObamaCare.  Union members, normally the Socialist's PEEP's, also got screwed by ObamaCare related to the Cadillac Tax, that requires companies to pay a 40% tax if they provide better coverage than is offered in ObamaCare, which traditionally has been the case in union negotiated contracts.  As a result, companies are pulling out of those agreements and cutting benefits, which is why many big unions now favor the repeal of ObamaCare.

Further, Obamanistas lied about the number of people who signed up for ObamaCare in the first year.   They claim it was all a big mistake; but apparently they double counted those that just signed up for dental benefits along with those that signed up for both medical and dental plans.  So rather than the 7.1 million that was reported as signing up in the first year, it was really only about 6.7 million.   Since it is estimated that about 4 million lost their medical insurance as a result of ObamaCare, the net gain related to those insured was only about 2.7 million.   Most of the 9.5 million that signed up for Medicaid were already eligible anyway so no big gain there.  Remember, they told us that about 40 million Americans were uninsured.   Where are they?  

ObamaCare has negatively impacted about 85% of the people that are paying much higher premiums, deductibles and co-pays, presumably to help the 15% of the people that have benefited from ObamaCare.  This was nothing more than a big government Socialsit Scheme to redistribute income.  It has nothing to do with health care.  When Obamanistas brag that medical costs have gone down, it is because 85% of us are paying so much more out of pocket and this includes Seniors that have experienced the $700 Billion cut to Medicare that was part of ObamaCare.   So, the Socialist lies just continue.  But there is hope.  ObamaCare is such a monstrosity that this Blogger believes that even some Socialists will ultimately vote to repeal and replace it with common sense real health care reform; if the Supreme Court does not destroy it sooner in the case that is pending.   

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