Friday, December 5, 2014

Hillary Clinton - "Empathize" With Our Enemies

In a recent speech, likely Socialist candidate for President, Hillary Clinton said that we need to"empathize" with our enemies to better understand their reasoning, or positions.  That is an odd statement to say the least when Islamic Fascists, seeking to establish a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond, are brutally murdering Christians, Jews and other Muslims to achieve their goal.  Further, Russia has invaded another European country in violation of a treaty.   China is looking to expand its influence around the world in ways that are contrary to US interests.  As a former history teacher, I do believe that history provides lessons to implement informed diplomacy; but I would hardly say that we need to "empathize" with our enemies to better understand them.  That terminology amounts to capitulation and appeasement, as occurred during World War II with Hitler and we all know the end of that horrible story. 

No, instead, we need to practice Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strength so that our enemies would never dare to threaten our nation.  Appeasement leads to greater war and blood shed.  Further, Richard Nixon's comment that the rest of the world needs to think that the President of the United States is just crazy enough to push the nuclear button so that the button will never have to be pushed is better and smarter positioning. 

We see Hillary Clinton's positioning in practice with Obama's Feckless Foreign Policy.   How is that working for us.  The Middle East is on fire.  Americans are being beheaded by Terrorists.   Russia has taken over the Crimea and is threatening all of Ukraine.   China has become more belligerent.  Iran, that supports Terrorists around the world, is that much closer to having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Unfortunately, Obama's weakness breeds contempt around the world and we see the end result.   If Hillary Clinton is going to run for President, she will have to be more careful with her words.  Hilly will be running for Obama's third term.  If she is going to break away from Obama's failed Presidency and have any chance of winning, she cannot express the same failed, weak political ideology. 

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