Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Racial & Ethnic Profiling & Discrimination In America - Nothing New

Many inner city Blacks and Hispanics actually believe that they are unique in experiencing Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Discrimination in America.  If only they were taught American History in our public schools, inner city Blacks and Hispanics would know that Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Discrimination in America did not start with them.  Jews, Italians, the Irish, Chinese, Japanese, Poles, Catholics and many other groups have faced incredible discrimination.  For years, Jews were not permitted to enroll in many universities and could not join various country clubs, even if they had the money to do so.  Italian Americans have always been associated with the Mafia even though 99.99% of Italians in America have nothing to do with the mafia.  The Irish often referred to as Micks, were thought of as drunks and lazy.  There were actually laws specifically prohibiting the Chinese from entering the United States.  Lest we forget that Japanese Americans were put in prison camps in America during World War II.  And then, there are all the the Polish jokes that paint "Pollack's" as dumb.  

And, while slavery was a terrible injustice, immigrants coming to America that built the railroads and worked in the steel mills, coal mines and sweat shops might just as well have been slaves because long hours of work still resulted in poverty.  This was long before Welfare, unions and laws to protect workers.  The difference between these immigrant groups and many inner city Blacks and Hispanics is that they never saw themselves as "Victims".  Ultimately, all of these groups, many of which did not speak English, rose above poverty.  And, their kids went to public schools and eventually on to universities to become solidly middle, or upper class in a generation or two.  This is why so many people will risk their lives to come to America. 

Poverty Pimps, that live off the misery of the poor and the Socialist Party of America need Victims to stay in power feeding at the trough because Socialist ideology has proven to be such a miserable governing failure where ever and when ever it has been tried.  The only way these people can stay in power is to put even more Americans on the dole by telling them they are not responsible for their plight and or actions.  Thank God my Italian Grandparents never saw themselves as Victims.  Instead, they worked night and day to achieve the American dream.  One set of Grandparents ended up owning a grocery store to become solidly middle class within 10 years of coming to America.  My other grandfather worked in a steel mill, chipping imperfections off the rolled steel with a crow bar, his whole life and was proud of it even though they were poor. My Grandparents, like so many other immigrants taught by example.  The notion of taking Welfare, which came about in the 30's as part of Socialist Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, was considered shameful by hard working immigrants.   This immigrants were rich in values, family and faith no matter how much money they earned. 

Today, we have almost 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected President.  This includes people of all races.  It is shameful because many of these people could work, but choose not to since the new master, the federal government is determined to keep them in shackles.  This all has to change.  Welfare and Food Stamps should only be for people who are mentally or physically disabled, the truly needy; not able bodied Americans.  Otherwise, we need Workfare for anyone else taking government assistance.  The point to all of this is that Racial and Ethnic Profiling and Discrimination in America is nothing new.  Most groups rose above these prejudices.  It is time for many inner city Blacks and Hispanics to do the same to realize the American Dream.  It will not happen any other way.

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