Friday, December 26, 2014

Private Sector Unions Hope To Gain Illegal Alien Members

Desperate Private Sector Unions are focusing on attracting the 5 million Illegal Aliens, given legal status by Emperor Pinocchio Obama's Executive Order, to become new union members.   This is happening because Private Sector Unions have fallen to a new low of only 6.7% of the workforce.  This is the reason they are always picketing Wal Mart, the nation's largest employer, after government.  The reality is that the reasons to join a Union have diminished greatly.  Most of the things that Unions fought for over the years are now codified into local, state and federal laws.  In essence, the Unions have become a victim of their own success.  So fighting for work rules are not so much an issue any more.   And, with ObamaCare, even the health care issue is less important.  So presumably, Private Sector Union Members pay dues to support their FAT CAT union bosses and Socialists in office all living the high life.  

Workers often realize all of this and so when given the opportunity to join a Union, they do not vote to Unionize.   What workers will also quickly see is that once 5 million Illegal Aliens are given legal status and they can come out of the shadows, they will be competing with Americans for better paying blue collar jobs, which is going to drive down wages and benefits.   This will be inevitable because adding this many people to the work force in so short a time, when many of these jobs are being shipped overseas anyway, will be a disaster for those with minimal education and or job skills. 

Normally, these Union Members would vote for Socialists; but when they realize it was a Socialist President who did them in, they will turn to Republicans in 2016 and beyond seeking to secure our border and limit illegal immigration.  Obama's Executive Order, giving legal status to 5 million Illegal Aliens could be the best thing to happen to the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.    



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