Friday, May 5, 2023

US Military - Ferocious Not FABULOUS

The all volunteer Woke US Military is failing to meet its recruitment targets.  So what do they do.  The latest recruitment ad for the Navy features a transgender drag queen presumably to attract more LGBTQIA people into the military.  And, while all are welcome, Men and Women of various sexual orientations provided they can pass the mental and physical tests needed to serve in the military, what we need to protect our nation are Ferocious Fighters not FABULOUS buffoons dressed as drag queens.  

It is bad enough that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News, the Deep State and the largest corporations in the US have all gone crazy woke to expose children in Kindergarten to pornography in school libraries and expanded sex education, but now the US Military is pushing Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist revisionist history and radical LGBTQIA Gender Indoctrination during troop training.  Why would any red blooded American choose to deal with any of this BS.  

Budweiser has learned this lesson the hard way.  They featured a Transgender cross dresser in their recent ad campaign presumably to attract more LGBTQIA customers, and in the process offended half the nation.  They have lost $5 billion dollars in marketspace in the process.  Beer drinkers, men and women offended by this Transgender campaign are boycotting Budweiser.   Woke companies better learn this lesson.  Appeal to various markets without offending your core customers.  Well dah!

Those at Budweiser that implemented this Transgender campaign are no longer with the company.  Bud is trying to do damage control with little success.  So, now who in the US Military will be fired for putting a drag queen front and center as part of their recruitment campaign.  This was about as dumb as it gets.  The very people they need to recruit tough Men and Women of variou sexual orientations will not join a woke military.  It is just that simple.  This Transgender campaign will be counter productive.  Time for those responsible to be FIRED including Feckless, Senile Joe Biden.