Friday, April 28, 2023

Crooked Joe Biden - Truer Words Were Never Said

President Trump announced that he will no longer refer to Hillary Clinton as Crooked; though the word does apply to her.  Given the Biden Crime family corruption going forward Joe Biden should be referred to as Crooked Joe Biden, and truer words were never said.   Biden is the "Big Guy" according to his son Hunter who was on the take for 10% of everything that Hunter Biden raked in selling influence with his father around the world.  The Clinton's used the Clinton Foundation to make their million peddling influence when donors believed that Hillary might be President one day.  A lot of those donations dried up the day Donald Trump won the Presidency in 2016.  

The Biden's were ready to go peddling influence while Biden was Vice President.  We have never seen anything like this in American history.  Hunter Biden set up shell companies and or allowed the Biden connection to earn the family millions of dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine and other countries.  And, Joe Biden demanded that Hunter pay his living expenses because clearly Joe Biden could not live on a government salary alone.   Somebody had to pay for the Beach House.  

This would all be bad enough; but Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate owned lock, stock and barrel by the Chinese Communists.  Biden must do their bidding or they will blow the whistle on the family corruption, which would lead to his impeachment.  It could happen anyway because the Congressional investigations underway demonstrate all the Biden family corruption.  Now it turns out that the bribes were transferred to as many as 12 Biden family members.  And, just who is buying those paintings from Hunter Biden for $500,000 a pop.  

Joe Biden is the Most corrupt President in American history.  And, if taking bribes were the issue, it might just be a crime.  In this case, it could also be treason as Joe Biden sells out the United States of America to do China's bidding.  This is a National Security issue and the Deep State and Fake News are complicit because they are covering up the Biden Crime Family corruption.  They all want senile, feckless Joe Biden in office because they can control him.  This week Joe Biden could not remember that he was in Ireland just two weeks ago.  This poor crook is clueless and it is getting worse by the day.  So just who is pulling the strings.  Look to China.  

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Fox News Is Now Woke - Bye Bye

Rupert Murdock, the Australian billionaire that ran Fox News for years as part of his media empire built Fox as the Conservative alternative to Fake News.  There is no doubt that Fox helped Trump get elected in 2016 and again win the election in 2020 that was denied to him by all sorts of election shenanigans.  But there is now a new sheriff in town.  Fox is now run by his son, Lachlan Murdock, a left wing character with ties to the Deep State.  Lachlan Murdock is a Never Trumper, which is why Fox no longer covers Trump rallies.

The recent firing of Conservative Tucker Carlson, the number one money maker for Fox was really no surprise.  John Bongino another Conservative has also left Fox because they could not reach "contract terms".   Just an excuse for getting rid of another Trump supporter.  Lacklan Murdock is determined to be part of Fake News towing the Socialist Party line.  Fox is going woke.  It is a pretty good bet that Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham will be next.  They are all probably in discussions with NewMax as I write this Blog posting to move over to one of the remaining Conservative news outlets that is growing market share.   Wherever these Patriots move, their audience will move with them. 

Firing Tucker Carlson was designed to send a chill up the backs of other Fox commentators.  Go too far right and expect to be fired or not have your contracts renewed.  So, any of the commentators still there are likely to begin towing the Socialist Party line, which means no criticism of the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats ) and the Deep State that are destroying our country.  They also will have to go easy on China.  

The Murdock's have forgotten how they made their billions.  The 75 million Americans that voted for President Trump in 2020 was their audience.  If Fox continues to go further left, they can kiss those 75 million Americans goodbye.  Fox then can fight with the other failing Fake News News Outlets for market share.  And, don't be surprised if the first Republican Primary Debate scheduled for Fox is not moved to NewMax.  President Trump has already expressed opposition of the debate being conducted by Fox.  All Trump needs to do to stop it from happening is not attend and schedule a rally for the same time and date that will be covered by NewMax.  Why would Republicans want to give business to a Woke News Outlet.    

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Senile Joe Biden Running For President - Again

In a staged three minute video, feckless, senile, Joe Biden has announced that he is running for President - Again.  To be clear here are the things Biden supports:

1. Abortion murder right up until the birth of a baby.

2. Preventing the United States from being energy independent, which is causing inflation in our country and helping China.

3. Higher taxes and more job killing regulations.

4. Sex change operations for young children.

5. The invasion happening at our border.

6.  Weaponization of the Justice Department, IRS and FBI to persecute Americans that do not follow the Socialist Party line. 

7.  Black Lives Matter destruction of our cities.

8.  Soft on crime policies that allow criminals to go free.

9.  Endless wars that have been caused by his failed leadership.

10.  Higher interest rates for people with good credit to subsidize people with bad credit.

11.  Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology indoctrination in our schools.

12.  Ballot harvesting and no voter ID to cheat on elections.

13.  Failure to confront China that is stealing American technology and jobs.

14. Reckless spending that will bankrupt the United States.

15. An America Last policy that benefits our enemies.

The list goes on and on of Biden position's that are destroying our country and Biden want to "finish the job".  Biden is by far the worst President in American History even topping Jimmy Carter.  We are literally on the verge of nuclear war with Russia, China, Iran or North Korea because of Biden's weakness.  And, all should remember that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Quemala Harris who is likely to take over as President if Biden is reelected because he will not be able to serve another four years.  Biden will either drop dead or need to be removed from office either by Impeachment for Biden Crime Family corruption or as a result of his inability to serve.  Harris as President is even scarier than having Biden remain in office.