Monday, October 31, 2022

Mid Term Elections Are Not All About Abortion

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) realize now that they miscalculated in attempting to make the 2022 Midterm elections all about Abortion.  The reality is that Abortion voters were already voting for them anyway.  And, most Americans do not support Abortion right up until birth, the Democrat position.  Most Americans are either Pro-Life, including women, or support restrictions on late term abortions.  However, since Joe Biden has made such a mess of everything he has touched since the first day he took office and his poll ratings are in the toilet, the Democrats could not run on their record.  

The fact is that we are experiencing the highest inflation in four decades.  Real inflation if everything were counted is really more than 17%, which is killing all people living in our country.  Democrats were warned that enacting more multi-trillion dollar SwindleUs bills would lead to much higher inflation by Democrat economists and they did it anyway.  And even before that when Joe Biden and his pals declared war on American oil and gas companies by killing pipelines and leases on federal lands to pump for more oil and gas, they assured the shortages we are seeing that has led to higher energy prices.  Those higher prices are baked into everything we buy, eat, do etc, which is the reason cost of living is soaring.  

And, then there is rampant out of control crime that has come from defunding the police and implementing cashless bail that frees violent criminals rather than holding them in jail awaiting trial.  So they are out on the streets to commit even more crime.  We see the flash mobs breaking into stores to steal everything they can get their hands on.  We see the muggings happening on our streets recorded on cameras.  Gun sales are going through the roof because people feel the need to protect themselves.  

Bidenistas tell us the border is secure when we see the thousands of illegal aliens walking into our country everyday.  And, we know about the illegal drugs coming across our borders that are causing thousands of deaths from overdose and even just exposure to these drugs.  Our eyes see the real story.  

There is a Red Wave coming because inflation, crime and the border tops the list of concerns on the majority of Americans minds.  Abortion will not decide this election.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are clueless.  

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Latinos - Vote For Republicans For A Better Life

Most Latinos are about family, faith and hard work to achieve the American Dream.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) today have moved so far left that they do not represent the interests or values of Latinos, which is why more and more Latinos are voting for Republicans.  Latinos tend to be Pro-Life as part of their religious faith.  They certainly do not support abortion infanticide right up until birth.  Most Latinos live in traditional families with a Dad, Mom and children.  They do not support the radical LGBTQIA agenda in our schools and society.  Latinos support School Choice because they want the best education possible for their children.  

Latinos like everybody in America are negatively impacted by inflation, the cost of energy and gas in particular, high crime, the invasion at our border with millions of illegal aliens with low skills entering our country that drive down wages.  And of course, Latinos do not want illegal dangerous drugs coming across our border on our streets that literally could kill their children.  Latinos do not want violent criminals let loose in our communities to threaten their families.  

The fact is that Latinos are like all other Americans.  They want a reasonable cost of living, safe streets,  good jobs and great education for their children.   To get those things, Latinos must vote for Republicans in 2022 and 2024 at all levels of government.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) promise Latinos a better life; but give them nothing but poverty and misery.  

So Latinos, vote for Republicans for a better life.  Republicans will grow our economy to provide good jobs.  Republicans will bring down the cost of energy, which impacts the price of everything.  Republicans support School Choice so that all Americans can choose schools that are best for their children just like the rich can do.  While Republicans support legal immigration, they will secure the border to stop illegal aliens and drugs from entering our country.  Most important, while Republicans are tolerant of all people, Republicans support the traditional family and values based on faith and country.  It is time for Latinos to vote for Republicans for a better life.  

Crime Is Everywhere - Vote For Republicans

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has now experienced the crime that is everywhere.  While Fancy Nancy was away in Washington DC, a deranged assailant broke into her San Francisco mansion at 2 am looking for her only to find her husband 80 year old Paul Pelosi.  Paul apparently had no gun or anyone on guard, so he used a hammer in an attempt to protect himself.  During the struggle, the assailant who asked "Where Is Nancy" took the hammer from him and bashed in his head.  Fortunately, Paul Pelosi was able to call 911 so the cops were there quickly to save his life and capture the assailant.  Paul Pelosi was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to save his life.   

First, the Speaker of the House is third in line to be President.  Fancy Nancy has government security with her wherever she goes; but apparently that does not include her homes when she is not resident in them.  Obviously, all of the Speaker's homes, who ever he or she may be should be behind high walls with significant electronic surveillance to prevent this kind of attack.  And, when ever the Speaker, or a family member is resident in the home, there must be security guards present at government expense.  In this case, however, since the Pelosi's are multi-millionaires, one would think they would have had their homes completed secured with guards present whenever any family member was resident in them.  Apparently, that was not the case. 

San Francisco has been a No Go Zone for years because of rampant crime and homeless that are everywhere.  Normally, someone like Fancy Nancy can just put up her limousine windows to avoid what is happening on the streets of San Francisco and many other cities in the United States run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats).  But in this case, crime came right to her home nearly killing her husband.  Remember, it is Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) who want to defund the police, ban guns for self protection, release criminals from jail and implement cashless bail, which allows accused violent criminals right back on the streets to commit more crimes.

Gun sales are going through the roof because of rampant crime.  Just maybe the Pelosi's will buy some guys to protect themselves in the future.  In the meantime, please vote for Republicans who will fight the crime problem in America.  We need more cops on the street and we need to keep criminals in jail to stop crime.  And private citizens need guns to protect themselves just in case dialing 911 does not get a cop there in time to prevent a tragedy.  Vote for Republicans at all levels of government to stop the crime problem in America.

Friday, October 28, 2022

25 Day Supply Of Diesel Oil - Crisis Coming - Vote For Republicans

In a little reported story, apparently there is only a 25 day supply of diesel oil in the United States.  Big rig trucks, trains and ships run on diesel oil.  Assuming there are goods to deliver, they are transported by trucks including gasoline to gas stations.  If we run out of diesel oil in the next month and or it is in short supply, it means store shelves will go empty.  Gas stations will not have gas at the pump.  Forget about Amazon deliveries at your doorstep because Amazon warehouse distribution centers will soon be empty.  As an oldtimer who remembers the gas lines during the Carter Presidency and the nightmare that it caused, we could see this happening again.   The last time, it led to the Reagan landslide when incompetent Jimmy Carter was thrown out office.  

Oil can either be processed into diesel or gasoline.  I suspect given the crisis that will be caused by lack of diesel oil, government will demand that diesel be processed instead of gasoline.  But if that happens, it will mean less gas at the pump.   All of this is happening because feckless Joe Biden and his Socialist Fascist pals (AKA Democrats) declared war on carbon energy from the first day Biden took office.  American oil companies are not about to invest in new production and or refineries when Biden wants to put them out of business.  So not only are they producing less oil than when President Trump was in the White House, there is limited refinery capability to process it into diesel or gasoline.  

This is a national crisis that was completely avoidable.  Please, please vote for Republicans in the Mid Terms at all levels of government.  The Republican Party supports energy independence for the United States.  That means an all of the above policy to take advantage of the abundant carbon energy we have in the United States while we also focus on renewables.  These Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) climate change fanatics pushing the Green New Deal don't care if it destroys our economy and makes life miserable for the American people.   The only way to get back to the energy independence we had when Trump was President is to take back the Congress in 2022 and to elect a Republican President in 2024.  Vote for Republicans like your life depends on it because it really does.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Electing Republicans Across The Country - Make The Red Wave A Tsunami

There is a Red Wave coming in 2022, the only question is how big will it be.  We need to make the Red Wave a Tsunami to take back our country.  Inflation, Crime, the Open Border, Energy Independence, Woke Identity politics and the threats we face from our enemies overseas are the drivers for voters this election cycle.  Yes, the abortion issue is out there; but it not nearly as important to most Americans as the issues that impact daily life.   Feckless Joe Biden has made such a mess of everything he has touched that his poll ratings are in the toilet.  And, the party in power usually loses Midterm Elections anyway.  But we can't take anything for granted.  

In many Blue states, with dirty voter roles, that send out unsolicited mail in ballots, require no voter ID and allow for ballot harvesting, the opportunity for voter fraud is great.  We know that is some states the Dead still vote.  That is not the "Big Lie"; but rather the real truth.  So, to overcome this, we must get many more votes for Republicans than might otherwise be the case.  There is an opportunity to flip Socialist Governor, Senator and Congressional seats in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Georgia, New Hampshire, Michigan, Texas and even New York and California.  And, we must hold on to Republican Senator seats in Ohio and  Pennsylvania and defeat RINO Lisa Murkowski in Alaska to elect the real Republican in that race.  

Of course, all Republicans must vote in the states they live in and get others to vote Republican as well.  We all know people living in the states listed above where is it possible to flip Socialists seats.  Get on the phone, send emails, texts etc to get out the vote in all the states I have listed.   We need to take back the Congress in 2022 by winning at least 30 House seats and 2 - 5 Senate seats.  This is looking very possible.  But Republicans also need to win Governors races and control of state legislatures across the country.  Together we can make this happen.  

Finally, there is no such thing as a Non Partisan office.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) on School Boards owned by teacher unions must be defeated to take back our public schools and stop all the Woke BS that is happening.  When given the opportunity we must elect Republicans judges and Republicans at all levels of local and state government.  And when I say Republicans, I don't mean gutless RINOS.  I mean conservative Republicans that will fight like hell to take back our country and Make America Great Again.  We must do it for our children and grandchildren so that we leave them the greatest country on earth.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Heating Or Eating - Vote For Republicans

63% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  About 50% don't have $1,000 saved to use in the event of a family emergency.  Feckless Joe Biden declared war on carbon energy the first day he took office when he cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and limited the number of leases on federal lands to pump for oil and natural gas.  Biden and his Socialist Fascist Pals (AKA Democrats) have gone all in on the Green New Deal that will destroy the American economy and just make China even stronger.  Added to all of this has been the various SwindleUs bills spending trillions of dollars that economists warned would cause raging inflation.  

Sure enough, we now have millions of American families facing cold winters that must choose between heating their homes and eating in their homes.  They don't have enough money to pay for both.  The cost of utilities, heating oil and food have all gone through the roof.  Thank You Joe Biden.  We must have an all of the above energy policy to make the United States energy independent again like it was when President Trump was in the White House.  This is not only the key to bringing down inflation, it is a national security issue. 

Russia and OPEC in general have benefited from Biden's war on carbon energy in the United States.  Russia is using its profits on oil to wage war in Ukraine.  So now Biden goes hat in hand begging Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela to pump more oil rather than going to Houston to meet with American Oil companies to give them the incentive to pump more oil and natural gas in the United States.  Saudi Arabia gave Biden the finger and openly laughs at him.  Now, American families will have to choose between heating their homes and eating in their homes this winter because of Biden's stupid, stupid policies.  People can't eat electric cars they can't afford.

Americans must vote for Republicans in November to make the United States energy independent once again.  Republicans must take back the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024 to get inflation under control and our country back on track.  It will not happen any other way.  

Monday, October 24, 2022

To Improve Education In America- Vote For Republicans

Many government public schools are a national disaster.  Half the kids in our country cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  Now we find out that as a result of two years of school closures due to Covid, as a result of teacher union demands, kids have fallen even further behind.  However, this national crisis was happening way before Covid hit our public schools.  There simply is no accountability in government public schools.  Even though we spend more on public education than any other country in the world, no one is held responsible for the quality of education or academic achievement.  No one is ever fired for failure because woke School Boards and Administrators are often owned lock, and barrel by teacher unions.  

Today, instead of focusing on the basics, in the name of "social justice" many public schools implement woke indoctrination teaching Critical Race Theory and 1619 project, which is Marxist, racist revisionist history that actually teaches kids of color to hate White people.  And, these Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) that control our government public schools and many colleges and universities insist in pushing the radical LGBTQIA agenda teaching sex education and orientation beginning at Kindergarten if they can get away with it.  Some public schools are even complicit in advocating puberty blockers to stop kids from reaching puberty so they can have sex change operations.  This is criminal malpractice and has no place in public schools.   

Public schools are failing our nation.  The best way to deal with all of this is School Choice.  All parents must have the right to get their kids into quality private schools just like the rich.  There must be competition if public schools are ever going to respond to parents and other concerned citizens that are standing up at School Board meetings labeled as "domestic terrorists" to demand quality education and an end to the indoctrination that is happening.  Republicans support School Choice and an end to all the BS happening in our public schools to get back to quality education.  Americans must vote for Republicans at the local, state and federal level and especially for School Board elections to get our schools back on track.  This is truly a national crisis.  We cannot compete with China and other countries as long as our children are so poorly educated.  Vote for Republicans to improve our public schools.  

Sunday, October 23, 2022

To Stop Woke Indoctrination Vote For Republicans

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and Fake News continue to push woke indoctrination.  Critical Race Theory Marxist, racist ideology, and 1619 Project fake history along with the radical LGBTQIA agenda now pervades our public schools and universities, government, the military and many big companies.  The story they are pushing in NOT American or even world history.  The LGBTQIA agenda is insisting on sexual orientation training right down to kindergarten to children that cannot even read or identify their colors. They are also calling for puberty blockers and sex change operations on children that have not even reached puberty.  They want unrestricted abortion right up until birth and even after if a baby is born alive from a botched abortion.  This is infanticide.  All of this is an attack on our history, the foundation of our country, traditional families, and people of faith.

The only way to stop this woke indoctrination is to elect Republicans that will put legislation in place both at the state and federal level to stop it.  We don't care who people love, or who they choose to be as long as they don't demand that the rest of us and especially our children accept their orientation as the law of the land.  Demanding that boys who call themselves girls are allowed to compete in girl's competitive sports is unfair.  And, the notion that anatomical boys should be allowed to use girl's bathroom and locker rooms is an invasion of privacy protected by the Constitution.  All of this is just wrong.

Further attempting to deny the greatness of Western Civilization and our country in particular teaching that both are evil and racist is not only bad dishonest teaching, it is divisive and harmful to our society.  Saying that all White people are racist is ridiculous.  Teaching children of color to hate White people will lead to civil strife.  It is inevitable.  And, attempts to defund the police allowing violent criminals to walk free as a result of cashless bail is the reason crime is rampant all over the country. 

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) are a clear and present danger to our people and our country like never before.  The only way to stop them is to elect America First Republicans (not RINOS) that will stand up to these Fascists.  Only Republicans will protect our freedoms; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press and our right to bear arms all currently all under threat.  We also need to worry about election integrity by putting rules in place to prevent voter fraud.  We must elect Republicans at the local, state and federal levels to get our country back on track to Make America Great Again.   

Saturday, October 22, 2022

To Secure The Border - Vote For Republicans

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) under the direction of feckless Joe Biden have opened our borders.  Since Biden took office less than two years ago 5.2 million illegal aliens have invaded our country and another one million plus entered as "got aways".  Terrorists have come across our border only a smaller number of whom have been captured.   Thousands of pounds of drugs made in China and processed in Mexico have come across our border enough to kill the population of the United States.  The Cartels now control our border.  We can only conclude that the Biden Crime family is being paid by the Cartels to open up the border to them to allow for human and drug trafficking earning them billions of dollars every year.   No doubt the Bidens are getting their cut.  What other explanation can there be for a President of the United States that is supposedly sworn to protect and preserve our nation.  This is such a dereliction of duty that Biden should be impeached from office.  

We face an invasion at our border and Biden and his stooge Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas do nothing to stop it.  Mayorkas should be impeached as well.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) long for the day that illegal aliens are giving citizenship in the hopes that they will vote for them.  Surely, they will be given welfare, food stamps, free health care and education to buy votes.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) need poor people dependent on government to win elections.  That is just how the game in played.  

A nation without borders will cease to be a nation.  The only hope we have of securing the border is the election of Republicans at all levels of government, local, state and federal.  When the Republicans take control of the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024, they will finish building the wall.  The will not fund the 87,000 IRS agents Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) put in one of Biden's recent SwindleUs Plans to audit hard working Americans and instead they will redirect that money to more border agents to secure our border.  If you want to secure our border to stop the many criminals and drugs entering our country, you must vote for Republicans in the upcoming election.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will never secure the border.  Only Republicans will get the job done once and for all to stop this invasion.  We are spending billions to stop Russia from invading Ukraine; yet we are not controlling our own border.  This is just plain stupid and wrong.  

Friday, October 21, 2022

Save Social Security & Medicare - Vote For Repubicans

Every election cycle, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) attempt to scare seniors by telling them that Republicans want to eliminate Social Security and Medicare.  It is just not true; but the reality is that if something is not done to save Social Security and Medicare in the next ten to fifteen years both will be insolvent.  Within this time period, there will only be enough money coming from working people's contributions to fund about 70% of current Social Security entitlements.  So unless some changes are made, cutting benefits will happen automatically.  

And, the real killer for both Social Security and Medicare is the $31 Trillion National Debt.  Shortly, with interest rates going up, the interest on this debt will exceed a trillion dollars a year.  Of course, the brainiacs in Washington will just print money to pay the interest on the debt and in the process destroy the value of the dollar.  It is already happening with the real 17% inflation we are currently experiencing.  So, we need some common sense revisions to both Social Security and Medicare now to save these programs for future generations.  

First, for people under 55 years old today, early retirement age should be 65 not 62.  Full retirement age should occur at 70 years old.  People are living much longer so stretching out retirement age for benefit purposes makes perfect sense.  To allow people to retire earlier if they choose to, there should be more liberal laws related to 401K's and Roth IRA's so people can save more while they are working so if they choose to retire younger they can do so.  The contributions for Medicare benefits, which are already means tested need to be increased for working people to 2% for the employee and 2% for the employer up from the current 3.3% total.  And, most likely Part B premiums paid by retired people will need to be higher.  Medicare Advantage programs should be the standard programs whether HMO's or PP0's.  Currently about 65% of retirees are on Medicare Advantage programs anyway.  Premiums for those that prefer Medicare supplement policies known as Medigap will need to pay more.  

Some combination of these changes will be necessary to save Social Security and Medicare for future generations.  It might be that people under 40 should be allowed to take their share of the Social Security contribution and invest it in a Roth IRA to get a better return on investment.  It is time for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) to stop scaring Seniors.  Vote for Republicans to save Social Security and Medicare.  It will not happen until common sense prevails.  Unfortunately, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) continue to demonstrate that they don't have common sense.  

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Vote For Republicans To Protect Your Freedoms

Our freedoms are under attack like never before in American history.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News and Big Tech will cancel anyone who does not tow the party line.  These Fascists do not support the Bill of Rights in our Constitution.  There is good reason that James Madison when he wrote the Bill of Rights that was added to the Constitution after it was ratified made the First Amendment Freedom of Speech, Religion and Press.  Without these most basic freedoms democracy is impossible.  If you are Pro-Life, you will be cancelled.  If you are too religious, you will be cancelled.  If you believe that the 2020 election was stolen by fraud from President Trump, you will be cancelled.  If you oppose the radical LGBTQIA agenda, you will be cancelled.  Freedom of Speech and Religion are under serious attack.  

The attack on election integrity is happening because Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News and Big Tech learned how to steal elections in 2020.  They sent out millions of unsolicited ballots that were harvested and put in unmanned drop boxes.  There was often no voter ID or signature validation as these ballots that were cast.  The Socialist Fascists are attempting to ignore state election laws by passing a federal law to make voter fraud the law of the land.  We can't let that happen because if we do our democracy is over.  You must vote for Republicans at all levels of government to insure election integrity.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News and Big Tech would eliminate the Second Amendment to the Constitution, the right to bear arms if they could.  Again, the Founding Fathers had just fought a revolutionary war to end tyranny.  They knew that an armed populace was the only way to guard against tyranny, which is why the right to bear arms came second out of 10 Amendments. The Bill of Rights enumerate our freedoms.  Thousands of Americans have fought and died to protect those freedoms now under attack by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News and Big Tech.

You must vote for Republicans to protect your freedoms.  Republicans must control the Congress and the Presidency to prevent this assault on our freedoms.  The election in 2022 and 2024 will determine the direction of our country.  We will either remain a free country, or become a Socialist/Communist country if the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) retain control.  We can't let that happen.  

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Women Should Vote For Republicans To Gain Personal & Economic Security

Rising crime in America impacts all people.  Women and children are especially impacted as victims of serious crimes like rape, murder and child molestation.  And, when a man is murdered, women and children often suffer the pain of that senseless killing.  Sadly, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) support defunding the police, cashless bail that allows accused felons to walk free,  open borders that bring many criminals and drugs into our country killing our young people.  The upcoming Midterm elections are as much about rampant crime in many cities in country as any other issue.  If we are  not safe in our communities, what good are our freedoms.  Republicans support more cops on the beat.  Republicans support prosecutions that put criminals in jail and keep them there.  Republicans support securing our border to prevent criminals and drugs from entering our country.  Women should vote for Republicans to gain personal security.  

Next, 17% is the real inflation rate, if everything were counted caused by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) because of their reckless spending and war on carbon energy  The highest inflation rate in four decades is hurting all Americans.  It is often women on the front line at the grocery store, the gas pump and paying monthly bills who see that they are unable to afford daily life.  Forget about any discretionary spending.   Now it is about paying for basics to survive.  Joe Biden made war on the oil and gas industry from his very first day in office.  We were energy independent when Trump was in office.  And now, Biden must beg Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Iran to please, please send us oil to stop the $5 gas at the pump and higher heating oil prices.  It is closer to $7 in California.  The cost of energy impacts the cost of everything, which is why everything we buy, eat, do etc. has gone through the roof.  Biden eats his big ice cream cones on the beach in Delaware clueless about the damage he has done to our country and the American people.  

Women will control who wins in November.  It is critical that Republicans take back both the House of Representatives and the Senate to get our country back on track.  Women should vote for Republicans to gain personal and economic security.  It will not happen as long as Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) still control our country.  

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Black Americans Should Vote For Republicans For A Better Life

Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrats) were responsible for slavery and the Jim Crow laws after the Civil War that destroyed freedom for Black Americans for 100 years.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) founded the Ku Klux Klan to terrorize and murder Black Americans for decades.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) put programs in place to keep Black Americans on the plantation so to speak dependent on government for them to stay in power feeding at the trough.  The end result was the destruction of the Black family.  And, it is Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) that hold Black children hostage in failing government schools rather than allow for School Choice so that Black parents can get their kids into private schools, the same schools that rich Americans, including Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) send their kids to for a quality education.  

It is time for many Black Americans, particularly those living in our inner cities to realize that Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will not provide them a better life because they benefit from their poverty.  Republicans support School Choice for all parents.   Republicans are opposed to unrestricted abortion that has destroyed millions of Black babies.  Republicans support job creation as the best way to achieve the American dream.  America First Republicans are opposed to shipping millions of job overseas that have hurt people of color most.  Republicans want to secure our border to prevent millions of illegal aliens from entering our country depressing wages.  Republicans will get inflation under control that hurts the poor most.  Republicans will deal with the violent crime in our nation that results in the murder of many Black Americans.  

It is time for Black Americans to vote for Republicans to achieve a better life.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) have done nothing to improve the quality of life for most Black Americans.  In fact, after spending trillions of dollars on the War on Poverty, many inner city Black Americans are worse off today than they were 50 years ago.  It is time for change.  The America First Republican Party is the party of working people of all colors and small business.  Black Americans need to vote for Republicans to become more prosperous to share in the American Dream.  

Monday, October 17, 2022

American Jews Should Vote Republican To Support Israel

President Trump called on American Jews to support Israel and immediately those on the left with Trump Derangement Syndrome called him anti-semitic.  Really!!  President Trump moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem something other American Presidents just talked about.  President Trump recognized the Golan Heights as a permanent part of Israel, which no other American President would do.  President Trump implemented the Abraham Accords allowing Israel to establish normal relations with various Arab countries.  President Trump ended American aid to the Palestinian Authority because of continued rocket attacks on Israel, which Joe Biden restored.  President Trump is loved in Israel.  Trump is probably the most popular American President in Israeli history.  

Yet, the majority of American Jews vote for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the United States.  Some in the Socialist Fascist Party actually hate Israel.  Joe Biden is attempting to put in place a nuclear deal with Iran that will be very dangerous to Israel.   All of this is ignored by secular, left wing cultural Jews in the United States by heritage; but not Jews by religious faith.   The fact is that they don't support Israel as a Jewish state.  Ironically, Evangelical Christians are the biggest supporters of Israel understanding the roots of Christianity and the importance of the founding of Israel to biblical history and prophecy.  

Israel is the only real democracy in the Middle East.  There are about 1.6 million Arab Muslims living in Israel that are Israeli citizens freely practicing their faith in Israel.  They make up about 17% of the population.  For the most part,  Jews that had lived there for centuries were forced to leave Arab countries that do not allow freedom of religion.  Israel is the most important ally the United States has in the Middle East, especially now that Joe Biden is screwing up our relationship with Saudi Arabia.  There are many reasons that American Jews should vote for Republicans.  Supporting Israel is just one of them.  


Saturday, October 15, 2022

Obama & The Clintons - Missing In Action - Losing Is Bad For Their Brand

Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton may be behind the scenes raising money at fat cat Socialist Fascist fundraisers, but they are certainly not on the campaign trail in any big way.   Obama is doing a few campaign stops in the next few weeks; but he has been critical of the Socialist Fascists move so far to the left so he can say "I told you so" when they lose big in November.  Otherwise, we are just not seeing Obama, or either of the Clinton's out on the trail.  President Trump has been on the campaign trail for months doing rallies in front of thousands of people.  Trump has skin the game so he will claim the Red Wave happened because of him, which to some degree will be true.  

Obama and the Clintons have been missing in action for a few reasons.  First, they know that a Red Wave is coming.  The Republicans are going to take over the Congress and Obama, and the Clinton's do not want to be associated with the shellacking that is coming.  It would be bad for their brands.  Second, Obama never was able to translate his personal popularity to other candidates.  When he tried to do it during his Presidency, they lost the Congress.  Third, Obama and the Clinton's are Establishment politicians feeding at the trough and part of the big money Deep State.  They are completely out of step with the radical left of their party.  

Remember, it was Bill Clinton who pledged to end Welfare as we know it.  And, it was Bill Clinton that wanted to make abortion, safe, legal and rare.  The did not call Obama No Drama Obama for nothing.  Obama was not much of a risk taker.  He pushed ObamaCare and it cost him the Congress.  So the lesson Obama learned was if you stray too far from the mainstream, you lose big.  Since Socialist Fascists are extreme on virtually every issue,  Obama and the Clinton's are keeping their distance.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) including Obama and the Clinton's are already planning to make feckless Joe Biden the fall guy for the debacle that is coming in November,  Crooked Hillary wants to run for President again so she needs Biden and Quemala Harris out of the way.  And, Obama never wanted Joe Biden to run in the first place saying that Biden always F's thing up.  That sure has been the case.  Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched.  Obama will want a person of color whether man or woman to run for President in 2024 and it won't be clueless Harris so he too will want Biden gone.  

After the midterms, Biden will be given an ultimatum.  Announce you are not running in 2024, or they will use the 25th Amendment to remove him because of his obvious dementia.  They also have the Biden Crime family corruption that could be used to pursue impeachment not to mention other reasons.  Old Joe will be gone with the wind by next January.  80 year old Biden will announce he is not running in 2024 to clear the way for other Socialist Fascists to challenge Quemala Harris for the nomination.  Poor Joe may not see the train coming that will soon run him over.  

Mutilating Children In The Name Of Gender Selection

It is astounding that presumably reputable doctors in well known hospitals are performing sex change surgeries on young children some before they even reach puberty.  They are removing sex organs and breasts.  Some children are being given powerful hormones to prevent puberty from even happening so that they will not grow into a boy or girl.   I guess this should not be surprising as Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the United States support abortion infanticide right up until birth and in the case of a botched abortion even after.  

We have reached crazy in our country.  Unless there is some medical reason to mutilate a child's body to deal with cancer or some other disease, under no circumstances should any doctor legally be able to perform these surgeries on people under 21 years old.  Only an adult should be making the decision to have a sex change operation since it would not be reversible.  These surgeries usually requiring taking hormones for a lifetime to become another sex, which has implications forever.  

It is clear that there must be federal legislation governing these cases that includes criminal penalties.  This is not an argument against gender selection.  It is an argument against mutilating a child's body before that child is an adult and fully aware of the lifetime consequences.  Someone can decide to be a girl or boy without body mutilation before adulthood if what is in the mind is the consideration.  

What is happening in our country is shocking.  This radical gender ideology that would allow for the mutilation of very young children must be illegal.  Even if parents give consent, which at a minimum should be happening in all cases,  a parent does not have the right to allow for cutting off the body parts of a young child any more than a parent has the right to murder a child.  And, certainly this type of surgery should be considered elective and not be covered by medical insurance.  It is time for politicians to stop this from happening.  

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Running On Abortion Infanticide & The January 6th Riot

Let's face it.  In just the two years feckless, senile Joe Biden has been in office, he has made a mess of our country and the world.  There is even talk of unthinkable nuclear war.  Joe Biden is like an anchor around the necks of Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) running for office or reelection.  That is the reason why most of them don't want Biden on the campaign trail and many have already completely disavowed Biden saying he should not run for reelection in 2024.  So, what do they have left to run on.  

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe V Wade in the Dobbs case turning the abortion issue back to the states, it was a God send for Socialist Fascists.  They need radical left wing women going to the polls to vote for them if they have any chance of winning.  Next, they keep harping on the January 6th riot in the name of protecting Democracy when in fact it is the Socialist Fascists that are real threat to our democracy and our freedoms. 

Here is the reality.  Aside from all the messes Joe Biden has created, the Socialist Fascists are extreme on abortion, which they support right up until birth, rising crime and defunding the police,  cashless bail that is allowing criminals to remain on our streets, raging inflation that they caused, the Green New Deal that will destroy our economy, radical indoctrination in our failing public schools, raising taxes and more regulations, and the open border that is allowing an invasion of our country.  They ignore the corrupt FBI, DOJ and IRS.  The Socialist Fascists made excuses when BLM rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses and injured hundreds of people with some of them dying

The Socialist Fascist radical position on Abortion and the January 6th riot will not prevent the Red Wave that is coming.  These issues will not save them.  The Republicans will take over the Congress in 2022 and the Presidency in 2024 because Socialist Fascists are just too extreme on virtually every issue.  The American people do not support their radical agenda and will vote accordingly.  Most important, the American people see Joe Biden as a miserable failure with dementia.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Biden Crime Family - Drug Addiction and Senility A Plausible Excuse For Memory Lapse

We can see this train coming.  Joe Biden can't recall any of the meetings he was in with his son Hunter Biden putting crooked deals together so that the Big Guy, Joe could get his 10% of the take.  And, of course Hunter had a serious drug addiction problem until just a few years ago if what we are are hearing is true according to Joe Biden.  So naturally, Hunter can't be faulted for doing what he was doing when he was drugged out of his mind.  And, then there is Jimmy Biden, Joe's brother who was in on the deals too.  Not sure what the excuse will be for his memory lapse under oath.  Jimmy was known as the Fixer everytime Joe or Hunter got themselves into trouble.  

Let's face it.  Joe Biden is either an incredible liar, or his senility causes him to to make up stories and deny others.  Hunter Biden was on drugs for years.  Hunter can have convenient amnesia when he has to testify under oath.  There may be months or even years that he can't recall.  No doubt, the Biden's will have high powered doctors testifying as to the impact of dementia and drug abuse on memory if either is ever indicted.  So, when Joe and Hunter just say, I don't remember, they could be telling the truth. 

That leaves Jimmy Boy Biden.  If worst comes to worst Joe and Hunter will throw Jimmy under the bus and he will take one for the team if he must for the sake of his family.  What is scary about all of this is that the Communist Chinese own the Biden's.  Any time, Joe Biden does not do as the Communist Chinese demand, they will just start leaking information that would put the Biden's in prison for corruption and maybe even treason for the rest of their lives.  Any time they want Joe Biden out of office all China needs to do is reveal all the corruption and pay-off's.  What do they care.  Everybody knows that China plays this game all over the world buying politicians.  So, Joe Biden does as he is told to do by China on the days he can remember who he is.  

The irony is that the Deep State has been trying to destroy Donald Trump for the past 6 years and he did nothing like the Biden or Clinton Crime Families.  Why would Trump take bribes.  Trump is already rich.  Trump could not be bought, which is why the Deep State wanted him gone.  But the Biden's needed to take bribes to live the high life.  Remember, Joe Biden has never had a real job in the last 50 years other than government positions.  The only way to get rich working in government is corruption and pay-off's and everybody knows it.  It is just the way the game is played in the DC Swamp.  

Deep State Attempted Overthrow Of President Trump - Treason

Since the minute Donald Trump came down that escalator in 2015 to announce he was running for President, the Deep State, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), FBI, DOJ, IRS, Fake News and Big Tech beginning at the end of the Obama Administration and continuing under the Biden Administration have been out to destroy Trump before and after he became President to remove him from office.  We learn now that the FBI was willing to pay $1,000,000 to dig up substantiated dirt on Trump.  And, even though it did not happen, the FBI lied to the FISA Court numerous times to get warrants to support various allegations against Trump.   

There was Russia, Russia, Russia allegations that were all BS.  It was really Crooked Hillary working with the Russians.  And, through two impeachments, there was nothing but BS and and lies by members of Congress and the Senate supported by the Deep State DC Swamp.  Especially Congressman Adam Schitt, the biggest liar in Congress claimed that he had solid "evidence" against Trump that never existed.  They have tried everything to destroy and remove Trump from office including the second impeachment that happened after Trump was "defeated" by election fraud in 2020.  It was ridiculous.  

And, of course, this all continues with the January 6 Riot Committee Circus, the lawsuits happening against Trump in New York by that racist Attorney General and the recent raid on Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago all in the hopes of preventing Trump from running for the Presidency again in 2024.  None of it will work because it is all BS.  Half the country supports Trump which scares the hell out of the Deep State.  

What has occurred is Treason punishable by prison or death.  Yet, only a few low level swamp lizards have paid the price by loss of their jobs, or maybe a little jail time.  Big heads need to roll.  The members of Congress that lied must be forced to Resign.  Christopher Ray, the head of the FBI and Socialist Party Lackey Attorney General Merrick Garland must be impeached when the Republicans take control of Congress in 2022.  There must be serious consequences for the treason we see at the highest levels of government.  There must also be investigations to see who in the Obama Administration began this treason.  There is a good bet that it goes right up to Barack Hussein Obama himself, the puppet master.  

Monday, October 10, 2022

Conservative Christians & MAGA Republicans Targeted As "Domestic Terrorists"

It began in the Obama Administration when the IRS was weaponized to go after Conservatives with all sorts of crazy audits.  So naturally, Bidenistas have been emboldened to take this even further.  Now the FBI, the Department of Justice and the IRS, supported by Fake News, Big Tech and the Deep State are targeting Conservative Christians and Republicans as "Domestic Terrorists".   We knew about parents protesting at School Board meetings being targeted by the FBI and DOJ Gestapo; but now we are seeing people praying in front of abortion clinics being arrested with raids on their homes as though they were drug dealers or worse.

Dozens of FBI agents show up with guns drawn to arrest Pro-Life supporters treating them as "Domestic Terrorists".  It is just unbelievable.  Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News and the Deep State claim that this upcoming election is about protecting our Democracy.  They are absolutely right.  We must vote for Republicans at all levels of government to stop the threats to our freedoms coming from a corrupt, weaponized FBI, DOJ and soon with another 87,000 armed IRS agents that will knock on our doors with guns drawn in the middle of the night.  This is not imaginary because it is happening. 

We have never seen the kind of attack on our freedoms we are seeing today by the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats).  We are living in a banana Republic, or Communist country as these thugs target their opposition.  Of course, they have been going after President Trump since the minute he came down that escalator in 2015 to announce his run for the Presidency.  But now as Biden targets MAGA Republicans as his enemy, the FBI, DOJ and IRS have gotten the message.  It is open season on Conservative Christians and MAGA Republicans.  This is outrageous.  

There must a huge Red Wave in 2022 and 2024 to stop the abuses we are facing.  We must win by big margins in upcoming elections to overcome the likely fraud we will see again in various states that are still implementing the Covid shenanigans where the Dead voted along with people who have moved out of state.  Voter roles are dirty in many states and since they are still mailing out unsolicited ballots that will be harvested by Socialist Fascist operatives after election day, the opportunity for fraud is great.  Republicans better have teams of lawyers ready in Ohio, North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia.  If any of these elections are close, we must be prepared to go to court to challenge these elections.  We could see 2020 all over again.  Get ready!

Crime In America - Vote For Republicans At All Levels Of Government

Crime is America is skyrocketing.  Ever since Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioted, looted and burned down cities and businesses and caused many injuries and even deaths without any consequences, criminals have acted with impunity.  We have seen flash mobs robbing stores.  We have seen all sorts of attacks on people.  In California, a crook can walk into a store and steal up to $950 without facing arrest.  Yet, we hear nothing from many Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats).  Matter of fact, they push for defunding the police, cashless bail letting violent criminals out of jail while they await trial and freeing those in prison.  

Clearly many blue states and cities are no go zones because they are not safe.   New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and many others are increasingly dangerous.  Basically, any major city run by a Socialist Fascist particularly if crimes are not being prosecuted is not safe.  

First, any one accused of a violent crime; murder, rape or child molestation should receive no opportunity for bail cashless or otherwise.  These criminals must remain in jail until proven innocent in a court of law.  It is too risky to allow them out on bail given the gravity of the crimes listed.  Second, we need more cops on the street.  To recruit them, pay and benefits need to be increased dramatically.  And, cops need to know that politicians have their backs.  The notion of making cops liable when they arrest someone, as pushed by Socialist Fascist is ridiculous.  Third, forget about funding 87,000 more IRS agents.  That money needs to go into law enforcement and border security.  Forth, we must secure our border to prevent the thousands of criminals and gang members invading our country.  

None of these things will happen anywhere Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) control local, state or federal governments.  And, there is no such thing as a non-partisan office like School Boards or judges.  We need to elect Republicans committed to making America great again at all levels of government to get our country back on track.  The rising Crime in America that we see today is symptomatic of a sick society created by permissive Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) who cry racism concerning every issue.  It is BS.  

Those most injured by crime are people of color living in our inner cities whose children are in failing public schools.  They like many Americans need to carry guns to protect themselves and their families from the very criminals living among them.  Black on Black crime is horrendous.  It is time to act.  We must vote Republican to have any chance of dealing with serious crime and negative societal issues in our country.   

Saturday, October 8, 2022

Monticello, Montpelier & Highland President's Homes - Don't Waste Your Time Or Money

We visited Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home, Montpelier, James Madison's home and Highland, James Monroe's homes all in Southern Virginia years ago when the tour was focused on these founding fathers, great statesmen and Presidents.  Like all Southern Plantations of any size during their lifetimes, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe owned slaves and that was absolutely part of their story; but it was not the reason we need to learn about these great men who created our country.  That was then and this is now.  Today, as a result of woke Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and 1619 Project indoctrination, a visit to any of these Presidential homes is now all about slavery.  So, don't waste your time or money because the story you will get is just left wing propaganda Fake history.  

They claim that the United States began when the first slaves were taken to Virginia in 1619.  Really!  What happened to 1776 and the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.   They also claim that the United States grew into a great nation because of slavery,  which is not true.  The fact is that by 1860 just before the Civil War, the economy of the entire South mostly predicated on crops like cotton, tobacco and rice only constituted about 6% of the gross domestic product of the United States.  Yes, many large plantation owners became very rich because of slavery, but most Whites in the South were impoverished free laborers working for very little money.  And, slavery had little to do with the growth and development of Northern free states that constituted the other 94% of the country's gross domestic product.  

While slavery was a horrible evil that should have ended many years before the Civil War,  or never happened at all, the reality is that slavery retarded the growth of the Southern States, which is why they could not possibly win the Civil War.  The industrial North was far more powerful economically and militarily because it was based on Capitalism and free labor and not slavery.   

The South remained poor and backward for a hundred years after the Civil War because it remained primarily agricultural.  It was only after 1960 that the South began to develop into the economic powerhouse that it is today.  It could be that the connection to air conditioning was responsible for the development in the South that has occurred in the last 50 years because it made a very humid climate tenable.  And, many companies in the North and West and the federal government invested in the South to bring in manufacturing and even high tech.  

In any case, forget about visiting Monticello, Montpelier or Highland.  It would be better to read books on Thomas Jefferson,  James Madison and James Monroe to understand the contributions that they made to the establishment and growth of the United States and the world.  The fact that they owned slaves, which was common in the South during their lifetimes, while not an excuse, is just part of their story and certainly not the most important part.  

Biden Declares Armageddon Could Be Coming

At a fat cat Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Fundraiser, feckless Joe Biden declared that we could be facing a nuclear war with Russia that would cause Armageddon, the biblical end of the world.  As though it would matter, the Federal government is spending $290 million on pills to deal with radiation poisoning.  The brainiacs in Washington DC are actually talking about a nuclear war as thinkable rather than unthinkable.  Are they completely crazy!!!

What is unthinkable is that Joe Biden is mentally able enough to deal with any of this.   President Kennedy took us back from the brink by negotiating a deal with Nikita Khrushchev of the old Soviet Union in 1963 to take us back from the brink.  Kennedy gave Khrushchev a face saving way out of the crisis to get those missiles and nuclear weapons out of Cuba.  Instead, Bidenistas have told Putin that if he uses tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, that we would respond with catastrophic force presumably destroying Russian soldiers in Ukraine and their navy in the Black sea, which would both be easy to do. Then what!!

Does anyone with a brain think that Putin would not respond with a nuclear attack on the United States and our allies in Europe, particularly Britain, France, Germany and Poland.  And, once the missiles start flying, Biden would have just minutes to push the button attacking all major cities in Russia.  Yes, it would lead to Armageddon.  

It is time for common sense negotiations to end the war in Ukraine.  If Putin pulls out of Ukraine, we can give him 10 years of no NATO expansion and an end to the sanctions provided Putin also agrees to provide the money over ten years to rebuild Ukraine.  It is NATO expansion on Russia's borders that has caused this mess in the first place.  Putin must be given a face saving way out.  Why not invite Russia to join NATO since after all it is China that is our real enemy.  It is time for some fresh thinking on all of this not old Cold War thinking.  Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not capable of any kind of thinking so we are in big trouble.  

Friday, October 7, 2022

The Biden Crime Family - Treasonous Corruption

The word is on the street is that the FBI and Justice Department have the evidence to indict Hunter Biden, the President's son, on tax evasion, and all sorts of crooked illegal activities that are treasonous corruption.  Of course, this evidence has been there since before the election in 2020, but the Deep State, Big Tech and Fake News conspired to defeat President Trump so there was silence.  If an indictment comes, it will come after the Midterms.  And, this corruption involves the entire Biden family, Joe's brother Jim and the Big Guy himself Joe Biden who was getting a 10% cut of all the crooked deals Hunter Biden put together.  Since Biden is senile, he can claim ignorance; but his bank account says otherwise.  

Most important are the big money pay-offs and connections to the Communist Chinese government.  In a sense, Joe Biden is the Manchurian candidate owned, lock, stock and barrel by China.  This is the reason Biden has removed certain tariffs on China and Biden keeps pushing the Green New Deal.  All those batteries, solar panels and windmills are made in China not to mention the minerals they control that are needed to support lithium batteries.  The Green New Deal could not have been concocted better than by the Chinese Communist themselves to destroy the American economy and our world power status.  

There is a Red Wave coming.  The Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats), Fake News, Big Tech and the Deep State will want Biden to announce he is not running in 2024 to get rid of him.  They have two levers to make this happen.  The 25th Amendment to get rid of Biden because of his senility, and or this Biden Crime family corruption.  Just maybe they will cut a deal.  Make the announcement and the indictment of Hunter Biden will go away.  

Remember, Merrick Garland, head of the DOJ is a Socialist Fascist Party lackey.  Garland will do what he is told to do by the powers in Washington DC.  They will want Joe Biden to go away.  There will be a deal to make it happen; guaranteed.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Big Tech Censoring Conservatives

If anyone does not toe the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) and Fake News party line, they will be censored by Big Tech.  This Blogger has experienced it personally by YouTube owned by Google and Twitter that may soon be owned by Elon Musk, who supposedly wants to stop the censorship.  We will see how that goes.   Youtube took down my Election Integrity video because I along with millions of Americans do not buy into the Big Lie story that Joe Biden won the election fair and square.  I was thrown off Twitter months ago because of my Conservative opinions.  I stopped posting on Twitter because of their censorship.  

Yes, Biden got 81 million votes the most ever and carried the key states of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia that he needed to win the Electoral College vote too; but those states implemented Covid emergency shenanigans sending out millions of unsolicited ballots, which included ballots that went to the dead and people that moved out of state.   They had dirty voter roles and still do.  Voter ID and signature verifications often were not required.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame spent $423 million dollars to pay for ballot harvesters to gather those ballots and put them in unmanned drop off boxes ruining the chain of custody.  These are facts.   We just don't know who really cast many of those unsolicited ballots.  

Biden got 6 million more votes than President Trump who got 75 million votes, the most ever for a sitting President; but most of Biden's popular vote differences came from California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts solidly, corrupt blue states.  In the other states Biden carried to win the Electoral College vote, it was by very small margins.  It would not have taken much fraud in those states with all the shenanigans that occurred to give Biden the election.  As of election night, President Trump was re-elected.  It was in the five days after the election that the additional votes for Biden magically appeared.  Most important, President Trump carried Ohio, Florida and Texas where there were no shenanigans.  No candidate that has carried those three states has ever lost the election.  Given all of this, there is certainly reason to be suspicious and doubtful.  

The Socialist Fascists in the House and Senate attempted to codified all of these shenanigans, which would allow them to steal elections.  Fortunately, Republicans fought back the attempt.  The Big Lie is that we had election integrity in 2020.  Sorry, but half the country believes the election was stolen from President Trump.  We are not buying the propaganda that Big Brother is selling.  

OPEC Gave Joe Biden The Finger

After feckless Joe Biden went to Saudi Arabia to beg the Saudi's to pump more oil and he got not real commitment, OPEC just announced that they are decreasing oil production by 2 million barrels a day to raise prices.  The Saudis HATE Joe Biden because of his criticisms of them.  His little fist bump with the Saudi prince was a slap in the face to them.  So, they have just given Joe Biden the finger right before Midterm elections.  

In many states the cost of a gallon of gas is over $5 a gallon.  In California it is now over $6 a gallon.  This problem is Biden made.  When President Trump left office, gas averaged $1.87 a gallon.  By election day in November, gas will be closer to an average of $5 a gallon, the kiss of death for Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) running for office.  Biden declared war on carbon energy the day he took office.  He shut down the Keystone Pipeline and cancelled oil leases in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico.  When Trump was in office, the oil industry was producing 3 million more barrels of oil a day than they are today.  Clearly,  American oil can replace the 2 million barrels a day OPEC is cutting; but that certainly will not happen before election day, or maybe ever as long as Biden is in office.  

Remember the Morabito Misery Index.  If the cost of a gallon of gas and the price of a pound of bacon combined is more than $10, which is will be on election day, the Red Wave is assured.  The more above $10 it goes, the bigger the win for Republicans in the House and Senate.  The blogger is predicting a 30 or more seat Republican gain the House and 2 - 4 seat gain in the Senate.   The abortion issue and January 6th riot will not save Socialist Fascists.  This election will be about the Economy, Crime and the invasion of illegal aliens and drugs at our border.  

Inflation is the result of all the SwindleUs Plans enacted by the Socialist Fascists and the cost of energy.   The cost of energy is baked into everything we do, eat, buy etc.  It is not just about the cost of a gallon of gas.  Utility cost are also going through the roof.  And, with interest rates going up, which will stall the housing market and the stock marketing crashing, it is bye bye time for Socialist Fascists at all level of government.

Joe Biden will be blamed for the debacle after the Midterms.  The Socialist Fascists will push him out of office one way or another.  At a minimum, they will force him to announce he is not running for reelection in 2024.  The writing is on the wall.  It is sayonara for Joe Biden.    

Monday, October 3, 2022

Deep Recession Is Coming - Thank You Joe Biden

As the Federal Reserve continues to raise the bank interest rate, all interest rates for mortgages, car loans, credit cards etc. will to continue to go up.  Home Mortgage rates are already at 7% double what they were when Biden took office and they will go higher.  The Fed's have no choice but to raise interest rates because feckless Joe Biden has made such a mess of the economy that the only way to deal with raging inflation, which is really at 17%, if everything were included in the computation.   The trillions of dollars Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) enacted in various SwindleUs Plans, without Republican support is the reason we are experiencing the highest inflation in the last 40 years.  It is Jimmy Carter all over again.  Next, we might see the lines to buy gas.  

When Trump left office, inflation was under two percent, wages were rising, Blacks, Hispanics and women had the lowest unemployment rates in American history, gas averaged $1.87 a gallon and the border was relatively secure.  Our allies were paying their fair share for their defense.  Good trade deals were in place with China, Mexico and Canada.  The Abraham Accords brought peace between Israel and various Arab countries.  The stock market hit 35,000.  And, we were not facing the potential for a nuclear war or North Korean missiles flying over Japan.  

Fast forward just two years into the Biden Presidency.  Inflation is now at about 17%.  Wages are not keeping up with inflation.  Gas is at $5 a gallon or higher in many states.  Our allies and enemies ignore Joe Biden.  The China trade deal has fallen apart.  Iran and North Korea continue to develop nuclear weapons.  5 million illegal aliens and tons of drugs have come across our border.  No additional Arab countries have been added to the Abraham Accords.  And, Russia is threatening nuclear war.  The stock market is crashing.  It is amazing what just two years of incompetent leadership can do to our country and the world. 

The good news is that there is a Red Wave coming in the Midterm elections.  I fully expect Republicans to take over the Congress, many Governorships, and state houses.   These elections won't immediately end our misery; but at least they can stop the damage Biden is doing to our country until we have a Republican President in 2024.  In the meantime, there will be a lot of suffering as the Recession gets worse.  

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Ukraine Seeking NATO Membership - Just Say No

Ukraine is seeking fast track membership to NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  10 NATO countries have said they would vote Yes, perhaps including the United States.  It would require all 30 Members to win approval.  Let us hope that at least one of them vetoes the application for now.  Supposedly, Turkey is opposed.  Just so everyone understands what this would mean.  If Ukraine became a member of NATO, in addition to the billions of dollars NATO Countries are providing in weapons, NATO countries would be forced to send troops and provide air defenses.  This would mean war with Russia, which would quickly escalate to nuclear war because Russian Troops on the ground would be destroyed.  

While NATO countries should do what is necessary to help the Ukranians defend their country and push the Russians out of Ukraine, risking all out war, a Third World War would be crazy.  As it is, Russia may use tactical nuclear weapons to end Ukraine's defenses and then what?  Our best hope is that the Russian military deposes Vladimir Putin to put and end to this madness.  They must see that they are being led by another Hitler with an inferiority complex.  And, Russians know better than anyone else that World War II resulted in 20 million Russians dead.  Nuclear war would lead to the complete devastation of their country.  It would be a war that nobody can win, least of all the Russia.  

Hopefully, China will insist that Russia stand down and stop this madness.  China is the only country with enough influence to convince Russia to pull back to its border perhaps in exchange for a guarantee that Ukraine would be prevented from joining NATO for at least ten years.   We are seeing a repeat of World Wars I & II in the sequence of events.  It is estimated that more than 100 million people died in both wars.  We can't let that happen again.  Our worries should be a senile Joe Biden leading the United States.  Biden is just not up to this kind of brinkmanship.  God help us all if this spins out of control.  Most important, saner heads must say NO to Ukraine joining NATO at this time.  It is a no win situation for NATO countries.  It would provoke a nuclear response from Russia, which would end in disaster for the world.    

Quemala Harris - Stupid Is As Stupid Does

As Forest Gump always said, "Stupid Is As Stupid Does".  He must have known clueless Quemala Harris.  In the last two weeks alone Harris said some really dumb things.  Standing next to South Korean officials at the border with North Korea, she announced that North Korea was our ally.  What?  Next, after Hurricane Ian, Harris said federal disaster relief should be based on "Equity" meaning racial preferences.  Again, What?   Most of the federal disaster relief will go to replace infrastructure that was destroyed in the areas devastated by the hurricane in Florida having nothing to do with race.  This woman is either a moron or an idiot, whichever category is clinically dumber.  

What is really scary, is that after the Midterm elections and the Red Wave that is coming Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will move to push senile Joe Biden out of office and as result clueless Quemala Harris will become President of the United States for the next two years.  God help us all.  Rarely has there been a Vice President less qualified to be President than Quemala Harris at a time when we face incredible threats from our enemies, a stock market that is collapsing, crime that is rampant in many big cities, an invasion at our border and the worst inflation in more than 40 years.

The only good news in all of this is that when the Republicans take back the House, presumably Kevin McCarthy, the Republican leader will be next in line to be President.  Under no circumstances should Republicans vote to appoint a new Vice President before the election of 2024.  Kevin McCarthy is perfectly capable of taking over the Presidency should something happen to clueless Quemala Harris in the next two years. 

Watch the lame duck Congress after November before the Republicans take control next January.  They will try, but the only new money approved should be for Florida Disaster relief.  And, all other Socialist Schemes must be stopped in their tracks by Republicans that stick together to Just Say No.  In the meantime, all Americans should be concerned about a Quemala Harris Presidency even for two years.  This is one very stupid woman with little experience that matters.  

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Identity Politics & Museums

Feckless Joe Biden is pushing for construction of a Women's and a Latino Museum on the National Mall in Washington DC.  Next, we will hear Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) call for an LGBTQIA museum; it is inevitable.  It made sense to build an African American museum and a Holocaust Museum because of the history of slavery in America and as a result of the history of the Holocaust in Europe; but otherwise museums focused on identity politics are ridiculous.  Imagine, if some group called for Museums focused on Men, or just White people, again stupid.  The Socialists and Fake News would go crazy.  

Museums should unite people not divide them.  There should be a Museum focused on the Immigrants, including Blacks that were brought to America forcibly,  men and women of all races, religions, sexual orientations that built America and made our country the greatest in human history.  All museums should highlight all peoples that made a contribution to American or world history.  This includes movements that advanced our freedoms. 

Identity politics peddled by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) is dividing and destroying our nation.  They do it to win votes pure and simple.  In the process, they are creating two Americas and the most division in our country since the Civil War.  Feckless Joe Biden's rants against MAGA Americans, half the country is hate speech.  Biden is desperate because he has seen the numbers and he knows the Red Wave is coming.  Biden must create an enemy to rile up the base of the Socialist Party to have any hope of keeping the Congress in November.  It will not work because the issues that matter, inflation, crime, illegal immigrants and drug coming across our border are what will drive voters to vote Republican in 2022.  In the meantime, Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) continue to play Identity Politics to divide our nation.  It is getting really old.