Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Big Tech Censoring Conservatives

If anyone does not toe the Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) and Fake News party line, they will be censored by Big Tech.  This Blogger has experienced it personally by YouTube owned by Google and Twitter that may soon be owned by Elon Musk, who supposedly wants to stop the censorship.  We will see how that goes.   Youtube took down my Election Integrity video because I along with millions of Americans do not buy into the Big Lie story that Joe Biden won the election fair and square.  I was thrown off Twitter months ago because of my Conservative opinions.  I stopped posting on Twitter because of their censorship.  

Yes, Biden got 81 million votes the most ever and carried the key states of Nevada, Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia that he needed to win the Electoral College vote too; but those states implemented Covid emergency shenanigans sending out millions of unsolicited ballots, which included ballots that went to the dead and people that moved out of state.   They had dirty voter roles and still do.  Voter ID and signature verifications often were not required.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame spent $423 million dollars to pay for ballot harvesters to gather those ballots and put them in unmanned drop off boxes ruining the chain of custody.  These are facts.   We just don't know who really cast many of those unsolicited ballots.  

Biden got 6 million more votes than President Trump who got 75 million votes, the most ever for a sitting President; but most of Biden's popular vote differences came from California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts solidly, corrupt blue states.  In the other states Biden carried to win the Electoral College vote, it was by very small margins.  It would not have taken much fraud in those states with all the shenanigans that occurred to give Biden the election.  As of election night, President Trump was re-elected.  It was in the five days after the election that the additional votes for Biden magically appeared.  Most important, President Trump carried Ohio, Florida and Texas where there were no shenanigans.  No candidate that has carried those three states has ever lost the election.  Given all of this, there is certainly reason to be suspicious and doubtful.  

The Socialist Fascists in the House and Senate attempted to codified all of these shenanigans, which would allow them to steal elections.  Fortunately, Republicans fought back the attempt.  The Big Lie is that we had election integrity in 2020.  Sorry, but half the country believes the election was stolen from President Trump.  We are not buying the propaganda that Big Brother is selling.  

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