Saturday, October 15, 2022

Mutilating Children In The Name Of Gender Selection

It is astounding that presumably reputable doctors in well known hospitals are performing sex change surgeries on young children some before they even reach puberty.  They are removing sex organs and breasts.  Some children are being given powerful hormones to prevent puberty from even happening so that they will not grow into a boy or girl.   I guess this should not be surprising as Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the United States support abortion infanticide right up until birth and in the case of a botched abortion even after.  

We have reached crazy in our country.  Unless there is some medical reason to mutilate a child's body to deal with cancer or some other disease, under no circumstances should any doctor legally be able to perform these surgeries on people under 21 years old.  Only an adult should be making the decision to have a sex change operation since it would not be reversible.  These surgeries usually requiring taking hormones for a lifetime to become another sex, which has implications forever.  

It is clear that there must be federal legislation governing these cases that includes criminal penalties.  This is not an argument against gender selection.  It is an argument against mutilating a child's body before that child is an adult and fully aware of the lifetime consequences.  Someone can decide to be a girl or boy without body mutilation before adulthood if what is in the mind is the consideration.  

What is happening in our country is shocking.  This radical gender ideology that would allow for the mutilation of very young children must be illegal.  Even if parents give consent, which at a minimum should be happening in all cases,  a parent does not have the right to allow for cutting off the body parts of a young child any more than a parent has the right to murder a child.  And, certainly this type of surgery should be considered elective and not be covered by medical insurance.  It is time for politicians to stop this from happening.  

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