Saturday, October 15, 2022

Obama & The Clintons - Missing In Action - Losing Is Bad For Their Brand

Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton may be behind the scenes raising money at fat cat Socialist Fascist fundraisers, but they are certainly not on the campaign trail in any big way.   Obama is doing a few campaign stops in the next few weeks; but he has been critical of the Socialist Fascists move so far to the left so he can say "I told you so" when they lose big in November.  Otherwise, we are just not seeing Obama, or either of the Clinton's out on the trail.  President Trump has been on the campaign trail for months doing rallies in front of thousands of people.  Trump has skin the game so he will claim the Red Wave happened because of him, which to some degree will be true.  

Obama and the Clintons have been missing in action for a few reasons.  First, they know that a Red Wave is coming.  The Republicans are going to take over the Congress and Obama, and the Clinton's do not want to be associated with the shellacking that is coming.  It would be bad for their brands.  Second, Obama never was able to translate his personal popularity to other candidates.  When he tried to do it during his Presidency, they lost the Congress.  Third, Obama and the Clinton's are Establishment politicians feeding at the trough and part of the big money Deep State.  They are completely out of step with the radical left of their party.  

Remember, it was Bill Clinton who pledged to end Welfare as we know it.  And, it was Bill Clinton that wanted to make abortion, safe, legal and rare.  The did not call Obama No Drama Obama for nothing.  Obama was not much of a risk taker.  He pushed ObamaCare and it cost him the Congress.  So the lesson Obama learned was if you stray too far from the mainstream, you lose big.  Since Socialist Fascists are extreme on virtually every issue,  Obama and the Clinton's are keeping their distance.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) including Obama and the Clinton's are already planning to make feckless Joe Biden the fall guy for the debacle that is coming in November,  Crooked Hillary wants to run for President again so she needs Biden and Quemala Harris out of the way.  And, Obama never wanted Joe Biden to run in the first place saying that Biden always F's thing up.  That sure has been the case.  Biden has made a mess of everything he has touched.  Obama will want a person of color whether man or woman to run for President in 2024 and it won't be clueless Harris so he too will want Biden gone.  

After the midterms, Biden will be given an ultimatum.  Announce you are not running in 2024, or they will use the 25th Amendment to remove him because of his obvious dementia.  They also have the Biden Crime family corruption that could be used to pursue impeachment not to mention other reasons.  Old Joe will be gone with the wind by next January.  80 year old Biden will announce he is not running in 2024 to clear the way for other Socialist Fascists to challenge Quemala Harris for the nomination.  Poor Joe may not see the train coming that will soon run him over.  

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