Saturday, October 8, 2022

Biden Declares Armageddon Could Be Coming

At a fat cat Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) Fundraiser, feckless Joe Biden declared that we could be facing a nuclear war with Russia that would cause Armageddon, the biblical end of the world.  As though it would matter, the Federal government is spending $290 million on pills to deal with radiation poisoning.  The brainiacs in Washington DC are actually talking about a nuclear war as thinkable rather than unthinkable.  Are they completely crazy!!!

What is unthinkable is that Joe Biden is mentally able enough to deal with any of this.   President Kennedy took us back from the brink by negotiating a deal with Nikita Khrushchev of the old Soviet Union in 1963 to take us back from the brink.  Kennedy gave Khrushchev a face saving way out of the crisis to get those missiles and nuclear weapons out of Cuba.  Instead, Bidenistas have told Putin that if he uses tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine, that we would respond with catastrophic force presumably destroying Russian soldiers in Ukraine and their navy in the Black sea, which would both be easy to do. Then what!!

Does anyone with a brain think that Putin would not respond with a nuclear attack on the United States and our allies in Europe, particularly Britain, France, Germany and Poland.  And, once the missiles start flying, Biden would have just minutes to push the button attacking all major cities in Russia.  Yes, it would lead to Armageddon.  

It is time for common sense negotiations to end the war in Ukraine.  If Putin pulls out of Ukraine, we can give him 10 years of no NATO expansion and an end to the sanctions provided Putin also agrees to provide the money over ten years to rebuild Ukraine.  It is NATO expansion on Russia's borders that has caused this mess in the first place.  Putin must be given a face saving way out.  Why not invite Russia to join NATO since after all it is China that is our real enemy.  It is time for some fresh thinking on all of this not old Cold War thinking.  Unfortunately, Joe Biden is not capable of any kind of thinking so we are in big trouble.  

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