Sunday, August 31, 2014

War In Europe

Though the old Soviet Union had tanks on the ground in various countries in Eastern Europe after World War II,  what is happening in Ukraine, right in the heart of Europe, is the first time we have had War in Europe since the end of World War II.  It is happening for several reasons.   Russian Fascist Dictator Vladamir Putin has been emboldened by NATO and Obama's weakness in particular.   When Obama unilaterally took that missile defense system out of Poland and the Czech Republic, without getting anything in return from Putin, Putin knew he was dealing with a weak and ineffective US President.  

In addition, NATO's military has steadily been downsized.  There are few if any tanks on the ground in Western Europe at the same time that Putin has spent the last 10 years rebuilding Russia's military.   How could we not see this train coming.   Further, Western Europe's dependence on Russia's natural gas and oil makes it hard for them to take action of any kind against Russia and Putin knows it.  Margaret Thatcher, the Iron Lady and former Prime Minister of Great Britain, warned that this day would come and here we are. 

What Obama and our Allies in NATO should do immediately is send heavy arms to Ukraine.  Obama should announce that the missile defense system is going into Poland and the Czech Republic, whether Russia likes it or not.  And, we must get tanks, planes and other heavy equipment to NATO countries bordering Russia.  We must get American oil and Natural Gas to Europe and as quickly as possible.  This is addition to stringent sanctions that hurt the Russian economy is the only way to deter this aggression.   Will we never learn the lessons of history.   We have seen this story many times before.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Prime Minister David Cameron - Leader Of The Free World

Prime Minister David Cameron of Great Britain is now the leader of the free world.  In a recent speech, Cameron clearly spelled out the threat we face from Islamic Fascist Terrorists around the world and stated that we must use every power at our disposal to destroy them because they are a threat to our people and our freedom.   This happened after Cameron watched a video of a British citizen, who has joined ISIS, behead a journalist.  David Cameron gets it; Thank God.

This contrast with Socialist President Pinocchio Obama who admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with these Terrorists in Syria and Iraq, or any place else.   In other words, Obama is clueless.  Our naive and incompetent President is in way over his head even though all of his advisers and even many Socialists in his own party are telling him that we must act to destroy these Islamic Fascists before they murder Americans on our homeland.   We are dealing with evil unlike any we have seen since Adolf Hitler.   These Islamic Fascists are attempting to create a Caliphate across the Middle East and around the world where only their version of demonic Islam is tolerated. 

Hopefully, we have learned the lessons of history; though Obama apparently never did, so that we know that we must destroy evil when we see it and as early as possible to prevent genocide.   It is time to use air power in both Iraq and Syria and any place else these Fascists raise their ugly heads to hunt them down and kill them.  We cannot negotiate with evil.   We must destroy them to prevent unspeakable crimes against humanity.   Even religious leaders like Pope Francis and the Arch Bishop of Canterbury understand that evil must be confronted as they too have approved military action.    

Friday, August 29, 2014

Obama Has No Strategy For Dealing With ISIS Or Russia

Even though Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has known about the Islamic Fascist Terrorist threat, known as ISIS in Syria and Iraq for more than a year, Obama has admitted that he has no strategy for dealing with them.  Remember, this is the President who just said last January that ISIS was a JV team as though these killers are basketball players.   These Islamic Fascists are so brutal in killing Muslims, Christians, Jews and other minorities in the region that not even Al Queda wants anything to do with them.  Maybe if Obama would spend more time doing his job in the White House, rather than on vacation playing golf and or raising money for the Socialist Party, Obama would have a strategy to deal with this serious threat to the United States.

ISIS has recruited thousands of fighters from many Western countries, including America.  That means that since they have Western passports, they can come to the United States, at will, to murder our people; let alone across our border with Mexico illegally.   Terrorism can happen at shopping malls, restaurants, movie theaters etc. not just in airports, or on airplanes.   It would be very easy for just 10 Terrorists to plant bombs, just about anywhere in the United States, killing thousands in one day in multiple cities, which would wreak havoc on our economy.    All of Obama's advisers, including the CIA, have warned Obama of this threat; yet he dawdles and has no strategy to deal with these brutal Terrorists as they commit genocide and murder hundreds of people every day.

Similarly, after taking the Crimea by aggressive action, Russia has now attacked the Ukraine, a sovereign country in the middle of Europe, in violation of their treaty agreement.   Obama could see this coming as the Russian Dictator and former head of the old Soviet Union Secret Police,  Vladamir Putin has been massing forces on their border with the Ukraine for months.  This has occurred because Obama has refused to send the Ukrainian government heavy armaments to defend themselves.  This Blogger once said that Obama is a smart stupid man.  The President's job is to see the train coming to prevent a train wreck. 

Sadly, everything Obama touches turns into a train wreck because he obviously cannot make decisions in a timely manner.  Further, Obama just does not understand that his words and lack of action have consequences.  Thousands of people are dying now and many more will die in the future because Obama is naive, weak and incompetent.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 and weep for the dead until then. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

California Death Wish - Gas Pricing Going Up A Dollar Or More

Effective January, 2015 California will impose new taxes on gasoline that could raise prices by a dollar or more.  California already collects about 68 cents a gallon making the gas tax in California one of the highest.  This new tax will push gas prices above $5.00 a gallon which will be a real job killer.  This will hurt Southern California most, since public transportation is less available, or practical there given the distances that people travel to work.

Companies and jobs have been leaving California for more than 20 years as a result of high taxes and onerous regulations that make doing business in California difficult.  Every year, the state legislature adds more burdens to business, which is the reason companies continue to vote with their feet.  The latest large scale migration is Toyota relocating their US headquarters and about 5,000 jobs to Texas in the next few years.  Those are good paying jobs that will never return to the state.

But it is the tip of a huge iceberg.  Thirty years ago there were about 250 major companies headquartered in California and about 80 headquartered in Texas.  Today, that number is around 100 in California and 225 in Texas.  And, of the large companies that remain in California most maintain a relatively small corporate headquarters, since they have moved operations out of state, or out of the country to avoid California taxes and regulations. 

This increase in the gas tax will hit the Poor and the Middle Class hardest by reducing their disposable income.  Salaries are not going up so this means that these people will have fewer dollars to spend on housing, recreation and basic necessities.  It is just Economics 101.  Raising the gas tax in California will be a job killer.  The Socialists, Public Employee Unions and Environmental Wackos running California just don't get any of this.  California is fast becoming the land of the rich in their second homes in gated communities, the poor on the dole and a dwindling Middle Class.  This is what happens when Socialists control all the levers of government as they bankrupt the state taking care of their PEEP's that keep them in power.  In doing so, the Middle Class gets screwed. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burger King Moving To Canada

Burger King has announced that it is buying Tim Horton, a large donut chain in Canada for about $11 Billion and moving its corporate headquarters there presumably to avoid US Corporate Income Taxes on foreign income.   And, why not.  US companies have been moving to lower tax countries for years.  Canada lowered its corporate tax rate to 15%.  The US now has the highest corporate income tax rate in the world at 35%.   This move will save Burger King, a global company anyway, $3 Billion over the next ten years in US corporate income taxes if our laws are not changed.  This is $3 Billion Burger King can invest in expansion and or in paying dividends to its shareholders, rather than paying higher taxes to support bigger and bigger government in the US.  And, it is perfectly legal. 

What is particularly interesting about this deal is that Berkshire Hathaway, headed by Warren Buffet, is assisting Burger King with this deal with a $3 Billion investment.  Buffet is the character constantly saying that the rich in America do not pay high enough taxes, when he and his companies have done everything conceivable, under the law, to avoid US income taxes.   Though Buffet has presumably done nothing wrong or illegal, Warren Buffet is a hypocrite of the highest order who uses the tax code to avoid income taxes. 

In any case, American companies buying firms overseas and then moving their headquarters to avoid US corporate income taxes has been happening for years.   It is called Inversion.  Of course, Socialist in government want to pass legislation to stop it, which makes no sense.   In addition, foreign companies have been buying American companies achieving the same goal by moving their headquarters overseas.  In fact, five or more years ago the 700 largest companies in the world were headquartered in the US.  Today that number is about 550 and falling. 

What these Obamanista Socialists just do not understand is that global companies in particular and people can and will vote with their feet to avoid high taxes and regulations.   Some Americans are even renouncing their US citizenship to move to lower tax countries.  It has been happening for more than 35 years as part of a global business migration process.  We don't need new laws trying to stop it.   We need comprehensive tax reform that includes lowering personal and corporate income tax rates and less regulations to keep more jobs and companies in the United States.  Well dah!  If the Socialist job killers would just get out of the way,  we could see real economic growth in the United States once again. 

IRS Dirty Tricks - Time For A Special Prosecutor

Though Liar Attorney General sent 40 FBI agents to St. Louis to investigate the death of Michael Brown, we have yet to see a real investigation concerning the IRS targeting of Conservative and religious group.  I wonder why?  Could it be that this Scandal leads all the way to the White House.   We know now that the Director at the IRS, Lois Lerner, conspired with others to target Obama's "enemies".   We also know that Lerner's supposedly lost emails are sitting on a back up server.   It is pretty obvious the Liar Holder is just playing out the clock.

We absolutely need a Special Prosecutor to deal with this Scandal; one far worse than Watergate.  The Republican led House of Representatives has the power of the purse and should deny funding to both the IRS and the Justice Department in the next appropriations bill until we get one.   Holder, held in Contempt of Congress, has proven over and over again that he is a LIAR who cannot be trusted to administer the laws of the land.   Holder is a Crony Socialist Politico in business to protect Obamanistas that have committed real crimes, including President Pinocchio Obama who continues to violate the Constitution over and over again.  Now we see the Justice Department Cover Up of IRS Crimes. 

This is the most lawless Presidency in American History.  The IRS Dirty Tricks Scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.  We will never see justice done related to IRS Dirty Tricks, or any other Obama Scandal by the Obama/Holder Justice Department without the appointment of a Special Prosecutor.  Republicans in the House of Representatives need to play hard ball.   Cut off their money and do it now unless Holder agrees to appoint a Special Prosecutor to pursue the IRS Dirty Tricks case. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Decline Of The Middle Class In America

The poor in America are cared for by government.  There are 50 million Americans on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected.  There are more than 10 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits, up 2 million since Obama was elected.   These numbers are what they are because of Obama's job killing Socialist Schemes, high taxes and more regulations.  The rich get richer, or poorer, with the up's and downs of the stock market, the real estate market and higher or lower taxes, impacting their ability to buy things, or make investments; but they are still rich.  Most important, the rich are not rich because the poor are poor.  That is a bunch of baloney.  The rich are rich because they are smart, work harder and know how to work the system.  It is what it is. 

However, this Blogger has seen first hand in the last 35 years in business the reasons why the Middle Class in America has been going backwards for more than three decades.   It has nothing to do with income inequality.  In fact, artificially raising wages in the private sector through collective bargaining and or raising the minimum wage makes matters worse, not better, because it causes companies to off shore more jobs, or eliminate them altogether through technology. 

With the exception of the public sector, which has made huge gains in the last 30 years because of the lack of competition and collective bargaining gaining public employees about 40% more than what is common for like work in the private sector, Middle Class Americans are worse off today, especially under Obama, than 30 years ago.  And, what is interesting is that when government faces competition as is the case for the Post Office or Amtrac, government can't compete because of higher than necessary cost in compensation and benefits, general inefficiency, work rules etc.  That is the reason the Post Office and Amtrac are essentially bankrupt.  Government is never the most productive, or efficient user of resources and that has been proven time and again. 

No matter what you may hear, the reality concerning Middle Class decline relates to global competition, technology requiring fewer people to do work, mergers and acquisitions that always result in fewer employees in the combined companies with usually less employee benefits, procurement processes at big companies that continue to squeeze the revenues and profits of small and mid sized companies, Americans that are often poorly educated with little marketable job skills and finally and perhaps most important, state and federal government tax and regulatory policies that are job killers.   Unless and until all of these issues are addressed, the Middle Class in America will continue to decline. 

Socialists focusing on Class Warfare to win elections will do nothing to help the Middle Class in America.   We need to create more good paying white collar and manufacturing jobs that are being killed everyday by government taxes and regulations, especially during the Obama Presidency.   The United States cannot maintain the highest corporate income tax rate in the world and expect job creation within our country.  And, we cannot continue subsidizing big government and a failed public education system for the benefit of teacher unions, rather than the children they are supposed to educate.   We need pro-growth policies that include limited government, less regulation and lower taxes in general to grow the private sector to create good jobs.  It will not happen any other way.  This is Economics 101.

This is not trickle down economics; just common sense.  The bigger government gets, now at about 40% of GDP, the smaller the private sector because government is using resources, through confiscation of hard earned monies in taxes, often poorly administered, or wasted, that would otherwise be available for more productive private investment, or personal use.  That is the real story no matter what you hear from Socialists, RINO's, paid Lobbyists and Crony Capitalists all feeding at the trough.   

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Senator Dirty Harry Reid - There He Goes Again

Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, is famous for sticking both his feet in his mouth by saying some of the dumbest things imaginable.  Ole Dirty Harry did it again, while speaking before the Las Vegas Asian Chamber of Commerce.  Reid was there actually seeking their endorsement for the Socialist candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Lucy Flores.   During his speech, Dirty Harry said to the group of Asian Americans in the room, " I don't think you're smarter than anybody else, but you have convinced alot of us you are".  Reid went on to say, "one problem that I have had today is keeping my Wong's straight.   These comments were deemed racially insensitive.   So when Reid's staff told him he was a big dope, of course he apologized; but it was too late.   The Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce endorsed Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Mark Hutchison.  

Many in Nevada believe that Dirty Harry Reid has suffered mini-strokes, which could be an explanation for many of his really stupid statements.   Clearly, the part of his brain that often controls his mouth is turned off.   However, even more important, Reid is guilty of malfeasance.  Reid single handedly push ObamaCare through the Senate in the middle of the night, without one single Republican vote, by ignoring the long standing rules of the Senate.  And, it is Dirty Harry Reid that is responsible for the Do Nothing Congress because Reid will not allow several hundred bills enacted by the Republican controlled House of Representatives, many with bipartisan support, to even come up for a vote in the Senate.  That makes Reid a job killer. 

Along with Obama, Reid is personally responsible for the higher taxes and regulations that have created a lousy economy giving us the lowest labor participation rate, around 62%, since Jimmy Carter, another failed Socialist President, was in office.   No doubt, if Republicans regain control of the Senate in 2014, which is very feasible, the long knives will come out in the Socialist Party because Chucky Schumer is just waiting in line to get rid of Reid.  If and when it happens, it will be none to soon for the nation; although Schumer of New York, is equally partisan and left wing.  

If Reid is deposed, one would think Reid would just go away and retire in 2016 to that hell hole he calls home in Search Light, Nevada about 60 miles, from Las Vegas in the desert.  But, don't count on it.  Politics is the Reid family business as all his sons and daughters have gotten rich, one way or another, feeding at their dad's trough.  Most likely, Senator Dirty Harry Reid will have to drop death to end this story.  When that happens, there are many in Nevada and around the country that would wear red to his funeral because this one man has done more to harm our country than perhaps any other politician in many generations.    It will be good riddance when the Senator Dirty Harry Reid meets his maker; that's for sure.     

Friday, August 22, 2014

Obama - Me, Myself & I - Forget About Relationships -

Even the lame stream left wing media is starting to comment that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is detached and lacks interest in actually doing the job of President.   Other Socialists in government are starting to speak out loud about Obama's lack of relationships with them, or anybody else.  Not even sure if Michelle Obama is happy with her husband.  Obama is what is called in business a "sole contributor".   Obama just can't work with people.  Maybe Obama thinks he is too smart to deal with others.  Trouble is, without relationships in any endeavor nothing gets done.

We have a Do Nothing Senate because Socialist Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada will not allow the many bills enacted by the Republican controlled House of Representatives, even with bipartisan support, to come up for a vote.  Many of these bills would create jobs.  Obama has done nothing to break the log jam.  Our economy is a mess.   We have experienced the Benghazi murders, IRS Dirty Tricks, Veterans Affairs Scandal and the NSA spying on all Americans; but for Obama all of these things are somebody else's fault as though he has not been President for six years.  The world is on fire and Obama continues to take vacations to get as far away from his job as possible. 

Socialists up for reelection are running as far away from unpopular Obama as they can.  They are like rats jumping off a sinking ship.  Even Hillary Clinton has been critical of Obama's foreign policy, or lack thereof and she was Obama's Secretary of State.  Perhaps, Obama is just going to sleep in for his last few years in office and hope that all the problems we face in our country and the world just go away by themselves.  Sadly, that is not the way it works.  One commentator recently said that Obama is disappointed that the world has not gone his way.  Unfortunately, Obama's management style of leading from behind and drawing red lines in the sand and then doing nothing, creates a leadership vacuum.  We see the end result both within the United States and around the world.  Sadly, it will get worse until we have a new engaged President and that won't happen until January 20, 2017.   We can only count the days until then. 

Islamic Fascists - Recognizing Evil

President Ronald Reagan referred to the Communist Soviet Union as an "evil empire" and was criticized by Socialists in Western Countries, including our own and the left wing lame stream media for his characterization.  However, Reagan knew evil when he saw evil, which is what caused him to conspire with Pope John Paul, the Polish Pope, who also knew evil first hand to bring down Communism.  Evil cannot be confronted and destroyed if it is not recognized for what it is.   Today, we are facing Islamic Fascists, no different than NAZI's, determined to create a Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  To do so, they are murdering Muslim's, Christians and Jews and even committing genocide in Iraq, Syria and North Africa. 

These Islamic Fascists are not orthodox Muslims, similar to orthodox Christians or Jews, but rather agents of the devil killing in the name of God.  Assuming there is a devil, which this Blogger believes is the case, what better way is there to do evil than to use the name of God to commit murder and genocide.  Even Secularists that do not believe in God must recognize the evil of Islamic Fascism the same way we confronted NAZI's and Communists who were evil agents of the devil.   As such, Western political leaders, in particular, must take this threat seriously, call it what is it and work together to destroy it.   We cannot allow Islamic Fascists to succeed in Iraq, Syria or North Africa.  We are at the same point today the world was at in 1938 when Adolf Hitler began his evil scheme to dominate the world.   Western leaders initially practiced appeasement hoping Hitler  could be contained.   We know the end of this tragic story as millions of people throughout the world died because Hitler was not stopped early in this process. 

We must learn the lessons of history.   We are now facing evil as bad as Hitler.   Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and other Western leaders and even some Middle Eastern countries that are supposed to be our allies must come together to destroy Islamic Fascists to stop this evil.  If we don't do it now, we will face another World War worse that World War II.   We can't let that happen.   Evil must be confronted and destroyed now. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Republican Governor Witch Hunt While World Is On Fire

In case you haven't noticed, typical Socialists dirty politics are in play.   Socialists and the lame stream left wing media are going after Republican Governors that are presumed candidates for the Presidency.  What a surprise.  So, cases are being made against Scott Walker of Wisconsin related to his political activities, Chris Christie of New Jersey specific to some stupid bridge closing and now Rick Perry of Texas because he vetoed funding for a state agency headed by a woman convicted of drunk driving as a means of pushing her to resign.   These things are happening because Walker and Christie have pushed back on public employee unions and collective bargaining and Perry called out the National Guard to secure our border.  If not for the Michael Brown case in St. Louis, which is now the focus of the lame stream left wing media, they would be harping about these Republican Governors every day. 

Of course, the world is on fire.  We have race riots in St. Louis. IRS Dirty Tricks and the Veterans Affairs Scandal get worse by the day.  The economy stinks as ten million Americans have dropped out of the labor force.  50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and Welfare, up 20 million since Obama was elected.   More than 10 million Americans are now collecting Disability Benefits, which come right out of the Social Security Trust Fund that is headed toward bankruptcy.   ObamaCare is a train wreck.  Our National Debt is approaching $18 Trillion with no end in sight.  Let's not forget about Hillary Clinton's roll in the murders in Benghazi.  We have a do nothing Congress because Senator Dirty Harry Reid will not allow bills enacted by the House of Representatives, many with bipartisan support, to come up for a vote.  Yet the Socialists and the lame stream left wing media are focused on Governors Walker, Christie and Perry related to petty issues.    

I guess it is just business and usual because Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Frankly, business as usual is getting really old.     

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Missouri - Time For The Grown-Up's To Speak The Truth

The protest and riots in St. Louis must come to an end because they are counter productive and will do nothing to get at the truth, whatever it is, related to the killing of Michael Brown by a White Cop.  Further, Missouri Socialist Governor Jay Nixon, who needed Black votes to win election, just made matters even worse by calling for "vigorous prosecution" of Police Officer Darren Wilson to appease his PEEP's on the streets before a Grand Jury has reviewed the evidence.  It really is time for the Grown-Up's in the Black Community and in office to speak the truth.  If they continue to encourage and allow Protests, they should be confined to a public park, or some open field, rather than on city streets.   Businesses on those streets, including many owned by Black Business Owners are being devastated by these protests/riots.  It is important to note that after the riots that occurred in the sixties in many Black Areas in cities around the country, as a result of the destruction and looting that occurred, many of those businesses never returned leaving those areas blighted and with no jobs to this day.  Rioting Blacks destroyed their own communities, which was downright stupid and very counter productive. 

Pandering Socialist Governor Jay Nixon, President Pinocchio Obama, Liar Attorney General Eric Holder and Black Community Leaders need to put on their big boy and girl pants and say ENOUGH.  Poverty Pimps like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others inciting these protests and riots should be sent packing by saying out loud that they are not welcome in St. Louis.   If Protests are allowed to continue, they should be confined to some area where looting and destruction are impossible so that business can resume, which is in everyone's interests.  The lame stream left wing media must be put on a tight leash because they too are sensationalizing what is happening in St. Louis for ratings.  

While this investigation needs to be finalized to determine what really happened no matter how long it takes, there should be a commitment to hire more Black Cops in Ferguson, Missouri, which is about 67% Black.  It is ridiculous that the police force does not reflect the community; however, only 6% of Blacks in Ferguson even bother to vote in local elections.   So shame on them.  As a result, the Mayor and City Council are White.  Out of 50 Cops in Ferguson only three are Black.  This happens in the Mid West, in particular, where overt, or covert racism is more alive than in the South because of family nepotism.   White Cops hire their family members who many times have been Cops for generations because the pay and pensions are pretty good.  While this Blogger does not support Affirmative Action, this is about Common Sense, not preferential  hiring.  It is only Common Sense that a good number of Cops in Ferguson, Missouri should be Black.   This may not have changed the killing of Michael Brown because it is very possible that a Black Cop would have reacted the very same way as Darren Wilson, the White Cop that killed Brown after he was attacked by him; but at least this would not be a Black and White issue.    

And, since Blacks were actually better off when George W Bush was President than when Obama took over six years ago, it is time for Obama to stop dividing the nation and to implement pro-growth, free market economics, rather than Socialist Schemes that continue to destroy jobs, hurting minorities the most.   Unemployment in Ferguson, Missouri is more than 13%, double the national rate.  And, no doubt it is actually much worse in Ferguson as many of those people protesting on the streets are on Welfare and Food Stamps and therefore they are not in these numbers.  Typical family assets in Ferguson average just $10,000 when the national average is $30,000.  After spending trillions of dollars on the War On Poverty since the Great Society, 26% of Blacks still live in poverty, which is more than 10 million Americans.  This is more than double the percentage of Whites living in poverty.   This is the case because many living in poverty of all colors are functionally illiterate and they lack marketable job skills because inner city public schools have often failed to educate.     

Poverty continues for many reasons that must be addressed starting with 7 out of 10 Black babies being born out of wedlock.  And our public schools in the inner city often do not educate these children as 32% of Blacks do not graduate from high school.  Grown-Up's of all colors need to speak the truth to solve problems in the inner cities of our country.   Until the truth be told, nothing will change. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Is A Democrat

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has ordered local, county and state police to stop the riots happening in St. Louis as a result of Michael Brown's death at the hands of a White Cop.   Nixon tried a curfew from 12 to 5 am and that ended in gun fire and even more military style police response.  So now Governor Jay Nixon has called out the National Guard to get this situation under control.  While all this is happening, our first Black President Pinocchio Obama is vacationing on the water in a mansion in Martha's Vineyard.   Our first Black Attorney General, Liar Eric Holder has sent in the FBI to investigate this case; though it is doubtful that this will do much to calm the situation since due process must still take place whether the Black community in the nation likes it or not.  Those 40 FBI agents are badly needed in cities like Chicago to deal with Black on Black Crime that has resulted in hundreds of deaths each year and or they should be used to deal with IRS Dirty Tricks, or the Veterans Affairs Scandal.   Using 40 FBI agents to deal with this one killing by a White Cop is over kill pun intended.   

Can anyone with a brain imagine what would have been said if the Governor of Missouri, the President and Attorney General were Republicans during this race riot.  First, all of them would have immediately been called "racists" by Socialists around the country and the lame stream left wing media.   Governor Nixon is doing his job as best he can; though he does appear to be struggling to find a response that ends the violence.  The notion of No Justice No Peace, the chants coming from the Black protesters on the streets, must be re-channeled by the Governor to No Justice Without The Truth.  The Democrat Governor, President and Attorney General should help their PEEP's around the country, that voted for them and particularly the Black Community understand that until the investigation is completed, the benefit of the doubt goes to the COP, not Michael Brown the 6 foot 4 inch, 300 pound man who robbed a convenience store just a few minutes before the altercation.  Getting at the truth is the only way to restore any kind of normalcy on St. Louis streets. 

Given the facts that keep coming out, it is very probable that this killing will be ruled a justifiable homicide in the line of duty because COPS have wide protection in these cases.  The lame stream left wing media, elected officials and Black leaders need to prepare the community for this possibility.   This is not another Trayvon Martin case.  The truth is never racist.  The killing of Michael Brown is a tragedy; but no more so than the thousands of Blacks that have been killed as result of Black on Black crime.  In any case, it may very well be that the Cop was just doing his job.   If that was not the case, the evidence will eventually come out requiring prosecution.   However, the point to all of this is that if Republicans were now the Governor of Missouri, President and Attorney General, the criticism of them from Black leaders, Socialists and the lame stream left wing media would be scathing; yet it is not happening.   Funny how that works.     

The Real Tragedy In Black Inner City America

Taking of innocent life, including the 50 million abortions that have occurred in the last 40 years, many in the inner cities of our country, is a tragedy when ever and where ever it happens.   As we see riots and protests in St. Louis concerning the death of Michael Brown, if this is ruled a murder by a police officer, rather than justifiable homicide in the line of duty, the police officer should be tried and convicted.   That said, in the same time period there were two murders and 14 wounded as a result of Black on Black crime in Chicago alone in the last week.  Year to date, there have been 218 murders in inner city Black Chicago.  34 of those murders have been children under the age of 18.   These statistics are just for Chicago.   If we were to add in the other inner cities of our nation, Black on Black crime would add several hundred more murders.  

These numbers are the result of Black Gang Bangers often fighting over drug turf, vendettas for past deaths and or people who just got caught in the cross fire.    These deaths have occurred not because of legal gun acquisition; but rather illegal gun acquisition.  So anyone calling for more gun control to stop this violence is shooting blanks.  Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the country and among the highest murder rates.  The question is where are the protests concerning these murders.   While what has happened in St. Louis is a tragedy, that tragedy happens every day in our Black inner cities; yet we don't see outrage from left wing politicians, including the President and Attorney General, from Black Activists, or from the left wing lame stream media that does not even cover these stories, perhaps because they have become routine. 

While these needless deaths are a tragedy, the real tragedy in Black Inner City America is that after spending trillions of taxpayers dollars since the Great Society, 26% of Blacks still live in poverty, in our inner cities, or about 10 million Blacks.  12% of Whites live in poverty or about 39 million Americans.  So, Blacks have a poverty rate more than double Whites.  Many of these people are in the 50 million Americans getting Food Stamps and Welfare; though obviously far more Whites in real numbers than Blacks are on the dole.  The Black Unemployment Rate is double the White unemployment rate as well because many of these people are functionally illiterate with no marketable job skills.   While 20% of all Americans do not graduate from high school,  32% of Blacks fail to graduate from high school, which is a sure road to continued poverty.  7 out of 10 Black babies each year are born out of wedlock to single Mom's presumably on Welfare with no Dad in the picture.  Though perhaps not true in all cases, the odds are pretty good that this leads to kids with problems. 

These numbers are the real tragedy in Black Inner City America because it is often these numbers contributing to the hopelessness and deaths in the Black Community.   Until all of these numbers improve by personal responsibility and Black leaders willing to call it like it is, we will continue to see misery, pain and suffering in the Black Community.  Fortunately, there is a glimmer of hope.   While 26% of Blacks live in poverty, 74% of Blacks, or about 29 million Americans have made it into the mainstream in the last 40 years by hard work, often over coming obstacles to success, just like all generations of Americans of all colors.  These successful Blacks, like all Middle and Upper Class Americans, earned high school and college degrees giving them job skills that are marketable.  The key to success and upward mobility like always is Focus, Discipline and Passion to live the American Dream.  It does not happen any other way. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

St Louis Riots & Protests - The Truth Is On Trial

What we are seeing in St. Louis, related to the Riots and Protests occurring because of the shooting death of Michael Brown by Police Officer Darren Wilson in the line of duty, is the racial divide that exists in the United States.   We don't have the facts yet, however, Blacks are calling this shooting a murder.   It is not a murder until a jury says it is a murder.  While there are many homicides that occur each year as result of Black on Black crime that are murders, to call this killing a murder before we have the facts just inflames the Black Community.  And, it is a disservice to our nation.  There are two investigations going on; one local and one by 40 FBI agents sent in by Liar Attorney General Eric Holder.   In addition, we need to see the result of the autopsy report to determine not only the number of bullets fired at Brown and the trajectory; but whether Brown was intoxicated on drugs or alcohol that could have caused his aggressive behaviors.

The video showing Michael Brown and his sidekick Dorian Johnson committing a Strong Arm Robbery at the nearby convenience store just a few minutes before the altercation with the police officer is absolutely relevant to this case because it demonstrates Brown's aggressive behaviors.   Michael Brown has been portrayed as an otherwise good kid and innocent 18 year old "teenager" and high school graduate on his way to college.   The reality is that Michael Brown was a 6 foot 4 inch 300 pound man, that a few minutes before he was killed, robbed a convenience store stealing a $50 box of cigars.  In doing so, he physically accosted the store clerk and exhibited very aggressive behaviors that were captured on video.   We also need to know more about both Brown and his friend Johnson to better understand their personal history, which would give us an indication of their aggressive tendencies.  No doubt, if this case goes to trial all of these factors will come out. 

It is highly doubtful that 28 year old Officer Darren Wilson was anywhere near the size of Michael Brown; but that remains to be seen.  What has been reported is that Brown attacked Wilson in his police car and that a shot was fired while they both scuffled in the car.  Wilson apparently suffered bruises because of the attack, which if true have no doubt been documented.   Besides these facts so far, there is no way to know what finally motivated Officer Darren Wilson to shoot to kill Michael Brown.  Since Wilson, who was on the police force for six years is reported to be very mild mannered with a clean record, we can only surmise that he feared for his life; but again all of this remains to be seen and proven. 

The racial divide in our country, made worse by our first Black President, often makes it impossible for common sense and in this case fairness to prevail.   Officer Darren Wilson is innocent until proven guilty.   That is just how our legal system works.  Blacks on the streets of St. Louis, spurred on by Black Poverty Pimps and the Black Panthers that make their living off the misery of the poor, are all screaming No Peace Without Justice when they should be saying No Justice Without Truth.  Until the facts all come out, Truth Is On Trial.   Even if Officer Darren Wilson acted properly in the line of duty, the politics will most likely require a lengthy trial.  And, after dealing with this case for a miserable year or two, if Wilson is found innocent, there will still be Blacks in America that will call him a murderer, threatening his life.   Sadly, it is what it is.  Why on earth would anyone want to be a Cop in the inner cities of our country. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Militarization Of US Police Departments - Why?

When the Police Department in Boston basically declared Marshall Law to capture the Boston Bombers, we saw the extent of all the military hardware used by local police.   We saw it again recently in St. Louis to put down riots and looting as a result of the killing of Michael Brown.   Under a government program in place since the 90's called 1033, the Defense Department is making available military equipment, often for free, to Local Police Departments.  Local Police Departments are being given military garb, grenade launchers, helicopters, machine guns and other automatic weapons, tank like vehicles and even military aircraft to patrol city streets.   SWAT Teams are now being used for routine police actions.  Local Police Departments are turning into military units on our city streets. 

While the police do need the right equipment to deal with drug lords and Gang Bangers, why on earth do they need this equipment to deal with typical crimes.  This is about the Boys playing with their new toys; but in the process they are terrorizing the American people.  This Blogger once saw the ATF literally attack the home of a neighbor, an old man and his wife from Latin America, suspected of drug sales.   The ATF came with automatic weapons and broke the door down.  We never saw the old couple again.  Their home was seized and sold.   

This Blogger believes that the federal government, in the name of Homeland Security, is purposely arming local police departments to deal with the day that we see the civil strife and riots on our streets that will come from the economic collapse of the United States.   Those in power fear the rise of the Tea Party; though not violent in any way, that they see as anti-government.  It is true that most Tea Party members are opposed to big government favoring instead limited Constitutional government, as was intended by our Founding Fathers.  We see the government as the problem and not the solution.  However, it is not the Tea Party government elites and bureaucrats need to fear; but rather the 50 million people on Welfare and Food Stamps that will surely riot when those monies stop because the government simply cannot borrow any more money to  provide for so many people on the dole.  That is the real threat to our country. 

Homeland Security has purchased thousands of assault rifles, the same AK-15's that Socialists want to ban from private ownership and millions of rounds of ammunition to use against who?  Homeland Security is focused on the internal security of the United States.  Obviously, Homeland Security sees a threat from the American people. Arming Local Police Departments with military equipment is part of this story.  All of us that have learned the lessons of history recognize that we need to fear big, over reaching government that has frequently murdered its own citizens.  Don't think it can't happen in the US because it has happened many times in history and even in the US.  The American people should stand up and say NO to the militarization of our Local Police Departments.   They don't need all this equipment to keep the peace.  The equipment they have is designed to make war on the American people.  We don't need the Gestapo patrolling our city streets and that is where we are headed.   

Riots In St. Louis - The Real Story

It seems like every year a White cop kills a Black young man somewhere in the country in the line of duty.  When it happens, no matter the circumstances, it often sparks protests in the Black Community charging Racism.   It has happened again.  This time in Ferguson, Missouri, a Black suburb of St. Louis.  Officer Darren Wilson, with no history of inappropriate behaviors, was responding to a Strong Arm Robbery Call from a convenience store in Ferguson ten minutes earlier.  He apparently encountered Michael Brown and his side kick and now witness Dorian Johnson nearby who fit the description of the robbers.  An altercation occurred and Michael Brown was shot dead.  This is what we know as of now.   Whenever an "innocent" American of any race is killed by someone in an arm of government, there should be an investigation and swift justice.  If Officer Wilson acted incorrectly, he should be prosecuted; however, it appears that the Cop was just doing his job.  Time will tell. 

The real story here is not just the protests that are taking place; but the Black trouble makers, many of whom came from out of the area to riot, destroy private property and loot the stores in the area using the death of Michael Brown as their excuse for mayhem and robbery.  And of course, the poverty pimps, that have gotten rich off the misery of the poor, always show up when one of these incidents occurs in this case Al Sharpton and the Black Panthers throwing gasoline on the fire.  These characters shout No Peace Without Justice, when they should be saying No Justice Without The Truth.  In the mean time, both Socialist President Obama and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder stick their noses into the case to satisfy their PEEP's in the Black Community, so now the Justice Department is involved in the investigation.  

But what this Blogger wants to know is why are there no protests about the several thousand Black on Black murders committed each year, primarily in our inner cities, by Black Gang Bangers in their fight for drug territory.   Where is Obama and Holder concerning those murders.  And or, where is the outrage about the innocent Black kids that are often killed in the cross fire by these Black Thugs.  While every life is precious, so a killing by a Cop of an innocent person, if this is one, is tragic, but what about all these other murders.  Given the war zones that exist in our inner cities, it is rare that a Cop does wrong against an innocent person. 

But, the Black on Black crime that happens every day is real and growing.   Why aren't Black leaders in the streets of our inner cities every weekend protesting these murders to stop them.  And, where is the lame street left wing media related to Black on Black crime.  The answer is that they are all missing in action because it is not politically correct to point out the dysfunction that exists in the Black inner city, where 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock and Welfare and Food Stamps are a way of life for millions.  Black young people, hanging around on street corners occurs because they have no jobs in the Obama economy.   This is the real story and tragedy.

However, what is equally concerning in this most recent incident in St. Louis is the militarization of  city police forces around the country.  Armed by Homeland Security, presumably to deal with the unrest and civil strife that will eventually come from the economic collapse of the United States, whenever the police force comes out today to quell violence, it is as though they are American Soldiers on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan.  The police are dressed and armed for war, not civil service.  This is dangerous and will result in over reaction as apparently has happened in St. Louis.  The police should be in place to keep the peace, not make war on American citizens.   The police need certain equipment to deal with drug lords and Gang Bangers; but they don't need military style assault weapons and tanks on our city streets.   All of this has gone too far in the name of Homeland Security giving us all reasons to fear big government.    

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Raising The Miniumum Wage Will Not Eliminate Poverty

President Obama and his Socialist pals in government support raising the Minimum wage as a remedy to increased poverty and falling Middle Class income, even though the Congressional Budget Office says it will cost 700,000 jobs.   The problem is that raising the Minimum Wage will push even more manufacturing jobs overseas, cause companies to automate more jobs and raise prices, hurting the very people Socialists are trying to help most. 

The fact is that very few people in the United States actually earn the Minimum Wage today because both job skills and the market determine wages, not federal, state, or local law.   Most Minimum wage jobs are entry level positions requiring little or no training.   Many of these jobs are part time and filled by young people, or students under 18 years of age.  Most important, anyone earning the Minimum Wage is getting paid what they are worth.   People working in Fast Food are so unskilled that they not even trusted to make change.  Instead the registers tell them what to give back to the customer based on the purchase price and the amount of money paid in for the purchase.   If wages were raised to $15 an hour, many of these jobs would simply be eliminated.   Fast Food companies would move to automated tellers. 

Rather than focusing on the Minimum Wage, what we should be focusing on is reforming the corporate tax system to allow for more good paying job creation in the United States.  Unleashing our Energy Sector, in particular, to create millions of good paying jobs that cannot be off-shored, so that our country can become energy independent would be key to this process.  And, we must insist that kids coming out of high school either be college bound, or on their way to learning a valuable trade.  Not all kids are college material and if they happen to be a minority, it is not racist to say so. There is certainly nothing wrong with becoming a plumber, electrician, or carpenter. 

Today about 12% of the White population lives in poverty.   26% of the Black population lives in poverty, both despite spending trillions of dollars on the War On Poverty since the Great Society.  Clearly, many of these big government programs have failed to eliminate poverty.  Simply raising the Minimum Wage will do little to deal with poverty, or income inequality.   Only Free Market Economics can lift all boats as it always has done in the past.  We need lower taxes, less regulations and smaller government to deal with poverty.  It will not happen any other way.

Obama Doctrine - Don't Do Stupid Stuff

Hillary Clinton is clearly running for President, which is the reason she is starting to distance herself from incompetent Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, the worst President since Jimmy Carter.  In firing the first round, Hilly is now critical of Obama's handling of foreign affairs.  Well dah!   Even the left wing, lame stream media is starting to wonder what the hell the Obama Doctrine actually is.   Hillary Clinton is now say that Obama's concept of "Don't Do Stupid Stuff" is not the overriding "organizing principles" necessary to a well run foreign policy.  Ya think?  

Obama goes from crisis to crisis just trying to get through it without any long term strategy.  And, the mistakes all started early in the Obama Presidency.  Let me count the ways.  First, there was Obama, who won the Nobel Prize for doing nothing, annoucing that the United States would never use nuclear weapons first, pretty dumb.   Then there was the apology tour in the Middle East blaming the United States for all the problems of the world.   Obama unilaterally ended the missile defense system in Poland and in the Czech Republic, bowing to Russian demands, without getting anything in return in an attempt to press the reset button with Putin and Russia.   Then there was "leading from behind" in Libya to oust Dictator Moamar Qaddafi.   And, there was the infamous red line in the sand in Syria and then no military action.  Finally, Obama eased the sanctions on Iran, which will lead to a nuclear Iran. 

So where are we with all of this.   Both North Korea and Iran continue to develop nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Iran is the largest state sponsor of Terrorism in the world.   Putin has seized the Crimea and is poised to invade Ukraine.  We had to pull our Ambassador and staff out of Libya because it is not safe for Americans to be there.  Both Syria and Iraq are on the verge of being taken over by ISIS Terrorists seeking to establish an Islamic Fascist Caliphate in the Middle East and beyond.  Iran is that much closer to having nuclear weapons.  Clearly, Obama's Don't Do Stupid Stuff policy has been nothing but stupid stuff.  As a result, the United States is far less safe today then when George W Bush left office. 

Hillary Clinton will further distance herself from Obama's failed policies.  Next we will see the Clinton's dump on Obama's Socialist Schemes that have made a mess of the economy and hated ObamaCare, which has actually hurt the majority of Americans.  The Clinton's will abandon Obama like rats jumping off a sinking ship because they will not want the Obama anchor hanging on their necks during a Presidential run.  Just wait and see.  There is certainly no love lost between the Clinton's and Obama anyway.   We will now see the love hate relationship come to light.   

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hollywood Drug Culture - Another Tragic Death

Once again, we see another dead Hollywood personality who struggled with alcohol and drug addiction for years.  In this case, it is brilliant actor and comedian Robin Williams who committed suicide presumably as a result of the depression that he suffered.  What we see now is Hollywood and the lame stream left wing media praising Williams talents and grieving his death as we all do.  However, what we will not see is any mention of the substance abuse that played a roll in Williams suicide and death.  The reason is that there is a drug culture in Hollywood that accepts the use of drugs as normal.  Many of the successful in Hollywood have the money to not only buy marijuana; but harder drugs like cocaine and even heroin that they use regularly.   It is these very same people along with the lame stream left wing media that argue for the legalization of marijuana, a gateway drug to harder stuff.   They just don't learn from these tragic deaths every year because like all addicts, they think they can control their habits.  

But, even if we could care less about Hollywood deaths, the reality is that thousands of Americans die each year because of alcohol and drug abuse.  Many of the dysfunctional families in the United States are impacted by substance abuse; yet there is a drive to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.  It seems pretty dumb to this Blogger. 

Robin William's death reminds this Blogger of the musical Pippin, where the main character is tempted by the Devil with riches, fame, power, money and carnal pleasures only to find that none of these things brought self fulfillment.  Pippin experiences the love of a woman and family; but he finds family life too mundane to provide long term happiness.  So at the Devil's urging he moves on to these other pursuits.  Finally, when nothing works for Pippin, the Devil tells him that the only thing left for him to do is to commit suicide to join the Devil in "paradise" forever; which was the Devil's goal all along.  

Fortunately, for Pippin, he realizes before committing suicide, that the love he had from his family was the most important of all.  So Pippin ends up on the stage, in nothing but a loin cloth, left only with the simple woman and her son as the basis of his self fulfillment.  Unfortunately, for Robin Williams, though he had it all, after three marriages and children from them, he succumbed to the Devil's final solution, rather than recognizing in time what was really important in life. 

It it time for Hollywood and the lame stream left wing media to stop glorifying drug use.  Alcohol and drug addiction kills people.  Why not have a Just Say No campaign in Hollywood.  And, all of those who get rich on the talents of entertainers must stop encouraging these destructive behaviors by looking the other way when their patrons live with drugs on a daily basis.   In addition, the pushers are guilty of murder when anyone dies from drug addiction.  Those in the pubic eye are roll models for young Americans.  If drugs are viewed as acceptable, it encourages young people to use drugs.  This all has to STOP to prevent the thousands of deaths that happen each year from alcohol and drug abuse.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama Is A Smart Stupid Man

This Blogger recognizes that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has a high IQ and may be the smartest guy in the room, or so he thinks.   The problem is that Obama apparently never took and passed Economics 101, International Relations 325 and World History.  If he did take any of these courses, it is pretty certain that he never learned the lessons taught.  Obama operates from his own Socialist ideological framework, which often denies reality.

As such, we still have a weak economy, years after the Recession supposedly ended, with 50 million people on Food Stamps and Welfare.  More than 10 million Americans are now on Disability Benefits because there simply are no jobs for them; not because they can't work.  And, about 10 million more Americans have just dropped out of the workforce altogether.  Wall Street and the Stock Market are doing just great because of cheap money and lay-off's that have cut costs.  But Main Street, including the Middle Class, is suffering all because of Obama's Socialist Schemes that have destroyed jobs. 

Obama is clueless when it comes to foreign affairs.  The world is on fire while Obama vacations in Martha's Vineyard.  We fought a bloody war in both Afghanistan and Iraq to deny Terrorists bases from which to operate and attack our country.  And what we have today are Terrorists gaining control across North Africa and the Middle East.  We are much less safe today than the day Obama took office after being elected in 2008.  What is happening in Iraq is a clear and present danger to our nation; yet Obama has failed to stop ISIS from taking over that nation and threatening other countries in the Middle East and eventually attacking our homeland. 

The reality is that crazy Joe Biden was right about Iraq.   There is nothing sacred about a unified Iraq.  We should advocate that Iraq be broken up into three countries; Kurdistan, Sunni Iraq and Shite Iraq and we should act to make it happen by helping to destroy ISIS.   Further, we should stop pushing for a two state solution in Israel.  Instead, we should support Jordan taking over the West Bank and Egypt taking over Gaza.  Clearly, what we have been doing for years in the Middle East has failed, so why continue the same failed policies. 

Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are enemies of the United States and our allies.   These countries have or will have nuclear weapons aimed at the United States; yet Obama acts like they are no threat to our country.  We are seeing Russia and China in action in the Ukraine and in the South China Sea.   These two countries intend to take over territory in their regions.  It is time for Obama to authorize the Missile Defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic that he unilaterally cancelled when he became President to protect against missiles fired from Russia and or countries in the Middle East.   We also need to contain China and North Korea by encouraging Japan to rearm, including developing nuclear weapons, to maintain the balance of power in Asia. 

Obama may be smart in terms of IQ, but he is no Ronald Reagan.  Reagan may not have had as high an IQ as Obama; but Reagan clearly understood the threats we faced in the world when he was President.  Reagan had no problem calling the old Soviet Union an "evil empire".   We now see Putin acting just like former Soviet Dictators; yet Obama's has his naive head is in the sand.  There is no substitute for Common Sense and Reagan's Peace Through Strength, concepts that Obama just does not understand.   As a result, we face danger around the world.   The next President will have to clean up the mess Obama will leave behind and it is not going to be pretty. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Christians Being Persecuted & Murdered By Islamic Fanatics

Christians are being persecuted and murdered in many Islamic countries by radical Islamic Fascists around the world.   Yet, we hear no condemnation at the United Nations, or from many governments, even in the Western World.  Why is that?  It is important to recognize that many of our allies in the Middle East do not allow religious freedom.  And, in fact, many so called Islamic religious leaders preach not only hatred of Jews; but also of Christians and other religions, as well.   How can the United States call a country an ally that does not allow religious freedom in that country. 

It is time for Western countries, in particular, that have business dealings with these Islamic countries to tell them that they must allow religious freedom in their countries to have normal relations with our countries.   This is no threat to Islam.  If anything Islamic countries should be reminded that their Golden Era occurred when in fact they practiced religious freedom.  All of the countries in the Middle East and North Africa have had Christians and Jews living side by side with Muslims for centuries.  I am well aware of the bloody Crusades that lasted several decades; but Muslims prevailed.   As such, it is time to recognize that Christians, Jews and Muslims are all peoples of the "Book" meaning the Bible, Torah, or Koran giving these three religions common roots.  And, that Judaism and Christianity pre date Islam, in the case of Judaism by several thousand years. 

Muslims recognize Abraham, Moses and even Mary and Jesus in the Koran; yet Islamic fanatics persecute and murder Jews and Christians in the name of Islamic orthodoxy.   This is happening because more moderate Muslim countries have not only tolerated the hatred preached in many mosques; but have even paid for it.  Saudi Arabia finances Madrases around the world,  Muslim schools, that often teach hatred.  This is not a benign action.   It is the basis for many of the murders we see happening in Iraq and other countries.  Teaching children to hate Christians, Jews and people of other religions must be condemned to stop these crazy fanatics that in the end will destroy Islam.  Business as usual with Islamic governments that do nothing to condemn this hatred should stop.     

Another Obamanista Deletes Critical E-Mails

In another Obamanista violation of federal law, Marilyn Tavenner, the Director in charge of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and the agency responsible for the ObamaCare Exchanges at Health and Human Services has deleted as many as 70,000 or more emails.  This has come to light in another Congressional investigation as a House Committee has subpoenaed those emails in an attempt to get information about the botched ObamaCare roll out. 

Could this just be coincidence as now we have another Obamanista in addition to all the crooks at the IRS that somehow had hard drives crash when faced with a Congressional investigation.  It is very clear that these Obama minions were ordered by someone high up to delete these emails and or to destroy these hard drives.  Aside from all the mismanagement at the IRS, Veterans Affairs Department and Health and Human Services, it is becoming clearer by the day that there has been illegal activities in these departments.  Just connect the dots. 

The IRS clearly targeted Conservative and religious groups that Obamanistas deemed to be "enemies" to Socialist President Pinocchio Obama.   That fact is indisputable.  Management at the Veterans Affairs Department and public employee union members cooked the books, playing with numbers, to steal bonus money from the American taxpayer.  And, now we have this Tavenner woman, tied to the ObamaCare Exchanges, that wasted hundreds of millions of dollars, some of which went to Obama cronies to set up the Exchanges suddenly revealing that emails are missing.   Tie this to the $619 Billion in federal government spending that cannot be accounted for in 300 programs; but primarily at Health and Human Services and the Veterans Affairs Department.  Go figure.

Oh what a tangled web they weave when they practice to deceive and steal money from hard working, tax paying Americans.   We just learned from an Inspector Generals Report that federal union employees have been paid for doing nothing.   When they had nothing to do, they were told to list their hours as "other time", which also allowed them to earn bonuses for doing nothing.   Clearly, whenever any Socialist or Republican, in or out of office, calls for higher taxes of any kind, they should be tarred and feathered, or at least screamed at during public meetings. 

There is so much waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government spending that it is truly disgusting.  Yet no one goes to jail and government failure is rewarded by promotions and even more borrowing and spending.  We just saw this as another $16.3 Billion is being given to the crooks at the Veterans Affairs Department by both Socialists and Republicans that enacted the bill.  Politicians of both parties continue to borrow money adding to our National Debt so that they can continue feeding at the trough.   You can bet that these Tavenner emails are missing because they would show the corruption that goes all the way to the White House.  What else could it be?   When there is smoke, there is always fire.    

Friday, August 8, 2014

Obama Finally Orders "Limited" Air Strikes In Iraq

Socialist President Pinocchio Obama has finally ordered "limited" air strikes in Iraq to stop ISIS, the radical Islamic Fascists from murdering Christians and other minorities in Iraq.   It may be too little too late.  What is needed is a coalition of the willing, the same as occurred when Saddam Hussein attacked Kuwait, to destroy ISIS.   This certainly should include Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and NATO countries because ISIS is a clear and present danger to the National Security of the United States and all of these countries. 

ISIS is attempting to establish a Radical Islamic Caliphate across North Africa, the whole Middle East and beyond.  If they end up in Jordan, Israel will have to react to the threat to their country.  This is not just a battle between Sunni and Shite Muslims.  If ISIS is not stopped in Iraq and Syria,  the Terrorist Threat coming from them will hit other countries in the Middle East, Europe and the United States.   Obama is so incredible stupid and naive.   If Iraq falls to these fanatics, it will only be the beginning.  For better or worse the United States must use massive air power to destroy ISIS all over Iraq and even Syria.  

This should have happened six months ago, long before ISIS was just outside Baghdad.  This does not mean sending our troops in again into Iraq; but it does mean targeting these Islamic Fascists all over Iraq and Syria.  Failure to do it now, will just mean we will have to use troops at some point to defend the United States and surrounding countries.  

Obama will leave the next President of the United States a world in turmoil because of his feckless and weak foreign policy.   Just wishing evil away does not destroy it.  We are facing a greater Terrorist Threat today than when George W Bush was President because Obama simply does not understand the threat.   Iran, the biggest state sponsor of Terrorism, will have nuclear weapons because of Obama's inability to actually enforce a red line in the sand.   Ironically, Iran may need those weapons to defend themselves against ISIS if we don't stop ISIS now. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

$619 Billion In Federal Spending - Where Did It Go

A recent audit by the Federal Government Accounting Office,  shows that $619 Billion in spending cannot be accounted for.   Most of this money, about $544 Billion is tied to Health and Human Services spending responsible for managing programs like ObamaCare and Medicare.   The second largest offender was the Veterans Affairs Department that we know now has failed to provide medical services to our VETS.  The VA cannot account for about $64 Billion in spending.   In all, there are about 300 federal government programs that have mismanaged the taxpayer monies given them to run these programs. 

While $619 Billion is chump change in Washington DC, it should be no surprise that this much money is unaccounted for.   The waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy at all levels of government spending is legend.  No doubt, this money is just the tip of a huge iceberg.  This is the reason why this Blogger will not support any tax increases because I know that both Socialists and Republicans, in power and public employee union members already do a lousy job managing the money they already confiscate from hard working Americans. 

So as the Middle Class is earning less today than decades ago in real terms, the federal government is confiscating more and more of our money and then can't even account for the debits in the federal check book.   Combine this with the unconstitutional over reach by the IRS, Homeland Security, Health and Human Services and the Justice Department that is a real threat to our freedom and what we have is a federal government that is mismanaged and completely out of control.  This missing $619 Billion is just one example of Obamanista government failure.

Our border has collapsed.  Our economy and foreign policy are a mess.  More than 70% of Americans believe we are headed in the wrong direction.  This is the reason only die hard Socialists still support Socialist President Pinocchio Obama according to a Wall Street Journal Poll.   Obama is the worst President since Jimmy Carter and the vast majority of Americans know it.  It is what it is.    

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Jimmy Carter Has Finally Lost His Mind

Socialist President Jimmy Carter, certainly one of the worst President's, along with Obama in American history, is now calling for the United States to recognize Hamas, as the legitimate government of Gaza, when in fact it is a Terrorist organization committed to both the destruction of Israel and freedom as we know it.   Carter, who has been an enemy to Israel for years, has finally lost his mind.  

Hamas is a Terrorist organization, just like Hezbollah, Al Queda and ISIS in Iraq.   These fanatics have murdered Muslims, Christians and Jews in their hatred for freedom.  They want to create an anti-Western caliphate that stretches from North Africa to Iran and beyond.  They want to kill Americans, Mr. Carter and given the chance they would do just that.   What ever happened to not negotiating with Terrorists, the American position for decades. 

Other moderate Arab countries, if there is such a thing, are actually cheering Israel on encouraging the Israeli government to destroy Hamas because  other Muslims see the likes of Hamas as a threat to their own countries.  They are watching the Islamic radical fanatics in Syria and Iraq and countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt and others know they could be next.  

Though Jimmy Carter has done good work related to Habitat for Humanity, it is time for Carter to mind his own business and finally retire to a nice Assisted Living facility in Plains, Georgia where he lives.   We suffered four years of Jimmy Carter when he was President.   We certainly don't need to hear from him ever again.   

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ohio Sheriff Bills Mexico $900,000 For Dealing With Mexican Criminals

Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones sent a bill to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto for $900,000, the estimated cost of arresting and jailing about 3,000 Mexican Nationals in the last ten years.   This amount was actually very conservative, since it did not include all the legal expenses necessary to dealing with these criminals.   It is about time that someone in the United States holds Mexico responsible for the financial harm they are doing to our country by failing to stop both their citizens and others passing through Mexico from coming into our country illegally.

The fact is that the Coyotes that charge big money to transport these people into the United States are no doubt tied to the Mexican government, one way or another, since bribes and corruption in Mexico are common.  They call it "Mordita" for money paid under the table, over the table and across the table.  Everyone knows that Mexican government officials, at various levels, are in on these smuggling deals, whether of people, or drugs.  Corruption is just part of Mexican culture.  It is a way of life for many in Mexico involved in crime.  Sorry, but the truth is what it is. 

We need to hold Mexico responsible for the billions of dollars they cost American Taxpayers every year to support Illegal Aliens in our schools, hospitals and the legal system.  This is money that we have to borrow from the Chinese and others because we are broke.  Instead, we should send the bill to Mexico.  We can call it an "Environmental Impact Fee".  Gosh, maybe the bill should come from the EPA Gestapo.  We can't continue being Mexico's safety value.  38 families control all the wealth in Mexico while many live in poverty seeking to come to the United States for a better life. 

As the grandson of legal immigrants, I get it.  The only problem is that when my Italian Grandparents came to America, there was no safety net.  People either worked or starved.  Immigrants who came to America in the 19th and 20th centuries built our country.  They did not rely on other American taxpayers, or the government for support.  That is not true today.  While Illegal Aliens theoretically provide cheap labor, studies show that the actual cost of their labor is about $20 an hour given all the government services they utilize without paying in cooresponding taxes.   In any case, it is about time we hold Mexico responsible for the negative impact they are having on our country.   They have oil.  They can pay our billings in dollars, or in oil, their choice.        

Obama - A Lawless And Dangerous President

If Socialist President Pinocchio Obama, a lawless President, was a Republican of any color, there would be calls for his impeachment coming from the lame stream left wing media, Socialists and even some Republicans.   This would be the case because Obama has consistently violated his oath of office to faithfully execute the laws of the land.  Further, Obama is using Executive Orders and Unconstitutional Regulations implemented by his Gestapos at the EPA, IRS, Homeland Security and the Justice Department to usurp the powers of Congress and threaten our freedoms.   

The difference between Republicans and Socialists is that Republicans usually act to punish wrong doing, i.e. forcing Nixon and other Republicans to resign.   Socialists and the lame stream left wing media applaud and promote their crooks and wrong doers.  The best Republicans can do related to our first Black President is take him to court for making more than 40 unilateral and illegal changes to ObamaCare, without the required Congressional action.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.   Obama is ignoring many laws on the books related to Immigration, drug enforcement etc. 

Shortly, Obama is likely to cause a Constitutional Crisis by granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens using Congressional inaction as his excuse.  Even Jonathan Turley, a liberal legal scholar, who voted for Obama and teaches at George Washington University Law School, is sounding alarm bells about Obama's unconstitutional and lawless actions.  It is clear that Socialists regard the Constitution as nothing more than a nuisance to be ignored.  Most important and Socialists should beware, the precedents set by Obama related to ignoring the rule of law, Congress and our Constitution, will be used by future Presidents including Conservatives to do as they choose.  All of this is very dangerous to our nation and democracy. 

This Blogger has been saying for years that Obama is a clear and present danger to our country as bad as any foreign enemy we have ever faced.  Obama's last two years in office will be particularly dangerous if the entire Congress is controlled by Republicans in the 2014 election, which now looks very feasible.  Short of impeachment, both taxpayers and the Congress will have to use the courts at every turn in an attempt to stop Obama from "transforming" our nation into a Socialist country, his real intent.  Remember, Socialist like Obama will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   Expect to see many of these things happen in the next two years if Obama goes unchecked. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Veterans - Held As Prisoners Of War By Congress

Republicans and Socialists came together to enact a $16.3 Billion bill to "help" Veterans forced to get health care through the corrupt and inefficient Veteran's Affairs Medical System.  Instead of privatizing the whole system, which is what should have happened, Congress has provided even more money to the very people who cooked the books to steal bonuses from the American taxpayer, while providing horrible service to our Veterans.   Only in government is failure rewarded with more money instead of the jail time that should be happening. 

Republicans that typically support School Vouchers and choice for kids in failing public schools and Socialists that always support the unlimited right for women to choose abortion did not come together to support Choice for Veterans.  Why the hell not??  Clearly, Veterans who do not already have medical insurance through their employers and who do not qualify for ObamaCare Subsidies for private medical insurance should be given a Government Insurance Card and allowed to choose between private care and Veterans Affairs Medical Assistance Care.  If the care is bad from the Veterans Medical System, then VETS should be able to vote with their feet and seek out care in the private system, without any restrictions.   We owe VETS freedom of choice for fighting for our freedom. 

This $16.3 billion going to the Veterans Affairs Department, when spending has already increased dramatically in the last 5 - 10 years, is money down a rat hole that does nothing but reward the public employee union members working at Veterans Medical Facilities.   When will we see common sense implemented related to government programs that are often guilty of waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy and corruption.   Obviously, the most recent Veterans Affairs Bill, enacted by Congress, is just one more example of government stupidity.    If you see your Congressman or Senator, while they are on vacation raising money for their campaigns this summer, make your voices heard.  Tell them Enough is Enough.    

Friday, August 1, 2014

Israel - Forget About A Two State Solution

There has been a discussion and negotiations for years in an attempt to create two states, side by side, presumably living in peace, Israel and Palestine.  It should be clear by now that this is not going to happen and further that it makes no sense.   How many wars, how many cease fires, how many deaths on both sides do we need to see before the international community and both Israel and Palestinians realize that this is impossible. 

Israel has fairly normal relations with both Egypt and Jordon.   The Gaza Strip used to be part of Egypt and should be so again.  The West Bank used to was part of Jordon and should be so again.   Sunni Arabs control both these countries.  Palestinians are Sunni Arabs that should be comfortable being part of Egypt or Jordon.   Amman, Jordon is the Capital of the West Bank.  Cairo, Egypt is the Capital of the Gaza Strip.   Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel as it has been for thousands of years, since the time of King David.

Once relations are normalized with all Islamic countries, there should be no reason why Muslims, from around the world cannot visit Jerusalem, as a holy city to them, the same way Christians from around the world come to Israel as tourists.  If the two state solution is abandoned in favor of common sense, we can see peace in the Middle East, once and for all.   We need to encourage more democracy and religious freedom in Jordon and Egypt, along with all Islamic countries, as the key to their economic prosperity.  Palestinians are either Jordanian, or Egyptian by ancestry.   It is what it is, so why not recognize reality and stop all this discussion about a two state solution that is a road to more misery, continuous war and instability in the Middle East.       

Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Collective Bargaining Limits

In a major victory for Governor Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin, their State Supreme Court upheld logical limits on Collective Bargaining rights for public employees.   It took Walker's courage and iron will to confront the public employee unions, which is what should be happening all over the United States; but particularly in states controlled by Republicans.  Even Socialist President Franklin D. Roosevelt was opposed to Collective Bargaining for public employees because he knew is was inconsistent with the public interests. 

We also see how corrosive public employee unions are to our political system because their political donations hold hostage Socialist candidates making it impossible for them to act in the best interest of the people.  In essence, Socialist candidates are bribed into providing unsustainable compensation, benefits and work rules that are detrimental to the public interest. 

Instead, public employees should be governed by non-partisan Civil Service Commissions composed of appointees by the President and the Governors of each states.  The appointees should have staggered four year terms.  The mission of Civil Service Commissions is to listen to all sides; but ultimately to do what is in the best interest of the American people.   And, additional laws should be enacted which require that compensation and benefits for public employees be pegged to what is common for Mid Sized companies in the private sector; no more and no less.  Why should any public employee earn more in pay and benefits than what is common in the private sector.   In addition, it must be easier to fire an incompetent public employee; again only common sense. 

What has occurred in Wisconsin is a start in limiting public employee union over reach and corruption.   This battle is far from over.   Brave elected officials must continue to fight for the American people.  It will be tough; but it must be done to prevent the bankruptcy of states and the United States.