Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hawaii Wants To Get Rid Of Homeless People

The state of Hawaii has budgeted $100,000 to buy airplane tickets to send their homeless people back where they came from, or any other place they want to go.   Of course, this is just symbolic since it is estimated that there are 17,000 homeless people living in Hawaii and given the price of an airplane ticket, $100,000 won't go far.  Sounds heartless huh? But other cities have done it too.  New York City, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County and West Palm Beach all have similar programs in place to get their homeless people off their city streets.  Obviously, it would be cheaper to provide a one way ticket to a homeless person than to take care of them. 

This solution is just passing the buck, so to speak and will do nothing to solve the homeless problem in America.   This is another Politically Correct deal gone wrong.   Somewhere along the way, it became illegal to round up homeless people and put them in shelters, or in some cases drug or alcohol rehabilitation programs, or insane asylums.   In fact, cities can't require homeless people to do anything, if they want to just stay on the street.  They can be arrested if they are a nuisance; but that is usually just a waste of time.   Most of these people have serious drug, alcohol, or other mental problems.  They are not on the street because they are poor, or have no place to live.  They are poor because they can't take care of themselves. 

Yes, all Americans are protected by our Bill of Rights, even the homeless; but anti-social behavior, while not necessarily criminal, should not be tolerated in a civil society.   These people need help.  They cannot care for themselves.  In a sense, the state must have power of attorney to properly provide the services needed to help these people prevent harm to themselves and others.  However, help does not come because of really stupid Politically Correct attitudes and in some cases court decisions that make it impossible to deal with the homeless in America. 

Dealing With Poverty In America

We need to deal with poverty in America; but to do so we must recognize that contrary to Socialist President Obama's assertions, the poor are not poor because the rich are rich.  In fact, income inequality in the US occurs because the poor are poorly educated and as a result lack marketable job skills, not because the rich and middle class have all the money and or property in the country.   Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress would have you believe that the pie is only so big and that it must therefore be redistributed to make the rich and middle class poorer, so that the poor can get richer.   That is a bold face lie. 

It is true that there are winners and losers in a Capitalist society; but that occurs because free markets, if allowed to take their course, without government intervention, which does not happen in the most countries, will weed out the inefficient use of resources.   This is positive and the basis for innovation and economic development.  However, the only winners in a Socialist, Communist, or Fascist society are the people in power.  Otherwise, other people are all losers when these ideologies prevail.   We are seeing that now under Obamanomics as the poor and middle class are worse off today than the day Obama was elected.  The rich did OK under Obama, until the Fiscal Cliff deal and ObamaCare, which will now take more from them too, which in the end will kill jobs, hurting the poor and middle class. 

The Makers in our society have spent trillions of hard earned dollars trying to eliminate poverty in America under the New Deal, Great Society and other Socialist Schemes and the poverty rate today, under Obama, is actually higher than when both Bush II and Jimmy Carter were Presidents.   That is because money spent on Welfare, Disability, Food Stamps, Medicaid and Public Schools, as currently constructed has all been money down a rat hole since these monies have done nothing to actually get people off the dole.  Instead, we need new solutions that will work to actually eliminate poverty and not perpetuate it.

Let's start with Workfare and Schoolfare instead of Welfare.   Any able bodied person on the dole should have to work for it cleaning up fealty inner cities and public schools and painting over graffiti.  Or, these people should be in vocational schools learning a trade.  And, part of a Welfare payment should relate to keeping their children in school until high school graduation.   The notion that we give money to able bodied people with no strings attached is counter productive and does nothing to eliminate poverty. 

We need to track down men who repeatedly father illegitimate children and then don't provide support.  These men need to experience some jail time to keep their zippers up.   Otherwise, a male chastity belt might be a good idea. Yes, that was a joke.  We have to deal with gangs in the inner cities of our country, which also means securing our border to shut down the drug trade to make inner cities safe again.   This is not about taking guns off our streets; but rather taking bad people off our streets. 

Parents with poor children in failing public schools must be given School Vouchers to allow those parents to put their kids in private schools.  This means taking on the teacher unions to get these kids, much like slaves, that are stuck on the public school plantation, with teacher unions as their new masters.  Paying poor kids to graduate from high school would be a good use of public money too.  

Finally, we have to speak truthfully about poverty in America without fear of being called a racist to deal with it.   Blacks make up about 13% of the population; but commit over 90% of murders and much of this is Black on Black crime.  7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock into poverty as contrasted with 4 out of 10 White babies, which is bad enough.   Government programs have destroyed the Black family in our inner cities.  In general, many inner city Blacks are poorly educated and can't even speak, read, or write English sufficiently well to function in our society.   These people are products of lousy inner city public schools.   Black Civil Rights, political and church leaders must take up these factual issues to eliminate poverty in America.   It will not happen until we all face the truth. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

ObamaCare Call Center - Part Time Jobs Without Medical Benefits

In a sweet irony, in staffing an ObamaCare Call Center in Contra Costa, County California, about half the 200 federal government jobs will be Part Time to avoid providing these new employees medical and other benefits.  Gosh, go figure.   This is exactly what is going to happen in corporate America.   Certainly, most jobs in fast food and other minimum wage jobs will all be Part Time, less than 30 hours a week, going forward to avoid ObamaCare requirements.   In addition, there is absolutely no reason that many other lower level service and or manufacturing jobs won't also be turned into Part Time Jobs to avoid ObamaCare.

Since ObamaCare did nothing to bend the cost curve related to medical insurance and in fact has caused premiums to go up because of all the "mandated free benefits" required by ObamaCare,  American companies have reached the tipping point.   Going forward, it is just impossible to provide medical insurance coverage for all employees and their families at company expense.   As such, many companies will look for legal ways to limit this cost. 

Employees will then be forced to go on the Exchanges to buy their own insurance, assuming they can afford it, which is unlikely.   Only the very poor will benefit from ObamaCare as they will get medical insurance for nothing; but these are the same people that were eligible for Medicaid anyway.  Middle Class Americans already squeezed by Obamanomics are going to pay much higher fees and charges for medical benefits.   The "rich" will pay more too; but the rich will not be choosing between food, heat and rent to pay for medical insurance.   The Middle Class will make life choices to buy mandated medical insurance; just wait and see. 

ObamaCare is just another redistribution of income Socialist Scheme designed to take money from Makers and give it to Obama's PEEP's, the Takers in society; those that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, public employee union members, radical feminists and environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists.  The sad thing is that the Middle Class and Senior Citizens will be far worse off because of ObamaCare.  Paying more for medical care to support the Takers in society will mean a lower standard of living for all other hard working Americans.   It is what it is. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Government Shut Down - Go Ahead, Make Our Day

President Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress are heading toward a show down with Republicans in Congress over the 2014 Budget Negotiations.   Naturally, Socialists want to borrow and spend more money, on their PEEP's, adding to our $17 Trillion National Debt, to benefit those that pay no income taxes at all, those on the dole, public employee union members, radical environmentalists and feminists, trial lawyers and crony Capitalists.   Socialists, including Obama, always sing the same old stale song. Tax the "rich" to redistribute wealth to buy votes and in the process retard the growth of the economy and kill jobs.   Obama has been doing it for five years; so nothing new with this story.  

Republicans see these budget negotiations as an opportunity to bring down ObamaCare by defunding it.  Certainly, since all Republicans voted against ObamaCare and repeatedly in the House of Representatives, it makes no sense for them to vote to fund it even if it means shutting down the government to make the point.   Shut down the government.  Go ahead, make our day.  It will be cause for celebration. 

Government is the problem and rarely the solution, many times more trouble than it is worth.   Anyone in business spends considerable time and money dealing with the federal government.   So if the government shuts down for a while, we could all be better off for it.  In any case, in the fall, we will see the dance of the piggies as all of those people feeding at the trough in Washington DC and the lame stream, left wing media decry horror at the thought of closing down the government.   This Blogger thinks it is a great idea.   Maybe then some of these over paid government bureaucrats and crooks in Washington DC will have to get a real job, instead of working to make life miserable for the rest of us.  Shut the government down and send them all packing.  

Obama Calls Scandals "Phony"

Socialist President Obama is now calling all the Scandals surrounding his Administration "phony".   Really?  The death of four Americans and the targeting of Conservatives and Christians by the IRS is phony?  This is happening because House investigations are getting closer and closer to the White House and Obamanistas fear the next shoes to fall.   It is becoming clearer by the day that Obama's hands are all over the Fast and Furious and Benghazi cover up, the IRS Dirty Tricks, the NSA monitoring of our emails, phone calls, letters and car licenses, the Justice Department seizing of Reporter's phone and email records and the State Department sex and drugs cover up. 

While Obamanistas are doing all they can to shield Obama from these Scandals, it is becoming harder and harder because underlings, working in various government agencies, are starting to squeal like little piglets under penalty of perjury.   These low level bureaucrats are not going to take the hit for the President, who is trying to throw them under the bus and why the hell should they?

When Lois Lerner, the Director at the IRS, in charge of the unit targeting Conservatives and Christians, took the 5th rather than incriminate herself, it was no doubt at the instruction of Obamanistas in the White House because if she testifies truthfully, to avoid perjury charges, it will lead to the White House and Obama.   So now, Obama and his minions are calling all these Scandals "phony" in an attempt to discredit all the investigations going on in the House of Representatives.  It is not going to work.   The American people are smarter than that, which might be the reason Obama's approval rating is down to 42%, just his die hard PEEP's on the dole. 

This is also the reason Obama is out on the campaign trail again preaching his stale and stupid Class Warfare ideology in a desperate attempt to fire up his PEEP's in order to take back the House of Representatives in 2014.   Aside from pushing through his Socialist Schemes to transform our nation, Obama wants the investigations to stop, which surely would happen if the Socialists control the entire Congress.   Always remember, Socialists, Communists and Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   As such, we will now see the Obama Propaganda Machine in action for the next year to deflect attention away from numerous Scandals that are very real and not phony at all. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Obama Praises Ho Chi Minh

While meeting with Vice President Troung Tan Sang of Vietnam, Socialist President Obama said of Ho Chi Minh, the brutal Communist Dictator of Vietnam, that Minh was inspired by our Declaration of Independence and Constitution and the words of Thomas Jefferson.   This is the same Ho Chi Minh that murdered, or enslaved millions of his own citizens to gain and stay in power.  This is also the same Ho Chi Minh whose caused many Vietnamese to flee his country.  Remember, the "boat people".  And, what an insult to the nearly 60,000 Americans who died in Vietnam, fighting for freedom, whose names are on that Wall Memorial, just down the street from the White House. 

What planet does Obama live on?   While it is good that we have normalized relations with Viet Nam because they are starting to move away from Communism to some degree, they are hardly a pillar of democracy in keeping with our governing documents, or the words of Thomas Jefferson.   Vietnam is still a Dictatorship, one party state, attempting to follow the Chinese model of Communist Capitalism.   As a result, putting Ho Chi Minh's name is the same sentence with the name of Thomas Jefferson is ridiculous.

Obama lives in a Socialist dream world.  He recently hosted a dinner for American Muslims, in honor of Ramadan, his 5th since coming to the White House, which is probably a good thing, provided they are not somehow supporting Terrorists, or calling for the destruction if Israel.  And, then Obama turns his back on the National Prayer Breakfast, usually implemented by Christian and Jews.   This is the same Obama, who says of Christians, that we cling to our guns and religion.  Obama is the President of his PEEP's, not the President of the United States representing all Americans.  That becomes clearer by the day. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Anthony Weiner - Pervert Candidate for Mayor Of NYC

Disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned from Congress for Sexting women and flashing his body on the Internet, is actually running for Mayor of New York City.   This guy is a pervert that needs therapy.  What is even dumber is that Weiner is doing pretty well in the polls.  What is wrong with the Socialists in New York City.  Certainly, there must be other Socialists in New York City that are more reputable candidates.   The fact that Weiner is even a candidate, at all, is really amazing. 

It says allot about the moral decline and decay in our country.   What ever happened to common decency, not to mention common sense.   In addition, Weiner's wife, who was a former aide to Hillary Clinton, is standing by Weiner, her man.  I guess she learned this from Hillary who tolerated her cheating husband, Bill Clinton, for years.  This Blogger just does not get it.  Do these women have so little self respect that they would trade everything to be in the lime light and share power.   I guess so. 

But Weiner is not alone.  Former Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, who had to resign for cheating on his wife with a prostitute, is running for New York City Controller.  This is quite a dynamic duo.   We have a Flasher and John running for office in New York City, as though these things never happened.   It would be funny, if it was not such a horrible reflection of current state of politics in the United States.   Let's face it, we have many elected officials, of both political parties, that have been feeding at the trough for years.   There are many crooks and liars in office that should be in jail, rather than in office.  So, I guess we should not be surprised by what we see happening in New York City, or in Washington DC.  

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

IRS - The Smoking Gun

Oh what a tangled web they weave when these Socialists practice to deceive.   It appears that William Wilkins, an Obama appointee to the IRS Office of Chief Counsel, met with someone at the White House on April 23, 2012.  Further, Douglas, Shulman, the IRS Commissioner at the time, also had one of many meetings at the White House on April 24, 2012.   The reason these dates are so critical is that it was just a few days later, when Wilkins issued the infamous guidelines ordering IRS agents to target the Tea Party, other Conservative and Christian Groups related to their non-profit applications. 

Of course, Obamanistas at the White House are now taking the Fifth.  They will not disclose who Wilkins and Shulman met with on these dates.   Could it have been Obama?   Now we must ask the Nixon question.  What did the President know and when did he know it.  It is becoming very obvious that the White House ordered the IRS to target Obama's "enemies".    And, that order may have come from Obama himself and or, it is hard to believe that Obama was not involved in this process one way or another.

Remember, Obama was running for reelection at the time.  Everyone knows that as a Socialist Obama will lie, cheat, steal, or borrow Trillions of dollars to stay in power, feeding at the trough.  There is no doubt in this Blogger's mind, given all the other Obama Scandals that have come to light, that Obama would absolutely have ordered the targeting of his enemies.  This is the guy who once said "if your enemy brings a knife to a fight, you bring a gun".   After all, Obama was mentored by Communists in Chicago. 

It appears that we have the Smoking Gun.   William Wilkins and Douglas Shulman had meetings at the White House to plot their targeting scheme with Obamanistas.   If they were not meeting with Obama directly, they were surely just a few heart beats away.   We know now that that targeting the Tea Party, other Conservative Groups and Christians was an order from the White House.   The only question is whether Obama's finger prints were on that order. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Great Divide In America

The left wing, lame stream media is always talking about the great divide in America that is growing between rich and poor.   That is all baloney.  The real divide is between Takers, dependent on government and hard working Makers that pay all the income taxes in the United States.   Only a small percentage of Makers, who have played by the rules, are rich.   They are instead people with family and moral values that have worked hard to get a good education, or learn a marketable job skill.   The Makers in society put off instant gratification for long term benefit for themselves and their families. 

There are some Takers in our country who are mentally, or physically disabled, or that have suffered injuries in the military that warrant our support; but there are also Takers that drop out of high school, or that continue to have babies out of wedlock that deserve no support from the American taxpayer because they should be held responsible for their own actions.  Those with little education, or marketable job skills, of their own making, are destined to be on the dole, living in poverty, no matter how much we spend on them.   Sadly, it is what it is. 

These Takers come in all colors and races.   In fact, in real numbers, there are more Whites on Welfare, Disability Benefits and Food Stamps than Blacks; though as a percentage of their population, minorities make up more of the poor.   Trillions have been spent since the New Deal and Great Society Programs were put in place to eliminate poverty; but the poverty rate is higher today, under Obama, than when both Jimmy Carter and Bush II were Presidents.   Throwing more money at the problem, as always advocated by Socialists, is money down a rat hole. 

We do need to be concerned about the Great Divide between Makers and Takers; but it will take honesty, innovative solutions and tough love to solve the problems we face in our inner cities.   Welfare must be turned into Workfare and or Schoolfare.   Food Stamps must only be given to people willing to work.   Rewarding women, who have babies out of wedlock, with more benefits, is just plain dumb.   We have to end the fraud that is common with Disability benefits; by putting people in jail that collect benefits when there is nothing wrong with them.  That money is coming right out of the Social Security Trust Fund, which is already on the road to insolvency.

Finally, both Socialists and Republicans must stand up to the teacher unions by providing School Vouchers to parents with kids in failing, inner city public schools, so that they can send their children to private schools to break the cycle of poverty.   These poor kids are slaves on the public school plantations, all over the United States, run by the teacher unions for their personal gain and nothing else.   It has to stop. 

Yes, there is a Great Divide in America; but it has nothing to do with rich and poor as contended by Obamanistas and other left wing Socialists.   It is the divide between Makers and Takers; between hard work and those that refuse to work and between the educated and the uneducated.   Until we deal with these issues honestly, poverty in America is destined to increase no matter how much money we borrow and throw at the problem.    

Obama - There He Goes Again

With Socialist President Obama's job approval rating down around 45%, Obama will hit the road again preaching his Tax and Spend Economic Policy that has failed so miserably to create jobs for the past five years.  Obama has been using the Trayvon Martin case to deflect attention away from his failures and all the Scandals surrounding Obama's Administration; but Obamanistas can only go so far with that story, since the Holder Justice Department will probably not be able to file a Civil Rights case against George Zimmerman.  Other than protests in the streets by Obama's PEEP's to keep them busy, there is no there, there with the Zimmerman acquittal.  So that story will play its course in a few weeks. 

So now, Obama will go back on the road as a prelude to the 2014 Congressional Campaign calling for higher taxes on the rich, even though there are 21 new taxes in ObamaCare and the Fiscal Cliff deal already raised taxes on Small Businesses and the rich.   In any case, taxing the rich even more, even though it is a job killer, plays well with the Takers in society, Obama's PEEP's.  As such, we will hear Obamanistas demonizing the "rich" as often as possible until next November, 2014.  It is really old, but they will continue to sing this same old stale song over and over again because they cannot point to any accomplishments. 

And then, Obama will call for more SwindleUS Spending, even though the Trillion dollars already spent on Obama's Socialist Schemes, that just added to our $17 Trillion National Debt, did nothing meaningful to create jobs.   All we got from that spending was 20 million more people on Welfare and Food Stamps and 3 million more people on Disability benefits.   There are still 20 million Americans either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether.  This number will grow further because of ObamaCare that will hit the nation on January 1, 2014.  This is the case because Obama's Socialist Economic Plan has been a dismal failure. 

Yet, we will hear Obama call for more of the same in the coming weeks and months ahead and particularly into the fall when Congress must deal with the budget and raising the Debt Ceiling once again.   As they used to say on Seinfield, Yada, Yada, Yada.    We have heard this story many times from Obama, so it will just more of the same.   There He Goes Again. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obama Profiled - Followed In Store

Socialist President Obama recently said in reference to the tragic death of Trayvon Martin that when he was young, he too as a Black kid, was profiled and followed in a Department stores.  I hate to burst the President's balloon, but as someone who worked his way through university, working in retail for several years, I thought I would tell the President that both uniformed and under cover security in Department stores typically watch out for young people of all colors because that is the age group most often involved in shoplifting.   Profiling does happen; but it is by age group, not color.

If the President had ever worked for a living in a business of any kind, he would know these things.  Look, there is no doubt that young Black men are sometimes viewed with suspicion because the percentage of crimes they commit in the United States is much higher than their percentage of the population.   In fact, though Blacks make up just 13% of the population, the FBI reports that more than 90% of murders in the past several years were committed by Blacks.  And, unemployment among Blacks is double that of Whites and other groups.   In particular, 50% of Black kids have no jobs.  Though there are more Whites on Welfare and Food Stamps, in real numbers, since Whites still make up a larger percentage of the population, as their percentage of the population, there are more Blacks on these social welfare programs than Whites. 

As a result in our inner cities, Black young people are often just hanging around on street corners and other centers of activity because they have nothing else to do.   That does not make them criminals, though whenever we see young people of any color just hanging around, there can be an assumption that they are up to no good, whether true or not. 

Can we please get past the racial politics and at least deal in facts.   Black on Black Crime in our inner cities is horrendous, resulting in hundreds of young Black kids being killed each year.   These deaths are usually gang and drug related.  Black Children in public schools are slaves to the teacher unions that ardently fight School Choice to keep those kids on public school plantations that are failing them miserably.  Most abortions are performed in our inner cities and many times it is Black babies that are being destroyed.   Even so, 7 out of 10 Black babies are born out of wedlock, into poverty, compared to 4 out of 10 White babies.

Even though we have spent trillions of dollars trying to eliminate poverty since the New Deal and Great Society programs were put in place, the poverty rate is higher today than when Bush II and Jimmy Carter was President.   These programs, under Obama, have created more dependency, rather than eliminating poverty.  These are the facts and until we can discuss them honestly and objectively, seeking new solutions to solve the problems we face, without racial politics getting in the way, many uneducated Blacks in America will continue to experience poverty, misery and government dependence.  It is what it is.  

Detroit Bankruptcy - Socialism At Work

The city of Detroit has filed for bankruptcy, the largest city in the United States ever to do so.   However, it should be no surprise to anyone.   Detroit has been in decline for more than 30 years as a result of its corrupt Socialist politicians and public employee unions that have milked the people of Detroit for all they could get.  The end result is that the population of Detroit, over three decades, has fallen from 2 million to about 700,000.   Detroit is left with all the Takers in society.  The Makers have been voting with their feet for years. 

There are an unbelievable 78,000 abandoned, vacant buildings in Detroit, presumably owned by the city.   City Services are almost non existent.   Detroit public schools are a crime against children.  All of this is happening because 19,000 retired public employee union members and current city employees have been promised pensions that are unsustainable.   The city simply does not have the money to pay those pensions and at the same time maintain city services.   And, there is no one left in Detroit, with any money, to tax.  

The Socialists in Detroit bled the Makers in society dry so they left the city.   For the most part, what is left in Detroit are the unemployed, more than 20%, those on Welfare, or Disability Benefits, old retired people with little income and Crack Dealers.   It is a very sad ending to a Socialist story; but it is always what happens when corrupt Socialists control all the levers of power.  Socialism where ever and when ever it has been in practice results in poverty and misery.  It is like a Ponzi Scheme, where some people do well for a period of time; but then eventually everyone else gets killed.   This is what Obama wants for our whole country when he talks about "transforming America".   We can see the end of the story in Detroit because it is coming to the United States if Obama is allowed to continue with his corrupt Socialist Schemes.   

So now as a result of this bankruptcy, Detroit's creditors and bond holders will get screwed.  Public employees, currently getting pensions, will get much less than they were promised.  Of course, Obamanistas will call for a federal bail out.  Let us hope that the Republicans in Congress say Absolutely Not because if Detroit is bailed out, Illinois and California will be next at much higher cost to the taxpayer.  Instead, it is time for tough love and medicine.   Throwing more heroine at a heroine addict just results in ultimate death and is never the solution.  Those who have been feeding at the trough for years must now feel the pain of their excesses and corruption, rather than ask the American taxpayer to bail them out. 

This Blogger previously advanced a unique idea for Detroit.  Tear down all the vacant buildings and make Detroit a huge Apple Orchard, the NAPA Valley of the Mid West, except rather than grapes and wine being the attraction, make it everything apple, through private investment.  Let Capitalism work.  Doing so will attract tourists to a city that today is one big junk yard.  And, if there is gas and oil shale under that land, make Detroit a big energy center to create thousands of jobs.   It is going to take creative thinking to save Detroit, rather than a federal bail out, which will just make it worse.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ObamaCare Opponants - Now Called Segregationists

Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sibelius, speaking at a NAACP Convention recently referred to opponents of ObamaCare as Segregationists.  Really!  This shows how desperate Obamanistas are in trying to defend the ObamaCare monstrosity that they now have to even play the race card and racial politics to somehow justify ObamaCare.   Look, the majority of the American people want ObamaCare repealed because we don't want the federal government to take over health care that represents one sixth of the US economy.   We don't want Obama Big Brother intruding into all aspects of our lives, whether it is monitoring our emails, phone calls, letters, bank records, car license plates and driving habits, or health records as is required in ObamaCare.   We don't want the corrupt IRS involved in our health care decisions. 

And, we are not alone.   Now, apparently big private sector Unions have realized that ObamaCare is going to screw them.   While they got a waiver for a few years, the Cadillac medical plans they fought for, over the years, will be taxed at 40% going forward.  This is just one of 21 new taxes in ObamaCare that will hit all Americans.  This means these very rich plans will go away and you can bet it will happen without an adjustment to salary, or other compensation for Union workers.   And,  since ObamaCare only requires that employers, with more than 50 employees, insure the employee, or pay a fine, family coverage could disappear too.   Finally, employers are not required to pay any health care benefits at all for employees that work 30 hours or less a week.   So many jobs will just be classified as part time to avoid ObamaCare requirements entirely.   Big unions just woke up to this nightmare; though all of these provisions were part of ObamaCare from the night it was rushed through Congress.   If only the Socialists union paid to elect had read the bill before they voted for it; just maybe they would have seen that they screwed their Union supporters.  Oh well, it is all in a day's work for Socialists that will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  

So now, are Big Unions also Segregationists for opposing ObamaCare.   No, all of us that oppose ObamaCare are American citizens that do not want the federal government involved in life and death decisions and our health care.   ObamaCare is a train wreck coming at us next January, 2014.  Many will be run over by this train, including Big Union Members.  It is not going to be fun for any of us. 

IRS Dirty Tricks - How High Does It Go

It is becoming clearer by the day that IRS Dirty Tricks were at the direction of management high up at the agency and maybe beyond.   Lois Lerner, the Director in charge of the unit that targeted Conservative and Religious groups, who took the 5th, rather than incriminate herself, apparently ordered that review of non profit applications, from these groups, not only come to her office before approval; but to the Chief Counsel's office at the IRS, appointed by President Obama.   This is not normal.  Lerner attempted to throw local IRS agents under the bus; but it turns out they were just following orders; her orders.  Now they are squealing like little piglets. 

The question is how far up the chain did this go.  Given that a Presidential appointee was involved in these Dirty Tricks, what did the White House know and when did they know it.  Further, none of this should be a surprise.  Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress have openly declared war on their "enemies", the Tea Party and Conservative Christians.  Socialists have referred to Tea Party Members as domestic Terrorists.  Obama constantly derides Christians that "cling to their guns and religion".  Is it any wonder that their lackeys in government would interpret these comments to mean that Conservatives and Christians should be profiled and targeted.  This is really a "hate crime" that should be prosecuted as a Civil Rights violation. 

Yes,  President Obama and his Socialist pals in government hate Conservatives and devout Christians.   We see it in their words and deeds.   Does anyone really think that information gained by the National Security Agency, while monitoring our emails, phone records, bank accounts, health records, letters and now car licenses won't be used by these Socialists to punish their "enemies".   We are dealing with Obama's Gestapo's at every turn.  Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   IRS Dirty Tricks is just the latest of many Obama examples that make the case.   We are just steps away from an Obama Totalitarian government that all Americans should fear a whole lot more than other citizens who legally own guns. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fighting For Civil Rights In America

The Obama Justice Department, led by liar and bumbler Attorney General Eric Holder is now investigating whether Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights were violated in the Zimmerman murder case.  Of course, the answer is No, since that case had nothing to do with race.   This was not a hate crime as defined by state, or federal statutes and everyone with a brain knows it; but it does not matter in the game of racial politics.   And now, Liar Holder is attacking the very notion of Self Defense when attacked and Stand Your Ground, the law in Florida and many other states.  Oh well, once again law abiding citizens, exercising their Rights are the enemy to Obamanistas.   So what's new?  In any case, real Civil Rights violations happen every day. 

Several hundred thousand innocent unborn children, that should have a right to life, are murdered by infanticide abortion, each year.   Anyone audited by the IRS is presumed guilty until the taxpayer spends a lot of money to prove otherwise.  The National Security Agency is monitoring all aspect of daily life by seizing our phone records, emails and even photo copying the to and from on every letter we send by snail mail.  Obama Big Brother is watching us like never before.   ObamaCare will require doctors to share our medical information with the federal government in violation of our privacy rights.  Those who own guns continue to be threatened by more and more restrictions. 

Local, State and Federal governments continue to confiscate the fruits of our labor through all kinds of taxes, fees and charges.   The IRS targets Conservative and Religious groups that don't tow the party line.  Kids in failing public schools, particularly in the inner cities, are forced to stay there as slaves on the government plantation to support teacher unions.  Baton carrying New Black Panthers threaten people at a voting booth and Liar Holder does nothing about it.  Black on Black crime results in the murder of hundreds of Black kids every year with no outcry from Civil Rights leaders.  

Yes, we do need to fight for Civil Rights in America; but it goes way beyond any traditional definition.   All Americans are being denied their Civil Rights, as originally guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights, in one way or another.   The last hundred years of Socialist Creep has incrementally taken from us our freedoms.  ObamaCare is just the latest blow when the Supreme Court said the federal government can basically force us to do anything they choose.   We are no longer living in a Free Country; that's for sure.   When we talk about fighting for our Civil Rights, we need to broaden the discussion to get it right.   This is not just about racial discrimination anymore.   In fact,  racial discrimination is the least of our problems related to fighting for our Civil Rights because the things happening to us threaten all Americans of every color. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Senator Dirty Harry Reid Threatens Nuclear Option

Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, the Senate Majority Leader, has threatened the nuclear option to get Socialist President Obama's appointees approved by Republicans in the Senate.   This means that Reid is planning on using a majority vote, just 51 Socialist votes if he can get them, to end the 60 vote rule normally required to get appointments approved.  This is the same Harry Reid who previously argued against changing this rule when Socialists were in the minority.   Always remember, Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Dirty Harry Reid is no exception to this rule.  Reid plays dirty politics whenever he needs to do so to push his Socialist agenda.  

In contention, in particular, are Obama's three recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board, which the court ruled were unconstitutional.   Obama wants his Socialist lackeys on the NLRB to push through big union demands related to card check, instead of secret ballot rules in place now to join a union.  This is Chicago style dirty politics at its worst and nothing more.  But is anyone surprised.   Obama regularly disregards the Constitution and often the law in more than 13,000 Executive Orders to date.  Obama picks and chooses which laws he will enforce and which he will ignore in violation of the Constitution and his oath of office.  If Obama were any Republican President,  Socialists would have called for his impeachment long ago. 

Dirty Harry Reid is just doing the President's bidding in trying to change the rules of the Senate to get Obama's cronies appointed.   Republicans and even some Socialists are opposed to this rule change because it would reduce the minority party, which ever one it is at the time, to nothing more than a bunch of empty seats in the Senate.   Some Socialists know that one day this rule change would be used against them; hence the reason they are opposed.   No matter, Dirty Harry Reid will probably push through this rule change to further advance Obama's Socialist Schemes.   And, some wonder why the economy is stagnant.    Socialist Job Killers continue to implement crazy schemes that retard economic growth.   A Socialist led National Labor Relations Board is a Job Killer.  Go figure.  

Obama Scandals & The Republicans In 2014-16

Now that the Zimmerman murder trial is hopefully finally over and it fades from the news, the Obama Scandals will reemerge as the topics of the day.   We are still dealing with the lies in Fast and Furious, Benghazi Cover Up, IRS Dirty Tricks, seizing of Reporters Phone Records, the Big Brother NSA monitoring of all aspects of daily life and the State Department cover up of their drug and sex stories.   Obama is off to a pretty rotten start in his second Administration; that's for sure.   And, then there is ObamaCare that will hit the nation like a ton of bricks next January. 

However, if Republicans think these Scandals and dislike of ObamaCare are their ticket to keeping the House in 2014 and winning back the Senate; which are very feasible, they better start working on a common sense message to attract the 5 - 6% of additional voters we need to win back the Presidency in 2016.   In addition to our Conservative base, we must add more single women, Latinos, young people and well off Gays to our coalition to win elections.    And, it can be done with nuanced positions on Abortion, Immigration Reform, creating a healthy economy to provide more Jobs for young people and support for Gay Civil Unions.   All of these things can be done without violating Conservative principles on  these issues.    We need a rejuvenated message and great messengers to win elections.   Old Republican dinosaurs, that have been in office for 30 years or more, need to move to the back of the room, please. 

Yes, we support limited government, Free Market Capitalism, less taxes and regulations and a smart National Defense; but we also must recognize that to win elections, Conservatives must play interest group politics, the same as Socialists.   The world can be coming down around them, but there are lots of single issue voters in America that only vote on the basis of their one big concern.   If Conservatives don't speak to these people in ways that work for us and the voter, we can never be the majority party in America again.  It is time for Republicans to get with the program, or go the way of the Whig Party.   The clock to 2014 and 2016 is ticking.  The time is now. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Zimmerman Innocent - Racial Politics Guilty

Good guy, Hispanic, family man, Neighborhood Watch Captain, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of all charges in the murder of Trayvon Martin.  While the death of Martin was a tragedy, because all life is precious, it was not a crime under Florida law.   Zimmerman clearly killed Martin in self defense to stop six foot, two inch Man/Teenager Martin from  beating the crap out of him.   This is the reason the local Prosecutor and police would not file charges against Zimmerman.   The evidence just was not there to support a conviction under Florida law, no matter the emotional appeal. 

However, so called Civil Rights leaders, charlatans Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Socialist President Obama and others, that have gotten rich off the misery and poverty in the Black community, are guilty of playing Racial Politics, as they always do, for personal gain to bring this case to court.  The behaviors of these racial demagogues are disgusting and getting really old.   And, we just learned that the Florida State Prosecution, guilty of malpractice, that was brought in to file charges, suppressed evidence, showing Trayvon Martin in pictures smoking marijuana and with a gun and jewelry.   This information came out as a result of a Whistle Blower who has already been fired.  Of course, you will never hear any of this from the biased left wing, lame stream media, or these "Civil Rights Leaders" who constantly fan the flames of hatred and victimization in our country. 

The Zimmerman case had absolutely nothing to do with Profiling, or race and it never should have gone to court.   It would not have mattered if Zimmerman's assailant was White, Black, Yellow or Green.  Zimmerman had the right, under Florida law, to use the gun he was legally carrying to protect himself.   As such, hopefully this case is over; but don't count on it.   Martin's family, reportedly received a million dollars from Zimmerman's Homeowners Association, presumably paid by their liability insurance.  If this was done properly, this payment should shield George Zimmerman from any civil liability from the Martin family, since he was acting on behalf of the HOA's Neighborhood Watch Committee.   Besides, Zimmerman is not a rich man, which is the reason the Martin family went after his HOA.  Suing Zimmerman would be a waste of time and their new found money. 

However, the NAACP and no doubt other "Civil Rights Leaders" that make their living off Racial Politics are now calling for the corrupt Obama/Holder Justice Department to file federal charges against George Zimmerman for violating Trayvon Martin's Civil Rights.  Nothing of the kind was ever proven in the murder trial; but that does not matter to those who always play Racial Politics.  It is conceivable that if federal charges are filed and Zimmerman is found guilty, regardless of the double jeopardy it would represent, that he could face life in prison, or even the death penalty. 

Hopefully, it will not happen because it was shown in the current trial that nice guy, Hispanic George Zimmerman doesn't have a racist bone in his body.  Maybe common sense and decency will prevail, but again, don't count on it.  Obama/Holder always take care of their PEEP's and punish their enemies.   At a minimum, Obama will use this incident to call for more gun control measures, even though Zimmerman was just exercising his Second Amendment rights, in accordance with US and Florida state law.

Aside from Martin's death, what is really sad is that Black on Black crime in the inner cities of our country results in many more murders each year of young Blacks than any White, or Brown on Black crime.   Gang and drug violence has made the inner cities of the United States a war zone.   Not to mention the fact that failing public schools hurt poor Blacks most.  And, more often than not, it is poor Black women aborting their babies.  The infanticide that often happens in the inner cities of our country is the real tragedy and evil stain on our nation.  

Yet, we never hear anything from Socialist President Obama and other so called vocal Civil Rights leaders about any of this because they would rather play Racial Politics to make money and win elections.  That is the real crime we face in America everyday.   Maybe one day Blacks will wake up and realize they are being played by the very people that claim to represent them.   Until that happens, Racial Politics will continue in our country. 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Texas Enacts Common Sense Restrictions On Abortion

The Texas State Legislature and Governor Rick Perry have enacted common sense, reasonable restrictions on abortion, which are in keeping with other states and can become a model for the Republican Party.  First, abortion is prohibited after 20 weeks of pregnancy, which is the same as exists in 12 other states.  Some states are actually more restrictive.  Second, an abortionists doctor must have admitting rights at a nearby hospital just in case a mother's life is really in danger as a result of the procedure.  And, third, abortion mills, like Planned Parenthood, must meet the same standards as Surgical Centers to avoid infections and other complications that can cause the death of the mother. 

Of course, Planned Parenthood that performs 350,000 abortions a year, as a major revenue source, supported by the taxpayer dollars, radical feminists and the Socialists in Texas and across the country are opposed to any restrictions on abortion.   These people want to kill babies right up until birth, including using partial birth abortion to destroy human life right before birth.    Why is it that these people, including Socialist President Obama, support obvious infanticide in the name of a woman's right to choose.   This is moral insanity that is a sinful stain on our nation.   If there is a devil, he would surely enjoy this evil in our country. 

Texas enacted reasonable, common sense restrictions on abortion that no doubt will be challenged in court by Planned Parenthood and others seeking to kill innocent babies.  Ironically, it is these very same people that claimed that abortions, before Roe V Wade, were being done in dirty, back room alley's with coal hangers.   The new law in Texas is designed to make sure that abortion is recognized a surgical procedure that if done, must be done under the same standards as any other surgery.   If anything Pro-Choice women, in particular, should support this new law. 

Most important, there is clear evidence that a baby, after five months pregnancy and perhaps even before, born prematurely, can be viable outside the womb.  This is not some blob of tissue; but rather a fully formed baby that is destroyed by abortion.  Good God,  every reasonable Pro-Choice American should recognize this reality.   Late term abortions are murder of an innocent human being.   No one in our country has the right to commit murder, under any circumstances and particularly infanticide.    

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Common Sense Immigration Reform Now

It is time for common sense Immigration Reform, not the 1,000 page Senate Bill, which is another ObamaCare-Like monstrosity.  Can we cut the crap please and do the following in four separate bills: 

Secure the Border - Bill One
Put state National Guard Army bases along the border.  Move some army bases that are in other states to the border.    Build the double fence along the rest of the border that already exists in some other areas.   Hire more border guards.  Equip those stationed on the border with high tech surveillance drones and other equipment to stop illegal aliens, drug lords and terrorists from entering our country.  Get serious about securing the border once and for all. 

Dealing With the 11 Million Illegal Aliens in our Country - Bill Two 
Provide some sort of legal status to Illegal Aliens; maybe a Blue Card.  Charge them a fine for entering our country illegally and make them pay back taxes owed.  Insure that they are ineligible for various Welfare Programs.  Have them wait in line for citizenship just like all others trying to enter our country.   Give their children that entered the country with them, when they were 16 or under, a path to citizenship.

Create A Guest Worker Program - Bill Three
Allow for young unmarried men and women to enter our country from Mexico to work in manual labor jobs.  Provide them an Orange Card that is renewable every two years for a small fee, provided they are not arrested, or convicted of a crime.   Make certain that if they have children in the United States, they retain the citizenship of their parents, not automatic US citizenship. 

Encourage Those With Skills We Need To Enter The United States - Bill Four
Allow anyone coming from another country with a college degree, particularly in Medicine, Nursing, Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, or other Sciences an automatic Green Card for 5 years and a path to citizenship.  Allow kids from other countries that graduate from our universities an automatic Green Card and path to citizenship. 

That's it.   Common Sense and we are done.   Of course, it would be good if we enforce the laws already on the books, which is currently not happening under Obama.   Anyone in our country that commits a crime should automatically be deported; no exceptions.  And, if they come back and they are caught, they should get life in prison as a deterrent to entering our country illegally.  We don't need a thousand pages of baloney to make this happen.   We need to Secure the Border once and for all so that the rest of these things can fall into place.   It is just that simple. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obama Justice Department Funds Anti-Zimmerman Protests

It was just discovered that the Obama Justice Department, led by bumbler and Liar Attorney General Eric Holder, apparently secretly funded organizing the Anti-Zimmerman Protests in Florida that led to the arrest of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder case.   This was supposedly done in the name of "keeping the peace".   Since when does the Justice Department side with anyone in a murder case.  Since never is the answer, except in Socialist President Obama's Administration and world.   All of this is just unbelievable; however, given all the Obama Scandals going on right now, this latest revelation is very believable. 

Obamanistas use the apparatus of government to reward their friends and supporters, the Takers in our country and to punish their opponents, the Makers in our nation, like nothing ever seen before in American history.  Obama makes Richard Nixon look like an altar boy.   Good guy and family man, Hispanic, George Zimmerman, part of his community's Neighborhood Watch, should never have been arrested for the killing of Trayvon Martin because the evidence shows that Zimmerman clearly acted in self defense.   This is the reason Zimmerman was not arrested for 44 days.  There was no case.  This case has nothing to do with Black, White or Brown; yet Obamanistas continue to play the race card actually using the Justice Department to incite protests.   What is wrong with this irresponsible Man/Child, President Obama. 

The President of the United States, who ever he is, is supposed to bring people together, not incite violence, division and distrust in our country.  Yet, Obama continues to pit Blacks against Whites, Takers against Makers, Secularists against Christians,  Pro-Life Americans against Pro-Choice Americans and Radical Feminists and Environmentalists against common sense Americans.  It just never ends because Obama, the hate monger, is in perpetual campaign mode.   Hopefully, George Zimmerman will be acquitted.   Whatever happens, Obama needs to stop dividing our nation; but don't count on it because Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, or history teaches us, even murder to stay in power.   Obama is true to the practices of Socialists, Communists and Fascists in history.   It is what it is.   Obama is a very evil man and a clear and present danger to our nation.       

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ronald Reagan - "Government Is The Problem"

This Blogger recently received a birthday gift of a framed picture of my hero Ronald Reagan with his famous quote,  "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem".   After nearly five years of Socialist President Obama and all his Socialist Schemes designed to grow government, at the expense of the Makers in our society, by redistribution of income to take care of his PEEP's,  Ronald Reagan's adage rings truer than ever. 

Obama has added Trillions to our National Debt, with no end in sight, moving our country that much closer to bankruptcy and economic collapse.    Even so, we still have 20 million Americans either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether.   50 million Americans are now on Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was elected.  Nearly, 10 million Americans are now collecting Disability Benefits, up 2 million since Obama first took office, draining the Social Security Trust Fund, pushing Social Security that much closer to insolvency.   About 100 million Americans are getting some kind of government check. 

And, the age old question, asked by Reagan when he ran against Carter,  "Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago", is still relevant as most Americans are worse off today than when Bush II was President.  Obama has been a national disaster as bad as any war, tornado, earthquake or hurricane, we have ever faced. 

And, with all the Obama Scandals; Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS Dirty Tricks, seizing phone records of Reporters, Big Brother NSA monitoring of all aspects of daily life and the State Department cover up of Sex and Drugs misdeeds, it becomes clearer by the day that Obamanistas are a serious threat to our freedom.   Ronald Reagan was indeed right.  Government is the problem, not the solution.   We are learning that lesson the hard way every day of the Obama Presidency. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Obama Calls Tea Party Members Terrorists - Really??

If statements by Socialist President Obama are true, in a shocking response to questions, while addressing a Business Round Table in Tanzania, Socialist President Obama, was reported by Nigel Covington of the National Report, to have referred to Tea Party Members as Domestic Terrorists.   Again, if this story is true, the lame stream, left wing media is not reporting Obama's comments because of the fire storm it will cause.   But, here are the quotes in the Covington story, from Obama's mouth: 

"The conservative era in the US has ended.  There is a new wind of change and hope for all Americans as we work to build a strong economy and a stronger nation.   Americans want this change. Americans want what is best for the country and my Administration has been very receptive listening to their ideas and needs".    Obviously, if Obama actually said this, he does not realize that the People's House of Representatives is controlled by Conservatives, many of whom are Tea Party Members sent to Washington to stop Obama's Socialist Agenda.   In saying what Obama said, it is hard for this Blogger to believe that Obama would be so stupid.

Then supposedly Obama went on the say,  "Typically, domestic terrorists in the US are people who cling to obsolete beliefs from the time of the American Revolution.  They are conservative Christians, reactionary Republicans and conspiracy theorists, many of whom belong to racist hate groups.  Tea Partiers commonly own guns and stock up on ammunition and food in anticipation of starting another civil war to overthrow the will of the governing body who represent all of the American people.   We are prepared for any contingency and don't expect to see any kind of large insurrection.  Americans are capitalists, who are much more interested in seeing America move forward.  These terrorists groups are small in size and really present little danger, the President added."  Since Obama did previously say that we Conservatives "cling to our guns and religion", this comment is consistent with past Obama statements. 

These Obama comments are so unbelievable that I invite anyone with knowledge to refute this information, if untrue.  48% of the American people did not vote for Obama, in two elections and we are completely opposed to all of his Socialist Schemes.   This is not a small minority of the American people as presumably contended by Obama.  Further, 30 US states are run by Republican Governors and many of those states are also controlled by Republican legislatures.  

These reported Obama comments are so outrageous, that if true, they would demonstrate that Obama is completely delusional.  The United States is a center right country.   WE THE PEOPLE have had it with all of Obama's lies and propaganda.   Obama is embroiled in numerous Scandals that have cut his approval rating down to about 42%, basically all Obama has left are his PEEP's, the Takers in our society on the dole.  Obama's comments, if true, would be laughable if they were not so dangerous.   However,  given what Obama is doing by Executive Orders, anything is possible and plausible. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Racial Politics On Trial - Getting Really Old

What we see happening in Florida related to the George Zimmerman murder case is really a trial about Racial Politics.  Zimmerman's gated community was plagued by several burglaries; hence the community created a Neighborhood Watch Program.   Good guy, George Zimmerman volunteered to participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program, common in so many cities, to help protect his young family from intruders.  Ironically, the same judge hearing the Zimmerman murder case was the judge that tried and sentenced the burglar that was responsible for the break-in's in Zimmerman's community. 

In any case, one dark, rainy night, Zimmerman sees Trayvon Martin, a young, adult size, 17 year old Black kid, wearing a hoody, common with gang kids, wandering around the neighborhood.  Zimmerman had no reason to know that Martin was there visiting his father and step mother.  Zimmerman calls 911 to report the presumed intruder and then proceeds to track his whereabouts to inform the police of where to find Martin.   That is the whole point of Neighborhood Watch.

An altercation occurred when Martin appeared out of the bushes and attacked Zimmerman, breaking his nose, knocking him down to the ground and then ramming Zimmerman's head into the cement walkway.  Zimmerman, bleeding from his nose and head, fearing for his life, used the gun he was legally licensed to carry in self defense and shot Martin dead.  This case was so clearly self defense and had nothing to do with Martin's race that the police did not even arrest Zimmerman for 44 days.   The original arresting officer was pulled off the case because he could not find the evidence necessary to arrest Zimmerman.   But, Black officers on the police force and the Black Community insisted that Zimmerman be arrested.  

Emotional Racial Politics, even though Zimmerman is actually Hispanic, rather than common sense and evidence dictated an arrest.  It has become very clear, based on testimony from the Prosecution's witnesses, that Zimmerman did in fact act without malice and in self defense.   Though the judge would not allow the evidence to be admitted in court, Trayvon Martin had problems in school and was actually on marijuana the night of this unfortunate tragedy.  This kid had been in trouble many times before this incident; but the judge would not allow these facts to be admitted as evidence.   At the same time, the judge would also not allow the Defense to admit Good Guy evidence for Zimmerman.   What is wrong with this picture.    

This case has nothing to do with race; yet many in the Black community often can only see things through a racial prism.   Both of these people were in the wrong place at the wrong time with a tragic end result.   However, the testimony clearly demonstrates that George Zimmerman is innocent.  If Zimmerman is convicted of any crime, it will be because the kid that was killed was Black, not because George Zimmerman committed malicious murder.   Let us hope that justice prevails for all concerned.  Racial Politics, often stirred up by the lame stream, left wing media, only breeds division and distrust in our country when the story in question has nothing to do with race.  And, it is all getting really old, especially when it is not true. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Big Brother - Threat To Our Freedom

We now are starting to see the whole picture on Big Brother in the United States.   We learned that the US government is monitoring our phone calls and emails from that huge National Security Agency facility outside Salt Lake City.   Another shoe dropped when it was just revealed that the US Post Office is photographing all mail pieces processed through its operations; 160 billion pieces of mail a year.  So every letter we send through snail mail is being tracked.   We also know that the IRS Gestapo is fast gathering our health records, which will be even easier because ObamaCare requires electronic record keeping.   The only missing piece of this puzzle, which is not really missing at all, is credit card billings, ATM withdrawals and automatic debts that happen monthly.   The federal government already has all of our income data each year.

Since the federal government forced Google, Microsoft and perhaps other Internet companies to turn over their records of our activities on those sites,  it would be very easy for the federal government to gain access to all of our bank records, since banks are regulated by the FEDS.   All banks would would have no choice; but to comply with the Gestapo, if it has not already happened.  All of this is a violation of our 4th Amendment rights in the Bill of Rights, protecting us from illegal searches and seizures without a warrant; but so what, the NSA just gets a blanket warrant from a rubber stamp court to do all of this and then calls it legal.   

The Constitution, under Obama, just doesn't matter anymore, which Socialists have contended for years anyway.  Socialists see the Constitution as a outdated nuisance and as a result, they use every opportunity to get around the freedoms guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights.  Nothing new here.  It has been happening for more than 100 years.  WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and say ENOUGH.   What good is protecting us in the name of Terrorism, if we lose our freedom in the process.   The federal government needs to focus on the bad guys, radical Islamic Terrorists and perhaps any home grown Terrorist groups in the US and leave us alone.  It really is as simple as that.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

Mandatory Reading For All Americans

In this age of Internet, Facebook and Video idiots, all Americans should be required to actually read the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Holy Bible.  As a former student and teacher of history, I am amazed whenever I read these documents.  The brilliance displayed by our Founding Fathers in these documents is truly incredible; though they made a few mistakes by not including term limits for members of Congress and a Balanced Budget Amendment.   However, for the most part, everything we need to know and do to govern our country is in the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Holy Bible.

It is not necessary to "interpret" these documents.   Those who wrote them knew exactly what they meant by their words.  Government by the people and for the people was the intention of our Founding Fathers.   And, contrary to secularist B--L S--T, our Founding Fathers expressed a Judeo-Christian morality in their words and thoughts that is clear and the basis of our legal system.   Sadly over the years, Socialists and Republicans, including their judicial appointments, have done everything possible to erode the freedoms guaranteed us in the Bill of Rights. 

This is probably the reason Thomas Jefferson, who was the original author of the Declaration of Independence and our third President, often said that a Revolution every once and a while would probably be necessary to restore our freedom.  Jefferson clearly understood that self serving politicians and government bureaucrats, feeding at the trough, left to their own design, would do evil and that is exactly what we see happening today in the United States. 

Though our Founding Fathers would marvel at the nation that WE THE PEOPLE have built, often in spite of our elected leaders and the waste, fraud and abuse that exists at all levels of government, they would turn over in their graves because the Checks and Balances they put in place, to guarantee our freedoms, are gone.   President's issue thousands of Executive Orders to get around Congress and the will of the people.   The courts do not adhere to the Constitution; but instead simply make up laws that were never enacted by Congress.  Or, unelected judges strike down laws that were enacted by legislatures, or initiatives ignoring the will of the people.   There is something very wrong with this picture.   Our system of government is very broken because our Constitution is often intentionally disregarded and ignored. 

A simple read of the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Holy Bible will demonstrate just how far we have moved away from the wisdom in these documents.   We see the end result as Big Brother government agencies attempt to control and monitor all aspects of our lives.   The Gestapo is all around us.  Our Founding Fathers fought a revolution to end the tyranny we face today.   Let us hope that it will not take another Revolution, to get our freedom back, as was suggested by Thomas Jefferson.  That would be a sad day in America.   

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Egypt - America's Future

The military in Egypt has overthrown the Islamic Radical, elected government of Egypt to prevent societal chaos.   Aside from the fact that millions of Egyptians do not want to live in an Islamic Republic, governed by Mullahs and Sharia law, the same as exists in Iran, Egypt is on the verge of national bankruptcy.   This is what caused 20 million or more Egyptians to take to the streets in protest against the elected government to throw out the Muslim Brotherhood that has made such a mess of things. 

We will see this same story one day in the United States as millions of Takers, on the dole, or otherwise getting various government benefits and pensions take to the streets in our country when the checks and food stamps stop coming.  Before that happens, Socialists will do what they can to redistribute wealth to take care of their PEEP's.  However, in addition to our current $17 Trillion National Debt, which just keeps on growing, there is at least another $100 Trillion in unfunded liability for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare and various state and federal pensions just sitting out there waiting to explode on our nation.   If Socialists confiscated every dime of wealth that exists in our country, not just a percentage, the money is just not there to pay all these entitlements.  They have killed the goose that laid the golden egg, while politicians have promised benefits that cannot be paid to win elections. 

Yes, Socialists will try printing money to stay in power, when they can borrow no more, which they are already doing that in the end will destroy the value of the dollar causing very high interest rates and inflation.   The end result will be a lower standard of living for all Americans and millions of people waiting in food lines.  When the United States experiences economic collapse from all the deficit spending and the
S--T hits the fan, millions of Takers in our country will riot making matters ever worse.  Don't think it can't happen in the United States because it has happened in other countries. 

When we experience economic collapse and resultant chaos on our streets, the US Military will step in to "save" our country, removing our incompetent elected government, including the President at the time.   The US Constitution will be suspended and the military will rule by Marshall Law, perhaps installing a figure head civilian leader the same as is occurring in Egypt.   Our freedom and our country will be gone and when that happens all bets are off.   Don't forget, a 100 million Americans own guns, so a second Revolution is not unthinkable, particularly if foreign troops ever land on our shores to restore order.  Just watch what happens in Egypt to see the end of our story.  Unless we get federal spending under control and soon, this story is coming to the United States in the near future. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Politics - ObamaCare Employer Mandate Put On Hold

Always remember, Socialists, Communists and Fascists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.  Once again, fearing upcoming elections in 2014, Socialist President Obama has put the ObamaCare Employer Mandate to provide health insurance for their employees on hold until January, 2015.   This is being done because Socialists are scared to death to face voters in 2014 with ObamaCare around their necks.   What has not been put on hold are the 21 new taxes in ObamaCare and the personal mandate to buy insurance, whether someone can afford it or not, or be fined.   All of those features of this monstrosity legislation are still in place. 

And, as even some Socialists have admitted, ObamaCare is a "train wreck" coming at the American people.  ObamaCare did nothing to bring down the cost of medical insurance.  In fact, all the mandates and required "free services" in ObamaCare are dramatically raising the cost of medical insurance.   Further, young people in particular, that buy insurance privately, or on the new Exchanges will see big increases in their premiums to fund lower rates for older people and people with pre-existing conditions.   Many other employees will lose employer coverage and or end up in part time jobs to avoid ObamaCare altogether.  There is no doubt that there are winners and losers as a result of ObamaCare.   This is just another Socialist redistribution of income scheme, enforced by the IRS, that impacts one sixth of the US economy, all Americans and life and death decisions. 

ObamaCare is a monstrosity that should be repealed.  In its place, we need real health care reform that actually brings down the cost of medical insurance for everyone.  If sizable Republican majorities are elected in both Houses of Congress in 2014,  ObamaCare will be repealed; but only if there is a Veto proof Congress.  Both Obama and ObamaCare have to go.  Pending an Obama resignation that results from all the Obama Scandals, we are probably stuck with Obama for three more years.   But, perhaps common sense will prevail and ObamaCare will be sent to the ash heap of history where it belongs. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Immigration Reform - Time For Common Sense

The Republican led House of Representatives will shortly take up Immigration Reform.  Hopefully, common sense will prevail.   There is no doubt that Job One must be securing the border with no wiggle room for Obamanistas that refuse to enforce current Immigration Laws.  The Senate Immigration Reform bill has wiggle room in it that must be eliminated.  And then, does it really makes sense to give Citizenship to illegal aliens that entered our country illegally after they were 16 years old.  They are here and no one should be talking about deporting them because that is not going to happen.  Instead, we should provide legal status, maybe a Blue Card, after they pay a fine and any back taxes that may be owed.   However, under no circumstances should these people be provided a path to citizenship, no matter how long it takes, that is different from waiting in line along with the millions of others that want to come to the United States.   To provide a path to citizenship, outside the normal route, is to reward an illegal act, which should not occur.  This is just common sense. 

But, children that were brought to the United States illegally when they were younger than 16 years old, should be given a path to citizenship, since they often had no choice than to follow their parents to America.  These children participated in an illegal act; but they were not the perpetrators of it.  Most likely many of these children attend American public schools and speak English.  For all intents and purposes, they are not much different than the children of illegal aliens that were born in the United States that are already American citizens.   This Blogger would like to see a Constitutional Amendment that says that in order to be an American Citizen, a child must be born to American parents to set aside the court opinion that provides the children of illegal aliens, born in the US, automatic citizenship; but unless and until that happens, it is what it is. 

Providing some sort of legal status, short of citizenship, to illegal aliens, is just part of dealing with Immigration Reform.   We need to get it done.  We should make it easier for university educated foreigners to enter our country and gain citizenship, particularly those with job skills we need like doctors, nurses, engineers and scientists.   This is absolutely relevant to kids that get these degrees in our country only to be sent home because they can't get a green card.  Really dumb.   And, we need a guest worker program to allow migrant workers into our country legally to avoid the need for illegal immigration in the first place.   Americans will not take farm and other manual labor jobs.  We need these workers to get the job done.   It is time for comprehensive, common sense Immigration Reform.   It is up to the Republican led House of Representatives to make it happen.       

Monday, July 1, 2013

Obamanistas Pushing NFL To Pitch ObamaCare

Obamanistas are pushing the National Football League (NFL) and other sports leagues to pitch ObamaCare at games.   Why on earth would these entertainment businesses want to get involved with the most unpopular government program in American history.   The last thing the NFL wants to do is politicize its business and sports.   Can you just see it.  Ads for ObamaCare at football games that will be met with hoots and boos.   These Obamanistas just don't get it.   The vast majority of the American people do not support the government take over of health care, particularly since the IRS Gestapo will be the enforcer.

As it is, Secretary of Health and Human Services Sibelius is extorting money from major companies in the health care and other industries to advertise ObamaCare, which may very well be against the law.   This is happening because Congress will not allocate more money to pitch ObamaCare, a government program most of us HATE.   So now, no doubt Obamanistas will find some way to threaten sports leagues and other businesses that do not go along with the party line. 

ObamaCare is a job killer.   Many who have full time jobs now will be given part time jobs to avoid ObamaCare.   Since ObamaCare did not bring down the cost of medical premiums and in fact made them go up even more to cover all those "free" benefits guaranteed by Obama, companies will raise employee contribution and or not cover employee's families, which is not required by the law.  Just wait when ObamaCare kicks in next January most Americans, including Senior Citizens, are in for a very rude awakening.   It is going to be ugly.