Saturday, October 31, 2015

Time For Radical New Thinking To Deal With US Debt

President Pinocchio Obama will leave a $20 Trillion National Debt behind when he thankfully leaves office, even after raising taxes.   Obama will have added more to the National Debt in his 8 years in office than all other 43 Presidents before him combined.  This is the same guy who voted against increasing the Debt Ceiling when he was a Senator saying it was immoral.  But this is the just the tip of the ugly iceberg.  There is another $150 Trillion of unfunded local, state and federal liabilities sitting out there waiting to explode on the American people as the Baby Boom generation retires.  The total assets in the whole country are only $120 Trillion.  So if everything everybody owns was confiscated, which Socialists would love to do, it would be impossible to cover all this Debt.   Yet, politicians at all levels of government in both political parties go on business as usual. 

Socialists in government live in a dream world, actually pushing for even more Entitlements to buy votes.  Socialists are in complete denial related to the fiscal realities that we face somehow believing that just raising taxes on the "rich" will solve our fiscal problems.   Conservative Republicans are offering plans that are good; but just tinkering around the edges.   To deal with all this Debt before we see the economic collapse of the United States, we have to rethink government at all levels to get our fiscal house in order.   This is not just about the Federal government.  Same Old, Same Old will not work.  We can't afford bureaucratic redundancy any more.  So, as one example, there is a Federal Department of Education, that is completely unnecessary, state departments of education, county departments of education and then local school districts all creating paper work for each other.   As such, money that should be going into the classroom is trapped in this bureaucratic mess.   We literally could look at all functions of government and see the same thing happening; layer on top of layer on top of layer. 

Welfare has caused more government dependency not less.   We have to rethink all Entitlements including Social Security and Medicare as people are commonly living into their nineties.  People can retire when ever they want, but benefits should not begin so early in life.  Further, there should be even more tax incentives for people to save money, while working, to provide for retirement.  There are many things that need to change from the approaches that have evolved over the last 100 years of Socialist Creep that are bankrupting our country.

The next President of the United States who ever he or she is should convene a National Convention of local, state and federal elected officials, from all political parties, with sessions facilitated by prominent business leaders and perhaps others in academia with the sole purpose of looking at government as a whole, including reviewing all Entitlements.   This is not to be confused with a Constitutional Convention; nor should this have anything to do with traditional Socialist or Republican politics.  However, everyone must acknowledge the numbers without pointing fingers.  They are what they are.  To be sure, the goal must be smaller government at all levels because we cannot afford business as usual; but that does not mean throwing granny over a cliff.  

If we can get passed all the normal political polarizing rhetoric, just maybe we can prevent the economic collapse of the United States.   If we continue on business as usual, all is lost.  We will see the economic collapse of the United States, civil strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of the United States.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened in World History. 

Friday, October 30, 2015

Republican Candidates Taking Control Of Future Debates

Various Republican Candidates are getting together to take control away from the Republican National Committee related to upcoming Debates and so they should.  The fact that the RNC would agree to even have a Debate on CNBC, MSNBC or in association with any of the lame stream left wing media outlets is reason enough to push the RNC aside.  What we saw with the recent Debate on CNBC just demonstrates that these networks are nothing but propaganda outlets for the Socialist Party of America.   It is important to note that the Socialists have scheduled not one Debate for their candidates on Fox News, which they are boycotting. 

Look, because of Donald Trump, these Debates are bringing in big dollars from advertisers because they are attracting millions of viewers that would not otherwise be there.   CNBC charged advertisers $250,000 a minute for the recent Debate.  They made a fortune off this Debate, while attempting to put Republicans and Conservatives, in particular, in a bad light to support their Socialist Party Candidates.  Screw Them.

Republicans should stick to Fox News and or other friendly news outlets for all remaining Debates.  Fox has the highest viewer ratings anyway so anyone that wants to watch a Debate will find it on Fox.  Further, this should carry into the General Election, as well.   There is no reason to give business to the Socialist Networks that will always portray Republican Conservatives negatively.   Republicans Candidates need to control their message by appearing where they want, when they want, including choosing those doing interviews carefully.  It is not a matter of censoring the news; but rather making sure that Socialists with their propaganda machines don't control the news anymore. 

Marco Rubio Or Ted Cruz - The Better Choice

This Blogger likes both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz running for the Republican Nomination for President.  Both are brilliant and have great plans for dealing with all the problems we face in our country.  Both are Hispanic and came from little or nothing.  Both are great on their feet related to dealing with the Press and or on TV.  Both could take on the Socialists.  However,  this Blogger has one major concern with Marco Rubio.   As a very smart man in his Mid Forties, he basically has nothing and loads of debt.  Rubio, along with Socialist Governor Martin O'Malley, also running for President, have virtually little, or no net worth.  Even Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders is worth $700,000, which is not a whole lot for a life's work at 74 years old.  The rest of those running for President are all millionaires, to a lesser, or greater degree.  And of course, Donald Trump is a billionaire. 

Not that having money is the most important qualification for being President, but having none is a red flag, at least for me.   Rubio has not done what he needs to do to provide for his family.  Rubio is running for a job that pays $400,000 a year with lots of perks.  And, to be sure, if he wins, it would put his family on easy street and set him up for life.   So, this is not just about winning the Presidency for Rubio; but also about providing for his family, which should have been done a long time ago.  My problem is that if Rubio can't manage his own finances, how can we trust him to manage the finances of the United States. 

Marco Rubio has already announced that he will not run for reelection to the Senate if he does not get the Republican nomination.  What that tells me is that he has figured out that he has to get serious about supporting his family.  Rubio knows that given his visibility and talent, he could end up on Fox News, corporate boards, give speeches, or get a great job paying him good money.  And, since he is young, he still has 20 years to run for President.  So getting rich first, is not such a bad idea.

Now to be clear, if the choice was between Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton, who is a LIAR and a CROOK, this Blogger would vote for Marco Rubio.  But, given Rubio's  personal financial condition, I would prefer Ted Cruz over Marco Rubio.  Cruz and his wife are worth about $3.2 million, which is respectable.  Cruz is an anti-establishment Conservative and a street fighter who can take on Hillary Clinton and the Socialists in government.  Cruz has more management experience than Rubio, given his other jobs in government.  Cruz will be in the mix for the Republican Nomination for President.  This Blogger could support Ted Cruz without any reservations.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Republican Debate - Winners and Losers

There were winners and losers in the Republican Presidential Debate on CNBC.   The biggest loser was the lame stream, left wing media that was called out by various candidates for their obvious bias.   Socialists get feel good questions from the left wing media.  Republican Candidates are accused of being stupid, crooks or liars, when in fact it is Socialists that will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to gain and retain power to allow them to continue feeding at the trough.  Frankly, I don't know why the Republican National Committee would even agree to hold debates on CNBC or MSNBC; both outlets for the Socialist Party of America. 

In any case, Jeb Bush did not do particularly well during the Debate.   He left little impression because he seems to lack passion.  The winners were Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.   The others; Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee and John Kasich were just there.  None of them will get the Republican Nomination and neither will Jeb Bush.  Matter of fact, it is highly unlikely that Bush will win any of the first four primaries; in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, or Nevada.   After losing all of them, Bush will pull out of the race because his money will dry up. 

Barring new information, it is pretty obvious that the Republican nominee for President will either be Trump, Carson, Rubio, or Cruz.   I doubt very much that Carly Fiorina will attract the money to go the whole way until the June Primaries.   Since she will not win any of the first four primaries; most likely she will be gone as well after these primaries.   So, Super Tuesday in March is likely to be between Trump, Carson, Rubio and Cruz.  Finally, it is possible that none of them will go to the convention in July, 2016 in Cleveland with a majority.  That is when the deal will take place to combine the Delegates of the top two to nominate the Republican candidates for President and Vice President. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

House Republicans Introduced A Measure To Impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

Nineteen Republicans in the US House of Representatives have introduced a measure to Impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for making false statements before a committee of Congress, under oath and for failing to comply with a subpoena for evidence related to the IRS Scandal targeting Conservatives and various religious groups.  This is the same IRS that destroyed computer hard drives that would have contained evidenced specific to Lois Lerner, the Director of the IRS, who ordered the targeting of Conservatives and religious groups on Obama's Enemies List. 

It is pretty obvious that Koskinen and the Obama Justice Department are attempting to play out the clock on this Scandal.  Lerner was not charged for her crimes by the Obama Justice Department.   What a surprise!!   There is no doubt that this Scandal leads all the way to the White House, which is the reason that Lerner was not charged.  If Lerner was charged, she would cop a plea, implicating others to avoid jail time.  Obamanistas just could not allow that to happen. 

Pinocchio Obama is the most corrupt President in American history.  Obama, using the IRS as a tool to target his enemies is not only illegal; it is immoral.  But then Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, borrow, extort, target their enemies and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.   Not only should Koskinen be Impeached for his crimes, he should go to jail along with Lois Lerner.  In addition, Republicans in Congress should defund bonuses going to IRS employees as punishment for this IRS Scandal.  There must be some consequence for these illegal actions.  No wonder the American people are so disgusted by the things happening in Washington DC.  

Monday, October 26, 2015

RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner Proposing 2 Year Budget Deal - Just More Deficit Spending

Out going RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner is proposing a two year federal budget deal that would raise spending by only $80 Billion, chump change in Washington DC, in exchange for eliminating the $18.1 Trillion Debt Ceiling.  Here we go again, just kicking this horrible can down the road.   This will allow our National Debt to grow and grow with no end in sight.  There is no attempt to put a plan in place that would ever achieve a balanced budget.  By the time Obama leaves office and the sooner the better, the US National Debt will be $20 Trillion on the books and about $150 Trillion, off the books, in unfunded local, state and federal liabilities.   Obama will have added more to the National Debt in his 8 years in office, with the help of both Socialists and RINO in the Congress, than all other 43 Presidents before him combined.   This is criminal.  All of these characters should be in jail for bankrupting our country.

Gutless Empty Suit RINOS, will no doubt go along with this deal because they are just as irresponsible as the Socialists in government.   We are reaching a point of no return.   The total assets in the United States are about $120 Trillion.   If every dime and everything that Americans own was confiscated, which Socialists would love to do, it would be impossible to cover the Debt on the books and all the unfunded liabilities for promised Entitlements.  This is not a matter of raising taxes on the "rich", that already pay about 50% of the income taxes in our country.  There is no way to cover all this Debt, no matter what the tax rates.  

Social Security and Medicare are headed toward insolvency.  Even now, more money is going out in Social Security benefits that are coming in from those working. And, we are just starting to see the Baby Boom generation collect benefits.  78 million Baby Boomers are turning 65 years old at a rate of 10,000 a day for the next 18 - 20 years.  There is no Social Security Lock Box.  Our contributions have been stolen for years to pay for other government spending in what is the largest Ponzi Scheme in human history.  The money is just not there to pay promised Social Security, or Medicare Benefits; let alone ObamaCare and Medicaid, yet Socialists are intent on adding even more crazy Entitlements. 

Republicans in Congress with Guts, if there are any, must stand up and just say NO to Boehner's Budget Deal.  It is time to cut spending and to put our nation on track to balance the budget and pay off our National Debt in the next 5 - 10 years to prevent the economic collapse of the United States.   Failing to do so will insure civil strife on our streets, when those on the dole stop getting their checks.  We could then see the potential dissolution of the United States.   Don't think it can't happen because it has happened in world history.   Many think these things will occur once our National Debt hits $25 Trillion.  At the rate we are going, it will occur in the next 5 - 7 years.   The American People must act to stop the chaos that will follow.  It is pretty obvious that we can't trust corrupt politicians in both parties to save our nation. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Obama Calls For Less Standardized Testing In Public Schools

The United States spends more on public education than any other country in the world.  The problem is that a lot of this money never makes it to the classroom.   Instead, money is wasted on local, state and federal education bureaucracy.   Since students in public schools in our country do not do as well on standardized tests as kids in other industrialized countries, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama is now calling for less testing to no more than 2% of classroom time a year.  

As a former teacher, I am not sure what this really equates to; but what I do know is that years ago, when I was a Reading Coordinator in an inner city Los Angeles junior high school,  when we used Phonics to teach reading, which had gone out of style and also implemented Pre and Post Testing to see where the kids started each year and where they ended, we did see remarkable gains in reading scores.   Teachers were not teaching to the test, since these tests just tested reading skills; but I feel certain that the phonetic system we used made a difference. 

Of course, there were a few teachers where the kids went backwards because they were not adhering to the system and they were bad teachers; but otherwise our school reading scores went up.  Even then, as a quasi administrator, the Teacher's Union would not allow me to share individual teacher scores with the Administration.   I was only allowed to share cumulative school wide scores.   So today, 35 years later, since Teacher Unions control the Socialist Party, they have convinced their stooges in office, including President Obama, that they don't want to be measured by test scores related to student achievement.  It makes them look bad. 

As a side note, when we achieved gains in our reading scores, I was cautioned by the Vice Principal of the school that we needed to be careful because if we achieved the 50th percentile or higher, we would lose our federal Title I monies, to which I said, at 28 years old, that if we did get to the 50th percentile, it would mean that we taught the kids to read.   This particular Vice Principal reminded me that a lot of jobs were dependent on this money and that I needed to see the big picture.  I left teaching and education, even though I have Master Degree in Education Administration, that year in 1979, out of disgust and disillusionment.

Look, if too much testing is happening, which is counter productive, it should be stopped.   But how else can We The People determine if all the money we spend on public schools is being spent effectively.   Since it is nearly impossible to fire a bad teacher, or to reward the really good ones with Merit Pay, test scores don't matter very much anyway.   However, test scores get attention.  Since American kids do not do as well on standardized tests as kids in other countries, the last thing the Teacher Unions want is bad publicity as they continue to push for even more compensation and benefits, while they are achieving poor student achievement results.  That is the real story behind Obama's push to limit Standardized Testing. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Obama's Vetoes Defense Budget

Socialist President Obama vetoed the bill enacted with Bi-Partisan support providing for $612 Billion to fund our National Defense.  This was the amount requested by Obama, which included $37 Billion more for badly needed military spending to protect our nation.  

Obama is holding the defense budget hostage to get an equal amount of new wasteful social spending on his Peep's.  When Obama was first elected, our National Debt was just below $10 Trillion.  By the time Obama leaves office our National Debt will be $20 Trillion.  Obama will have added more to our National Debt, even with higher taxes, than all 43 Presidents before him.  This is the same Obama who voted against Debt Ceiling Increases calling then deficit spending immoral when he was a Senator.   Given all the waste, fraud, abuse, corruption, redundancy and failure in federal government spending, the last thing we should be doing is spending even more.   Let's hope Republicans have the guts to just say NO; but don't count on it.  

Lois Lerner - No Criminal Charges

The Obama Justice Department announced that there will be no criminal charges against Lois Lerner, the IRS Director that ordered the targeting of Conservatives and various religious groups on Obama's Enemies List.  What a surprise.  Obama has been the most lawless President in American history.

Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a choir boy.  The Republican Controlled Congress should immediately cut all bonuses going to IRS employees until charges are filed against Lois Lerner and others at the IRS that perpetrated these crimes against Conservative Americans.  It is time for hard ball.  

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Benghazi - Just Another Government Failure and Cover Up

As we watched Socialist Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton testify before Congress concerning her role as Secretary of State when Chris Stevens, our Ambassador to Libya and three others were murdered by Terrorists, it is obvious that this was just one more government failure and attempted cover up.   So what's new.  Ambassador Stevens continued to request additional security 600 times before his murder because of the dangerous situation in Libya.  Those requests fell on deaf ears at the State Department under Clinton's management.   These tragic murders could have been prevented if Secretary Clinton had done her job; but Hillarita was too busy jetting around the world to promote the family business, the Clinton Foundation, smoozing with foreign governments that were donating millions of dollars to make the Clinton's rich.  It is what it is. 

The fact is that the Obama/Clinton State Department failed to provide our Ambassador and his staff in Libya with the protection they needed.   And then, when the Al Queda affiliated Terrorists attacked the Consulate in Benghazi, Obamanistas, including Clinton and the President himself continued to tell the LIE that this was a spontaneous demonstration that occurred because of a video on the Internet that disparaged Mohammad.  What is worse, as the attack was happening, Hillary Clinton and the President were missing in action.  Rather than being in the Situation Room, which is where members of an Administration usually meet when a crisis is in progress, Obama was flying to Las Vegas for a fund raiser the next day. 

The Video Story was always a bunch of baloney and all Obamanistas knew it; but they went public with this LIE because this occurred on September 11, 2012 just a few months before the election.  Remember, Obama was running for reelection on the slogan, Osama Bin Laden is Dead and GM is alive.  The last thing Obamanistas wanted to admit was that we suffered an Al Queda Terrorist attack on their watch, just a few months before the election.  The facts just did not fit their reelection narrative. 

So, Hillarita and all Obamanistas LIED for several weeks after the attack, even though they knew literally while it was happening that it was an Al Queda Terrorist Attack.  But, why would this surprise anyone.  Socialists will lie, cheat, steal, extort, borrow and history teaches us even murder to stay in power feeding at the trough.    This includes Hillary destroying thousands of E-Mail's, stored illegally on her personal server, that might have negatively impacted her Presidential Campaign.   The American People, that are old enough to remember, know the Clinton's very well.  Remember Bubba Clinton, who under oath said it depends on the definition of the word "is" as he was committing perjury during one of his Sex Scandal Hearings before a judge.  It cost him his law license and almost got him impeached.   No one should be surprised that Hillary Clinton is a LIAR.   This is business as usual for the Clinton's. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Donald Trump Could Be Elected President - Here Is How

This Blogger believes that many Political Pundits do not understand what is happening with Donald Trump.  First of all, Establishment Republicans are in panic mode because Trump is so far ahead in the polls related to the Republican nomination.  These RINOS will attempt to destroy Trump; but it is not likely to work because the Conservative base of the Republican Party, about 30% or more of total Voters, are so fed up with Establishment Republicans, including this Blogger.   And, Trump has the money to fight back, which will allow him to run the course right up to the last primaries in June, 2016.  Further, Trump has proven that if attacked, he will counter punch twice as hard pulling no punches, if necessary, to destroy his opposition.  Trump is a New York Street Fighter, which is absolutely essential to winning. 

As a result, Donald Trump could very well get the Republican nomination.   And, since he would probably be running against Socialist Hillarita Clinton, assuming she is not charged with a crime for her email shenanigans, Trump could very well beat Hilly because he is not a traditional Republican Candidate.  This Blogger predicts that many blue collar voters and maybe even their unions would support Trump because of his opposition to Trade Deals and his call to bring manufacturing jobs back from China and other countries.  With the exception of Teacher Unions and other government employees in Unions, Trump could get a lot of other Union Support, including the Police Unions.  In addition, Trump is talking about taxing Wall Street Fat Cats, that everybody hates, no different than the Socialists that always want to redistribute income. 

Ironically, even some Blacks may support Trump over Hilly as a result of his stance on securing our border to prevent more illegal aliens from coming into our country competing with poor Blacks for jobs.   Finally, there are many young people that have graduated from college, with loads of debt from student loans, that can't find jobs in the Obama Economy.  This combination along with disgusted Conservatives and Evangelicals could form a New Coalition.   Yet, the Political Pundits continue to talk in traditional terms related to typical Socialist and Republican Voters.  Donald Trump is building a new Coalition, much more like the Reagan Coalition that included Conservatives and Blue Collar Old Style Blue Dog Democrats that do not support the Socialists social agenda in support of unrestricted abortion, Gay Marriage, the Black Lives Matter crowd and Wacko Environmentalists that are killing jobs etc. etc.  

If Donald Trump is the Republican Nominee for President, this will not be repeat of RINO Mitt Romney or John McCain; both of whom are disliked by Conservatives in America.  It will be a whole new ball game.  Donald Trump is building a New Big Tent to win the Presidency.  As a political junkie, it is very interesting to watch. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Socialists Prevent Vote to Ban Funding For Sanctuary Cities

Socialist Senate Minority Leader, Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada, prevented a vote in the United States Senate to ban Federal Funding for Sanctuary cities.   The bill also included Kate's Law, named in honor of the woman in San Francisco who was shot dead by an illegal alien felon, who had been deported several times only to return to the United States to commit even more crimes.   Sanctuary Cities refuse to cooperate with the Federal Government to enforce existing immigration laws on the books.  Further, thousands of illegal alien criminals are released every year in the United States in Sanctuary Cities that under Federal Law should be deported.

Is there any common sense left in our country; certainly not among Socialists in government.   Why on earth should we allow illegal alien felons to roam our streets, committing even more crimes, when by law they should be deported.   And, if they come back after deportation, we should put them in jail and throw away the key.   Donald Trump is absolutely right.  A good percentage of Illegal Aliens are committing rape, murder and robberies.  A high percentage of criminals in our prisons are Illegal Aliens.   This data is based on facts not fiction. 

When are Americans going to wake up and stop voting for Socialists and some RINOS that are destroying our country and way of life.   These are the same people that want to confiscate our guns when we need them more than ever to protect ourselves and our families.   These are also the people that want to release drug addicts from our prisons.  Everybody knows that it is very difficult to kick the habit.   If these drug addicts are released, there is a pretty good chance that many of them will commit robberies to get money to buy drugs.  In the course of committing robberies, some number of Americans are likely to be murdered. 

One of the reasons the crime rate has gone down in many areas in the last 20 years is because criminals are in jail unable to commit crimes.   Well dah!   So now in addition to Illegal Aliens Felons on our streets, Socialists and some RINOS want to release other criminals that they believe have been given longer sentences than are "fair".  Tell that to the families of Americans murdered by one of these released Illegal Alien Felons, or other criminals.   If you don't own a gun; buy one to protect your family.    We are experiencing lawlessness like never before in our country and it is bound to get worse before it gets better.     

Terrorist Attacks In Israel - What Would We Do

In recent weeks, we have seen young Muslim Arabs, living in Israel, attack Israeli citizens with knives, guns and cars, in many cases fatally.   Presumably, this is happening because of some rumor that the Israeli government is planning on opening the Temple Mount to Jews to allow prayers there.  At the moment, Jews or anyone may visit the Temple Mount; but they are not allowed to pray there because of Muslim control of the area.  This is the spot where the First and Second Jewish Temples were built; one by Solomon and one built by Herod the Great, both of which stood for centuries.  Today on that spot stands the Dome of the Rock, built by Muslims about 13 hundred years ago.  The Dome of the Rock covers the rock that Abraham, revered by Muslims, Jews and Christians is said to have taken his son to be sacrificed to God as a sign of faith.  God spared Abraham's son Isaac.  In addition, the prophet Mohammad is said to have risen to heaven on this spot, only to return to found the Islamic faith.  As such, this rock is often referred to as the Foundation Stone for all three faiths.

In any case, there are no such plans to change the status of the Temple Mount.  Though frankly, it would be great if Jews were allowed to build a Third Temple there right next to the Dome of the Rock as a symbol of peace between Muslims and Jews; but that is not likely to happen any time soon.   So now, the Israeli government is coping with Terrorist attacking the Jews.   What would we do in the United States if there were people on our streets attacking our citizens.  Wait a minute, very often there are people on our streets attacking our citizens.   When we see it happen, if they don't surrender peacefully, the police shoot them dead as should be the case. 

Socialist President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are calling Israeli actions to protect their citizens the equivalent of Terrorism.   Clearly, both Obama and Kerry just don't get it.  Israeli citizens are being attacked by Islamic Radical Terrorists on their city streets.  The Israeli government has not only the right to defend their citizens; but the obligation.  It is time for Obama and Kerry to knock it off and stand with our ally, Israel.  And, it is also time for Obama and Kerry to say the words Islamic Radical Terrorists to properly describe the threat we all face.   All we can do is count the days until January 20, 2017 until these two characters are gone from the American government.  Until then, citizens of Israel, know that the American people stand with you even if our President and Secretary of State are your enemies.   

Monday, October 19, 2015

Obama's Iran Deal - Peace Through Surrender

Sunday October 18, 2015 will go down as one of those dates in history that historians will point to, much like the day that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed the deal with Adolf Hitler, in 1938, surrendering parts of Czechoslovakia to the Nazi Dictator with Chamberlain proclaiming that he had achieved "peace in our time" in doing so.   We all know the end to that horrible story.   In this case, October 18, 2016 is the day that Socialist President Pinocchio Obama signed the Executive Order authorizing the Iran Deal, without a vote of Congress, that absolutely will provide Iran a clear path to having nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Obama, like Chamberlain, achieved Peace Through Surrender.  And, in this case as occurred in 1938, there will be no peace.

In fact, by giving the Iranians about $150 Billion in frozen assets and allowing them to sell their oil unfettered that are both part of this deal, they will now be in a position to not only fund even more Terrorism, around the world, as the largest state sponsor of Terror; but also the ability to continue developing and buying weapons systems that will make them a serious threat to the United States and our allies.  The ink is not even dry on Obama's Deal with Iran when they have already violated provisions of another deal with the United Nations by testing long range missiles.  Anyone who believes that the Iranians will not cheat on Obama's Deal with them is completely delusional. 

Obama's Deal is actually illegal and unconstitutional.  This Deal is a Treaty.  Treaties require approval by two thirds of the Senate.  Once again, RINOS in Congress were out maneuvered by Socialist Senate Minority Leader Dirty Harry Reid, who prevented a vote from even happening in the Congress and the Senate specifically.   RINO Speaker of the House John Boehner, who should have called for a vote;  but didn't, is thankfully going soon.   RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch Connell, another gutless, empty suit should have used the nuclear option to force a vote on Obama's Deal with Iran; but no such vote occurred.  McConnell has to go and the sooner the better.  It is clear that we need street fighters in Congress to deal with the Socialists, not a bunch of unprincipled, Establishment RINO wimps. 

The only good news in all of this is that if a Conservative is elected President, he or she can strike down this deal since it was never approved by Congress.  One Executive Order can beget another Executive Order.   The only way to deal with Iran is by stringent Sanctions that will bring down their economy and their radical Islamic Fascist government.  And, if necessary, military strikes should be implemented to absolutely, positively end their nuclear program.  We have seen this story before with Nazi Germany.   We must learn from the lessons of history and Never, Never again allow history to repeat itself. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Hillary Clinton Talks About Mandatory Gun Confiscation

In violation of our Second Amendment Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, Hillary Clinton is now talking about Mandatory Gun Confiscation.   This should be no surprise, since Socialists throughout history in Nazi Germany and the old Soviet Union, immediately upon taking office, confiscated guns.  The last thing big government, dictatorial Socialists want is an armed citizenry.   Our Founding Fathers anticipated the potential for a dictatorship in the United States, which is exactly why they included the 2nd Amendment in our Bill of Rights.   They knew that one day, we might have to defend ourselves from government. 

This Blogger, who never owned guns in my life, immediately went out and bought some when Pinocchio Obama was elected President.  In a Socialist world where apparently only Black Lives Matter and the Cops are afraid to enforce the law, all the rest of us better own guns to protect ourselves and our families.  More important, since Socialists and their RINO pals are bankrupting our country, which could one day lead to the economic collapse of the United States and civil strife and riots on our streets, the Makers in society better have a means to protect ourselves because when the gravy train ends for those on the dole, their behaviors are likely to turn violent. 

The only problem for Hillary Clinton and her Socialist pals in government is that about 100 million Americans own guns.   We are not Australia.   We will never willingly give up our guns under any circumstances.  And, anyone in government that would vote for mandatory gun confiscation will lose elections.   We are not going to stand by and allow these Socialists to violate our 2nd Amendment rights.  It is not going to happen. 

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Understanding Socialist Party Speak - The Real Meaning Of Their Words

Socialists in America speak in code words that require translation.  First, let's start with the word "Progressive".   Socialists use the word "Progressive", rather than the word Socialist because they know that Socialism has led to poverty, misery and even murder around the world.  So, until this election cycle they have never wanted to use the word Socialist to describe the Democrat Party.   But with Bernie Sanders in the picture, they are out of the closet.   Pinocchio Obama has transformed the old Democrat Party into the Socialist Party of America. 

Next, when Socialists use the word "diplomacy" what they really mean is Peace Through Surrender, rather than Ronald Reagan's adage that brought down Communism of Peace Through Strength.   We see this in action in the Iran Deal, which actually creates a path for Iran to have nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them.  Obama and Kerry surrendered the National Security of the United States and our allies, through "diplomacy" to get that deal.   It was clearly Peace Through Surrender. 

Next, when Socialist use the word "Free" in front of any new Entitlement, what they really mean is that they are going to raise taxes on the Makers in society  benefit the Takers; their PEEP's.  They are really taking about redistribution of income whenever they speak of new government Entitlements, or services.

Any time Socialist talk about "Global Warming or Climate Changes" what they are really taking about is destroying carbon based energy and higher taxes.   In fact, Socialists are attempting to use the Climate Change issue as an excuse to tax, tax, tax.  In the process, they will kill jobs and lower the standard of living of all Americans.   This issue is also about redistribution of income from the rich nations to the poor nations in their quest for one world government. 

When Socialist speak of "gun control", what they are really talking about is confiscating guns from all Americans.  Socialists want to void the Second Amendment of the US Constitution because they fear an armed citizenry that could rise up to end their big government dictatorship.   They also fear Americans with guns because Socialists are deliberating acting to bankrupt our country.  They know that economic collapse would lead to civil strife on our streets and it would then lead to armed rebellion against them, since they and their RINO pals would be held responsible.   

Finally, when Socialists refer to "investments" they are talking about new spending on their PEEP's to win votes to remain in power feeding at the trough.  And, even though we now have a $19 Trillion National Debt and $150 Trillion in unfunded local, state and federal liabilities for Entitlements, Socialists really don't care if they bankrupt our country.   They hate Free Market Capitalism and the United States.  They believe in one world government.  Socialists would turn our sovereignty over to the United Nations in a minute.  Socialists assume that with the economic collapse of the United States, that a world organization would have to step in, with guns, to government our country and protect them.  

It is really important that the American people understand Socialist speak to get what Socialists are really saying.   This Blog is the key to understanding Socialist's real intentions in their attempt to control all aspects of daily life by making as many people as possible dependent on big government. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Republicans - Follow The Money

The field of Republicans seeking the nomination for the Presidency is beginning to narrow, whether any of them pulls out now, or later.  Just follow the money.   Obviously, Donald Trump will be in the race until the last primaries in June, 2016 because he does not need anyone's money to stay in the race.  Ben Carson and Ted Cruz are getting the most support as Outsiders.   Jeb Bush continues to get support, for the time being as the Establishment Candidate; however even though he has a huge PAC with over $100 million sitting there, his supporters will disappear if he wins none of the first four primaries early next year.

And, unless something changes between now and next February, this Blogger is willing to predict that Bush will not win any of the first 4 primaries.  And, again unless something radical happens, it sure looks like the Republican Candidate for President will either be Trump, Carson or Cruz, with one of them ending up on the ticket as Vice President.  The scenario is easy to see.   Which ever of these candidates goes to the Convention with the most Delegates is likely to be the nominee for President.

If that person does not have the numbers needed to win outright, then in combination with one of these other candidates as Vice President, the deal is done.   Trump would never accept a number two spot.  So, if Trump has the most Delegates; but not the number needed to win, he just picks one of the other two to put him over the top.   However, it is possible that Cruz and Carson could get together to stop Trump, since they too will have Delegates at the Convention.

If Establishment Republicans try any shenanigans to give Jeb Bush the nomination, it will be end of the Republican Party.  Trump will rip up his pledge not to run as an Independent and if he does that, there is no way a Republican will be elected President.  It is just that simple.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Manufacturing In The United States & Canada

Manufacturing jobs in both the United States and Canada only account for 10% of jobs and it continues to fall.  Like in the United States, in the decade to 2012 about 20,000 factories closed in Canada.  Like in the United States and as a result of Free Trade, these jobs are never coming back.  They are now in Mexico, China and other Countries.   The fact is that no company is going to pay $30 or $40 an hour, or more fully loaded, for someone, with little education, or marketable jobs skills, to screw in a bolt when that labor can be purchased in many countries for $5 - $10 an hour.  As such, there is no doubt that people working in manufacturing in the United States and Canada have been hurt both by Free Trade and Robotics.

Tesla is building cars in California, in an old plant that used be owned by Toyota and GM, in the only car plant left in the state, primarily using Robotics.  In addition, Tesla has been given major tax incentives to keep jobs in the United States; otherwise you can bet Tesla might be making these cars and batteries that will be produced in Nevada, in Mexico or overseas.
Countries like the United States and Canada have been killing manufacturing jobs for decades as a result of Union demands for unrealistic compensation and benefits, employment practice litigation, environmental regulations that make manufacturing in the US and Canada difficult and because of the high cost of energy.   In addition, both Canada and particularly the United States have higher corporate income tax rates than most other countries around the world.

So, let's get this straight.  An American, or Canadian company can move manufacturing to China to get substantially lower labor costs, fewer environmental regulations, lower energy costs and lower corporate income taxes.   Is it any wonder that today only 10% of the jobs in the United States and Canada are in manufacturing.  If we want manufacturing jobs in the US and Canada, all of these issues must be addressed.  Otherwise, forget about it.  As an example, several years ago, a major pharmaceutical company built a $2 billion factory in California.  It never opened.  The factory and the jobs were moved to Singapore even though the company had to take a total write off.  It was more advantageous to write off this entire investment than to produce their products in the US.

Why do you think we have 50 million Americans on Food Stamps and Welfare along with 13 million Americans collecting Disability Benefits. These are primarily Americans with little education, or marketable job skills.  Many of these people would have been employed in manufacturing jobs screwing in a bolt 30 years ago; but no more.  Those jobs are gone; so now what??

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Socialist Party Presidential Debate - Dangerous Delusional Idiots

Watching the Socialist Party Presidential Debate was like watching a bunch of Dangerous Delusional Idiots. All the Socialist Candidates advocate more Entitlements, higher taxes and more job killing regulations, even though we have seen the end result of these policies during the Obama Presidency. The Poverty Rate is higher today than it was three decades ago. 50 million Americans are now on Welfare and Food Stamps, up 20 million since Obama was first elected. The Labor Participation Rate is lower today than it was during the Carter Presidency.  Obamanomics and all his Socialist Schemes have failed miserably to restore economic growth. Our real unemployment rate probably exceeds 20% if all are counted; yet all the Socialists running for President want to double down on these failed policies. 

The Blogger gets crazy whenever anyone speaks of "Free" government services; like Free College Tuition, Free Health Care, Paid Parental Leave at Government Expense. Folks, nothing in life is Free, not even the air that we breath, given all the costly pollution controls. Obama has doubled our National Debt during his Presidency approaching $19 Trillion on the books. We have another $150 Trillion of unfunded local, state and federal liabilities for current Entitlements, public employee pensions and all the other borrowing that has gone on for years. It is though none of these things exist for Socialists. They want to raise taxes on the "rich" to pay for all of their new Schemes, which will kill jobs. Forget about the fact that Social Security and Medicare are headed toward bankruptcy. These Socialists want to add even more "Free" Entitlements.

At this point, the top 1%, who are the job creators in our country, pay about 47%of all income taxes paid. The bottom 60% pay just 2% of income taxes paid and that is because nearly 50% of working Americans pay no income taxes at all. How much more progressive can our income tax system be.  It is primarily the "rich" paying income taxes in the United States not only paying their "fair share", but the only share. But for tax, borrow and spend Socialists, it is never enough because they buy votes from their PEEP's by promising them more "Free" government benefits so that they can all continue feeding at the trough.

What we saw with all the Socialist Candidates running for President are Dangerous Delusional Idiots. In particular, related to foreign policy all Socialists project weakness that is dangerous to our National Security.  Rather than adhere to Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strength, they believe in Surrender for Peace and we see the end result today with Obama's foreign policy.  All Socialists fail to understand the aggressive tendencies of Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, which will lead to miscalculation, current aggression and eventually it will lead to a wider war.

If any of these characters were elected President, particularly if Socialists gain control of one or both Houses of Congress, they will kill jobs, cause a Recession or Depression and push our nation into fiscal collapse and national bankruptcy. We will see Civil Strife on our streets and the potential dissolution of the United States. Don't think it can't happen because it has happened throughout history. The Soviet Union did not collapse because it was militarily weak. The Soviet Union collapsed because of 80 years of Socialism and Communism that destroyed their economy. The United States is headed in the same direction if the American people don't wake up and say ENOUGH.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Making America Great Again

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump's slogan, "Making America Great Again" is resonating because President Obama has made such a mess of our country and the world.  Setting emotion aside, it is all about the numbers since Obama was first elected.  Almost 50 million Americans are on Food Stamps and Welfare, up 20 million, since Obama first took office.  This is happening because the poverty rate is higher today than it was three decades ago and particularly bad in the Black community.  So much for Hope and Change.

The Labor Participation Rate is down, as fewer people are working today than when George W Bush was President.  Many have just dropped out of the Labor Force because they can't find jobs.  They don't count anymore and don't show up in unemployment rates.  Obama has not only raised taxes, which has retarded economic growth, but he has also doubled the National Debt during this Presidency so that we are approaching $19 Trillion, with no end in sight on the books.

In addition, there is another $150 Trillion of unfunded liability for local and state borrowing and Federal Entitlements and government employee pensions.  If all assets in the United States were confiscated, which the Socialists would love to do, it would only total about $120 Trillion.   So unless we get our house in order, we are facing an impossible fiscal calamity that will result in the economic collapse of the United States.

The fact is that we have to bring jobs back to America by cutting taxes, cutting the size of government and getting rid of job killing regulations.  We need 4% or greater Gross Domestic Product growth to get our country back on track, rather than the dismal economic performance we have experienced under Obama.   We have to push back 100 years of Socialist Creep, at a time when Socialists in government continue to push for even higher taxes and even more job killing regulations.

Obama has spent his Presidency gutting our military and we see the end result around the world.  We face a World on fire with Terrorist attacks and war everywhere we look.  Russia and China are in an aggressive posture because they do not respect Obama, the most incompetent President since Jimmy Carter.   We have to restore our military to protect our National Security and Make Our Country Great Again.

We can Make America Great Again if and when we recognize that it was Free Market Capitalism that built our country; yet the Democrats push for more Socialism that is destroying our country.  The United States must be the leader of the Free World because otherwise crap pot dictators step into the void.  Whether we elect Donald Trump, or someone else, we must elect someone who gets it with the experience to Make Our Country Great Again.  Clearly,  that did not happen when the majority of the American people voted for Obama. 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Being President Is Really Really Hard

Being President of the United States is really, really hard, which is why we must never again elect a Republican, or a Socialist that has never run anything successfully in his or her life.  Socialist President Obama is clearly in way over his head because he has never really accomplished anything significant in his life, except for winning the Presidency two times.  Obama is incompetent not because he is stupid; but because he is a Socialist ideologue, which automatically puts him at a disadvantage.  And, he does not understand how to make government work, which is why Washington is so broken.   Without seasoned leadership, Congress and Washington get nothing done.

Ideally, we should elect a Governor, or at least someone who has served in government or business for a long while with a record of accomplishment.  There are many Republican candidates that fit this description.  Hillarita Clinton has never really succeeded much at any job she has done.  When people are asked to list Hilly's accomplishments, other than she is a woman running for President, even her supporters can't list anything specific. 

We have seen what happens when we elect someone with no record of accomplishment.   We have a lousy economy with millions of people out of work. The Middle Class is worse off today than when Obama was first elect.  And, we have a World on fire.  Let's not elect anyone again that does not have the experience to do the job.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Federal Employees Earn 78% More Than Private Sector Employees

While Americans working in the Private Sector have seen lower total compensation and benefits during Socialist President Obama's years in office, Federal Government Employees total compensation and benefits have gone up dramatically, at tax payer expense and or by adding to our National Debt.   In fact, the average Federal Government Employee now earns $119,934 in total compensation and benefits while the Average American in the Private Sector is getting $67,746, or a $52,000 difference.  Federal Government employees, feeding at the trough, earn 78% more than us poor saps paying their salaries and benefits.

Of course, the reason is all the Public Employee Unions demanding higher and higher wages and the idiots running our government that agree to their demands because in doing so they are giving themselves the same pay and benefits increases.   Talk about a conflict of interest.   It is very clear that as Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt concluded, Public Employee Unions are not compatible with the public interests.  In fact, Public Employee Unions take dues money paid by their members, that is often a requirement of the job, to support Socialist candidates creating a web of corruption that exists in local, state and federal governments.   One hand washes the other so to speak.   Public Employee Unions should be outlawed, or at least be confined to things like working conditions.

All Compensation and Benefits decisions should be made by independent Civil Service Commissions, appointed by the Executive Branch of Government, with each change in Mayor, Governor or President, with members that have nothing to gain from their decisions.  The very notion that Government Employee Compensation and Benefits are not indexed to the Private Sector, for like work, is ridiculous when we are paying for these salaries and benefits with our tax dollars and or local, state and federal governments are borrowing the money to pay them.  This is another example of Stupid In America that has to change and soon to order to prevent the bankruptcy of our country. 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Republican Power Struggle In Congress

Forty or more Republican Tea Party Members in the House of Representatives said NO to Establishment Republican Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy in his quest to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives.  The 218 Republican votes needed to elect Kevin McCarthy just were not there, which is the reason McCarthy pulled out of the race.   This is Tea Party Conservatives, elected in 2010 and 2012, standing up for Republican Principles, that want to use the Power of the Purse, as designated in the US Constitution to reign in spending and to finally challenge Incompetent Dictator Pinocchio Obama.

And, it is about time.   The base of the Republican Party is furious with Republican Leaders in Congress and their RINO Empty Suit Gutless Supporters for refusing to act as the Third Branch of Government to push back 100 years of Socialist Creep, stop Dictator Obama from using Executive Orders, to either ignore the laws on the books, or to get around Congress.  Further, Republicans in Congress needs to stop the Supreme Court from making makes laws, rather than interpreting the Constitution, which is their job.   We have had it with Republicans that just go along to get along, year after year.

The Makers in our Country don't care if Republicans have to shut the government down to make big things happen.   We need to see a budget that restores military spending and cuts everything else to put our country on a trajectory to balance the budget and pay off the National Debt within 5 to 10 years.  The Planned Parenthood Abortion Mill, that sells baby parts, needs to be defunded.  It is time to push for a Balanced Budget and Term Limits for Congress Constitutional Amendments.   We need tax reform that cuts taxes for everyone and in particular also lowers Corporate Income Taxes for business to create jobs in the United States.   Congress must repeal and replace ObamaCare.  Finally, Congress must stop Obama's Executive Amnesty Program and secure our border once and for all.

It is clear that many Establishment Republicans talk the talk; but they just don't act to walk the talk because like their Socialist pals in government, they really don't support the Republican Conservative Ideology of smaller government, lower taxes and less regulations that intrude into all aspects of daily life.   RINOS have been complicit in approving 100 years of Socialist Creep that is bankrupting our country.  RINOS in Congress, in office for decades, have been feeding at the trough for years just like their Socialist Pals and everybody else within the Beltway in Washington DC.  As such,  many of these characters have become millionaires, after serving 10 to 20 years in office.  How is this possible, if not for the corruption in government, when they must maintain two homes and earn just $174,000 a year.

It is time for Republican Leadership in the Senate to use the Nuclear Option and get around the filibuster to get big things done.  RINO Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority Leader has to go.  Gutless McConnell is part of the problem, not part of the solution.  Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid, when he was majority leader, enacted ObamaCare, without one single Republican vote by ignoring  the filibuster rule.   We need street fighters in Republican Leadership in Congress, no more Wimps, that will to play hardball with Obama.  Again, if it results in a government shut down and or if Obama vetoes the bills sent to him, so be it.   It is time for the Republican controlled Congress to act as the Third Branch of government, not a bunch Gutless Empty Suits.   No more compromise that results in even bigger government and higher taxes.  No More!  No More!

Monday, October 5, 2015

No Fear Allowed - An American Dream Story & Book

Perseverance is NOT just a word.  It is a belief system, a way of life fortified by the battle cry of No FEAR ALLOWED.  That is what Entrepreneur Laura Herring has that enabled her to grow her company from just an idea to a $50 Million organization.

Herring's book, NO FEAR ALLOWED, A STORY OF GUTS, PERSEVERANCE & MAKING AN IMPACT, comes out TODAY, Oct 6th.  This is a book worth buying as it tells an amazing story of the American Dream of starting a company with nothing more than an idea to help others.  Laura Herring turned her idea into a global company serving over 250 Fortune 500 companies.

Laura was a psychologist and just wanted to help relocating families have a smooth transition. But her journey took her far beyond and is a great read for anyone wanting to fulfill their dreams-any dream!  The secret to her success is her unfailing passion to make a difference and her unrelenting perseverance to keep going. Herring openly shares her failures that would have stopped most people in their tracks.  Laura Herring failed numerous times and does not hesitate, nor apologize for those failures.  Instead, she shares with her readers the lessons learned at the end of each chapter, in hopes of preventing others from making the same mistakes. 

At first glance, most people would think this book is just for entrepreneurs.  However, several people have said they loved the story so much and kept rooting for Herring's success, that they are buying copies for each of their children and their nieces and nephews because they want to show what persistence truly looks like.  Those buying this book want to help future generations understand that success is possible, in spite of numerous failures. 
This Blogger can recommend this book as a perfect case study for budding entrepreneurs in entrepreneurial studies at colleges and universities.  Others say, it is just a good read, filled with stories that will have you cheering for Laura Herring's success.  

Laura Herring is fearless.  In this book she teaches others how not to just be fearless, but how to find their passion and make NO FEAR ALLOWED their battle cry. She teaches how to turn fear into your personal GPS that allows you to : STOP, EVALUATE, CALCULATE AND THEN ACTIVATE A PLAN to move forward. 

Laura Herring's journey is a great lesson in American business and how anyone can make it, even after failing numerous times.  You just need guts and perseverance.  This is an important lesson for today's young people.  With heavily financed start ups and fancy mezzanine financing, this book shows how, if your goal isn't about making money fast, but serving others, you can patiently make your way to financial success.  

You can go to today and order your copies.  Herring is offering special bonuses, if the book is purchased on October 6 for ordering from her site.  Most important, Laura Herring is donating 100% of her profits from the sale of her book to Breast Cancer Research.  A two time breast cancer survivor, Herring is tenacious about finding a cure for Breast Cancer to prevent this disease from impacting other families.   

Trans-Pacific Partnership - Trade Deal

The United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries (excluding China) have reached a trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership that is the most far reaching trade deal in world history.   Supposedly, thousand of tariffs imposed on US Good by other countries have been eliminated, which theoretically should increase sales for US companies manufacturing in the US.  Our markets have essentially been open to other countries, since the end of World War II, which has cost the United States millions of manufacturing jobs because American companies have moved production overseas to take advantage of significantly lower costs and taxes.

With all Trade Deals, there are winner and losers.   Big Global American companies and their shareholders have been winners.  Keep in mind, since many working Americans own stock through their employer funded 401K's, they too have benefited from free trade.  American consumers have benefited by being able to purchase many things produced overseas that would cost twice as much if they were still produced in the US.  So in essence, though Middle Class wages have actually gone down during the Obama Presidency, the cost of many items have gone down, as well, because of Free Trade.   As an example, the cost of a Flat screen TV that used to cost $500 now cost $250.   When combined with lower mortgage interest rates, American consumers are ahead of the game, provided they have good paying jobs. 

The losers in these Trade Deals have been men in particular with little education and or marketable job skills.   These workers, primarily in manufacturing, that used to earn high wages can no longer compete with overseas workers willing to work for $5 or $10 an hour fully loaded.  So, there are millions of Americans that are 50 years or older that can't find jobs and or jobs at wages that are better than being on Disability Benefits.  So since these Americans are not old enough to get Social Security, they find a doctor willing to declare that they can't work because of some ailment that is really not debilitating.  Some of these people on Disability paint houses on the side, or do other work under the table.  Everyone is well aware of this scam.  It involves millions of Americans out of the 13 million collecting Disability Benefits. 

This is a real dilemma for Socialists like Obamanistas supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership.   Big Manufacturing Unions are totally opposed to these Trade Deals because they have not only cost their members jobs; but they have also reduced the size of Unions and the resultant dues going to pay for FAT CAT Union Bosses.  This is the reason that Hillarita Clinton now says she opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership even though she previously said on 45 different occasions that she supported it.  This may be the biggest flip flop in political history but Hilly is desperate for Union support, particularly sine the Big Unions blame Bill Clinton for NAFTA. 

There is an odd partnership forming between Establishment Republicans, owned by Big Business and Socialists that support Crony Capitalism, which absolutely benefits  larger global companies in our country.  Big Companies want better access to markets overseas.   And, with these trade deals in place, they still can ship jobs overseas to the countries that are part of the deal to take advantage of lower cost and taxes.   As such, most likely, those Americans that are poorly educated and lack marketable job skills will once again get the short end of the stick.   The fact is, it is impossible to earn a lot of money for doing what a robot can do over and over again.  Those jobs screwing in a bolt for $20 - $40 an hour in the United States are gone forever, with or without new Trade Deals.    

Hillary Clinton - Federal Gun Control Gestapo

Hillary Clinton has vowed that if elected she would use Executive Orders to control gun sales imposing new Federal Restrictions, beyond the thousands of laws that already exist across our country, governing gun sales.   Forget about the facts that in these Mass Murder cases, the guns were purchased LEGALLY.  And, that most gun deaths in the United States happen by Suicide, or as a result of Domestic Violence again in these cases with guns purchased LEGALLY.  Gang related crimes usually involve illegal stolen, or purchased guns.  Socialists always ignore the facts as they  attempt to impose Big Government Schemes to control all facets of daily life.   

Clinton's pronouncement just proves that Hillary Clinton would be even more dangerous to our freedoms than Pinocchio Obama.  Clearly if Obama thought he could get away with more
Federal gun regulations by Executive Order, he would have done it long ago.   Obama knows very well that anything he attempted to do would be challenged in court, as a violation of our 2nd Amendment Rights, which have been affirmed by the Supreme Court.  Gun Laws are a state matter.  The Federal Government has no role to play in Gun Laws unless a crime has been committed across state lines. 

Look, let's face it.  Socialists want to outlaw gun ownership altogether.  They fear an armed populace that one day might rise up to defend themselves against an oppressive Socialist, or Communist government.   This is precisely the reason our Founding Fathers included the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution in the Bill of Rights.  They had just fought a Revolutionary War against an oppressive King.  Our Founders knew that without guns in private possession, the people of America could not fight for their freedom.   No matter how many times we see Mass Murders by deranged individuals, we cannot allow the Socialists to use these acts of madness as an excuse to limit our 2nd Amendment rights even further.  These Mass Murders are the result of a break down in society and mental illness, not the fact that guns can be legally purchased in accordance with state laws.  We need to deal with the real causes for these Mass Murders, which Socialists will not address. More gun control is absolutely not the answer.     

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pushing Back 100 Years of Socialist Creep

We need Conservative Republicans in Congress and particularly in leadership that are street fighters willing to push back 100 years of Socialist Creep that is destroying and bankrupting our country.  Beginning with the income tax that was added to our Constitution in 1913 by Socialist Woodrow Wilson to all the New Deal and Great Society Big Government Legislation, added by Socialists Roosevelt and Johnson, we have to starve the beast, the federal government, that confiscates our hard earned money at every turn and threatens our freedoms. 

The Makers in Society, the 50% of us that pay all the income taxes, fees, property taxes etc. etc. in our country,  are sick and tired of funding waste, fraud, abuse, corruption and redundancy in government, not to mention the government failure we see on a daily basis.  And, what is terrible is that Big Government Socialist Poverty Programs have actually caused more poverty and dependence.  RINO hands are not clean either.  RINOS have been complicit in advancing the 100 years of Socialist Creep that has led to a $19 Trillion National Debt with no end in sight.  But, this is the tip of the iceberg, there is another 150 Trillion Dollars in unfunded liabilities out there waiting to explode on the American people related to Entitlements, ObamaCare, Medicaid and all the local, state and federal pensions that remain to be paid.   The fact is that there is only about 120 Trillion Dollars in total assets in the United States.  So, if all assets in our country were confiscated, from the Makers in Society, which the Socialists would just love to do, we still couldn't cover all the liabilities that have been promised by politicians feeding at the trough.  

It is time for the Makers in our country to say ENOUGH to prevent the bankruptcy of the United States and the resultant collapse of our country that would lead to civil strife on our streets.  Don't think it can't happen because it has happened to many other countries and empires throughout history.    While Socialists in government will never do what is necessary to stop the fiscal insanity because they buy votes to stay in power feeding at the trough, we must insist that the Republicans we elect have the guts to do what is necessary to get our country back on track.  If that means shutting down the government to confront the Socialists, so be it.  

Republicans should use every trick in the book to send Legislation to Obama that will balance the federal budget within 5 or 10 years.  That means cutting spending and eliminating Departments, like the Department of Education, commissions, agencies and many government programs that are ineffective.  Veterans Administration Medical Facilities should be auctioned off.  VETS should be given a Vetecare Card and allowed to go to any doctor or hospital of their choosing at government expense.  We don't need 300,000 people working at the VA to give VETS quality health care.  We know longer need to give Indian Reservations $12 Billion a year, out of guilt, when many of them run casinos on their land.  We don't need to provide Planned Parenthood $528 million a year when they are perfectly capable of raising the money to provide their services.  The list goes on and on and on.   There is so much fat in federal government spending that it squeals like a  BIG FAT PIG at our expense.  

We elect Republicans to get the job done.  If they can't get our country back on track to achieve Fiscal Sanity and push back the 100 years of Big Government Socialist Creep that is destroying and bankrupting our country, then they too have to go.  The Republican Party is at a cross road.  If Republicans can't get the job done, then the Republican Party will go the way of the WHIGS and be no more.    

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Oregon Campus Murders - Targeting Christians

Evil exists in the United States and around the world.  Whether it is Islamic, or other Terrorists murdering innocent people, or a deranged gunman committing Mass Murder, it is usually the result of insanity, or Christian's believe the hand of the devil himself that pushes people to commit these crimes.  Once again in the United States, this time at a Community College in Oregon, a 26 year old man went to the college, where he was enrolled and murdered 9 people and wounded 9 others using guns that were legally purchased.   When this happens the murderer's profile is usually the same.  It always seems to be a deranged and lonely man, with few relationships, from a dysfunctional family, filled with hatred for society and or in this case for organized religion.   So, in this particular case, this insane man singled out Christians for murder.

Of course, whenever we see one of these horrible incidents happen, Socialist President Obama and his pals in government, robotically always politicize the incident to call for more federal gun control.  Short of getting rid of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, which protects our rights to bear arms, there are already sufficient laws on the books related to gun control.  Besides gun crimes are committed by a very small percentage of our population.  The 99% of Americans that own guns are law abiding citizens.    

Can we at least get the facts right about deaths that occur as a result of gun violence.   Most deaths in the United States that happen as a result of gun use involve Suicides, or Domestic Violence, where guns have been legally purchased according to the thousands of gun laws that are already on the books.   The other high proportion of deaths involving guns happen as a result of gang violence, usually related to the drug trade, or in the act of other felonies.  In most cases, the guns used in these crimes are either stolen, or otherwise illegally obtained on the streets.  So more gun laws specific to these deaths would be irrelevant.  Very few deaths, no matter how horrible the incident, actually happen as a result of Mass Killings and when they do, very often guns were legally purchased. 

We don't need more gun laws and especially not federal gun laws, given the IRS targeting of Conservatives and the NSA spying on all Americans in the name of preventing Terrorism.  Big Brother can't be trusted to protect our liberties.   The last thing we need is federal government Gestapos knocking on our doors one day to confiscate guns, which is exactly what Socialists really want to do.  Instead, we need to look at the cause of deaths by gun violence.  Clearly, these Mass Murders, Suicides and to some degree Domestic Violence, usually happens as at the hands of mentally deranged people.  Certainly, people who fit this profile should not have access to guns; but more importantly, we need families and others to identify unstable people to make sure they can't get their hands on guns.  And, as a country, we have to do a better job treating mental illness and substance abuse that is often the cause of dysfunctional families. 

Specific to gun deaths that are the result of crimes, the process of stop and search in our inner cities must be reinstituted.  If this involves racial profiling, too bad.  Ironically, the cities and states that have the most stringent gun laws also have the highest gun related murder rates.  These locations are often run by Socialists that are soft on crime.  It is time to crack down on criminals and inner city gangs if the goal is to prevent gun deaths.  Sorry, but it is what it is.

Legal gun ownership is not the reason we see many of these gun related deaths.  Suicides, Domestic Violence and Mass Murders are symptomatic of societal problems that come from the disintegration of the family and the attack on moral values that has been happening in the United States for about 100 years.  When we took religion out of our schools, we left a void that has been filled by evil.  And, a country that can murder 60 million babies by abortion, since 1973 shows a contempt for human life.  Why should anyone be surprised when we see these Mass Murders.  They reflect the deterioration of our society.  Until we get back to the basics of faith, family and teaching right from wrong, which often involves moral judgements, we will continue to see these horrible incidents.  More gun laws will do absolutely nothing to stop the evil and insanity we see in our country, except limit the rights of law abiding Americans to protect themselves and their families. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

RINO Leadership In Congress Fails To Defund Planned Parenthood

RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has refused to do what is necessary to defund Planned Parenthood saying "the time is not right".   The time is never right for RINOS to do what we want them to do.  More than $500 million a year is going to Planned Parenthood, an abortion mill that sells baby parts, that could be going to the more than 13,000 community health care centers throughout the nation that provide health care services to women, men and children.

This fight has nothing to do with health care services for women that are available at these community health care centers.  This fight is about the 350,000 abortions that Planned Parenthood provides every year and the political donations that Planned Parenthood gives to Socialists so that they can remain in office feeding at the trough.  Further, Planned Parenthood Executives live high on the hog flying First Class.  The CEO of Planned Parenthood earns more than $500,000 a year, some of which is paid for with tax dollars.

If Republicans in Congress do not have the guts to defund Planned Parenthood, by simply shifting this $500 million to other health care agencies that do not provide abortions, what are they willing to fight for.  The answer is absolutely nothing that is important to the base of the Republican Party.   Conservatives cheered when we heard that Speaker of the House John Boehner will be leaving Congress and the Speakership at the end of October, 2016.

Now we have to go the rest of the way and push RINO Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell out of office.   We need street fighters in Republican Leadership in Congress, not a bunch of gutless RINO Empty Suits.   Once again, we don't care if Republicans must shut down the government to get important things done.  Apparently, they still are not getting the message even though outsiders are high in the polls for the Republican Presidential Nomination.  This is happening out of disgust for Establishment Republicans, just feeding at the trough, that have accomplished nothing important while serving in Congress for years. 

Obama's Feckless & Dangerous Foreign Policy

In 1961, Soviet Dictator Nikita Khrushchev met with newly elected President Kennedy in Vienna, Austria.  Khruschev, who was much older, surmised that Kennedy was young and weak.  And, though Krushchev  miscalculated, it lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and the potential for all out nuclear war.   Recently, President Pinocchio Obama met with Russian Dictator Vladamir Putin at the United Nations.  Putin has no respect for Obama and sees him as young and weak and as a result just a few days later and a few weeks after Obama agreed to the flawed Iran Deal; Russia began bombing Syrian forces, that the US supports, opposed to Bashar Assad in Syria that are not ISIS nor Al Queda.  At the same time, Iran is moving more troops into Syria.   In essence, Iran and Russia are taking over Syria as a client state. 

So, now Iran is building a Shite Muslim Crescent taking control of Iraq and Syria with Russia as an ally.   This axis of evil will soon target Lebanon by using Hezbollah, the Terrorist Group supported by Iran, to take it over.  Jordon, a US ally, will be next.  Iran's goal is to surround Israel, including by supporting Hamas in the Gaza Strip, in order to destroy attack and destroy Israel.  Why should anyone be surprised by what is happening.  Iran has stated many times that the real objective is to destroy Israel.  It addition, Iran seeks to gain hegemony, with Russian help over the entire Middle East.  This is the rebuilding of the old Persian Empire that was destroyed by Alexander the Great and later by the British in the Middle East. 

So while Sunni Arabs, i.e. ISIS is attempting to create a Sunni Arab Caliphate to control the entire Middle East, Iran stands in their way as they are intent on recreating a Persian Empire.   Of course, what both Islamic Radical Fanatic groups agree on is the destruction of Israel.  Putin and Russia is looking to replace the United States in the Middle East as a Geo Political Power intent on reconstructing the old Soviet Union.   This is all happening because Obama fiddles while the world is on fire, which has created a power vacuum in the Middle East as a result of his Feckless Foreign Policy.  More and more Secretary of State John Kerry looks like a helpless idiot as he meets with his Russian counter part expressing "concern" over Russia's military push into Syria.  Really!  Just concern?  

Anyone familiar with Revelations in the New Testament would conclude that we are seeing the prophesy come true.  John of Patmos, who wrote Revelations predicted that Magog (thought to be Russia) would come from the North to participate in the final battle, referred to as Armageddon, in the plains of Meggido in central Israel.  It sure looks like the pieces of the puzzle are all falling in place, as Iran continues to develop nuclear weapons, to confront Israel.   And, as all these things are happening, President Obama is concerned about Climate Change and shakes the hand of Cuba's Communist Dictator Raul Castro.  Really!!